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Visit I Shot Myself

I Shot Myself

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -There is a nice variety of ethnicities, ages, and body-types.
-The women/girls have a very authentic quality to them.
-All picture sets (or Folios, as the site calls them) are available as zip files.
-A huge amount of content.
-ISMS recently abandoned its multi-tiered pricing scheme, so now all members get all the content.
-Decent quality videos, downloadable as .mp4s, with no DRM.
-Discounts available if you can locate a banner ad and link to the site through it.
-Some of the more popular Abby Winters models (such as Toni B) have some additional sets here.
-Very fast downloads.
-11 updates per week
Cons: The single biggest issue here is that there is no good search feature. Basically, you can search by country and that's about it. Considering the many hundreds of models on the site, we should be able to search by age, race, body type, and more.

The other downside is that the pictures aren't huge, especially by today's standards.
Bottom Line: Perhaps it's officially true: with today's fancy cameras *anyone* can take a great picture. Well, anyone can take an in-focus picture with decent lighting, if these girls do indeed shot themselves. I'm skeptical because there is a fairly uniform quality. When real girls shot pictures of themselves in the mirror or whatever, they're usually pretty terrible with red eyes, poor lighting, and such. I'm not convinced the site is authentic.

It IS, however, a great source of unconventional models. There are many races, many body types, and many ages. The vast majority are caucasian girls in their early 20s, but there are some women up to 50. Many of the models are not conventionally beautiful in the super-thin, fake-breasted, air-brushed manner that we're used to. They seem real with a joyful vitality.

Some of the models have more of an artistic sense than others. Some models just shoot their bodies in a straightforward manner, while others get more creative. The premise stays the same, but there is still a surprising amount of variety.

If you enjoy amateurs having a good time naked, this site is for you. It updates 11 times per week and the quality of the updates is consistent and doesn't overload you with a lot of generic junk. The personality of the models really comes through and they seem like real people.

I wish the site had a decent search option, but that hardly matters when you consider the uniqueness of the site and how it does so much right. Highly recommended.

05-27-09  10:14pm

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Visit Figure Baby

Figure Baby

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: FigureBaby's most valuable asset is its diverse selection of models. This is one of the only sites I've seen that features what I consider to be "realistic" looking models - i.e. not incredibly skinny, not fake, etc. Many of the models work as life models (posing for art classes and such), so it's a very different style. This is really not an amateur site. The models are all professional, but as I said, they are not the same type as you find on most sites.
Cons: The site is still fairly new and even though there are three updates per week, it's on the small side. You can probably download all the content within a few hours. Although the addition of zip files for downloading picture sets is great, you cannot select the photo size. You get medium-size with the zip files.

The models may also be a 'con,' depending on your taste. I recommend looking around at the site before signing up. FigureBaby is very good about giving plenty of samples so there are no surprises. I've found a couple of the women to be most unattractive, but it's purely personal taste and they weren't the reason I joined anyway.
Bottom Line: With the glut of European model sites (MET, Hegre, DOMAI), it's nice to find an American site featuring models that look like people you might actually meet in real life. I've seen many sites with a similar goal, but FigureBaby is very consistently excellent both photographically, and in selection of models.

It IS on the small side, but the price is fair and it's definitely worth checking out.

03-22-09  10:09pm

Replies (1)
Visit Naked News

Naked News

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: If you're a fan of softcore erotica and you're looking for something different, this could be it. If you log on and watch the intro video, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. A woman reports on the news and slowly takes off her clothes (or sometimes it's lingerie, or even costumes). If that sounds intriguing, you'll love the site. If not, well, that's pretty much the entire site.

Surprisingly, the news reporting is actually decent. It's a fun way to stay up on current events. The video quality is excellent and available in a variety of formats for both Mac and PC. You can download the two most current programs in very high resolution, or you can download the last 150 days shows in your choice of low/medium/high resolution. However, you'll need to buy the "gold" membership to get the very high quality videos.

Additionally, various years old segments are available for streaming, but not downloading.
Cons: I'll try to address some common complaints so that prospective subscribers know what they're getting:

The show is not really about sex. Some people may not find it erotic in the slightest. There's no romantic component and, more than anything, it feels kind of silly and carefree. It's actually a fun site, but it's not about sex.

There are about 20 downloadable pictures for some of the anchors, but for some bizarre reason, they're only semi-nude. You won't see things that you see in the video. Think of Demi Moore on the poster for "Striptease." The pics are really more like a bonus than anything else.

It's impossible to tell who the actual current anchors are. You'd think Michelle and Yukiko were still involved, but they're not. This is a bit frustrating. Not all of the anchors are amazing. Some have fake breasts and some are very skinny, but mostly they're pretty hot.

Finally, not everyone is nude all the time. If that's a problem, you'll be frustrated by the site.
Bottom Line: I've subscribed off-and-on for years and I've always been pleased with the content. There is a real sense of teamwork and friendship between the anchors, and you get a real sense of their personalities.

The video quality, as I said, is outstanding and the download speeds are fast. Add to that the extremely low cost of membership, and you can't lose.

The fundamental question is, do you find the content stimulating? I suspect that for many, the answer is no - it's just too soft and has nothing to do with sex. However, you may find it irresistible.

There are a few specious notions floating around this forum, so please post a response if you want clarification on any point.

04-02-09  12:38am

Replies (2)
Visit New Nude City

New Nude City

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Richard Kern has had a long and colorful career from his early experimental film work with the 'cinema of transgression' to his current more straightforward "adult" photography. While his photographic style on NNC is more-or-less conventional, there are still fragments of his early days that peak through - back when he was a rebel with this DIY punk aesthetic. This all lends an edgy depth to his work.

There is a nice selection of diverse models with a variety of body types. They're substantially different from the common Eastern European models that we see everywhere.

There are some videos and they're downloadable in a variety of formats (.wmv & .mov), although they're small and low-resolution.

The price is amazing. A subscription is a no-brainer if you like erotic photography with a real girl-on-the-street edge. Indeed, many of these models *were* found on the streets of NYC (Kern provides little comments on how he met them and what they were like).
Cons: The photo sets tend to be fairly small compared to what we're seeing these days. The newer sets are slightly larger, but the old sets are just tiny. The same goes for the videos - they're very small and the quality is certainly not HD, or anything close.

The site doesn't really track its updates. They claim its updated regularly, but during my subscription, I didn't necessarily see evidence of that. Maybe I was always looking in the wrong place, but I couldn't tell if new stuff was showing up at all.

The site isn't huge. There are over 100 models, but when you compare it to MET or Abby Winters, it's pretty small. However, the site compensates by having unique, interesting content, and a very reasonable membership fee.
Bottom Line: Kern is definitely an artist, although I don't necessarily count the content of NNC as art, per se. The important thing is, he has a unique eye for interesting compositions with interesting models. It's one of the few sites out there that feature actual American models that don't look like Playboy playmates or porn stars (i.e. fake breasts and all that).

If you like erotic photography and are looking for something different, NewNudeCity is definitely worth checking out.

03-31-09  11:51am

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Visit Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: As with any solo model site, everything rides on the model's ability to adopt a variety of personas and appearances, lest we grow tired of her image. All solo models should take a lesson from Aria because she does it right. Amazingly, she has a good 10 different looks and each of these have a nice variety of variations. In sum, we don't get tired of seeing her.

Her site is organized into different styles (e.g. glamour, artistic, fetish, amateur, candid) making browsing easy. Plus, there are a lot of interesting features where we really get a sense Aria as a person - even if it's fictional (tough to tell). She keeps a diary, does some interviews, and presents some photo diaries of her adventures (non sexual adventures, that is).

Aria has employed a number of different photographers over the years, so there is compositional variety in her photographs, although her images tend to be very clear, bright, and colorful. Many have an almost cinematic quality.
Cons: The most frustrating thing is that even though there are many galleries with many pictures, there are no zip files.

The video files are small and lo-res. Additionally, they are sometimes mislabeled so that you try to download a .mov file and you end up getting a .avi or something like that. The videos themselves aren't particularly amazing either, but it's better than nothing.

The older galleries feature small, lo-res pictures. The more recent the gallery, the better the image quality. With the huge amount of pictures, this isn't a huge deal, but it's worth noting.

It's difficult to tell how often the site updates. It's not exactly clear, but I believe the site still updates with some regularity.

A small portion of the content is not exclusive. Aria has been featured on a variety of sites DDGirls, Perfect 10, and more. Many of those sets end up on her site as well. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. It saves you the trouble of joining other sites just to collect Aria's pics
Bottom Line: Although her site isn't quite as slick as Alison Angel's, Aria Giovanni has one of the better solo sights that I've yet seen. Even though the pictures all feature the same model, she does a fantastic job creating variety. There are some issues (e.g. lack of zips, low quality movies), but there are more than enough positives to justify a membership.

03-31-09  09:07pm

Replies (3)
Visit Change Room Hunters

Change Room Hunters

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Since all voyeur footage is staged (it's highly illegal to tape someone in this manner without their consent), the real question we face is: does this *appear* authentic? Can we willfully suspend our disbelief without considerable effort?

An authentic appearance is something this site does well. We have a range of ages (20-35ish) and body types, simulating what we can imagine as a real locker room. Some of the videos feature women that are obviously models, and they show up again and again. However, many of the videos feature a wide array of women, which I think is a good thing. There aren't any obese women, but there are some with a more average "mom" figure.

Navigation is easy and there are plenty of videos to download. Some are in HD and some are standard. There is a choice of movie size for each video. Times range from a few minutes to a few seconds.
Cons: Some of the staging is not believable at all. Most of the HD videos available take place in what is obviously a regular room (with a large window!) with a small row of lockers. The clarity is very good, but it doesn't have the appearance of authenticity.

You're pretty much stuck with .wmv format. A few videos are available in DIVX format, but not many. I haven't had many problems playing the videos, although a couple have some weird artifacts that obscure the image.
Bottom Line: The content breaks down into a few categories with two main sets. There is a shower set where one or two women (or a man and woman) take a shower; there is a real-looking locker room set featuring many of the short black and white videos, and incidentally, featuring the most diverse array of body types; there is a totally unrealistic HD set where a model strips or gets dressed; and finally, there are some random extra shots of other parts of the locker room.

If you like voyeur footage, this is a decent site. The lack of variety isn't such a big deal when the content is high quality, which this is. It updates regularly, although you can download most of the content fairly quickly. I'm not sure if it's worth a repeat subscription.

Overall, the site does many things well. I recommend going through the tour, as it gives a very good sense of the member portion. If you like what you see, you'll like what's on the inside.

03-30-09  12:52am

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Visit Grace and Beauty

Grace and Beauty

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This site features a nice selection of realistic-looking models. You won't find any super-thin models with fake breasts. The style is very similar to FigureBaby.com and both feature models Idaho and Dominique (aka Sienna). The style is somewhat artistic and very soft. These seem to be mainly American models, as opposed to the Eastern European models that dominate so many sites these days. There is quite a variety of body types, ethnicities, and personalities. Some models are better than others, but all of the models appear very authentic.
Cons: The single most annoying aspect of this site is the lack of zip files for downloading photo sets. The site is very basic HTML on the order of something I could build myself in about two hours. Navigation is usually a bit strange as there are not always menus to take you where you're trying to go. My other main criticism is the quality of the photography. The pictures are simply not good enough for a pay site. They're fairly small, the colors are dull, and there is not as much clarity as one would hope. Some of the photo sets feature bizarre photoshop filtering that can only be described as "cheesy."

Finally, updates are infrequent. I've subscribed twice with over a year in between. I believe there were fewer than 20 updates during that time. I found very little new content and I cannot imagine subscribing for more than a month. Moreover, some of the photo sets I downloaded the first time were missing when I returned!
Bottom Line: Grace & Beauty is a decent site if you're tired of Eastern European models. It's deeply flawed, but the price is decent and it's probably worth checking out. The biggest thing this site has in its favor is the diversity of models. These are definitely not your stereotypical "playboy" or "Hegre" models, nor do they have the youthful edge of Abby Winters or RookieBabe. They alone justify a month's subscription, if that's what you like.

Since FigureBaby is so similar, I can't help but compare these two sites. FigureBaby comes out on top in all categories (I've reviewed it as well), but at the same time, it's small. I recommend checking it out, but when you're done and you still want more, Grace & Beauty is a decent follow-up.

03-26-09  11:05pm

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Visit The Good Nudes

The Good Nudes

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: This site is very similar in content to both FigureBaby and Grace & Beauty. All three feature figure models in photos that are more artistic and sensual than sexual. They also share a few of the models (Idaho has photos on all three, Leona and Lara are on TGN and G&B, and more).

The photographs are reasonably well composed and the models have that certain authenticity, as if you could expect to meet them on the street. The best thing in this site's favor is the quality collection of models.
Cons: The sets are small, as are the pictures. With all the quality, high resolution images offered by photography sites these days, this quality level is kind of inexcusable. There are "high res" versions of some of the pictures, but this is laughable when you compare the to what MET calls "high res."

The content is very soft and artistic. As I always say, this is actually what I like, but I know some will be disappointed that the images aren't more sexual in character.
Bottom Line: Seeing as this site does not compare favorably with FigureBaby and Grace & Beauty, I cannot really recommend it. The best I can say is, if you subscribe to the aforementioned sites, download all the content, and still want more, TheGoodNudes is an adequate stopgap until the other sites fill up with updates again.

04-02-09  01:14am

Replies (1)
Visit Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Perfect 10 is something like a British Playboy, although the models appear slightly more natural. You won't find any fake breasts here. The pictures are colorful and appealing, and the content is very soft. It's essentially "wholesome," but with a slightly naughty edge. In that sense, it's a lot like what Playboy used to be - the all American girl next door, who was secretly a raging sex kitten.
Cons: The pictures are small and there are no zip files. Theoretically, if zip files were available, you could download the entire site in a couple days. However, there is a ridiculous download limit imposed, so you actually can't download all the content right away.

Some may think the content is much too soft. Some of the models are merely topless. Personally, I enjoy softcore of this nature, but it's important to understand that this is very very soft stuff.

I've subscribed twice. Strangely, some of the content from my first membership disappeared when I returned a year later. I have no idea why a website with such limited content would actually *remove* pictures, but they did.
Bottom Line: My recommendation is to choose the trial subscription to see if you like it. Just be warned: only look at the stuff you're definitely interested in because once you hit the download limit, that's it.

Ultimately, I cannot recommend purchasing a regular subscription. It's not like the site updates, so there isn't a nice stream of new content. It does softcore modeling very well, but considering the small picture size, lack of updates, and lack of zip files, it's not worth a month's subscription.

03-31-09  08:40pm

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Visit Kay Parker Online

Kay Parker Online

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: A modest collection of Kay Parker clips available for download. Other than that, none. I'm giving the site a 65 rather than a 50 simply because KP is so great.
Cons: This is a very simple HTML website with 48 downloadable videos. All the videos are clips from movies and the quality ranges from poor to average. The format varies from clip to clip. Some are .mpg, but most are .avi.

Content wise, there isn't anything unique here. All of these clips are floating around elsewhere online and available for free. The only thing you get by subscribing is the ease of finding them in one place.

There is a rather pathetic little photo gallery filled with tiny, low-resolution pictures that were obviously pulled from a Google image search. Do one yourself and you'll find everything available here.

Finally, there do not seem to be any updates to the site.
Bottom Line: The most frustrating thing about this site is that it should be so much better. Kay Parker is a classic and she deserves a decent site. This isn't it.

03-22-09  10:26pm

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Visit Ray Spade

Ray Spade

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: This is the private collection of a photographer who has, over the course of his life, photographed a fair amount of women. The content is entirely exclusive and, for vintage photography, it's pretty decent.

The models appear realistic and authentic (more on that below). Even though the compositional and posing style is similar to vintage Playboy, the models are clearly amateurs. In many instances, they seem like neighbors wives looking for a thrill - demure, but slightly adventurous.
Cons: There are no updates, so I can see no reason to use anything but the trial. I believe there are less than 80 galleries (7 of which were unavailable for the duration of my subscription), so one can easily get all the content in a few hours. Of course, there are no zip files either.

The photography ranges from decent to 'not so great.' I believe some of the pictures just haven't aged well - maybe they weren't stored properly through the years.

Most of the models are merely topless. This wasn't necessarily a problem for me, but it might be for some. Essentially, there's nothing here you won't see in 50s/60s era Playboy.

Some of the models are not conventionally attractive. Typically, I like models that appear realistic and authentic. However, I draw the line at breasts covered in bright red stretch marks (granted, only two models were like that).
Bottom Line: If the idea of paying a nominal 'trial' fee for a small, but unique collection of softcore vintage photos sounds good to you, by all means, give it a try. It was worth my money.

However, the site is very small, the photo sizes aren't very large, maintenance seems to be non-existent, and the idea of subscribing to such a small, non-updating site seems, to me, a bit ridiculous! If all you want is some vintage photography, there are plenty of sites out there with far more content, better content, and an actual update schedule.

04-02-09  01:01am

Replies (0)
Visit WTF Hot Girls

WTF Hot Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good photography, very beautiful models, zip file downloads, extremely high resolution.
Cons: First of all, this site is about 90% non-nude. I don't understand the reason anybody would want 300 pictures of a woman standing around fully clothed - unless, that is, they were operating under the perfectly reasonable assumption that an adult site features nudity unless otherwise specified!

I found the pricing system ridiculous. You purchase all the work of a single model (around 2 gigs of content) for a flat fee (between $15 and 20). When you compare that to the amount of content on virtually any other site, the price is staggering. I thought I would try it and see if it truly was worth it.

Sadly, what I got were 12 huge (200-300 photos) sets of a pretty woman not taking off her clothes. Wonderful. Typically the model removes some clothes and is sometimes topless, but she's virtually always posed to cover certain areas.
Bottom Line: This site needs to be much more up-front about what exactly you're getting. Their lengthy mission statement doesn't really cut it. I honestly don't see how they can justify the enormous price. It's a terrible deal and even though the models are uniformly excellent, it's just not an adult site.

My advice: save your money and look elsewhere.

04-05-10  10:42pm

Replies (2)
Visit Daisy Beach

Daisy Beach

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Browsing is easy, multiple image sizes are available, you can download image sets in zip files (at medium resolution only), movies are downloadable with no DRM.
Cons: Less than half of the girls actually appear nude. Approximately 20% are fully nude, 30% are topless, and 50% are non-nude. Nowhere is this mentioned on the website - very misleading. The site claims "all natural girls," but many of the nude models feature breast implants. How is that "all natural"?

One can browse the site and look at each model's page and photo sets, but this is very misleading. Many photo sets are actually parts of larger sets, so it takes about three Daisy Beach sets to equal what you'd find on Hegre or MET.

Finally, the site is not a good value. You're required to purchase a 7-day trial for $19.99 before you can enter into a regular 30-day subscription re-billing at $19.99.
Bottom Line: I feel like I was very misled as to the nature of the content on this site. If you don't mind the women staying dressed, then perhaps you would enjoy the site. However, what exactly is the point in that? Can't you find images like that for less than $20 per month?

Honestly, I cannot recommend this site to anyone.

03-21-09  09:22pm

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Visit Rare Asians

Rare Asians

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: As hard as I try, I cannot think of anything really good to say about this site. The most positive comment I can make is that it uses CCBill, which makes it easy to cancel your trial subscription once you gain access to the site and realize that there is almost no content to download!
Cons: This is an extremely poor site.
-Small pictures
-Low quality pictures
-Models are very average-looking
-20 Models total, some with as few as 120 pictures
-No zip files
-Membership signs you up to a sister site, which you then need to go and cancel
-Daily download limit (5gigs, which is amusing seeing as there probably isn't 5 gigs worth on content on the entire site!)
Bottom Line: I was not expecting much here, but my low expectations weren't even satisfied. Basically, I joined for one single model that I had seen on ATK Exotics. Her pictures were exceptional in comparison to the typical photo sets on RareAsians. I assumed that there would at least be a few similar models, but no.

The bottom line is, there is almost no content on this site. A selection of 20 sub-par models does not a porn site make. I expect a minimum of quality photography (in focus, decent lighting, correct exposure), but again, that was too much to ask.

In my opinion, the 'official' review is much too generous. If you want Asians, you're much better off looking at Graphis Nudes or even ATK Exotics.

11-01-09  02:16pm

Replies (2)

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