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Visit Adult.com


Ridiculous price for UK

This site's not just priced the same in pounds for the UK as dollars for the US, but there's no TBP discount. A complete rip-off.

12-22-13  01:15am

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Visit Adult.com


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Rather low overlap with other DVD sites
+Pornstar directory with headshots - which seems to be the focus of this particular DVD site
+Multiple download formats (480p/360p WMV, 360p QT and 240p iPod MP4)
+Movies are tagged with niches
+Ample preview images for every scene
+Like Videobox, you can make custom clips
+The layout seems similar to VideoBox (when you click a scene you get related scenes and you get the other scenes the movie linked)
+Downloads work with download managers. The link is not your usual "site.com/folder/file.wmv"; link, but when you load it into any download manager it picks up fine. FlashGet gets a filename, while Free Download Manager doesn't get a filename. So I'd suggest to stick with FlashGet.
+Movies are tagged with addition date
+Mmmm...they rip XPLOR media content (Homegrown Video) and they TAG THE ACTRESSES. 1) not many sites rip Homegrown video, 2) those that do rarely tag the actress names
+Site search
+Standardized encoding formats
Cons: -Library is only 1570 DVDs. VideoBox and VideosZ are cheaper and over 3 times as many DVDs.
-Update schedule sucks. A little over 1.5 updates per day (564 updates in the last 365 days)
-Updates only accessible from home page
-Site search works well, but when you search for a movie title you get your result and then some (some = a lot)
-Date tags dont appear in the DVD list, only on the DVD's respective page
-Videos are watermarked with the text "adult.com".
-No easy way of seeing movies from a series. Have to do a search. VideoBox gives you a pull-down menu listing all volumes of the series available, other sites give the movies a clickable tag of their series name, etc
-One too many clicks for downloading movies. VideoBox and VideosZ are a 2 click system - click DVD, click download format. Adult.com is an annoying three click system - click DVD, click menu, click download format. On that note...
-Have to use a menu to get to download formats (more in bottom line)
Bottom Line: Overall a very good site. They have some movies that I have never seen on any other site. Heck, I figured that the only place I'd see some of the movies I found on Adult.com would have been on a VOD site (yuck). Everything about Adult.com feels like VideoBox, with the only issue being that it feels like the OLD VideoBox (the last layout before the current one). Thats not to say its a bad thing, because the old VideoBox layout is a winner in my book and is a lot better than 99% of DVD sites out there. It lacks a few things from the old VideoBox layout (like comments) but they are very minor and doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the site.

The site search works well, the problem is that it returns so many results if you are too generic. So if you want the site search to work to your advantage be very specific - include numbers...e.g. "Chica Boom 35" not "Chica Boom". A search for "Chica Boom" returned the 15 volumes of "Chica Boom" they provide, but it also returned 228 other DVD results. Bah.

The download menu is this Web 2.0 menu which pops down and overlaps anything on the page, containing all the download links to the download formats. Besides the fact that its one more click, I always find myself clicking AGAIN to close it because it blocks stuff below it.

The update schedule sucks especially when you compare to VideoBox (5 updates per day) and VideosZ (6 updates per day).

There isn't much else to say. Thankfully, it is just another run-of-the-mill DVD site like VideoBox and VideosZ that does not have many major holes (like missing headshots in star directory (movieroom), or remnants of old encoding (VideosZ), stupid resolutions (480x352 on VideoBox or 720x480 for standard def video on DVDBox), lack of pornstar tags in a lot of movies (DVDBox), updates are individual scenes not full movies (pornstar.com), hidden scenes (pornstar.com), etc.). Bring "run-of-the-mill" is a good thing for DVD sites...I just want my stuff and to be on my way, I dont want flashy crap getting my way. Flashy crap is meant for reality sites like Brazzers, Naughty America and the sort.

Improved update schedule (at least 3 DVD's per day) and the rating is in the 90's.
Other places where if the changes are made the rating would be closer to 100:
-Big link at the top of the page next to "STAR BROWSE" for "DVD ARCHIVE". Please don't make it hard to get to the directory.
-Ditch the download menu. Its one click too many, besides the fact that I find myself always closing it because it gets in the way of the rating of the scene below it.
-Show addition dates below all DVD's on the archive page or when DVD's show as results
-Do like VideoBox does and provide a menu linking users to other volumes in the series (you've followed VideoBox this far, why not go all the way?)

03-05-09  04:41pm

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Does not include access to Adult Reality Pass

TBP states all 23 that Adult Reality Pass sites are
included through Adult.com which unfortunately is not
the case.

The sign-up page includes the pass as a cross-sale only.
You may want to change your review pages to reflect this.

02-13-09  08:09pm

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Visit Adult.com


Vivid Movie and Jenna Jamesons movie can bee found here

yea Adult.com has some dvd:s i havent found on other dvd-sites but compared to other dvd-sites its fewer updates and the new content added isnt that valuable in my book like the older content of Vivid and Jenna movies it offers

10-29-08  03:01am

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Visit Adult.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: DVD site with over 1,300 titles and growing
TBP discount under 20.00 for monthly access
Some Exclusive DVD content
Variety of Download options including 1pod format
Daily adds 2 to 3 DVDs
Edit scene feature
Cons: Search options very limited
Too much content from the big studios
Only able to save 8 scenes to favorites section
Bottom Line: This site is a good option if you want to get
some content that most of the other DVD sites
don't have like Kick Ass, Xplore Homegrown series
and exclusive stuff like Big Sausage Pizza and
Milf Cruiser scenes from Cinema Play. Searching
for content could be much better with allowing
you to view more DVDs per page and studio search

06-08-08  11:20am

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Visit Adult.com


Good Sit,e, but maybe not worth it.

There are less than 60 DVD's here that are semi-exclusive & worth joining for. The other 1600+ are second-string movies from the bargain-bin. It's a good site, with all the features of the big DVD sites, but the content just isn't there yet.

Also, when you cancel, they make you call in and speak to an operator, which I rather dislike doing - it's kind of a hassle.

06-01-08  03:09pm

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Visit Adult.com


Nice DVD site

I am currently a member of Adult.com and it has some material
that most of the average DVD colossal sites don't. Notably,
there's a few dozen titles from Homegrown, Kick Ass, and alot
of scenes from reality sites as Big Sausage Pizza, Teen Hitch
hikers, Milfcruiser. I'll do a review later.

05-25-08  05:32pm

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: * A website devoted to the cute, hot and busty Anette Dawn
* Only solo videos (pro and con)
* Videos available for streaming in MOV and WMV. Also available for downloads in smaller parts and Full length videos.
* Both MOV and WMV are available in 3000 kbps
* Galleries are archived in zip-files and are High Res. Also available are screencaps. Also zipped
* Date is mentioned with every update.
* Gives access to the entire network, including Twistys!
* Funny names for the videos (sure, only a minor pro but it's worth mentioning)
* Really a what you see is what you get website.
* Mostly exclusive content.
Cons: * Same girls they use on other websites in within the network
* No HD videos, this is pretty much required these days
* Dates aren't mentioned with the video
* Not many updates
* Only 73 videos for a website that has been around for 3 years
* No diary updates, really, none. Just like the wishlist it's empty.
* No forum for this particular website
* It gets a bit repetitive after a while. All videos are the same masturbation technique usually.
* Some content can be found on other website I believe but the vast majority of it is exclusive
* Could really use some interaction with the model. But I suppose the website isn't maintained by Anette herself although they make it seem like it is.
Bottom Line: AnetteDawn.com is a website which features the cute, hot and incredibly busty Anette Dawn. The website launched March, 2007 and is now offering about 73 videos and 72 galleries.

Since I've been a Twistys member for over a year now and it has over 10 reviews with AnetteDawn only having 3, I decided to do a review on this website for once.

I had heard of Anette Dawn before, saw her on some eastern European websites a couple of times but never really expected her to have her own website. Let alone in the same network as Twistys! This was a pleasant surprise.
As I've previously stated, I've been a member for over a year and I've seen the websites grow in the meantime. Mostly Twistys, while AnetteDawn sort of stays behind. They update whenever they feel like, so it seems. Haven't seen an update for a couple of weeks, maybe months now. I'm not quite sure how long it has been as I don't feel the need to check the website that often anymore due to the lack of updates. But I think I can safely say it's been over a month.

Anyway, technically, the website is fine. The navigation is a breeze with the easy navigation bar at the top of the screen. Only 73 videos with about 42 videos on 1 page making for 2 pages. Every video is presented as a little thumbnail link on the video pages with a funny video title. Some don't even really make sense with the video but are still funny like "Duel at Dawn"or "It Just Started to Dawn on Me". It's a minor plus but it makes a little difference.

When you want to download or stream a movie, just click on one of the thumbnails and choose either WMV or MOV. Videos are only available in 3000 kbps and no HD, which is a shame really. This is pretty much a standard these days.
All of the videos feature Anette masturbating with either a toy or with her hands. And in every video she wear a different outfit. That's it. So it's really what you see it what you get.
Now, I'm a big fan of solo videos. But I'm sure there are people out there who would like to see something different for a change. Even a change of scenery would be appreciated.

Anyway, off to the galleries.
There are currently 72 galleries to choose from. Luckily they're zipped for your pleasure and easy download but you can also view them on the website. Not much else to say about this. Good quality though, 1280px on average.

The Diary and wish list aren't in use, they're just empty. They say they will update this asap but I haven't seen them update it in... well, never.

All in all the website is a fun little extra to the network but the website itself does not justify the cost. 73 videos of average quality and no consistent updates does not make it worth it. So if you actually would like to join because of the other websites attached, it would certainly be worth the money. Even if it's just for the Twistys site alone.

Just see this as a very nice and above average bonus site.

06-01-10  02:06pm

Replies (2)
Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Too bad she can't handle it!

AnetteDawn's dot com website's content isn't daited anymore and as Drooler correctly pointed out site doesn't seem to update anymore (thing that Twistys webmaster confirmed).
Actually, content was kinda boring with the SAME and the SAME scenes and photosets scenario with Anette getting undressed and playing with her pussy without having any girl / girl or boy / girl scenes.
If site wasn't linked at Twistys network I would surely cancel my membership.

04-18-09  05:54am

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

No more updates?

Just noticed today: Where there used to be dates under each "cover" thumb for the updates, there is now just "See the pics!" or something close to that.

The last dated update had been March 28th this year.

Has the site just become an "archive only" collection? Seems so.

04-10-09  04:01pm

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Same updates ?

Two video and two photosets updates on Anette's website seem to be the same. If this baby is tired of playing with her '' kitty '' lets see some real boy / girl action as it's highly expected ;-)

04-04-09  02:14am

Replies (3)
Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn


One thing that I forgot to add to my review for Anette's website.
All her videos contain music during her strip play and when see gets naked the music stops, lol, when she finishes with her masturbation music starts again. I actually like very much her videos music and surely it's a good thing!

09-03-08  08:35am

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content.
- ZIP download option for photosets.
- No DRM videos protection.
- Cool website design.
- No download limit.
- Navigation is easy.
- Downloading was fast for me (most hours of day).
- Trial option offered.
- Bonus websites access (Twistys Network).
- Frequent updates (weekly).
Cons: - Small collection.
- More download options for videos would help.
- Photosets quality and size could be better.
- No HD quality offered for videos.
- Diary and Wishlist unfinished.
- No webcam shows.
- No hardcore content.
- Monthly subscription price could be a bit lower.
- No actual interaction with Anette.
- Site could update faster (to help it grow faster).
- Same and same videos scenario.
- Site lacks of creativity and personality.
Bottom Line: Anette Dawn is a hungarian baby that is extremely hot but her site needs improvements at the moment.
Members have access to 56 photosets and 41 videos. Photosets can be downloaded in ZIP format making it simple and easy. Quality is good in here but I think that could be better. Videos can be downloaded in two formats (.mov and .wmv) in parts or as full length movies. More download options in here would be cool as also some quality improvement (personally I think that HD .wmv quality would be the best). There is no DRM protection or download limit plus downloading was fast for me (most hours of day).
Website design is very good and you will not have a problem with navigation. Content is exclusive and updates come every week. So every month site updates with 2 photosets and 2 videos.
Members have access to Twistys Network adult websites, which means another 6 in total, with lots of content to download.
Monthly subscription price is not high but could be a bit lower, at my opinion. Also, there is a trial option offered. Anette's Diary and Wishlist is not set up yet making site look unfinished somehow. Also, I do not think that there is an actual interaction with Anette as I personally sent her 3 e-mails suggesting a few things and I never got an answer.
Content is only solo so there is no hardcore, which would be great. Also, there is no live webcam shows and I think that if site could update faster, for example twice per week, would help it's collection grow much faster.
In conclusion, Anette is surely very hot but her site needs growth, personal care and improvements. Recommended for beautiness fans.

08-23-08  07:20am

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + ultra high dl speed (13.000 kbit/s)
+ no dl limit
+ no drm
+ easy navigation
+ wmv and quicktime videos offered
+ download in one part and up to 8 parts
+ very cheap trial (2,44$)
+ regular price is ok (24,95$)
+ regular update
+ network access to over 17.000 videos
+ video clips have usefull names
+ clear and nice videos (high quality)
+ exclusive content
+ wishlist (great idea, but sadly not launched already!)
Cons: - the split download has now preview of scenes
- only 41 videos
- updated only every 14 days
- login system isn`t that good
- site dl is suprisingly slow
- mostly mastrubation (less dildo, no hardcore)
- diary isn`t set up until now
- wishlist isn`t set up until now
Bottom Line: surpise, surprise...

there are still sites that can make me think that my money was well spended.

this one is such a site.

the girl looks lovely, with hughe (natural?) tits, a nice face and blonde(fake!) hairs. the pussyhair is mostly trimmed, but that`S ok if you don`t like to see totally shaved girls. a little bit more hair would be even nicer in my opinion.

the content deals with solo play, softcore, dildoing. sadly missing is hardcore, but that`S the problem mostly with solo sites (maybe the husband is envious? :)) she got different dresses, shoes and in my opinion to less lingerie.

also positive to mention is, that the "normal" twisty music isn`t played often in that videos. (sometimes at the beginning) therfore you can clearly hear the moning and growning :)

the download speed is impressive. my connection has a 13.000 limit, therfore i can`t really say if the download is even faster then my written dl speed.

the files have usefull names. the are enumbered and combined with her name.

with that site you got site access to the twistys network. if you like to knew more about that, you should read the reviews below mine.

regarding that the site has launched at 28.01.2008 the number of total videos is quite ok. all in all it`s about 5 videos per month, not bad at all for a solo site, therfore not a big minus.

the regular price for only that site would be to high. as a matter of fact that, you have the acces to the twistys network, the price is ok.

the updaterate is low, but it`s regular updated therfore not a big con. the missing preview of the split videos is a bigger con, that makes the site going below 90.

rise the number of updates, make previews of scenes lower the price to 15$ and that site will get a 95+.

absolutly highly recommended!

08-20-08  10:05am

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Attractive Euro girl
- Updates fairly regularly
- Good sized pics with zip option and videos (1280x720 on pics and vids are 720x400)
- Exlcusive content
- No DRM
- Access to Twisty's websites
- Website is good looking
Cons: - Pics and videos could be of higher quality
- Video download speed is only average
- All softcore, no lesbiansism or hardcore
Bottom Line: Annette is an attractive girl with a good looking site. As of July '08 she has 53 photo sets and 38 videos.

As I stated, the sight is good looking and there is a good search function. She has a nice personality and definitely a hot bod even with the breast implants. She has a few sets where she is mostly clothed. I should note that the pics only download in one size.

The big bonus is access to Twisty's and its array of content. As a stand alone site, it would be hard to justify $20 in my book but then again I'm not one who usually joins solo model sites (I joined on a TBP trial offer throuh another Twisty's site). Personally, I would like to see her get a little edgier in her sets as they seem to blur together after a while at least for me.

The site could be better if it went high def but I know that's probably not going to happen with a solo model site. If you find her attractive it's definitely worth it if you join through Twisty's but for me I probably would not join it on it's own.

07-16-08  02:46pm

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very Good - as the rating goes (82)
25 fine videos of a doll in this field.
And Anette Dawn certainly is a doll.
40 sets of photos.
Zip for photos
OK quality videos
OK quality photos - but just ok
Cons: Updates are way too slow.
This is only a softcore/mastubation-site with a single model - nothing else. No lez (if thats what you want) and no hc (b/g).
Bottom Line: Well, friends. You can see this review as some sort of an update of the fine review from exotics4me (no comparison intended).
But it's almost 4 month ago since that review - and what's happened?
Not much!!!
There are 7 more videos updated in those four month. That's NOT good enough for a site that charge 25 bucks.
A little more photo-sets has occured, but no big deal. At this time there are 40 sets of photos - something like 13 more in the same period - alas - nothing to speak of.

Some of the photo-sets are among the best in the softcore glamour-field. But also here there's a bit of stereotype - most look alike.
The resolution are just average: 1280x854.
The same goes for zipped sets.
Here in mid-january 2008 there are 25 videos - not much for a site this price.
And the videos are all 720x404 in WMV. Or quicktime (but who goes for that?)
The quality is alright/good, but not more.
Still it's great to watch AD on her videos - she's just a NATURAL: Sexy, sweet and erotic. Wish there were more models of her kind.
And these videos are exclusive - not even the company-site (Twistys) has those videos.
And that's whats great and that's also the reason that this special solo-model site deserves recommendation.
There's not much else here at anettedawn.com. There are something called "diary", "recommondation" and "wishlist" - but they are not in function.
But, ok - so what?
Foremost this site has one force:
Anette Dawn herself....on video!
She is just beautiful.

01-20-08  08:59am

Replies (6)
Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Anette Dawn has one of the most charming personalties in porn and easily one of the best bodies as well.
- Pictures are 1240 on high end, come in zips as well and look great, similar to the newer content on sister site, twistys.
- Videos are 720x404, widescreen monitor makes them look even better, over 2000 bitrate
- Content is exclusive, will explain in BL.
- Navigation, visual appeal of the site, are both top-notch.
Cons: - Amount of content may be a problem for some, as of October 1st, 27 picture sets and 18 videos.
- Going to be a little nitpicky here and say the candid, non-nude pictures should just be in one set together.
- All content is of Anette only, no g/g, no b/g and no friends, not that I have a problem with that, but could be a con for some.
Bottom Line: I have been wanting to join this site since back in May. Anette just has "that something" that people talk about when trying to separate beautiful people from each other.

Her personality shines through on this site more than any content I have seen of her. She comes off as more confident, she actually looks a little shy in her older content on other sites. Her masturbation has never been a strong point. I've seen videos of her where she barely even moans, but not here, she is into it and getting the job done, thank you very much!

Videos are new, not the ones on Twistys. Also picture sets look to be new, but I can't say 100% exclusive since the outfits look similar. Only problem there, a couple of non-nude candid sets are in the 30 picture range, which is why I believe those sets could be combined as a best of candids. But I understand the business and the more picture sets you can advertise the better.

The thing is, I don't think out of all sites that have Anette on them, have this much content when combined! The 18 videos at 12 to 15 minutes would make 2, maybe 3 DVDs of just Anette.

The site is updating regularly from what I can see. Four pic sets and two videos per month. She could be one of the top 3 Euros in the world if she had more material coming out. Still, I won't complain, I'm very happy with what I downloaded and would recommend it to any Anette fan. For me, it will be a once every 6 months site until the content gets built up. Recommended!

10-01-07  09:16pm

Replies (2)
Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

So far, I'm impressed

I was able to hold off for a few months after my last comment to join this site. I'm a huge fan of Anette Dawn. I will review it maybe next week or the week after. I've only been on it for a week so far and want to see how the updates do. The content is exclusive from what I see or at least from what I have to compare it to and the picture and video sets numbers have increased nicely since the TBP review. As of right now, there are now 27 picture sets. The size is 854x1280 and the pictures are similar quality as Twistys, which is to be expected since the site is webmastered by Shap of Twistys. The site also works the same as Twistys, you just click the little zip icon to download a zip of all pics in each set.

The videos are up to 17 now and are 720x404. She is easily one of the most seductive models in the business. The reason being, I don't even think she realizes how beautiful she is. I'm an anti-implant person, but she fits the mold similar to Eva Angelina, where they both have the build for the larger implants. From what I can see, the updates have been coming about 4 photo sets and 2 videos per month. There are no friends galleries, just Anette. Which is fine by me. I do believe she is geniunely shy as well. Last, a little jab, her age is listed as 22. She said 26 last year or the year before in a video I have! That folks is what being beautiful does, you instantly become 5 years younger! Great job so far.

09-25-07  01:12am

Replies (3)
Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Anbody tried it yet?

Anette Dawn is the first blonde that has ever gotten my attention this much. I don't know why, not really into the really big boobs, but there is something about her. I've joined most of the multi-models sites that have her on them knowing that I'm at least getting videos and pics of her, plus the other models the sites have. I just seen this solo site of her. TBP's last update of facts was about a month ago, but only shows 9 photo sets and 6 vids as of early April. Just wondering if anyone has joined or knows if the site is updating regularly. It says 5 times per month. There isn't a rating and says there are no plans for a review on TBP. I do see that Shap, webmaster of Twisty's is the webmaster of Anette's site, which should mean high quality. Anyone have any extra info on the site?

05-10-07  06:55pm

Replies (2)
Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Is Part Of a Huge Network access (19 + websites).
Few Bonus Feed Areas Too.
Several download formats for videos.
Navigation Good But Average.
Downloading was average 400k per file 220 up to 5
Items seen only here.
No Banwidth Limit same as Network
No DRM videos protection.
Very Attrative Looking Site.
Hot Girls, very playful.
Cons: Site is Severely Repetitive Niche'
Average Download Speed ( could be slightly better)
At Times Camera Shakes
Navigation and site the same as network.
About 50 Videos So Far.
Bottom Line: Ok This site is another well produced Brazzer Network Quality site,
However I am being tougher on the bigger sites now days since they rake in the cash to do a excellent job not just a good one.

The site really doesnt meet the overall network feel. While I agree it's new. Talk in the forum shows that the Network is even considering dropping that extra site.
Heres MHO, a girl goes out in the city etc, is sexxy playful and teases guys and gives random sex and BJ TJ's around town.
Ok now once youve done that in the park, in and alley, and at a store etc, youve pretty much covered the jist of the site. The fantasy doesnt hit the same mark as the other sites in the network.
What makes the site hard to watch is at times Camer Shakes, feels like and episode of Cops.
While its part of the mistique here, its just to much to watch. And street shooting is very hard to pull off and stay at the top of your game.

Bottom Line, its a fun site its hard-core and playful. But it rough around the edges, and repetitive for my liking. Video HD is remarkable though given this is done outside so that a huge plus. "awsome" Downloads were average 400k on the west coast at most times on my 5mb conection.

ToadMix's Take: Join for the network, not the site its self. Its a good site, true its new, I do not see time changing much. Would be better spent finding a new Nich'.

Oh Say perhaps. Make a solo section that Brazzers doesnt have anywhere That would really complete this network.

07-29-08  11:38am

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Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Girls are daring in public
Part of Brazzers network which gives full access
$10 per month retention discount
Extremely large picture sets
Great download speeds
Very nice navigation and search ability
Multiply download options
Cons: Pictures need to be larger
Videos need to be clearer
Needs to grow, but it is young
Must relogin a lot
A few of the models for this site are not as attractive
Bottom Line: Site was launch on the network December 6th and has update weekly since then. They now have a total of 27 videos for this section as of March 29.

The videos here a fairly large, many are 750 MB and several around 1 GB. They allow downloading in chunks or the whole thing at once. They offer WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4, and IPOD/PSP for video downloads. The resolutions are 620x480 on the videos and they do not look bad at all. They could of course be better, but that could be said for most sites!

The photos sets are HUGE, we are talking over 2000 pictures in some of them! There is sure to be a few in there that you will like. Unfortunately the picture size is less impressive at 900x675 they are not large enough to do the job. I would think I big boob network would be the first to understand the importance of size!

A few of the models here do not live up to par with the other sites on the network though. A few are less pretty and have smaller boobs, but this is only a few.

Navigation is nice here, other than having to relogin a lot. Site was redisgned!

Downloading everything from this site would not take a whole month with a reasonable internet connection, However, if you want the rest of the network you better get a 750 GB hard drive for it because the network is approaching that size!

This site is worth every penny of the price especially with full network access. Just dont bother with the trial because it does not work. Join this outright, you will not regret it!

03-29-08  10:47pm

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Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Network access (19+ websites).
- Multiple download formats for videos.
- ZIP download option available for photosets and vidcaps.
- Cool website design.
- Navigation is very easy.
- Downloading was fast for me (most hours of day).
- Exclusive content.
- No download limit.
- No DRM videos protection.
- Regular updates.
- Bonus feeds (streaming websites,live cams).
- Very helpful customer support.
- Members forum.
- Site has it's own personality.
Cons: - Needs growth.
- Few annoying adds in members area.
- Photosets size could be larger.
- Videos quality could be even better.
- Updates could come faster.
Bottom Line: Asses In Public is a very good reality website that it has it's own personality but surely needs growth.
First of all, when you join you will have full access to Brazzers Network and that means that you will gain access to 19 adult websites, so surely there is lots of variety waiting.
Website's design is very good and navigation is easy especially with new Brazzers network's search features. Members can easily find their favourite pornstar's scenes by using this cool new search feature.
Videos can be downloaded in multiple formats (.wmv, .mpeg1, .mpeg4, iPod/PSP) in parts or as full scenes. You can even stream them online if you don't want to download them. Videos quality is very good but could be even better. ZIP option for photosets and vidcaps is available in here as well making downloading simple and easy. Their sizes could be larger at my opinion but that doesn't mean that their quality isn't good.
There is no download limit or DRM videos protection and downloading was fast for me (most hours of day). Content is exclusive and dated and site updates once per week. As site's collection is tiny at the moment (24 scenes) I think that updates could come faster.
There are some bonus feeds for members and a cool members forum. Girls and scenes rating system is a nice feature as well. Customers support is very helpful and quick in responses. Sadly, there are a few annoying adds in members area.
This site has it's own personality and surely worths it.

03-10-08  05:27pm

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Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

Another New Brazzers Website

This one is the latest new Brazzers Network website. By what I saw so far it looks very good but surely needs growth. Surely Brazzers team continues good work and I am starting to believe that by making great websites like this they are trying to make their members ... crazy lol, well I will review it in a few days to give you an idea of whats inside.

01-21-08  07:13am

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Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

New Kid On The Brazzer's Block!

Since I've reviewed most of the other Brazzer's Pass sites and don't plan to renew my membership, I'm not sure if I'll end up reviewing this site. However, I did want to mention that it appears at first glance that this site will offer some more naturally endowed girls, which would buck a trend towards fake tits at the network of late. I don't know if it's because girls with natural tits and ass tend to be a little curvier (something I enjoy but I wonder if others don't) that their numbers have diminished of late, but it's nice to see a few who haven't gone under the knife.

12-11-07  12:06pm

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Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: There are many pros to this site.

1) There are 750 videos.

2) There is a update 3-5 times a week.

3) The videos are ALL in 1080p. Yes every single video going back to 2012. So you can see they update often. A very alive site. There are multiple download options.

4) Every Scene has a ZIP file for HD picture and a individual picture gallery if you want to just look and hand pick a few.

5) This site features THE top porn actresses from all over the world. Such as Madison Ivy, Mia Malkova, Dillion Harper and Stoya.

6) This site has a great variety of content. Most of the scenes are 1 on 1. But there is also Threesomes (GGB), Lesbian, solo and recently added IR.

7) The women on this site dress to the nines, the lighting is amazing and the scenes are professionally produced.
Cons: There are some cons to this site.

1) The Navigation is a nightmare. You will have to go page by page to find what you want. If you try to apply a filter it will also filter out what you want. This is unacceptable.

2) The sex is passionate but can seem tame when you compare it to what the majority of porn encompasses today.
Bottom Line: I remember when Vivid first came out it was so revolutionary. Because the sex had such high production quality I would have to compare Babes to Vivid in its heyday. If you like that kind of action then this is the site for you.

My overall personal opinion is if you can get a month for $9 like I did then it is well worth your dime.

One of the things worth mentioning is that they allow comments on the scenes and they seem to even keep the bad comments. That level of transparency is endearing. Hopefully they read them and make changes accordingly.

Things I would like to see to become a year round member.

1) Contract stars who produce more than 2 videos then we never see them again. I think there is a opportunity here to cater to your fan base.

2) Special content that only a year long member has access too. Maybe something with contract stars a little harder (Anal, DP, Deep throat Etc). Imagine having August Ames as a contract star producing 1 exclusive scene a week with harder content. Now that would be reason to join for a year.

07-21-15  02:29am

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