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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great selection of girls.

Broad range of activities, from topless shots to hardcore.

Updates are fairly frequent.

Girls will return your pm's, for the most part.
Cons: Wouldn't mind a bit more girl on girl.

A little more bandwidth for downloads would be nice. With DSL, i'm averaging less than 100kbps. Not terrible, but could be better.
Bottom Line: For $30 a month, you are not going to find a better site. I doubt you would find a site for $60 that has near the amount of content. Check it out.

09-14-07  11:16am

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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: An extrodinaire amout of material
Both pics and vids
Models are all with pics and vids – at least from aproxx. since 2006
Some great material with Easteuropean model...from the ”ol' days”
And a major pros is the ongoing editing of older vids to better viewing quality
The mix of soft and hardcore – mostly a girlie-site – but still some hardcore material
An other top in scores: somewhere between 3-6 vids – and sometimes more picsets with the same model
Daily updates
Fine browsing
Bonus sites
Cons: Too few Easteuropean models in later updates
The newer vids seem a bit more stereotypic compared to older ones
Need for better pic-resolution
Model-name confusion
Download speed is unsteady
Bottom Line: First bear with me – I'm getting old/older and my English is getting rusty – have not made a review for a loooong time, but:

Nubiles is still one of the finest sites around with a tremendous amount af pics and vids.
The site – now Nubiles.net goes back a long time – started in 2004. Was a member the first time around 2007/2008 – and been coming back. Along with a couple of other major sites like DDF and 21 Sextury this site has been my favorite for many years.
Getting back once more here in this year of 2015, I can still get surprised. Surprised about the the results of my browsing and search for the older material: I still find models, I did not noticed in former periods of membership – and it's been quite a few.
Ok, I'm partial to those Easteuropean models from 2008 (and before and after) – and...."by golly" (lol) …..there are still some I've missed/not really noticed earlier....
And that's the fun thing about our porn – seeing something new – and sometimes something new from the past.
What is not good is those model names – why is most models here presented with different names from a lot of other sites? We've been here before – and some earlier webmaster at Nubiles came up with this: ”The models choose their own name” - Still a little funny, since most models at Nubiles generally has a different and same name at most other sites and in most index....but ok it just give you more work locating those models elsewhere....
Still I'm happy with this site – mostly going for solo-material in both vids and pics – and guess I'll be back again and again – the site is absolutely in a Top 5 for this user..

02-22-15  06:58am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Beautiful, beautiful girls.
- Tons and tons of content, updated regularly.
- Good quality video, numerous DL options.
- Exhaustive browse features
- Decent search function (could be better)
- Options for member involvement.
- Choice of small or large pics.
- Niched galleries of each model: ass, breasts, legs.
- a few super-sized pics for each model, wallpapers
- Zips in small or large size.
- Bonus sites, and these accrue with long-term membership, and they aren't just the usual bullshit.
- Search lets you sift softcore from hard.
- What the hell else do you want?
Cons: - Model's directory is all laid out on one page and this seems counter-productive, as it sometimes takes a good while to load and because, let's say you want to start with the Z's: I bet you can't scroll all the way down to the bottom without being smitten by some ridiculously cute girl along the way. Try it. Go 'head.
- I would like to be able to search by letter, as in ATK and other places. You can search by model name, but what good is that unless you already know which girl you're looking for?
- Alexis doesn't allow pm's. Doesn't she love me?
Bottom Line: Though the content isn't absolutely to my tastes (my tastes are admittedly way out of fashion), I can still be objective and say that Nubiles is among a small handful of sites which are truly head and shoulders above the rest in every way. I ran out of room in the pros section and had to edit it. The nits are minor.

03-04-08  12:11am

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Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -1,000+ models, each with 4 or more photo shoots and videos
-if you can't find a stunner in this lot, you are dead.
-pics in three viewing and zip sizes
-videos in multiple download formats (MP4, MPG, WMV, AVI, Mobile) in up to 1080P HD quality
-you can preview all the content on the site
-excellent search function
-comments section
-Model's Other Sites list
-generally one B/G (or one G/G) hardcore set per model
-user's forum
-some minor bonus content
-has models' niched content (boobs, ass, close-ups, legs) in seperate zips
Cons: -video and photo tags don't work properly
-not all models do the same range of content (some will only masturbate by hand, some use toys, some do hardcore)
-the search function doesn't search for some listed criteria (tans but not tanlines is a pet peeve)
-lots of toys
-most girls are thin Caucasians. If that's your thing, you're set, if not, too bad.
-large watermarks with girl's and site name
Bottom Line: A well-run site with an incredible collection of hot teen content. Every Monday three new girls are introduced, and video and pics are added daily (usually three or four). Photography is almost uniformly good, clear and explicit, but sets are somewhat short (generally near 100 pics). Some of my favorite pics of all time come from this site. The videos are equally good in quality, and usually very arousing.

The models range from pretty to divine, but they are almost uniformly thin, white girls. There are some latinas and the occasional Asian, but black models are rare and far between. Most girls are shaved, have few tattoos, and have a freshness about them that is absent on some teen sites. The girls' content varies by model, but most do one B/G or G/G set and several solo sets, each shot in video and pics. Toy use is the norm.

This is one of my top sites for teen content, but it has some flaws. The tag system is a mess. The tags are listed for both video and photo sets, but you cannot click on the majority of them, and the hyperlinks do not work. Users determine the tags, but there is no vetting, so insipid tags are common. The photo sets are sometimes choppy due to their length, as they go from fully clothed to toy use in about 100 pics. The search function is generally excellent, but some search terms listed cannot be searched for. I love tanlines and it is listed as a seperate descriptor for models on their sets, but you cannot search for it. Annoying. Watermarks are too big. Toys are in almost every set. But the site gets ten things right for every one it gets wrong.

This site has almost uniformly beautiful models, well photographed, in a variety of formats. The tour shows a bit of everything on the site, so it is open and honest about what they have. And they have some stunningly good content in a well-designed site.

12-10-13  09:29am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Over 1000 models, 570,000+ pictures, 5400+ movies
+ Navigation options galore - Model Directory, Videos, Favorites, Niche Models, Top Rated, Tags, etc.
+ Search by category with attributes, outfits, "include/exclude actions" and environment options
+ Allows user votes and comments on sets and videos
+ Allows users to set tags (see cons and bottom line)
+ Allows users to set global viewing preferences
+ "Tag cloud" search (see cons and bottom line)
+ Newest files available in HD wmv, High avi, mpg & mp4, Medium Mobile, Low Flash
+ Zip files for picture sets in 2 sizes
+ Download manager compatible, with single download speeds of ~2.5MB/s
+ Bonus Girls - archived models from the earliest years of the site
+ Bonus material based on length of membership, including some slightly better-than-usual quality freebies - not "flash crap"
+ Links to models on other sites
+ Links to other sites include some discounted signups
Cons: - A tag cloud instead of a keyword search
- The tag cloud includes user set tags with bizarre and useless words
- Not many girl/girl scenes (a personal disappointment?)
- Some searches for specific content brings unexpected/unwanted results (see bottom line)
- Some camera work issues - Stop moving! (minor complaint)
- Kept crashing Opera's latest browser - my "speed browser"
Bottom Line: I can't believe this was my first time on this site, but I'm glad I joined. While it doesn't strictly fit into my amateurs-only ideology, there are hundreds of attractive no-names interspersed with dozens of faces (and "yummy parts"!) you've seen elsewhere. The overall quality of the pictures and video is well in line with the time that the scenes were shot. And, like others have mentioned, some of the older content seems to have been reworked - a nice touch!

The only real issue I have with this site has to do with the search functions. This site has a tag cloud instead of a keyword search, and the advanced search options seem to be based on the tags in the cloud. On other sites, the tags are set by the site and emphasized by the number of user hits on a particular word or phrase. I'd like to see that here. On Nubiles, the tags are user set and it seems to have degenerated into something less than reliable. For instance, searching for lesbian videos also brings up some solo and boy/girl material. There are useless tags in the cloud like, "wowwykazoowee", "ws wetspeck gt", "staysclothedsoisspam" and "xkjxjkxjkl". The worst offense is where one evidently very bored user decided to set literally dozens and dozens of crazy and similar tags based on the words "fringers" (yes, with the extra R), "pussy hole" and "milkie". All of that makes the tag cloud excessively long which, in turn, makes the page load VERY slowly. I do, however, have to give credit to the clown who tagged something with "what was abe lincolns wifes name". A nice chuckle, even if it did add to the crap.

Tagging issues aside, I think the list of positives above speaks volumes about the site. For it's niche, I don't see it getting much better than this. If you like 18 to 27 year-old models (heaviest on the younger side of things), this is a must join. Although there are few ethnics, the girls on this site are basically all natural, girl-next-door types. You'll find just about every body type short of fat, with almost non-existent silicone (if any) and, maybe most amazingly in this day and age, relatively few piercings. In my opinion, even the least attractive girl wasn't UNattractive. That's damn good for a site this size. I'd say that this is a site to hang around on for a while. If not that, one to definitely come back to once in a while. If you've ever been debating whether or not to join, I'll say, "Do it!"

(Edited for clarification of the tag cloud concern)

02-13-12  08:22pm

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Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Beautiful girls (988 of them at the latest count). I have yet to rate any of them as less than 9 out of 10. Half a million pictures plus over 5000 movies. This is indeed a mega site.

Videos: I downloaded only HD videos at 1280x720p in wmv format but there are other choices, AVI and MPG in High Quality, MP4 in Medium as well as a mobile version in Low Quality, available to those with less available storage space or with a slower connection.
Talking about the latter, videos can also still be downloaded in parts.

Streaming is excellent and also available in three different screen sizes for the newer videos (and there are a lot of them): Low, Medium and High. Some of the older videos stream at Low and Medium only.

Pictures are available in two sizes: Hi Resolution at 2400x1600px as well as in 800x1200px.

Excellent Search Engine*, excellent Members' Page Layout with many choices to study the girls and material from every angle. Models, Picture Sets and Videos can be rated.
Cons: One Con, in my subjective eyes, is the lack of erotic underwear on most models, but I do understand that times have changed and girls dress much more casually these days, so even though I regret the scarcity of sexy satin or nylon undies, like teddies and full back panties and flimsy nighties. I will not hold this fact against the site. They cater to a younger generation and they do that well.

Another con for me is the Bonus sites. Again, this won't effect how I score Nubiles but I really do wish that if a site offered Bonus material it wouldn't always be from outdated, left-way-behind sites like: “Spring Break Fuck Adventures” and “Katrina18.” Their videos are completely inadequate in this day and age.

I decided to download test videos from both and ended up with mpg videos that were in 320x240p at 800kbps, incredibly blurry in full screen, and could only be downloaded in four parts. My preference: rather no bonus than one that is grossly outdated. It cheapens a great site.
Bottom Line: I did a review of this site a few years ago and found it very good. In the meantime it has become even better, in my eyes. As I stated earlier the models are a joy because there is not one who is less than beautiful in the whole bunch of 988 of them.

I find all the choices listed on their members' page irresistible and spend as much time browsing as I do downloading .. a rare thing for me.

I would highly recommend Nubiles to all those who like beautiful models from approx. 18 – 23 years of age.

This site contains a fine mixture of European and American models. Exotic models (Blacks, Latinas, Asians) are a bit under represented, though and I would like to see more of them as well.

I almost forgot but I had problems with download speeds when I first joined this site and tech support bent over backward to help me. They were prompt to reply and very friendly ... a very huge plus for a site.

* Edit Nov.16: I downgraded my score by 3 points because the "excellent" search engine proved to be far from excellent. I got highly inaccurate search results when searching for "stockings", just as one example. Tons of hits, yet very few contained nylons.

10-20-11  12:01pm

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Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Nubiles.net:

The models are very cute and sexy girls - all in the 18 - 22 age range, the vast majority being 18-20. Both American and East European girls are heavily represented, with an occasional Latina and Canadian.

Very large selection of very hot videos and photos sets - with 3 new models weekly. At least one does hardcore, with the other two doing masturbation scenes or playing with toys.

Nubiles.net is the easiest and most viewer-friendly site.

Everything loads very quickly, the videos and photosets download rapidly and in high quality.

Search features such as the photographic and alphabetic directories of the models make it wonderfully easy to search and navigate. And the search capability by various model characteristics and video/photo features is the easiest and fastest I have come across.

Large amount of content of photos and videos of girls on the site to search and enjoy.
Cons: For those wishing a great deal of hardcore, the site only adds one new hardcore model per week.
Bottom Line: I have yet to find another site with so many quality updates per week, very cute and hot models, and with such excellent viewer-friendly and navigation features.

08-17-09  08:43am

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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge selection of beautiful, gorgeous teens / young girls
- Consistent high quality - both for videos and pictures
- EXCELLENT navigation, directory and search function - these guys got it right! See details below
- Rating system
- Around 3 - 4 updates a day regularly, mixed of photo sets and videos
- Chance to read girl's BIOs and also to email them
- 3 - 4 different video formats + streaming option
- ~$25 / month - good price
- Good DL speed (see below for details though)
- A few Bonus Sites and sets, but really no big deal, don't sign up for them
Cons: - Not too much HC, and considerably less videos than pictures (a con for me personally)
- Download speed is acting a kind of weird
- Some sets just end before you'd get to see what you've been waiting for (although it is indicated if you pay attention, as it being only 'topless')
- It can't make me put a few more things in here without being incorrect myself and list cons that are not really cons, just not a part of what this site offers in the first place :)
Bottom Line: This site delivers exactly what it promises.
Nubiles.net truly offers an exceptional value at around $25 a month. Their selection of really young, hot, beautiful girls is almost unbelievable.

Design / Navigation: As I've always said, I don't care for some fancy design with crappy function. In this case, function is 100% right, and the design is OK as well. The first thing I really liked about the site is that the "Model Directory" can be accessed all the time, as you can see the 'starting letters of names' and a scroll down menu to select a particular model just below the menu. I mean, it just shows that the site is all about the girls on it - and we, members are all about seeing the girls too. :-) The "Video Page" gives you nice list of all the videos, with direct download links to all formats and part and / or full movies. Then you've got a "Search" option, which gives you all the preferences you can think of, such as attributes (like cup size, nipple type, hair color, length, pussy hair style, etc), outfits (bikini, glasses, socks, etc), actions and environment, and then if you only want to see girls, videos or pictures. So yes you got it right, 5 stars for their search function. :-) If this was not enough for you to find what you're looking for, you've got the "Hardcore Girls", the "Top Rated","Tags" and "Community Hub" sections.

Content: like I mentioned earlier, pictures are emphasized over videos, but it's not too bad. As a result for a search for pictures, I got around 3500 results, and around 2600 for videos. But for videos I have a suspicion that video parts count as well - UPD: ACCORDING TO WEBMASTER THEY DON'T! Picture quality was almost always very satisfying for me,usually getting a large and small resolution choice, where large is 2400 x 1600, and small is 1200 x 800, which is still OK. I loved that there's a quick gallery view, where I can navigate quickly, and had the option all the time switch between large/small, and also to download the whole set in a zip file. Number of pictures is usually around 80 - 100. I found the variety of locations to be satisfying, with quite a few outdoor settings, but I do have to agree with one of the previous reviewers: WE WANT MORE WET STUFF! :) The videos' resolution is around 640 x 480 most of the time, and are usually being offered in parts and as a whole, and full movies can be downloaded in 3 - 4 different formats (avi, mpg and wmv, +mp4), where wmv is the highest quality (1280 x 720), but for me .avi-s worked as a perfect compromise between size and quality.

DL speed: if I started downloading one single file, I'd get around 80kb/s-180kb/s. Interestingly enough, if I start downloading 6 files at a time, I still get the above speed for EACH of them. So overall, DL speed is excellent if you download more at the time (at least this how it worked for me).

Conclusion: if you like teens, and not only HC stuff, at $25 / mo you can't go wrong here!

[had to cut it short cause of char.limits :(]

06-18-09  06:26pm

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A very big selection of models.

Most are beautiful, within an age range of 18 - 20 (some are older) therefore fitting the name "Nubiles" perfectly.

Picture sets are available in zipped form with most sets (since 2008) giving you a choice between normal (1200x1793) and large size (1600x2400). But since the "normal size" is still quite respectable it is a pleasure to be able to go back past 2008 and sample all the "older models."

Videos are crystal clear, the new ones in wmv format at 3500 kbps. Since there are so many updates (one daily, alternating between stills and videos) I have concentrated mostly on new contents, dating from 2008 until the present.

Older contents is good and while not great by today's standards the mpg videos are still quite palatable.

Much thought has been given to the navigation of the site making it easy to get around.

The webmaster is very friendly and responsive, this is a big plus in my eyes.

Download speed is very good.
Cons: I love this site just as it is. My only con would be in connection with what it is NOT! Most who know me by now also know that I'm slightly out of place in a site that contains models under forty, but then it wouldn't be Nubiles any longer, would it?

Why am I here then? Because when I took the tour of its sister site "Anilos" I found the quality so good that I couldn't resist subscribing to a much younger site, just because it had the same quality of material and much more contents.

Strangely enough I haven't been sorry for a moment. And as you can tell by another review I just put in, I threw all caution to the wind when it came to "Anilos" and subscribed to that site as well. The site owners can thank "Berkley" for that!

I find both sites near perfect and am only stopped from giving a score in the high nineties because the older material doesn't quite live up to my taste for HD and near HD material yet.
Bottom Line: A great site for lovers of nubile women. I find it a very nice mixture of Europeans and Americans, and in contrast to some of my friends here I like the interviews in English as well as the beautiful models that America has in such abundance. Mind you, the Europeans aren't bad either!

I usually skip the hardcore stuff (m/f) but that's a personal preference.

Highly recommended!

03-21-09  06:51pm

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Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: amazing girls
professional shots
every day 3 updates
the preview pages gives you every information to decide if you want to join (past updates and upcoming updates are shown)
Cons: not sure, what I should write here.
Bottom Line: Nubiles has really hot and young looking girls, and they know how to make a hot shooting.
Even some girls doing no action ("just" takes clothes off), the shoots are more erotic than some other hardcore sites. The shoots doesn't look, like they was done in 5min. IMHO they try to let every shoot become something special/hot.
Even the story is mostly the same, they try to make different shoots for a single girl.
I just can recommend this site

08-20-08  09:16pm

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No Review.
10-29-07  09:20am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The women are young and pretty
New girls every week
Choice between stream, mpg, avi or wmv
Can download pics in zip files
Bonus sites are nice, but i stay mostly on the main site.
Cons: Maybe they could have more girls from Usa or Canada
Bottom Line: If you prefer beautiful women to hard porn, this site is for you. I realy like the fact that they add new content everyday and the vids and pics are good quality. I tried many sites, and this one is like no others

08-24-07  01:02am

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No Review.
07-19-07  02:04pm

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Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Young attractive models
High quality images
Lots of content
Cons: Some older videos do not have mp4 for 720p, only wmv
Some videos/photosets don't have lots of tags; it can be hard to find very specific content.
Bottom Line: Great site with decent variety of photos/video and a long history of updates to never leave you with nothing to view.

04-26-14  02:06pm

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Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Probably the best site at this moment concerning quality and quantity of easteuropean girl-videos.
More US-girls has been added lately.
Solo-videos (I love them) are both sexier and sweeter than anywhere else (1ByDay included)
A splendid variation of types of girls - if you can't find at least 20 or more here that turns you on, you got a problem..
Fine updates. Three every day changing between videos and photosets.
Fine navigation. Navigation in many ways - see below.
Ok price for PUs.
3-5 videos of each model - with a very few exeptions.
Top preview (video and photosets) that gives you the idea of the deal here.
Cons: The h/c - b/g-scenes are sometimes a bit stereotype. (with exceptions - see the great fuck-scene with czech Jessica).
US-girls are more frequent - sorry folks, but I think some of the solo-scenes with US-girls has too much giggle and talking - probably because they feel more relaxed, but here it's the old problem with the cameraman/producer.
Some of the old video-stuff lack quality, but where does it not...
Bottom Line: Never would go for a 100 - but, man - this site keeps turning me on - and after the descent of the good ol' Teendreams, Nubiles rules.
The main pros. here are the fantastic selection of different types of girls - there are one, two and many others for every taste.
This user tends to the euro-teens here for the reason mentioned above. Most girls are both cute and sexy in the same deal.
In comparison with 1ByDay the girls/teens at Nubiles are a bit more on the amateur way, but their acting misses nothing - in sex, looks and general turn-on. Gotta give it to the producers here - so why not skip all the giggle and talk with the US-girls/teens.
For a year or more the quality of videos are just getting better - and still have the fine thing with parts and full-scene.
High-def wmv (typical 250 Mb) are not much better than the avi (typical 130 Mb) - and then you have mpg for viewing/downloading the parts - for a starter.
Also a pretty good sort of "preview" in streaming (Flash).
Photosets: the videos almost add up to the amount of photosets - a little more photosets for each girl in general - photos: 1200x800 - and with zips, of coruse.
Navigation is a pleasure: browse girls, browse updates, browse videos, browse photosets, browse toprated - you name it.
Currency: When joining from Europe via TBP, you'll get a bit higher price. But mail the webmaster, and he'll provide you with a link to get the good price.
And, yes: the feedback from the site/webmaster at Nubiles is fine- what any good ol' PU would expect.
This site is primarily for "lovers" of solo teens - video/photosets - with some hc b/g in between (aprox 1/5 or a little les is hc).
But for soloteen-videos this is the best it gets - right now - I think

02-05-09  06:39am

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No Review.
01-03-11  08:40am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site serves well those are searching for legal aged, Bubblegum softcore style shoots that transition to hardcore ending with a big dose of pussy.
#see 467 girls in lots of girly outfits: toe socks, short skirts in girly colors, shorts, and girly pinks.
#great looking photos, well thought out composion from vibrant set colors and beautiful Russian and European models, these models show attitude on their face as they taunt and tease.
#movies show model tease and strip; upskirts, with dildoes, sex
#each set 5 super pics at 3456 X 2304; and wallpapers
#Hi Rez photos: 1200 x 800, 800 x 12000; 1600 X 2400; 2400 X 1600.
#average of 5 sets per model with 100- 150 pics in each set;3-5 vids avg per model, 10 minutes per vid/ divided usually in five- two minute segments.
# 1st month: free membership to KATRINA18.com ; free dvd each month you stay (buy 1 @ $20 get 1 free), springbreakfuck adventures. 2nd month: add free membs Sweetkandie.com and Vickyvane.com
#forums and requests
Cons: # going to see a lot of pretty poses; but
not going to see a lot of wetness or girl cum in some of the sets- missing the nasty factor.
#site is not categorized: every set is basically shot freestyle; without a real upskirt section, or masterbation section, though you can search for them.
#Not a lot of models with large portfolios, you'll get about five sets with 500- 600 pics/ five movies; then thats usually it for the model.
#really should be called something that more reflects hot college aged girls- which is what they got.
Bottom Line: I joined Nuiles.net. This is the third time I've been a member of Nubiles.

Nubiles photography I must admit made me gasp a little: just very stunning and beautiful photography with striking models from usa, Russia, and Eastern Europe that would compete well with the other top photography sites.
(I've been looking at this site soing this review for about two hours).

You get every position imaginable: bending over and grabbing ass for you; some worms eye view upskirts shots; beautiful cameltoes; bending over and yanking panties untill you see it go up their crack; as well a many in your face pussy shots with and withoute dildos. Just think of every softcore pose you could want- you get it.

Nubiles movies are all about tease, and stripping. You have some bathroom and shower scenes, a lot of couch and bed stripdowns, girl on guy sex vids,mastrbation. You get softcore tease in vids for theose who like panty teases, short shorts in your face, inspect cameltoes up their miniskirts, etc..

I'm looking at Angel's portfolio right now. Man is she hot. Iv'e looked at every pic of her portfolio while switching back and forth from there to this review. (I just can't help myself..) Dagmar is looking pretty good too..

Althought they should change the name. The models are really 21-24. but very hot at that.

Nubiles overwhelms me with quality. This month I passed on some other sites for this one.
I've popped off pretty good to this site; so Mr Fountain is happy.

06-22-08  09:17am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Beautiful girls, mostly European.
-Old photo sets look good. New ones look great.
-Old vidoes aren't bad, new ones excellent.
-More content than you can shake a 250GB external at.
-Great Hardcore videos. Worth a join just for them IMHO.
Cons: Hmmm... not much. Didn't like my download manager in Firefox, but behaved much better with Explorer.

Wish ALL the models had at least 1 boy-girl scene (yeah, I know, they probably all get asked, but many don't choose to...)

Picayune: On the models directory page, I find the thumbnails do no justice to the girls. Some of the ones who look just ok in their thumbnails have terrific picture sets inside.
Bottom Line: I joined this site expecting it to have good pics, and it delivers. I didn't even know there was any hardcore at all... the hardcore here is exceptionally good. It would be worth a join just for that.
Some jaw-droppingly beautiful women here (My faves: Milana and Vera). With curves. Maybe it's just me, but I like the girls on this site so much better than Hegre for the most part. Not so waif-like. If you're into solos, there's a ton. There's variety in the pictures too, and no obsession with a certain body part like, say, Simonscans [not knocking Simons, that's a great site, too].
I recommend checking the model pages for ALL the girls, as I found that you can't tell much from the clothed photo thumbnails on the model info page...
All in all, one of the best sites I've joined, highly recommended!

05-02-08  09:58pm

Replies (1)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *1100 teen (18+) models (no silicone), 5700 photo sets (100 ish pics each), 600,000 photos, 5700 videos (10 to 15min). -100% exclusive.
*Many attractive models and lots of total stunners, especially in video.
*Updates every day. 3 new models per week. All model's content on consecutive days. Not dragged out over months. I wish all sites would do this.
*4 softcore photo sets and videos per model plus some bg and gg hardcore.
*Photosets in 1200x800 and 2400x1600 with full zips.
*Videos in WMV 1280x720 3600kb/s approx 400MB, MP4 854x480 1500kb/s, plus some lower resolutions and mobile and streaming. No DRM. Samples of all types available in tour.
*Sample of every video and photoset on site available in tour.
*Good model directory and exemplary search facility.
*Customisable for viewing sizes etc.
*Download manager friendly. No download limit. No timeouts.
*Choose CCBill or Epoch.
Cons: * Too much emphasis on toys and masturbation. Even if you like this in videos, photos would benefit from less. If you hit on these themes, this is not a con.
*Photos less good than videos but still better than most sites which offer good video.
*Few repeat visits from models. Very few deviate from the 4 solo photo + 4 solo vid + bg/gg plan.
*Hardly any non-Caucasian or non-slim. I prefer slim Caucasian so this suits me but might not suit everyone.
*"Themes" such as "Lingerie" or "Uniforms" are incidental, not central. This applies to virtually all sites unless they are specialist fetish sites. Not a con for me.
*Slight discrepancy between what tour quotes for number of sets and videos and what search feature reveals. Figures quoted in pros might not be exact but not far off.
Bottom Line: I have given this site a very high score even though much of its content is not what I want or like. I believe that a score should be based on how well a site delivers what its free tour leads you to expect. An inadequate or misleading tour should detract from the score even when content is good. Excellent delivery following an informative tour should be rewarded.

Nubiles has one of the very best tours around: so good that not everyone might be aware of this. It has access to the full model directory. Click any model and you see exactly what her content is plus two full size pictures and a sample of her video at every resolution and format choice the site offers. If you click "Photos", every set has three free images at 1200x800 and 12 representative thumbs. And every video has a 1 minute streaming sample at a quality good enough to view full screen.

The tour area is the same as the members area but without the actual content. So, when you join, you should be in no doubt what the site has to offer in navigation and content. This is teen girls in mainly solo videos and photo sets with some bg and somewhat less gg. Many of the girls, of course, appear on other sites, including ATK, Femjoy, Karups, MetArt, Twistys and others but the Nubiles content is 100% exclusive. Girls often look younger on Nubiles, even when they were shot later than other sites. This, I believe, is mainly due to subtle makeup and lighting since Nubiles deplores and discourages things like pigtails or holding teddy bears.

You would need to study the tour very carefully, however, to reveal what are the greatest frustrations of the site for me. It has a very strong emphasis on toys and masturbation; and it is geared towards video rather than photos even though it takes a standard 4 solo photo sets and 4 solo videos per model. gg or bg is on top of that.

The webmaster makes his comprehensive instructions to photographers available in the tour. There are some contradictions and ambiguities in it and clarifying those would help the site and its members. Here are a few quotes:

"Videos are just important as pictures." [sic]
"video is more important to members then pictures." [sic]
"At least half of the sets should be fingering and finger masturbation without toys."
"Our favorite content is when a girl plays with toys."
"The best theme is just masturbation and toys, and I dont expect other themes but here are a few ideas." [sic]
"Members do not like toys as they often get in the way of seeing what she is doing down there. Do not give me 4 sets of all toys! "
"No more then 2 sets with toys. Focus on finger masturbation." [sic]

I have joined the site many times (despite my loathing of toys and masturbation content). Using its excellent search feature confirms that the toys and masturbation bias has increased over the past year. I deplore this but some might enjoy it. For me, toys and fingers both get in the way. I wish the webmaster would clarify his intention and ensure that it is clearly described in his instructions to photographers.

The photo sets are genuine photos, not vidcaps. But the webmaster requires that they should mirror the videos. This tends to result in each photo set rather closely being a kind of rehearsal for the video, with less spontaneity and engagement. They are often less well lit, colour balanced and focused than the videos and frequently less good than the same model's photo content on other sites.

I think it would improve the site's content if photos could be freed of the constraint to match the videos. Why not have the toys and masturbation in the videos, where they add interest, and keep them out of the photos, in which they are mainly an obstruction to the view and always look unnatural? That said, the site does have some excellent photo sets too, and some girls have all their photo sets free of toys and even of masturbation. But they are not the norm.

The videos are almost invariably better than elsewhere. Video is technically excellent. 1280x720 wmv is very sharp to view and well lit.

I mentioned the search feature. It is superb. You can search on 15 Attributes (inc boobs, pussy etc), 15 Outfits (inc lingerie, glasses etc), 9 Actions (inc toys, hardcore) and Actions can EXCLUDE too, so I can find photo sets without toys! You can access and even run the live search feature in the tour. WYSIWYG!!!

All photo sets and videos start clothed, even if frequently this just means a bikini or bra and panties, and get fully nude partway through. None start out nude. There is some teasing but probably not enough to satisfy lingerie or tease enthusiasts. It is not a fetish site; the emphasis is on the girls and most of them are hot.

Despite its missing the mark for me, I frequently rejoin. I recommend Nubiles to anyone who enjoys quality teen content, especially if you like toys and masturbation and are aware that, though no slouch in photos or hardcore, its strength lies in its solo video.

08-06-12  11:48am

Replies (9)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge site
- Excellent quality pictures and videos
- Pictures and videos given equal effort
- Stunning models
- Good mix of North American, European and Russian models
- Some porn A-listers and some relative unknowns
- Many options for downloads
- Well organized site (simple where it doesn’t need to be complex)
- Good mix of softcore, girl-girl and hardcore
- Best search function I’ve ever encountered
- Supports download managers
- Older material appears to have been ‘remastered’ to make it look better
Cons: - Fairly tame for fans of hardcore
Bottom Line: Subjectively, this really isn’t my kind of site. Having said that, this is a repeat membership for me since this was one of the first pay sites I joined six or seven years ago. I was impressed then, and I’m still impressed.

Most PU members will know this site, so I won’t spend a lot of time describing it. Nubiles is a huge site featuring a bewildering array of young, beautiful models from around the world. There is enough variation in body type and age that anyone could join the site and find hundreds of models to fit his taste. The majority of the models are American (with some porn girls here too), Eastern European and Russian. But many other nationalities are represented too. The site currently says there are 1030 models, close to 600,000 pictures and over 5400 movies. I have no reason to think they’re making that up.

Most sites seem to fall into either being a picture site or a video site. If they do one well, the other is just a necessary add-on. Not so here. Regardless if you’re a picture guy or a video guy you’ll see the site as exceeding your expectations. One format isn’t dominant over the other and one doesn’t detract from the other. This is a lesson many other large site could learn.

Nubiles has been around since 2004 so you’ll obviously find some variation in picture and video quality. Having said that, it appears that the site has always pushed the limits of technology so even back in 2004 they were better than most. Even the oldest pictures and videos still look good. It also appears that some of the videos have been ‘remastered’ to make them better. If this is true, and I think it is, this underscores the site’s efforts to provide the best quality available.

All but the oldest picture sets on the site are available in two sizes. All sets are available as singles or as a zip. The newer photos in high res come in at 1600x2400 and the low res are 800x1200. The older pictures are 800x1200, which would have been amazing quality in 2004. They may have been updated at some point. Photos sets vary from 60+ photos to 100+ photos. Subjectively, the quality is excellent.

Videos are available in a wide variety of formats and sizes. There aren’t many other sites that offer this many options. Even the oldest videos on the site can be streamed or can be downloaded in multiple formats. Newer videos are available as streams in three different resolutions. Downloads are available in wmv, mpg, mp4 (low and high res), avi and mobile. Older scenes also offer the video in segments. My preference is WMV so that’s what I downloaded. They use codec 9 and the videos are 1280x720 @3600kb/s and 30fps. Subjectively, they look great.

The search function on the site is incredibly complex in its operation but simple to use. It allows a member to sort models by personal attributes. The usual traits are listed, such as breast size, hair colour, race and age, but there are some obscure attributes that can be sorted too, like braces, skin tone (tanned or not) and even by nipple type. You can search by type of outfit, You want to see a model smoking? You can sort by that too. The setting is searchable too. I know I said that Met Art has the best search function I’ve ever seen, but Nubiles is better still.

One thing I’ve never seen before and I wish would catch on is the ability for members to post links to other pay sites where the model has material. This is great for models who change their names a lot. To me, this function demonstrates the professionalism and customer-interest that Nubiles has.

The only negative I can think of is purely subjective: the site is just a bit too tame for my liking. There are lesbian and hardcore scenes here, but they aren’t the main focus. Hardcore isn’t just an add-on, because those scenes are very well done, but the main focus is solo girl and solo masturbation. If you’re a hardcore fan there is enough here to warrant a membership but you won’t find anything that pushes the limits. I only found one anal scene, for example.

The bottom line is that if you’re an active porn buyer you owe it to yourself to check this site out. It doesn’t try to be everything to everyone (the lack of ‘hard’ hardcore, for example), but what it does it does almost perfectly. The models are amazing, the photos and videos are well done and the site is laid out to help you find what interests you. I highly recommend Nubiles. It is definitely on my list of sites for repeat memberships.

(One last thing: I only noticed this on one scene, but I wonder if other older scenes have the same issue. There’s a scene with “Kate,” aka Kathleen Kruz where she gives a blowjob and the scene has been edited to jump right into the event. The original scene had a brief but playful setup that made the scene so much better. I hope this hasn’t happened in many other scenes. In my opinion, the setup is as important as the sex.)

01-28-12  08:53am

Replies (4)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Ok, a 92 is within the "Excellent"-deal at TBP/PU - and this site IS excellent!
+ The pick of models is almost getting back to the days of nostalgia, which means: Great.
+ Nubiles-providers of sets and vids has gone through, I believe - a demand from the Nubiles-folks.
+ A fine mix of easteuro models and US ditto - and SOME UK, too.
+ Still better quality in both vids and sets - (Here they outrun Karup's PC, for instance)
+ A great choice in vid-formats: WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4, Mobile - fine service for your own choice. And even most in flash for instance viewing.
+ Zip for photosets in 2 sizes.
+ Updates/reediting vids of some older material.
+ Fast getting used to navigation - AND when your're there it's very user friendly.
+ Fine preview-deals (as a member) of vids via small MPG-files - included thumbs.
+ VERY fine updates - normally 2 sets and 1 vid a day.
+ Nice way of updating three new models at a time.
+ DL manager allowed
Cons: - Regional pricing - via TBP it's CCBill - and more expensive for PUs outside US.
- Some lack of top-teens - too many dull/average looking models.
- Stripped socks and alike (pigtals) - no need for that.
- Need for better hc-performance - too repetitive (see below)
- Useless bonus-sites
- Better search-function wanted.
Bottom Line: OK, this is/was one of my all time favorite site for years - first of all it's a softcore/solo girl/masturbation site - with a touch of hc - aproxx 1/4 - 1/5 of the content is hc. (Some models do not have hc, though).

I go for the easteuro models primarily - no offense US-models - but they (easteuro models) have in Nubiles a certain aura about it - some of the best and long time saved material, I've got from Nubiles - in the soft/masturbation gender...

And that's what this site first is about - that solo girls deals - in strip, posing, masturbation - and here's some very fine material.

BUT, Nubiles (as for young teens)....WHY do the models/your providers of models STILL have to make those girls appear in stripped socks, socks, pigtails ect - just to make them look like teens? They ARE teens and as a fan I'd like to watch more in lingerie and high heels - like the old days - an update in that style more would be great.

Nubiles has now updated some that those older and GREAT sets and vids with easteuromodels - and thank you for that - vids in much better viewing quality, just to name a few: Emmy and Diane (and Aicha, listen to her dirty talk) - keep it coming. Keep those updates of vids coming.

Only VERY few models do not have vids. (thumbs up for vid fans).

Lately Nubiles has come up with new and exclusive models/material - not yet seen anywhere else (Fayina and Anushka) - thumbs up.

Again with solos and hc - some of the hc vids is very much from providers - and very repetitive, alas - we watch this easteuro male-"star" again and again - used at I do not know how many other sites - guy a bit abusive to the models and getting to be somewhat of a bore, generally (repetitive)- it ruins the deal.

Still: Nubiles is a favorite with a lot to offer in - especially - fine solo girl content, fine quality, a damn fine archive for new members and generally Top-of-the-Pops - no one partial to sologirl-material is cheated with the content here...

11-01-10  08:36am

Replies (10)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Originally reviewed site over 2 years ago, original review expired, Nubiles is one of the few sites that has improved consistently and is now one of my favorite sites.
- New videos are 1280 high end with 3500 bitrates, new picture sets are 2400 high end, pictures come zipped in "low" or "high" size, videos have several options and can be downloaded in parts or whole scenes
- They really impress me with their constant "new" models that sometimes aren't really new to the world of porn, but are usually still pretty new and are new to the site.
- Shoots are more serious now than they used to be, not as much lollipops and bobbisocks and trying to make the model look one day over 18.
- Navigation is nice and smooth, model list makes for easy to find models, especially ones going by different names, nice size thumbnails that show the model so you can recognize her.
- Broad range of models from America, Europe, but not a lot of range in race.
- Some of the interviews are enjoyable
Cons: - Wish they would remaster some of the old sets, they have some really great content of Eve Angel, Sandra Shine and a few others that was from 2004-05 that would look exceptional in full scene HD and remaster the pictures as well.
- Some of the shoots are very softcore, though most at least show everything, many of the older videos are simply of the girls rolling around naked on the bed.
Bottom Line: Nubiles is one of those rare sites that has chased its potential, without giving up. Their model selection is one of the best on the internet.

One of my very favorite "newer" models is Tanner Mayes and Nubiles was one of the first sites that I know of, to shoot her.

One thing that I think can be confusing is when you look at their model list based on their member rankings. This is what I see in the top 10.

Katrina, Chasity, Lacey, Brea (Bree Olsen), Kacey, Summer, Franziska, Belinda, Arianna

Of those 10 I know two, Bree and Franziska, never seen or heard of the other 8. Also the top 3 look young enough that I would ID them. Maybe it gives off the wrong image of the site? I've never really been into the very teen group and those 3 practically define it!

Others on the site include early content of Amy Reid, Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Tanner Mayes, and literally dozens of established stars.

The newer videos are 1280 with 3500 bitrate and look great, even the older videos are not bad, the Eve videos are from 5 years ago and are 640 high end, so that isn't bad at all.

The pictures have a nice crispness to them, but do agree with others that the watermark is a bit distracting.

The site updates daily, but not for sure on the exact amount of updates per day since they do seem to vary, I've seen some days that have as many as 6 updates per day, other days as few as 3. Either way, you get a lot of updates in a month's time and they have a nice sized amount of content overall.

The site in some ways reminds me of a blend between ALS Scan and FTV Girls, which should be taken as a 100% pure compliment. They really seem to be hitting their peak at their site at the right time. I've been a member 4 of the last 6 months and continue to enjoy the membership.

They have this update called "New faces" and this is where they add 3 new girls per week to their site. I like this, though I am not a big fan of amateur content, these girls usually are ones that I have not seen before or have seen very little content of if I have seen them.

Picture size continues to improve, zips are quick and easy to download, though they do limit your connections to 6 at a time.

As I said in the cons, the main improvements I would ask for is remastering of old content. ALS Scan has had a great deal of success with their remastering process and think it would make me move this site even up higher if they did it too. Also has a member forum, some bonus girls and bonus content that is mostly hardcore and the site has a nice blend of hardcore b/g, g/g, solo.

The content is also exclusive as far as I know though a few sets are in familiar settings that I have seen before, I still believe these are exclusive, probably just using the same shoot area that other sites have.

Well worth a month join and in my case, a multi-month join. Recommended to all!

04-28-09  02:30am

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - A solo explicite site with few boy girl scenes.
- Young girls between 18-22.
- Hugh amount of content dating back from 2003 with more than 300 models up.
- Good quality pictures 1600x resolution past 2 years.
- Videos in 3 different formats wmv, avi, mpeg2 and good quality. Even the old videos are of reasonable quality.
- Very frequent updates sometimes 2 updates daily, that is why so much content is up.
- Good website layout. Easy to find what you want.
- Good customer service. Prompt reply to e-mails and resolving issues.
Cons: Not many cons.
- Many Russian/European are expressionless appear forced, pose as if all they want to do is get the money and run away from there which makes them less erotic.
- Masturbation videos appear fake with many models going on unnecessarily screaming like as if they are having orgasms. Not worth downloading. (May appeal to some)
- Not much variety in model races. Mostly only Caucasian. Hardly any Asian or Afrocarrabian. Variety would be good.
- Price is too high at more than $30 and no good mutimonthly offers.
- Zipfile not have no model names. Make it a piont to rename them when downloading otherwise gets confusing.
Bottom Line: This is an excellent quality young girls site with a great deal of decent content. You can make out the manager has taken pains to keep the quality and consistency with updates.

It takes some thinking to really find out any drawbacks with this site except probably that they could give much better multimonthly offers.

03-09-08  09:41am

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Really cute young girls.
Lots of content.
Regular updates, 3 new models per week.
Almost every model has multiple video and pic sets.
Content has gotten harder over the last few months.
Webmaster responsive to members.
Lots of features on the site and things to do.
Good balance of scene types with the models.
Cons: Video quality could be better.
Older content mostly softcore.
Masturbation scenes tend to be generic.
Toy scenes could use a few new toys.
Some scenes have a terrible camera man.
Bottom Line: I just joined for the first time in over a year and was pleasantly surprised. While I always found the models attractive, I found the content usually kind of boring in the past. Nowadays they are adding a lot more models that seem to be willing to do more than just strip and pose, which is definitely a good thing. Actual hardcore scenes are not uncommon now, and there seems to be more quality scenes overall. I was happy I joined again.

I do think that things could be improved further however. Most of the models have a few masturbation scenes but they can still be lacking at times. I would love to see some of these cute girls work and stretch their pussies a little better with more than the typical 1 or 2 fingers and dinky little toys, which is the case for almost every scene. Of course not all models will be up for bigger toys and more fingers, but I'm sure a decent amount would be willing. There were actually 2 recent models that had picture sets of 3 and 4 finger masturbations, but not in their video. This was disappointing.

All in all, the site is very good as is. With any site there is room for improvement, but it has definitely come a long way and seems to be getting even better. One of the best teen sites by far.

02-19-08  01:40pm

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: • Cute, young Nubile girls mainly from Europe and America
• Todays best pornstars and amateurs providing SC and HC
• Private messaging (PM) to communicate with the models
• Very good moderation of message board and the PMing
• Translation services provided for the European girls who PM
• Problems are usually addressed immediately by staff
• Ability to preview the video content in flash mode
• A good selection of bonus site material.
• 3 - 5 daily updates, 3 new girls per week
Cons: • Very few girls from Asian countries
• Nubile girls, makes it difficult to do followups later
• Large staff from around the world. Makes it difficult to control quality and content.
• Amateur niche site featuring many amateur models and photographers.
• Too Many rules in the PM system, and moderation sometimes deletes PMs.
• Some girls choose not to participate in PM, yet sign up as available for PM.
• Could offer more hardcore specialties.
Bottom Line: Katrina18 was my first intro to Nubiles. By joining, I then discovered many other top notch young ladies ready to show it off. I love the way you can private message the girls, and if you expire your messages aren't cancelled like with other sites. I've become friends and communicated with some of my favorite European and American porn stars, and some hot amateurs. They also have a message board with open participation. Updates are daily, and plenty of hard core content as well as soft. With a good mixture of amateur and professional models, and hard and soft core content, gives a good mixture for the mood of the day. Recommended!

10-18-07  11:05pm

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