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Visit 8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
-Lots of Latina women
-The girls have various body types
-A few of the girls are REALLY kinky
-A LOT of content to download and watch
-Weekly updates
-85% of the girls are exclusive
-Older content is not deleted
-Goo script/"actors"
Cons: -Videos can get very repetitive
-Same couple of guys in every episode
-9GB download cap per 24hrs
-Some girls just aren't good at faking good sex
Bottom Line: Ever wondered what picking up a random Spanish girl would be like? Well here it is. This site hate quite a bit of content to download including good quality (not Hi-quality) screen caps of each video.

First off, the fact that you get full access with a trial offer is a rarity. Just count on not being able to download media as fast as subscribing members.

My biggest concern with this site is the same with many other sites specializing in one type of female, and that's that you see the same couple of guys in every video. At first it isn't a problem until you realize that each guy has their own positions they like and they use the same positions in the same rotation in almost every movie.

On the brighter side the majority of the girls are exclusive. The site does say 100%, but I have seen a few of them posing and filming elsewhere.

The older content is not deleted, and you'll know it's old when you noticed it's quality as well as the fact that you can't download the movies as one file, but as multiple files.

All in all, this site's been around for a while and shows no signs of dying down. If you're a Latina fan or just like Spanish women you should at least take advantage of the all access trial for only $5. Also the price to subscribe is a couple dollars lower than most, so take advantage of this site.

09-28-08  03:55am

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Visit Bait Bus

Bait Bus

No Review.
11-29-08  05:03am

Visit Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Beautiful ethnic girls
+ A few interesting "stories"

+ Multiple download/streaming options (some in HD)
+ Movies can be downloaded in parts or as a full movie
+ Option to download screens
Cons: - No updates since Aug 2008
- Just over 50 videos
Bottom Line: With barely 50 different videos to download, and no updates in almost 3 years, this BangBros affiliate doesn't offer much.
The women are beautiful, if you're into ethnic women. They whole basis of this site is black, asian, and latin women, and they began to do it quite well.

There's really not much else to cover with this site. No updates recent updates, but all past content is accessible.

Users have multiple download options of either 1 full video (HD option), 3-5 split parts, or 2 minute segments. Videos can also be streamed in 3 various qualities, and screen can be downloaded.

Of course as with any BangBros affiliate, with a paid subscription you get access to other affiliates, so it kind of pays off, unless you focus on this affiliate.

Overall 62%. Beautiful women, but lack of updates and content doesn't really pull you in too well.

03-02-11  07:19am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Constant daily updates
+ Access 30+ affiliates
+ Most of the content is HD
+ Streaming capabilities on all videos
+ Ability to download high quality screen caps
+ Nice range of women
+ Interesting plots, stories, and directing styles
+ Easy to navigate
+ Lots of download options
+ Easy search options
+ Streaming webcam access
Cons: - Plots can sometimes get repetitive
- Older material is in lower quality
- Problems surfing while downloading multiple files
- Some affiliates no longer add content
Bottom Line: First off $20 a month for 4,000+ entertaining videos, 400+ girls, and 30+ different affiliates is a hell of a deal. There's an average of 3 updates daily, affiliates update once a week.

Tons of content to please anyone; creampies, huge dicks, ethnic women, MILFs, gangbangs, lesbians, foot fetish, and a few other things.

Videos can be downloaded as one movie or in multiple parts with an option for HD, as well as streaming. You can also download the screen caps which are also in pretty good quality.

It should be stated that trial users DO NOT GET FULL ACCESS. You can see all the content, but you're limited as to what you can download/stream. So if you're thinking about a trial membership, I'd advise not.

This network has something for almost everyone, no matter what your mood is. Searching is incredibly easy, and it's even easier to follow your favorite actress.

Of their affiliates, some no longer update, but previous content is still available to view as well as download.

Multiple simultaneous downloads are allowed, but often you cannot surf while downloading more than 2 files.

This is definitely a recommended site. The price per month is great for what it offers, the girls they offer are such a wide range you can't not be satisfied. All and all the few downfalls aren't enough to push anyone away.

02-28-11  07:47am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-01-08  09:42am  (Update History)
Reason: added affiliate info as well as updated the score to match.
Pros: -TONS of videos
-Any added material you can count on it being there for a LONG time
-Streaming or Download options
-Download movies in 1 whole scenes or multiple parts in various qualities and formats
-Tons of bonus material including deleted scenes, bloopers, comics, and lots of other stuff
-Sex-types to satisfy anyone
-Lots of different types of girls
-Famous people show up
-Over 20 affiliates
-Switching from one affiliate to another doesn't involve re-logging in and is incredibly easy to do
Cons: Something does get repetitive, if you're into one type of female
2 simultaneous downloads at a single point in time
The older material from years ago isn't the best quality
Some trailers do give away alot (but alot of others don't)
Bottom Line: You're paying about $20 a month for a1 website with bout 20 different sub sites each with something different. Even when you think the content gets old something new comes out. After being a member for a lil over a year and seeing ALOT of other websites as well as their sister sites you won't find too many other websites like this.
One of my favorite features is the fact that when you decide to go from one affiliate to another you don't have to log in and there's actually links on the side of the site. You get updates from ALL the affiliates the day of. It's the epitome of 20 sites working as one flawlessly.
I suggest you not go with a trial because you really only get part of the full effect of the site.

But in short if you like a variety of types of girls and sex acts this is the place for you. You'll see everything from sex in a bus, outdoors, anal, big girls, skinny girls, exotic girls, huge cocks, multiple people, handjobs, creampies (guys climaxing in the female's vagina) and ALOT more.

08-24-08  05:27pm

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Visit BangBus


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of various types of girls
- Very different take on a video
- Videos are a good size legnth
- Always funny
- Bloopers and out takes
- Great screenshots
- Most of it isn't scripted
- Tons of content (old and new) videos are not removed
Cons: - Sometimes the film work isn't the best
- There's about 15min of talk in the beginning
- The trailers usually give away the ending
- Some times you get crappy guys attempting to screw the girls
Bottom Line: This is a site I found a few years ago and it was funny then and it still is. A few guys drive around in a 18 passenger van looking for girls to screw (or sometimes a guy to screw a girl). If it's a girl they'll tell the girl they'll pay a large sum of money, guys are free because the sex is enough. The thing that really sells this is the fact that the van they're driving around in barely has tinted windows and of course the closer; after the sex is over the girl is tossed out of the van and left in some random place and they keep the money.

My favorite thing about the site is that the only thing that's stages is the chick being picked up and dropped off, everything in between is completely improv and some of the things that come out are pretty funny. Most of the girls are damn good. Count on seeing girls of all races with anything from small breasts to double D sized getting picked up from the Swap Shot to the beach and even a school. Pretty interesting.

The one thing I don't like is the fact that you never know how the camera guy is gonna be. The majority of the vids are decent for a guy filming inside a moving van, but every so often you'll find one where it's like an earthquake is going on.

Most of the vids are 1 guy and 1 girl but every so often you'll find guy-guy-girl or girl-girl-guy but don't expect too many. The site itself has weekly updates with 1 new video every week with screens and a trailer to match. The trailers do give away the plot most of the time while leaving out the funny parts.

Bottom line, if you're interested in seeing what it would be like to ride around in a van with your friends having sex with random girls then tossing them out, you may want to check this out. You'll also get access to their many affiliate sites. The price is a little higher than normal ($35).

And hey if you're in the Miami area you just might see them riding around in a white bus. Just look for the busted left front bumper.

09-15-08  05:55am

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Updated: 09-03-08  02:11pm  (Update History)
Reason: Added additional information, the review is now more complete.
Pros: -Random videos
-Unpredictable acts
-Very unique compared to other sites
-Video quality is pretty good
-Not alot of talking in every video
-She's exclusive
-You'll see stars from her affiliate sites
-unlimited daily download (or at least I have yet to see a limit)
Cons: -There really isn't a whole lot of material
-Some video descriptions lack information
-No actual update schedule
-2 simultaneous downloads (you sometimes cannot browse if you're downloading 2)
Bottom Line: It's hard to judge this site because there's quite a few different things here. You'll see various acts and ideas, but you never really know what to expect from video to video.

In terms of video amount there's a lot more than expected, about 100+. She's in about 98% of them, and about 70% of them a feature some sort of girl on girl (some with a guy), and others may feature complete randomness such ass her giving a guy a handjob, measuring guys, and just a blowjob here or there.

There is no update schedule which is unlike an affiliate of Bangbros, BUT if this is your first time subscribing there's more than enough to keep you entertained for a while. I wouldn't get a month to month membership, because if you skip a couple months you can count on it being there when you return.

I would without a doubt recommend this site for someone who's not entire sure what they're really into because it explores quite a few things. You'll see voyeur material such as her giving a blowjob on a public bus (was not staged), experimentation with various positions, the pizza boy with an extra large "sausage" pizza cliche, and other surprises. Brandi isn't your normal girl and deserves more than just a quick glimpse.

My only big downfall to the site is that there is no list of friends so you can see who's in which video, but it's not really a big deal.

**I recommend you sign up under the Bangbros network to get access to affiliates.

08-24-08  06:01pm

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Visit Creampie Thais

Creampie Thais

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - A lot of Thais in various outfits

- Videos can be downloaded as 1 file or multiple files (usually 2-4 depending on size)

- They get right to the action (Very little talking before, if any)
Cons: - Video quality is no where near good

- Videos are SHORT. About 13minutes average.

- Not all of the girls are attractive

- Some times you'll run into the wrong screen caps and trailers

- Like every other cream pie website, but worse.

- Same old random older white guy with a much younger Thai girl in every video

- Extremely slow to update
Bottom Line: Yepp it's another creampie website, but this time it's Thais.

First off the videos get straight to the nitty-gritty. Almost no talking, you see the chick and seconds later the sex begins... And what seems like seconds later it's over. Really short videos. So short that you barely notice the horrible video quality. On average you'll see about 13minutes of horrible quality video, but at least the camera's fairly steady.

Some of the girls aren't too attractive, BUT then again I'm not the biggest Thai fan, so I'll give the benefit of the doubt that it's me.

I will say the outfits some of the girls have are quite interesting for the few seconds they're wearing them; baseball uniforms, rave clothes, school girl, and a few other things as well as normal attire.

You'll also find out that some of the screens don't match the video which can be a problem.

Updates can be weekly to every 2 weeks, they're not really consecutive in terms of exactly when.

It does have a fair amount of material, but at the same time they will remove older videos.

The download speeds will make you want to punch someone because they're insanely slow. The video sizes are quite small (mostly less than 75MB a few are larger than 100MB), but still downloading them takes some time.

A big thing for me is the fact that this is a creampie site and the guys don't understand you have to partially pull out to make a cinematic creampie. If you don't when the camera zooms in at the end you just get a shot of a plain vagina with no white creamy stuff.

If you haven't already guessed this site isn't worth subscribing to. The price tag just isn't worth it for bad quality video, slow downloads, short videos, and inexperienced actors. But I will end this review on a good note by saying I like the fact that they feel they don't have to talk, but just get straight to the sex.

09-18-08  07:56am

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Visit Cum Fiesta

Cum Fiesta

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good mix of girls
+ Pretty good concept
+ Good looking girls
+ Multiple download options
+ A LOT of screens
+ Reliable updates
Cons: - As usual the camera guy talk A LOT
- No streaming
Bottom Line: This site has been around for a while and has always been reliable with it's updates. One per week, every week without fail totaling just under 400 videos, you do the math.

Although they don't bring anything new to the actual art of sex, they're known for their "password" the girls use to gain entry.

The site itself is very easy to navigate, you'd have to be blind to get lost. It will give you updates on the most downloaded video, and site promotions.

The download options are the usual, 1 big file, 3-4 smaller files of equal size, 1 minute files, or the entire video made for your iphone or other portable device. Also they offer the option to download a zip of the pics from the actual movie. Sorry no streaming here.

The download speeds are what you'd expect from your typical site, and the girls are nicely mixed. If you can't find a girl to tickle your fancy you're probably not into girls.

In the end, very nice, sleep, up-to-date site that will only get better and better. The only thing that would make this site totally awesome and god-like would be if they had daily updates.

12-23-08  04:10am

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Visit Daddy's Babes

Daddy's Babes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Pages load quick because there's not alot of ads.
Subscription also gets you access to 12 other sister sites
Very simplistic website design
Adds a decent amount of files every few days.
Cons: Not too many videos, mostly pics
Video quality is mediocre (Not the best, but not the worst)
Video Lengths are short and are mostly softcore
The albums also don't have as many pages as other sites usually do.
Slow download speeds... In fact incredibly slow. (My average download speed is usually just under 1MB/s, this site averaged about 20kb/s downloading. Could have been a number of things so I won't entirely blame them)
Bottom Line: If you're one of those people who prefers images over videos, I'd say it MAY be worth a try. The free sister sites are petty decent, but have the same pros and cons as this.
But in short, this site seems to be more for the older crowd hence the reason alot probably isn't put into make the site look as "advanced" as others

Sister Sites: Tranny, Mature, Interacial, Lesbian, Gay, Grannies, and a few others.

08-29-08  04:38am

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Visit Ebony Auditions

Ebony Auditions

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Great Price
+Unbelievable amount of content (20,000)
+ALOT of affiliate sites
+Easy to navigate
+High quality videos and pics
+Screens for each video
+Overall Good
+Fast download speeds (+2MB/s)
+Keep tabs on models you like
+Great steaming speeds
+Download movies or scenes from DVDs
Cons: -You may lose connected randomly for a few seconds
-The site uses Java to load pages so it can be slow
-1 or 2 downloads at a time
-Slow connections would be at a big disadvantage
Bottom Line: First off I was surprised that a $10 site could be this good, I was only looking for a cheap thrill. The first thing you'll notice is that the side navigation bar is full of movie types, enough to suit every fetish possible. Next you'll notice that just eventhough you subscribed to one site, you'll get all the material in one place, but it's all sorted and extremely easy to go through
You'll also notice most of the movies are actually scenes from movies. You can download either the entire DVD, or just a certain scene. All the videos are in High quality, or new high quality and all the pics are high quality.
In addition to the content listed on the site itself you also get access to quite an impressive list of other sister sites.

One thing I really like about this site is that they actually index ALL the models (girls and guys). You can also mark the models you like and get updates when a video with them in it has been added.

Long story short, for such a cheap price this site is quite good if you're low on cash but want a good cheap thrill. The only downside is that you may sometimes lose connection to the server for a few seconds, and that fact that some slow connections will have a problem navigating the site quickly, but other than that it's a pretty nice site.

The $10 price makes it all worth it.

10-28-08  06:15am

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Visit Evan Rivers

Evan Rivers

No Review.
11-29-08  05:04am

Visit Exploited Babysitters

Exploited Babysitters

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Some girls actually look young (if that's your style)

- The plot has a decent twist every so often.

- Decent on updates
Cons: - First off the camera guy is annoying

- ALOT of talk

- The girls over-act. They seem stupid and no young

- You'd actually think the guy filming/fucking is actually a pedophile
Bottom Line: If you're into a middle aged guy (that you never see) having sex w/ girls who pretend to be underage girls with no type of knowledge at all, then this is for you.

Also the guy behind the camera talks way too much and is quite weird. I will admit that the plots are decently believable (if you can get past the horrible acting of the girls) and every so often you'll come across a god plot twist; mom "surprisingly" drops by to find out about her daughter and boss and joins in the fun and small things like that. Not the best plots, but still surprising every so often.

Is addition to those small things, there are not affiliates that you get access to (or at least at the time I had a membership), but the content is pretty fair.

In short the guy's voice, bad acting, and abundance of talk drew me away and quickly made me cancel my membership.

09-01-08  10:02am

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Visit Facial Fest

Facial Fest

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: +Good amount of content
+Offers "low" quality at HD to download OR stream
+Offers mobile versions to watch on your portable device
+Update weekly (without fail)
+Multiple download options
+Allows streaming video
+Excellent screens(optional additional download)
+No script so you never know what might happen or who might come in
+20 other affiliate sites included free
+Download speeds are quite nice
Cons: -Girls aren't as exclusive as they used to be in the past.
-2 Simultaneous download max (can't surf when download 2 files)
-Plots gets repetitive
-Girls selection could range a bit more
Bottom Line: These are supposed to be "first time" type videos. Kind of like auditions, but not really. I have yet to see anyone famous, but I have seen a few familiar faces.

The camera guy is also the guy doing the fucking, so you RARELY see his face. I do appreciate the fact that the videos do come off as POV. some very nice close up views, not alot of camera wobble. He will put the camera down at time to give you a side or another view

Updates are done weekly, and they have yet to slow down in about 2 1/2 years. The quality of girls are your typical girl from the street. Average weights and heights, ethnicity is mostly Caucasian, every so often you'll see something a bit different.

The big seller is the "money shot". Preston puts a good sized load on these girl's faces, and it's all real, no fake dicks or shots here. Often you'll see the girl just jaw-dropped in complete shock at the size of the load.

Condoms are usually used, and it's usually a 1 on 1, although every so often you'll see a second girl join the fun.

I've dropped my rating because after 2 years not much has changed. The girls start to look alike and run together, it's been the same guy the entire time and I personally like to see something different every so often.

BOTTOM LINE: The fact that they focus on 1 type of girl and plot, can be overlooked because you get access to about 20 other affiliates with your subscription, so when you get tired of money shots, there's other stuff to check out.

02-25-11  05:56am

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Visit Facial Fest

Facial Fest

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Good amount of content
+Good Vid Quality
+Update weekly (with out fail)
+Multiple download options
+Allows streaming video
+Excellent screens(optional download)
+Most girls are exclusive
+No script so you never know what might happen or who might come in
+20 other affiliate sites included free
Cons: -2 Simultaneous downloads max
-If you're download 2 files you can't surf the site
-There could be a wider range of girl-types
-Plot can get repetitive
Bottom Line: Alright guys first off this is another BangBros affiliate site, so expect the same greatness with the same downfalls.

THE GIRLS: Facial Fest is basically a site where quite a few future BangBros models come to try-out. Count on seeing mostly blond girls here, there are other ethnic-type girls, but count on seeing blonds the majority of the time, but they're all USUALLY pretty attractive. Because there's no script you never know what's going to happen; a girl may bring a friend, a random person may walk in, someone may watch for a few minutes through the window, you just never know.

THE FANS: For you fans out there know that Preston is the star of this affiliate, you'll always see him and some chick.

QUALITY: 96% of the action is from a POV (point of view) stand point from a HD camera and unlike other sites you'll see quite a few positions. The downside is after a while you'll begin the see the same positions over and over again, but for once the camera isn't shaking all over the place, it's stays in the action.

DOWNLOADS: This site supports high quality, low quality, and streaming videos which can be downloaded in about 4 different formats.
Every video has screen shots and can be viewed in your general screen shots (a few shots here and there from the video) OR basically screenshots taken every 5-10 seconds of the video.
The only downside is that you can only download 2 files at a time and if you decide to download both at 1 time, well you can no longer surf until at least one is complete, but there's no download cap

UPDATES:Updates are weekly and that have yet to miss a day, currently at almost 40 videos of about 30min a piece.

Since this is Facial Fest count on see a good sized cumshot directly in the face at the end, and yes it's a damn good sized shot.

In the end, if you're a slight fan of the POV series you should check this out, if all else fails you get instant access to 20+ affiliates, so when you get bored you can surf around.

Rated 93 because first off it's a great site, with great quality, ease of access, except a wider range of girls would be nice, and I'd like to browse while I download.

10-21-08  05:58am

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Visit Fem Dom X

Fem Dom X

No Review.
08-25-08  02:30am

Visit Fuck Team Five

Fuck Team Five

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Porn stars will show
- Good vid quality
- Mostly unscripted
- Videos are between 45min to 1 1/2 hrs.
Cons: - Some times you will find a dull video
- A lot can go on and the camera man can miss something good
- Download speed ranges
- Completely surprised guy that doesn't know what he doing.
Bottom Line: This is a new project from the BangBros Network. It's basically the big stars from the Bang Bros Network as well as other affiliates most people don't know about. They go into random stores, parties, and other public places and have sex with the guys.

It's usually 3 girls but occasionally you'll see 2 or 4 just depending on the day. Most of the girls are big breasted and can be classified as thick. The porn stars features so far are Rachel Rocks, Lacey Duvalle, and a few others.

The settings you'll see will be anything from an autograph signing in a small town porn store, a barber shop, an office building, random hotels, a poker party, basically anywhere.

The site itself is fairly new, there's updates weekly, but there really isn't much there, about 20 episodes.

My biggest concern with the videos is the fact that the girl will screw a random guy raw then move on to another guy raw back to back and it's obvious at least one of the guy's came and didn't tell anyone. So it turned me away.

That's really it. Short review I know. I'd ONLY recommend this site if you get a membership with the BangBros Network. Granted the material is interesting, with only 1 update per week and not the most amount of material you won't be missing out on too much. It's about the same price as buying a DVD of your favorite porn star, but at least you get more than 1 scene.

Give them until the end of the year before subscribing, there should be ALOT of damn good material there by then.

09-15-08  06:14am

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Visit Little Lupe

Little Lupe

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Good amount of movies
+Decent screen shots
+Some girl on girl and 3 some action
Cons: -You may feel like a pedophile because she pretends to be so young
-Video quality isn't the best
-Links go to where they say they do
Bottom Line: Let's start from the basics, you have young Lupe, she's over the age of 18, but you'd swear otherwise. She does not pretend to be underaged herself, but the sets are set up to have you believe her and her friends are.

The site offers quite the amount of videos, but updates are whenever they feel like posting them. Sometimes you'll see a batch added, others a video and a few pics.

She's not as interesting as many of the other girls who own their sites are. She doesn't seem to take control of the situation, or even talk much if at all on camera. It's more of someone taking all the videos she's appeared in and hosting them from one place online.

The picture quality is pretty good, not hi-quality but still decent.

The camera work is a different story. It's quality is no where near the best, it shakes every so often, the site's name is bigger than most, but it does focus on Lupe for the most part.

At the time of my membership a few links did not lead to their appropriate location, it may be fixed now, then again it may still be over-looked by the admin.

Long story short, video needs some work, site navigation could be better, and since the site is focused on her how about having her talk, or take control. I would love to say a few good things about this site, but there's not much aside from the fact that many if not most agree that she's very attractive.

10-24-08  10:32am

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Visit MILF Soup


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Access to 30+ other BangBros affiliates with subscription
+ Pretty attractive girls. No baby scars here
+ Streaming or Download option on most videos
+ Updates weekly without fail
+ Nice screens
+ HD, basic quality, or mobile quality
+ Quick download speeds
+ Director(s) has some pretty interesting ideas sometimes
Cons: - 2 simultaneous downloads max. Can't surf when downloading 2 files
- Some MILFs are a bit young. MILF only by definition.
- A lot of the girls have some silicon
- Not a wide range of ethnicities. Mostly white chicks
Bottom Line: My biggest complaint is that the MILFs are only MILF by definition. "I'm 23 with a kid" kind of MILFs. Some are reaching their 40s, but most are just about or just under 30. About 33% of the women have silicon breasts, which does give them an older look.

Some of the plots are interesting, some are funny, other times they just talk then fuck.

At least one update a week, and they never remove old content. So count on seeming lots of previous content.

Users have the choice of downloading screens (taken about every 20-40seconds), typical quality movie, high quality movie, or a mobile version. Also users can stream in either low, medium, or high quality.

All in all 85 as a stand alone site because alone it doesn't pack lots of content, and the less than 50 videos can be quickly gone through the first week or so of your subscription. Once you factor in the other content BangBros has to offer this site is pushed up to a 91. The other content helps thing mix quite well.

02-26-11  01:32pm

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Visit Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Decent amount of content
+ Not just 1 guy with a big cock, multiple male stars
+ Variation of big dicks (not just long or extra fat). But MOST seem plausible.
+ Updates weekly
+ Decent range of girl types

+Access to other Bangbros affiliates
+Download/Streaming options to satisfy everyone
+All videos have downloadable screens
Cons: - Can get redundant at times
- Older content stars one guy
- Older content isn't in HD
- A lot of the girls you only see once
Bottom Line: The first thing I noticed is that the site is called Monsters of Cocks, but the dick measurements aren't too insane. Most seem somewhat possible to naturally occur. I was satisfied with the variation of women, a bit of everything.

Some videos offer multiple women, some offer multiple men, some other multiples of both.

The videos can be downloaded OR streamed in a few choices of qualities, as well as can the screens be downloaded. They can also be downloaded in 1 full movie, 4 separate parts, or 2 minute segments. The older content from YEARS ago is still accessible, but the quality hasn't been updated to HD.

All in all the content has been getting better. They randomly surprise their users with gangbang style videos or offering a fairly well-known star. The nice thing about it is that when you purchase a subscription you get access to the BangBros network of about 30 affiliates. So when you get tired of watching big dicks widening out chicks, you can change your venue to something else at the flip of a switch.

Overall 93%. I like the variation of dicks, watching the same dick over and over gets tiresome, and the many types of women keeps my attention a bit longer.

03-02-11  07:04am

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Visit My Life In Brazil

My Life In Brazil

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Gorgeous Brazilian (or at least ethnic) girls
+ Lots of screens (High quality)
+ Multiple download options (HD, normal, split parts)
+ Streaming option on all videos (HD or normal quality)
+ Hi quality screen captures to download
+ Access to 30+ affiliates with paid subscription
Cons: - No recent updates
- Not a lot of content
- Probably no future updates
Bottom Line: First and foremost, the girls are hot. Nice variation of Brazilian women, not just the small boobed tan-lined filled girls on most sites.

The BIGGEST complaint is upon logging in you see "A new update every Monday" but the last update was back in May of 2010. There's just under 30 videos to watch/download. Each video offers the option of streaming or downloading with different qualities, as well as downloading the video in either 4 parts or 2 minute segments. They also offer screen caps that are pretty good quality.

Long story short, with less than 30 videos no recent updates, and not much to look for in the future this BangBros affiliate doesn't have much to offer. Their only selling point is that you get access to the 30 other affiliates. Alone this site would be an easy pass over with no second though, with the affiliates, it's a quick day's venture.

02-28-11  07:20am

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Visit Panty Jobs

Panty Jobs

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Young attractive girls
-Good amount of content
-Good quality videos
Cons: -Updates once every blue moon
-There's ads eventhough you pay
Bottom Line: First off this is like an advanced manual pleasure site. That is you won't see any penetration or much else.

The cam is POV, and high quality at that and you basically watch a girl grind on the guy, give him a handjob with her panties, and simple things like that.

As far as I could tell there's no download limit. I downloaded 4 files simultaneously while browsing the site and no problems. The same can be said with daily limits.

The big downfall to this site is that there's no search feature to find a certain girl by name or anything. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to see it.

The videos are high quality, the girls are pretty attractive, there are a few screen caps, but lack of updates are can be annoying as well as a steep price just to watch a half-naked girl jack off a guy without much else.

IT goes without say that unless this is your cup of tea you'll probably pass right by without a second thought.

Rating of 74 due to the quality, background work, the girls, lack of updates, as well as a few smaller things. After a year you should have a slightly better site.

09-26-08  08:43am

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Visit Pure 18

Pure 18

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + The girls are all young as advertised
+ Most of the girls look cute
+ Reliable weekly updates
+ Fast download speeds
+ Decent mix of girls
+ Working search feature
+ Multiple video download methods
+ LOTS of pics from the actual video
+ Easy to navigate and use effectively
Cons: - Guy behind the camera can sometimes talk too much
- Videos can get repetitive (positions and things said)
- You'll only see the girls once and never again in any other videos
Bottom Line: It's a pretty good "barely legal" site. As with most sites you'll hear the guy ask a million time "Are you sure you're 18?"
There's your normal mix of girls, the majority being your typical white chicks, a couple red-heads, and a few ethnic chicks.
They do list the girl's names so you can find other vids their in, but for most this is about it, so it kind of defeats the purpose if they're only in one video.
Download methods are: 1 large file, 3-4 smaller files of similar sizes, and 1 minute files. No streaming. You may also download a zip folder of pics.

All in all it's a pretty decent site with just under 100 videos at this point in time. They're reliable, and good at what they do. The only things I didn't like was the fact that it's mostly blonde and brunette girls, no streaming content, and the cameraman who never stopped talking.

12-23-08  03:55am

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Visit Raw Black Amateurs

Raw Black Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Low price
Various download quality types (low, med, hi)
Streaming option
Lots of screens for each video
Easy to navigate
Cons: No new content in over a year
All videos and images are water-marked
A lot of the girls are not too attractive
Nothing to set them apart from any other sites
Not all download links works
Bottom Line: The videos are of high quality, but the images really aren't. As it was mentioned earlier, the site has not seen anything new in over a year. You'll often find yourself clicking on dead links and trying to view things that aren't available. It's really irritating.
On top of that, the majority of the girls aren't too attractive.
The price is a fair price for the pros, but the cons practically kill any further desire to subscribe even for a second. It's honestly not worth it for the 57 videos.

My final assessment is to save your money and pass on this one, trust me it's not worth much if anything.

If you are interested i recommend you subscribe to Download Pass, this comes as a bonus site with almost full access.

11-24-08  07:15am

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Visit Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - LOTS of different types of girls

-TONS of girls. Don't even bother counting there's soo many

-The girls manage their own pages so it's more authentic

-TONS of updates

- Lots of pics per update

-Lots of videos (most model-type sites don't have too many vids)

-Live chats with the actual girls

- Long term members usually get free items (if desired)
Cons: - Some girls are pretty extreme and it can scare you away

- Because there's a forum you may run into a few psychotic, obsessive fanboys

- Not all the girls have vids

- Some of the girls will try to advertise their bands and such if you friend request them.

- Most of the girls keep blogs for members to read. It's kind of stupid and dumb at times.
Bottom Line: This is a site for people who love to look at the alternative girl, alternative being something other than your typical tall, blonde, big-boobed girl. There are some typical girls on there but the majority of what you will see are girls with tattoos, piercings, exotic hair styles, and a few other things.

There are A LOT of girls on the site and the majority are active in terms of adding updated albums containing quite the amount of images. The site also contains a forum for your basic conversations about the site, girls, or any other subject you may want to talk about.

A few of the girls have videos you can download and watch and the content just depends on the girl. You may see anything from a girl just telling you about their day, to them outside of work or maybe a random photo shoot.

Quite a few of the girls are friends with other girls so you can count on seeing a lot of albums with more than 1 girl, a few even have 3 or 4 if you're lucky enough to find them.

The price is great, if you get a year subscription it comes to about $4 a month, the cheapest you'll find probably anywhere. Once you've been a member for a while visiting often you may receive messages about free DVDs, promos, and other things.

The live chats with the girls (if you find one online who wants to chat) aren't what you think. The girls are models not call girls, so count on having a normal person to person conversation with them. That's the one thing I like about the site, the girls aren't just in it for the money, but because they want to be an adult model AND have a life.

Most of the girls keep blogs open to members, I personally think it's kind of stupid at times, but it's a little interesting if you're a fan of one of the girls.

The updates never really get boring because they also use sets to match the girls. There's always something to catch your attention.

The one thing that annoyed me was after favoriting and becoming "friends" with a few of the girls you may receive a random message from them telling you about their band or some other side project or asking you to add their myspace page.

If you haven't guessed this is a softcore site, so don't count one seeing any penetration, or any other sexual acts.

The site itself has A LOT going on and if you're into the alternative girl this is the place for you. I'm sure there's a few things I haven't touched base on so you can count on more information being added to this review later.

09-14-08  06:57am

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