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Visit So Cal Coeds

So Cal Coeds

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get videos and pictures of 75 different girls, all with a masturbation scene and most with a hardcore scene
-The newer videos go as high as 2000kbps for WMV files and also include MPEG, MOV, and MP4 files formats for download
-The picture sets are very good on this site including real digital shots with good resolution for all sets save for the oldest ones on the site and all have zip options
-You get full access to the 10 "Tier 1" Naughty America network sites, all for under $25 a month
Cons: -None of the updates are dated on the main page (although some are on the girl's page) except for the most recent girl and it's about two months old as of this review
-Most of the videos go no higher than 512kbps and many actually run much slower than that (more like 242)
-Some of the older pic sets are labelled high quality, but I think the actual shots deserved that designation about 6 years ago at best
-The site is in desperate need of a redesign with all info being formatted the same way
Bottom Line: When I first joined the Naughty America network I didn't give this site very much attention. It hadn't been one of the sites I'd joined specifically to see and others drew my attention much more quickly. Eventually I found a very disjointed site with some pluses, but also some negatives that are indicative of the problems with the entire NA network.

The main page of the site has a very simple layout with more advertisements for other NA content than I think there should be. Each girl has merely a thumbnail of her face with names below except for the most current girl who gets a bit more detail. The most recent update to the site was posted about 2 months prior to when this review was written, so updates seem a bit overdue.

In most cases, the girl has a masturbation video, a hardcore sex video, and 2 or 3 pic sets that are zipped. Some older content only has pic sets and perhaps a video taken while the photo shoot was done, but that's the exception and not the rule. The "high quality" shoots from the older sets leave a bit to be desired and show the age of the site.

Overall, the content is decent with very little of the boring scenarios of the other Naughty America sites you get with your membership, 10 in all. The girl tells you she likes to get it on and then she does. There are some amateurs in the oldest sets, but like the rest of NA they quickly give way to pornstars. If they'd kept it going the way it started I'd be here forever. As it is, I'm not staying.

06-11-07  01:26pm

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Visit American Daydreams

American Daydreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get around 64 videos, each with a picture set that can be downloaded as a zip file with real digital shots (not vidcaps) in most cases
-The more recent videos have the best quality with up to 2,000kbps WMV files as well as MOV, MPEG, and MP4 formats that are all downloadable
-Unlike some other Naughty America sites, this one displays some creativity with its scenarios
-You get full access to all ten NA "Tier 1" network sites with your membership for under $25
Cons: -The older clips aren't dated on the main page just like the other network sites. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but then why do they do it?
-Before the beginning of '07 the highest quality setting for WMV files is only 512kbps and the videos are very blurry and pixelated
-The majority of the girls try to play amateurs but are clearly professional pornstars
-The male stars are used repeatedly which isn't a deal breaker by any means, but it certainly doesn't help the fantasy aspect
Bottom Line: I've reviewed about half the sites on the Naughty America network and while I've been disappointed in most of them, this one does have a nice way of addressing the boring and ridiculous plots. Most of the scenes still show the actors having sex for not much of any reason, but the idea here is that the sex is being imagined by the guy who in "reality" doesn't get along with the girl. It's a small adjustment, but I did find it a bit less tedious than the other NA sites.

Like the rest of the network the best quality vids are the most recent ones and the highest setting is pretty decent, but set any lower it's dreadful. You have plenty of options for file format and each vid comes with a pic set that are more often than not high quality shots. At least everything can be downloaded!

One thing I've noticed with NA sites is that they often rent high end houses with modern furniture and I think they'd do better varying the scenarios by recording in a variety of locales. I don't care if they film the scene in the gaffer's living room if it would vary the action some more and I'd give anything for the girls to have some real enthusiasm.

In sum, I did uncover some positives not found on other network sites, but for many the lack of a real niche (other than daydreaming) may offset that part. The added full netowrk access to the other 9 NA sites does make the site more appealing but as someone else on PU noted recently, the content on the network as a whole is getting very stale.

06-06-07  07:57pm

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Visit Her First Fat Girl

Her First Fat Girl

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get over 45 videos of Mandy Blake (of Mandysplayhouse.com) having lesbian sex with another girl who is alledgedly having "her first fat girl"
-You can download all videos at two different quality settings for WMVs or in MP4 format for Ipods
-Each video comes with a true digital picture set (not vidcaps) with literally hundreds of shots each
-You get access to her private cam shows going back about 3 years
Cons: -If you don't like a bigger girl don't even bother
-Besides the videos and the pictures, there's very little else going on at the site with absolutely no interaction with Mandy
-The site costs just under $25 for the first month with a discount of a few dollars for each month thereafter, but I found that very expensive considering what you get
-The quality of the videos and pictures is good, but could be improved
-The content should be in a section on her main site, not a site by itself
Bottom Line: For full disclsoure I've been a fan of Mandy's personal site for quite some time and I must admit a favorable bias towards her. She began this one in December of 2005, but I hadn't joined until recently because of the high cost and to give the site time build up a significant collection. I finally decided to join and hoped the content would justfiy the price, but it really doesn't.

The site is very basic and offers only two pages of videos. The vids themselves are good quality, as are the picture sets that accompany each one, but I think both could be offered at a bigger size with better resolution. There are some advertised "extras", but aside from a collection of private cam shows Mandy has done over the last few years, most are teaser content for pay per view movies.

The videos themselves show Mandy fooling around with women ranging from skinny to curvaceous, but none would describe themselves as BBWs as Mandy describes herself. In most Mandy is wearing just a t-shirt and jeans and the "sex" starts right away with no transition at all. I hate fake scenarios, but just a few moments would have been better.

If you don't like bigger girls you won't like this site, but then it's not meant for you. I enjoy them and was excited going in, but that soon passed after viewing the content. It would make a good section at her personal website, but I don't think the high price justifies the barebones nature of this site. I really love Mandy, but came away very disappointed.

06-05-07  09:43am

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Visit My Sister's Hot Friend

My Sister's Hot Friend

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get about 120 videos going back to December of '04, each including a picture set
-Most videos are available in a number of formats (WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV) and even the older clips seemed better than some other NA sites
-The newer videos all include zippable true digital photo sets (not vidcaps) at two different levels of quality
-The site is updated at least once a week, sometimes more and you get full access to the ten "Tier 1" sites on the Naughty America network for under $25 a month
Cons: -The scenarios in the videos aren't very believeable, although not quite as bad as some other NA sites, but all the girls are clearly pornstars and not just someone's sister
-The average "high" of the entire WMV collection is around 512 to 700 kbps with 1000 and 2000 kbps WMV files only being available since March of '07, but that average will obviously improve greatly over time
-The older picture sets before Decmber of '05 are mostly vidcaps and zip options are spotty at best
Bottom Line: I've reviewed a few sites now on the Naughty America network and have been increasingly disappointed in the quality of the videos and the various elements that go into them. I can say in all honesty that I was pleasantly surprised at the improved quality of this site, but that's not a ringing endorsement and more like "It'll do the job."

The site is organized much like the other NA network sites, although it does seem less cluttered and includes dates on every video. You get the immediate sense that all the girls are pornstars and certainly no one's sister (at least not the guy playing him in the video). I don't need high drama, but some minimal enthusiasm would be nice.

The video quality is surprisingly good, even going back to the original vids from the site, and at least better than some others on the network. The most recent vids all have multiple quality settings for downloads, but as you go from the newer vids to the older ones you do lose quality and lots of DL options.

It provides all the basics and is more even in terms of quality than other NA sites, but while I'd like to say that makes this a good site, it's merely adequate. The fact that you get full access to 9 other sites does make it more attractive, but there's far too much "mailing it in" to make this a distinctive site worthy of high praise. So while I might clap politely, you certainly wouldn't see me giving it a standing ovation. Only diehard fans of doing someone's sister need to bother visiting.

06-03-07  07:18pm

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Visit My Friend's Hot Mom

My Friend's Hot Mom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get over 135 videos going back to December of '03, most with a "mom" and a "friend", but some occasionally have more than one girl
-Each video comes with a picture set and since '05 they have been real digital shots with zip downloads at two different quality settings
-If you enjoy mature pornstars who are glam and not amateur, this site may be just the thing you're looking for
-Included with the site is full network access to Naughty America's 10 "Tier 1" sites all for under $25 a month
Cons: -The scenarios are incredibly lame and the acting is absolutley terrible with little variation from one vid to the next
-Most of the "Moms" are pornstars way past their prime and I doubt any of them were someone's mom when they were filmed
-The highest kbps of the oldest videos (WMVs) is around 750 and they've only offered 1000 and 2000kbps since sometime in March of '07
-Before the end of '05 all pic sets are vidcaps and only offer zip options intermitently with no apparent rhyme or reason
Bottom Line: This is the third site I'd reviewed for the Naughty America network and probably the last I specifically wanted to see. While I had mixed reviews on the first two, I was happy with the video quality. Unfortunately, that takes a real turn for the worse here.

The site offers over 135 videos that are "Mom" themed, but besides that use the same lame scripts as the other network sites. Basically, you have a mother who somehow runs into her son's best friend and through the miracle of reality porn they end up having sex.

The site appears to have started around the end of '03, but until the middle of '05 most pics sets are vidcaps without zip options and it's amazing to see what passed for "high quality" just 4 years ago. Until the last few months, the highest quality setting for the WMV files was around 750kbps, but is now as high as 2000kbps. Those newer vids are pretty good quality, but the previous lower resolution WNV files are very fuzzy and the MPEGs are even worse.

I wasn't cracked up about the first two network sites I reviewed and am even less so with this one. The scenes all seem to have been written and filmed by someone's 13 year old brother and with many performers repeating (some as many as 7 times) it just never allows you to escape into the fantasy. If you want quick sex scenes with young guys and aged pornstars this is your lucky day. If you didn't get full network access I'd say pass because this one definitely misses the mark and not by a small margin.

06-01-07  11:22am

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Visit Naughty Bookworms

Naughty Bookworms

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get over 150 videos going back to 2004 (some go further back, but aren't dated) with numerous quality options for downloading
-Each video includes a set of pictures with the most recent ones being very high quality with the ability to download as zip files
-The girls are mostly in the 18-22 year old range and over the last year or so are "glamour" in nature, but lovers of nerdy girls will enjoy the older sets which are much more amateur
-Full network access to Naughty America's 10 sites
Cons: -Videos over the last year or so allow downloads of over 2000kbps, but before that it varies greatly with some of the older ones being around 512 at the very best
-The newer picture sets offer multiple quality settings and are real digital shots, but going further back you will often find low-res vidcaps instead
-The scenarios get very old very fast: Teacher gives student a bad grade. Tells her if she wants a better one, she better "do" him. Student is mad but takes all her clothes off anyway
Bottom Line: This is the second site I have reviewed on the Naughty America network and one I've eyed for awhile. It really is a tale of two sites that began with an amateur focus as "Bookworm Bitches" and slowly progressed to more of a glam site called "Naughty Bookworms". While the change does make it appeal to two different niches, I don't think the change has been one for the better.

The number of videos offered is impressive with clips going back several years. The quality of the videos has vastly improved during that time and vidcaps have become high quality digital photos. The newer vids can be downloaded at half a dozen quality settings along with zip downloads for the pic sets. However, as you go further back those options quickly disappear.

When the site began it used amateur girls and of the nerdy persuasion. I am very fond of that niche and as such was very pleased with the older content even though the quality lacks in comparison. I also enjoy the newer content with all the bells and whistles, but I couldn't help noticing that besides the classroom setting, there is very little that makes this site distinctive from any of the others offered by Naughty America.

So, if you like glam with a teacher-student scenario you will love this site. However, if you are looking for any level of creativity you definitely will not. I do like both sides of the site, but the original one was more unique and something we need more of, not less. Frankly, I wish they'd change it back.

05-29-07  11:24am

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Visit Naughty Office

Naughty Office

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The quality of the videos is very good at the highest settings and decent at the lower ones
-You get over 125 videos with newer ones having numerous download options and quality settings: 512, 1024, 2048 kbps
-Full network access to the Tier 1 sites at Naughty America (10 total) on a variety of niches is included with membership
-Most videos come with a true picture set, not vidcaps, which are available at 2 quality settings and downloadable as zip files
-Updates are regular at every 7 days
Cons: -The theme of the videos is very repetitive with either "Boss gets mad at employee and makes them fuck" or "Employee has something on boss, makes them fuck" scenario played out
-There's very little lesbian content on this site and the entire network for that matter
-Advanced video options and quality settings above 1000 kbps only apply to videos from the past year or so
-The site design is very boring and could use an update with much less advertising for the network's other products
Bottom Line: As you might expect from the title, most of the videos take place in an "office" with the performers wearing business attire, which I find particularly sexy, especially girls in pinstriped suit jackets and thigh high stockings. The theme can get a bit repeitive and the scenarios are pretty laughable, but the quality of the newer videos and the inclusion of real picture sets with each one makes up for it in my opinion.

There are over 125 videos in all going back to 2004, although the quality is only average and the older pic sets are just vidcaps. One big negative for me was the lack of lesbian content, which is also a problem for the network as a whole. The girls are very sexy, especially if you like glam above amateur, and includes a number of "before they were stars" candidates as well as some old favorites.

The biggest plus with this site is the full network access that includes 12 sites in all with hundres of videos and pictures on a variety of niches, some of which are unique like Naughty Bookworms. The price is certainly right at under $25 a month with a ratio of content to price that's certainly in your favor.

In the end, if you enjoy watching industry pornstars getting it on in very basic straight up sex scenes with an office theme, you'll love this site even without the network access. Considering it as part of a larger network just makes it an even better deal and despite any negatives it's defitinely worth a month's membership to see if it's your thing.

05-26-07  11:56am

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Visit All Porn Access

All Porn Access

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get a total of 7 different sites that cover themes such as mature, teen, and big boob
-The network includes dozens of bonus feeds on every imaginable niche with very good quality videos
-The "jewel" of the network is Pornstar Classics, which offers several different quality settings for the vids and allows you to customize your downloads
-As a whole the network contains well over a thousand videos for under $20 a month, so the amount of content vs. what you pay is very much in your favor
Cons: -Most sites offer videos that you are likely to find in "bargain bins" at your local video store, so the content certainly isn't exclusive
-The sites offer some photos, but the majority only feature pics unrelated to the video content and are the kind you could probably find elsewhere
-While one site on the network offers countless video options, the others only allow two different quality settings and no advanced DL tools like zips
-Most of the sites don't offer any advanced search features
Bottom Line: One thing I like about joining a good network is that if there's one site you really like, it can usually be worth the price of admission by itself. Then, any additional sites you get are merely gravy or a cherry on top, depending on your tatses. Fortunately for me, this network fit that description like a glove.

I joined for Pornstar Classics which includes vids from the 70s and 80s with excellent features for viewing and dowloading its content. This site is a must for anyone who achieved puberty during those two decades and although the vid quality is limited by its pre-digital format, the result is very good.

Busty Classics is a nice companion to PC and features mostly photos of "big boob" stars from the 80s with a few videos. It lacks the advanced features of its counterpart, but photophiles will be very pleased. Do My Mom and Mommy Loves Pussy are primarily made up of bargain DVDs with compilation content although there is plenty of it as a nice desert to your main courses. There's also Porn Different for you Apple folks with QT vids.

The remaining sites, Candy Films and Smashcom XXX Movie Station, offer the same type of videos but on a variety of niches. Undoubtedly you can find some gems here if you are willing to take the time to search for them and none have DRM! All that along with the bonus feeds makes this network a very good value for the money and if only one site strikes your fancy it's still worth it for the volume and quality you'll get in return.

05-21-07  07:45am

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Visit Busty Classics

Busty Classics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site features an extensive photo collection of big boobed stars primarily from the 80s and includes pictorials I doubt you'll find elsewhere, at least not all in one place
-If you join through the All Porn Access network you get 6 sites total including this one all for under $20 a month
-While there aren't many downloadable videos, you do get dozens of bonus feeds on a wide variety of niches that are decent quality
-If you're a fan of big boob pictorials and 80s porn you'll be in heaven
Cons: -The site navigation is extremely confusing and for awhile I didn't realize it's more of a photo site than the others on the network which feature primarily videos
-The number of videos is extremely limited
-Updates used to be every 5 days, but since the beginning of 2007 updates have slowed to every 15 days
-The quality of the vids and pics are average, but definitely limited by the fact that they are mostly from the 80s, which is understandable but you should be aware of that before joining
Bottom Line: I joined All Porn Access mostly for another network site, Pornstar Classics, which features movies from the 70s and 80s. While I was initially disappointed the site didn't have the same kind of videos, I eventually realized that this is a perfect picture companion site to the one that prompted me to join.

On the main page you'll find the screen filled with links without a very clear sense of where to go and, of all the network sites, this one is in the most dire need of a redesign. The video section is quite small with only about a dozen movies that haven't been updated in nearly a year. However, once I made my way to the photo section I found the more active part of the site.

None of the photos on this site will blow you away with their quality, but as long as you understand that you are getting decades old pictorials that had to be scanned by hand out of magazines, I don't think you'll be disappointed in the results as long as this is up your alley in the 1st place.

If you remember going through that secret stash of 80s porn mags this site will definitely be a trip down memory lane. Yes, the site has its limitations and anyone under the age of 30 probably won't understand why the rest of us love this stuff. We grew up on it and while we love the new stuff too, nothing compares to finding magazine pics that now seem more like fine art than dirty old smut. With the accompanying network access all for under $20, this one's a keeper, at least for old fogies like me. :)

05-17-07  01:13pm

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Visit Do My Mom

Do My Mom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site updates with a new video clip twice a week and has done so for over two years, resulting in around 300 scenes
-The videos are of decent resolution and can either be streamed or downloaded at broadband or dial up quality
-You get hundreds of photo sets that are good quality with mostly lesbian and masturbation themes
-When purchased through the All Porn Access network you get a total of 6 sites along with dozens of decent bonus feeds all for under $20 a month
Cons: -The site lacks options like zip files or numerous quality settings to make your own custom scenes like another site on its network
-Most of the scenes contain GILFs rather than MILFs, though for lovers of that genre that really wouldn't be an issue
-The photo galleries don't appear at all related to the movie scenes, so it's rather random content that could probably be found elsewhere
-The site is in desperate need of a redesign since navigating through its pages is very confusing
Bottom Line: This is another site from the folks at the All Porn Access network which offers primarily younger male/older female videos and plenty of them. There isn't much fancy about this site and I found the design to be less than conducive to getting around, but to be fair you don't really need a lot of bells and whistles if the content is worth your time.

There are over 300 video clips that are of average quality but certainly not anything approaching HD. Most of the clips come from compilation videos you'd usually find on the bargain table, although if you added up the price of all those DVDs it would cost a whole lot more than the $20 you are spending here. The photo galleries are numerous and match the quality of the videos, but the sets are very random and not much more than you could get from some free galleries.

Going in I expected most of the women to be in their 30s and 40s, but many of the perfromers in these scenes appear more like 50s or 60s. That's strictly a matter of personal perference however and I'd definitely recommend the site to anyone who is a fan of that that age range.

In the end, this wasn't the site I joined the network to get access to, but like other sites on the network it does provide a nice bonus with feeds on dozens of niches in addition to the videos and photo galleries. On its own I'd probably give it a pass, but if you like one of the other sites I'd encourage you to give it a try since the fringe benefits are very good for the money spent.

05-15-07  08:27pm

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Visit Smashcom XXX Movie Station

Smashcom XXX Movie Station

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers around 200 video clips in all, most with above average quality and length
-All clips are in Windows Media format and can be streamed or downloaded at two different quality settings
-You get network access to six sites in all as well as plenty of bonus feeds that are fairly decent covering a number of niches all for under $20
-Updates are very regular coming at least every five days and quite often more like three or four days
Cons: -You don't get any pictures that go along with the videos besides one vidcap for each clip
-There aren't any advanced downloading features like zip options or the ability to create custom clips that are available on other sites in the network
-Most of the videos come from "bargain basement" DVDs and the title is the only information you get (no performer list, running time, etc.)
-The site is pretty bare bones and navigation, especially on the main page, can be downright confusing
Bottom Line: This site comes courtesy of the All Porn Access network that includes half a dozen sites and countless bonus feeds all with a wide variety of niches. I has originally joined the network, not for this site, but for Pornstar Classics and while it isn't as well done as that site, it's a nice bonus.

There are nearly 20 pages of videos with 10 clips listed per page, so there's plenty of content. There isn't really a theme on this site which would be nice, but that also means you get plenty of variety. There aren't any advanced sorting options like a list of stars, so you may have to spend some time sorting through the site to find exactly what turns you on.

The navigation and layout are overly simplistic which has its pluses and minuses. There isn't a lot getting in the way between you and the content, but I often wanted more details which are available on other sites in the network. However, after some sorting I was able to find a number of gems and felt satisfied with what I was able to get.

In the end this site comes pretty close to the line of being worth it on its own and just being a bonus you get with the site you really wanted to join. If this site had been presented by itself with some bonus content I'm not sure I would have anted up since there isn't an identifiable niche, but as a bonus site it will definitely put you over the top if you weren't ready to join one of the other sites. If you like a lot of sex scenes with variety, this one will do the job nicely.

05-14-07  11:22am

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Visit Candy Films

Candy Films

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site is pretty straightforward by offering over 650 videos, mostly of above average quality and length
-One scene is uploaded every day with few exceptions, so there's always something new to watch
-When purchased through the All Porn Access network, you get access to half a dozen sites as well as a number of decent bonus feeds all for under $20
-Within the teen niche, there are many different girls so chances are good you'll find characteristics you like as long as you enjoy teens
Cons: -There are no download options except for a low and high quality selection on each video
-There's no indication of where the content comes from or who is featured in any of the scenes
-No pictures are included with the main scenes except for a single vidcap for each video
-Just about all the scenes are hardcore with masturbation or oral content, but some do not feature pentration of any kind
-While admittedly difficult to confirm, the content doesn't seem to be exclusive to this site
Bottom Line: I gained access to this site with a membership to the All Porn Access network that offers a total of six main sites for under $20. While I wouldn't say it's the flagship of the network, it is certainly its workhorse site and offers a lot of its overall value.

The site currently has 65 pages of content with 10 videos per page that is updated daily, so if you like teens you won't be left wanting for volume. The action in each scene is definitely hardcore, although some of the content is limited to masturbation, blowjobs, and facials. At times I actually got bored with the repetitive theme, but still spent time looking for girls I liked and downloading those videos.

The downloads coudn't be easier since you only have two options: broadband or dialup, both of which can be streamed in Windows Media format. I did enjoy the simplistic process since some of the other network sites can drive you a bit crazy with quality settings, especially if you just want to save a bunch of videos at a time. However, in the end I would have liked those same video options on this site.

Of all the network sites, this one doesn't offer the highest quality or the most unique content, but it does update daily and gives you wall to wall teen hardcore videos that can be viewed full screen with decent quality. By itself I think it would be worth the $20 if you like this type of material, but with the network access and bonus feeds I really think it's a good value for what you get in return.

05-12-07  10:43pm

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Visit Mommy Loves Pussy

Mommy Loves Pussy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Site includes over 300 scenes from about 100 different lesbian movies with content ranging from younger/older to interracial
-All movies can be downloaded to your hard drive without DRM restrictions
-As part of the All Porn Access Network, you get this and half a dozen other sites including numerous bonus feeds all for under $20 a month
-The quality of the videos is pretty decent with only minimal distortion when increased to full screen size
-Updates are approximately 1 scene every 3 days
Cons: -None of the videos are exclusive to the site and are mainly of the $9.99 variety available from adult video stores
-The only options you have for downloading movies are "low" (modem) and "high" (broadband) quality settings
-There's no information provided except what movie a particular scene is from, so you can't tell who the performers are unless you happen to recognize one in the thumbnail
-Some movies don't feature a mature woman at all, let alone a performer who could be someone's mommy
Bottom Line: I recently bought a membership to the All Porn Access Network which offers about half a dozen sites including this one. Although this site wasn't why I joined the network, I found it reasonably entertaining nonetheless.

The site features 33 pages of about 10 scenes each pulled from around 100 total titles. Navigation couldn't be simpler since you have only two options for download speed. I did find the front page of the site more than a little confusing and was disappointed not to see more options for searches like a list of performers or niches.

The content itself is good, although there's nothing here that I would even remotely refer to as HD. The videos are mostly bargain specials at your local video store, but even at $9.99 apiece you'd be talking about hundreds of dollars of DVDs that are all collected here for a fraction of the price.

In terms of upgrdades, it could use scene descriptions or at least tell us who is in each one since I'm usually looking for gems from my favorite stars among the vids. Better quality would mean higher price, but it does the job.

You aren't going to find "cinema verite" here since none of the scenes are the best lesbian vids out there, but if you are looking for basic lesbian content and a lot of it this might hit the spot. As a standalone site it's probably just about worth the $20 by itself if this is your thing, but as a bonus site to one of the others offered on the network it's a definite bargain for what you get in return.

05-10-07  12:59pm

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Visit Pornstar Classics

Pornstar Classics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A great collection of the "golden oldies" for those of us who grew up with the 70s and 80s world of porn
-Quality of the movies is excellent considering what they had to start with before remastering the video for this site
-Plenty of video options including the ability to create custom clips with 3 different levels of quality for DL or streaming
-Each movie includes an upload time, so it's easy to tell how often the site is updated
-You get half a dozen network sites and decent bonus feeds
Cons: -Navigation is rather basic and the search function didn't always work properly, so I couldn't always find what I was looking for
-Each move includes a cast list, but you can't tell which performers are in a particular scene
-I found it hard to get much if anything out of the thumbnails since they are very dark and too small
-The site updates every few days only on occasion, more often going about a week between new movies
-They need more movies on the site, but that will come in time
Bottom Line: One of the main reasons I joined the All Porn Access network was this site and I had high hopes since I'm definitely a fan of porn from the 80s and early 90s. Often that anticipation can backfire since the buildup doesn't always match the payoff, but in this case it really does.

The site features about 175 movies and over 1,000 scenes, which cover a wide spectrum of genres and performers. There are two lists of stars, one including a smaller number of "top" performers and the other a comprehensive list of every pornstar on the site.

There's also a search function to find content, but I was left wanting after a few tries. For example, I put "Asia Carrera" in and got a scene from a "Best of Jeanna Fine" vid only to find out later she's also included in her own "Best of" collection. Other times the search would come up blank, with only the background and no text at all.

There are some nice touches like creating your own clips with settings for quality and length included. Still, I think the search and sorting options could be improved so it's easier to find what you want and download it quickly.

Regardless, I found the site thoroughly enjoyable and was glad to be reminded what women in porn used to look like: healthy! No anorexic girls to be found here, only a great trip down memory lane for us "fogies" and a primer on the classics for "newbies" among us. Even without network access the site is worth it, but extra sites and bonus feeds make this one a very good deal.

05-09-07  05:21pm

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Visit Butt Jungle

Butt Jungle

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site is very cheap since it costs less than $5 a month, so the ratio of price to the amount of content is definitely in your favor
-You get about 100 galleries of the twenty or so feature models from the site with about half belonging to the star of the site, Rawcklin
-The videos number around 65 and each clip runs anywhere from one to five minutes long
-There are additional galleries of "guest models" with their own sites, so the site is a good resource for additional BBW content
Cons: -It's pretty clear that very little has been updated at this site in quite a long time since the most recent pictures and videos are from 2005
-The number of pictures per gallery is highly variable and there aren't any zip options for easy downloading, so you'd have to save them one at a time
-The video quality is average at best with many being very poor and others not playing at all
-There are numerous references to new content and contests coming soon in 2006, when it's already 2007
Bottom Line: I've had my eye on this site for a long time, but the low price (under $5 a month) always left me suspicious. I mean, what could there possibly be in terms of quality content for so little money? However, I finally decided to give it a try, mostly because there wasn't much to lose.

The focus of the site is women with VERY large asses and features about 20 different girls, though only about 7 of those have more than a couple galleries and/or videos. In fact, one model, Rawcklin, has 52 galleries while the next highest had just 13. The distribution of videos is about the same with 65 clips of anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes each.

The five pages of galleries add up to around a hundred overall and while the picture quality is decent, the number of shots per gallery varies quite a bit. The most recent page doesn't have dates, but most others do and run from '03 to '05, which indicated to me that there was very little recent activity. Nearly all of the pictures and videos are close ups of the girl's ass which I like as much as the next guy, but I found it a bit repetitive after awhile and I was looking for more variety.

In the final analysis, this is a site with plenty of vids and pics, but without any updates for a year or so there's not much reason to stay a member for more than a month. I can honestly say the amount of content is worth the price if you like this sort of thing, but that's only because it's so cheap. Otherwise, I'm sure you can find better content elsewhere.

05-03-07  09:55pm

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Visit Sexy Muscular Women

Sexy Muscular Women

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get a number of videos and pictures of "built" women who don't look like men and are just in great physical condition
-There are many feeds on various niches, with a particular focus on MILF content
-The bodybuiler content was new to me and I had not found it previously on any other site
-There were definitely some scenes that were excellent, including lesbian content, so I'd say that the trial was worth it
-You can join for 3, 7, 11, 20, or 30 days, each with an slightly higher price
Cons: -The focus on female bodybuilders is actually very secondary to the site as most of the content focuses on MILFs
-There isn't any video content to download since everything is limted to feeds from various websites
-What pictures you do get are of pretty good quality, but without any zip options you could spend the entire trial downloading them by hand
-The quality of the content is average at best, so there's nothing that I'd call even close to high-resolution at this site
Bottom Line: As anyone who has read my reviews knows by now, I like a variety of body types and shapes. While finding teens, matures, and larger girls is relatively easy, I often have the hardest time finding sites with "fit" females who also like to have sex on camera. While I did find some of that here, mostly I came away with not much to show for it.

The trial price through TBP for this site is pretty cheap, so while that made me go in with low expectations I was still hopeful that I find some treasure in this very small niche. The "bodybuilder" content isn't very plentiful, consisting mostly of video feeds from the "Bodybuilders in Heat" series which are available on DVD. There were some good clips and the quality is decent, but it didn't take me long to run out of content.

There are three links that lead to a couple dozen galleries with fairly good quality pics, but the rest of the site is filled with MILF feeds that have little or nothing to do with bodybuilders. There are plenty of links to other niche content, although in the end what you are getting is just a variety of feeds with very short clips.

As I said at the beginning I didn't have the greatest expectations going in, but overall I was still disappointed. I hadn't seen the videos before and what I got out of it was certainly worth the $4 I spent for access however. If this kind of thing appeals to you and you like MILF content I can recommend the trial, but there's no way I would have spent $30 to stay a member.

05-03-07  11:09am

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Visit Wild Rose Network

Wild Rose Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get quite a few sites for one very low price, especially considering the sheer amount of content
-All the sites are amateur focused but run the gambit of secondary niches, so there is quite literally something for eveyone
-The main network page is very well laid out and includes a sidebar of recent updates to all of the network's sites
-There are plenty of extra feeds that I actually found worth watching unlike many other sites I've been on in the past
Cons: -Not all all of the "sites" stand on their own as many are merely a part of CarolCox.com
-Some of the sites listed on the network's home page aren't linked to anything and are presumably defunct, although they remain a part of the "68 sites" that are advertised
-The quality and quantity of content at each site is highly variable, with some being downright awful
-Navigation of the network page as well as the individual sites can leave you confused and end in dead or broken links
Bottom Line: When I joined the Wild Rose Network I was specifically interested in only a couple of the sites, but with the low price and dozens of others for what is admittedly a pretty low price for a network I figured I'd give it a shot. I was generally pleased with the sites that I had joined to see, but overall the uneven quality left me hanging.

The "main event" site of the network is clearly CarolCox.com which I have previously reviewed. Many of the other network sites are actually extensions of hers, having their own address, but just a subdirectory once you get past the main page. These sites alone provide tons of content with above average video quality and quantity.

I did reviews of the other "network stars" and their sites which mostly replicated the quality of Carol's site, but offered nowhere near the same amount of content. There is a very functional main network page and list of updates from all the sites, but many of the links are either broken or long dead. As far as I could tell, any site on that list active or not, is counted among the 68 advertised.

Besides the highlights noted above, the rest of the sites are average at best, although some may offer an obscure niche. If you enjoy amateur content and find a site or two that looks remotely interesting here, I can recommend joining for at least a month to see if it's to your liking. However, I think most will come away disappointed if you have high expectations. I enjoyed my visit, but didn't stay for long.

05-02-07  07:50pm

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Visit Justine Joli

Justine Joli

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site has a personal feel to it since most features are accessed through a blog which includes diary entries and news about her and what's she's up to
-You get over 60 picture sets which include high quality shots that are not vidcaps as well as over 25 videos in Quicktime format
-If you are a big user of Apple, chances are you'll have Quicktime Pro and can download all the site's content
-Justine is a self labeled nerd, so techies will have some brains to go along with her sexy body
Cons: -Navigation is very confusing since it's set up like a blog
-I had to keep inputing my username and password whenever I accessed photos, sometimes multiple times
-There are only a couple dozen video clips and can only be viewed in your browser in a very small format, so there are no vid downloads unless you have the Pro version of Apple's Quicktime
-The only link I found to cancel was a broken link and when I contacted support about how to cancel they didn't really address the problem
Bottom Line: I am definitely a fan of Justine Joli (aka Swan), so when I saw she had a site with a low 3 day trial price I decided to give it a try. Although I did get some good pictures out of the deal, for the majority of users this one isn't much to write home about.

The site is set up as a blog which makes it feel personal at first. However, I had to constantly re-enter my username and password to get to the pics which are of good quality but without zip options. There are over 25 videos on the site, but they are Quicktime files and small ones at that. They also aren't downloadable unless you have QT Pro and some wouldn't even stream for me at all.

One of the first things I do at a site is figure out how to cancel. When I tried a link for that purpsose it was broken and I mentioned that in an email to support. They did email back quickly, but seemingly didn't notice my comment about the broken link since they said I could cancel by email, phone, or the link on the site (which I had said was broken). Suffice it to say, I wasnt impressed.

Overall, I really can't recommend this site since the navigation is maddening and there isn't that much to find once you do get used to it. If you are a big fan of Justine's, you will probably want to join regardless of the site's quality to get the content, but for the casual fan I would refer you to any number of free sites where you can get just as much content and save yourself the money and time I spent finding my way through this site.

05-01-07  03:36pm

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Visit Porn Audition

Porn Audition

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get about 50 videos of average but decent quality, most running for 10 to 15 minutes and most come with a set of pics that are also average but decent and vary widely in the number of shots
-Videos can be downloaded in multiple formats, including Windows Media, MPEG4, and for portable devices like PSP, Ipod, and Cellphone
-Pictures are digital shots, not vidcaps, and can be downloaded as zip files
-There's no fake storyline to follow with glam girls, just old fashion sex with amateurs
Cons: -None of the content seems to be recent with most pictures dated around 2001
-Some videos come with pictures, some don't, with not much rhyme or reason as to why
-There isn't any particular theme other than amateur sex and the name of the site is a bit misleading since they aren't really looking to hire people for porn movies; they are just there to get their collective groove on with the camera rolling
-As with most amateur content, the quality is highly variable from set to set
Bottom Line: I got access to this site by joining the Wild Rose Network, which has dozens of sites all available for one monthly fee. As with much of the other content on this network I found this site to be uneven in what it offers, but depending on your tatses you are likely to find at least a gem or two here.

The site itself is pretty simple, including four pages of videos with about 75% of those including picture sets of fairly good quality. The pics and vids are decent and watchable, but all are only captured by middle of the road equipment. Other than being amateur, there's no consistent theme here other than a mismash of straight and lesbian sex with varying numbers in each scene.

From the title you might get the idea that it's a reality site with girls auditioning to be in porn, but as far as I can tell it's just a bunch of real people getting together to have sex on camera. There's no storyline other than a brief mention of who is in each video and what they are going to do with each other.

It's not a bad site since there are plenty of videos and pictures to view, you get numerous options for downloading them, and there's lots of amateur sex action on a variety of niches. However, most of the content appears to have been prodcued around the same time and there's little sign that any more is forthcoming. It's a nice add on to the full network access you get with some great scenes, but after you download what you want there's little reason to return for a second time.

05-01-07  12:28pm

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Visit Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get nearly 200 photo galleries with about 90 to 130 pictures each that are very good quality digital shots, not vidcaps
-The viewer options for the photos are numerous since you can resize the thumbs, change the number of thumbs per page, and have variable size slideshows
-The newer videos (25) are HD with multiple options for viewing and download speeds at up to 4000kbps while the older videos (30) are only of average quality
-You get access to two similar teen "doll" websites
Cons: -The videos all run very short (approx. 5 minutes each), are only updated about once a month, and are very repetitive with only light solo masturbation that NEVER goes all the way
-The diary only has 4 entires that span just a month's time and were last updated nearly a year ago, making me wonder if Alyssa is still involved with the site
-The trial membership doesn't allow you to download the picture sets as zip files
-There just isn't enough here to justify membership beyond the trial
Bottom Line: I joined this site, mostly on a whim because I saw that Alyssa had short hair, but also because of the cheap trial cost that according to the TBP info was full access. After joining I did have access to all the content, but there was a very helpful feature that wasn't made available.

The site is very basic since it has the standard video, photo, diary, and "about me" sections. The first sign of trouble at this site was the fact that the diary hadn't been updated in almost a year and only had a few entries in it at all. The site is easy to navigate, but certainly isn't flashy.

The pic and vid sections are fairly well stocked with options for viewing and as is often the case the newer content is better quality than the older material. One big problem with the pic section was that trial members can't download the sets in zip files. The vids however are downloadable in a number of quality settings, up to 4000kbps.

One of the main things I didn't like was the lack of variety in the vids. Alyssa gets undressed, rubs herself, moans and looks turned on, but at the 5 minute mark she just stops. Every one ends like that which left me wanting for even one climax. So, while technically hardcore as she shows and touches all her "bits" it's not much more than softcore.

In the end, I can't see spending $25 a month on this site. You can dowload some good media with the trial, but beyond that I really wouldn't recommend this very uninspired site where very little is happening.

04-26-07  06:12pm

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Visit Brandi 4 U

Brandi 4 U

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers a large amount of digital picture galleries with very high resolution shots, numbering over a hundred per update
-Brandi updates the site at least once or twice a week with archives going back to 2004
-There's no doubt that mature, lingerie and pantyhose fetishists will find much to enjoy here
-When purchased through the Wild Rose Network, you get full access to dozens of other amateur sites all for under $20 a month
Cons: -You get some videos on the site, but they are only listed on the picture pages and aren't very good quality
-The design of the site is very plain and there is no apparent intgeraction with Brandi or her other members
-There isn't a whole lot of creativity going on here since the themes are fairly repetitive with lesbian or outdoor content being outnumbered by solo or straight sex with an older guy I assume is her husband
-The extras like stories, jokes, and just4fun seem like an afterthought
Bottom Line: Brandi's site is the last of the four "Stars" from the Wild Rose Network I've reviewed. While I would rate the four sites as very uneven, this site is definitely one of the best, at least where her target audience is concerned. Unfortunately, it leaves other parts a bit neglected as a result.

The site is focused almost exclusively on her photo galleries that are plentiful, both in the number of shoots and the amount of pictures per set. The pics themselves are of very high resolution and if you like mostly solo sessions by a mature women with lots of pantyhose and lingerie there's a lot of that to be found. She also specializes in foot fetish shoots, but actually has another site entirely dedicated to that niche. So, you won't find much of that here.

There are videos on the site, but they don't get their own section and are only available through the photo galleries and are always from a pic session. The quality isn't great and it's clear that Brandi's focus is on picture lovers, with some other "bonus" material that really doesn't amount to anything special.

There are different kinds of users, some wanting a few vids with their pics and other looking for a few pic sets with their vids. I am definitely the latter so for me the site wasn't really worth the time, but if you are the former this will definitely be up your alley. And since pictures are what Brandi offers the most, I can give it a higher rating than I would otherwise since she hits the mark she aimed for.

04-25-07  02:31pm

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Visit Fanny's Net

Fanny's Net

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get about 50 archive clips in AVI format that are from the early days of her site before 2004 that each run about 1 to 3 minutes followed by hundreds of clips in WMV format that range anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes
-In the gallery section you get hundreds of accompanying photo sets, most on the same theme of the vids, that are real pics and not vidcaps
-Except for the archive clips, all vids and pic sets are already zipped for easy downloading
-Site navigation is simple and straightforward
Cons: -I downloaded the suggested codec to view the older archive clips but still couldn't view them
-Although all the WMV clips are zipped for quick download, I didn't like the fact that you couldn't stream any of them to preview
-Except for a handful of clips back in 2004 when she had some girl/girl, all of Fanny's vids are with older men or solo and I would have liked more variety of partners and themes
-There isn't much variation between clips or over time, so the format got a bit stale for me
Bottom Line: Labeled as another of the Wild Rose Network's "Stars", I figured I'd find a quality site on par with the others I have reviewed. As expected, I found hundreds of videos and pictures all of good quality, but beyond that I have to say I was rather disappointed in this site.

Most of the picture and video sets include either solo action or straight sex with 1 to 3 men at a time. Some of her older videos had lesbian scenes, but none were to be found among the more recent content. The guys she has sex with are usually about the same age as her and while a young stud found his way in here and there, there was very little variation in the content at all.

One of the aspects I really didn't like about Fanny's site was that it was always trying to sell me something. When I first entered I got a pop-up with a page of links called "Big Butt Mania". It wasn't a big deal by itself, but in the "Friends" section all I found was a similar list covering all types of niche content. While popups and link lists of this type are still common on free sites, on a member site I found it in very poor taste.

In the end I just wasn't impressed with the content, although there is a lot of it. If you're a fan of mature women over 50 and have a pantyhose or foot fetish you could find much to love here, but for the more general enthusiast looking for something unique I just didn't find enough reason to join. As part of the full network access you can give it a try but otherwise I'd pass on this one.

04-24-07  10:50pm

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Visit Wife Crazy

Wife Crazy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get a large selection of pictures and videos with a notable amount of fetish content throughout the site
-Her newer pics and vids are very good quality and are kept separate from the earlier lower quality ones
-Stacie is very responsive to member requests for video and picture shoots and she's active on her message board for members
-You get access to the dozens of other sites on the Wild Rose Network as well as cam access on multiple services and plenty of bonus content
Cons: -The older pictures and videos on the site are of very poor quality
-I found navigating the pages to be a bit confusing and the site design could definitely use an update
-If seeing amateurs with multiple partners is your thing, you may be disappointed since Stacie only does scenes with her husband or solo
-None of the vids or pics have dates on them, so you can't tell how often the site is updated with new content
-The site doesn't offer any advanced features for downloading like zips
Bottom Line: This site features one of the "stars" of the Wild Rose Network named Stacie. She includes a lot of vids and pics that do vary in quality and length, but both improved steadily as the site evolved. You get full access to the other network sites which number over 3 dozen, all of them with exclusive amateur content on a variety of niches. Two major cam sites are also included as well as bonus feeds and tons of little extras.

One of the unique features of the site is a selection of vids where she talks to the cam and entices her members to masturbate. In some she's dominant and others she's more sensual, covering a wide range of fetishes in all of her content on the site.

Although it would appear there isn't much interaction in the way of cam shows, the message board was quite active and she is noted for her responsiveness to member requests. She also brings her members into her personal life to a degree since she recently revealed that she has a chronic illness which is the cause of her figure being so slim. Some may not like this and see it as a "downer", but I really loved her ability to share her ups and downs with fans.

I would recommend this site, but only to a very particular audience. You must like amateurs who have multiple fetishes but just one partner, be a fan of very slim girls, and want a personal touch through posts and email. If that's you I'd give it a try even if you didn't get the network access, but it's also worth a look for amateur lovers in general

04-22-07  09:11pm

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Visit Carol Cox

Carol Cox

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site has been running since 1995, so Carol is experienced and clearly knows what she's doing
-There are literally hundreds of downloadable videos of Carol and her friends as well as member submissions, most including real photos not vidcaps
-If members live anywhere near Montreal, your chances of getting to meet and do whatever you want with Carol are actually quite good
-You get complete access to dozens other sites on the Wild Rose Network, all for under $20 a month on various niches
Cons: -The content doesn't seem to go back as far as the site has existed, so it seems to be rotated out after a time
-Video quality is highly variable: One video can be high res and downloadable in multiple formats while the next may be grainy and only in Quicktime
-The site's organization is unusual since most content isn't organized by date, so finding what you want gives you fits
-The extras are very uneven: I found two different blogs, one that hadn't been updated since '05, another since '06
Bottom Line: I originally joined the Wild Rose Network for a few of its other sites, but my attention turned quickly to Carol's which is clearly the flagship website of the entire operation. At first glance I found the site difficult to navigate since it was organized in an unusual way and while it advertises itself as part of 69 total sites, some turned out to be just a part of her site.

Despite the issues, I definitely feel that the site is a diamond in the rough with some very good content worth searching for. The "meat" of the site is over 100 videos of Carol having sex with friends as well as strangers, most with real photos and all of pretty good quality. If you like MILFs and amateur sex, there's a lot here for you to love.

On the other end of the spectrum, mixed with these quality vids are older sets of her and miscellaneous amateur submissions which are often very low res and barely watchable. It's not like you can easily isolate "the good stuff" from "the other stuff" since the whole site is really disjointed. I was literally disoriented after my first few times browsing.

Aside from the navigation issues and the offbeat organization, there is some really good content to be found and I'll definitely be downloading as much of "the good stuff" as I can. So, if you have the time and some patience, you'll come away with some real gems. However, if you don't like the amateur mature scene or only go with sites that have simple download options I'd advise you to steer clear.

04-19-07  09:50pm

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Visit Joy of Spex

Joy of Spex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site features 33 "episodes", most including pictures (anywhere from a few dozen to over 100 shots) and videos (most have just 1 but others have 2 or 3)
-You also get about 50 bonus picture sets of "spexy" friends, many of whom have their own websites
-The videos are available to be downloaded as a zip file in both Windows Media and Quicktime formats
-The girls are actual amateurs and really wear glasses rather than other sites that put glasses on glamour models and call them "nerdy"
Cons: -If you are into glamour girls or wall to wall hardcore, please exit the site in a quick and orderly fashion
-Many of the "spexy" friends' links are either dead or merely lead to amateur supersites
-This may be a criticism that only I have: many of the girls are too skinny and could use some meat on their bones
-The reviewer enjoys this site like a pyromaniac enjoys playing in a zippo factory, so the objectivity of this review may be worse than the guy who said the Titanic was unsinkable
Bottom Line: It isn't often that I find a porn site which really fits what's probably my favorite niche: geeky girls. So, when I come upon one that's even close I am probably not the most objective person to evaluate it. However, I'll give it a try.

There are approximately 30 different "episodes" on the site, each with a different girl and most with a mix of videos and pictures. Both are of very good quality for an amateur site and while the pics aren't able to be dowloaded in a zip, the videos can be and are available in Windows Media and Quicktime formats. You also get around 50 bonus picture sets of offsite amateurs, many of whom have their own site and provide a link. Some are merely sets from amateur supersites or have dead links to sites long gone, but it ends up being a nice repository for this kind of content.

The biggest problem with the site is that nothing has been updated in about a year with no signs of anything new on the horizon. I would have to think it's because only true amateur lovers will find this site at all appealing, so big boob or glamour aficionados have little reason to visit, let alone stay.

I'll admit that some of the sets aren't even for me since I'm not into the hairy scene whatsoever, but if you fantasized about your four eyed lab partner instead of the cheerleaders, run (don't walk) to sign up for this one. However, if you went the other way then don't give this site the time of day and the only redeeming quality would be the full network access.

04-18-07  10:26pm

Replies (2)

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