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Visit Party Hardcore

Party Hardcore

Great site

I have joined this site three times in 2011 and have had no problems in cancellation each time.
This has three sites which I like.(all included in the price)Party Hardcore, Drunk Sex Orgy and Mad Sex, though there are many more.

Soon, I will put up a full review,however,I do feel that this is the best CFNM site and my favorite overall site.
I am not associated with this site-just a very satisfied customer.

02-05-12  07:46am

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Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Considering this...

The photoset material here.....

Is it mostly fully clothed to full nude?

Thanks for any additional info.

Cap'n. :0)

12-18-11  01:38pm

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Visit Tainster


Warning: site reposts 5 year old stuff like its new

This site constantly reposts stuff from 3 or 5 years ago and puts current dates on it so the volume of content is wildly exaggerated.

12-06-11  07:18pm

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Visit Party Hardcore

Party Hardcore

Disappointed in Party Hardcore

OK, I am fed up with that site. The movies are too damn long, they concentrate on the sex for 5 seconds then spend 15 minutes looking at faux lesbians.

Plus most of the associated sites had limited content (except for DSO).

Outa there!

And when I tried to cancel they couldn't "locate" my username. I had to send a screen cap of me logged in, none of their payment agents wanted to handle it/would acknowledge I'd bought thru them specifically, I had to email tech support 5 times to get any results, then it was just a back-office noob that went above and beyond while the bigwigs could care less.

User one month, I do NOT recommend this site.

As strange as it sounds, as I am anti- any site that doesn't allow downloads, I think Dancing Bear would be preferrable. Not plugging them in any way, I am not a member.

09-13-11  03:08pm

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Visit Jim Slip

Jim Slip

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +406 videos of which 106 be downloaded as a complete wmv file. All the other videoss are broken into clips.
+Video quality for the 106 latest videos are offered in at least 720x408 and 1280x720.
+They have a very good selection of French, English and Eastern European performers.
+All pics after October 2009 are offered in either 1200x900 or 2000x1343 resolution.
+They use good lighting and proper camera angles to shoot their videos.
Cons: -I hoped that they would have remastered their older content and started offering them as complete video files.
-The phototsets must be download one pic at a time and they have to all be renamed since they all use the same name.
-Jim is the only performer so if you don't like him then you won't like any of the videos.
Bottom Line: *This is my second visit on this site and the only major change is the number of videos that can be downloaded as complete files. Jim is a little older but he's still able to do great scenes. The quality of the model seems to have more well known performers intead of using local amateurs.

**It's a nice site with some good sex scenes and the increase in the number of videos available as full scenes instead of clips is a great thing. now all he has to do is remaster those older shoots into full scenes and he'll be even better.**

*I got access by joining Lara's playground and Lara is the person who was behind the camera for all of his videos and now has her own site (see my other review).

08-29-11  06:43pm

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Visit Lara's Playground

Lara's Playground

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +She's a tall red head with a nice all natural body who likes both women and men.
+You also get access to Jim Slip's site.
+Videos can be downloaded in wmv and they offer at least 720x408 and 1280x720 resolution.
+All pics are offered in 1200x900 or 2000x1343 resolution.
+You can search for specific shoots using certain keywords.
+She updates with one new scene each week.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 10 videos or pic sets.
-All the photosets must be downloaded pic by pic and they all have to be renamed because they use the same name.
-All videos with lara prior to October 2009 are broken into 5 clips.
Bottom Line: *Lara says that she's Jim Slip's wife and that she is the one who's been behind the camera for years and she's decided to get in front of the camera. I don't know if she is Jim's wife but she is definetely the one who was behind the camera because she sometimes makes an appearance in some of Jim's past videos and you hear her voice from time to time.

*She is an excellent performer and brings a lot of heat to her performance whether with men or women. Her site has really only 10 new videos with her but because you get access to Jim' site as well then she actually has a total of 36 videos. it's just that the bulk of her videos can be accessed by joining only Jim's site.

**It's hard to recommend the site at this moment because of the tiny amount available and the cost. You can get access to just Jim's site for 19 Pounds and Lara and Jim together for 29 Pounds. If Lara keeps updating with new content then her site will be worth it within the next 4 months.**

08-25-11  06:53am

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Visit Retro Raw

Retro Raw

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -it does provide, to an extent, what it says it does...porn videos, mostly from the late 70s and early 80s
-sign-up seemed to be pretty efficient
-cancelling seemed to go OK, too, at least, I hope so.
-downloading was simple and i'd judge it to be pretty fast
Cons: Here we go:
- as mentioned elsewhere, there is no tagging or search function. You have to pick to DL on the basis of a single screen cap, and a small lo-res image of the (I presume) vhs cover, front and back.
- afore-mentioned images of covers, front and back and low-res...teh zoom fucntion didn't work and saving the pic and trying to zoom it, results in large pixels, long before you can make out faces or read names.
- I found at least two instances where the DL'd clip bore no resemblance to the supposed screen-cap
- many of the screen-caps focus on the parts...you have no idea, who, what face, situation, whatever turns your crank, is in the clip...other than 'parts'
- you can't DL a whole movie. With the selection that's probably not a big deal...but just saying.
- the clips are poorly edited. many, you hit play, and the first thing you see are those parts...maybe later you'll see a face or something.
- ltd selection, and of that selection, lots of Seka and Swedish Erotica.
Bottom Line: As mentioned in a comment, I was led to this site due to a strong nostalgic pull, having recognized a short clip as being from a magazine i had years and years ago. Curisoity overcame me and I went searching.

I totally agree with other reviews...it's not a great site, with a lot of 'compromises' in important areas, such as navigation and content. Other than fulfilling my specific nostalgic yearning, I don't see a lot of value there.

More than many sites I've visited, it is really quite ludicrous to sell access to such a site on a 'subscription' basis...the content that is there you can peruse and make your choices in an hour or two, and be done. And, whatever else might be said, I don't think that there's a lot of new 'vintage' and 'nostalgic' product to be made or found.

08-12-11  11:26am

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Visit Retro Raw

Retro Raw

Any trouble with this site, i.e. cancelling?, etc

Tripped over this site's (Retro Raw) when skimming a few shorts on one of those mega-free video streaming sites. I normally wouldn't have been interested, but the clip was the film version of a photo-shoot that I clearly (:)) remembered from a HC magazine, oh so many years ago.

Curiosity provoked, and now wondering, what experience have people when trying to cancel their recurring (I hate recurring) memberships? I gather that the layout of the site isn't elegant...what are the odds that I'll find the specific clip that I'm looking for?

If I knew I could get in, get the clip I'm thinking of, and get out easily, I might be tempted. Oh, I might have a look around while I'm there...

Thanks in advance...

08-08-11  07:47pm

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Visit Tainster


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This is a mega site that includes the two powerhouse flagships Drunk Sex Orgy and Party Hardcore. Beautiful women. Good cinematography. Quality video downloads. For those into C.F.N.M, extreme bondage, and other like minded trends, there is plenty to admire.
Cons: Tainster, to begin with, is an awful name and it is an omen to what tastes the creator has decided to focus on. This sight has been built from the superior bones of Orgy Maxx. Eromaxx has always been a very bizarre frustration for me. Drunk Sex Orgy, one of the most brilliant ideas in the porn universe: huge orgies shot with quality equipment in sophisticated nightclubs, has been rendered nearly impotent by it's constant fantasy betrayals, like using the same exact cast while 75% of the rest of the girls remain fully clothed. Frustrating and ridiculous. Another great idea: the shower hose on stage, is usually rendered a prop for more frustration. Very rarely do pretty girls get naked under it. They just tease us in between the "set" cast pieces. Party Hardcore is even more frustrating. I don't care if it's real or not. Seeing 6-7 girls get naked out of 75-100 is, again, frustrating. Those are the two big flagship sites. Rest, in my opinion, should NOT even be bundled with orgy sites.
Bottom Line: I was disappointed years ago, but it still had enough promise that I went back hoping to find the old Orgy Max stuff in better quality (I only have lousy MPEG versions of the old stuff)as the founder promised back in 2010.

To my shock, Tainster had pretty much taken them all out! Drunk Sex Orgy only has the events from 2007 on, while Wam Sex is completely gone, replaced by soft core All Wam.(where in many of the events no one even gets naked!)

Instead Tainster offers up useless cam shows (in an upgraded package) and sites that feature Bukkake, C.F.N.M, or worse. (not my cup of java) And then there is the silliness of Party Softcore. Um,... note to the special kind of idiots: TOPLESSNESS IS NOT PORN!!!

There is SOME good stuff. Enough for say, a months perusing. There is a fair amount of pictures and videos. Even entire DVDs.(but if you are like me and hate to watch anything over 5 minutes on your computer, it means probably transferring the MP4 format to a DVD player format with a significant loss of quality)

However, the death of the old Orgy Max material is the major tragedy, as there is NO place to buy this material. (I should note, I have purchased every one of the D.S.O. and Party Hardcore DVDS, except six, to date. I plan on editing them into much more fantasy enabling, but with better music, masterpieces some day)

As to the actual Tainster site itself, it is not as user friendly as it could be, with very noisy menus and clunky features.

The price has been lowered a little since the Orgy Maxx days but it still is nearly $40.00. (depending on the dollar fluctuation of the Euro) A bit steep for those interested in only the straight orgy sites.

But if you like C.F.N.M, Bondage,Bukkake and the like, you will find much more to enjoy here.

Me? I am going to start wearing black all the time. Grieving for the loss of Orgy Maxx and the incremental decline of non frustrating porn in general...

07-29-11  01:17pm

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Visit Guys Go Crazy

Guys Go Crazy

No Review.
06-19-11  08:22am

Visit Guys Go Crazy

Guys Go Crazy

Good for occasional subscription

I've joined this site from time to time and generally agree with the review. I think this was the first gay site to use the party/orgy concept and it's mimicked unsuccessfully since then. The guys are hot, the atmosphere is great and the quality of the vids is very good. After a while it does get repetative, so i tend to subscribe for a month and leave it a while...

06-19-11  08:21am

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Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Fake cum?

Due to the very high price I never joined this site, I was member however of the sister site mysexkittens.com which seems very similar (smaller and cheaper). The girls are stunningly goodlooking, the movies are very good, but I got quite annoyed with the pseudo-cum on the pictures.. Is it the same on clubseventeen?

06-05-11  11:54am

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Visit Red Light Sex Trips

Red Light Sex Trips

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Diverse models will suit those who like a variety of model types but most are of the everyday type; I downloaded 20 to 40 age range, about 40 scenes. Of these, the girls all look pretty in a normal way, making them sexier than a parade of expressionless euro beauties and were slender to average size with a couple of curvy ones; sexy though and not obese. There are a good number of slightly older looking ones (40+ but not ancient) but I did not investigate;

+ Lingerie associated with hookers !

+ The streets and locations are real;

+ Live sound, no music;

+ Full Res (1920x1080 at 10500kbps. Ave 2GB. Like a real DVD); Hi Res (1280x720 at 5353 kbps. Ave 1GB. Excellent); Med (720x408 2100kbps. About 500MB. Acceptable but not ideal); Low and streaming (Cannot comment);

+ All scenes offered in 1 part or several (amount varies but itís 2,3 or 4);

+ Can use download mananger;
Cons: Pros Cont'd :

+ 1mbs which maxes out my connection. Can browse site while downloading;

+ Zip photoset per scene (1500x2000) mostly good quality images, not screen caps;

+ On line gallery at 900x1200 and 1500x2000 options;

+ Easy navigation. Thumbnails of girls over 3 pages. Might have been searchable parameters but with only 81 scenes you donít need them;

Cons Start Here :

- Intro and outro of two blokes chatting adds up to 8 to 10 mins. Girls only in about 10 to 14 mins;
Bottom Line: Cons Cont'd :

- 12 out of 20 full res did not work properly. Seek function lets you seek but either sound or video never catches up or does but the delay is massive and unacceptable. I downloaded a couple of the scenes twice in case it was a download error. It wasnít. I went back for the hi res for all but 8 scenes still not working; I got 18 full res, 28 hi res. That left 8 I wanted. I got one of these in med res then ran out of time. UPDATE : CCCP codec solves some (not all) of these problems.

- Scenes not dated. I cannot comment on schedule if any. Take it as 81 scenes and if you get any extra view it as a bonus;

- In one of the scenes the lighting was like neon lights so you canít really see what is going on;

- Mr T stays in the room in a couple of the scenes spoiling the reality a bit;

- In a few of the scenes there is a camera clicking away with the flash going off;

- Even if you take all the scenes, at 81 scenes it is relatively expensive but if you like the niche it is worth it;

- Bonus sites are limited access I think (I didn't look);


Overview : In each film a passive aggressive ĎTourí guide (Iíll call him Mr T) meets a sex tourist to discuss his ideal girl then fetch him round the seedy streets of Amsterdam to track one down. Some are in the glass window booths; some in houses up side streets.

Breakdown : Introduction with Mr T; girl introduced; sex; chat with Mr T. Live sound. No music. A couple of scenes have two girls in them but only one is main player. Mr T also performs in a couple of secenes;

Models : 81 girls in 82 scenes. Diverse including some older. Some a bit rough looking like they have been in (or on) the game a bit too long. Some of the girls seem to look a bit tired even though they are pretty. Not sure if they are real hookers though as the oral is without condoms. For reference while on the subject of the girls (not a plus or negative) thereís a handful only of black girls.


Site has obviously been overhauled judging by earlier PU comments etc..

Once you get past the file sizes and the introduction the quality of the set ups and scenarios, crystal clear video, sexy but normal type girls, these are great stand alone scenes and the best hooker themed videos Iíve seen. They are realistic right down to the slightly overbearing Ďtour guideí (who would probably sell you his second hand car if you stayed with him long enough) to the wipe clean tiled walls, slightly grubby floor and bedside sink. Those crazy Dutch people at Red Light Sex Trips will leave you feeling as if you really have just done the dirty with one of Amsterdamís finest.

Score : Using the PU scale. The reality element is best in class. Key area for improvement is the video editing transition effect - use straight cuts. Lose the excessively long intros and keep the undressing/changes of positions so that the average 20 minutes is mostly used up with the girls in the scenes. Needs more scenes.

04-25-11  03:23am

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Visit Vintage Classic Porn

Vintage Classic Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Nearly 500 videos and 520 phototsets.
-Some pretty hard to find porn.
-You can search by decade or niches.
-Movies can be streamed directly online.
-You can download each movie in low, medium or Hi-resolution.
Cons: -You can download the videos in 3 possible resolutions but since the original material for each video is often awful then that makes the resolution unimportant.
-They offer a description of content in each video but they have omited the names except maybe for a Betty Page's name.
-Pics are for the most part tiny and quality is pretty bad on most of them.
Bottom Line: -I can't think of any reason you would want to join this site except if you are a rabid porn collector who has to have anything associated with the word porn.

-The majority of the content is what I'd call stag porn from the pics to the videos. I guess it's nice to know that a site is keeping these historical documents alive but I can't see anyone willing to pay 25$ to get access to it.

-I picked a bordeline score because there is still a lot of content to be found inside.

-In case anyone is wondering. I got access to this site through a special offer.

04-11-11  07:47pm

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Visit Retro Raw

Retro Raw

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get access to 139 movies from the 70's and 80's
-They have movies with some of the big names from those eras.
-Movies are broken in scenes that can be downloaded in WMV(low & high quality).
Cons: -No money was spent on restoring or remastering any of the movies so video quality is usually bad to awful.
-They have a couple of classic movies but the overall selection leaves a lot to be desired.
-No search option.
-No scene identification.
-No photos except for the front and back artwork for each movie.
-Content is not dated but based on TBP's last review then they have added about 7 movies since December 2010.
-You can download the scenes in low or high quality but the high quality is so bad that I can't see anyone downloading the low one.
Bottom Line: -I got access to this site because of an amazing offer I received on the weekend so I'm able to review without complaining about the price but I don't think this site is worth $20$.

-This is the type of site that could appeal to anyone who enjoys porn from the golden days but since the people behind it can't be bothered with offering a quality site then stay away. If you don't then you will regret it. I love these type of movies but after downloading a couple of scene and suffering through them then I deleted them and I'm not going to bother downloading any others.

04-11-11  07:15pm

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Visit Young Busty

Young Busty

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A wide selection of teen models to choose from.
-Models all appear to have natural breast.
-Over 470 videos and 950 photosets.
-All videos can be dowloaded as a single file in either low, medium or high quality.
-Very good navigation system that allows search by models name, body type and a wide selection of other niches.
-They update with new content approximately every 2 days
Cons: -Not all the models have both video & photosets.
-Not all the scene are properlly tagged so that negates the very good search system.
-Not all the videos have accompanying photoset and vice versa not all the photosets have a video.
-Searching by models name is difficult at best because the names given to some of them are not the ones we know them by.
-It's very Difficult to say if all the content is exclusive but I know that some of it had to have been done for Seventeen because some of the models sometime have a tee-shirt with their logo on it.
Bottom Line: -The first thing you need to know is that the name of the site is a little misleading because not all the models are what I would consider busty but that should only be a problem if you like only large breasted women. That's not my case so I was quite pleased with the various cup size to be found inside.

-This site belong to the same people who own my sexy kitten but at least all the videos here are in a single file.

-I was pleasntly surpsied by how good the videos were and my only issue is that I wish they had all the videos to match the photosets because I much prefer video to photos.

04-10-11  10:11am

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Visit My Sexy Kittens

My Sexy Kittens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A wide selection of teen models to choose from.
-They have a very good navigation system that allows you to search by model name or selecting from 39 ndifferent paramers like sexual fetish, body type and hair color.
-They currently have over 700 videos.
-Newer videos can be dowloanded in low, medium and high quality.(medium quality is 720x408)
-They have over 500 photosets.
-They are still updating with new content every 2 days or so.
Cons: -Only 290 of the videos are single files. Any video prior to december 2008 is broken into 6 or more clips.
-Content appears to be exclusive but it is so similar to other sites like Seventeen, pack of porn and a slew of other sites that it's hard to tell if you don't already have a similar scene from one of those sites. Add the fact that they use the same models on these sites.
-The cost is way too high for what you get.
-The quality of the photosets are very good but there aren't that many pictures in each of them.
Bottom Line: -This is one of those sites that although I have visited from time to time and often wished I could join. I would never have joined because of their join price. The only reason I'm able to do a review is because I got a special offer that gives me access a bunch of sites belogning to the parent company for a insignificant amount.

-This would be a pretty decent site if you could get access to it through some kind of network offer like teen mega world. There are some good videos to be found inside. It's too bad that more than half of them are in multiple clips. That really hurts them.

-If you like the content found at Seventeen and pack of porn then you should like this site.

04-09-11  07:19pm

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Visit Beauty And The Senior

Beauty And The Senior

The exact same content as Oldje..or?

Been a fan of Oldje for - yes, now years - but have not been there lately.
And the price of about $39 compared to the price of $ 19 here got to make you think. In the previews it's just VERY close.
So if you can get the same material for about half the price??

03-22-11  08:00am

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Visit Seventeen Video

Seventeen Video

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: * Good variety of Czech girls that you will not ordinarily see on other sites.
* Reasonably easy to navigate your way through it.
Cons: * Downloads are painfully slow.
* Don't use the fast forward whjen trying to preview videos because it just stalls or will not work.
* What's worse, when you d/l a video, you still can't fast forward; the video playback just stalls.
* Difficult to preview the videos to know what to d/l because fast-forward doesn't work.
* The scenes are fairly ho-hum: just straight sex and sometimes anal without any real sense of excitement or erotica.
Bottom Line: There are much better sites than this (for teen sex) and just too many problems with previewing videos and even downloading them to recommend Seventeen Video. Also, Videobox is now offering their videos, so definitely check them out before joining Seventeen Video because it's cheaper and none of the problems of downloading or previewing the videos.

03-14-11  11:16pm

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Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Prepare yourself

Painfully slow downloads which slow to a crawl then freeze, no download managers, constantly reloging in and only downloading one at a time.
This is the most user unfriendly site Iv seen.
Prepare yourself or give this one a miss.

03-09-11  06:54am

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Visit Seventeen Video

Seventeen Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -They have over 2000 videos to choose from.
-They have a good breakdown of the content in each video so that it makes it easy to find all the videos with that particular niche.
-Content is dated.
-They update with at least one new video a day.
-They have one of the largest selection of models to chose from.
-Most of the videos can be downloaded in low, medium and high quality. Since I only downloaded the medium ones then those appear for the most part to be 480x360.
**you get access to club seventeen(see con)**
Cons: **You get access to club seventeen with your membership but since club seventeen is a pics only site and this is it's video equivalent then you arent really getting 2 sites for one membership.
-Many of their models are not under the name we know them so it requires a lot morte research to find content and identify it.
-A large part of their older content isn't very good.
-Difficult to tell how much of their content is available elsewhere but I did find a couple of their videos on videobox without looking too hard.
Bottom Line: -I found a few videos that are worth keeping but the percentage of them versus the total amount available is quite tiny. I'm not disapointed that I joined but I don't think it's site that I'll ever join again.

-The site should satisfy those who enjoy a wide variety of sex scenes from solo, lesbian and hardcore starring the same model. I found that many of their models appear in more than one video doing different type of sex scene.

03-07-11  07:38pm

Replies (2)
Visit Red Light Sex Trips

Red Light Sex Trips

Interesting, but...

Interesting niche with a decent amount of content, with what appear to be genuine amateur performers in the scenes. As TheBestPorn reviewer noted though, downloads are unbelievably slow, and they frequently seize up before completion. Site navigation is awkward and also very slow (with pages and pics frequently failing to load). Video quality is also very disappointing, considering the size of the files (a "medium" quality film eats up more than 500mb, with pic quality looking like it should only take up about 1/10th of that). This site could be excellent if they fixed the technical issues and upped the vid quality. As it stands now, though, it's mostly just frustrating.

02-25-11  08:26pm

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Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen


Well, they have them now, but only going back to about June 2009, which is a fair amount of material I suppose, but it'd be nice if they zipped everything.

02-07-11  09:05pm

Replies (4)
Visit Pack Of Porn

Pack Of Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some exclusif and non-exclusif content.
-A wide variety of models to choose from.
-A huge library of content(over 1200 videos).
-Some of the sites are still updating with new content.
-They use the correct name for most performers.
-They have a good search interface system that allows memebers to find content under a specific site, models name or sex act/fetsih.
-The dialogue is almost always in English.
-Photos can be viewed online or downloaded as a complete set in zip format.
-You can use a download manager.
Cons: -The quality of the older vids is not very good.
-Difficult to tell what is leased and non-leased so it's difficult to say what is exclusif to the network.
-Some of the videos can only be downloaded in multiple clips.
-Some of the same models perform similar sex acts on more than one site.
-Most of the sites are no longer updating.
Bottom Line: -There are quite a lot of good videos to choose from but only old farts young tarts and spunky teens seem to still be updating with exclusif new content. The other sites which are updating but I'd bewilling to bet that this is all leased content is Lesbian Kingdom, UK road trip and jerk and slurp.

-This is a good network to try if you enjoy the old/Young fetish because this is the most common thread through many of the sites beside their main old fart young tarts.

02-06-11  07:07pm

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Visit Spunky Teens

Spunky Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some nice & unique content not seen elsewhere. Some pretty and also relatively unknown models.

On the surface they appear to have plenty of content and it looks to be worth the money (BTW the cost USD is $20.48) Many pictures are fairly high res and zipped for easy download. Download speed can/might hit 1mb combined total. Can search by alphabet, genre, or site. Appears the search function is the best part of their network. Includes 10 sites.
Cons: Not all zips work (approximately 30% are dead links). Video quality is average 640x480 or 720x480. Max downloads at one time is 3 (nothing works nothing loads when 3 downloads are working at the same time... pictures and/or videos). Might as well do a Porn User site review :) When two downloads are working and you click on another link most of the time you get an empty blank page. Reloading the page does nothing. Even one download and clicking on another link will 50% of the time yield nothing where you're forced to return to the log-in page.

Trying to run a second browser (like Firefox and Opera) yields "0" help because the 2nd browser gets relayed to "onmobileporn.com" which SUCKS!(copy paste of URL still gets relayed). Most of the time you're forced to go back to the entry page to start from scratch.
Bottom Line: With a 21mb connection I'm watching a single video download range from 350K to 900k but averaging round 500k at the moment.

It seems the site operators have managed to throttle access by limiting the number of downloads and limiting multi-access by preventing a second browser from functioning in the way that would help the user (me).

With some modest improvements this group of sites could be in the low 80's. With HD content in the high 80's.

If you have the patience to deal with the efficiency of a out-house there are some gems here.

The only links at the bottom of the page is "cancel subscription" :) well OK! They have my money and see ya later. Apparently they don't care about the broken zip links or anything else you might want to contact them about.

If you're bored with the same old stuff this site has some potential but be prepared to deal with frustration.

02-05-11  10:46am

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