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Visit Dirty Fuck Dolls

Dirty Fuck Dolls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Video quality is above average at over 1000kbps with some going as high as 1.5 mbps and can be downloaded or streamed at two different speeds and two different formats (WMV & MPEG)
-Unlike many other Meatmembers sites, most of the episodes include high resolution photos and vidcaps, so the photophile in you should be pleased
-Many of the girls featured are small chested if that's your thing
-You get acess to an additional 3 dozen sites on the Meatmembers network all for under $30 a month
Cons: -Although the site updates regularly and is current it's only every two weeks resulting in 40 episodes of various length, so by itself the site isn't worth the $30
-The small chested aspect is good for those who love that, but for me I found it limiting and the girls who did have large chests were "augmented"
-None of the vid files are available to be downloaded or streamed as complete files, instead being cut up into segments
-The site has very little that is either unique or creative
Bottom Line: I've reviewed about half a dozen sites on the Meatmembers network now and although the first few sites were very creative and original, the last few have become very mainstream and predictable. That's not to say there's nothing left to see since there is a particular niche this site may fill, but overall is disappoints.

The setup of the site is identical to others on the network with a fairly efficient design. All the links you need are right under the girl(s) episode link and despite its "sister" sites not having many high res pics, this one does in nearly every instance and vidcaps are available for every episode. Vis are decent (20-30 mins) at around 1 mbps on average, but it's hardly HD.

Much of the focus is glamour with all the girls wearing pretty standard lingerie and even any domination gear was pretty tame like Arianna Jollee's scene where she sports a pink nylon leash. As I said in my other reviews on this network you could take these tamer themes as a nice change from the extreme, but after a few sites of this kind of thing you begin to wonder if most of the netowrk really isn't that extreme after all.

In the end this site just doesn't make the grade by itself and is only recommended for those already joining Meatmembers. Its glamour focus with some roughness mixed in isn't unique and would only hold my attention for an hour or so. You could find some stars you like and want to download their scenes, but even then the cut up clips make it hardly worth it.

10-05-07  12:44pm

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Visit Top Notch Bitches

Top Notch Bitches

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Videos can be downloaded or streamed in two different formats (WMV & MPEG) at two different speeds (1000 & 400 kbps)
-Although the site has most often been updated only twice a month, more recent episodes have been coming once a week along with a preview of upcoming updates
-Navigation is about as easy as it gets with links for various features at your fingertips
-Along with your membership you get full access to the Meatmembers network featuring over 3 dozen sites all for under $30 a month
Cons: -Although just about every episode has a link for high res photos next to it, I couldn't find any, only vidcaps
-None of the vids on the site can be downloaded as one long file and are instead cut up into segments lasting about 5 minutes each
-Unlike many other Meatmembers sites, the action isn't extreme and is cluttered with annoying visual and audio effects
-Even though the site is referred to as "Gina Lynn's Top Notch Bitches", her presence is limited since she only has a few appearances
Bottom Line: This is the fifth site I have reviewed on the Meatmembers network, which is well known for having extreme content that isn't for everyone. Such was definitely the case for the first few sites I looked at, but more recent ones like this have been far more tame. However, that could be good or bad depending on your perspective.

Naviagting the site couldn't be easier with each episode having a shot of the featured girl and links for vids and pics right on the main menu. It's a small thing, but something that many other sites lack. Each page lists 16 episodes for a total on this site of 75 at the time of this review. Updates appear to be weekly and previews of upcoming spisodes are listed on the first page.

The action on this site varies from lesbian, to boy-girl, to threesomes with well known pornstars in just about every episode. The site also uses a lot of stylized visual and audio effects that were just annoying in my opinion and added nothing to the vids. Some are scripted, others not, but throughout the site is basically vanilla sex.

If you are a fan of Gina Lynn, you may want to check out the site since her name is on it, but besides her feature videos and some scattered appearances in others I saw no reason why her name was added to the marquee. Alone, the site isn't worth $30, but if you are looking for a change from the rough stuff it's ok. I'm not sure if the idea was to be a change of pace or if it's just an afterthought, but I tend towards the latter.

10-02-07  12:32pm

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Visit No Cum Dodging Allowed

No Cum Dodging Allowed

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The video quality, while not HD, is pretty decent at over 1000kbps for all but the oldest few videos
-The common theme throughout the site is swallowing, but besides that there is a great variety with some updates being one on one, other gangbang, some hardcore, others titty fucking and masturbation
-Each vid comes with hundreds of vidcaps if that's your thing
-You get dozens of additional sites when purchased through the Meatmembers network with tons of content for under $30 a month
Cons: -Although there is a link for high res photos on every episode/update, I couldn't find any such sets on the site
-The site only updates every two weeks at best and two-thirds of the vids were added within the first week of the site's existence
-All the videos on the site are cut into segments, most around 4 minutes per clip with a few here and there at around 15 minutes, but no full downloads
-Ultimately soemthing about the site made it seem dated and therefore lacked the spark of Meatmembers
Bottom Line: This is the fourth site I've reviewed on the Meatmembers netowrk and much is identical to the other sites. You get vids that run around 1000kbps that are all cut into segments while downloads and streaming are available in both MPEG and WMV formats in most cases. However, besides that the theme of the site is a stark contrast.

While all the vids include facials where the girl ultimately swallows, everything else is a variety of hardcore and softcore, sometimes featuring one dude and other times a gangbang. A few vids even had a plot while most had a silent camera guy or were reality all the way. Missing are the usual Meatmembers extreme scenes which left this site a bit average.

One thing I found strange about the site was the clear use of older vids. For example, the very first update is a very young looking Missy Monroe doing her first anal scene. She says in the vid that she's 19, but that would put the filming around 2003 while the date on the episode is 2006. Perhaps that's an irrelevant detail to some, but for me it reinforced my feeling that this site was pulled together with dated material from the beginning.

Ine the end, I can't say that the site is worth $30 on its own, but when taken as part of a very large network the value becomes clear. The sex is nowhere as extreme as most other network sites, but if you like some variety or need a timeout from the extreme nature of the other sites it can be a nice diversion. Otherwise, it's really nothing special.

10-01-07  12:07pm

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Visit Riot Whores

Riot Whores

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers very unique content unlike anything I have ever seen before; some of the vids actually have a continuing storyline!
-Most of the videos are of decent video quality, with most running about 1000k accompanied by a large number of vidcaps
-The site includes a number of behind the scenes features that really brings something extra to the site and are actually worth watching
-You get full access to the Meatmembers network with your membership, all for under $30 a month
Cons: -All videos on the site are cut into segments which really screwed up the mood and was sloppily edited, leaving out noticable amounts of footage
-Some (perhaps many) will find the scenes extremely rough, even offensive, which is saying a lot since we're already talking about hardcore porn
-The site hasn't updated in over a year with no updates in sight and has no high res photo shoots
-The price is steep when considering the site by itself with only 18 vids running an average of 30 mins each
Bottom Line: This is the third site I've reviewed on the Meatmembers network and I can say right off the bat that it is definitely my favorite so far. It's rough, sometimes shockingly so, but if you want something unique and more than a bit extreme you should keep reading. If not, I'd suggest stopping now.

As with another site on the network, one of the first things that caught my attention was the fact that the camera operator is a woman (named Mason) which is a definite departure from most male camera guys who don't ever seem to shut up. I thought it made for a different style of camera work that I found enoyable and many of the vids are a series of episodes with an actual plot!

Although the episodes are all dated, it's clear that the site hasn't been updated in a while with no new vids in sight. On the plus side, in addition to the episodes there are a number of "behind the scenes" vids that actually add something to the site. It reveals that the women who appear in the vids actually enjoy the rough play, or at least that's what they say.

There are a lot of people that I think would be turned off if not disgusted by the vids and you have to go into the site knowing that in advance. That said, if you are looking for something radically different I'd recommend giving it a try. It's not just male domination as it switches quite often with both sexes being in control. By itself the price is definitely too steep, although as part of the larger network I think it's a good deal.

09-28-07  08:12pm

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Visit Hell Fire Sex

Hell Fire Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Quality is decent and can be viewed/downloaded at two different speeds and in two different file fomats (WMV & MPEG)
-All episodes are dated as to when they were uploaded, so you can anticipate when new episodes will appear
-Content is original and, at least in the first episodes, sometimes disturbing, which I actually liked because it was different
-You get full network access to about three dozen sites all for under $30 a month, which is a lot of content for that price
Cons: -All episodes are cut into segments and aren't able to be watched or streamed in their entirety
-Recent episodes are very formulaic with the same script playing out each time and no plot whatsoever: dom girl taunts other girl, has guy screw other girl, while she watches and only occasionally joins the action
-I found a number of broken links in the members page which just made the site feel sloppy and very unorganized
-The site only updates about twice a month and repeats the same girls often
Bottom Line: This is the second site I've reviewed from the Meat Members network and after having a lukewarm reaction to the first one, I was really hoping for something different and offbeat. At first I was quite pleased with femdom theme, a female camera operator (which is very unusual in my experience), and some creative plots. However, that all changed before long and leaves this site with some things left to be desired.

The initial episodes had some very erotic lesbian themes and realistic bondage play between the dom and sub before they even get to the boy/girl action. I found it to be unique and very creative, but like many other sites that originality slipped over time. In more recent episodes, the themes become formulaic, predictable, and just plain boring after awhile.

One really annoying aspect to the site was that, in many cases, the trailers either sent me to the main members page or asked me for my password again. It only happened about half a dozen times and might seem like a minor thing, but how difficult is it really to have someone check the links once and awhile?

In the end it's the same old story with good sites on networks: Create something really unique, run with it for awhile, but somewhere along the way forget all that and make it feel like every other site on the network. By itself I don't think it's worth $30, but as a site on a nicely sized network it's a decent add-on. If you like rough play I'd definitely check it out, but if not then don't bother.

09-18-07  12:36pm

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Visit Meat Holes

Meat Holes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -All videos are available in MPEG or WMV format and can be streamed or downloaded easily
-If you enjoy rough anal content with ass licking and "mindgames" you will be right at home, although some of the domination is less than authentic for true fetishists
-Video quality, even for the older content, is pretty good and watchable
-Along with your membership you get over 40 additional sites all for under $30 a month which is a good value for what you pay, at least in terms of quantity
Cons: -Vids are only available in sections and can't be streamed or downloaded in one large chunk
-The girls are treated like crap (although many hold their own and are ultimately in control) which certainly won't appeal to many
-The scenes are very formulaic by following the same pattern every time and it's almost like you're watching an unedited porn film
-Even the "newest" content is two years old and none of the episodes are dated, so it's not clear if the site updates regularly
Bottom Line: This is the first site that I have reviewed for the Meatholes network and probably the best known. While I am not usually one who enjoys rough sex, I must confess that it does "do it for me" when I am in the mood and if it is done well. While there are some pluses, overall I don't think proper execution can be a label given to this site.

As noted in a comment, the navigation isn't that great, although I found it to be pretty standard for most networks. The newer content has a consistent organization, but the further back you go the more confusing it gets. Some episodes had preview pictures missing along with some of the scenes, which I found unforgivable without an explanation.

The action itself is acceptable for most, but I'm sure a true lover of this genre would be less than thrilled. The director asks the girl questions throughout and is, by his own admission, an asshole. The intent is verbal humiliation, but it's clear that the girl calls the shots in the end.

Overall, I found that the site didn't really live up to the hype and could be vastly improved with very little effort. The vids are processed in a very sloppy way with a minute or more cut out between sections. There are pictures with some of the episodes (but not all) which are merely vidcaps, even though I saw someone taking actual digital shots during the sessions. You do get full network access with your membership all for less than $30, but I'm less than impressed and definitely won't renew.

09-15-07  10:14am

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Visit All Network Pass

All Network Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A recent redesign of the site improved navigation signifcantly and added a number of streaming DVDs for no added cost
-A very large number of niches are represented here, both in the individual sites and the recently added bonus content, including a number of solo softcore sites
-There were some scenes I found interesting, so you might find some diamonds in the rough
-Even if you don't like the network, you've only invested $10 which actually led to me staying a member for an extra month
Cons: -Any improvements of the main network page are mitigated by the lack of any updates since the changes, now going on 3+ weeks
-Much of the content consists of scenes with low quality production values and often equally bad video quality that we've seen other places
-While they took the time to change mainstream actress' names, that just made it harder to find any of your favorites
-None of the plotlines are believable whatsoever and I found very few scenes to be at all erotic
Bottom Line: Looking back at the sites I've ever paid under $10 for, there are few that are at all memorable. In most cases, all I can recall is the groaning I did when I had finished going through all the content. Unfortunately, this is one of those times, although there are a few redeeming qualities worth noting.

While I maintained my membership, the main network page was totally revamped and it definitely improved the layout and navigation significantly. It even led to me staying a member for an extra month, but in the three weeks since there haven't been any updates.

If the price wasn't enough of a red flag, the number of sites advertised should have kept me from proceeding. A lot of them would barely qualify as a full site and is really just an attempt to seem more full of content. Most of the scenes are with pornstars you've seen elsewhere with the usual lame plots that go nowhere.

I must admit that I did spend awhile in the newly added streaming video section and found some titles I hadn't seen before, but I suspect any member of a large DVD site would be less than impressed, especially with no downloads.

In the end, I was encouraged by some of the changes and really wanted to like the network, but nealry a month without updates is pretty unforgiveable. If you just want some down in the mud (not literally) sultty content for very little money, I might be able to recommend it, but for most it's a definite pass. Even if it got better, they'd probably raise the price.

08-29-07  07:57pm

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Visit 4 Real Amateurs

4 Real Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Features a real network front page rather than merely directing you to one of the sites
-Content for all the sites in the network are accessible through a calendar system that also shows you what updates are coming next
-A few of the sites, especially Anna's, have a lot of content going back several years, so you'll never run out of things to watch
-Updates are very faithful and offer many features like access to diary entries, show times, and you can even search for content by girl or theme
Cons: -Newer material within the last year or so is far superior to what's in the archives, so be prepared for grainy pics and vids before 2006
-Main network page includes a list of member favorites for pics and vids which is nice, but the titles are truncated (with plenty of room to spare) making it not very helpful
-Half the sites are barely active (if at all) including one that was only updating for a few months
-A few of the girls are below "glamour" standards, which could be a problem for some
Bottom Line: It's not very often that I join any site for a full month that costs over $20, so I have to be pretty impressed with the tour and have high confidence that the book matches the cover. At the time it was a borderline decision, but I say with confidence that it was definitely worth the $25 I paid.

When you enter through the network page you are greeted by a calendar format that was easy to use and even shows a preview of what each update contains. You can view content throughout the network in this manner for about two weeks prior and two weeks ahead.

Although the network is broken down into several sites, when using the netowrk interface you'd hardly know with updates occuring just about every day. You get diaries from the girls on the site, a schedule for cam shows, and some pretty standard bonus feeds. On the downside, many sites havn't been updated in a long time and really shouldn't be considered standalone sites at all.

If you like glamour models you may find some things to enjoy here, but it is shot with an amateur feel and these are not pornstars. I'd describe them as probably the hottest girl in your class that you drooled over. I found this refreshing, but if you want Eurobabes this is defintely not for you.

While the network has some issues, I felt the amount of content fit the price quite nicely. I really only had problems with technical stuff like layout and archive media quality, but I'd recommend it to anyone, especially amateur and swinger lovers.

Soon after my review, I had a couple experiences that made me up my original score. First, I had an issue that initially left me agitated but turned out to be my own damned fault. Even so, the tech folks and the webmaster himself always responded in a professional and timely manner. They took a loss by refunding my money and displayed the best customer service I have ever experienced. Secondly, they responded to one of my critcisms and solved the problem immediately. Definitely worth a look!

08-29-07  07:29pm

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Visit Cock Loving Moms

Cock Loving Moms

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get nearly 150 "episodes" and while some of the performers are older pornstars, there are a good number of amateur types as well
-I'm definitely going to be keeping more than a few of the scenes, which is saying something when you consider I haven't kept much from other sites lately
-You get full access to around three dozen sites on the All Pass Network all for under $10 a month, which is very good in terms of the volume of content you get in return
Cons: -Video quality is rather poor with even the newest of videos being 352 x 240 which is very substandard compared to other similar sites
-The site doesn't include any pictures except for about half a dozen very small vidcaps that are only there to identify each "mom"
-None of the episodes are dated, so it's impossible to tell how often the site is updated or how long it's been running
-The simple setup and questionable quality is more suggestive of a bonus feed than a standalone site
Bottom Line: This is first site I've reviewed on the All Pass Network and my hope going in was that the small price for joining ($10) didn't result in a lack of quality. While the site does offer some different "moms" along with the traditional aging pornstars, this site doesn't offer much and is more like a bonus feed than it's own website.

The setup of the site is very simple and not hard to navigate, but if there was ever a site crying out for options of any kind this is the one. Although the vids are downloadable, it's only at one speed and format (MPEG) with no zip options. You do get 4 or 5 vidcaps for your trouble, but they are only there to identify the particular woman in the scene.

One of the only pluses I could identify was that I hadn't seen many of the women before, but I'd hazard a guess that a very low percentage of them are anyone's mother. I had seen sites that changed the names of the featured pornstars, but never one where the girl's real name was still used in the actual video. The entire site feels like it was thrown together from various scenes and exclusivity seems incredibly unlikely, although that's just my opinion and hard to confirm.

In the end, the only reason to join this site is for the network access. At $10 a month, the network rivals other major networks for volume, but in just about every other respect its lagging far behind. The vids are short and there aren't any real pics, so only full network access keeps this one from being a complete dud.

07-30-07  07:52pm

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Visit Regan Reese

Regan Reese

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get a ton of pictures including boy/girl and girl/girl sets that are able to be downloaded at two different resolutions, some as high as 700x1000
-The site's navigation is simplistic but easy to navigate and provides quick access the content
-Within a few hours of joining I received a reply to a message I sent her, so interaction appears to be possible through the site
-The site clearly needs some growth, but according to Regan there will be a major overhaul within the next month or two
Cons: -The members "website" is really just a gallery lister that organizes the picture sets and videos into categories, leaving other features like her journal and biographical info accessible only through the free side of the site
-You only get 6 videos in all that run at an average speed of 700kbps in WMV format
-There isn't a set update schedule and there are only 3 posts in the news section, although the site has been active for over 6 months
-None of the site's content seems to be exclusive
Bottom Line: Awhile ago I left a comment that sparked some spirited debate on if you should expect interaction on a solo site. I had emailed Regan using the email address on her free side and commented on my disappointment in not receiving a reply. However, afterwards I agreed with some criticism that while interaction is a nice bonus, it's probably not realistic or fair to expect it.

So, recently I decided to give the site a try with an open mind. When I entered the members section for the first time, I was greeted by a list of picture and video galleries that gave me direct access to the content. On one hand it was nice to get right to the meat of the site, but on the other I found that the list was pretty much the entire site! That left many features like a calendar and journal on the free side inaccessible from the members side.

The quality of the pics and vids is decent and average compared to other personal sites, although I'm sure that 75% or more isn't exclusive and at least one set is available on her agent's site free. There are only 6 videos and 15 pic sets, but some include hundreds of shots totalling over 3,000 pics.

Overall I wasn't very impressed, but do give it some leeway since she's relatively new on the scene and through an email was told by her directly that more was coming soon. So, for now my score will represent the site as is, but will be revised if she delivers. If you find her incredibly hot & sexy, give it a try for a month, otherwise definitely pass.

07-26-07  09:40pm

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Visit Action Girls

Action Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers a unique niche that you won't find anywhere else, not even close
-Although the site started with a "post-apocalyptic" theme, the creators have branched out into new ones including a fitness fetish and a series set in the old west
-The production values are extremely high for a porn site, with lots of action, realistic props and sets, and a really smooth feel to all of the content
-While many sites might eventually rotate out some series or videos, it's all still included
Cons: -The quality of the videos on the site is downright awful and picture quality is only average at best
-Navigating the site is like touring a disaster area with different sorting methods but no real order to the site overall
-The site mostly exists as a teaser for the DVDs that they make, which is the only way to get the content at high quality
-The price is far too much for what you get in return and you are paying for the high cost of production which has risen numerous times over the years.
Bottom Line: Before diving into my review, I must admit that I signed up for the trial membership without any intention of joining for a full month. For me, there isn't any porn site that's worth over $25 a month and that's including multi-site networks. What I found in the site didn't change my mind on the price, but I felt it was only fair to admit I went into the trial already holding a bias.

The navigation for the site is downright awful, although it does allow you to sort the content according to the plot, date, or girl you want to find. Despite this, I found it very confusing and basically thrown together each time new content is added. When looking for content including Veronika Vanoza, for example, a couple of her videos were noted but it directs you to other girls' pages where she isn't the feature star.

Just about all of the content produced for the site is still there and you can view it chronologically so you can catch up. However, all of it plays at very low quality (less than 300kbps in most cases) and although the picture quality is average, both seem very substandard for this type of site.

In my opinion, the high price is due to the high cost associated with the prodcution of Action Girls, which would be perfectly fine if you got to see it in HD. However, what you end up with is a test drive of the lowest level ride in the place along with a hefty bill for your trouble. Join the trial for a look if the niche interests you in the least, but for me that's the end.

07-24-07  07:20pm

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Visit Bang Bros Worldwide

Bang Bros Worldwide

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get over 200 "episodes" on the site featuring a woman masturbating by herself in a video (usually around 10 minutes) and two picture sets (1 true digital, 1 vidcaps)
-The vids can be streamed in your browser using Windows Media Player and downloaded in WMV or MPEG format
-If you like masturbation with hot ethnic babes from outside the U.S. you may have hit the jackpot
-When accessed through Ox Pass, you get another dozen or so sites with your membership all for under $25 a month
Cons: -While the site updated faithfully during its two year run, it hasn't added any new content since the beginning of '05
-Except for the most recent dozen vids that run around 1000k, all the others are more like 500k and can only be watched with a small viewing window or quite blurry
-The site's content doesn't include any zip options and vids can only be downloaded at one speed
-The supposed "high quality pictures" are only 600x800 which are clear but substandard for a network of this type
Bottom Line: As my membership to Ox Pass, a Bang Brothers network, comes to an end I debated whether to review some of the smaller and often "dead" sites that are offered. In the end I decided to do so since someone might enjoy the site or want to get an idea of what the network is like. While I did like some aspects of the site, it's deader than a doornail here.

The site is VERY defunct and has been since the beginning of '05, although it seems to have kept a faithful update schedule for the two years prior. You get 212 "episodes" featuring the now well known video and two picture sets that Bang Brothers is known for in the world of porn. There's no doubt that they really helped to create the reality genre, but whether they've kept up is the real question.

For the most part, I found the videos and pictures to be average at best and pretty bad the further you go back. As another reviewer stated, you might get some enjoyment out of the content while downloading from the other sites, but that's not saying much.

If you like to watch girls masturbate (but not always cum) you could find it interesting, but as someone who gets bored after a long BJ scene this never really did it for me. Ox Pass has a handful of these sites that can make you mad when you figure out they haven't been updated in an age, but I suppose I'd rather it be included that taken off the site completely. Even masturbation fans will make out better elsewhere and only network access makes this one worth checking out.

07-14-07  07:53pm

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Visit Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 200+ "episodes" including a video and two picture sets (one true digital, one vidcaps) that have been updated weekly since '03
-Vids can be downloaded in either WMV or MPEG format as 1 long file, 4 equal segments, or minute long clips
-Website navigation is pretty bare bones but is standardized throughout the entire site and fairly easy to use
-When purchased through Ox Pass, you get full access to over a dozen extra sites (and thousands of network vids) all for under $25 a month
Cons: -Although the newer videos run at over 1000k, the older ones (before the end of '04) run at less than 500k which I found to be very blurry and nearly unwatchable
-None of the content has zip options and all the vids run at only one speed
-Like other network sites, the more recent girls are pornstars rather than the amateurs used at the beginning
-Since the focus of the site is cum shots in the girl's mouths, it doesn't allow much variation in the scenes which gets repetitive after awhile
Bottom Line: I've now reviewed nearly all of the dozen or so sites that come with Ox Pass and overall I must say that I've been less than impressed. However, I always make an effort to describe as much of the good as the bad so that readers of my reviews can make up their own minds. That said, I thought this site was representative of the rest of the network: It's ok, but could be better.

The site has been online for about 4 years and has updated weekly during that time. The original videos beginning in '03 last only about 10 to 15 minutes and have less than stellar quality while the newer videos run more like 30 minutes. The newer the vid the longer the intro is likely to be, but it's still shorter than other Bang Brothers sites by a wide margin and gets to the sex scene quickly.

One big disappointment is the lack of options like zipping files or being able to download at more than one speed. The newer vids run at 1000k, but older ones play less than 500k. Despite these issues, I did like how the site keeps the amateur feel it started with unlike many other sites on the network. There are definitely more "glam" girls, but there's a nice balance.

If you are looking for sex scenes without a lot of talking, this might hit the spot, although I think you'd have better options elsewhere. The full access through Ox Pass is a nice addition and the volume of content you get is extensive. Still, I leave this network with less enthusiasm than when I joined which is never a good sign.

07-13-07  08:54pm

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Visit BangBus


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Membership to the site includes over 200 exclusive "episodes" containing a video and 2 picture sets (one digital, one vidcaps)
-The site has a very user friendly interface that's standard throughout the site and makes downloading content easy
-Vids can be downloaded in two well used formats (WMV and MPEG) as 1 large episode, 4 large clips (in most cases), or in 1 minute segments
-When purchased through Ox Pass you get complete access to over a dozen extra sites all for under $25 a month
Cons: -The newer vids (since '05) run at 1000k, but older ones only run 500k (or worse) which I found to be nearly unwatchable
-You don't have zip options for any content and the vids are only available at one speed
-When running a search, the results are mostly the 1 minute clips and are listed by file name, which takes time to "decode" and often doesn't include the older material at all
-When the site began the format was novel and used amateur girls, but now it's stale and only uses pornstars
Bottom Line: After reviewing a number of sites on this Bang Brothers network, I finally come to one of the better known reality sites out there known as Bang Bus. This site has been around since 2001 and, as far as I can tell, effectively launched the entire venture. It has certainly gotten a lot of attention and for good reason, but after 6 years the site has been lulled into some very common sandtraps.

Since the beginning, the site's vids show two guys in a beat up van driving around Miami, picking up chicks, and having one of them screw her in the back. It's a formula that hasn't changed much over the years that could almost be called "classic reality". As with many of the Bang Brothers' sites, the quality of the older content isn't very good and although it has improved some, there is nothing on this network that even comes close to HD.

Although the basic format hasn't changed, the site has begun using well known pornstars and loses the amateur feel it once had. They've even started having the girls drive the bus from the outset, looking for another girl that's clearly a setup.

In the end, unless you want to watch the older more interesting vids at very low quality or enjoy the more repetitive newer content at average quality, I think there are much better options out there to choose from. For sheer volume the site can't be beat and the added network access includes over 1,000 vids. At under $25 it's not a bad deal, but the original luster has long since come off the bus.

07-13-07  12:45pm

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Visit Ox Pass

Ox Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get hundreds of "episodes" on the dozen or so sites of this network run by the well known Bang Brothers
-The site is well laid out with the ability to search for performers on the various sites and each girl has her own page listing all her scenes
-Vids shot over the last two years average about 1000k and are able to be downloaded in WMV or MPEG formats anywhere from the entire scene to segmented clips
-In most cases you get two pic sets with each vid, one true digital shots, one vidcaps
Cons: -Although many of the sites claim that the girls are met randomly on the street, a large percentage are well known pornstars and not amateurs
-You can search by type of content, but many of the network's older scenes or girls are not included
-Many of the network's sites are now defunct and no longer updated and this older content is way below the standards of the more recent content that is only average at best
-There are no zip options for downloading content and all vids are only one speed
Bottom Line: When I joined Ox Pass, I believed I was getting about a dozen amateur reality sites and was pleased with the high scores the network had received. Now, after viewing the entire network and reviewing the majority of its sites, I must report that while it does have some positives, my thumb is very much in the down position.

There is no lack of content on the site in terms of volume since you get hundreds of scenes with hundres of different girls. Access to those sites is very simple through a standard network interface and all the sites are well laid out and easy to navigate. Each girl has her own page that links to all that performer's scenes throughout the network and a search of both the girls and the type of content.

Despite the ample features, there are many minor issues that add up to more than a headache. Although the girls are often referred to as amateurs, they are clearly not in most cases. The search doesn't always succeed in finding all content on the network and the scenes themselves aren't particularly creative or innovative in any way.

If you like glam girls you may find much to like here, but if you want scenes to be unique and fully showcase the performers talents I think you'll be disappointed. My mistake was in assuming the majority of girls were amateurs which a more thorough search would have revealed, but that may not matter to others. I won't be renewing my membership, but if you want volume over creativity then this could well be your thing.

07-10-07  12:50pm

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Visit Mr Camel Toe

Mr Camel Toe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 45 "episodes" that include a video and two picture sets (one vidcaps, the other true digital shots) sorted by each girl's individual page
-The vids run at around 1000k and the pics are decent size, but a bit average compared to other sites I've visited
-You can download in WMV or MPEG format as entire files, four equal sized ones, or one minute clips
-You get around a dozen sites in total with your membership when you access the site through Ox Pass all for under $25 a month
Cons: -The site is no longer updating as of November of '06 with no new episodes in sight
-The vids all include straight sex scenes, but the rest of the time is just shots of women in tight pants that may not appeal to everyone
-There are no zip options for the videos or pictures and the vids are only available at one speed
-Many of the performers are professional pornstars and not "regular girls", although most are presented as amateurs, so if you don't like glam girls I'd look elsewhere
Bottom Line: While most of the sites associated with Ox Pass (otherwise known as the Bang Brothers Network) are regularly updated once a week, like other networks they maintain niche sites that are no longer being actively produced. This can be good or bad depending on your perspective and for the most part I come out feeling in line with the former rather than the latter.

You get 45 episodes of content with vids and pics of what I would call average quality these days, although I've certainly seen worse. The vids average about 30 minutes and at least half of that time is spent admiring the "camel toe" of the particular girl. I found the novelty amusing and liked watching it for particular girls I like, but after awhile I just wanted them to get on with the action.

Many of the girls are recognizable porn stars, so if you are looking for 100% amateur content you'll probably be disappointed. There's nothing new here about the sex scenes since they are about as vanilla as you can get, so this site is clearly targeted for a very specific demographic which I didn't really fill.

Overall, I would never recommend joining this site unless the idea of 15 to 20 minutes of mostly clothed shots of a girl's hotbox turns you on. This is clearly a fetishists site which isn't a knock, merely a warning for those who'd rather they just get on with the sex scene. As part of a network that updates other sites often it's worth the price as a package deal, but alone this one is just another dead site.

07-10-07  11:52am

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Visit Blowjob Ninjas

Blowjob Ninjas

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get about 23 episodes that have been updated weekly since the end of January '07 and the video quality is decent at just over 1000k
-All episodes include two picture sets (one true digital, the other vidcaps) and a video anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes long on average
-The site has a simple but effective design and each girl gets her own page with links to the various content presented in a standard way throughout
-For under $25 a month you get this and half a dozen other network sites
Cons: -The collection is small, but that will get better over time
-A few of the scenes were shot in 2005 while the rest were shot in 2007, which made it seem like the site was thrown together quickly
-The videos vary widely in style with some having one or two girls, POV or traditional filming, some where the guy talks and others where he doesn't, leading to a "hodgepodge" feel
-Video quality could be improved since many other sites now shoot at 2000k and you can only download vids at one speed
Bottom Line: By now I've reviewed about half of the sites on the Bang Brothers network (otherwise known as Ox Pass) and while I haven't liked all of them, some have been decent and no one can complain about the volume of content on the network. This particular site offers some good niche content if you are a big BJ fan, but there are better options even on the same network.

The site seems to be one of the newest offered on Ox Pass since the first update was posted at the end of January from this year. In all you get 23 episodes that have been faithfully updated each week, which is also true of the network overall. One minor note is that some of the videos were filmed in 2005, including the first 3 that appeared on the site which suggested to me that they were cutting room floor material which got recycled.

Despite that, most of the material has been filmed this year and the video quality is good, although I have seen better elsewhere. The setup in each video varies quite a bit, which does break up the boring scenarios we usually get, but none of them are innovative in any way.

In the end, if you like BJ content you will probably be very happy, but if not I think you'll be disappointed. Of course I enjoy a good BJ, but here it's just an appetizer that never offers a main course. The full network access is a very nice touch, but by itself it's just average and even if this is your thing it needs some more time to grow. Maybe it'll find a style over time, but not quite yet.

07-06-07  01:10pm

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Visit Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 120 episodes that feature two picture sets (one vidcaps the other true digital shots) and a video that can be chopped into 1 minute clips
-Updates are very regular since the site has added a new episode every week since April of '05
-Video quality is decent, running around 1000k for the videos and can be downloaded as a WMV or MPEG file
-You get full access to "OX Pass", otherwise known as the Bang Brothers network, with your memberships including a dozen sites for under $25 a month
Cons: -The so called "high quality" pic sets only run around 600x800, which is hardly high res these days
-There are no zip options for the pics or vids and you have no choice in the resolution of either, so it's "one size fits all" whether you like it or not
-As with most sites on this network, there is a very stale plot in each episode that has the girl being picked up by some guys with a camera
-Besides focusing solely on ethnic girls, the site is indistinguishable from the other network sites
Bottom Line: I've now reviewed about half a dozen sites on the Bang Brothers network and have been only marginally impressed overall. However, a lot of that is due to my personal preferences so I do encourage everyone to read on since they might like it more than I did. The site seems to serve as the main "ethnic" page for Bang Brothers in that it features only latinas, asian, and black girls. This is not "my thing" since I like a variety of girls that includes caucasians, but as part of a network I do like sites that offer something different.

That said, there isn't a whole lot that distinguishes this site from others on the network. There's a bit of an emphasis on big butt girls, but other than the ethnic theme it's very mixed in terms of assets. One nice thing is the consistency of the content quality which often suffers with older shoots, but here it's pretty even throughout.

One thing to remember with all Bang Brothers sites is that the male performers almost always wear a condom which I'm not a big fan of myself and is a big issue for some people. I'm not one to say a bad word about paracticing safe sex, but I think most of us are used to not seeing them.

Bottom line? If you like ethnic girls you'll probably love this site, but if you don't then look elsewhere. As a standalone site it's merely average, but when you include the full network access through Ox Pass it's certainly a nice add on that actually isn't very different at all from the rest of the network's sites.

07-03-07  12:28pm

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Visit Tug Jobs

Tug Jobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Nearly 200 episodes that include two pic sets (caps and real digital shots) and a video, usually between 10 and 20 minutes long
-Videos can be streamed in browser (WMV) and downloaded in two different formats (WMV & MPEG) with convenient dropdown menus on each girl's page
-You can choose between one long clip, divided into 4 parts, or 1 minute clips for downloading
-With your membership you get access to a dozen network sites with tons of content on a variety of niches for under $25 a month
Cons: -Although they are described as "high quality", the digital picture sets are mostly around 600 x 800 at best while the highest resolution on the vieos is 1000k with older ones running about 500k or less
-Neither the picture sets or the videos can be downloaded as zip files and all clips are only available at one speed
-The majority of episodes are shot POV style and many don't include blowjobs, which may not appeal to everyone, and most of the girls are pornstars, not amateurs
Bottom Line: In the handful of reviews I've done for the Bang Brothers network the most consistent aspect of the sites so far has been their inconsistency. Some have shown a bit of flare for the dramatic or done something unique, but other than offering some very average performances this site doesn't really fit those descriptions whatsoever.

There's no disputing the fact that you get a large volume of content with almost 200 episodes that have been updated weekly since 2003. In most cases there isn't much of a plot since each video only averages about 15 minutes. That's often the same amount of time for setting up the story on other network sites, but fortunately here they get to the action directly except for a few lame themes.

I'm always hopeful to find some amateur action on network sites since it's rare, but all of the girls here are pros as far as I could tell with little creativity in casting or the performances. There are some sexy girls, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see some different faces once and awhile.

Compared to other sites on the network, I thought this one was just a bit above average since they do get right to the action. On the downside is the fact that it's so short and the scenes motly go the same way. Basically the girl comes services the cameraman, takes a cumshot in the face or on the breasts, and that's all she wrote. By itself the site doesn't really offer a full meal, but I suppose it serves as an adequate appetizer for the rest of the network.

07-02-07  06:24pm

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Visit Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers just under 200 "episodes" going back to the middle of '03 with picture sets (vidcaps and real digital shots) included with each one
-You can download each "episode" as an MPEG or WMV files from a dropdown box in one full clip, four smaller clips, or one minute clips
-Video quality is decent at around 1000k for newer clips and 500k for older ones
-Along with membership you get full access to the Bang Brothers netowrk which includes over a dozen sites for under $25 a month
Cons: -The older videos are really choppy with tons of edits, aren't very long, and are nearly unwatchable; even the newer stuff is far from HD quality
-The vids can't be downloaded at different speeds and the pic sets don't have any zip options
-If you don't like uncircumsized units or condoms (which seemed odd for a site focused on cocks) then you best look elsewhere
-There's nothing original here, just pornstars and amateurs who want to become pornstars with plenty of lame setups to go around
Bottom Line: I've reviewed a few sites on the Bang Brothers network and my overall impressions have been decidely mixed. So, I wasn't sure what to expect when I reviewed this one. There were definitely some aspects I liked, but for the most part it was just more of the same.

The site has clips going back to '03 and despite one of the TBP reviews, it seems to have always updated about four times a month. Pic and vid quality is only average at best and earlier ones are downright awful. You get some amateur girls in older clips, but all the most recent girls are pros. The action is pretty run of the mill with no particular theme running through the episodes.

I will say that the male performers do a very nice job on this network's site and I actually found them funny along with the guy filming the whole thing. My only complaints are that most of them use condoms and at least half of them are uncircumsized. Condoms just take away from it for me and, although it strictly a matter of preference, but uncircumsized dudes just creep me out for some reason.

In the end, there isn't very much that distingushes this site from all the others on the network since it uses most of the same girls and some of the same guys featured elsewhere. Only the focus of the comments made by the camera guy makes it any different since here he talks endlessly about the dude's Johnson and on another site will talk about the girl's ass. The network access gives you volume, but for me this site was just average.

06-28-07  11:49am

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Visit Ass Parade

Ass Parade

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 150 videos of girls with the biggest gams that I've ever seen that has updated weekly for approximately 3 years now
-A larger portion of the girls are amateurs than other sites on the network, although more recent ones are pros
-Included with your membership is full access to a couple dozen sites all for under $25 a month which is a good return for what you pay
-The website is a bit plain but standardized throughout the entire site so you'll get used to the navigation very quickly
Cons: -I've definitely seen better quality videos and pictures than what you get here, so HD lovers would probably be better off elsewhere
-Some people would definitely say that some of the girls were ugly and perhaps too thick in places other than the ass, although I didn't think so
-Although I liked the easy navigation, the site could use a redesign since I found minor features like ratings and search to be error prone
-If you don't like this site, the network offers plenty of other niche content
Bottom Line: This is the third site I've reviewed on the Bang Brothers network and after two less than enthusiastic reviews of their sites I wasn't holding out much hope for this one quite frankly. However, I can now say that I was pleasantly surprised and except for a couple minor complaints I came away very pleased.

The setup is exactly the same as other sites on the BB network which is very plain but efficient. There aren't many bells and whistles but that's not why we come to sites like this anyway. The search and rating functions seem to have a few kinks and don't work as they should which I found annoying but not disruptive.

As for the videos themselves, it certainly isn't HD, but all in all I think the quality is pretty good running around 1000k for the newer vids (about half that for older ones however). More so than the other sites I've reviewed, this one uses amateur performers which can be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes. If you like perfect figures and faces, this isn't for you. However, for the true amateur lover that enjoys wide hips this place is a paradise.

The only thing I can really complain about is the variety of breast sizes since I like them bigger myself, but that's not the focus of this site. I guess I just wish the other BB network site that focused on asses hadn't used so many mainstream stars (they are beginning to however). It isn't for everyone and there's no glam here, but with full network access I definitely recommend checking it out.

06-26-07  12:34pm

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Visit MILF Lessons

MILF Lessons

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site has been updated weekly since April of '04, resulting in approximately 175 episodes that can be downloaded in WMV or MPEG format
-The site allows you to set ratings for the scene and the performer, so you know what's popular
-Along with your membership you get a total of 15 different network sites all for under $25 a month which is a good value for the volume of content
-The site is updated once a week, but when you include the entire network there's new content added every weekday
Cons: -Although a few scenes have some amateurs or just newbies that haven't been seen before, most are recycled pornstars that appear on just about every similar network
-While the newer clips play at 1000k, the older clips are listed 500k and often play even lower
-The ratings system didn't always seem to work for me, often landing my browser at an error page and many of the scenes had no votes at all
-There aren't any options for quality on the videos or pictures since all come at one set speed
Bottom Line: This is the second site I've reviewed for the Ox Pass network and is one of the main reasons I joined since it seemed to offer a good amount of amateur scenes. There's plenty of content here since you get over 3 years worth of scenes, but I found that my initial impression, right or wrong, had been a bit off the mark.

The site has a typical layout, with 20 scenes listed per page and offers well done individual pages with easy options for streaming or downloading. Each "episode" comes with 2 picture sets, one true digital shots and the other vidcaps (no zip options). The newer vids run at 1000k, but older vids run at less than half that speed.

One nice feature is that, for any scene or clip, you can give it a rating on a five point scale of "ok", "liked", "good", "great", or "super". However, if you thought a scene sucked you are apparently out of luck and I ended up with an error message more than once when I tried to vote. There is also a search function, but I found that many searches regularly missed older material.

In the end, most of the performers are well known pornstars and the recent episodes offer the same lame setups featured on other sites. I also doubt these girls are really moms since most look barely in their 20s. What the site does have to offer is a great price that includes full network access. If you like big boobs and huge asses you can't go too wrong here, but I wish the girls featured more of what God gave them than their plastic surgeons.

06-25-07  02:47pm

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Visit Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get nearly 200 "episodes" containing a video and a picture set (although they are usually vidcaps)
-Unlike sites on some other networks, many of the vids get right to the action and dispense with repetitive scenarios about bumping into the girls by accident
-You get a variety of very hot girls as long as you like them with a bigger body size to go along with their big "assets"
-The cameraman talks a lot which could get a bit annoying, but I found him funny and enjoyable for the most part
Cons: -More recent vids can be downloaded in WMV or MPEG format, but earlier vids are only WMV and you have no quality options
-The video quality is only ok for the most recent videos and downright lousy for the older ones
-Although the site tries for an amateur feel, many (if not most) of the girls are well established porn stars and not amateurs
-Even when they get right to the sex, the formula and sequence is almost always the same and I think the scenes would be better if they were edited down
Bottom Line: This is the first site I've reviewed for the OX Pass network and the one that convinced me to join. I must admit that a couple different established pornstars prompted me to signup since I thought there was a nice mix of amateurs and pros. However, I found that the latter outweighed the former by a wide margin.

The site is organized fairly well, although I wish the vidcaps had shown more of the girls faces rather than just their racks. Each girl gets her own page which is very standardized unlike other networks that change the format repeatedly. You get a dropdown menu for different vid formats which include WMV and MPEG in most cases. Older vids are only in WMV and appear to have been shot for a different site called "Nice Naturals". I'd suggest sticking to the newer stuff since the quality of the older material is nearly unwatchable.

You also get a very nice search function, but I found it didn't work all the time. Sometimes I'd end up at the home page instead of the results page and there were numerous instances where I found a girl by browsing the site that didn't appear in the search results at all. Also, each girl has a list of characteristics, but as far as I can tell that information isn't searchable.

Compared to sites from a recent network I reviewed, there is much to like here since I found the scenes less forced and more erotic. However, many minor issues add up to a big headache and I'd only recommend the site if the girls on the tour strike your fancy.

06-22-07  08:44pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The network includes 10 individual sites with hundreds of movies and thousands of pictures on various niches like MILF, best friend's sister and mother, office hanky panky, latinas, and hot co-eds
-Many of the more recent vids run as high as 2000k for WMVs and can also be downloaded in MPEG, MOV, and MP4 formats while recent pics are very high quality and can be downloaded as zips
-If you like glam pornstar content w/o anything kinky (except for anal) this will probably fit the bill nicelly
Cons: -Vids and pics added since '06 are of high quality and have many options for downloading like zips, but before that vids run 512k (WMVs) at best and often worse and pics are low res and zip options are spotty
-Most of the sites used tired and cliched scenarios and set ups that grow old very fast and make you plead for them to stop talking and just have sex already
-Although many of the sites started with pure amateur content, the performers have gradually become almost entirely pornstars
Bottom Line: I joined this network for access to 3 specific sites (Naughty Office, Naughty Bookworms, and My Best Friend's Mom) but you also get 7 additional sites all for under $25 a month. Like most people I hoped that those 3 sites would justify the cost for all 10 and in the end I do think I got my money's worth, but beyond the basics there really wasn't much value to be found.

The network fills a number of other niches with a couple latina sites and a few dedicated to teens, but there really isn't anything unique here. In fact, I found the lack of a dedicated lesbian site and little lesbian content within the existing sites to be very disappointing.

The newer vids and pictures are very high quality, but the further back you go the worse that quality gets. I also found the site design dull, cluttered, and very non-standardized which I think could be addressed with a day or two of work. Of course these details are small things separately, but taken all together they add up to a major annoyance.

If you like pornstars, be they newbies on the way up or old pros on their way over the hill (and many who've already reached the bottom) then this may fit the bill and could elicit a rave review from others. However, from a network billing itself as "The Difference Is Here" I really expected much more in the way of creativity and unique niches. So, while nothing is "wrong" with the network per se since it does deliver lots of sex, I think my $25 a month could be better spent elsewhere.

06-12-07  08:35pm

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Visit My First Sex Teacher

My First Sex Teacher

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get around 165 episodes, each containing a video in numerous formats (WMV, MOV, MPEG, and MP4) and a picture set, all downloadable
-The more recent episodes include videos running at 2000kbps (WMVs) with true digital shots (not vidcaps) that are downloadable as zip files
-You get full access to the Naughty America network "Tier 1" sites (10) for under $25 a month
-The site offers the second highest number of vids on the entire network, so if you like what you see there's plenty more
Cons: -Although vids from the last few months run from 700k to as high as 2000k, the majority of the episodes are only 512k and in most cases run much slower
-The picture sets drop in quality the further back you go with pre-'06 sets being mostly vidcaps and often without zip options
-While not as bad as some other NA sites, the scenarios are lame and really dampened my enthusiasm for the scenes
-Many of the earlier episodes aren't dated and updates only seem to come about once a week if not longer
Bottom Line: I've now reviewed most sites on the Naughty America network and some have certainly been better than others. This one certainly wasn't the worst, but it is still far from the best and I fear I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

Like the rest of NA the newer videos and picture sets are very good quality. However, the further back you go the worse the quality gets and the fewer options are available for downloading. That isn't uncommon as technology improves, but the real problem is the lack of flow to the site with style changes occuring every few months in how the content is organized on each girl's page.

The vids themselves are very predictable and only the reality of better odds for hooking up with a teacher above your best friend's mom make this site more realistic. Most of the "teachers" are pornstars and a number of them provide repeat performances, which can be good or bad depending your preferences. Personally, I found it repetitive and would have liked more variety, but if you like MILF-esque pornstars with a teacher student fantasy scenario you will probably find the site enjoyable.

In the end I found this site to be very middle of the road, being neither terrible or excellent. The full newtork access is nice and the price isn't bad either, yet I still can't really recommend this site very highly and I've already cancelled my rebill. The amount of content is a plus, but if you want cutting edge look elsewhere since I found this one pretty dull.

06-11-07  09:24pm

Replies (4)

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