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Visit 10-Man Cum Slam

10-Man Cum Slam

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Part of Kickass network of 16 websites.
-Easy to link with other sites in the network.
-Can search site and network by name and small photo.
-138 videos. Latest videos are 640x360, but an astonishing 4,293,941 kbps. The early videos are weak at 320x240 985kbps.
-Supports download managers.
-The videos have an intangible fun feeling with personality. You get the feeling that the stars enjoy what they are doing. Big plus.
-46 photo sets. Zipdownloadable, 1000x1500.
-No DRM or download restrictions. Not a single broken link or download problem.
Cons: -Updates have no dates.
-No update schedule posted.
-Interviews with the guys were lame and boring. I don't care what they have to say.
-WMV and IPod are the only download options. No clips, but there is streaming.
Bottom Line: The videos here are all of the genre blowbang, with each girl swallowing 10 loads. I have never seen the crispness of the videos before. At over 4 million kbps, it seems like you are there, not watching a video. On my televison the 640x360 size played as letterbox. About a half hour long, they all start with the stars answering questions-you never see or hear the interviewer. I loved the girls' answers, but found the guys answers to be unnecessary. If you hate interviews, this is where the lack of clips as a download option comes in, as the interviews are about 7 minutes long. Each guy comes in her mouth, she swallows and there is an instant replay from a different camera showing a different angle. For some cumshots this is fun, for others, just a formulaic repetitive way to lengthen the video. For me, the most important plus for the site is something that is hard to write about. It has that special something, a fun, enjoyable feeling. The girls seem to get off on what they are doing. Few, maybe even none, have done scenes with so much cum swallowing and even the seasoned veterans talk about how this is a challenge. Most of the girls are pros, some well known, some not so much, and many are cute Latinas that I have not seen before. By and large, they are dressed nicely, with a good use of makeup and don't look like cheap overdone stereotypes. I have been a member of several blowbang or bukkake websites such as germangoogirls.com, cumforcover.com, and southernbukkake.com and found this site to be more entertaining as well as hotter. In my opinion this site is a must see for lovers of blowbangs, either bukkake or swallowing.

04-22-09  06:18am

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Visit 5-Guy Cream Pie

5-Guy Cream Pie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Part of Kickass network of 16 websites.
-Easy to link with other sites in the network.
-Can search site and network by name and small photo.
-131 videos. Latest videos are 640x480, 1466kbps. Nice but nothing great.
-Supports download managers.
-45 photo sets. Zipdownloadable, 1000x1500.
-No DRM or download restrictions. Not a single broken link or download problem.
-All exclusive material shot for the site.
Cons: -Updates have no dates.
-No update schedule posted.
-Interviews with the guys were lame and boring. I don't care what they have to say.
-WMV and IPod are the only download options. No clips, but there is streaming.
Bottom Line: On this site, each video has a pornstar having oral and vaginal sex with five guys. They cum internally in her vagina, making a really messy creampie. Five guys is bit much, so they usually draw lots for the order they will have sex and then cum in her. Sometimes the guys pay each other to switch the order. I have sympathy for whoever is number five, even though they are pornstars getting paid to fuck beautiful women. I can understand why, but this takes away any spontaneity or mystery as to where the action is going. In the interviews before the sex begins, the guys repeatedly mention that they prefer to come inside, as opposed to orally, on her face or other body part, or in the air. I understand why, but don't really care to hear about their preferences or other ideas. The interviews cannot easily be avoided as there is no option to download clips of only what you want. I like that the concept is a bit extreme and unusual, not to be found on many sites. Although the girls and the sex are good, it is a bit too predictable and formulaic to recommend highly.

04-23-09  11:48am

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Visit Adult Doorway

Adult Doorway

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Great price through TBP.
-There are a total of 14 main sites and 16 bonus sites, as well as even more bonus videos. There are erotic jokes, stories and even audio clips taken from porn movies.
-Total number of videos on the main sites is 743. Considering the size and quality of each video, this is HUGE. I would guess about 400 to 500 GB.
-Links to customer service on every page.
-Beautiful quality videos. The newest videos are 1920x1080 8454 kbps. Most of them are at least 1440x1080. Possibly the best on the net.
-Twelve download options for the newest videos. They can be downloaded whole video or in parts, and can be streamed. Download options are WMV, Quicktime, MAC - QT/MOV,iPOD, iPHONE, iTUNES,and APPLE TV. Most are about 45 minutes to an hour.
-No DRM or download limits.
-Download manager supported.
-Screenshot photo sets can be downloaded as zip files. They are high resolution, not cheapie vidcaps.
-The main websites content is exclusive. The bonuses are probably not.
Cons: -Updates are irregular.
-Many websites have ordinary, girl next door types who never made porn before. Most will never be seen on any other site. For me this can be a plus, but some are just plain or even unattractive.
-Needs a search engine that goes across the sites, as several girls have more than one video.
Bottom Line: I have signed up for membership three times in the past three years, a personal record. The sites range from extreme face fucking in Facial Abuse, Latina Abuse and Ghetto Gaggers to less forceful blow job sites Sperm Suckers, Ebony Cum Dumps,and Nasty Little Facials. Regarding the forceful sites, they are trying to be the hardest in the business, something they discuss with the pornstars who appear. They without exception agree that these sites are the most extreme on the net, and I suspect that they are right. There is more standard type porn on POV Hotel, Fuck Me POV, and Her First Porn. Some specialty sites are The Pantyhose Site, The Handjob Site, Anal Recruiters and Monster Cock Madness. There is also a softcore site Busty Amateur Boobs. I was particularly impressed with the potential of The Handjob Site as it has many creative touches to it. On the whole, the percentage of known pornstars is about 10 to 15%. You can see scenes of them that are exclusive, as well as quite distinct from what you may have seen them in before. The sites on the whole have a lot of ethnic variety, including a huge amount of Black and Latina videos, but also several featuring Indians and Asians. A good number feature two or more girls, and nearly every video on the extreme sites have at least two male studs. Even if the extreme sites are too much for you, the quality and quantity of the network as a whole is just outstanding.

10-30-08  04:32pm

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Visit African Goddesses

African Goddesses

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Beautiful African models. Some are thin, but most are amazingly voluptuous with beautiful faces and extra large breasts. Nothing fake or artificial here.
-Amateurs. All the models appear only on this site.
-The videos are nearly all stripping from either lingerie or ethnic African outfits. Very exotic.
-Works with download managers
-No interviews. The models don't even speak. The videographer is never in the video nor do you hear them.
-The models look directly at you and don't ever look bored, jaded or mechanical.
Cons: -Billing is through an unusual biller and no billing choices are available.
-Your password is sent to you at your email address. This concept worked, but every time you log in, you must reenter the password.
-The photos are small at 1024x768.
-No zipdownload option.
-The picture sets are small. Most are less than 50 photos, some as few as 10.
-The videos download, but with only one option. They are in WMV 640x480, but reasonably sharp considering they are not HD.
-Barely updating. See below.
Bottom Line: This site is of softcore photos and stripping videos of natural African women. The focus is on some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

I was last a member in August of 2008. In the nearly three and a half years that have passed, I have found my appreciation for the videos has remained. I really want to love this site as its content is wonderful.

How can I describe its contents? I love what they have. The women make the site. However, there is no sex, not even masturbation. The nudity is very tasteful, something like Playboy style. Tease is a key word here. Personally, I would prefer a litle more explicitness, but the site is made so that it leaves some to the imagination.

However, it has some very serious negatives. The worst is that it almost is a zombie site, with only three updates in 2011 and three in 2010. In the past, there were 11 in 2009, 16 in 2008, 20 in 2007 and 22 in 2006.

Further, the video quality is only 640x480. They were watchable, but I hope for better. The photos are also out of todays expectations, coming in at 1024x768.

I get the feeling that the site's owners don't care much about making the site better.

I would definitely recommend the site if you love this type of content. However, I waited three and half years between sign ups and the site is almost the same with about 20 updates. I can't see joining in less than another few years.

02-22-12  11:38am

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Visit African Goddesses

African Goddesses

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Inexpensive full trial.
-Mostly knockout girls. The site claims they are all amateurs and all natural. Appears to be true.
-No DRM or download restrictions.
-Some shoots are truly exotic. Some are of African women stripping out of traditional clothing and use African music. Some shoots are in natural beautiful settings such as riverbanks or forests.
-Nice variety of body shapes ranging from thin to voluptuous.
-Not one word spoken by the model or the photographer on the website. No distracting or annoying dialogue. They use music as the sound in the background.
Cons: -In order to register they have to send you an email with your password. It cannot be sent to hotmail or aol, so I had to send it to my work email.
-Billing is through mobiquid paris. My transaction went through ok, but I like to deal with people I know how to contact.
-Most models appear to be nervous and unsure what they should do. The videographer should give them direction as they usually do not come across in an erotic way-about two thirds of the videos were dull.
-The same two thirds were very low quality. Sorry but 64kbps or even 128 is acceptable. Some videos were over or underexposed.
-Too soft. About one third were ok, but the same two thirds mentioned previously ended with the girl either wearing a bikini bottom, shown from the side or had crossed legs. A little tasteful open legs would not have made this site lose its focus as softcore. I did not appreciate masks on some models.
-Mostly every picture was portrait. No landscapes
-No ability to download photos as a zip
Bottom Line: The pricing structure is $7.50 for a two day full trial and then a month at $30 or recurring monthly at $36.00 without a trial. There are 4476 photos of 81 models, but 78 models have pictures only from the videos. There are 220 video clips, but actually not as many videos as some are the video split into parts and some not. Why would anyone split a five or six minute video into three parts? The videos average 4 or 5 minutes each. The labelling of the videos is ridiculous. Sometimes the videos have codes like a1n; sometimes the videos are not labelled consistently for the same model. Jane1, Jane2, Ja3, aajane. Huh? After downloading I did not know what I had or what went together. The total quantity of the videos was about 14 hours and I deleted about 10 as being of too low quality.The bottom line is that about a third of the videos and pictures were reasonably hot, but the site is just too small. There is no bonus material and it is not part of any network or group. I feel that doubling the content would make this worthwhile to join for a month, but for this price it needs to at least triple the content. Since there are three updates a month, this will not happen anytime soon.

08-18-08  05:49am

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very attractive girls, mostly 18-22.
-Sticks to the niche of pretty girls performing blow jobs with swallowing.
-179 girls with many having more than one scene.
-The latest updates can be downloaded as scenes or whole videos.
-At least one photo set for each video.
-The archive goes back to 1999.
Cons: -Only 2 download options-Quicktime and WMV, 800x450, 2177kbps for the most recent update. Decent, but no comparison to the better sites on the internet.
-The scenes are extremely repetitious. The girl sucks his cock, there may be vaginal,and the guy comes in her mouth. Then the camera focuses on the cum in her mouth, the girl strips, shows off her body, gives him a handjob, he comes on her fingers, she licks them off-nice, but every scene is identical.
-Only one stunt cock, who also is the only cameraman. Sometimes poorly shot videos as a result. The money shot often focuses on her hair, chin, the wall, etc. In all fairness, I couldn't do better. After all, who can film well while coming in a pretty girl's mouth? There is a real need for a real professional photographer.
-Blabby stunt cock/cameraman.
-Daily download limit. I was locked out at 6.64GB. No DM support.
-Boring photosets. Except for the money shot photos, the photos were either not explicit or were diagonals. Useles
Bottom Line: In 1999, Thomas felt there was a need on the internet for a site featuring blow jobs with swallowing, performed by pretty barely legal age girls. He delivers what he set out to do.

However, I think his creativity as well as attention to detail ended at that point. Every scene is virtually a clone of each other. The girls, although nice to look at, are very similar. Almost without exception, they are White, the same age, dressed in similar nice clothes, almost identical makeup, earrings, you name it. Almost no variation even on the most unimportant aspects. Does every scene have to be in the same room, from the same part of the room? In ten years he could have moved the couch to another wall. Obviously he doesn't have a steady girlfriend as she would have moved the couch at least once a year.

Almost half of the videos are available only in Quicktime. He states on the site that when he started in 1999, Quicktime was superior to WMV. It is time to move on and leave Quicktime in the museum of old porn sites. I found that the WMV videos also could not play on my WD Media Player. It is probably an older version of WMV.

As a result, not one video I downloaded could be played on my video setup. Even the Arcsoft Video Converter that came with the video player could not convert the files to a format it could play.

The site has a great concept, but comes across as a site run by an amateur. The girls should be the amateurs, not the site itself. For a stand alone site without any extras or network, this is far too expensive. You can find a better value elsewhere.

06-24-09  11:08am

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Visit Amazing Grannies

Amazing Grannies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A week is free with a monthly membership. You get 37 days for the one month price.
-Frequent updates. Photo sets are one every 2 days, videos one a week.
-Photos are zipdownloadable.
-Good size photo archives. 829 photo sets. The number of photos is not listed, but almost all sets are between 100 and 200. The photos are mostly of professional models and the rest are homemade and user submitted.
-Some variety of races, ages and body types. Most are Eastern Europeans.
-Mostly fresh faces. Only a few I recognized as older pornstars.
-Comes with three bonus sites-hairypussycuties.com, homemadejunk.com, and vintagecuties.com.
-Nearly all have hairy bushes. The models are very unglam and appear to be natural without boob jobs or tattoos. Many have noticeable imperfections. For me this is a plus.
Cons: -Advertises itself as featuring models at least 40. I don't think that some are that old. Most of the better looking models appear to be younger.
-The videos are not of very good quality. Most are masturbation or b/g, with a few a few lesbian scenes. I considered the videos to be a total waste and deleted them all. Definitely not a site to join for the videos.
Bottom Line: This is billed as a niche site and comes with others that also focus on models with hairy bush. This one focuses on older models within that niche.

The models are mostly in their 40s, with a few that seem a few years younger. The older models are almost all unattractive and overweight. Not much to be found here that promotes sexiness. More to my taste is that the younger models are much better looking. I suspect this is not due to the aging process, but to a much smaller pool of women willing to pose. Most of the older models would not have been hot in their twenties either.

Some of the photosets are very hot, but not enough of them are due to the fact that unfortunately the site seems to focus more on frequent updates than on quality. Many of the photosets feature the same models over and over. Since these are usually the most attractive models, I see this as a plus. In contrast, the photos of the models that are used as previews generally makes you pass by most of the sets. I found at best one in four sets worth checking out. One thing I do appreciate is that the style of the photography is professional, very explict and gets to the point.

Overall worth considering if you find older bush interesting. However, a lot of the content just isn't worth bothering with.

12-06-09  08:50am

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Visit American Bukkake

American Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Weekly updates
-Easy navigation, but no search engine
-Photo sets for every video however the photos are at best 750x500.
-Extreme number, 75 to over 100 participants in each video
Cons: -Too expensive for the quality and quantity of content. Comes with only one other site, gagfactor.com.
-Sparse download options. WMV 720x480, 1463 kbps at best, or stream as weaker WMV. Can download clips that are 320x240.
-Site advertises the price as $29.95, but I was charged $33.79. I am taking this up with CCBill as customer service never responded.
Bottom Line: Everything here has been released on DVD before. The models are nearly all pornstars, with a handful of amateurs. Most are fake blonds, but I found a minimum of fake tits or tattoos.

The site can be broken down into five kinds of bukkake videos.

Quite a few, maybe 20%, are behind the scenes. Some of this is interesting, but by no means all of it. In my opinion, they should not have bothered with this. This is one way to get weekly updates though.

Another group is reverse bukkake. In these scenes the lone guy is surrounded by a very large group of female models. There is no real sex going on here, but the women squirt in his mouth after masturbating. I don't care much for this.

The next group has the same concept, but all of the participants are women. I suspect that in both of these last two categories it is really piss, not squirting. This is too fake for my taste.

Another category is the pure bukkake videos. The model shows off her body and then gets cum on her face from sometimes as many as 100 guys. No sex, just facials. Mostly pretty entertaining if this is something that appeals to you. While I found them to be fun, I was also glad the length was only about 20 minutes each. They can get repetitious as it is basically the same scenario over and over.

The last category was what they call American Gokkun. These are similar to the bukkake videos, but the girls swallow all the guys cum. The closest site I could compare this to is Germangoogirls. On both sites the girls seem to welcome the large amounts of cum. On this one the guys just come in her mouth, but there is no sex or other physical contact. On GGG, there is plenty of sex and also large numbers of guys that cum in the woman's mouth. Here the videography is straightforward, just the action. On GGG, the lighting and artistic aspects are very distracting. I very much prefer the videos on this site.

I basically just paid attention to the bukkake and gokkun videos. I found them to be fun, but very similar. There just isn't much variety. A downside to the site that I didn't like is that the 78 videos posted after February 2008 are at best 720x480. That is ok, but hardly hi def. The videos from 2004 to 2008 were all useless as they were at best 320x240. The number of higher quality videos in the bukkake and gokkun categories is only 22. That makes the site very expensive.

Recommended, but the site is just too small for the price.

10-25-09  10:20am

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Visit Anal Euro

Anal Euro

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Bill through Epoch
-Full access one day trial is only $1
-HD quality videos are 1280x720, about a half hour long
-Photo sets are zip downloadable
-Very attractive models
Cons: -Only 18 videos. Preview page shows 32
-Anal is not the focus, but is in every scene
-Only one download option for videos, two for photos.
-Photos are screenshots
-Photos are 1050 x590 low quality
-Photos are only landscapes with no portraits
Bottom Line: This review is of the one day trial for only $1. At that price this website is a steal. In stark contrast, I would not recommend joining at the full price of $24.87. As it is a standalone site with no network access, I would never pay that much for so few videos.

The videos are made by the same people as Team Skeet, yet it is not part of that network. The quality is very nice at 1280x720, but there are no other download options. I would hope for 1920x1080 or even 4K.

The photo sets are mere screenshots and seem to be an afterthought. At 1050x590, the quality is not there and they did not think that a few portrait photos would have been a plus.

The models are uniformly attractive and are late teens to early twenties in appearance. The site does not list or tell their ages nor does it tell you where they are from. They appear to be Eastern European, maybe Russian. There is zero dialog in any of the scenes. There is no way to do any searching.

I suspect that the site is stripped down from what you would get at the full join price. I found only 18 videos, but the preview page shows 32, as well as additional download options. The May 13th review by ďThe PaysitesĒ mentions 35 videos. The preview page mentions that discounts were available for other sites, but I did not see any.

It mentions that there are weekly updates, but the ones that I saw were undated.

For $1 you get 18 well done videos of very attractive young ladies doing anal. There were no circus tricks and nothing extreme or rough. I would not have minded if they had scenes like this, but yet this site was well worth the join price. For $1 I can overlook some minor criticisms.

Since there was no download limit, I got all the videos in less than the one day access that I paid for.

08-27-15  06:59am

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Visit Anal Nippon

Anal Nippon

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Nice discount through TBP.
-Part of a network of 17 Japanese sites. Easy navigation between network sites wihout reentering passwords.
-No download limits.
-Download manager friendly.
-Videos can be streamed or downloaded with MP4, MPEG or as small files AVI for the best quality videos. Nice and sharp but not HD.
-Low quality screencaps can be downloaded as a zipfile.
-Plenty of hot women.
-Very large site. As of today has 580 videos.
-Updating about twice a week.
-NO MOSAICS, blurring,completely uncensored. Porn where you see everything.
Cons: -Incomphrehensible dialog. Everything is in Japanese without subtitles.
-Only listed in date order. The site is ok to navigate as long as you are not looking for a particular video or star.
Bottom Line: In spite of its name, the videos are not only about anal. There is every kind of sex here, both vaginal and oral. Many videos don't even have any anal at all. I found bukkake, blow jobs,gang bangs, many scenes with enemas,even lesbian scenes.

The best point about the site is that the videos are completely uncensored. I love Japanese creativity and now you get see it in all its glory.

Many scenes are just sex, some have a little plot. The sex is usually a guy or a group of guys practically raping a reluctant female who eventually gives in with some pressure or forcing. Not violent, it just presents women as not being into sex all that much and men as using women as sex objects. On the other hand, there is almost always stimulation for the woman by hand, dildo, or mouth before the guys get any. Not exactly Western porn, but the women are certainly cute.

I really liked the scenes that were a little different, as just sex can degenerate into gonzo style same old, same old rather quickly.

Definitely worth joining the network for even this one site. Reasonably priced, plenty to see, a decent update schedule, attractive women, NO CENSORSHIP.

09-09-10  10:21am

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Visit Anal Recruiters

Anal Recruiters

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-Part of Adult Network group of 14 sites.
-Links to customer service on every page.
-Beautiful quality videos. The newest videos are 1920x1080 8454 kbps.
-Zipdownloable picture sets. 960 x1440 screenshots. They can also be seen as a slideshow.
-Twelve download options for each video. They can be downloaded whole video or in parts, and can be streamed. Download options are WMV, Quicktime, MAC - QT/MOV,iPOD, iPHONE, iTUNES,and APPLE TV. The length varies, but most are about a half hour.
-No DRM or download limits.
-Download manager supported.
Cons: -Only 16 videos. The site just started in mid September.
-The same number of screenshot photo sets.
-It is not clear if all the videos are exclusive. Some definitely are as they use the same set as seen on other sites in the network.
Bottom Line: While the video quality is a big plus, this is a fairly standard website. There is a mix of known pornstars and amateurs, making for mostly attractive, but not really memorably beautiful girls on the site. Although the focus is on anal, there is plenty of oral and vaginal. Most cumshots are on her face or in her mouth. The sex is just ok, ordinary without being inspired. There is either no story or it is insignificant, just everyday gonzo style. For fans of anal sex, it offers a few scenes that you may not otherwise have, but it can hardly be described as extreme, unique or even much different from other anal websites. Right now the site is just too small and too ordinary to recommend.
The only reason for even a 70 is the outstanding video quality.

As of today, 1/30/9 there are 21 videos.

10-23-08  01:29pm

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Visit Asian American Girls

Asian American Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-No DRM. However, some videos have links to videos that don't fully download.
-Fairly large site. Has over 700 videos and about as many photo sets. The exact number is difficult to get at due to the site setup. For example if a model is Thai and Chinese, she may be found under both categories.
-Good quality videos. Some are advertised as HD, but the best I found was 854x480, 2400 kbps. One is listed as 640x480, 10000 kbps, but it is grainy. Most videos are fairly decent and fairly sharp.
-Nice quality sharp photo sets. The best I found was 1280x854. The sets feature a nice progression, not one after another that are very similar. Very professional with a lot of great shots, but not in a glamour style. I am not a photo guy, but I liked these.
Cons: -Many models not attractive. The site features amateurs, so there are many not deserving being
on any site. However, the plus is that there are at most 10% pornstars. The rest are mostly first timers who are college students. Very natural looking too. There is a minimum of fake tits and tattoos, although I wish I could say there were none.
-Inadequate search engine. For example, if you want blow job videos, you are led to the models who do them. Small problem though. Which one of the three or four videos for that model is the bj video?
-Tiny screen shot only, when you go to download a video. You almost never know what content you will get. Given the size of the site, this is a major con. I downloaded hundreds of videos and then deleted the ones I didn't want. Describe them upfront and don't waste my time.
Bottom Line: Sites that feature Asian models generally come in two basic categories. One is porn produced in Asia, where the girls often act as shy victims, especially in Japanese porn. The other common type features Asian models, but they are really overdone in California gonzo style. Too much makeup, fake tits, stripper clothes, overacting and just too fake, these videos are gonzo first and Asian not even second.

This site is quite different. The models here are mostly college age amateurs that you might meet yourself. They are light on the makeup, wear ordinary street clothes and generally are very natural. The few porn stars, around 10%, are not overdone either.

The girls here are from just about any country you can name in Asia, including even India and Mongolia. Many are Asian mixtures and others are racially mixed. The Asian/Black mixture models were truly striking and exotic looking.

Most videos are short clips that feature masturbation or showing off the model's body in a sexy way. Some use dildos, but many use only their fingers. A small number have the girls doing blow jobs, but most of the models don't. I didn't see any other b/g sex-no vaginal or anal. I saw only one lesbian scene. In the members forum, the site webmaster states that he finds it difficult to get true amateurs to do any hardcore.

The videos have a fun feel to them. The models are relaxed, mostly due to the cameraman telling them they are beautiful, how well they are doing, joking with them and using a few words from various Asian languages. This works, however the interviews are far too long and the non stop bantering during the scenes is a negative more than a positive. Yes, the models are relaxed and do well, but I got tired very quickly of listening to them talkng non stop. I recently got DIVX Author to edit out parts of scenes like these blabby ones.

The other negative is that the site could be much more user friendly. It is close to impossible to know what content is on the video until you download it. All you get is a tiny screenshot and no description of the action. The site is very time consuming to go through and save only what you want.

I liked the girls and much of the content. The two big negatives were the blabbiness of the videos and the difficulties with knowledgeable downloading. Recommended, but I cannot go higher than an 80 with these two major problems.

09-01-09  06:48am

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Visit Ass Teen Mouth

Ass Teen Mouth

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of network of 17 sites. The site mentions that you can access the 30 more sites of the jerkoffpass network, but that is not true.
-Bill through CCBill without regional pricing.
-No download limits
-Can use download managers
-Mostly very cute teenage models. As you may expect several are definitely first rate and others are too flat chested, plain faces etc. Common for teen sites.
-Although not mentioned on the site seems to be updating at about one per week. Presently 82 videos.
-Nice quality videos, the latest at 960x540, 3172kbps, but not HD. The photos are also nice but not great(1200x850).
-No talking at all. I think none of the talent here speaks any English.
Cons: -Very repetitive. Every scene is a clone of the same action, but with a different model.
-Only one male model. If you don't like him, you are not going to like the videos. I thought he was ok, not a plus or a minus.
-No way to search.
-Need a separate login each time you switch sites in the network.
-I wrote to customer service twice, no response. Once was about being unable to log in and the other was to ask how they can advertise access to sites I could not get into. See above.
Bottom Line: This site uses the same formula for its content in every video. First stripping, then sucking cock, then anal, then a facial finish. I like these, so it wasn't as bad as that sounds. If this is not for you, you already know if you would like the site.

By the way, the content is not what I would consider abusive. The models almost never seem to be bothered by the anal. True they don't love it, they just seem indifferent and merely going through the motions. Some have makeup that gets smeared, but I don't think that is even intentional. This is no way even remotely to be compared with a site such as facialabuse.com. I would hardly call the oral sex even forceful.

You also get a decent network of teen themed material. Several of the sites use the same ideas of oral and anal or just oral or just anal and the content looks like the same male model and the same females. No creativity.

The plus here is that the sex is with fairly attractive young models who seem to be into the sex enough for a porn site. No chemistry, no sizzle, nothing special. When you add in the other sites, you get a nice quantity of decent videos and pictures.

09-03-10  12:30pm

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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-Huge mega website. The site states over 1400 models and over 950,000 photos.
-Daily updates. The site states 4200 photos added weekly.
-The photos are zipdownloadable.
-No download limits.
-More Black models than any site I have ever seen, even including those specializing in them.
-The number of East Indian models is quite large. There are few on any site on the internet and this site is probably the biggest on the net for these women.
-Many well known models/pornstars. However most of the site appears to be amateurs who may be exclusive here.
-Listing of who the photographers are for each set. I found that I really appreciate R. Williams for example.
Cons: -Far too many tattoos and/or piercings.
-Not high quality videos. The most recent are 850x480, 1700 kbps. Way behind the times.
-Photos are nearly all about 600x1000 and some are 1600x1000. Many, many sites have better.
-Too many sets that are washed out color, overexposed, have little contrast, or miss the erotic by having the models' hands strategically placed where I don't want them. Many cut off parts of the model's body and look unnatural and definitely not erotic. For set after set I did not download a single photo.
-The search engine is virtually useless. I have no idea how many Black models there are for example.
Bottom Line: I was last a member here about four years ago. At that time I thought the site was very large, the videos mostly boring and of low quality and the task of downloading to be intimidating without some kind of search engine.

Mostly that is still all true. With daily updates the site has become HUGE though.

I appreciate that the site has so many ethnic models. I know of no other site that I can compare this to as far as quantity. My issue is much more with the quality.

The videos are mostly not all that. The softcore are mostly very blabby and the hardcore not terribly hot either. There are some masturbation scenes, blow jobs and some vaginal, but that is it. There is no anal for example.

The photos are mostly not my cup of tea either. There are too many where the fundamentals just are not what I expect from such a well known megasite. Some things that are not done right are photos that have the colors not adjusted properly, or have little contrast, are too dark, etc. Black models in dark photos just don't work. Neither do photos that have one after another of the model's hand covering her vagina. When did that become hot?

The search engine is useless. This was a problem four years ago and still is now. The various ethnicities make searches a matter of luck. I have seen the same model being labelled East Indian, Island, Black, Dime Pieces, Soft Core, Hard Core, Public, meaning outdoors etc. If you search solely by ethnicity you get lists by volume, with models in it that have no logical reason at all. I think they are listed in each volume because of the release date.

Far too many models have tattoos or piercings. I did a completely unscientific study of the Black models that I have so far downloaded. Of these 104, 41 had either tattoos or piercings. Some have both. Some are small and discrete, but far too many have multiple tattoos and most of these models have these tattoos on the abdomen, thighs, breasts, near their breasts, etc. UGH!, Not for me. At least I did not find any at all with fake breasts.

Overall I liked most of the models and most of the photography. What I feel is that the site needs to be rethought as to what goes into it and how to be more user friendly. Right now it seems to be too big to make sense.

02-22-11  07:02am

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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discount through a link on TBP news from webmasters. TBP should be getting a link sometime soon.
-Very big site. See below.
-Bill through CCBill.
-No download limits, DRM, or other problems with the site functioning properly.
-Easy to use search function, essential for a site of this size.
-Nice variety of model types, with varying ages, ethnicities, and sizes.
Cons: -Far too many models that are plain and unattractive. I see several others made the same criticism. See comments by Drooler and TheRizzo. The review by Capn complains about the older models.
-Although true to the niche of hairy, it includes many who don't shave their legs or under their arms. You can easily download a video of one of these and find out only as you watch it. The reason is that the preview function is not very helpful. This is also a problem regarding tattoos.
-Too many tattoos. The site bills itself as natural, but they mean real breasts. I consider tattoos unnatural.
-MANY videos are too blabby. Too much emphasis on interviews at the expense of the visuals.
-Far too many are old videos that are in low quality clips only. Even the newer videos are not very watchable on an HD television.
Bottom Line: I see the other reviews focus mostly on the photos. While these are plentiful, I am much more into videos. My perspective is a bit different.

The first thing I noticed is that the site statistics vary from what is listed on TBP. The site says there are 1,300 models-TBP states 2,600. The site states 800,000 images but TBP states 1,600,000. In both cases TBP lists double what the site states on the preview page. I cannot truly verify the number as the site is VERY big and not that easy to navigate. In any case the true numbers are extremely big.

However, it is not as big as you may think. If you eliminate the simply unnattractive, the overly bushy, they call them hairy scary, the ones that are excessively blabby, and all the older videos that are available as only unacceptable, low quality clips, then you get maybe 100 to 150 models. That is not a bad number, but that means you have to do a lot of work to find them.

When I took a good look at what they have on these models, I felt the videos were not of 2009 quality. While advertised as 640x480 and over 2600kbps as their best quality, I find them very blurry and unwatchable on my HD television. Statistics make for nice reading, but the truth is that the site is just too far behind the times.

Without a major upgrade to the older material, all of it is useless. The site has been around since 1998, so at least half, if not more, of the site is unwatchably poor quality. The newer material, while quite better, is still not what I look for. What a disappointment.

If you like photos, the quantity is there for you. If you are mostly into videos as I am, not recommended.

09-20-09  09:50am

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Visit Babes With Glasses

Babes With Glasses

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Part of Kickass network of 16 websites.
-Easy to link with other sites in the network.
-Can search site and network by name and small photo.
-Supports download managers.
-No DRM or download restrictions. Not a single broken link or download problem.
-All exclusive material shot for the site.
Cons: -Only 20 videos.
-Oldest videos 320x240 and boring gonzo style. Anyone can put glasses on a pornstar.
-Only 5 zipdownloadable photo sets.
-Updates have no dates.
-No update schedule posted.
-WMV and IPod are the only download options. No clips, but there is streaming.
Bottom Line: This site shocked me. I was not expecting much and found my self pleasantly surprised. It actually has potential to be a great site. On the negative side, of the 20 videos, 13 are obviously a few years old and the quality reflects that at 320x240. These are just old fashioned pointless gonzo like on so many other sites, but the girls wear glasses. THE SITE HAS DRAMATICALLY CHANGED. It has 7 newer updates that are really good. The video quality has improved to 640x480, 1588 kbps. The most important thing is that they are fun and very creative. The new videos have great looking girls and the stories are a lot of fun, as well as very funny. I can honestly say that the new videos have a personality, something rare in the world of cookie cutter, gonzo porn. The girls play characters such as a computer hacker or a poetry student. In each video there is a guy who wants to get in her pants and asks the site to find her weakness. As the story unfolds and the characters interact, the girls fall for the guy who has something the girls want, such as passwords, or other advice or secrets and she is the sexual aggressor. There is some fun stuff here. Since the beginning of April there have been two updates, but the site is no help with dates overall. If they continue to add such interesting, as well as quality videos, this may yet be a site with ratings in the 90's. As of today, I see potential, but also a site with only a handful of superior videos. They also need better video quality. Watch this site grow, as it may be great in six months. This may be hard to do. When you look at the preview pages, they make no mention of the plots and storylines.

04-25-09  06:03pm

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Visit Baby Dolls On Fire

Baby Dolls On Fire

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-No DRM, download restrictions or other unnecessary problems.
-Download managers supported.
-Part of network with 8 sites with unusual focuses.
-Attractive girls for the most part. Not the usual pornstars either. Spanish or Portuguese girls.
-Nice quality videos. Neither my computer or the website provides any details.
Cons: -Site appears to be without a focus. The girls don't always start with baby dolls. With so few videos, I expect them to stay within the niche.
-Only 13 movies and no photo sets at all. Needs serious growth.
-Only four download options. Ipod, low mpeg, high mpeg and flash.
-Ordinary sex.
Bottom Line: The name of the site is very misleading, as it is not a clothing fetish site in the way it is presented. The baby dolls are not the focus, in fact the action starts without any clothing teasing at all. It struck me as just an ordinary gonzo site, but with better quality videos. The other clothing sites in the network were much hotter, better presented and unusual if not unique. I could see jeans, or miniskirts as a clothing fetish, and baby dolls should work as well. A disappointment compared to those, but otherwise an ok site that is just too small. Thirteen videos is not much by anyone's standards.

02-18-09  07:14am

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Visit Bare Maidens

Bare Maidens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Inexpensive considering the high quality photos and videos and the size of the site.
-Downloadable videos are true HD 1920x1080, 4220 kbps. Crisp, clear and beautiful.
-Zip downloadable photosets. The better quality option comes in at 3450x4000.
-Mostly if not all American pornstars listed by first name only.
-Huge website. They claim it has 33 movies and 66,536 photos. I could not find that many videos, but this may be the true number. See below for comments about this.
Cons: -No choices as to video format. FLV is what you get. You may need a new video player for that as most will not work with these videos.
-Most videos have a long introduction to the sex part. Makes for huge files on your hard drive.
-Many of the photos are not all that explicit. Very softcore fantasies for the most part. In all fairness there are also some that include sex.
-Many photosets are so artistic that you may think they forgot that you came to the site to see women, not special effects.
-No way to search. The only way content is listed is under the model's name.
-Updates are not dated nor are they easy to find.
The site claims updates every three days and this is impossible to verify.
Bottom Line: This site is so unique that I feel it has no competition. It creates a fantasy world similar to that of Lord Of The Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and World of Warcraft.

The action takes place on the planet Arta, and features its women who seek the power called Magice. They mostly get it by masturbating, but also from sex with both men and women. As a result, the site mostly features masturbation scenes in the videos. The photos are mostly nudes and stripping to nudity from outfits that come from this fantasy genre. Some examples are helmets, cloaks, and chainmail.

Sounds wonderful so far, but this site has a few flaws. One is that it is difficult to find the downloadable videos as they don't have a separate section. There is a link called "Theatre", which features streaming low quality videos. Read Maggies review and you will see she thought there were no videos to download. I don't think I got them all as I found 24 and the site claims 33.Considering the size of the site, navigation just should not be this difficult.

Downloads are slow on Internet Explorer, using IDM, about 500 to 600kbps. On Mozilla I used DTA and got about the same. I asked the webmaster about this and he claimed the usual speed is over 1MB per second. I also tried Google Chrome with IDM and got the speed he claims is usual.

Another problem is that the videos come in only one format-FLV. The webmaster suggested using Adobe Movie. Adobe's website states that the program has not been available since last December. I tried to find FLV players on the web, but none worked all that well. Eventually I converted the videos to WMV and lost a lot of the quality in the conversion. This took hours of effort on my part.

You may not care about all of this if your reason for joining is the photosets. The quality is most definitely first rate, although I thought most of the photos were more about the fantasy world than erotic. I did not join to see artistic special effects. There are a lot of photosets, as the site is more a photo one than a video one. Five years worth of updates makes for plenty to look at.

I give this site high scores for creativity, the high quality of both photos and videos and sheer size. If they only made the videos easier to find as well as downloadable in WMV or even AVI, this site could easily be worth in the 90's.

05-13-11  11:46am

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Visit Beauty And The Senior

Beauty And The Senior

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Inexpensive clone of Oldje. The price is half.
-Pretty good size archive. There are 160 videos and a photo set of screenshots for each.
-Extremely creative. Some of the most interesting fantasies I have ever seen. Imagine you have a submissive maid who does whatever you want or you are walking in the park and a gorgeous girl notices you and basically rapes you.
-Great editing. I am sure guys this age take a lot longer to cum than in these videos. Barely a wasted moment made it to the final cut.
-The heat may be a testimonial to viagra, but I think the natural beauty of the women was equally important. There are consistently great looking women. Hardly a plain one on the entire site. Some are so attractive that they have to be seen to be believed.
-No download limits, DRM or dead links. Everything works-even these old guys!
Cons: -Photo sets are not zipdownloadable.
-Photo sets often do not show much of the action of the video. Small sets of about 24 photos each.
-Videos come split into 2 or 3 parts. This is too small as the videos run to only 10 to 15 minutes.
-No HD or other options for downloading. The best videos are 740x540, 2156kbps. Nice but not what I hope for.
-Has very few connections for downloading. You have to wait for connections to open. It makes for very tedious downloads. I can get 2.5MB on Verizon Fios. Here I get at best about 500kbps.
-The guys are often repulsively ugly. However, I like the contrast with the gorgeous females. The fantasy here is that this could be you. If these guys could get these girls to do these things, so could you. I wish!
Bottom Line: Thanks to PU, I saw that Oldje.com has a clone site. This is it, but with an interesting twist-the price is half. Since I was never a member of Oldje, I cannot know if it may have better quality or more videos. However, there is plenty to see here with 160 videos and photosets. The quality is fine at 740x540, 2156kbps, but I would love to see these videos in HD.

What you get here are great looking models with guys that are really old. They advertise them as starting in their fifties, but most look a lot older. While the guys may look old, the girls are not. Mostly in their early twenties, I cannot believe they agreed to do this stuff with these guys.

Like other sites, there is a lot of nude eye candy, a lot, and I mean a lot of oral. I have not seen one scene that was not mostly blow jobs with oral cum shots inside the girl's mouth. The guys don't jerk into their mouth, the girls suck them off until they cum and they then show it to the camera. These guys I am sure need a lot of oral stimulation from these girls and they do provide it in spades. There is only a small amount of vaginal in each scene, but they all have some. I didn't see any anal though. However, there is some cunt licking as well as ass licking by the guys. Some of the scenes have the girls licking the guy's ass as well.

The fantasies are great. They have so many scenarios, ranging from scenes where the guy is dreaming, one where the guy died and a female angel wants his cock, to others where he just is talking to a girl and she just starts to undress him. There are many scenes where the woman is the instigator. Very hot, considering I would never expect this in real life.

As a guy not yet as old as most of the male performers, it was a truly unique experience to be a member here. I would highly recommend the site to anyone who may find this type of content interesting. I would have gone even higher on my score if they had HD and better downloading.

12-23-09  07:22am

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Visit Bitches In Training

Bitches In Training

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Part of a network of 45 websites.
-Very interesting material. See below.
-Sharp videos 640x480 about 1000 kbps.
-The videos are fairly long at 35-48 minutes.
-Recently updating about every three days.
-Nice variety of sex acts. Anal, oral, vaginal, etc. in every video.
Cons: -Billing page has premarked check boxes for allnetworkpass and allelitepass. I signed up for these by mistake and had a very difficult time cancelling and getting my money back.
-A fairly new site, only since June, so it is still very small. There are only 19 videos.
-Mostly pornstars, not new faces.
-Needs ethnic variety. I saw only one Asian and all the rest were white.
-The content may be too intense for some.
Bottom Line: Every video starts off about the same. Dixie, who is in every video with the same role, for some reason gets angry with a woman. She then proceeds to get a man or several men to get revenge or teach this woman a lesson by using sex. Dixie occasionally briefly participates with the men, but her usual role is to hold the girl, stick her in various openings with very large dildoes, etc. She acts well, rare for porn, and seems to be really be into this theme.
I liked the intensity of the site. It was vebally degrading to the women, but no slapping, puking, tying up or even beating. Not S&M, but more than most websites try to do. The site needs much more growth, but in a few months it will be worth a try if you like this kind of action.

08-25-08  08:29am

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Visit Black Amateur BJs

Black Amateur BJs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very cheap discounted price through TBP. At $9.95 a month, well worth the cost of admission.
-No DRM or download restrictions.
-Some great looking Black women sucking off White guys, a hard to find niche.
-Comes with huge extras-138 bonus sites, 4,788 DVD's, 27,347 scenes, 6,609,150 photos. Instead of multiple logins, easy search in one location.
Cons: -Every scene is POV.
-Poor editing.
-Last update was May 21, 2008.
-Best download choice as of today is WMV 480x360, 1076 kbps.
Bottom Line: This site is not really a site, but one set up to showcase 35 scenes from 5 DVD's. The focus in all the videos is on amateur Black girls in their early 20s sucking off the same white stunt cock in a POV style. I don't care for POV. Once in a while is ok, but not in every scene.

The videos are very similar in their style. The girl is asked a few simple questions, then proceeds to suck on the guy. Most cumshots are on the cheek or on the breasts. In most cases the guy finishes himself by shooting his load without the girl's participation. The girls seem willing enough, so I can't understand why he doesn't play up that genuine natural quality they have and let them do the deed. There definitely could be better cum shots.

Some of the girls seem to be very much into the scene, but mostly they are just going through the motions. This is typical of way too much porn today. I can easily see money as the only motivation.

I found myself getting annoyed by the poor editing. Most scenes start with a voice only, last few seconds of banter between the stunt cock and the cameraman. Two scenes were cut at the end before the cumshot. Two scenes show a few seconds of another video that is not shown on the site. These problems could easily have been corrected. They have no excuse for poor editing.

The webmaster has stated that HQ (what does this mean?) videos would have been available several weeks ago. WMV 480x360, 1076 kbps is all that is to be found here. It is just ok, but not what has been promised, or what I hope for in 2009.

With material from only 5 DVDs and no updates in over a year, this site is hard to recommend by itself. With the discounted price through TBP and the huge inventory of other DVDs, it is a good deal. I thought the site had big weaknesses though. I suppose you can say you get what you pay for. Cheap price, so so videos.

07-29-09  06:25am

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Visit Black And White Lesbians

Black And White Lesbians

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-57 half hour long videos, WMV 720x540 2550kbps. Streaming and download options, but only whole clip.
-Most if not all of the girls are American pornstars.
-Most clips feature 3 or more girls.
-No DRM or download restrictions.
-Can use Download Acclerator Plus, but not Flashget or Free Download Manager.
-Simple navigation. Videos are listed by date with a screenshot. No way to search by star.
-Updates once a week.
-Part of a small network of three lesbian sites.
-More than 1000 DVD's available to stream.
Cons: -720x540 tiny screenshots that are not zipdownloadable. This is obviously not a site to join for the pictures.
-Only two download options, high and medium quality. Only WMV available.
-Many of the videos are gonzo style with either no plot or it is minimal.
-The material is probably not exclusive.
-Many videos have overacting and fake moaning.
-Many of the girls have tattoos.
Bottom Line: Most scenes have at least three girls and feature black and white lesbian action. While you may find this on other websites, I am not so sure that there is another site that has interracial lesbian sex as its theme. The material is a mix of hard and soft lesbian action, but its focus is more on the hard use of strapons and dildos. If you are a fan of lesbians, you will probably like the site. If you are casually looking for something different, the sex is predictable and basically uninspired. While the site has an unusual focus on the race of its girls, the sex is pretty standard. There is something missing here that keeps it from being an outstanding site. As part of a network of lesbian sites with interesting focuses, it is a good but not great third site, in my opinion the weakest of the three.

11-13-08  11:25am

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Visit Black Gurlz

Black Gurlz

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Natural black women, not glamour models or porn stars. Some hairy, some trimmed, some clean shaved.
-The section called "Onyx" has artistic glamour type shots in black and white. Reminds me a lot of 1960's Playboy. Not erotic for the most part, but very interesting to see for those who like less explicit artistic photos.
-Easy navigation. Everything laid out neatly with some good graphics. The "Onyx" section has you enter a different room for each of 6 cyber galleries.
-Good quantity of photos. Mostly 1024x768.
-The photos and videos are mostly exclusive. What is not is from other small sites, so you probably never saw them before.
Cons: -Most of the women not at all attractive. Out of shape BBW's with ordinary faces, some even skanky, for the most part. I could like a BBW with a pretty face and a curvy body, but almost all of these women don't do much for me.
-Dull picture sets. No Zipload option for a whole set. Mostly nude, not a stripping progression from clothed. The pictures for the most part focus on only one body part, such as just breasts or just a pussy closeup. Before this, I never saw a picture set that was 100% her pussy in closeups without a shot of her whole body or even her face.
-Few of the pictures show the women happy during the shoot. No smiles, no enthusiasm, no personality coming through.
Bottom Line: This site focuses mainly on softcore photo sets of ordinary black women. The videos sometimes have some hardcore action though. The camera man blabs incessantly thorough the videos and ruins whatever he is filming. You can download only clips, not the whole video. The women are mostly MILF's, not my preferred age group, and mostly ordinary BBW's, also not my first choice. Most of the photo sets are uninspired and dull. There is no teasing as you get with a strip sequence nor is there anywhere near enough whole body shots. This is true of the few videos as well. The videos all start with a nude cougar posing. The "Onyx" section is very interesting in my opinion, but hardly a reason to join. The site describes Onyx as "where ordinary women are photographed Vogue style, where high fashion photography captures vagabond chic". Overall, I was expecting a site somewhat like abbywinters.com for black women, but these sites do not compare. Abbywinters also features ordinary looking everyday women, but does an INFINITELY better job of transforming the ordinary female into an erotic one. The bottom line is at this price I expect better quality and quantity, with a lot more videos that feature a higher level of eroticism. I love black women, but there are many far better sites.

10-01-08  05:52am

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Visit Black Vixen

Black Vixen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through Epoch.
-Some truly stunning women.
-Advertises as all exclusive material.
-No DRM or download restrictions.
-Works well with Free Download Manager.
-Beautiful DVD quality videos. The best are 1440x1080, 11150kbps. Many are lesser quality, but all are still outstanding.
Cons: -Confusing navigation. All of the videos or photo sets are not listed in any one place.
-Expensive considering how little content there is.
-Mentions it has Asians, Latinas, Indians. However there is only one of each.
-Updates are only once a month. Site was opened in 2006 and is still small.
-Advertises tons of bonuses and surprises. There are neither.
-Advertises hardcore content. One photoset has b/g. Otherwise, does using a dildo count? Not to me. All content is solo except for the one photoset.
-Advertises high resolution photos. Does 600x800 count? How about 1000x680?
Bottom Line: The site advertises itself as the only British website dedicated to British Black women and also features Asians and Latinas. It also has a single Arab model and an Indian. The Asians and Latinas turn out to be only one of each.

That about sums up the site. It promises more than it delivers, except in the area of HD quality videos. At its best of 1440x1080, 11,150 kbps it has true HD quality.

Another promise is that it has hardcore. But actually there is only one photoset that qualifies. The rest are all solo masturbation scenes.

The site advertises 128 photosets. I counted 112. Keep in mind that some shoots are split into several different sets, so the number is actually less than 112. Many photosets end with the model still clothed or partailly clothed. I understand teasing, but at least nude teasing by the end of the set.

The site further states there are 81 videos. I counted 57. They average about seven minutes in length, so that is not really very much. Mostly the videos are of masturbation using a small dildo. I did not see one orgasm that seemed genuine and very few pussy shots without a dildo or finger in it.

The site comes with no bonuses of any kind and is not part of a network. What you see is all you get. No extras, no frills. This is ok, but the site is just too small.

Overall, I got the feeling that the site is trying to appear bigger than it is by overpromising. I believe in the honest truth in advertising. Therefore I have some recommemdations-they seriously need either to grow or discount the price and more importantly let the user know what they actually have so they won't be disappointed. I cannot imagine anyone signing on for a second month.

What they do have is nice quality, so I would recommend it if great looking black girls masturbating in HD appeals to you.

06-10-09  06:23am

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Visit Blow Bob

Blow Bob

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill. However does not take Visa or American Express. I had to use my bank account for the first time ever on any site.
-Six day full access trial for only $15. That is more than enough time to download everything as it is not a huge site and may not even be updating.
-There are 64 models, 32 are Black, five are Latina and the rest are White. Nineteen are most definitely plus sizes, BBW. They do the best blow jobs on this site. Most have multiple videos and photo sets. Bob sure does like bigger women.
-Videos are recently in WMV HD at 1280x720 and many older ones are being remastered. No options as to the download format.
-Wonderful enthusiastic blow jobs as this is the only requirement for being on the site. Bob doesnít care about the models looks, just how well they perform bjs and in some cases hand jobs. I saw only one video out of 158 with vaginal and only one with anal.
Cons: -No zip downloads for small photo sets of about 50 each.
-Newest photos are 1600x1200 and older ones are smaller. Some old sets from 2002 are 340x240.
-No search engine. It is difficult to find what content there is on the site. You can click on a models photo and then it lists what photo sets or videos she has. Not listed alphabetically by models name or by date added to the site. Very simple site design that is not very professional.
-If you are looking for just photo sets, good luck as there is no separate section. There is a section for video clips and there are 158 with each about 10 minutes.
-May not be updating. There is no labeling by date and there is no section of recent updates. The few videos that are mentioned as recent additions have a copyright date of January 2011 on them. The most recent photo sets offered for sale without a membership is copyright June of 2011.
Bottom Line: This site features a man named Bob who runs the site and is almost the only stunt cock. You never see his face and he never takes the focus away from the women. He treats them with total respect and provides interesting model information. He tells you how he met them and how much he enjoys their blow jobs. Sometimes there are some hand jobs to be seen here. The blow jobs are not at all forceful or demeaning as you may see on some sites. No name calling, hair pulling, or spitting. Bob is having a great time and so are his women. His camera work is done by two of his models. It is decent, focused and direct. Some shots are POV and some are from the side. No crazy angles or attempts at making art here, just simple and erotic. Most of the models have pretty faces and with POV you donít see a lot of their sometimes very large bodies. I donít care for BBW much, so I consider that a plus.

What you get are enthusiastic blow jobs by women who love giving their partners pleasure. Bob adores interracial bjís and if you do you will like his videos. The photo sets are mostly of the shoots, but sometimes of the models getting nude from the waist up with mostly very large breasts on display here. A handful of the models are simply beautiful by anyoneís standards, such as Black Barbie. If you go to the tour page she is the statuesque Black model to be seen from the side. A few are a bit older like Hotlips Melanie. She is so enthusiastic in her bjs that I swear she gets more out of them than does Bob. She looks to be in her fifties and is no beauty, but her videos have to be seen to be believed.

The videos are all exclusive and for the most part so are the models. Three or four have their own websites though.

The trial for six days is adequate in that the site is just not that big. It has been around since 2002, so I donít think it ever updated often. It may not even be updating any more. If you insist on paying entirely too much, you can skip a membership and buy 60 to 80 minute videos for about $27, or individual photo sets at about $7 to $9.

Nice content, but a site with a lot of flaws and is just not very big.

05-28-12  11:37am

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