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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

No Review.
03-02-12  08:48am

Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

Updates still slow

Just a quick follow up to my review as my month here is coming to an end. Only 1 new update so far in September and that was a video so as a photo fan very disappointing that i've only seen 1 new photo set in the entire month of my membership. Maybe they should consider removing the false claim of "Pretty 4 Ever updates 5 days a week" from their home page.

09-15-11  01:03am

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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill
Discount offered to other company sites.
Exclusive content, 563 photo galleries and 131 videos.
Photos can be browsed online in 3 sizes, 1200px, 2000px and up to 4368px
Full set zip downloads in each size plus a PDF option in the 2000px size.
Choice of 7 download options for videos usually a high and low res option in wmv, mov and avi plus an ipod option.
Site is still updating (see also cons)
File sizes given for zip and video downloads
Content date stamped
Cons: Regional pricing
Maybe too softcore for some
Updates have been sporadic for some time. The site tour claims to update 5 times a week but in reality rarely achieves 5 in a month.
Photo set cover not included in zip
Some noticeable photo shopping
Camera work in videos seems a bit amateurish at times.
Bottom Line: This is another one of those nude art sites featuring a collection of 131 mostly Russian 18 to 22 year old models in exclusive photo and video content. The earliest content on the site dates from May 2007 and in the early days the site grew quite rapidly with updates 5 days a week but in the last couple of years the growth has really slowed down. In the last year since August 2010 I counted a meagre 39 photo sets and 8 videos added and there’s no pattern to the updates now so no telling when something new can be expected so I certainly won’t be hanging around longer than the month to find out.

The quality of the content for the most part is pretty decent with nice high res photos up to 4300 pixels and HD videos usually somewhere around 1280x720 or 1440x1080 in the various formats. It’s all very softcore here and you won’t see anything more explicit than girls simply posing nude even in the 2 girl shoots, no masturbation or toy play. The videos are a mixed bag, some just a recording of the photo shoot while in others you might get a bit of a striptease and some nude posing accompanied by music or sometimes you just have to listen to them being directed what to do in Russian. They certainly lack the erotic feel you get in the videos at MPL Studios.

The site is easy enough to navigate. You have the usual options to browse either photos, videos or models but other than that no real search or sort options. The models all display on 1 page, you click on a model and get all her photo sets and videos, what more do you really need on a site this size. At just over 33,000 photos it certainly can’t compete with the likes of Met and Femjoy for volume and I was done with the site in less than a week but overall I did quite enjoy the collection of cute Russian models and good quality photos.

08-30-11  12:08pm

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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

Similar Question.

Does this site feature full strip sequences or is it all nude at start, skimpy glam wear?


Cap'n. :0/

08-30-11  07:49am

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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Pictures are able to be viewed in gallery or download zipped. Plenty of choices to choose resolutions from.

Pictures: PDF 2000 px, ZIP 4368 px, ZIP 2000 px & ZIP 1200 px

Videos can be previewed before downloading (FLV), they are available in 3 formats WMV, AVI & MOV. Each videos you're given 2 resolution choice per format. Again nice number of choices to choose from.

Videos: WMV 1440x1080, 1280x720, 640x480; AVI 1440x1080, 1280x720, 720x400; MOV 1280x720, 720x576; Ipod MOV 640x360

Updates seems to be frequent, five times week so the amount of pictures & videos is growing. At moment their site stat is over 400 galleries and over 90 videos.
Cons: The letdown for me so far is the downloads not able to resume. I would like to see resume/multiple threads download capability for easier & faster downloading as I prefer to use download managers.
Bottom Line: Worth taking a look, there are a number of pretty girls at the site. Plenty of choices to choose from for picture & video resolution.

Downloads can't resume. Especially considering availability of higher resolution videos (bigger file size), it would be better to have ability to resume downloads.

04-17-09  09:35am

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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

Site Stats

Site Stats (According to them as of today)
22244 erotic photos
404 galleries
92 videos
80 young models
5 updates every week

04-17-09  12:36am

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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good quality photos

Exclusive videos og photos

Zip in 3 sizes 1200, 2000 and 3456 px

Some very cute/sexy teens, but most seen on other sites

Fair price
Cons: Since this is quite a new site the amount of content is somewhat average/low: 63 galleries - 24 videos

Unstable quality for videos - some good, some ok and some really blurred

Slow download

I little too much focus on outdoor-photo and video (after my taste)
Bottom Line: Pretty4ever is a new and somewhat fresh site - but again maybe they try to do like similar sites:
Met Art, Teen Star Magazine and of course their sister-site Watch4Beauty.

Yes, this is a russian based thing and some of the videos sure reflects it: A russian guy talks to the girl in the video and tells her what to do in either russian and some weird english - quite a bit of a turnoff.

Other videos only have background music

Even if it's a sistersite of W4B this one is not as pro - looks like W4B-wannabe in several ways.

The photos are good in quality, but someone should teach the cameraguy how to use photoshop and what they use - I don't like photos where they cut off the girls hand or feet and even top of the head.

There sure are some cute girls on both photo and video - but the pickin' is slim. Out of the 24 videos less than half are in good quality.

I've downloaded 6 good videos and a couple of galleries, thats all I found worse putting on my HD.
I'll probably cancel rebill

08-17-07  08:34am

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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever


Just joined.

This looks great. If you're into Nubiles this is the new thing.

But the amount is quite low - compared to, yeah Nubiles.

Here is some great looking teens like Lena and the fantastic and cute/sexy Natasha which you can see on Teendreams (photos only in TD)(her name in TD is Larina)- I'm into blonds - but this gal is just half brunette or something - but watch her video at Pretty 4ever - wauw - there is a semi-good preview with 2 outdoor videos of this cute gal.

Try to be back soon with a review

EDITED: Fellow users: Please hold - like Drooler I have not quite gotten into the videos - for now they seem to have very slow download - and the quality does not look that swell........I'll get back!!!!!!!

08-16-07  11:03am

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Visit Pretty 4ever

Pretty 4ever

Has its pros

Joined this site about 10 days ago. There are only about 40 photosets and fewer vids, but on the plus side the photos ALL max at 34xx pixels and are available in that and two smaller sizes, all sizes in zip or a la carte. Everything I've seen here is exclusive.

The models are Russian and these babes are HOT! The photography is generally very good, with some exceptions (poor lighting, poor focus ... the usual stuff).

It's affiliated with Watch4Beauty, but I think it's better in that you always know what the pic sizes are going to be and it doesn't have the ridiculous artistic pretensions of W4B ("That's not blurriness; that's art!").

Not crazy about the lesbian stuff here, which comes up occasionally, although one set with blond Lena and a brunette, Julia, on a couch has some nice pics of Julia's ass.

(More Lena, too, PLEASE!!!)

Please don't ask me about the vids as I haven't looked at them and don't plan to. Softcore vids I'm not into.

08-15-07  06:03pm

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

W4B joining Met-Art Network

I just read an article that W4B will be joining the Met-Art Network for MA to manage the site and join into MetArt Money. Jill Taylor of VP Marketing for MetArt said the official relaunch will happen sometime this month. MetArt will keep W4B the same tour and member area with the same updates as it is now.

I really hope they don't change much of their content as in photos, since their images are the best I have ever seen. This might bring in NEW models, locations, exclusive models and maybe more. When it does happen I'd like to see a profile addition, better rating system and maybe more extras.

I'm kind of glad, but in a way I'm kind of skeptical of the change.

08-03-13  01:53pm

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +CCBill
+Zips (large, med, sml)
+Weekly updates
+270 plus models
+Bonus sites
+HD 720 videos
Cons: -Low size Magazine images
-No 1080 videos
-Past benefits on loner available
-Not fast download speed
-Only one set for a dozen models
Bottom Line: This is my third time joining this site and this time has to be the best. For the price that TBP is offering ($14.95) this is a steal for the content on this site.

For the videos there are about 200+ which are in 1280x720 and 1024x576. The video formats they offer are either Windows Media Video or Quicktime. Also, for every photo set they provide a backstage video in 720 and only WMV. The quality of the video are quite good and well shot. For videos from 2005 until end of 2006 they don't offer 1280x720 videos, but offer 720x576 and 480x360.

As for the galleries, W4B now offer Zips for their largest size since the longest time they only offered zips for Medium and Small sizes. The image sizes they offer are 4000+ pixels, 2000px and 1200px. The largest size I've seen is 5616 (long side). They also provide another option which is a PDF portfolio of the set which is in 2000px, but I don't use that option. Older images maybe older since the first set in 2005 is 2560px for being the largest size. The quality of the images are excellent and are the best I've seen so far.

For the extras, they don't offer or say as much as the last time I joined the site. They still offer their Magazine area; although, I do wish they would offer image sizes larger than 1200px. If I remember on my last visit they did offer discounts on Pretty4Ever and Ariel's Blog, but they don't anymore. They also listed free access to EroticDeams4You sites my last visit, but now they don't list them; although, you can still get free access by just going to those sites using your current W4B membership info after I tried it out. Although I never stayed for over 6 months they don't offer their book anymore.

Bottom line is, this is an excellent site with lots of gorgeous models and stunning photography! I would recommend this site if you haven't joined it yet.

07-22-13  07:46pm

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty


It seems like W4B doesn't have the Dream Sites for free from W4B site anymore. Also, they don't have a half price of Pretty4Ever or Ariel's Blog anymore listed on their site.

06-30-13  04:21pm

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Magazine images larger than 1200?

Does their magazine images go larger than 1200 on the longside? The reason why I ask is I really want to get Cecilia images, but I noticed there 1200x800 but I really want the larger images. Thanks in advance.

06-29-13  11:41am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Very appealing user interface
Only genuinely beautiful/sexy models featured
Different resolutions of pictures and videos available for download
Wide variety of performances, stretches the limits of erotic art, but never go beyond it(Ample use of props, dildos, peeing performances, etc.)
Backstage video to go with almost every gallery in recent times
A public forum for members to voice their opinions/demands/criticisms, which are personally replied to, and even acted upon wherever possible
The models are among the most gorgeous on the web
Cons: Not enough outdoor shoots
Too Europe-centric, especially Czech-centric. Not enough blacks, American and Asian models
Magazine videos/pictures cannot be downloaded, are available only for viewing
Too heavy a site for a slow-speed internet connection
Bottom Line: I'm not sure where to start, as I have so much to praise about this site. I'll start from the home page. Very well designed, a slideshow of huge pictures greet the user, with options lower down the page to navigate to the galleries, cams, free photos/trailer, and the members' section.

The cams are a farce as in almost every other Erotica site, redirecting you to an adult chat site(chatgf in this case), where you are required to purchase an additional premium membership to get access to premium features such as Private Chat, etc. I'll leave it there.

Jumping to the members' section, the member is greeted with the cover of the latest gallery/video, below which are the most recent issues of the magazine(a section covered later in this review). There's an elegant navigation bar to the left throughout the site which allows a user to navigate to Galleries(includes Videos), Cams, Magazine and About Us(not sure how the latter fits in here though). There is, similarly, another elegant navigation area, which could be termed as a mini-sitemap, at the bottom of every page on the site. These take the user to almost anywhere in the site, ranging from the galleries to the legal section.

Moving on to the galleries, the content itself is mind-blowing: The quality of pictures and videos is exemplary, that of backstage videos leaves a bit to be desired(But hey! They're only 'backstage' videos!). There's a wide spectrum of acts that the models perform for the viewer, ensuring that the galleries never get too monotonous, while at the same time resisting the temptation of going hardcore, a temptation that I have unfortunately seen some other sites in the same niche venture into, and a temptation that I hope Watch4Beauty never succumbs to. Here's how W4B describes itself: "W4B, is an exclusive, on-line erotic art magazine, for gentlemen of taste."

The peeing performances on this site, for instance, are testimony to W4B's ability to get sexier and sexier without diving into the dirty world of hardcore porn, and deserve a special mention in here. I was never a fan of watching girls urinate, but was surprised to see how sensual and sexy the peeing performances on this site have been made to look. I'm sure you would enjoy them too, irrespective of your current attitude towards peeing performances. There's now no shame in admitting how much a love these peeing performances, as much the other performances.

Members can view the pictures as a slideshow, download pictures in 3 different resolutions, backstage video in 1 (decent)resolution, and videos in 5 different resolutions/formats.

Proceeding to the magazine section, this is a mixed bag, and not all issues are adults-only. The magazine issues cover W4B models' backstage activities, luxury vacations, cartoons by the in-house cartoonist Dan, porn stars, and even porn/erotica sites that are direct rivals of Watch4Beauty. One drawback of this section is undoubtedly the inability of a member to download the pictures/video in a magazine issue.

There are a few other freebies like E-Cards, wallpapers, posters, etc. Not that they need to provide all this with the wonderful job they're doing with the part of the site that matters.

All in all, it's not just ONE of the best erotic art sites out there currently, it is THE best erotic art site out there currently. And I say this from the experience of having been a member in at least 6 other 'popular' erotic art sites in recent times. An absolute 5* site!

03-13-13  08:50am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

$14.95 price no longer available?

Just decided to give this site a try and i'm disappointed to see that the subscription price is not $14.95 as shown on Best Porn. Instead it is $29.95. Very disappointed.

01-22-13  06:56am

Replies (3)
Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent selection of beautiful models
Exclusive content
A few of the most popular European models
Nicely done, tasteful site
Navigation is good
Available file size is up to 5600k
Most videos are in 720p.
Cons: Single biggest gripe is username/password management
Only one set added every other day or so.
Videos are mostly ho-hum.
Bottom Line: I've been a member here a couple of times and keep forgetting to write a review. It is up there on the list of erotic/softcore photo sites, but just a tad below the frontrunners. Why? That's the hard part to explain.
Probably because the site only updates a few times a week and the collection is not yet maga-large. They've got about 350 models and maybe 1200 sets compared to, for example, Met Art's 2,000+ models and 12,500+ sets.

No hardcore sex. Just solo and girl girl scenes. BUT, there is a reasonable amount of in-your-face viewing, insertion, etc. and the girls in the girl-girl scenes seem pretty much into each other. Those attributes differentiate this site from FemJoy or MetArt,
There is a broad range of action in the photo sets. Same are nude girl in the woods, some are nude in public and some are girl getting off using her hands or toys. There are also a few peeing scenes if you are into that. There are far more toys in this site than in, say, Met Art. Maybe twenty percent of the sets have a toy involved, but it depends on the model and the toys seem to be included more as a prop than a utensil to be used for a specific purpose. In fact, there are a lot of sets where fruit and other things are included primarily for aesthetics.
The model's interaction with the camera is generally good. Each set has a mix of images with eye contact but this, too, depends on the model. A few of the videos are somewhat interactive but most are not. Many of the videos are just working the photo shoots. The amount of fun in the videos and shoots seems to depend on the model. The energy or playfulness in the sets tends toward reserved...again a function of the softcore genre..and the model.
The mix of indoor and outdoor scenes is good. The girls are mostly petite young Europeans, but there are a few Americans, a few latin americans and several full figured girls in the mix.
All images come batched in 2 zip file sizes and one PDF file compilation (really odd...), videos are a few minutes long and generally in 720p. You can get individual images in 5000x4000 or larger, but these are not in zip files.

Now there is one other interesting thing on this site that I would never have even looked at if it were not for the comments of another reviewer. It's the magazine. It serves a similar function as the tease blog on other sites, but the range of topics is a little broader and more entertaining. What happens, for example, when you give a camera to a model and put her in front of a big mirror? From what I can see, she learns it is harder than it appears to be a good photographer. But sadly, much of the beautiful photography in the magazine section is zipped or catalogued and is not yet available in the photo-sets section. One of the magazine writer's recent obsessions named Emily is not on the rest of the site at all. So it is a teaser blog after all, I guess.

The single most annoying thing about this site is the password management policy. You cannot pick your own username or password so you get a random, impossible to remember username and password that can't be changed. And then on top of that, the site implements protocols that prevent your browser from remembering the username/password. Be SURE to create a PDF of the confirmation page (or a link to ccbill, the biller) if you ever want to get into the site again once you sign up. I understand they don't want passwords to be shared, but the guy who came up with this strategy should be flogged...and not in a good way.
Other annoyances:
-Navigation within a photo set, i.e. going to the next or previous image, is only available if you select the smallest view size.
-All of the images in a set are numbered 001, 002, 003, etc. That might not be a huge problem if you download everything in zip format, but if you want to keep only yor favorate images of a model, be prepared to rename everyting or keep multiple folders. Not cool.
-Although many of the images are available at something like 5760x4800 (that's like 7 feet by 5 feet at 72dpi), many of these larger images either aren't very crisp or clear or they have artifacts in them. I'm not sure why that is because a few other sites that have very large images don't have this problem. Maybe it is the algorithm used to compress or resize the images from the very large raw format they are probably shot in....I don't know. What I do know is that the large images can be dissapointing and they should work on fixing this.

Bottom Line: The site is definitely worth an annual visit. There is a lot to sift through, but once you do sift through it, there may not be enough updates to keep you for more than a month or two. I plan on coming back once a year or so.

01-17-13  06:57pm

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of beautiful models
- High res, high quality photos
- Contemporary, modern feel to the site
- Contemporary themes - decor, clothing etc - to the sets
- Interesting magazine section
- Good TBP price
- Frequent updates - apprx 4/week
Cons: - Would prefer a bit more age/ethnicity variation
- No zips of highest res photos
- Most videos aren't exciting
- Most videos have music track with no live sound
- Regional pricing
- Dictates username and password; times out quickly
- Search is very basic, just the set name; no filtering etc
Bottom Line: W4B has been on my list for a while - I've always liked their cover shots, being a bit glam/arty/sexy - and the TBP price made it too hard to resist - it has a regional pricing discrepancy, but at 50% off I figured it was churlish to avoid it on principle.

The first thing you notice is that the site design is very clean, modern, contemporary; like some of the more arty sites around etc Joymii etc; it makes you feel a little less sordid about browsing online porn and, although admittedly I passed that hurdle some time ago, it's still nice to use an attractive site.

There are the usual listings available; namely:
* Models - approx 300
* Photos - approx 1000
* Casting - about 100 more photo sets, but very plain with no scene
* Videos - approx 200

Given that the site is a reasonable size, it's a shame there's no other browsing modes; it would be good to search sets by theme, or models by age, figure, etc... but it's just about manageable.

The models are all very attractive, and natural - there are few, if any, fake boobs here. It is, however, almost exclusively an East European site, with the large majority of models being Czech - but it is what it is so although I'd like to see a bit more variation, it's not really a complaint as such. Each model has some basic stats, links to their galleries, and some of the more popular ones have bios. There are lots of popular and well-known models there, including Ariel, Tess, Caprice, Melisa - but plenty more new to me.

Each picture set consist of about 70 pictures, and are available in 1K, 2K and 5K. As others have noted, there are no zips available for the max 5K size - however, I don't see why they bother with the restriction since it is extremely trivial - 2 or 3 clicks - to fetch the full 5K set with a manager like DownThemAll. Some of he pictures don't actually warrant that resolution; but many do and are generally very sharp.

The material itself is a bit more glam, a bit more raunchy, than you'd see the same models doing at eg Met Art; partly in the level of explicitness with plenty of close up shots and some sex toys; and partly just in the attitude of the model. This is what tempted me to join; and although I still feel the same, I think they very much choose the best shots for the cover - I was expecting a bit more glam-fetishy, like some of the milder material at Juliland, but some of the sets are are a bit too drawn out (I'm actually a big fan of the 25-pic sets at Juliland; there's no filler). And I'll echo tangub's suggestion that all the clothes usually come off a bit too soon; would be good to have a bit more teasing. But these are still fun, sexy sets, with a bit more character than some other art-nude sites - featuring lingerie, and some unusual indoor and outdoor locations (some very public!) Most of the newer sets have an accompanying BTS videos, which are interesting.

Videos I found less inspiring; including general pouting, and some more explicit with masturbation - but they tend to be short, 5-6 minutes, and mostly have a soundtrack all the way through, with no actual sound; there is some clever, arty editing in some of them, but although I like that sort of thing, it's a bit style-over-substance - there's a reason we are watching this stuff, after all, and I found I kept fairly few compared to the photos.

The other part of the site is an aspiring-to-playboy-type magazine area; consisting of articles in categories such as other porn stars/sites, erotic art & photography, and luxury life such as cars, boats and the like. I actually think this is quite a nice feature; it lends to the classiness of the site ('I only get it for the articles, really') and I found some good links and material there. Some may dismiss it as filler, but I think it's good to see a site adding a little extra value.

Overall this is a good, solid site, and although not quite as different/unique as I'd hoped, and left me a little cold, it's still hard to fault - especially for $15 (or a bit more). If you like this kind of site, and if what you see on the tour (pictures-wise, at least) appeals to you, it's recommended.

07-31-12  01:34am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Regional Pricing?

Is this site still using regional pricing?

Cap'n. :0/

04-03-12  09:17am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty


Having just read the latest review of W4B at The Best Porn I'm a little confused about one thing. They say under the pros and I quote "Images come in three sizes, and all have zips". When I was there 6 months ago zips were only available in the small and medium sizes and there was a thread in the forum about the issue where the site owners stated the largest zips had been removed due to piracy. Does this mean the large zips have now been reinstated or is this just an oversight by TBP? Can any recent members clarify this issue?

04-03-12  02:08am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

The $14.95 deal is dead?

I tried to sign up this AM and only the $29.95 option is presently listed for a 1 month recurring option. That stinks because this looked like a pretty good deal. Oh well.

12-18-11  05:33am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

awesome site

This is an awesome site with great picture quality and the best bonus sites ever. The only thing wrong with this site, is that you can't download a zip of the largest resolution. They also keep updating, which the model I love on there has six more sets since I left, I guess I'll have to sign up again.

12-10-11  04:26pm

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: CCBill is the payment processor.
Bonus site Erotic Dreams 4 You included with membership.
Mostly exclusive content
Regular updates, slightly better than 1 new photo set or video every other day averaging around 18 per month
Photos available to browse online in 3 sizes, small 1200px, medium 2000px and largest up to 5616px
Browse tools include an online photo browser and full screen slideshow
Zip download offered in the small and medium resolution and also a pdf download for the medium size.
Latest videos offered in 1280 x 720 and 1024 x 576 in both wmv and mov formats plus an ipod version.
All file sizes listed for zips and videos along with run times for the videos.
All updates are date stamped.
Can rate models and photo sets
Cons: Regional pricing supplement
May be too softcore and arty for some although not a con for me.
Most videos quite short at around 3-4 minutes
A few of the oldest videos don’t have the hd option
Lacking any real model bios, only basic info provided like year of birth, height, measurements and country.
The entire model directory displays on 1 page so could take time to load if your connection is not the fastest.
No search or sort tools apart from the basic “photos, videos and models” categories
Too many photo sets/videos start out with the model nude or wearing very little.
A little too much photo shopping at times
A few non exclusive photo sets I recognised from other sites.
Bottom Line: This site features a fine collection of 244 models in professional style glamour/nude art style photo and video content. W4B is based in Prague and as such you’ll find around 95% of the models come from the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries. I found many of my favourites here including the likes of Ariel. Lola, Nella, Monika Vesela and Marketa Belonoha. Ashley Bulgari also has a fine collection here with 28 photo sets and 4 videos Of the few non euro babes here a cute Latina named Ruth Medina from Venezuela caught my eye as did a gorgeous black model named Jessica although sadly she only had 2 photo sets totalling less than 100 photos.

The 1025 photo sets are basically split into 2 categories, “Erotic photos” and “castings”. I found the casting shoots a little dull as they were mostly just a studio shoot with a plain white backdrop. However the Erotic photo sets had a good mix of indoor and outdoor locations as well as a few daring outdoor public shoots. The photo shoot of Becca on the Charles Bridge in Prague certainly seemed to attract a lot of attention from the passing tourists. At times I found myself wishing the models would start out the shoots wearing a little more clothing to make it more interesting and sexy and sometimes they go a little too overboard with the photo shopped special effects for my taste. Many of the photo sets come with a corresponding backstage video which can be streamed or downloaded. The biggest con for photo collectors might be the lack of a zip download for the highest resolution pictures. It’s not a big deal for me as I prefer the mid size option to save on hd space. The site admin replied to a comment in the forum stating the high res zips were removed due to piracy so they must have been available in the past as TBP review of March 2010 stated that zips are offered in all sizes.

I’m mainly here for the photo collection so I’m not sure if the videos here would totally satisfy video fans. In addition to the backstage videos there’s a collection of 161 what they call “Sensual Videos”. The videos are usually quite short at 3 to 4 minutes and quite tame really usually involving the model just posing and showing off her body. There are some that contain some masturbation and toy use but I would say those are in the small minority. All the videos I’ve watched so far (around 60) contain music so you rarely get to hear the model make any sounds. With the 1280x720 vids playing at 5000k and the 1024x576 playing at 3-4000k I found the difference in quality between the high and low options barely noticeable so ended up downloading the smaller files.

Extra features on the site include magazine articles, wallpapers, e-cards, jokes and you also get access to some free live public cam shows which kept me amused from time to time. Overall probably a site more suited to photo than video fans with a stunning collection of top name models but personally I slightly prefer the more natural look of the photos at MPL Studios and Digital Desire so as a result find myself scoring W4B a point or two lower than those sites at 86.

09-27-11  10:24am

Replies (4)
Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

What went wrong - I did it again...

Here is a lesson:
We keep looking for good sites - but sometimes we forget our past joins - and by mistake I joined Watch4beauty again - stupid me...(my own fault, by all means)

Reason: The site is selling it self well, too well - a WOW-preview and foremost GREAT models - but the site has turned more weird than ever... remember those pretty strange "hard colors" at Pier999 - Watch4beauty is getting worse - much worse..
And as a vids fan it's down right BAD.....we've had discussions about some site a bit to much art - for vids this site is now worse than some art exhibition with some snobs commenting lines and colors...and how much this looks like Picasso.......jeez.

This is not even softcore - If I'd want material like this, I could go to an art museum....sad with the potential/models...

08-28-11  06:48am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Easter Special Offer!!

Browsing through my wish list book marks today i noticed an Easter Special offer of $19.95 here instead of the usual $29.95 which is still availabe. Unfortunately the regional pricing makes it around $23 here in the UK and i guess Europeans would be affected in a similar way but still a good discount as the regular price comes to $35 for me with regional pricing. I'm almost tempted to take advantage of the discount despite my aversion to the regional pricing scam.

Update: The offer has ended now, it's back to the regular price.

05-02-11  03:09am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

What a mistake!!

Some of us talk about sites going downhill - like a snowball headin' for hell......
Really liked this site - ONCE!
Now I joined again - should have not - no reviews since 2009.
And what do we get:
very nice pix and very clear vids - and that's it.
BUT the way they make those vids lately:
One horrible example is cute Ferrara Gomez/Jessica Koks - here "Viviene" in the vid "Bed Pussy":
Max 2 minutes with cute Jessica on a bed - then the entire rest of the video ONLY totally close-up of pussy - fingering/dildo - IT COULD BE ANYBODY...
And Jessica is certainly not the only one with this poor way of filming!

This is it for me concerning Watch4Beauty...a bummer...

Bottom line:
I'm fed up with spending money on sites I used ot like - and naively thought is still good.

12-05-10  08:10am

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