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Visit Abigail 18

Abigail 18

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Abigail is bee-yoootiful.
- 5 bonus sites, yielding a good amount of content for price over-all.
- Abigail's tush.
- Good pic size (1700x1200 in newer sets)
- Abigail's breasts.
- Abigail's knee-caps, ankles, and spinal column.
Cons: - No zips.
- Videos are negligible.
- Sets are dreadfully monotonous.
- Most of the best pics are available at various TGPs for free.
- The site is anemic and seems to be strictly a commercial endeavor.
Bottom Line: My falling for this site was the result of developing a hopeless crush on Abigail and hoping - against all reason and totally contrary to experience - that I would be delighted and swept away once I got inside. This did not happen. I was mainly interested in seeing her videos, which, unfortunately, are nearly useless. Note: if you read a review of Abi's site at Porn Inspector you'll see that they claim the vids come in at 2620k and are 720x480! This is totally untrue. I didn't save any vids but I believe they are about 1100k tops and are not as big as PI claims. Not only that, the vids I checked are set to cheesy "music" and if there is any other audio it is drowned out by this semi-organized series of sounds which is sometimes, and purely for the sake of convenience, refered to as "music".

The pics, at least in newer sets, are decent (1700x1200 app.) and with 80 or so sets there are plenty of them. Unfortunately, not much effort was put into making the sets varied or interesting beyond the fact that a beautiful girl is in them. Cutesy is the order of the day, and the sets follow a predictable pattern: fully clothed, lift shirt, remove shirt, take off shorts, kneel, tug panties and show crack, show more crack, show full tush, fully naked.

The pics are soft and only rarely do you get a decent glimpse of Abi's precious peach, but that's alright since we all know what it looks like anyway, and besides, soft is what I was expecting.

There are five bonus sites on offer, all nearly identical to Abigail's: Lovely Anne, Lovely Irene, Erica's Fantasies, Jenny Reid, and Lovely Tera. All these girls are knock-outs, particularly Jenny Reid, but I simply couldn't get too excited over any of the material, for the simple reason that a good portion of it is available for free all over Netville, and the videos are mostly short, mid-quality yawnfests.

This, folks, is pure product with little or no personality. This network of sites is a money-making enterprise and while I have no problem at all with capitalism, I would like a wee bit more originality, more character, for my money, more high-end content, and less cookie-cutter material. Thanks.

P.S: Abigail is truly gorgeous. She deserves better.

08-29-08  07:30pm

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Visit Busty Alli

Busty Alli

Questions about the site

can any member or ex member tetll me something about that site e.g. video quality

02-23-08  03:15am

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Visit Debbie Teen

Debbie Teen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 solo model sites that includes Molly’s Bedroom, Lana’s Fantasies, Busty Alli plus more.
Decent sized solo site with 183 photo sets (20,000+ images) and 71 videos.
Most photo sets sized at around 1033x1550px
Zip downloads for photos
Good mix of indoor and outdoor shoot locations
Videos can be downloaded or streamed online.
Bonus sites accessible from single network page with no further login required.
Cons: Video quality is mediocre
Mostly softcore solo nude posing which may be a con for some
Content can become a bit repetitive.
She fakes masturbation
Site not updating
Only 1 site in the network is updating with actual new content
Most of the content is probably 5-7 years old despite the site showing posting dates as between 2009-2012
No model info or bio.
No model interaction
Bottom Line: This is the solo site of Debbie Teen a cute blonde with a fit, tanned body and quite distinctive tan lines around her boobs and ass. The site gives you very little info about who she is other than a brief introduction in the tour which says she is 18, was born in Texas and is studying English Literature at college. After doing a little digging around I discovered she’s actually Ukrainian and has appeared at a few other sites looking totally different with black hair under the aliases of Venus A at Met-Art, Venus at Nubiles and Kerri at Femjoy.

The content here is mostly solo with some explicit nude posing and some implied masturbation. There are also a handful of two girl sets where she poses with her friend Lizzie who is a rather cute small breasted blonde but they never really get up to anything other than playing around and posing together. Considering the age of the content the photos looked surprisingly good and for the most part are fairly well shot. Given the large number of photo sets I did feel however that the set ups and outfits did become a little repetitive. In so many shoots she starts out wearing cotton panties, a thong or shorts with a cotton sleeveless top or t shirt. Sometimes you see several shoots in the same location and the only difference between one shoot and the next is the panties or top are a different colour.

The downloadable videos are 640x480 mp4s with a bit rate of around 1900kbps. They are mostly quite short at between 2 to 4 minutes and usually consist of a strip and posing naked. Sometimes she pretends to masturbate putting her hand down to her pussy but in reality she is barely touching herself but gives off a few fake moans. In a few other videos she gets out a vibrator and makes out as if she is masturbating with it. She just holds the vibrator down close to her pussy and moves it around a bit without actually inserting it while letting off some more fake moans. Quite honestly I’ve not seen anything as unconvincing and fake as this before so thankfully being a picture lover I don’t get too concerned about a model’s lack of acting ability as long as she looks pretty in a photo.

There’s none of the extras you might look for in a solo site such as a diary, blog, cam shows or even a basic “about me” section so you can get to know the model; it’s basically just an archived collection of pictures and videos. The network overall provides nearly 1300 photo sets and 560 videos which if you’ve not been here before should be more than enough to make a month’s subscription worthwhile but if you’ve been here within the last few years you would probably find little actual new content.

11-13-12  11:52am

Replies (7)
Visit Ella Kross

Ella Kross

Recommend it!

I recommend this site, interesting concept and content. and they are updating actively

08-31-14  10:17am

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Visit Emily 18

Emily 18

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: HD in most pics and some video
All zip downloads, if that is your choice.
Downloads are reasonably fast and offers medias of most popular formats.
A prepossessing and seemingly talented young lady, convincingly portraying an innocence thats so rare and sought after, in a business that chews and spits out even the toughest.
Exclusive content .... well, Duh!
Reasonably easy to navagate.
That's about it ... not much to say good about this site.
Promotions for this site boasts of having 64807 hi-res pics in 627 sets 384 movies.... (Good luck finding them)
After paying $26.95 for opening a subcription, the site would'nt accept the password they gave me. Ultimately, as the meter kept running on my 30 days, I had to go to CCBilling to obtain permission to enter the site.
3) None of the bonus sites appearing on the Home Page worked.
4)I was only able to bring up an overall total of less than 20 sets of pictures and 25 videos. This is a huge reduction of the promised volume of contents touted in the promotions. Attempts at opening archive files denied entry, with some lame excuse about a "path."
5) Complete non-response to my emails
6) obtrusive watermarks with both pics and videos
7) Picture Sets and videos repeatedly appear with updates, giving one the illusion they're new
8) shockingly, after cancelling my subscription, I was immediately shut off from entering the site -- with 15 paid days left.
Bottom Line: Here we have a site offering a hot, prepubescent young lady who started soloing at eighteen, and still blessed with passing for well under the age at which she started. (A must site for those guys who like’em little girly-like.)
With leverage, and no-hold-bar‘s enthusiasm to tap into this burgeoning porn industry, the Russian movers-an-shakers are seemingly setting up the big-guns by bringing in beautiful, legal but underage appearing girls to do non-nude as well as an array of tamer nude shoots.
Who could fathom the possibilities of this trend? I mean, driving this nitch to a massive untapped market, an example of which are frustrated guys wearing down their fingertips surfing for child-like but legal girls of porn. Tis but a sprout in a garden nourished and ready to blossom.
Emily is the whole show for this generic, non-nude site, save some lesbian scenes. And she carefully adheres to protocol by doing barely enough to conceal genitalia and butt-hole, although your plastic can be stretched to purchase those intimate taboos in nude paraphernalia at her "zip shop" -- A remote entrepreneurial move geared by porn-hustlers' greed to satisfy a starving inclination to see what you're denied in the main course. A neat coin-released ribbon-wrapped-box containing the goodies to trade imagination for the real thing.

Emily says she got into this business because she's living alone without parents… And it's very hard to live like that))). This site pays the rent and she even can save some money for college, which, she says, is very important.

Summarizing, Apart from said operational woes, its worth repeating: photography, although of excellent quality, are screaming out for better directoral orchestration; video's only salvation is the motion of the youthful and obvious talents of Emily ... but they're short (most 1 to 3 minutes) and also lack good directorial input. And, more importantly, communication and business ethics with this site shows a dire lapse of professionalism on all fronts.
I can offer nothing good about this train wreck ..... except for Emily. She deserves better.

05-12-12  08:04pm

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Visit Emily 18

Emily 18

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Are you joking?
Cons: - No full nudity. I can't believe this in this day and age!
- Aweful quality vids
- Price far too high for what you get.
- feedback / forum on site is too hypersensitive to criticism. They say "Don't criticise Emily". Why shouldn't we? Her refusal to do FFN makes her complicit in the rip-off.
Bottom Line: I have never come across a solo model site that was any good. Emily's site is by far the worst of a bad bunch

12-30-08  07:03pm

Replies (0)
Visit Emily 18

Emily 18

My totally objective comment: A Rip-off

My totally objcetive comments is that this site is a totaly rip-off.

12-30-08  06:59pm

Replies (0)
Visit Emily 18

Emily 18

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Exclusive access to Emily 18's content
Cons: She's a midget
She's Non-nude
Her videos are junk
The site's layout is slow
Bottom Line: If you like Emily 18 enough to spend $30, sign up. Otherwise, stick to her free stuff, because this site is little other than a cash-grab laden with galleries you can see for free at teaser sites.

07-20-07  11:33pm

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Visit Fun With Amber

Fun With Amber

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Not one site - but five.
Call it bonus sites - I call it five sites in one package.
Fine looking teens - four of them in the category "girls next door" - when you were a teenager yourself.
Amber is my favorite - petite blond with great "teen-tits".
Alli's got the best looking naturals.
Cons: Average to poor video-quality.
No zip for photos.
And again: No info on updates - but does not look good
Price: $29.95
Bottom Line: Well, this is not just "Fun with Amber" - there are five sites in all - with five different teens doing some tease, some masturbation, some strip, some lez and one (Lana) some hardcore.
I would not have paid $29.95 for this package if it was'nt for Amber.
I've seen her in different sites - almost all just photos - and she is a doll, this cute, little blond with a great body.
She wears panties with a canadian flag, but not sure if she's canadian or eateuropean.
Her performance is softcore, fine photos, but only average/bad quality of videos (I love them, anyway).
The Busty Alli site is better with video-quality. And this Alli has maybe the most perfect naturals I've seen in a long time.
Little Danni is a cute brunette with some sexy ways in here videos and photos. Also just average quality, alas.
Lana's got the largest content of videos and photos - and she is also a looker - fine build blond. And she is the only one in this package who does g/b-hardcore. But the videos are also and mostly bad/average quality.
But, yeah, bottom line from the PU rating-points: some good, some poor.
Some things to enjoy, but I probably won't be back, unless they get MUCH better video-quality.

09-16-07  09:06am

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Visit Lana's Fantasies

Lana's Fantasies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -newer videos have great quality
-thousands of pictures
- 4 bonus sites , all sexy girls
- 3 updates a week
- good interaction (answers question forum)
- over 50 videos
Cons: - not to much hardcore ( only a few boy/girl, lesbian scenes)
- seems to fake some of her orgasms
- older videos average quality
- no web cam
- expensive 29.95 for 30 days
Bottom Line: - worth checking out if you like teenage porn
- Its a rather new site with lots of new stuff being added constantly
I will give a brief synopsis of the other sites you get:
(Busty Ali is smoking, beautiful body, natural 36dd's. All soft core content, not even masturbation, just 12 videos as of now, but has only been around for a few months, frequent updates)
( Little Danni is a cute, small breasted girl, with about 50 videos,all soft core with masturbation and many pics, last update was February 2007)
(Fun with Amber is an adorable teen with 20 videos, all soft core content, last update on this site is October 2006)
( Debbie teen has 60 videos which are mostly all masturbation videos. frequent updates on this site)
-If you do not mind the high sign up fee its worth joining, enough content to keep you busy for at least a month

04-24-07  01:58pm

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Visit Molly's Bedroom

Molly's Bedroom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 solo model sites including the likes of Lana’s Fantasies, Fun With Amber, Busty Alli plus more.
No separate login required for bonus sites.
Currently updating with a new photo set and video each week
Latest photo sets are high resolution at typically 2000x3000px
Zip downloads for photos
Newest videos full hd 1980x1080p
Cons: Smallish site with 58 photo sets and 36 videos
Older photos and videos are lower resolution
No scene descriptions, run times or file sizes given for the videos.
Not much for those looking for anything more than softcore solo action.
None of the other bonus sites appear to be updating with any new high hi-res content
Content from 2008 or earlier posted with 2010 dates.
No model interaction.
Bottom Line: This is a solo site featuring cute Russian teen Molly (a.k.a. Diana at Amour Angels, Diane at Nubiles, Dolores at Femjoy) in mostly solo photos and videos with occasional masturbation and toy play. There’s also claimed to be some hardcore but I’ve only come across 1 b/g photo set and video so far and I don’t see any obvious signs of any others though it’s difficult to tell as you only get 1 preview thumbnail for the videos. Even the hardcore scene I downloaded it wasn’t obvious from the preview that it was a b/g scene.

The unusual thing about this site is that it’s been online for quite a number of years and stopped updating I believe somewhere around 2008 and was just an archive site then all of a sudden the site came back to life and new updates started appearing in recent months. You can clearly see that Molly is a few years older in the newest content that is being posted now. She’s also sporting a large butterfly shaped tattoo between her shoulder blades that is not present in the early shoots.

There’s a clear split in the quality of content between the newest and older updates; 22 photo sets have the higher resolution around 3000-3500px on the long end and the other 36 are between 1300-1500px long end. Similarly with the videos, 19 offer hd downloads of at least 1280x720 with most of those also having the 1980x1080 option while the older videos usually max at 720x576 or 640x480. The hd vids are mostly in mp4 format and in the ones I’ve downloaded the bit rates vary from 2700-8000kbps.

Once logged in to the members area all the bonus sites are easily accessible from a single user interface allowing you to easily jump from one site to another without any further logging in. The other models are all pretty cute teens and they claim to have 1292 photo sets and 557 videos across the entire network which I have no reason to doubt although most of that will be in mediocre quality. Outside of Molly’s site you’re unlikely to find many photos over 1500px or videos over 720x576.

11-05-12  11:45am

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Visit Molly's Bedroom

Molly's Bedroom

New design - now it works and updates

As a big fan of Molly - aka Diane at Nubiles, I finally joined this older site...
Now the site has updated in both design and content - and more girls. Got a mail from the webmaster as soon as the design-update where there - thumbs up.
Quite a lot of the material is still old - but like Teendreams - it's worth a while. And the newer vids/sets of Molly are great.

BTW: it's the same webmaster as:

10-30-12  07:37am

Replies (5)
Visit Molly's Bedroom

Molly's Bedroom

Updating....but serious tech problems

Just joined this old site/sites for one reason: Molly aka Diane - I fist saw her at Nubiles....a cute, great performer on vids and a natural on pix.
TBP says no longer updating - TBP is both right - and wrong.
They're updating all right latest vids from 2012-10-15, 2012-10-08 and so on....
BUT the links to most of these updates do not work. Says "View here" - but the links are empty!!!
A shame because now some of those vids are HD and the couple that works are great - still, a bummer for such a rather expensive site (with regional pricing, arrghh!!)
Wrote the webmaster - hope to hear from him/her......
(have not yet checked out the bonus sites)

10-17-12  05:32am

Replies (5)
Visit Molly's Bedroom

Molly's Bedroom

Still active??

This is a long shot - and guess not anybody a member here at the moment?? (old site)...or?
Still: if so: is this site (partly network) alive/still updating??

At least they do not mind taking the money (and with currency no good, too). But...?

This Molly aka Dinara or Diane at Nubiles is just sweet.

BTW, maybe TBP can verrify if the site is still alive and well?

06-07-10  10:48am

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Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

Not a review...but: great site!

Had problems with:
..and wrote the webmaster - (btw: our latest poll)
So the WM got back fast - and because of the problems (stated elsewhere at "comments"), the WM gave me a 20 days free access to this:

Been here some years back - and now getting that access is so fine - most of the content is not exclusive (Teen Mega World), but I got vids here of great esteuro teens, I have not seen before - and in superb quality.....still using hours and hours on this site - but from here: No review on a 20 days free access - Still: Great Content.

11-02-12  07:40am

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Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Good looking site, easy navigation for me. quality videos.
Cons: IT'S A CLONE SITE!!! You can get all the same videos and a hole lot more at TEEN MEGA WORLD
Bottom Line: I'm a current member at Teen Mega World and have been for over six months. When i joined that site, I didn't know they were all the same movies as Teen Mega World. Better choice would be to enter Teen Mega World, A hole lot of more videos, and just as good quality.

01-17-12  10:52am

Replies (1)
Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

Looks to be updating lots more

Just gone down the first page and so many of my favs featured, I've held of from this site for ages but now very tempted, I think it will become next on my list.

Argh just realized, thought something looked familiar, mostly same scenes as Teen Mega World.

08-07-11  01:22am

Replies (5)
Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very attractive eastern-euro women
-Decent variety, mostly hardcore content but there is some solo content and a little bit of lesbian
-Good video quality, 1280x720 4500 kbps high end, 1152x648 4000kbps was the worst I saw.
-Zip downloads of photosets (when there is a photoset available)
-Download managers work, although the site doesn't let you stay logged in for long so both the ones I tried timed out after an hour or so.
-Small watermark on videos and photos
-Has a forum, but it is not active.
-Photo quality is good when photosets are available, 2600x1700
-I don't know that the content is exclusive, but I haven't seen it anywhere else (although curiously I have seen some of the thumbnails used for model photos elsewhere)
-Updates about 2-3 times per week
Cons: -Download speeds are inconsistent, often poor. 150 KB/s was the worst I saw, 800 KB/s was the best.
-No bonus content
-Price a bit high for this sized site these days
-Camera work is mediocre
-Navigation isn't very good, no search function
-Smallish site, 130 models, 226 total scenes at time of review
-Most scenes are video only. Some have actual photosets, most only have screencaps.
-Pretty much a gonzo site
-Video only available in one size and one format (wmv)
Bottom Line: This site is pretty good if you are into eastern euro women, particularly doing hardcore scenes. However there is a fair amount of anal and both anal and vaginal gaping action, which I'm not too fond of.

I didn't have any experience with customer service, so can't comment on that. Didn't post in the forum as it appeared dead. Billing for me was through Epoch.

The site design is pretty simple, there are five tabs: Home, Models, Scenes, Favorites, Forum. Models are browsed on one page in alphabetical order only. Logins time out relatively quickly, although not as bad as some sites.

The models are definitely attractive, many of the typical younger eastern-euro models you see around these days. There are definitely some scenes worth keeping if you are into young athletic ladies.

If the site were slightly larger and fixed some of their download/navigation issues I would probably more highly recommend it. At their current price with no bonus sites, I think you can get much better value from other teen sites, and there are certainly plenty of other options.

Probably worth joining if you are into a specific model, there are some good Barbariska, Lukava, and Sasha Rose scenes here as well as some other models I had never seen before. However, if you are on a tight porn budget, not too into hardcore/anal, or a photo fan this probably isn't the best site for you.

05-06-10  09:26pm

Replies (3)
Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

great site

in fact this site is not only anal sex, you can find many videos focused in stretching the girls pussy , i love the videos. many gaping vaginas whit toys, fingers or dicks.

among the russian teen sites this one is the most extreme, many videos from this site can also be found in moviespecial sites,

i highly recommend it

04-02-10  05:53pm

Replies (2)
Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Over 200 videos.
-All videos are HD 1280x720.
-They have some of the most beautiful up and coming Russian teen pornstars.
-The main theme is teens and anal sex.
-Updates come regularly and are dated.
-Navigation is simple
-There is dialogue in some of the scenes.
-They offer some description for the action in each scene.
-Some of the scenes involve schoolgirl uniforms.
Cons: -Most girls are not exclusive to this site so you may have seen them doing similar things on other sites.
-Like similar sites in Europe. The girls name may be different than what you know her under.
-This is mainly a video site. They do have photosets but sometimes only screenshots.
-Only one download option for videoss
-Download speed is a little slow but then again the videos are HD.
-This is still pretty much a gonzo style site so no major premise.
-Some of the content may not be exclusive.
-Older content does not have a description.
Bottom Line: I joined this site because they had some rare anal scenes of my favorite Russian stars and the price of 30$ was good. They have some dialogue but it's sometimes in Russian, which I don't understand but frankly I prefer that to none at all. They have a good selection of cute teens and the scene location, decor and choice of clothes emphasises that teen aspect.

If you like good looking teen girls having anal sex then you will be satisfied.

I'm not sure how I found this but this is the link to the studio where the webmaster buys his content. As far as I can tell, most of theses girls and scenes are or will be found on smack mybitch.com: http://adultlabs.com/new_faces.php

TBP says that the site has been up since January 2010 but the content goes back to May of last year. All I know is that I only started keeping track of it recently.

03-14-10  09:57am

Replies (0)
Visit Victoria Divine

Victoria Divine

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Independent billing via Epoch with no regional pricing
Gorgeous model with hot body
Exclusive content
Content date stamped.
Update’s with 1 new photo set and 1 new video each week.
Nice high resolution photos, most sets 2000 x 3008px, a few at 1463 x 2200px
Zip downloads for photos
Videos available to download and stream online
Bonus content gives access to another 13 solo model sites.
Cons: Small site, 27 photo sets (2267 images) and 21 videos to date.
Very softcore, only naked posing.
Photo zips all have the file name “pictures” so renaming required.
Video quality is poor by today’s standards.
Videos are short at around 5 minutes each.
All except 3 of the videos have the same annoying backing track.
None of the extras you might look for in a solo site to add some personality, no model info or “about me” section, no interaction in the form of a diary, blog or cam shows.
Difficult login, a partially obscured captcha where I usually have to refresh the page several times before I get one I can read.
Bonus site access not immediate. They say it can take up to an hour to set up the login for the bonus sites but after 2 hours I still couldn’t access them so sent off a support email, never got a reply but 10 minutes later tried again and the login worked
Bottom Line: I discovered Victoria Divine listed as a new site while browsing one of my favourite TGP sites a couple of weeks ago and while I’m not normally one for rushing out and spending $30 on a new site with little content the thing that most interested me about this site was the fact it gave access to a bunch of other solo sites including Molly’s Bedroom and Lana’s Fantasies that have been on my “to join” list for a long time. As Molly’s Bedroom bills via CCBill with regional pricing for me the fact I could sign up to Victoria Divine via Epoch meant I was getting an extra site for less money so nothing to lose as far as I was concerned.

According to the site tour Victoria is a 19 year old former fashion model who is venturing in to nude modelling for the first time to help pay her tuition fees, Yeah right! Once inside the members area there is no further information telling you who she is or where she’s from. Once I started browsing her photo sets I got the feeling that she looked familiar so ended up doing some digging around to try and discover where I had seen her before. It turns out she is a Ukrainian model known as Vika R at Met-Art with photo sets on there dating as far back as 2004 so I guess that throws the 19 year old theory out the window. In fact comparing how she looks in those old Met-Art sets compared to these so called recent updates here just makes me wonder how recent the content actually is on this alleged new site.

Another thing that makes me wonder how recent the content actually is at this site is the video quality as it’s certainly not up to the standard you usually see in 2012, it’s not even in wide screen let alone hd. The download options are 720 x 576 wmv or 480 x 360 mp4. The bitrates for both are around 1600kbps. The videos are also quite amateurish, poor lighting, jerky camerawork at times and poor editing. The action is all fairly tame; you get to see Victoria naked but nothing more than that. In one video you get to watch her sat on a sofa fully clothed reading a magazine for 5 minutes, she does get up and walk to the kitchen half way through to pour a coffee and you get a nice view of her ass in a tight pair of jeans. In another video you get to watch her stand in front of a mirror topless brushing her hair for 5 minutes. In some other videos you can watch her rolling around on a bed playing with some stuffed toys and taking a shower and a bath and that’s about as exciting as the action gets. Oh and the same annoying sound track accompanies almost all the videos; if you’re planning a membership here better search youtube first for Magnus Kollberg–My Name is Courtney to make sure you could stand listening to that track 18 times.

This is the list of bonus sites you get with Victoria Divine: Lana’s Fantasies, Molly’s Bedroom, Busty Alli, Fun With Amber, Little Danni, Debbie Teen, Kimmy Teen, Abigail 18, Lovely Anne, Lovely Irene, Lovely Tera, Erica’s Fantasies and Jenny Reid. A separate login is required for the bonus sites but once logged in to one of them they are all available from a single user interface. It takes less than 3 hours to download and watch everything at Victoria Divine so it’s mainly the large amount of bonus content that keeps me from scoring it less than 70.

11-03-12  05:16am

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We are strong supporters of RTA and ICRA, two of the most recognized self labeling organizations. Our site is properly labeled to assist in the protection of minors accessing inappopriate content. For information about filtering tools, check this site.


To report child pornography, go directly to ASACP!  We're proud to be a corporate sponsor.
Have concerns or questions about porn addiction?  We recommend this helpful resource.

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