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Visit Overdeveloped Amateurs

Overdeveloped Amateurs

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Yes, there are a lot of very large tits on this site
Cons: - With the exception of a few very small details, site design has never changed

- Severe lack of content

- Video quality is horrible - 320x240 mpg only

- Except for special features, everything is in 40-second clips

- Updates are almost random - every third or fourth day?

- Picture gallery is all dated material - from 2001 and 2002

- Content replaced every month
Bottom Line: Each month starts out with a dozen or so sets, a "set" being ten 40-second clips or their "special features" which are roughly a 10 minutes long. Then, every few days or so, either a new set of clips or another feature is added. It's almost random, and hard to get a fix on what the update frequency actually is. The only thing I know for sure is that the "features" are rotated out weekly. In the end, after my month was up, all I wound up with was 2.55 gigs of video that looks like it was shot with a VHS camera and that I had a lot of clip joining to do.

On their Q&A page (where for some reason they decided to use Java based popups that sometimes pop up 2, 3 and 4 times), I saw this:

Question: Why did you decide to make this a monthly issue?

"I built this site to be the way i wish all websites were. fresh material all the time without looking at the same stuff each time i come back to the site. so i decided its better to give fresh material each month, then to just keep updating leaving lots of material that you've already seen."

That's not the feeling I get. I picture someone running a niche site who wants to minimize server usage and maximize profits. I can also easily imagine that whomever's running this site figures there are enough people who just decide they want to see some huge tits every once in a while, that they don't need to update the site design. It shows. (Bottom line continued in replies)

03-16-08  09:04am

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Site navigation is simple and easy - tabs for Forum, Updates, Model Index, comments, Search, Pictures, Movies, Feeds and Help
+ Video in mpg and wmv formats - both in very clear 640 x 480 resolution
+ Picture sets run around an average of about 100 pics with two resolutions to choose from - 1024 and 1536
+ Zip files for both resolutions
+ Most models look genuinely into what they're doing (except for the overplaying comment below)
+ 228 models (at time of this review)
+ Updated 6 days a week with 3-4 photo Series and 1-2 full-length videos per update
+ Download manager friendly - speeds from around 350 to 1200 k/s
+ For those inclined to use it, a member's forum (I do not)
Cons: - Found several glitches - several thumbnails that open to wrong picture and a few video files that either don't download completely or, in one case, was audio only - no video.
- A lot of the models overplay the sex - never have been a fan of that open-mouthed see how sexy I am look
- While we can't look young forever, some models are just downright unattractive (yes, one opinion)
Bottom Line: The biggest curiosity I have about the site is with the video. Only the hardcore and lesbian flicks are available in clips or as a whole scene - the solo stuff is whole scene only. That doesn't bother me as I download full scenes anyway, but it did strike me as odd. But, aside from that, and the technical errors, I think this site does very well for it's niche. It definitely doesn't reek of the mass produced Hollywood image crap. With few exceptions, the models here are all natural - no silicone, no piercings or major tattoos. I guess a good way to look at this site is to try to picture a woman you always see at the grocery store, the teller at the bank or a neighbor's wife showing you the goods. Works for me...

01-22-08  10:26pm

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Visit CreamPie.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + A decent amount of material
+ Discount price
+ Fairly simple, straightforward navigation
+ Uncluttered layout
+ Newer video in 640 resolution
+ Pictures are high resolution - 1280 (but see the con below)
+ Updates every 4 days, alternating between pictures and video
Cons: - No zip files for pictures
- Pictures open full size even with browser set to resize
- There is a very strange, fuzzy black dot in a lot (most?) of the pictures
- No model index
- Hidden bandwidth limit on hi-res video
- Limited video options
Bottom Line: Especially for the price, I was prepared to quickly put this site in the excellent range. You can see the evolution of the site as it contains probably every picture and video they've ever offered - from little low res pics and video chopped up into small segments (mostly in .mpeg and .ram format) to hi-res pics and full-length video in either 640 or 320 resolution .wmv format. They've even gone back and re-released episodes in full-length hi-def that were only available in clips before.

But it seems there are some oddities here that really hurt the overall experience. There's a definite call for zip files here. But what ARE those wandering dots in the pictures about?

The 404 error message you get when you hit that hidden bandwidth limit on hi-res video was kind of a "what the hell...?" It's just on the hi-res video - the rest of the site is still accessible and that just struck me as really odd. The emails I sent regarding the error message WERE answered promptly, and I had my full access restored twice, but I think it would've been nice to know ahead of time that there was a cap on downloads.

All in all, the price is right and you've got plenty to see here, but I think the site needs a little more tweaking before it could be called top notch.

12-21-07  07:58pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + User discount
+ Network Access, along with bonus feeds, gives you a lot of content to check out
+ Download speeds usually over 1000k/s
+ User can leave comments directly on the site about individual scenes
+ Video options - wmv, mpg and flash
+ Zip files for pictures
+ Allows use of download manager (although not acceleration )
+ No download limit
+ No DRM
+ Model search
Cons: - Pictures sets seem to include unnecessarily repetitive shots
- Navigation on larger picture sets was hindered with a "page jump" that doesn't include all the consecutive pages (1 2 3 ... 9 10 11 ... 20 21 22)
- Pic/vid quality leaves a lot to be desired
- Recent updates seem to be only for some sites
- Sites prompt for cookies WAY too much
- Server doesn't allow download acceleration
- Too much space devoted to ads for other site
- A cookie hungry network
Bottom Line: For $20, I had to check it out. There's definitely a lot of content to check out so I'm not totally disappointed. But I guess I was hoping for something more. (Something else?) Too many siliconed tits and women with that open-mouthed, see-how-hot-this-is look, in my opinion.

The high quality pics aren't what I'd call high quality at all - 600x900 (and less!)? The video quality leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe I haven't found the sites that have been updated recently, but most of the video I've seen is at 320 resolution.

They seem to devote a lot of space to ads for other sites which I felt only added to an already clumsy navigation.

I still can't understand why the site prompts for cookies the way it does. Other than your first access to one of the sites, there seems to be a certain randomness to it. Once in, things like clicking on a file to download shouldn't be a call to set another cookie. I know I'll be cleaning out my browser once I'm done here!

I originally gave this site an 80 - only that high because I realize I was a bit out of my element here. I'm decidedly more into amateur material. But, with the resolution issues, the somewhat awkward navigation, the upsells AND what happened when I tried to cancel my subscription, I don't see this as such a great place to be. See my comment on the right about cancelling.

12-01-07  03:44am

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Visit Adult Rated

Adult Rated

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exceptional video quality available with the $14.95 membership
+ 4 ranges of WMV resolution as well as a high res MPG and medium resolution for both IPOD and PSP files
+ A wide variety of niches
+ Some videos available in "choose beginning and end frames" pieces (similar to Videobox)
+ Simple/easy navigation (however, this also relates to the second con below)
+ Download Manager/Accelerator friendly
Cons: - Very plain design
- Very little in the way of scene descriptions and the few video thumbnails given aren't always very descriptive of the scene in question. Given that lack, I see no need for having just 5 videos per page
- I found some pages were slow to load, with some never loading completely until after several long and slow (sometimes frustratingly so) refreshes
- The logo they use on a lot of the videos, though not overly large, seem a little too prominent or distracting
Bottom Line: It was hard to decide what rating to give this site. The unbelievably high resolution you get isn't something easily ignored. Neither is the wide variety of content available, even though a LOT of it's German, something that might sit better with me if I spoke German. Anyway, to me, if the overall content of a site is good and the files load reasonably fast, I figure something like a plain design is somewhat forgivable. The biggest factors that keep me from rating AdultRated higher are the page loading issue and the fact that I'm only three days into my membership and I've already found myself deleting several files because there was little or no description of them. All in all, I'd call it a really good site that just needs some tweaking in a few areas to make it top of the line.

07-08-07  12:18am

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Tons of girl-next-door type models
+ Very clear update schedule
+ Latest videos are even higher resolution (what seems to be a second step up for AW)
+ Lots of user input with their inclusion of User Lists on top of the already established forum
+ As is, a decent ammount of variety, although boy/girl action is almost non-existant
+ Several video options
+ Full zip and custom zips for pictures
+ Download Manager/Accelerator friendly
Cons: - A lot of repetition in the pic sets - including long strings of pics that seem to have been taken with a motor drive
- Surprising amount of slightly out of focus and/or shadowed pictures
- The logo on videos, though smaller than before, still seems intrusive to me - in more than a few cases, the model is shot off-center and towards the logo
- It's really not their forté, but I still wish they'd include more boy/girl content
Bottom Line: Ever the fan of just about anything amateur, and as it is now, I like Abby's. This is my second signup there. My biggest concern about the site is the impending split that's in the works. The details haven't been ironed out, but it seems they're going to split the different parts of their site into separate pay-for-what-you want segments. Tentatively, this will put all their girl/girl material in one section, the masturbation videos in another, with the rest of their material in yet another. One of the things I like about Abby's right now IS the variety and I, for one, would hate to see it get broken up. Unless each individual segment is going to be dirt cheap, it'll definitely wind up costing more to get the same variety as you get now. I just hope they don't price themselves out of my reach.

07-03-07  07:48pm

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Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + It's MOSTLY amateurs
+ Higher res video is a welcome addition
+ Decent amount of content
Cons: - Yeah, the navigation's bad - especially for such a well-known site
- Server won't allow you to resume a broken download
- Thumbnails/pictures and video links not loading at times - have to refresh page, somtimes more than once
- Some videos download to 0 file size the first (sometimes second and third) time
Bottom Line: With the debate here about what's what, I had to see for myself.
Trying to use a download manager, clicking on a "Save" button sends the file into a continuous download loop - it gets to 100%, then starts over. It also doesn't have the same file name as it does when downloading through your browser - it uses what I would guess are file ID numbers, with no file extension. I also found out through the download manager that you can't use an accelerator and that their server doesn't allow for resumption of broken downloads.
So, given the poor navigation, the server issues, the problems getting pages to load correctly and the inability to use my download manager, I'd have to say I'm disappointed. That's what led me to give Matt's a way lower score than I ever thought I would for an amateur site.

06-14-07  06:10pm

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Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Original and stylish content
+ Natural women in natural settings
+ Decent update schedule - including a countdown timer to the next update
+ Nicely designed site despite the lack of a model index
Cons: - Video quality does vary, but even the worst of 'em aren't TOO bad.
- Seems to be an on again, off again problem with the use of download managers, although it's not much of a problem if you have broadband. Some days there is a message while using Free Download Manager that their server doesn't allow resuming stopped downloads (On the IFM forum, one of their admins says that issue is being addressed)
- No model index
Bottom Line: I guess my score for this site reflects my appreciation of amateurs. It struck me that this site could easily be called "Erotic Art". As a newer site, I could also see this as one of those that you leave for a while, then join again later as the content builds. I'll definitely come back to this one!

Sad to say I have to knock my score down for this site. With not enough room here for the reasons, see my comment on the right.

02-19-07  01:48am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + With the discount, the price is ridiculously low for the amount of content you get to choose from
+ Very easy navigation
+ Ability to split videos
+ They allow the use of download managers/accelerators
Cons: - First, a personal preference. I find fake tits to be the ultimate turnoff - and, unfortunately, like most sites, the percentage of flicks with those plasticized abominations is way too high.
- Would be nice to have a full-length option
- Picture quality does vary on a small percentage of flicks
Bottom Line: I don't think you can do much better than this. If you don't like a particular genre, look at another - and another.
I don't understand the complaint of speed problems or video not playing correctly. They might not have the fastest servers, but with the use of a download accelerator, I've managed to grab enough to fill a large drive in as little as a week. As it's been mentioned, this is a site where dropping out for a while is a good idea, allowing them to continue to build the new material up. If the movies aren't playing correctly, it's a problem with the player you're using or maybe even your codecs. I know I'll come back to this one!

01-23-07  10:07pm

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