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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +High Quality
+Notable Stars
+Excellent Older Stuff
+Excellent Customer Service
+Bang for the Buck
Cons: -Not Enough Amateur Content (of all ages, shapes, and sizes)
Bottom Line: Never regretted joining.

BangBros. and Brazzers are inarguably the best sites out there. The only reason BangBros has a slightly lower rating is because my personal preferences. I enjoy more of the content Brazzers and I don't even know how accurate that is - I've been a member of both sites multiple times. I can't explain the difference - the point is - you shouldn't have one without the other.

Looking forward to joining again.

10-05-09  10:49pm

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Visit Haze Her

Haze Her

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -great videos
-very fast download speeds
-great video quality
-epoch takes visa gift cards
Cons: -random watermarks in videos
-tons of ads everywhere
-no longer updating
-terrible pics
Bottom Line: i took a chance with this site after seeing it advertised on youtube type sites. the signup was sketchy as it doesnt say what billing it uses. luckily a visa gift card worked for signing up, so its impossible to get billed for anything more then what you want!

so anyways, if youre careful where you click this site is great. 57 videos from 45-60 minutes. well worth a 1 month membership. not sure what link i followed but its $20 monthly now

i love the storyline of the videos. sorority mean girls making the new girls do funny stuff for the 1st half of the video. then 2nd half is lesbian stuff which is quite good.

max video size is 720p but the quality is great, better then some 1080p ive seen. also have lower quality versions i didnt touch. i got around 2.6mb/s downloading, no complaints there. also i havent come across a download limit yet.

there are no pics, just around 10 screengrabs at 640x480. not sure the point of it really

obviously videos will have a watermarks on them but half way thru the videos theres a scrolling banner that goes right thru the middle of them!

im surprised the score im giving the site considering the negatives, but the videos themselves are just amazing

02-14-14  08:14pm

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Visit MILF Lessons

MILF Lessons

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Amount of content
- Quality of content
- Part of Bang Bros. Mega Site Network
- Multiple download options
- Streaming options
- Can Download full scenes in single file
- Discreet Billing
Cons: None.
Bottom Line: This is easily one of the best MILF sites on the net. Price alone is worth access to this site, however as a bonus you get access to the full Bang Bros. Mega site. This site is in the top tier with other milf sites Mommy's Got Boobs, Milf Hunter, and My Friends Hot Mom. This is a great MILF site.

03-15-08  01:27pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - ginat choice of videos
- quality is good
- great girls
- lovely big tits
Cons: - nealry every girl is shaved (little bit boring)
- downloads could be faster
Bottom Line: a side wich is worth staying or joining a few times a year

07-28-07  06:59am

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Visit BangBus


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This site is the holy grail of online amateur porn. Everyone else is, or should be, looking at them as the standard. Great videos, pictures, and caps. I love the basic story lines around the different sites in the OxPass.
Cons: Not much to say here. Some of the old movies could be better, but they are just that, old.
Bottom Line: I recommend this site to anyone who has not seen it. The price is fair for the amount of content. You can't do better than the Bang Brothers when it comes to online porn.

04-05-07  08:57am

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Visit BangBus


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: These guys screw all kinds of girls-white,
black,Hispanic,Asian,European you name it
the variety is awesome.
These girls really know what they're doing
when it comes to sucking big cock.
There has to be around 200 different girls
so far.
Cons: The only thing I can think of is the video
quality of early episodes, but that's
to be
Bottom Line: This is a great site to join on its own but you also get access to 10 or 11 other
sites many of which are great on there own.
Hot chicks sucking big cocks-what more do you want?

01-17-07  07:41pm

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Visit BangBus


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Huge variety of content
Several differnet niches
Different options for downloading
Links make it easy to search for more videos by each star
Cons: Pictures could be better
Some videos are very large
Takes awhile to stream videos
Bottom Line: I have been a member for a couple of years now and feel this is one of the best site out there. There is enough content and niches for anyone. Daily updates (M-F) and good descriptions for all videos.

01-12-07  06:55pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - One of the biggest reality American networks on the internet.
- Some really impressive add-on site offers to members, including some sites with full access for as cheap as $1.25 for two days unlimited access.
- New sites are starting to takeover the network and compliment the sites that are no longer updating, will explain in BL.
- Good download speeds, has me in the 95% max range of my max speed.
- Navigation for a network is surprisingly good, site has went through a change or two in navigation and now seems to be settled into an easy to use, minimal mouse click format, explain more in BL.
- Newer videos are 1280x720, which at this point, I prefer since the 1920x1080 videos eat up my hard drives.
- Billing system is not well-known, but I have had two different problems and received a reply in less than 24 hours to both.
- All scenes have at least a screencap zip download of screen capture "pictures" and most have a separate photo download of more posed pictures of the model.
Cons: - As much as I have taken advantage of their upsells to other sites, it could be a con for some.
- Seach design can be frustrating since some of the search results will be for one of the sites you have to subscribe separately to.
- Coding in page has problems with Firefox downloading, had to switch to Chrome and it works fine with Chrome.
Bottom Line: As the other American reality sites have started to slip, Bang Bros, to me has improved. Besides having a newly designed site with much improved navigation, they are now offering some really good deals on upsells. With the price to Bang Bros itself dropping to just $14.95 a month, it does leave you some spending room to add a few of those upsells too.

I admit, I was worried about adding upsell sites because the biller wasn't that well known. All worries were pushed aside when I had a billing problem, sent them an email and in less than 2 hours, they replied and fixed the problem. To my knowledge, they are the only one of the major American networks that can say they have responsive customer service. It made me feel more comfortable with adding upsells.

I won't name the site, but it is an old solo site that has been reviewed here several times by others, that the model retired from. It has over 200 scenes. One day when I signed in, I had a popup that said they wanted to give me a gift as a loyal customer and gave me full access to the solo site for $1.25 for 2 days. They also have a Spanish network that looks really good for $24.95 more. They have the Super Pack which has 4 sites of theirs that used to be stream only, but are now allowing downloads, you can get that whole pack for $24.95 too. They add several sites here and there that are $9.95 to add.

What made me raise the score though was they are adding new sites to their Bang Bros package too. They aren't updating as much as they used to, but they do add, on average, 3 new updates a day. Bang Bros has seemingly always tried to follow the trends in niches in porn and you can see it in their newer sites. It's nice seeing a site keeping their roots strong, while willing to take some chances too.

I'm going to review one of the newer sites separately because I enjoy it so much. I think Bang Bros and Brazzers have nudged Reality Kings and Naughty America out of the top networks because they keep improving.

There are subjective cons that I will go into since these don't bother me too much, but I know they do others. Most of the models are American. There are plenty of natural models on the sites, but you do get a lot of implants and probably even more tattoos. Another is that the guys on the sites can be annoying. I do think they are annoying sometimes, but I also think they're pretty funny usually. Even if in a goofy way.

To me, they do what nearly all networks are trying these days and do it the best. They try to create scenes that look believable with the help of a little imagination or even fantasy. Their newer sites, Latina Rampage, Porn Star Spa, Brown Bunnies, Magical Feet all have a niche covered in them, some even cover multiple niches. Though I should mention Magical Feet hasn't been updated in a few months so it may be going to archive status too.

On sheer numbers, this is what I figured up.
Total sites just in Bang Bros membership: 42
Total scenes available: 5221 as of 5/1/2012

It seems like each time I sign in they have a new site, a few of the very newest ones, Chongas, an excellent Latina site and Dorm Invasion, a run on the "what girls do for fun in their dorms".

Video quality over the last 2 years has a high option at 1280x720 in mp4 format. I prefer these to the other networks high quality ones just because of filesize. The average high quality scene on Bangbros will run between 750 MB to 1 GB, whereas the other networks are posting videos in excess of 2 GB each.

The old "low clickage" navigation rant of mine from the past is very good on the new format of Bang Bros. You can download the video, photos and screencaps with just 5 clicks with no page loads. Unlike a lot of sites where you have to click photos, go to photo page and click, click to go back, click to movie page, click to download preferred format, click to go back to the scene, click screencaps, click to download. Yes it annoys me that much! Bang Bros newest format has all the download options just two clicks away. I think I broke a dozen mice over the years going through this click, click, click process.

Not only are the new sites updating, but some of the old favorites that have been around since the beginning of this network are still updating as well. I like the blend of the old formula with new sites trying to bring in new twists.

I just keep letting my membership recur, being sure to cancel whatever addons I have added and plan to add more of those upsell addons in the future. My only real complaint is that Firefox doesn't recognize something in the coding so you can't click "Do this automatically" in Firefox's download dialog box. Chrome does it handle it well without problems as does IE so that's not too frustrating.

I don't like comparing them and Brazzers or any of these sites, but just like I now really enjoy Brazzers, I also feel like Bang Bros has made the strong similar improvements Brazzers has. I recommend it very highly.

05-01-12  05:44pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Constant daily updates
+ Access 30+ affiliates
+ Most of the content is HD
+ Streaming capabilities on all videos
+ Ability to download high quality screen caps
+ Nice range of women
+ Interesting plots, stories, and directing styles
+ Easy to navigate
+ Lots of download options
+ Easy search options
+ Streaming webcam access
Cons: - Plots can sometimes get repetitive
- Older material is in lower quality
- Problems surfing while downloading multiple files
- Some affiliates no longer add content
Bottom Line: First off $20 a month for 4,000+ entertaining videos, 400+ girls, and 30+ different affiliates is a hell of a deal. There's an average of 3 updates daily, affiliates update once a week.

Tons of content to please anyone; creampies, huge dicks, ethnic women, MILFs, gangbangs, lesbians, foot fetish, and a few other things.

Videos can be downloaded as one movie or in multiple parts with an option for HD, as well as streaming. You can also download the screen caps which are also in pretty good quality.

It should be stated that trial users DO NOT GET FULL ACCESS. You can see all the content, but you're limited as to what you can download/stream. So if you're thinking about a trial membership, I'd advise not.

This network has something for almost everyone, no matter what your mood is. Searching is incredibly easy, and it's even easier to follow your favorite actress.

Of their affiliates, some no longer update, but previous content is still available to view as well as download.

Multiple simultaneous downloads are allowed, but often you cannot surf while downloading more than 2 files.

This is definitely a recommended site. The price per month is great for what it offers, the girls they offer are such a wide range you can't not be satisfied. All and all the few downfalls aren't enough to push anyone away.

02-28-11  07:47am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Very good video quality
Very good picture quality
Tons of content
Very easy to navigate around the site
Good selection of different sexual content.
Updates regularly
Videos have different download options. You can download the whole thing, half of it, or 1 min clips of the video.
Joining one site gets you full access to the other 33 sites.
Cons: When you go to put in your credit card number BEWARE there is one cross sale to dancingbear.com for $1.95. After 3 days, Membership renews automatically at $26.91

Some videos take to long to get going, sex I mean. Some videos suffer from way to much talking at the beginning.

Membership renews at $26.91 after the first month, which isn't bad at all taking in mind other sites jack the cost up $10 after the first month.
Bottom Line: For $24.95 you get access to 34 different sites! I highly recommend this site to others. The BangBros Network is in my mind one of the best adult networks out there. There is something for anyone's taste.

You like MILF there is a site for that. You into feet there is a site for that. Hand jobs, also a site for that. Oral cumshot, yep also a site. They also offer many more categories.

Unlike other sites BangBros Network doesn't lure people in with false advertising. What you see on the preview non-member's sites is what you get on the inside and much more.

Navigation around the sites is very simple to do and I found canceling to be a very easy process.

If you are thinking about joining this site and this is your first porn site you ever joined you aren't wasting your money. Bangbros.com has something there for everyone's sexual taste.

05-13-10  05:45pm

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Visit Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Decent amount of content
+ Not just 1 guy with a big cock, multiple male stars
+ Variation of big dicks (not just long or extra fat). But MOST seem plausible.
+ Updates weekly
+ Decent range of girl types

+Access to other Bangbros affiliates
+Download/Streaming options to satisfy everyone
+All videos have downloadable screens
Cons: - Can get redundant at times
- Older content stars one guy
- Older content isn't in HD
- A lot of the girls you only see once
Bottom Line: The first thing I noticed is that the site is called Monsters of Cocks, but the dick measurements aren't too insane. Most seem somewhat possible to naturally occur. I was satisfied with the variation of women, a bit of everything.

Some videos offer multiple women, some offer multiple men, some other multiples of both.

The videos can be downloaded OR streamed in a few choices of qualities, as well as can the screens be downloaded. They can also be downloaded in 1 full movie, 4 separate parts, or 2 minute segments. The older content from YEARS ago is still accessible, but the quality hasn't been updated to HD.

All in all the content has been getting better. They randomly surprise their users with gangbang style videos or offering a fairly well-known star. The nice thing about it is that when you purchase a subscription you get access to the BangBros network of about 30 affiliates. So when you get tired of watching big dicks widening out chicks, you can change your venue to something else at the flip of a switch.

Overall 93%. I like the variation of dicks, watching the same dick over and over gets tiresome, and the many types of women keeps my attention a bit longer.

03-02-11  07:04am

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Visit Facial Fest

Facial Fest

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Good amount of content
+Good Vid Quality
+Update weekly (with out fail)
+Multiple download options
+Allows streaming video
+Excellent screens(optional download)
+Most girls are exclusive
+No script so you never know what might happen or who might come in
+20 other affiliate sites included free
Cons: -2 Simultaneous downloads max
-If you're download 2 files you can't surf the site
-There could be a wider range of girl-types
-Plot can get repetitive
Bottom Line: Alright guys first off this is another BangBros affiliate site, so expect the same greatness with the same downfalls.

THE GIRLS: Facial Fest is basically a site where quite a few future BangBros models come to try-out. Count on seeing mostly blond girls here, there are other ethnic-type girls, but count on seeing blonds the majority of the time, but they're all USUALLY pretty attractive. Because there's no script you never know what's going to happen; a girl may bring a friend, a random person may walk in, someone may watch for a few minutes through the window, you just never know.

THE FANS: For you fans out there know that Preston is the star of this affiliate, you'll always see him and some chick.

QUALITY: 96% of the action is from a POV (point of view) stand point from a HD camera and unlike other sites you'll see quite a few positions. The downside is after a while you'll begin the see the same positions over and over again, but for once the camera isn't shaking all over the place, it's stays in the action.

DOWNLOADS: This site supports high quality, low quality, and streaming videos which can be downloaded in about 4 different formats.
Every video has screen shots and can be viewed in your general screen shots (a few shots here and there from the video) OR basically screenshots taken every 5-10 seconds of the video.
The only downside is that you can only download 2 files at a time and if you decide to download both at 1 time, well you can no longer surf until at least one is complete, but there's no download cap

UPDATES:Updates are weekly and that have yet to miss a day, currently at almost 40 videos of about 30min a piece.

Since this is Facial Fest count on see a good sized cumshot directly in the face at the end, and yes it's a damn good sized shot.

In the end, if you're a slight fan of the POV series you should check this out, if all else fails you get instant access to 20+ affiliates, so when you get bored you can surf around.

Rated 93 because first off it's a great site, with great quality, ease of access, except a wider range of girls would be nice, and I'd like to browse while I download.

10-21-08  05:58am

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Great video quality in recent additions. (Bang Bros. affiliation)
- All natural models.
- Excellent camerawork and lighting
- Good assortment and getting bigger (one new video per week)
- Each video has 60 minutes of content, 40 or more minutes nude/hardcore.
Cons: - Same 3-part sequence for each model. No variety. Scene 1- Pickup; Scene 2 - Solo; Scene 3 Hardcore (or just BJ in a few cases). Hardcore always vaginal, sometimes anal as well.
- Same stud does them all. He's good (lets the babe show all her stuff) but no variety
Bottom Line: If you love gorgeous women with large, natural breasts captured on video by a great tit loving cameraman, you'll love this series. You'll recognize several of the models who are quite popular in porn such as Jane Darling, Anastasia Christ, Sandra DeMarco, Tiffany Rousso and others.

Partner sites vary in quality but provide a good value add. Best one is Big Ass Adventures.

Heed the TBP warning. The "trial" membership gives you only the first of 3 scenes, which seldom has much nudity and no hardcore. The site has 1 minute (FREE!) trailers for each model that are far better than what you'll get with a trial membership.

Best move is to sign up for a full month and give it a full shot. You won't regret it if you're a bit tit fan.

(I was a member for 3 months then cancelled a few weeks ago just because I'd pretty much seen all the content and downloaded (NO DRM!) the ones I wanted to keep. I plan to rejoin in about a month or so after several new models have been added.)

01-19-07  02:45pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They update with 2 or more scenes per day.
+They currently have over 5000 scenes to choose from.
+They have a wide selection of performers and they tend to lso have a slightly greater variety than the other sites with similar content.
+You can download the videos in WMV and MP4 and all videos since 2009 are offered in HD.(The HD is 1280x720)
+All the videos have an accompanying phototsets that can be downloaded as a single zip file. The resolution is 1200x800 on the last. the others appear to be 800x550.
+They have started to remaster some of their older scenes.
Cons: -A percentage of their updates are in fact remastered older scenes so not really new content.
-A percentage of their content is either only BJ or footjobs.
-They tag anal on many scenes but the only anal is maybe a finger
-They have some pop up adds on their main screen.

**-These following cons are in reference to the new site design and not the older site(see bottom line for info on old site).
-An annoying site design where it feels more like advertising for their other products and less about offering the best acces to this sites content.
-Search option are rather limited and results cannot be accessed chronologicaly.
-I always had to double click to get back to the previous page once I had selected a specific scene.
Bottom Line: *This is the second best reality porn site after Brazzer. I guess they equal or surpass Brazzer depending on the type of porn you like. I still prefer the type of porn Brazzer does but I like scenario porn and this is not what these guys really do. Their idea of scenario porn is mostly the fake amateur girl agreeing to do porn right off the street.

*I think Bangbros shoots in Florida so they have access to a different group of performers than their West Coast counterparts. I think that's the reason why they have more interracial content vs the other sites. The interracial aspect may be a plus or a negative based on your preferences. They appear to employ some unknown male performers and that can sometime be a plus but I found it slightly negative because the guys are either not very good and sometime they aren't able to keep wood.

*It's nearly impossible for anyone that likes the type of porn that Reality king, Naughty America or Brazzer do to avoid joining Bangbros at least once. I know that I've done it more than once because they still have certain exclusif types of scenes not found on any of the similar sites. my last time on this site was a couple of years ago and scrolling through the past updates was bitter sweet for me because I noticed so many performers that shot only a couple of scene for thse guys and then disapeared from the industry.

*They currently have 96 remastered scenes so anyone that wanted to see some of their older content but wanted better quality may be satisfied butI mostly avoided those because most of them didn't appeal.

**In regards to the new design. My suggestion is that you simply log in to the old members sarea. It opens into another window and you will not have to deal with any of the issue found in the new site design.**

**The only people that might want to avoid this site are those that don't like interracial porn, BJ only and footjopb only stuff. If you remove those 3 things then you may find the pickings a litle small.**

05-10-12  07:00am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -TONS of videos
-Any added material you can count on it being there for a LONG time
-Streaming or Download options
-Download movies in 1 whole scenes or multiple parts in various qualities and formats
-Tons of bonus material including deleted scenes, bloopers, comics, and lots of other stuff
-Sex-types to satisfy anyone
-Lots of different types of girls
-Famous people show up
-Over 20 affiliates
-Switching from one affiliate to another doesn't involve re-logging in and is incredibly easy to do
Cons: Something does get repetitive, if you're into one type of female
2 simultaneous downloads at a single point in time
The older material from years ago isn't the best quality
Some trailers do give away alot (but alot of others don't)
Bottom Line: You're paying about $20 a month for a1 website with bout 20 different sub sites each with something different. Even when you think the content gets old something new comes out. After being a member for a lil over a year and seeing ALOT of other websites as well as their sister sites you won't find too many other websites like this.
One of my favorite features is the fact that when you decide to go from one affiliate to another you don't have to log in and there's actually links on the side of the site. You get updates from ALL the affiliates the day of. It's the epitome of 20 sites working as one flawlessly.
I suggest you not go with a trial because you really only get part of the full effect of the site.

But in short if you like a variety of types of girls and sex acts this is the place for you. You'll see everything from sex in a bus, outdoors, anal, big girls, skinny girls, exotic girls, huge cocks, multiple people, handjobs, creampies (guys climaxing in the female's vagina) and ALOT more.

08-24-08  05:27pm

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Visit BangBus


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -No DRM and can keep
-Exclusive Content
-Some of the content is funny
-features all races
- new videos are very good resolution
Cons: - videos can be lengthy for download
Bottom Line: This is one of my favorite sites for a reality based porn site. Although some of the storylines seem repeitive, most of the content is still very turn-on material, especially the storylines that come next to each photoset. I find being able to read some text and as well as see some media the best match for a great adult site. The Preston guy does mostly the storylines and sometimes its hard to pickup on his humor, and sometimes easy.

The best part of this site is most of their series have many girls from all walks of life and races and shapes. Black, white, asian, south american etc. Large breasts, flat chests, fat girls, big bootie, small bootie, skinny girls etc. There's bound to be one girl which will match your taste 100%.

Overall a very good site and will definatelty revisit.

12-18-07  08:35pm

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Visit MILF Soup


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Access to 30+ other BangBros affiliates with subscription
+ Pretty attractive girls. No baby scars here
+ Streaming or Download option on most videos
+ Updates weekly without fail
+ Nice screens
+ HD, basic quality, or mobile quality
+ Quick download speeds
+ Director(s) has some pretty interesting ideas sometimes
Cons: - 2 simultaneous downloads max. Can't surf when downloading 2 files
- Some MILFs are a bit young. MILF only by definition.
- A lot of the girls have some silicon
- Not a wide range of ethnicities. Mostly white chicks
Bottom Line: My biggest complaint is that the MILFs are only MILF by definition. "I'm 23 with a kid" kind of MILFs. Some are reaching their 40s, but most are just about or just under 30. About 33% of the women have silicon breasts, which does give them an older look.

Some of the plots are interesting, some are funny, other times they just talk then fuck.

At least one update a week, and they never remove old content. So count on seeming lots of previous content.

Users have the choice of downloading screens (taken about every 20-40seconds), typical quality movie, high quality movie, or a mobile version. Also users can stream in either low, medium, or high quality.

All in all 85 as a stand alone site because alone it doesn't pack lots of content, and the less than 50 videos can be quickly gone through the first week or so of your subscription. Once you factor in the other content BangBros has to offer this site is pushed up to a 91. The other content helps thing mix quite well.

02-26-11  01:32pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: * CONSTANT updates of hot girls having sex
* So, it's almost like a limitless supply of porn
* Top notch organization - I like the ability to rate girls too
* Price is relatively low
* For the most part, videos are the right length, size, and quality
* Friendly, loving porn that seems genuinely nice
* Exclusive girls - some don't look like pornstars but a normal girl trying porn out.
* Behind the scenes type scenes. (Bangbrosclips portion)
Cons: * The free trailers give away too much - why would bother paying? (I really shouldn't complain about this.)
* Uhh, too much porn included? I can't download all day even though I want to, so this endless buffet made me miss out on some stuff.
* Older videos lack quality.
* Nice porn is boring porn to some people
* With connections to BrandiBelle, BustyAdventures & PublicInvasion, why aren't they included? I know, I know, but still!
* Too many sites to track
* Some of its sites are dead
Bottom Line: It's porn sites like these that will end relationships and have guys prefer porn than a girlfriend. Okay, I'm exaggerating (kind of), but this site has hundreds (I guess?) of friendly, hot babes sucking cock and fucking. Lots of POV shots, so you better be into that.

The setup gimmicks are the best I've ever seen. They seem very sincere - I know they're not. The free handjob scene with Natascha is the best example.

Considering the amount of piracy out there, this site's organization and vast content is worth the price. Yeah, you can spend hours trying to find certain clips but it's not worth it unless you're unemployed and have the time.

One small gripe is, what's up with the handjob vids? Maybe there's a fetish out there, but it has come to the point where a handjob isn't even porn to me unless there's something unique about it - like Natascha's scene.

Fans of mean porn will hate this site. Not many gangbangs (or any?), no throat fucking, and the anal sex is usually the unpunishing type.

Maybe this site would benefit from 1 site with "degrading" scenes. Now, it doesn't have to actually be degrading, just appear that way, like it does w/ the gimmicks.

On a final note, my enthusiasm for this site may not be the same as your's. After all, expectations are everything in life. I suggest watching the vast amount of trailers, and if you like it and want to see more (realizing you've already seen some of the best parts), why not join?

01-03-08  03:14pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Their content is all exclsuif and they add 2-3 new scenes per day.
+They have over 6400 videos to choise from going as far bask as 2002 and they can all be downloaded as a single file.
+Videos since 2009 are offered in HD 1280x720.
+They have an excellent selection of mostly American performers with a good mix of body type and age group.
+They offer a photoset for each of their scenes which can be downloaded as a single zip file and resolution for the ones from 2011 to now is 1224x816.
+All the scenes are tagged with multiple keywords so that you can search for a particular word.
+They keep remastering some of their older videos.
Cons: -The site is still clutered with advertising for their other sites and offers for cam shows.
-You have to go through two pages of advertising to get to the main Bangbros page and one of these is sort of made to trick members into believing they have access to certain sites.
-About 1/4 of the first page is dedicated to useless crap and cam shows and worse it's at the top of the page so you have to scroll down to actually see the content you want.
-All the videos have multiple keywords but some of the words aren't correct for the content.
-They haven't fixed their search option so although you can search for keywords. The order in which the videos is presented is never chronological and no way to do that.
Bottom Line: *It really sucks when a good site like Bangbros can't or won't clean up their site to make finding stuff easier. Here you have one of the really good porn sites who updates more often than most of the others and does a very decent job at shooting a wide variety of porn but where the site design is so annoying as to make each visit a pain rather than a pleasure. I'm just glad that I'm a returning member who already has most of the content he wants and is only looking for the last few months worth. The thought of having to find stuff through 11 years owrth would be a daunting task.

*They still manage to hire some top performers and they get them to do hardcore porn. They also seem to have a higher number of unknown girls as opposed to their counterpart in the US. That's both a good thing and a bad one because it's quite common for those girls to shoot porn one or two scenes for Bangbros and then disapear to never be seen again.

**The bottom line is that it's only 15$ and you will more than get your moneys worth. The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for softcore to midcore content because there is almost none.**

*I took a couple of points off from my last review because the clutter is starting to annoy and they really need to fix the search results.*

09-14-13  10:04pm

Replies (5)
Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

No Review.
05-16-13  07:11pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Daily Updates
+ 6,000 Videos
+ 43 Sites Included
+ Exclusive Content
+ Videos/Photo/Screencaps
+ Many Viewing/Download Options
Cons: - Repetitive Content
- Some Inactive Sites
- Limited Trial
BangBros is one of the most popular porn networks in the industry. Launched in 2001, it managed to stay on top with quality reality porn, gorgeous models and an expanding network of new sites. It features a huge library of exclusive updates with daily updates and new models every week.


With a network of 43 sites, you get 2 to 3 new scenes everyday. At this rate, the library is not only huge but keeps growing at a fast rate. There is a total of approximately 6,000 exclusive scenes featuring 2,000 models.

All the content is exclusive and is offered in both video and picture formats. You can stream or download each scene entirely or in sequential parts and there are multiple video quality formats you can choose from depending on your internet speed. The new HD scenes looks very good (1280x720) as well as the high quality large pictures included with each new HD update. Each update contains a photo set (125 to 1,000 photos) and a screencap set (300 to 1,500 screencaps).

There are many reality-based niches at your disposal. From straight amateur sex to lesbian orgies, POV blowjobs, latinas, ebonies big asses and castings, BangBros makes sure to satisfy your porn needs. With thousands of models and new ones featured every week, you have access to the most popular and best looking girls on the web. Most of them are young but mature fans also get their share.


The first con one might observes is the lack of diversity. Although there are 43 different sites, each one focusing on a specific niche or type of porn, the content gets somehow repetitive. There are very few fetish and hard sex scenes (bondages, DPs, gangbangs, orgies) and it is an area where the network could highly improve not only to offer more niches but also to attract a new category of viewers.

Despite a large network of sites, some of them seem inactive as they no longer update. Only the new sites and the most popular ones benefit from regular updates while the old ones (or less popular) collect dust.


There is no doubt that BangBros remains among the top porn websites even after all these years. With a growing network of new sites and daily fresh updates, everyone is well pleased and satisfied after joining in especially the reality porn lovers.

The monthly price is very cheap for what you get (when joining from www.TheBestPorn.com) but beware of the trial membership which is limited to a few scenes and automatically renew at $39.95 a month after 2 days (unless canceled).

03-15-13  08:34pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

No Review.
06-04-12  11:54am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: [+] Great Price
[+] Large Network
[+] Huge Movie Archive (9000+)
[+] Daily Updates
[+] Lots of Models
[+] Many Stream/Download Options
[+] Pictures/Screencaps Galleries
Cons: [-] Repetitive Content
[-] Limited Niches

Any newcomer looking for his first porn paysite should higly consider the BangBros network. It has a huge archive with tons of models, over 30 sites, daily updates and all of this for a very affordable price.


[+] The type of content in there can please a very large audience. Whether you like the "girl next door" kind of girls, gorgeous pornstars, teens, milfs, asses, softcore, hardcore or even anal sex, BangBros can give you all that with one single membership. With over 30 different niche based sites, one can easily find what he is looking for.

[-] Although BangBros is a near perfect porn website, it could improve in some key areas such as variety. The lack of hardcore fetishes such as anal, double penetration and gangbang may discourage some viewers from joining the network. The content can feel repetitive as it tends to always follow the same line of creation on the artistic level.


[+] If you like watching videos, each scene has many stream/download options you can choose from. There are different video qualities you can select depending on your internet speed and/or your hard drive capacity. You may also download individual parts from the scene.


[+] If you're a picture lover then you will be pleased with the pictures and the screencaps available for almost each scene. Each gallery has over 250 pictures and all recent updates up to 2010 feature HD photos. The photo shoots show the girls exhibit both in softcore and hardcore actions.


[+] As for the site navigation, it is intuitive and user friendly.


Still, the BangBros network remains a sure bet if you like reality girls, amateurs, teens, pornstars and new faces performing good straight sex. Huge content archive featuring a lot of models for a decent price, you can't go wrong.

05-31-12  08:44pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Well planned, well executed site
- Good, logical, easy navigation
- Always high standard of content
- Good value for money
- Regular updates
Cons: - File sizes for pics / vids
- Stop bothering us with x sales...
- Some sub sites stopped updating. Why?
Bottom Line: Welcome to the infamous BangBros, a male driven hedonistic landscape where the men are purile, and the women are hot.

What comes of this coupling is mainstream, but still unique and consistently high quality content.

Whether you want to fill your boots with the Boys of Bang Bus picking up hot girls to fuck around town (literally) to watching some well known faces taking hot creampies, this is your testosterone powered wank material....

There are a couple of things to pick at:

The picture zip files are huge! (the same size as the videos in some cases.) Why not offer us a stripped down version instead? I mean, when you're looking at pics on a mobile device, why do we need something ~4000 pixels in size?

Some of the sites have stopped updating. These tend to be the more niche sites or behind the scenes efforts. That's a pity, as (behind the scenes esp.) is a simple and effective tool that keeps viewers interested, and would certainly keep my subscription for longer.

The bottom line: One of the market leaders, and rightly so.

12-22-11  01:10am

Replies (1)
Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Again - adding to the known dialogue here: BangBros.com is a classic, industry titan of a site. This group of guys along with the Milfhunter (Reality Kings) et al - defined the reality porn genre. They made a boatload of money in the process and really had a lot of fun. There is a LOT of content here.

Videos - the focus is on videos - most sets are split into 4 vids at 100 or so megs each. Some scenes (more recent past year or so) are 600-800 megs in total. Many of the sites are not updating - about half are 'closed.' You get 1-2 videos of new content per weekday - about 7-8 updates per week. The key here is their older content - the have years and years worth of classic shooting. Amazing work - funny as hell - Bangbus.com - Assparade.com is glorious - the crew really has a good time - incredibly beautiful and sexy woman on all of their sites.

Photos - didn't explore.

It's 1 navigation system despite all the sites - you get everything from bangbus.com
Cons: Organization can be a bit labored. Limited new content shot.
Bottom Line: BangBros and all it's children is a TITAN within its industry. You simply cannot beat the uniqueness of much of this content. It's entertaining and intensely spicy.

Highlights - join for years of content here:
assparade / bigtitsroundasses / bangbus / milflessons

Those 4 alone are worth the join. Recognize for these guys - their work is done - there's letting the new kids...Brazzers...pick up the pace..

12-21-08  08:30am

Replies (0)

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