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Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-24-09  12:38pm  (Update History)
Reason: Updated score - see notes in reply
+ Amateur lovers delight
+ Newer video available in: flv - 120, 400 & 900kbps/ LQ mp4 512x288 @ 1536 bitrate /HQ mp4 1024x576 @ 1536 /mpg 512x288 @ 2165 /wmv 768x432 @ 2189
+ Drop down menus & "Jump to buttons" everywhere. A small sampling: Recently viewed pages, pics & vids, membership & account management links, lists to sort by model, body feature, video shot by _____, pictures shot by ______, lists by activity (masturbation, outdoors, kissing, etc.) You can reorder most lists by name, by date & reverse order.
+ At the time of this review there are: Images: 364,327/ Videos: 3,844 (570 hours, 54 minutes)/ Pic sets: 2,964/ Models: 1,139/ Solo shoots: 1,534/ Girl-Girl shoots 293/ Intimate Moments shoots: 566
+ pic sets average 100-150/set @ 1472 x 981 resolution. 202 sets available in extra large @ 3504 x 2336
+ zip files - complete sets or customized
+ download manager compatible (with con below)
+ TBP discount
Cons: - Going to the sitemap to get a full list of shoots/models, it takes over a half minute to load the list - and that's every time you go back to it. Find a model, go to her page, click the back button & the whole list has to reload.
- Too many videos and picture sets where you have to get halfway through to see "the fun bits"
- Unless I'm missing an attempt at being artistic, I've never understood how a closeup shot could be clear at the top, blurry at the bottom and still considered "postable". If the equipment you're using doesn't make a clear shot, either don't post the pic or get equipment that can make it clear.
- Download manager seems to randomly kick out videos with a message that user name and password are invalid. Go back to the file and retry it and it downloads (I use FreeDownloadManager)
- Even with the size of the site, the regular price $39 a month for full access is steep!
- System resource hog!!! (See notes in reply)
Bottom Line: Right after I posted my comment, asking for details, I went digging around on their tour pages and saw just what messmer mentioned - former members can get the old rate with access to all 3 sections. Plus a TBP discount? Nice! I'm in for another 3 months.

This was a hard review to wrap up. My first list of pros was over 2000 characters and I had to pare it down to what you saw above. This is my fourth time in for this site and, for the most part, I like what I see. But, while it's one the most feature laden sites out there, it does seem to be losing some of it's appeal. The choice of video formats is really nice and picture lovers should definitely appreciate the custom zip option. I'm also glad to see they've long done away with the past practice of almost deliberately covering the action with an obtrusive logo. (A bit of a side note on that - Abby! Impress us! Reissue the old videos with the new, smaller logo!) The navigation, though slightly overwhelming at first because of all the options, is really fairly simple and straightforward. But, with another nod to messmer's reply to my comment, I agree that the people doing the shooting need to change what they're doing. A 7 page set shouldn't get to skin on page 4. Then there's their choice of shots. "Okay - here's a closeup pussy shot. Now here's the same shot from 2 inches to the left. Whoa - same shot from 6 inches up and over. Now a little to the right..." And, unless I'm missing an attempt at being artistic, I've never understood how a closeup shot could be clear at the top, blurry at the bottom and still considered "postable". If the equipment you're using doesn't make a clear shot, either don't post the pic or get equipment that can make it clear. In the same vein, I'm not a big fan of a 10-minute video with 5 minutes of watching a girl walking and talking. If there really are people who want non-nude, interview-type video, there should be a separate video for that. I tend to save everything I download, so I'd really like to see shorter videos and smaller, less repetitive picture sets, resulting in less hard drive space being taken up.

Since I got the grandfathered rate, I'm not displeased with this latest membership. But I think I'd have a hard time recommending this to anyone but people who've never seen the site or haven't been there in a long time. As big as it is, $39 a month for full access is steep. And $25 for single niche access just seems high, given the erratic updates. I still rate it high because, even with what I see it lacking, it's still amateurs and a lot of 'em.

04-22-09  09:48pm

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Tons of girl-next-door type models
+ Very clear update schedule
+ Latest videos are even higher resolution (what seems to be a second step up for AW)
+ Lots of user input with their inclusion of User Lists on top of the already established forum
+ As is, a decent ammount of variety, although boy/girl action is almost non-existant
+ Several video options
+ Full zip and custom zips for pictures
+ Download Manager/Accelerator friendly
Cons: - A lot of repetition in the pic sets - including long strings of pics that seem to have been taken with a motor drive
- Surprising amount of slightly out of focus and/or shadowed pictures
- The logo on videos, though smaller than before, still seems intrusive to me - in more than a few cases, the model is shot off-center and towards the logo
- It's really not their forté, but I still wish they'd include more boy/girl content
Bottom Line: Ever the fan of just about anything amateur, and as it is now, I like Abby's. This is my second signup there. My biggest concern about the site is the impending split that's in the works. The details haven't been ironed out, but it seems they're going to split the different parts of their site into separate pay-for-what-you want segments. Tentatively, this will put all their girl/girl material in one section, the masturbation videos in another, with the rest of their material in yet another. One of the things I like about Abby's right now IS the variety and I, for one, would hate to see it get broken up. Unless each individual segment is going to be dirt cheap, it'll definitely wind up costing more to get the same variety as you get now. I just hope they don't price themselves out of my reach.

07-03-07  07:48pm

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Visit Adult Rated

Adult Rated

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exceptional video quality available with the $14.95 membership
+ 4 ranges of WMV resolution as well as a high res MPG and medium resolution for both IPOD and PSP files
+ A wide variety of niches
+ Some videos available in "choose beginning and end frames" pieces (similar to Videobox)
+ Simple/easy navigation (however, this also relates to the second con below)
+ Download Manager/Accelerator friendly
Cons: - Very plain design
- Very little in the way of scene descriptions and the few video thumbnails given aren't always very descriptive of the scene in question. Given that lack, I see no need for having just 5 videos per page
- I found some pages were slow to load, with some never loading completely until after several long and slow (sometimes frustratingly so) refreshes
- The logo they use on a lot of the videos, though not overly large, seem a little too prominent or distracting
Bottom Line: It was hard to decide what rating to give this site. The unbelievably high resolution you get isn't something easily ignored. Neither is the wide variety of content available, even though a LOT of it's German, something that might sit better with me if I spoke German. Anyway, to me, if the overall content of a site is good and the files load reasonably fast, I figure something like a plain design is somewhat forgivable. The biggest factors that keep me from rating AdultRated higher are the page loading issue and the fact that I'm only three days into my membership and I've already found myself deleting several files because there was little or no description of them. All in all, I'd call it a really good site that just needs some tweaking in a few areas to make it top of the line.

07-08-07  12:18am

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Site navigation is simple and easy - tabs for Forum, Updates, Model Index, comments, Search, Pictures, Movies, Feeds and Help
+ Video in mpg and wmv formats - both in very clear 640 x 480 resolution
+ Picture sets run around an average of about 100 pics with two resolutions to choose from - 1024 and 1536
+ Zip files for both resolutions
+ Most models look genuinely into what they're doing (except for the overplaying comment below)
+ 228 models (at time of this review)
+ Updated 6 days a week with 3-4 photo Series and 1-2 full-length videos per update
+ Download manager friendly - speeds from around 350 to 1200 k/s
+ For those inclined to use it, a member's forum (I do not)
Cons: - Found several glitches - several thumbnails that open to wrong picture and a few video files that either don't download completely or, in one case, was audio only - no video.
- A lot of the models overplay the sex - never have been a fan of that open-mouthed see how sexy I am look
- While we can't look young forever, some models are just downright unattractive (yes, one opinion)
Bottom Line: The biggest curiosity I have about the site is with the video. Only the hardcore and lesbian flicks are available in clips or as a whole scene - the solo stuff is whole scene only. That doesn't bother me as I download full scenes anyway, but it did strike me as odd. But, aside from that, and the technical errors, I think this site does very well for it's niche. It definitely doesn't reek of the mass produced Hollywood image crap. With few exceptions, the models here are all natural - no silicone, no piercings or major tattoos. I guess a good way to look at this site is to try to picture a woman you always see at the grocery store, the teller at the bank or a neighbor's wife showing you the goods. Works for me...

01-22-08  10:26pm

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Visit Body Parts.biz

Body Parts.biz

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Lower than usual cost - $19.95/month
+ Frequent Updates
+ Streaming on newer content
+ Alphabetical model list
+ 164 Models (as of this date)
+ Longer videos have been added (compared to comments in earlier reviews)
+ Pictures available in 2 sizes - 1200 and 2400 long side
+ Video available in HD wmv, Mobile m4v and Hi-res mp4
+ Easy join/ cancel through CCBill
+ $9.95 discount offered at cancellation
Cons: - A high of ~350-400 kb/s downloads (usually lower, in the 100's) - slow page to page
- Streaming video buffers almost constantly due to slow server speed
- Poor navigation
- Only latest updates are dated
- Camerawork issues - movement & focus
- One small thumbnail preview for video
- Several instances of different clips with the same file name
- Some models' files download under different names
- Mislabeled files
- A good many washed out looking pictures
- Very repetitive picture sets
- Inconsistent image quality
- Not download manager compatible (FDM)
- Hidden bandwidth cap
Bottom Line: Layout:
Like a lot of sites, the main page presents you with tabs.
>Home - Goes to the home page (duh)
>Updates - Latest stuff (more duh)
>Photos - Broken into Softcore, Hardcore and amateur sections, each further broken into sets of 20 pictures taken from a scattering of models. Sets have zips available.
>Videos - Also broken into Softcore, Hardcore and amateur sections, also random models. Five videos each on the first page, then 35 per page. From here, they're labeled with time and length. On the model page, they aren't.
>Models - Alphabetical list with "click on letter bar"
>DVD/Books - Upsells
>Frannie Adam's Red Bush Blog - link to free blog site
>Best Friends - trade link sites
>Frannie's Reviews - Quick reviews (advertisements?) of several (mostly) well-known sites
>Support - HELP ME!!!

Once a week: Hardcore Photos
Two times a week - Softcore Video Clips, Hardcore Video Clips, Softcore Photos and Blog/Reviews
Three times a week - Amateur Photos, Body Parts Photos and Amateur Video.

Things that make you go Hmmm:
Since nothing beyond the first page of updates includes the date, it's hard to tell when they started to go beyond the 1-2 minutes clips mentioned by mbaya. But there ARE some longer scenes up. Most of what I've seen are in the neighborhood of 5-6 minutes, with some running around 15. As I'm still the big amateur video fan, that was the first section I hit. I took me a while to figure it out, but it seems a lot of the shorter clips in that section are taken from longer scenes found when you use the model list. All I get out of that is wasted bandwidth on the clips and a site with an inflated video count.

The picture sets and videos are labeled with categories but they aren't clickable links. You have to manually type a listed category into the search box to get to them.

In the photo sections, it would be nice to be able to move from set to set without having to go back in the browser. Multiple page hops in the browser are made difficult as every page is labeled "Body Parts Members area - the closest close-ups on the web!"

You can't set picture viewing preference. To see the large size, you have to click a link on each picture. Not too fun on a slow server.

If you're browsing the update section, videos list file size and time. In the models section, some thumbnails are marked 'streaming', with a link to a page where the file sizes are listed. Where there is no streaming label, there's no way to know whether the file you're looking at is a short clip or something longer.

I noticed quite a few instances where the files used a different name than the model name - in one case, two model names between two videos of one girl.

Videos listed as hardcore have the same categories listed as those in softcore. One cumshot is hardcore and another one is softcore?

The pictures, in general, seem to be of inconsistent quality, even within one set. There are frequent pics that are the digital equivalent of film photograpy's overexposure. As I didn't see any sets worth keeping in their entirety, I downloaded one zip file to see what's what. They're the larger file size, but the files had a different model name. (I saw the different name thing with some videos, too.)

Things that make you go WTF!:
While the overall quality is somewhat better than sites with user contributed material, I expect something more when it's studio generated. The frequent shaking camerawork is annoying, as are the lighting shifts. It appears that there's only one cameraman here - and it literally looks like he's either nervous as hell or in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. When you've set up a site dedicated to closeups, I would figure you'd at least take the time to get cameras that can be steadied. Image stabilization technology isn't expensive. Worse yet, there are times when the camera is moving around, back and forth, up and down, like the cameraman lost his center and couldn't find it. On top of that, there's the lighting issue. Some clips appear to have been shot under totally different lights. One section natural looking, goes to an orange tint, then back to natural.

EDIT: Just downloaded a video with no picture! Tried twice to make sure. Nope - no picture!

The bandwidth cap is now a curiosity. It kicked in when I'd downloaded 9 gigs the first day. But, even though I'd gone over 9 gigs on a later date, it didn't pop up again.

The wrap up:
I really wanted to like this site because it looked like a new source for amateur content for me. The girls look like everyday people, not the "dolled up" models types found on InTheCrack. For that, I'd have given this site much higher marks. Unfortunately, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. But, if you like closeups, and can overlook the shortcomings I've outlined here, it might be worth the $20 cost of admission. Me? I don't know that I'll go back until I see a review that says things have changed.

03-03-12  03:04pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + User discount
+ Network Access, along with bonus feeds, gives you a lot of content to check out
+ Download speeds usually over 1000k/s
+ User can leave comments directly on the site about individual scenes
+ Video options - wmv, mpg and flash
+ Zip files for pictures
+ Allows use of download manager (although not acceleration )
+ No download limit
+ No DRM
+ Model search
Cons: - Pictures sets seem to include unnecessarily repetitive shots
- Navigation on larger picture sets was hindered with a "page jump" that doesn't include all the consecutive pages (1 2 3 ... 9 10 11 ... 20 21 22)
- Pic/vid quality leaves a lot to be desired
- Recent updates seem to be only for some sites
- Sites prompt for cookies WAY too much
- Server doesn't allow download acceleration
- Too much space devoted to ads for other site
- A cookie hungry network
Bottom Line: For $20, I had to check it out. There's definitely a lot of content to check out so I'm not totally disappointed. But I guess I was hoping for something more. (Something else?) Too many siliconed tits and women with that open-mouthed, see-how-hot-this-is look, in my opinion.

The high quality pics aren't what I'd call high quality at all - 600x900 (and less!)? The video quality leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe I haven't found the sites that have been updated recently, but most of the video I've seen is at 320 resolution.

They seem to devote a lot of space to ads for other sites which I felt only added to an already clumsy navigation.

I still can't understand why the site prompts for cookies the way it does. Other than your first access to one of the sites, there seems to be a certain randomness to it. Once in, things like clicking on a file to download shouldn't be a call to set another cookie. I know I'll be cleaning out my browser once I'm done here!

I originally gave this site an 80 - only that high because I realize I was a bit out of my element here. I'm decidedly more into amateur material. But, with the resolution issues, the somewhat awkward navigation, the upsells AND what happened when I tried to cancel my subscription, I don't see this as such a great place to be. See my comment on the right about cancelling.

12-01-07  03:44am

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Visit Busty Brits

Busty Brits

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + 130 models
+ Excellent download speeds - average 3.5+ mb/s without a download manager
+ Lower than usual cost to join
+ Streaming previews for video
+ Zip files for newer picture sets
Cons: - 1990s layout
- split updates
- No search engine
- Some video quality really poor
- Lackluster and repetitive picture sets
- No set update schedule
- Only one file type for video - wmv
- Links that open to no content
Bottom Line: I know this site's been around for years so I knew I'd be looking at a lot of old video and pictures. The earliest content appears to date back to 2003 and I can't say I remember some of the video and picture quality being that bad back then. The newest video is a typical 1280 x 720 @ 4000+ kbps, well-lit, and look pretty good. But the older stuff is 640 x 480 @ 700+ kbps - those specs are somewhat deceiving because a lot of the old files are dim and blurry. Picture quality? The biggest are 1500 pixels on the long side. Meh. Going back in time gives you a not unexpected drop in size. And I've never been a fan of picture sets that contain portions that look like they were shot with a rapid fire shutter. Six, seven or more shots of a crotch that look like the model moved maybe an inch? WHY?

"What? No search function?"
"Split updates in this day and age?"
I think I actually said that out loud to myself when I first started running through the site. No excuse for that in 2014. There's also no excuse for links that open to blank and/or incomplete picture sets. I hit at least a dozen.

The content here really didn't do much for me. Some of the women are only busty because they're seriously overweight, some aren't all that well endowed and some (only a few that I saw) are siliconed. When I first joined, I jumped around the site a bit, ignoring the 1990 look to it, and downloaded maybe two dozen videos and a few dozen pictures, then I all but forgot about it until I got the email today that said my subscription was ending. Anyway, I went back, hit all the models' thumbs to see what else I might want and ended up with just under 100 videos and a few hundreds pics. Unfortunately, I can see me deleting a lot of files later as I really check 'em out. I also see that I'm going to have to break out the video editor to try to fix some color and lighting issues, even on some of the newer video.

I'm giving this site a 65 only because they're mostly true to their niche and because it's relatively cheap to join. All in all I see it as just another site that's probably best left as a one-time join for lovers o' the bigguns.

10-07-14  08:22pm

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Visit CreamPie.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great download speeds - especially with a download manager
+ Hi-Def MP4 and WMV files with SOME iPod files
+ Simple navigation with (the usual) tabs
+ Lower than usual monthly price of $15.95
+ $19.95 non-recurring billing option
+ $49.95 3-month option
+ Alternate billing methods, including checking and snail mail
+ Pictures are 2000 pixels on the long side
+ Zip files for picture sets
+ No apparent download limit
Cons: - Somewhat infrequent update schedule
- All video not available in all formats
- Little if any photo editing
- Archives cut off at the year 2000
- There might be too many fake tits for some people
Bottom Line: It's about 3 weeks shy of 5 years since my last review of this site. I've been back a few times since then so I think it deserves a recap. I was happy to see they'd fixed a couple of issues I had in the past. For one, they've joined the 21st century with higher resolution video. The MP4 files, at 852x480 and an 1800+ kbps bitrate, aren't quite DVD quality, but they're definitely better than the 640x360 WMV files that had been featured here for years. The newer WMVs have a bitrate of 1600+ kbps, compared to the older 1000+, resulting in a clarity just shy of the MP4s. There are a few iPod MP4s (480x270 @ 900+ kbps) scattered in with the latest updates, but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to which videos are released in that format. The update schedule seems to be every five days, putting up, in order, a picture set, an interview with a picture set and a video. The download speeds are great. Peaking at 8-9 megs a second on FreeDownloadManager, it took me about a minute to download the average episode.

The picture sets are huge and *mostly* clear. From what I've read here on PU, picture fans will appreciate that all of the sets start with the model fully clothed, then stripping and posing, then moving on to the hardcore that this site is known for. On the negative side, the reason the sets are so big is because of the repetitive shots. I don't see a need for 500 pictures when 200 would cover a scene nicely. Another negative I found were pictures that included "mid-blink weird eyes" and stray hairs in close-ups. The second big issue I had with in the past them was the lack of zip files. That's also been taken care of.

The home page for members shows the last 6 updates and has a search by category dropdown menu of 30 some niches (Big tits, Ebony, Hairy, etc.) At the top of the page, there are tabs for an alphabetical model database, their store, interviews, photos, videos and a direct email contact. Somewhat interestingly, some of the same tabs at the bottom, for the same parts of the site, don't work. At present, the creampie store offers 456 DVDs for sale featuring (surprise!) creampies. They can be viewed in one long list or broken down into categories like anal, ebony, interracial, older women, etc. There are also special sets and sale DVDs.

For the most part, I'd say the women are average-looking or better (except for those sporting the aforementioned fake tits) and include mostly faces we've seen elsewhere. I say mostly because this is one of the few non-amateur sites that I frequent and couldn't say for sure how many of the women show up on other sites.

They stated on the site that they've cut the archives off at the year 2000. For me, that's no big deal - Having been here before, I have the files saved from before then. For the first timer, even though it's lesser quality, I think it's a shame they'd miss out on the older material.

The bottom line is that creampie fans shouldn't pass this one up. Unlike some other sites, the creampies here are real - no cuts just before the shot. But, like many other sites, this is also, reluctantly, one to join every now and then while the content builds up.

12-02-12  03:06pm

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Visit CreamPie.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + A decent amount of material
+ Discount price
+ Fairly simple, straightforward navigation
+ Uncluttered layout
+ Newer video in 640 resolution
+ Pictures are high resolution - 1280 (but see the con below)
+ Updates every 4 days, alternating between pictures and video
Cons: - No zip files for pictures
- Pictures open full size even with browser set to resize
- There is a very strange, fuzzy black dot in a lot (most?) of the pictures
- No model index
- Hidden bandwidth limit on hi-res video
- Limited video options
Bottom Line: Especially for the price, I was prepared to quickly put this site in the excellent range. You can see the evolution of the site as it contains probably every picture and video they've ever offered - from little low res pics and video chopped up into small segments (mostly in .mpeg and .ram format) to hi-res pics and full-length video in either 640 or 320 resolution .wmv format. They've even gone back and re-released episodes in full-length hi-def that were only available in clips before.

But it seems there are some oddities here that really hurt the overall experience. There's a definite call for zip files here. But what ARE those wandering dots in the pictures about?

The 404 error message you get when you hit that hidden bandwidth limit on hi-res video was kind of a "what the hell...?" It's just on the hi-res video - the rest of the site is still accessible and that just struck me as really odd. The emails I sent regarding the error message WERE answered promptly, and I had my full access restored twice, but I think it would've been nice to know ahead of time that there was a cap on downloads.

All in all, the price is right and you've got plenty to see here, but I think the site needs a little more tweaking before it could be called top notch.

12-21-07  07:58pm

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Visit Figure Baby

Figure Baby

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Decidedly amateurs here - no silicone, little if any makeup on the women
+ Newer pictures are available in "small" (533x800 portrait), "normal" (1067x1600 portrait) and "big" (1600x2400 portrait) sizes
+ Videos, though very few online, are available in wmv (1280x720, 1365 bitrate), mp4 (1280x720, 1536 bitrate), iPod and PSP formats (No specs on iPod and PSP as I have no use for them)
+ Zip files for "normal" size pictures (See con below)
+ "Picture advance" viewing - click a picture, it takes you to the next in the set
+ Download manager compatible (Tested with FDM on video only)
+ Responsive customer support
Cons: - Updates on a 2-2-3 schedule (two days, two days, three days)
- Somewhat awkward navigation
- No zip files for anything but "normal" size pictures
- File names are just numbers
- Still a small site without a lot of content
- Only six videos up (see bottom line)
- Even at $17.95 a month, I think it's still somewhat expensive until the site grows
Bottom Line: I have to cut 'em a little slack because this IS a new site and I guess ya gotta start somewhere. There are 22 models on the site as of the date of this review - some have only one picture set up, some over a dozen. The average right now seems to be 5 or 6 sets, with most sets running an average 80 to 100 pics a set. But, there are still some things that made me wonder where they're going to take things.

The biggest head scratcher is with the video. Of the six online, 4 are interviews with no nudity at all. Okay - that's cool - talk to the models a bit. But the other two? They're each just short of twenty minutes and are compilations of a model doing such things as sitting reading a book, chasing a fly with a fly swatter and sitting playing with Legos. I didn't expect to see any hardcore on the site. Didn't even expect any masturbation scenes. But sitting, playing with Legos? That's a bit odd to me - and I LIKE things with a bit of novelty to 'em.

The other stuff I guess are more normal concerns. Like I hope they get around to adding zip files for all the diferent size pictures. And PLEASE - give me file names that ID the model - not just numbers! I've already found a couple of pictures that have the same number and that just doesn't work for me.

The navigation's a bit off too. On the home page, you have what I'll call six headers: Updates, Photos, Video, Models, Links and Support. Under that are two large thumbnails, one for the current update, the other for the next update. Below that are thumbnails for the last 16 updates. Those 16 only have the date and the set title on them - they don't ID the model. But, click on any thumbnail, you get taken to that model's page where you can access all her sets and video (if she's done video, of course). Even that seemed clunky to me. Each thumb you click takes you to a separate page where you have to choose small, normal, large (if available) or zip file. Seems that step could easily be eliminated. I liked the idea of clicking a picture to advance to the next in the set, but I had to figure out for myself that to get to content beyond the last 16 updates on the home page, you have to click on the Model header.

I won't use IE as a browser, so maybe this part is just a Firefox issue. They're experimenting with a beta picture viewer but I'm not sure what they're trying to achieve with it other than to view a gallery as a slideshow. Regular viewing breaks the sets down into groups of 20 per page. The Beta viewer opens an entire gallery which was slow here. Once open, you can start a slideshow or click on a picture to have it open on top of the page. You can then move it around on the screen. Ummm... You can only only one picture at a time, so why have that option?

It needs to be added that their support seems to be attentive. I found a set that was giving me a 404 error and they responded within a day, informing me that the problem had been corrected.

(Continued in replies)

04-05-09  06:19am

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Visit G Queen

G Queen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content
+ Some seriously clean shaven Asian teens
+ Mostly cute models
Cons: - A navigational nightmare
- Expensive as hell
- 640x480 resolution wmv files only
- Majority of videos don't have live sound
- Pictures only 835 pixels on the long side
- Not download manager compatible
- Everything is right click and save - buttons aren't really buttons
- daily download limit of 1.5 gigs - yeah only 1.5 gigs
- Limit of 2 downloads at once
- a pathetic 190k/s download speed
- weekly? updates of ? videos (I don't read Japanese) - seemingly erratic schedule at best
- Pictures have a ridiculously huge watermark, videos a large watermark that jumps around to all the corners
- As of this week, they've added non-asian models
Bottom Line: Another site that's hard to wrap up, mostly due to the fact that the English site is still mostly in Japanese. You hit the tabs to see where it takes you and hope you can remember which tab is which. Unless I couldn't find them, only the older videos have accompanying picture sets. Newer videos can be previewed on another page with only four pictures. As nothing is dated, it's hard to tell where the dividing line between old and new is.

This site definitely leans towards the Japanese sense of erotica. That could be either a pro or a con, depending on whether or not you can appreciate the deviations from Western porn. There are strange masturbations, off camera men prodding and probing the models, some peeing scenes and even some hint of the Japanese art of bondage. There are some girl/girl and multi-girl scenes, most of which are limited to what is best described as prodding and probing - no real sexual contact involved.

Most models do sets of four separate scenes, each running an average of 10 to 15 minutes. There are models who have done more than one set, but the awkward navigation and my inability to read Japanese makes it next to impossible to post any numbers. For some reason, the girl/girl sets are mostly a one or two video deal. The resolution leaves something to be desired. All of their videos, even the oldest, are 640x480 at 1600 kbps. That might have been cutting edge when the site started - in 2010, they're falling behind the times.

There's some kind of VIP club - special content for people staying with the site for 3 months or more. But, considering the site updates so infrequently and costs $50 to join and renews at $44 a month, I can't imagine any content worth putting out almost $140 to see.

Adding non-Asian models on a site that's supposed to feature "shaved Japanese pussies" is just plain wrong. You can go to plenty of other sites to see shaved models - for a lot less money.

In the end, if you don't care about how much it costs, the bandwidth limit or snail slow download speed, it IS a unique site with unique content. It's that uniqueness alone that prompted me to give them a 60.

04-25-10  10:03am

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Visit Girls Love Toys

Girls Love Toys

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + The discount price
+ Video offered in wmv format in 320x240 and 720x540 resolutions
+ Videos are full scenes only
+ Decent quality pictures - average size in the 800 to 900 pixel range for the long side
+ Video and pictures updated alternating days - every day
+ I guess it's a plus - as extras, there are 6 board games to play and a small set of wallpapers to download
+ Works with some download managers
Cons: - Very poor navigation because of the broken "fully searchable database"
- A lot of non-exclusive material
- No zip file access until after 30 day membership
- Doesn't work with some download managers
Bottom Line: I didn't see enough content online to warrant $25 but, for $10? What the hell.. After joining, I'm really glad it didn't cost more because I realized that a good bit of it all I've seen elsewhere. I'm reasonably sure most of the material here comes from series that are all over other sites.

This site definitely has issues. For one thing, their "fully searchable database" doesn't work right. For instance, "Browse all videos" takes you to a list, "Browse all pictures" doesn't. And most of the categories you click on to narrow your search take you back to the home page.

I'm curious about the video size they offer. 720x540 video? Picture quality was a cut above average, but the size thing still was me wondering. It's certainly better than 320 - but not quite high-def.

Another oddity - I couldn't use FreeDownloadManager here - it didn't work at all. But the DownthemAll add-on for Firefox did.

I can't say much about the pictures as I'm mostly a video guy. I do know having to click through picture after picture got old really fast. Plus, to view them full size, you have to first click on the thumbnail, then click on the first picture that pops up. What little I saw was just like the video - a bit more than adequate and mostly clear.

I doubt I'd sign up here again. Not with content I can get elsewhere & at higher resolution. But, if you've got $10 to burn and simply don't feel like browsing a bunch of other sites for solo content, this might be just the site for you.

03-18-08  08:33pm

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Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Lots of amateur content
+ Different file types available
+ Tabbed navigation
+ Pictures: 1026, 1280, 1600 pixels long side, Some available @ 2000
+ In browser flash video
+ Bonus material from Yanks and ATK Hairy
Cons: - File types are ridiculous to figure out
- File naming is another pain
- Split files in 2013?
- Minimal previews/ descriptions on videos
- Picture/video quality varies, often for the worse
- Site crashes while using Opera browser
- Not compatible with FreeDownloadManager
Bottom Line: I'll preface this by saying that this will be, without a doubt, the most disjointed bottom line I've ever written. I'm just going to call it, "Issues". Joining this site was a major disappointment and what follows might tell the story.

I will say that the speed issue I commented on was somewhat resolved. I still can't use FreeDownloadManager, but the "Save As" speed is up to 1.2 mb. Not great, but certainly better than the 200kb I saw in the beginning. Other than this being a strictly amateur site which I absolutely love, that pretty much ends the positives. Here we go...

Normally, I would go into detail about the various file types. GOW seems to go out of their way to make that confusing as hell. You get columns labeled mp4, mpg+wmv and wmv. Then, quite often, you face a cryptic list like this: Source MP4 1080p, Source MP4 720p, High (1024x576 @ 3200k), High (1024x576 @ 3200k), HD (1280x720 @ 4700k), HD (1280x720 @ 4700k), Low (512x288 @ 600K), Low (512x288 @ 600K). On top of that, there are sometimes 5 links that say the same exact thing (e.g. Medium (1920x1080 @ 1500K)) Seemingly duplicate links that link to different files? Same file with slightly different names? I have no clue. I'll just leave it as this - I tried to download only the highest resolution video and was frequently disappointed in the quality of even the newest scenes. Lighting quality, especially on the outdoor scenes was hit or miss.

File naming. Fine on pictures as the name of the model and the set are used. On video? Another nightmare. A lot of the B/G and G/G videos download using the couple's names with no mention of the scene/episode. So, even though a couple has done more than one video, each one has to be renamed so you can download the different videos.

Opened a solo girl video that showed it was the second of 3 parts. Went to the model index to get the other two parts and there were only two videos listed. WHERE'S THE THIRD? Guess I can browse the entire site to see if it's there.

Clicked on the thumbnail for part 3 of a video and the flash preview shows part 2

Picture sets showing up in the video section.

Thinking there might be a browser issue in how the site was displayed, I tried Opera. That kept crashing so I went back to Firefox.

It's pretty bad when the bonus sets are better quality than most of the host site's material - higher resolution and better lighting.

Preview thumbnails for several full length videos open to a page with no download links.

I actually got a headache trying to figure out how to write all of this, so I'm going to stop writing and just leave it at this - For such a well known site, it's a mess. If you really like amateurs, in all their non-glamorous glory, and don't mind digging for files and renaming almost every video, go for it. Otherwise, avoid this site.

06-01-13  12:41pm

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Visit Her Sweet Hand

Her Sweet Hand

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + New rates - $24.80/month recurring, $59.52/90 days recurring, $89.28/6 months no rebill, $101.21/360 day no rebill
+ Amateurs! Very little silicone and few mural sized tattoos here
+ Still in mov clips AND full length wmv
+ newer wmv files run fom 1200 to 2800 bitrate
+ H.264/MPEG-4 has been added - can't seem to read bitrate but it's crystal clear
+ Access to Her Sweet hand, Butt Lounge, Just a Blow Job, Not My Face (Close ups), Perfect D (Big tits), Sybian Lounge and Sybian World
+ Pictures (if available) in zip files - newer pix average 1100 pixels on the short side
+ File names include model name
+ A blog (of sorts) where G Picasso talks about what's been going on with the site
+ No apparent bandwidth cap
+ With download manager, I got rates of 1400k/s download speed
+ Most of the girls finish the job themselves
Cons: - Navigation is rough - no links to go from one site to another except on home page
- Have to login to each site separately - sometimes twice
- Still haven't gotten away from random bitrates
- Same template for each model - Surprise! No pictures for this one
- Picture sets are small - from 30? to 60?
- Pictures mostly available on older sets - newer pix only in some sites on the network
- Found several links that I had to click several times to connect - some broken altogether
- Watermarks on video are random - from small(ish) to insanely large
- Nothing dated on most sites
- Bandwidth capped people warning: File sizes not apparent until already downloading
- No search function
Bottom Line: The review goes here, for Her Sweet Hand, but this is really a review for a somewhat confusing little network. Each site has it peculiarities and I'd have to write a small almanac to wrap it all up, so I'll just leave it at what follows.

It's a network of similar sites, so similar that there's some mix of files with a watermark from another site that's either mislabeled or misplaced. The navigation isn't really *bad*, but it could be a lot smoother and user-friendly. On some sites, you have to back your browser out of the members area to get to the links to go to the other sites. Each site uses the same basic template, but some sites have dates, some don't. Some sites have pictures, some don't. Some shoots have the option of mp4 or wmv, some don't. The inconsistencies are a serious curiosity.

Getting into 2007, the files are hit or miss for full-length files. It's still hit or miss whether or not there's an mp4 for a certain episode.

It almost seems like Her Sweet Hand is the star and the rest are secondary. It seems to get a new girl a wekk, while some of the sites have had minimal updates since the last time I was a member here, almost 2 years ago. This is my third signup here and I still wonder why the bitrates are so random. And now there's the issue of the different size watermarks. And the largest watermark on Her Sweet hand is now bigger than the one on PerfectD, which has always been obtrusively large. That needs to go away! See it here http://tinyurl.com/yjsn6rq

File sizes on some of the newer files are outrageous - like 1.6 gig? There's no reason for that.

There are things I didn't list as a pro or a con because they're too subjective. The photography (video and stills) is pretty basic here. It's like 98% one tripod or one hand held camera, so there are no crazy angles here. It's mostly a one frame shoot or POV. I like it because the camera rarely moves away from the action. It's also 99% one guy, but you rarely see his face.

I don't see any sign of a bandwidth cap here, but my ISP has one, so I limit myself to 10 gigs a day and haven't had any problem.

Despite what all I think is wrong with these sites, and the score I give it all, I like this site/network. The price is finally right, coming down from $31.80 a month. The video clarity has come a looong way since their 320 x 240 days and it's one of the few sites that's had a steady flow of (mostly) attractive, amateur models, mostly in the 18 to late-20's age range. I just think they'd do well to make things more uniform from site to site and in the video quality. And, please, kill that billboard sized watermark!

12-16-09  04:46pm

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Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Still the most realistic masturbation site out there - no make-up encrusted, siliconed-injected models, just women enjoying themselves
+ Unlike other masturbation sites, the women here don't typically play to the camera
+ The site is moving into Hi-def (see bottom line and my comment at right)
+ Files available in high and low resolution wmv and high and low resolution mov
+ 1000+ episodes up, running an average of 5-10 minute each
+ Daily updates (with one con below)
+ They seem to be getting away from the same old "bird's eye view", dimly lit shoots. More women are doing shoots outdoors and in locations other than a bed
+ The member's forum is as alive as ever, with people commenting on the site and the girls daily
Cons: - Update schedule is still light with only one episode added per day
- Found out the hard way that there's a 3 gig a day download limit. Go over and you're locked out for 24 hours
Bottom Line: Well... I still don't have a job but I couldn't resist this one. This has always been one of my favorite sites and I just happened to be checking the site to see what's what. I saw exactly what I'd been looking for - IFM is moving to hi-def! So, the credit card took a hit and back in I went.

As of the date of this review there's about a week's worth of 720x576 video up and I have to say it's a most welcome addition. Bitrates have jumped from 900+ to 1600+ so the files look GOOD. Now I'm eagerly awaiting the the higher resolutions. The updates still just come one a day so I think this is still one of those sites you join, download for the month, then leave to join again after the content has built up. Just be careful when you go back and try to catch up that you don't download more than 3 gigs a day or you get locked out for 24 hours.

Definitely tops in it's niche as it is, if they could get more than an episode a day up, I'd say this site would be about as perfect as you can get.

03-15-09  04:38pm

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Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Original and stylish content
+ Natural women in natural settings
+ Decent update schedule - including a countdown timer to the next update
+ Nicely designed site despite the lack of a model index
Cons: - Video quality does vary, but even the worst of 'em aren't TOO bad.
- Seems to be an on again, off again problem with the use of download managers, although it's not much of a problem if you have broadband. Some days there is a message while using Free Download Manager that their server doesn't allow resuming stopped downloads (On the IFM forum, one of their admins says that issue is being addressed)
- No model index
Bottom Line: I guess my score for this site reflects my appreciation of amateurs. It struck me that this site could easily be called "Erotic Art". As a newer site, I could also see this as one of those that you leave for a while, then join again later as the content builds. I'll definitely come back to this one!

Sad to say I have to knock my score down for this site. With not enough room here for the reasons, see my comment on the right.

02-19-07  01:48am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + small sample videos - good for those with bandwidth usage issues
+ All newer content (see con about dates) is available in 3 resolutions 640x360 @ 1500+ kb/s, 1280x720 @ 3900+ kb/s and 1920x1080 @ 7800+kb/s
+ Searches by 32 fetish preferences (Breasts, Panties, Treadmills, Ass Jiggling, Clitoris Views, etc.) and by release date, model name or keyword (See con)
+ No in-your-face upsells
+ You'd knock over your best friend to get a chance to date most of the models
Cons: - No alphabetical model search - you can put them in ABC order, but the pages are numbered, not lettered
- You can order episodes by release date, but the files aren't dated
- File names don't have the model's name - they're numbered along with the scene title
- A few videos have no audio (I really don't get that at all on this site)
- No date information on files
- Average to poor server speeds
- $35 a month is high
- No multi-month discount
- Won't remember login - have to type it in everytime you access the site
- Use of download manager is tricky (See bottom line)
- I'm pretty much strictly video now but, just for the review, I'll mention that the pictures, while available in 2 sizes and in zip files, they only average about 80 per model and come in oddly cropped shapes, as in not uniform sizes.
Bottom Line: I can't believe I haven't done a review for this site before now. This is my third trip in and I have to say the content is as hot as ever. The girls are among the best looking anywhere on the 'Net and the photography is awesome. While some have said that the angles and serious zooming they use in their shoots is annoying, I think it's one of the things that makes ITC stand out in a class by itself. Up close and *very* personal. The video quality is the other thing that makes them a leader in the porn biz. I stay with the 1280 resolution because it looks as good on my TV as DVDs from my standalone player. The 1920 file sizes are just more than I need - no sense in tying up gigabytes when the 1280s are already crystal clear.

But - there *are* a few things on the down side. One thing I don't remember is the server speed and how it dishes out files on my download manager. I have FreeDownloadManager set to grab 8 sections at a time. By default, I get 1 section from here and it's sometimes slow to connect even on the first chunk. When I try to manually add another section, sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn't. On the larger files, after 10 or more tries to add sections, I managed to get up to 4, for a top speed of a respectable 1 MB/s, but on most, I could only get 2, for a top speed of around 600 KB/s. I'm thinking this is what they've substituted for a download limit, which is okay by me. I can line up a bunch of files, walk away and check 'em out later. I just wish the files had the model's name instead of a number, and it would be nice to see the episode release dates. I also don't remember the site not being able to remember your login - it has to be manually typed in every time. This site has enough content now that it needs a revamp of it's search function and probably the site navigation in general. A keyword or fetish search is nice, but finding a model isn't all that easy.

Two of my pet peeves exist here. There are more than a few model with silicone tits, but they all appear to have been done by damn good surgeons. I didn't see any obvious scars and none of 'em were "overdone". There are also some models who overplay the sex with that open-mouthed look that I think looks cheap. But, because the focus is rarely on a model's face, it didn't seem as distracting as it usually does to me.

(Continued in replies)

10-04-09  01:51am

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Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + It's MOSTLY amateurs
+ Higher res video is a welcome addition
+ Decent amount of content
Cons: - Yeah, the navigation's bad - especially for such a well-known site
- Server won't allow you to resume a broken download
- Thumbnails/pictures and video links not loading at times - have to refresh page, somtimes more than once
- Some videos download to 0 file size the first (sometimes second and third) time
Bottom Line: With the debate here about what's what, I had to see for myself.
Trying to use a download manager, clicking on a "Save" button sends the file into a continuous download loop - it gets to 100%, then starts over. It also doesn't have the same file name as it does when downloading through your browser - it uses what I would guess are file ID numbers, with no file extension. I also found out through the download manager that you can't use an accelerator and that their server doesn't allow for resumption of broken downloads.
So, given the poor navigation, the server issues, the problems getting pages to load correctly and the inability to use my download manager, I'd have to say I'm disappointed. That's what led me to give Matt's a way lower score than I ever thought I would for an amateur site.

06-14-07  06:10pm

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Visit Mature.nl


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Plenty of content
+ New video and pics are decent quality
+ Network access
+ Model List
+ Search by niche
+ Zip files for pictures
+ Easy cancellation link
+ HD, Streaming and IPOD videos
+ Video available in parts
+ Customized DVDs available
Cons: - 1990s style layout and navigation
- Abysmal download speeds
- Erratic update schedule
- No download acceleration with download manager
- Huge watermarks on just about everything but mature.nl content
- Files not named
- Not Opera compatible
- Blank model pages???
- Only one file type on newer content (wmv)
Bottom Line: There is definitely a ton of mature content here. At the time of this review there are 90 pages of updates, listed in chronological order, spanning 21 sites:
Mature.nl, Mature Retro, Special Mature Movies, Amateur Interracial, Creampie Mature, Mature.eu, Mature Madness, Mature Sexparty, Old and Young Lesbians, Mature Gloryhole, I Love Mature, USA Mature, Teens Love Old Men, Bizarre Mature Sex, Horny Mature Sluts, Mature Toiletsluts, Old and Young Gangbang, Outdoor Mature, Kinky Mature Gangbang, Bizarre Mature Dildo and Grannychannel.

The only search on the site is by niche. 25 categories: Anal, Asslicking, Bigbutt, Biglady, Bigtits, Blowjob, Cum, Facials, Fisting, Gangbang, Groupsex, Hairy, Interracial, Lesbian, Masturbation, MILF, Old & Young, Old & Young Female, Pantyhose,Pissing, Public, Shaved, Solo, Threesome and Toys. Some of the more extreme niches have very few sets.

The model list, which has thousands of models, pops up a thumbnail of each model when pointing to the name. Some models have no video, especially in the oldest sets. With nothing dated outside of the update pages, there's no telling what you're going to find on a particular model.

Click on one of six thumbnails on a model's page and a strip of thumbs appear on the left that have to be scrolled through to get to the page jumps. Found it particularly annoying that clicking on the first thumb didn't always take you to the first picture in the set. Newer pictures are 1440 on the long side, older ones are 1024 long side.
With more than a few blurry shots, poorly lit and oddly framed pictures, there doesn't appear to be much editing on what's posted.

More than adequate quality files - HD: 1280 x 720 @ 4700+ kb/s, Streaming (From one sample): 720 x 406 @ 768 kb/s, Ipod: 320x240 @ 700+ kb/s
Since the download speeds averaged around 250 kb/s, I was surprised that streaming was even possible. Some one gig files took 3 hours to download - with a download manager. No acceleration was allowed and FreeDownloadManager reported that resuming broken files wasn't guaranteed. I never got to the older mpg files mentioned on TBP, so no comment there. The watermarks do get a comment - On most of the niche sites they were excessively large. Yeah - I get it - you've branded your product with a ridiculous distraction. Thanks.

Using a download manager (FDM), all pictures download as showPicture.php, all video as V3GetMovie.php. Right clicking to save video and they're merely numbered. Pictures are still showPicture.php. Utterly ridiculous.

I found several models whose link goes to a page with no content. WTF???

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this site seems to shoot anyone who will take her clothes off. You know it's bad when you find yourself on a model's page and you say, "Holy shit!", out loud.

Each scene has a link to add it to a custom DVD. Clicking takes you to a page where it shows you how many minutes of content you can still add. Averaging three scenes each and costing €27.95 (including shipping), they aren't cheap.

I gave this site a 68 based mostly on the amount of content available. Beyond that, it needs a lot of work to bring it up to 2012 specs. The clumsy, flash-based navigation, the lack of proper file names, the S-L-O-W download speeds and the sporadic blank pages are annoying as hell. I don't know that I'd recommend this network to anyone but the most ardent mature fan. For over fifty dollars a month, I expected better than this.

10-27-12  08:41am

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Visit Maya's Hand Jobs

Maya's Hand Jobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + The high def 1280 wmv files look very good
+ Did I mention that the high def 1280 wmv files look very good?
Cons: - Although somewhat expected, it's very repetitive
- Limited content and (supposedly) weekly updates
- No rhyme or reason to what kind of file comes with an update - might be "standard def" or hi def, wmv or avi
- Page layout looks like 1990
- Navigation isn't difficult but still clunky as hell with all the scrolling (Hard to put into words)
- Most pictures are only 450x600 - found a few sets with 800x600 (livin' large!)
- Not enough description/tiny thumbnails for video files
- The forum page looks like an ad page with 10 banners to 10 different sites
- At least a dozen duplicated updates
- More than a few episodes where she looks bored
- The guy is hung so as to make me look like John Holmes
- DVD page seems to want to sell you $35 DVD's with a bare minimum of description of the content
- Forum is loaded with links to sites that made Firefox's NoScript add-on work overtime
Bottom Line: Have you ever joined a site where you knew you'd be disappointed but had to check it out anyway? I caught a clip from this site while browsing the flash sites and thought she was just interesting looking enough to have a go at it. Interestingly enough, the clip I saw isn't even on the site.

There's not much good to say about the site. The 1280 wmv files look good, the rest are 640 avi and wmv files. And, apparently, they couldn't decide what codec to stick with. Some played in Winamp and Media Player Classic, some I needed to use VLC. The page layout is another 1990 throwback. A small window with 3 headings for pictures, and a small window to scroll down the updates for movies. The file names for the movies don't match the heading on the site. They all begin with "hand" and it wasn't until I thought I'd seen one file before that I realized that some of the updates were duplicates. Different file sizes, but the same flick.

I took a hit for the team :laughs: Save your money.

Oh yeah - to aesop7 - The guy does get laid in one flick. Considering how under endowed he is, it's no wonder she's into handjobs.

09-06-09  07:26am

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Visit Next Door Amateur

Next Door Amateur

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Amateur fans should like the lack of "names"
+ WMV 320 and 720, Flash 720, iPod/iPhone, Quicktime files (oldest episodes still in RealMedia :chuckle:)
+ Access to 7 sites
+ Zip files for pictures
+ $15.95 discount offer at cancellation
+ Offer for $5.95 access to 2 more sites
Cons: - Confusing navigation
- Just about all video files aren't properly named - Everything but zip files and pictures download as "1"
- 7 gig per day download limit per site (Per the webmaster)
- Individual pictures are small - 800 long side
- Larger pictures (1600 long side) only available in zip files
- One picture and one video update per week
- Some incomplete videos
- Video resolution not HD
Bottom Line: Don't look for a slick production here - it's all about the content and there's plenty of it, dating back to 2007. Signing up to NDA gets you access to West Coast Gangbangs, Hot Wives and Girlfriends, Creampie Ebony, DP Amateurs, Creampie X, Elizabeth del Mar, Misty Parks, Tanya's Web and the Yahoo Club. Some of those, most notably the solo model sites, are very small, with small pics and low quality video. The Yahoo Club is where you can evidently hook up with women. It's moderated by Rick, the webmaster, and he says that he can "certify many of the sluts there". Personally, I didn't want to know what that means and can't comment further because I didn't click the link to find out.

I'd been here years ago and I can't say that the site looks any different than my last time in. Unfortunately, there's a lot of confusion in the mix. For example, files in Next Door Amateurs (NDA) and Amateur Creampies (AC) are intermixed, meaning you get files from both sites while browsing either one. Seems to me they could just put everything together in one huge site and be done with it. On top of that, there are models who have different videos on both NDA and AC, so you have to check the thumbnail and playing time to make sure the files are actually different. Next little issue - clicking a link for a picture set or a video takes you to another page where you choose another link for video, pictures or zip files. Clicking for video, you then choose file type and resolution. Unnecessary steps and needlessly confusing. But wait! There's more! Except for a few here and there, the video files all have the name "1". You have to rename each download and hop back and forth between sites to check for duplicates, making file organization very time consuming.

One surprise that sort of stands out in my mind is that, for some reason, there are a couple of files that are incomplete. The guy goes back in for a second time but we never get to see the money shot. Fade to black mid-stroke? Not sure what to make of that.

Much to the site's credit is Rick. He's super quick to respond to emails, most surprisingly to include requests to unblock you after you hit the download limit. It seems to me that, as long as you aren't hitting him every day to unblock you, he'll usually oblige. I have to make it known that I'm probably in the minority now when it comes to limits. As long as the file sizes aren't huge and the limit too restrictive, I understand that the sites are in it to make money and don't want their entire site downloaded in a week - especially one that's been around since 2007. I average about 30 files per 7 gigs here. Not bad when you figure what all you can get in 30 days.

Now here's the funny part (at least to me it is) After hitting this site with all the criticisms, I'll still say that diehard creampie and amateur fans should like this site. Just don't expect smooth going. There are lots of girl next door types, some hot, some not so much, but none that I had to pass on downloading. Especially for a first time join, there's a lot of content to be had. I give it a 78 based on three strengths - it's true to its niche, the amount of content to be had and Rick's attention to his subscribers. I wouldn't mind seeing them smooth out the navigation and put HD video on the menu, but I still like it enough to go back once in a while.

02-20-13  06:21pm

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Over 1000 models, 570,000+ pictures, 5400+ movies
+ Navigation options galore - Model Directory, Videos, Favorites, Niche Models, Top Rated, Tags, etc.
+ Search by category with attributes, outfits, "include/exclude actions" and environment options
+ Allows user votes and comments on sets and videos
+ Allows users to set tags (see cons and bottom line)
+ Allows users to set global viewing preferences
+ "Tag cloud" search (see cons and bottom line)
+ Newest files available in HD wmv, High avi, mpg & mp4, Medium Mobile, Low Flash
+ Zip files for picture sets in 2 sizes
+ Download manager compatible, with single download speeds of ~2.5MB/s
+ Bonus Girls - archived models from the earliest years of the site
+ Bonus material based on length of membership, including some slightly better-than-usual quality freebies - not "flash crap"
+ Links to models on other sites
+ Links to other sites include some discounted signups
Cons: - A tag cloud instead of a keyword search
- The tag cloud includes user set tags with bizarre and useless words
- Not many girl/girl scenes (a personal disappointment?)
- Some searches for specific content brings unexpected/unwanted results (see bottom line)
- Some camera work issues - Stop moving! (minor complaint)
- Kept crashing Opera's latest browser - my "speed browser"
Bottom Line: I can't believe this was my first time on this site, but I'm glad I joined. While it doesn't strictly fit into my amateurs-only ideology, there are hundreds of attractive no-names interspersed with dozens of faces (and "yummy parts"!) you've seen elsewhere. The overall quality of the pictures and video is well in line with the time that the scenes were shot. And, like others have mentioned, some of the older content seems to have been reworked - a nice touch!

The only real issue I have with this site has to do with the search functions. This site has a tag cloud instead of a keyword search, and the advanced search options seem to be based on the tags in the cloud. On other sites, the tags are set by the site and emphasized by the number of user hits on a particular word or phrase. I'd like to see that here. On Nubiles, the tags are user set and it seems to have degenerated into something less than reliable. For instance, searching for lesbian videos also brings up some solo and boy/girl material. There are useless tags in the cloud like, "wowwykazoowee", "ws wetspeck gt", "staysclothedsoisspam" and "xkjxjkxjkl". The worst offense is where one evidently very bored user decided to set literally dozens and dozens of crazy and similar tags based on the words "fringers" (yes, with the extra R), "pussy hole" and "milkie". All of that makes the tag cloud excessively long which, in turn, makes the page load VERY slowly. I do, however, have to give credit to the clown who tagged something with "what was abe lincolns wifes name". A nice chuckle, even if it did add to the crap.

Tagging issues aside, I think the list of positives above speaks volumes about the site. For it's niche, I don't see it getting much better than this. If you like 18 to 27 year-old models (heaviest on the younger side of things), this is a must join. Although there are few ethnics, the girls on this site are basically all natural, girl-next-door types. You'll find just about every body type short of fat, with almost non-existent silicone (if any) and, maybe most amazingly in this day and age, relatively few piercings. In my opinion, even the least attractive girl wasn't UNattractive. That's damn good for a site this size. I'd say that this is a site to hang around on for a while. If not that, one to definitely come back to once in a while. If you've ever been debating whether or not to join, I'll say, "Do it!"

(Edited for clarification of the tag cloud concern)

02-13-12  08:22pm

Replies (3)
Visit Overdeveloped Amateurs

Overdeveloped Amateurs

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Yes, there are a lot of very large tits on this site
Cons: - With the exception of a few very small details, site design has never changed

- Severe lack of content

- Video quality is horrible - 320x240 mpg only

- Except for special features, everything is in 40-second clips

- Updates are almost random - every third or fourth day?

- Picture gallery is all dated material - from 2001 and 2002

- Content replaced every month
Bottom Line: Each month starts out with a dozen or so sets, a "set" being ten 40-second clips or their "special features" which are roughly a 10 minutes long. Then, every few days or so, either a new set of clips or another feature is added. It's almost random, and hard to get a fix on what the update frequency actually is. The only thing I know for sure is that the "features" are rotated out weekly. In the end, after my month was up, all I wound up with was 2.55 gigs of video that looks like it was shot with a VHS camera and that I had a lot of clip joining to do.

On their Q&A page (where for some reason they decided to use Java based popups that sometimes pop up 2, 3 and 4 times), I saw this:

Question: Why did you decide to make this a monthly issue?

"I built this site to be the way i wish all websites were. fresh material all the time without looking at the same stuff each time i come back to the site. so i decided its better to give fresh material each month, then to just keep updating leaving lots of material that you've already seen."

That's not the feeling I get. I picture someone running a niche site who wants to minimize server usage and maximize profits. I can also easily imagine that whomever's running this site figures there are enough people who just decide they want to see some huge tits every once in a while, that they don't need to update the site design. It shows. (Bottom line continued in replies)

03-16-08  09:04am

Replies (1)
Visit Puffy Network

Puffy Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 3 site access
+ Files types: wmv 1080p, mp4 in 320p, 480p, 720p &1080p
+ Bonus material from other sites
+ Zip files for pictures
+ Searches with category filters and keywords
+ In browser flash for video
+ Live cams available
Cons: - Seriously quirky flash based picture viewing
- Inconsistent download speeds
- Some might like larger pictures
- Pictures need renaming
Bottom Line: This network started out with Wet and Puffy in April 2009 with We Like To Suck added at the end of May 2011 and Wet and Pissy the end of March 2012.

Wet & Puffy is basically the solo portion of their network. The girls start out clothed, get into a bit of tease as they shed their outfits, then it's on to plenty of showing off, fingering and insertions of toys and other objects. WeLikeToSuck is the hardcore portion of the show. Surprise! It all centers around blowjobs, with more than a few of the girls giving it all up for full penetration sex. Wet&Pissy, also not surprisingly, is the pissing fetish site. All solo action, including toys and insertions.

They added high definition video starting in February 2010. The videos are clear and sharp across the board and the camerawork is what I'd call above average. There are plenty of full body shots and closeups with a fair minimum of the can't-hold-still camera that I find distracting as hell. The choice of file types and sizes make it easy to get video that suits your needs.

As far as the pictures go, I'll start by saying that they're 2800 pixels long side and it does appear that the sets were handpicked to avoid too much repetition and out of focus shots. But that's where the good stops. I've never been a fan of flash based picture viewing because there always seems to be some issues that make the navigation slow and clunky. That's definitely the case here. Some of the newest sets pop up pictures that are smaller than what's available in the zip files. Some sets have the option to enlarge to full size, some don't. There are also times when the individual pictures don't give the option to right click and save. As I moved from page to page, the worst part of it was clicking on a pic, closing the popup and winding back on the first page. The last issue with the pictures is in the naming. Saving individual pictures (when possible!) all have the same name. The zip files don't include the name of the set and they all open to a folder named Images, with the pictures themselves simply numbered (001, 002, etc.) That required a lot of renaming work.

You get the typical tabbed browsing here so getting around the sites is pretty easy and intuitive. Nothing new with that. It's an easy jump from videos to pictures to the bonus content and on to anywhere on the site. The filters do a good job of narrowing things down to get you to just what you're looking for.

Download speeds were all over the place. Using a download manager, I got speeds that ranged from around 350 to 3200 kb/s. That meant that some of the one gig+ files took almost halh an hour to download.

The bonus content here is better than most I've seen. A dozen or more scenes from 7 well-known sites updated weekly. They're in 720p mp4 - decidedly better than the 1990's resolution flash seen on countless other sites.

Advertising is kept hidden behind it's own tab and behind a button on each page. Always nice to see that.

As always, I can't say too much about the live cams because I don't care for 'em. It appears you have to sign up separately to access them and that some are free and some require you to pony up some extra cash.

All in all, I really like the site and would recommend checking it out. The videos get a 92 from me and the pictures a 75. I averaged that out to come up with 83.5 rounded up to my score of 84

01-05-14  03:14am

Replies (9)
Visit RedClouds


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + For about 48¢ a week, you get to see a bunch of amateur pictures
+ No recurring billing
+ 11 Forums: •Fun&Shots BB •Sam's Place Community BB •Explicit BB Our other Community BB •MalePlicit BB •Toy Test Center BB •Discussing Sexuality •Lesbian World •Gay World •Fetish World •Poli BB •Photo Classifieds
+ Can upload content and enter contest for cash prizes
Cons: - Navigation is just bad and not too intuitive. Tabs and lists, tabs and lists... and NO SEARCH FUNCTION! Some of the links don't make much sense - you have to click and figure out what's going on.
- A randomly placed watermark - "Shown at www.Redclouds.com" on every picture. Small, but never in a corner.
- Clicking on some pictures takes you to a censored version that says it's only for Redcloud members. Login again and you may or may not get to see the picture.
-Upsells - Tabs and ads prompting you to join the archives section (funbags.com), the video section (homeclips.com) and a date finder (matchmotion.com) - all at extra cost, of course.
-Average picture size is 800 pixels on the long side - with very few exceptions
Bottom Line: Even at this ridiculously cheap price, I have to say that this was a disappointment. I gave it a 70 only because it's true to it's niche - it's decidedly amateur and I can appreciate that. But the navigation is confusing and, even though I didn't expect anything close to Hi-Def, the content is average at best. You can browse the TGP sites and see that there are a lot of amateurs with cameras that shoot with better resolution than what's on this site. Why aren't they here? I'm also not a fan of upsells in members areas. It's all easily written off because it is so cheap, but I know I won't be back.

11-30-09  12:26pm

Replies (2)

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