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Visit Freak Bukkake

Freak Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Billed through Epoch.
-No regional billing.
-Discounted price through TBP.
-Part of large network of 37 websites, admittedly some are tiny. In total they say there are 800 scenes, 15,000 minutes, 900,000MB and over 250 models in the network.
-Newer videos are on the low end of HD at 1280x720, and 3154kbps. Unfortunately there aren't enough of these.
-Photos are zipdownloadable.
-Attractive women, mostly in a very natural way. No fake boobs, but a few have some tattoos or hardware. A very unglam, non pornstar site.
-The women are from Spain.
-Fairly good videography. No weird angles and they seem to focus on the right visuals. No shots of the chair or the wall. No focus on the guys faces or other distractions that ruin many porn videos.
Cons: -Photos are low quality screenshots.
-Not download manager friendly. I could not use Freedownloadmanager or Internetdownloadmanager. IDM seems to be able to download nearly everything I try, but not on this site.
-Updates are irregular and too few. So far in 2010 there have been 4, in 2009 only 3, in 2008 11. Definitely needs growth.
Bottom Line: For this site I think that the TBP policy of not factoring in pricing is completely wrong. For only $14.95, you get a small site with a few very nice quality videos. Since you are paying nearly a dollar for each video, what exactly do you get?

Well, you get a decent size network. In that context, it doesn't seem overly expensive. The videos on this site are low end HD quality. Not the best I have seen, but up to today's standards.

The women are not jaded pornstars and never overact. They appear to be in the first or close to their first scenes and act accordingly. They seem excited or at least interested, not bored. In many cases they say that they are a bit nervous. Very real and very believable.

The guys often wear masks or bandannas to cover their faces. Since the camera almost never focuses above their waists, I feel this is not a negative. If anything, you get the feeling that these are just regular guyslike you or me who got lucky enough to be in the scene.

As far as the content, it compares favorably with Japanese bukkake scenes. The Japanese ones generally feel mechanical and rote. The women are only there to be unwilling sex objects to cum on. These videos do not have this feeling.

Another point is that both are in foreign languages. The Japanese don't use subtitles, so you miss a lot of whatever interaction and personality that a scene may have. In contrast, these videos are shot in Spanish, but have subtitles in English. Sometimes that can be distracting, sometimes the subtitles are a plus.

Further there is a lot of presex foreplay with multiple guys groping the women. Mostly rubbing, these guys seem to enjoy feeling them on their asses, breasts, etc., just like any guy would. In the Japanese videos there is also a lot of groping, but it feels as though the women don't want them to do it. It looks like they are being mauled by a gang, not participating in mutual foreplay.

American as well as Euro bukkake sites and DVDs seem to be about quantity of cum and having huge numbers of men in the scene. To me, scenes like this are more like a factory and less like fun. Very mechanical and uninspired, what you see is more or less an assembly line. On the other hand, these average about 10 or 12 guys, which is enough. Some of these scenes even have two women. In my book this site does it right.

These scenes are a bit extreme in that the women drink all the cum. Some do it straight from the cock and some do it from a bowl. Either way, no cum is wasted. There is never any feeling of the women being forced to do anything, or that they are degraded or humiliated. The dialog is respectful.

My only real complaint is that the site is too small. The rest of the network somewhat makes up for that.

10-24-10  08:22am

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Visit Anal Nippon

Anal Nippon

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Nice discount through TBP.
-Part of a network of 17 Japanese sites. Easy navigation between network sites wihout reentering passwords.
-No download limits.
-Download manager friendly.
-Videos can be streamed or downloaded with MP4, MPEG or as small files AVI for the best quality videos. Nice and sharp but not HD.
-Low quality screencaps can be downloaded as a zipfile.
-Plenty of hot women.
-Very large site. As of today has 580 videos.
-Updating about twice a week.
-NO MOSAICS, blurring,completely uncensored. Porn where you see everything.
Cons: -Incomphrehensible dialog. Everything is in Japanese without subtitles.
-Only listed in date order. The site is ok to navigate as long as you are not looking for a particular video or star.
Bottom Line: In spite of its name, the videos are not only about anal. There is every kind of sex here, both vaginal and oral. Many videos don't even have any anal at all. I found bukkake, blow jobs,gang bangs, many scenes with enemas,even lesbian scenes.

The best point about the site is that the videos are completely uncensored. I love Japanese creativity and now you get see it in all its glory.

Many scenes are just sex, some have a little plot. The sex is usually a guy or a group of guys practically raping a reluctant female who eventually gives in with some pressure or forcing. Not violent, it just presents women as not being into sex all that much and men as using women as sex objects. On the other hand, there is almost always stimulation for the woman by hand, dildo, or mouth before the guys get any. Not exactly Western porn, but the women are certainly cute.

I really liked the scenes that were a little different, as just sex can degenerate into gonzo style same old, same old rather quickly.

Definitely worth joining the network for even this one site. Reasonably priced, plenty to see, a decent update schedule, attractive women, NO CENSORSHIP.

09-09-10  10:21am

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Visit Nude Sport Videos

Nude Sport Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No regional billing even though it is through CCBill.
-Inexpensive three day full access trial. There is no need to spend more for a full month as you can get it all with a download manager. In my book this makes the site a bargain.
-Once a week updates in an archive of 241 videos, about a half hour each.
-Natural looking Russian amateurs. About as unglam as you can get. They are real, not overly made up plastic looking clones. However, the models are mostly very similar in body type and age and the content can get repetitive. Instead of porn star clones you get natural women who don't vary much either.
Cons: -Video quality could be a lot better. The stats show 1280x720, 4000 kbps for the best videos, but I suspect these are redone lower quality shoots.
-As you may expect with amateurs, many are very ordinary in their attractiveness. Like many non porn star websites, you have to search for the knockouts. There are some videos here that I really love.
-Sometimes slow downloads.
-Photos are not zipdownloadable.
-WMV is the only video option.
-No way to search. The videos are listed in date order. However, almost none of the models have more than one video.
-Turn the sound off as the background music is terrible.
Bottom Line: When I was twelve, the 19 year old next door used to dance and exercise nude. Sometimes she drew the shades and sometimes she did not. I think she secretly got off on me watching her. That makes nude exercise enough for me to love this site, although it is hardly perfect.

One thing I appreciate is that the models seem real. These are amateurs acting like amateurs. Sometimes they play up to the camera, and sometimes they just go through the motions. If they are showing me their bodies in an explicit way, I truly don't care if they are enjoying themselves. If a model shows me her pussy spread eagled, do I care if she is having a good time? It is all the same to me if they are an exhibitionist or just doing it for a paycheck.

In most of porn, I get the feeling that a scene I am watching is of people who fit the ideal of what porn producers think we like. Further they usually pretend they are having a good time and most of the time that involves bad acting. That seems so fake and artificial to me. It is obvious that on most porn sites the models are doing it for just a paycheck, but on this site you don't get bad acting in an obvious attempt to pretend otherwise.

A criticism I have of most softcore nude sites, think MetArt for example, is that the models are not erotic and just don't give that something extra that would work for me. Too much art, not enough erotic.With this site, you have movement that often teases in that you seldom know when you are going to get that great angle or that explicit shot. The teasing may not be intentional or played up, but you get it just the same. If you want to see a twenty year old on her back,opening and closing her legs, this is what you get. How about arching her back and pushing her pussy towards the camera after laying on the floor doing scissor kicks with her legs? Works for me.

If they only had better video quality I would give the site a higher score.

08-18-10  11:27am

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Visit Pantyhose Lane

Pantyhose Lane

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Daily updates of the photo section only.
-Good size site with 145 models and 33 guest models. Each has multiple shoots, so my guess is about 600 to 700 photosets.
-Most recent photos are 1200x1800.
-Although primarily a photo site, there are 125 video shoots as well. The most recent update is WMV 864x480, 595 kbps. Very weak and poor quality.
-Nice mix of mostly European and American models with a lot of Asian Americans and Black ones as well. If you love Asian women you will feel that you have died and gone to heaven.
Cons: -No zipdownloads.
-No easy way to search. Listings for photosets are under the models' names, in the order from the most recent update going back. You can also search by model name and a tiny thumbnail. Videos are listed separately, also in update order or in a separate listng of just videos. Only clips, no whole videos.
-Not updating the videos. There is no date on the site for each video, but the most recent is copyright 2009.
Bottom Line: Usually after downloading from a site, I gradually lose interest in the content. I get the feeling of been there, done that and it is on to the next website.

That didn't happen here. I wrote a review almost exactly a year ago and was primarily interested in the videos at that time. I did not appreciate the quality of the photography or its degree of erotic value. Gradually over the last year I have come to appreciate more the photos I downloaded and saved.

While the videos are of poor quality, the photo sets are nicely done. There is plenty of tease, as you might expect from a site with pantyhose in its name. Many of the outfits are quite classy and the stripping sequences work for me. While softcore, they often, but not always, go to full explicit. Sometimes there is complete nudity, but mostly you see before and after pussy shots of stripping off pantyhose. Some sets do not feature explcitness and the model stays clothed.

The model selection is first rate. You will recognize some familiar faces, but by no means all. Many are simply gorgeous, with great legs that are showcased in pantyhose. Many have nice breasts as well. Overall, very much glam in style, but with much more nudity and explicitness than for example Only Tease. The quality of the Asian women makes this site stand out. While the Americans and Europeans are also first rate, the Asian women alone make this site worth trying.

As far as a comparison with other pantyhose focused sites, much better looking models, more teasing and more delivery of explicitness. I feel it is the best in this niche.

I found the site to be fun and worth a shot if you are into softcore. Definitely a good value for a reasonable price. If they would make the photos zipdownloadable and added a decent way to search, I would not hesitate to give this site a score in the 90's.

06-27-10  08:57am

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Visit Glory Hole Initiations

Glory Hole Initiations

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of network of 17 sites that have the same theme of interracial content, Black and White. No Asians or other races though.
-Nice quality videos. Not HD, but sharp at 640x360, 1563 kbps.
-Great photo sets for each video. Not low quality screenshots, these come in at about 200 photos, 1600X1067. Zipdownloadable.
-Download manager friendly.
-No download limits.
-Mostly great looking Black models, although a few are rather plain.
-All unique original content shot for the site.
-Updates are weekly.
Cons: -The scenes are very repetitive. A model walks into the same bathroom in every scene. She strips, masturbates using her fingers, sucks on the guy, fucks him through the wall and then he comes on her face or in her mouth.
Bottom Line: This site is about Black women sucking off anonymous white cocks in a bathroom. The cocks stick through a hole in the wall, called a glory hole. They use the same gas station bathroom in every scene.

While the scenes are repetitive, they are also in an unusual niche for porn. There are several websites that use glory holes, TBP lists 17, but this is only the second that I know of that has a large number of Black women in interracial action. The other is gloryholegirlz.com. The video quality on that site is much more grainy and weaker than on this one. A criticism I had of that site is that often the scenes are mostly shot in a way that you can't really see the cum shot. Hoewever, the plus on that site is that the models suck off cock after cock, usually about 5 to 10 guys, sometimes even more.

In contrast, on this site you get only one guy in a short scene. Besides better video quality, you also get the models stripping, showing off their bodies and usually they also have vaginal and sometimes even anal sex. The models look more professional here as gloryholegirlz has mostly, if not all, amateurs.

On the members page I counted 226 videos, not the 338 listed on TBP. Of those 51 are of White girls and guys from when the site first opened. You get 175 videos of Black models and White guys, a very nice number for an unusual niche.

Overall a nice niche site, with a fairly uncommon theme. It is a nice addition to a network that features interracial porn.

01-11-10  11:35am

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Visit Cum Bang

Cum Bang

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of network of 17 sites that have the same theme of interracial content, Black and White. No Asians or other races though.
-Nice quality videos. Not HD, but sharp at 640x360, 1563 kbps.
-Great photo sets for each video. Not low quality screenshots, these come in at about 200 photos, 1600X1067. Zipdownloadable.
-Download manager friendly, despite TBP saying DMs not allowed.
-Great looking Black models. Very attractive A list porn stars.
-All unique original content shot for the site.
Cons: -Unbelievable and overly repeated storyline. Every video has the model getting revenge on her Black boyfriend for cheating on her with a White girl.
-Storyline at the beginning of each video is just too long. At five to ten minutes, I lost patience.
-Recycle content. The site has the same amount of content as when I last reviewed it in November of 2008. One of my favorite scenes now has the update posted date as July 2009. Nice try as I downloaded it in November 2008.
Bottom Line: This site is definitely not for everyone. But for those who like the content it is a rare gem.

I have read many forum posts where PUers have complained about facials and guys jerking off onto a model's face. This site centers on that. It is bukkake and blowbangs of White guys onto and into Black girls faces and mouths.

As such it does an excellent job. The models are great looking and seem very interested in the action. I know it is just acting, after all these are pornstars. However this site has no real competition, that I know of, in the specific niche of Black girls and blowbangs.

I truly enjoyed the action, but would have loved a bigger site. The introductory page shows over 40 videos, but some are of scenes not posted yet. Further, many scenes that you do get are recycled. As I mentioned in one of my cons above, one of my favorite scenes I was able to download in November 2008, but is listed as a July 2009 update. I took points off for that.

I also would have given a higher score for HD quality video. The video and photo quality is just fine, but not the HD that the site advertises.

Another con that may be unfair is that I could not fast forward the downloaded video. I then tried to use DIVX Author to edit out the video intros, but then had no video, only the sound. These may both be my problems, and not the site. I just don't know. However, I have never encountered this on any other site.

Overall a fun site with unusual content that I rather enjoyed despite its drawbacks. Recommended for those who find this topic interesting.

01-08-10  11:45am

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very large website. While I don't really know how many videos or photos there are, it certainly is a lot. One of the largest individual sites I have ever seen.
-Amazingly beautiful models. Hardly a single model is ordinary. Little or no fake boobs or tattoos. I didn't see even a single one.
-Most models have some bush.
-Description as well as screenshots of every video.
Cons: -Confusing navigation with no real search engine.
-Very few non hardcore photo sets or videos.
-Very little variety in the models. They are mostly the same age, from 18 to 25. Similarly waif like in body type, from basically flat chested to maybe B cups.
-Download entire DVD's. Since the files are mostly 1GB and over, they should be split into individual scenes.
-I saw no HD videos. Nice 640x480 at its best, but some are also of lesser quality. A few videos are unwatchable and split into tiny parts.
-Constant warnings about download limits as well as messages telling you not to use download managers, bots or file splitters. Warnings that if you try to download more than one video at a time you will be "restricted". Comes across as "Big Brother is watching you" as you download.
-Not cheap. No extras or other sites included.
Bottom Line: The site is very large and represents a large sample of Japanese hardcore. However there are whole genres of porn that Jsexnetwork is ignoring.

A while back I joined Deluxepass.com. They have a tremendous quantity of Japanese videos spread over 56 websites within the group. There were exhibitionst videos, sharking videos of girls having their panties pulled down or aside in public, upskirts, videos of sleeping girls having their clothing cut off, as well as an interesting variety of other non hardcore scenes.

I feel that there is a lot more that Jsexnetwork can add to its archive. Jsexnetwork has very little except hardcore. Some is creative and some is basically the Japanese version of gonzo.

I don't want to complain about the content that they do have though. It comes as two types.

One is uncensored hardcore. There is not much in the way of creativity going on here. Almost without exception it is the Japanese version of gonzo. Several sex scenes are included in each video. Some are better than others, but in most the girl is attractive in a cute type of way and squeals as they are groped or have sex. They mostly act as if they are not really enjoying themselves. I found these videos to be ok, some even great. However, with several scenes in each whole video download, you have to either fast forward a lot or trim the videos. Twenty minutes of a girl trying to jack off a guy with a 2 inch dick that never gets hard can get tiresome.

The censored videos are more interesting, generally having a bit of plot. However, some are not worth bothering with either. My biggest complaint is that 2 hours worth of video with many parts that are not hardcore may make a better porno, but you need to fast forward a lot or trim the scenes. If the first 10 to 20 minutes are just talking, do I really need to use up my daily download limit?

My advice to the site is to make the videos downloadable in parts. Downloading entire DVDs is a royal pain both to download and then to deal with once you have them. With the download restrictions I mentioned in the cons, it is not a benefit to us or the site for files to be so big.

My other advice is to have a search engine that tells me something about the videos. I like bj videos-good luck here. You have to read the individual descriptions of the videos to figure that out for yourself. With literally hundreds of videos, my reaction is one of asking if they are kidding. I also found that many bj scenes are embedded in the middle or the end of the videos. Do I need to spend hours trimming them?

Overall, nice quality, great models, generous quantity, but hardly perfect or even representative of all that Japan has to offer.

12-18-09  07:43am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Discount through TBP.
-Very attractive and creatively artistic site design. Extremely easy to navigate.
-Huge site with 1,094 videos, 74,509 photos, and 340 models.
-Videos have four download options. The best is AVI at 720x576, very sharp and clear, MPEG, Quicktime and iPod. Most clips 5 to 10 minutes long.
-Longer movies by director John B Root with nice production values. 23 real movies, not ordinary porn clips.
-1800x1200 photosets. Very nice quality.
-Six updates a week. Three videos and three photosets.
Cons: -Dialogue is in French, although the site is in poorly translated English. There are also subtitles that need a professional translator as well. Not the worst I have ever seen, but sometimes laughable, even incomprehensible. I have met intermediate level ESL students who could do better.
-Too artsy in its approach. Sometimes misses that erotic quality. I must have missed the art class that the director taught as a prerequisite to joining the site. If I had taken the class I might have appreciated the effort more than I did.
Bottom Line: The site is a combination of explicit porn and explicit art. Sometimes the balance is a plus, but sometimes it is a minus.

On the plus side, the videos and photos are of terrific quality. The models are great looking for the most part. The director John B. Root gives the models a lot of flexibility as to what content they want to do. As a result you get the feel of spontaneity, of the erotic. The director is not directing the action as in most porn, he is facilitating. Sometimes they just have an interview, sometimes they do hardcore just as you would hope. The site makes me think you the viewers are being ignored and they are just having fun. Sometimes you get the feeling like in the movie "Forrest Gump" that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you get.

In contrast, Roots style is to clearly showcase the models looks. That is fine, but sometimes I think he misses the point of hardcore. I know what I want to see in a hardcore scene. Soft slow buildup is fine for a softcore glamour photoshoot, but sometimes I just went limp waiting for the good stuff. You need patience for this site, as well as an acquired taste for the artistic. Nice models are fine, but sometimes you need some overtly hot action visuals.

Overall, the site is fine if you don't expect what it does not deliver. The quality and quantity are here. Sometimes I feel the videos and photos are trying too hard to please fans of both the softcore and hardcore styles of porn. Recommended, but by no means my favorite site.

07-22-09  01:53pm

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Visit Only Blowjob

Only Blowjob

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM or download restrictions.
-294 videos, 10 to 20 minutes each.
-2 streaming options at 720x405 and 448x256.
-Can download in parts, or whole videos in WMV HD 1280x720 4100 kbps, lesser quality WMV 852x480, AVI 960x540, or QT 960x540.
-Has been updating three times a week.
-Zipdownloadable photo sets of the videos. Look great at 1328x2000.
Cons: -Many models have too much makeup, jewelry, and overdone classy clothes. Makes them look like plastic dolls, not real women.
-Too expensive at $34.95.
-No extras, not part of any network.
Bottom Line: This site specializes in blow jobs by attractive Euro models. As such, it comes across as very slick and professional. Sometimes this can be a negative, as the girls often look plastic and overdone. Although not real, natural and unscripted in the way amateurs would have done the videos, the visuals are nonetheless stimulating and worthwhile. They definitely get the job done.

Most of the videos come in stunning DVD or near DVD quality, and the photo sets are of great clarity and sharpness. I appreciate the technical beauty of the videos, but they still are not as good as the best I have seen so far- inthecrack.com, adultdoorway.com, and massage-parlor.com. The stats are comparable, so I think the quality of the video cameras differ.

I really appreciate the quantity and quality of the videos, but they are not unique or original in any way. The bj's are just bj's, with no or almost no plot, so I can't give a score higher than an 85. Most definitely recommended despite the high price.

06-19-09  11:19am

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Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through Epoch.
-Very original and creative concept of mixing realistic competitive nude wrestling with lesbian sex.
-Videos as good as 1280x720, 7158 kbps. Advertised as HD and very crisp.
-298 hour long videos. The archive goes back to August 2004.
-Streaming available. There are four download options-HD WMV, WMV, MP4 and Ipod.
-No DRM or download restrictions. I downloaded most of the site in one day with no problems.
-Download manager friendly.
-Updates are five times a month.
-Photo sets for each video. Zipdownloadable, both high and low resolution, about 200 per set. 1200x675, but fairly sharp.
Cons: -Not part of any network. All kink.com sites are priced individually, but there is a discounted price for second and more websites joined at the same time.
-Only occasionally clear explicit nudity. The videos mostly are shot from too far away with no closeups.
-The penalty of getting fucked with a dildo is not much of an incentive to avoid losing. Try to imagine if you were wrestling and the penalty was a handjob. Would you try hard to avoid such a fate? In the post scene interviews the girls sometimes mention how much they enjoyed the fucking they got. One girl had a big smile and said she is in love. She went further to say she wouldn't mind a repeat as long as she loses.
Bottom Line: I knew it was a long time since I was last a member, but I did not realize it was three years. The site has dramatically changed for the better in that time.

The most obvious change is growth. With five updates a month, there is a lot to see here. Next, there are now fine quality HD videos. This is a distinct improvement as some of the oldest videos are not up to today's standards. Additionally many of the older videos have been recoded and play much better than they did years ago.

Another area of improvement is in the quality of the girls. In the beginning, many of the better wrestlers had that look that is the stereotype of lesbians-short hair with tattoos, mean and tough looking. In essence they were not sexy unless that is specifically your taste and I doubt most guys would prefer that look. My how things have changed. Mostly the girls are much sexier than in the past. Many are pornstars, with the looks and bodies that most guys like(I can't speak for lesbians who may like this kind of site).

Another change is that anal scenes have become much more common. About 25 feature anal. Since many scenes are very similar I feel that adds some variety.

There are also many more videos where the matches are more even. In the past most scenes had a weak wrestler being paired with a much better one. Too predictable for my taste. Now, some of the girls beat others of equal proficiency level. It is boring to never get to see a girl you like to win, or to lose for that matter.

The biggest change for the better is that there are many tag team scenes. When last I was a member, there were none. Now there are 26. Recently these scenes are being filmed in front of a live audience that reacts to the action and occasionally interacts, but only to a small degree. The tag team concept gives the weaker girls a chance to go after the better ones with some pussy fingering, pussy rubbing etc.

The action is much more about wrestling than it is about lesbian sex, but that is my only real criticism. That is the niche that the site has chosen, so it really does deliver what it promises. Overall recommended, but not necessarily the sexiest site you have ever seen.

06-15-09  07:33am

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Visit Massage Parlor

Massage Parlor

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-56 videos about 20 minutes long. Good amount for a specialized niche site.
-Updates once a week on Wednesdays.
-Supports download managers.
-Can download whole video (1440x1080, 8255kbps) or lower quality (720x480, 3155 kbps) clips. The whole video option videos are definitely true HD quality. The clips are quite sharp and are higher quality than what you find on most sites.
-Each video also has zipdwonloadable screenshot photos. 900x600, but extremely sharp.
-Nice members forum that encourages suggestions.
Cons: -Too many actors and actresses with tattoos.
-Can get repetitious.
Bottom Line: My first reaction to this site is that it is one that others should imitate. Each video focuses on what goes on behind closed doors at a massage parlor. There actually is a bit of a story with interaction between the characters.

Each scene has about seven minutes of acting before the sex part begins in videos that are about 20 minutes long.

In the scenes the guys go to a massage parlor that tries hard to pretend that it is totally legit, not one of THOSE massage parlors. The guys talk about their stressful jobs and have the types of massage explained to them.

They get to choose from at least two masseuses that are usually wearing sexy bathrobes that leave little to the imagination.

Behind closed doors, each scene starts with a real massage, but the guys get a "happy ending" that costs extra. The sex is performed nude and consists of hand jobs/blow jobs. Not every scene is a bj, but most are. There is no vaginal or anal and only one scene has two girls. No lesbian here. Although there is some pussy eating by the guys, the pleasure is deinitely male focused.

The girls are mostly well known, attractive pornstars, but some are relative newcomers. This adds to the feeling of professionalism.

Overall the videos are well done fantasies. My only complaints are that about a third of the girls have excessive tattoos, some guys also have too many tattoos, and the scenes do become repetitive. There is a little variety, as when the two know each other, or one is a city inspector, but more variety would be better.

A huge plus is the beautiful HD quality, with WMV as the only option.

05-22-09  08:27am

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through Epoch.
-Part of a network of 9 sites. The network has more than 900 scenes.
-Has 258 updates, about a half hour each. About 125GB of video. Updates once a week.
-Three full video download choices by quality. The best quality is WMV, 640x480, as high as 8297 kbps. Streaming is possible. You can also download clips.
-Some variety of age and body types, but almost no ethnic variety.
Cons: -No photos of the videos. The ones they have are of low quality and not these videos.
-Multiple videos of many models, but no search engine. Updates are listed by date only. The site is simply to big to be so disorganized.
-Videos have watermarks.
Bottom Line: The girls here are American and European pornstars, so you do get some fake blonds aand some fake orgasms too. Overall the girls seem reasonably well into the action. Some are quite enthusiastic, or they are better actresses than I am giving them credit for. Almost all scenes are of a girl using huge, and I mean unbelievably huge, dildos in their pussy or ass, sometimes both. I saw only two scenes involving two girls together. The action is simply unbelievable because the girls use dildos that you just have to see. This is EXTREME action, especially when you see the small size of many of these girls. I was previously a member of hugerubberdicks.com,and this is much better in quantity and quality of camerawork, as well as in how hot it is. If you find this theme appealing, you will not be disappointed. I really enjoyed this site and so will you.

04-01-09  01:49pm

Replies (6)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Stunningly beautiful girls. Some of the best on the internet. The girls are from the US, Canada, Hungary or the Czech Republic and the scenes are shot in those locations also.
-Huge site. Despite not being part of a network, there is really a lot here. There are 271 updates, each is about 3 to 6 clips of between 3 to 15 minutes. Some are longer.Three download options, only WMV.
-Nice text description and screenshot for each video. Truly helpful.
-Most videos can be downloaded as almost 1080i HD 1280x720 or 1080p superior HD 1920x1080. This is truly great quality and as good as any site I have ever joined-very highly recommended.
-High quality photo sets for each update.
Cons: -No search engine. Just like FTVgirls, the updates are listed in order. There are multiple videos and photo sets for each girl, but no easy way to find all of them. The so called search engine doesn't function well. It looks for keywords in the text describing each video. If you look for "black" you may get "black dress" or "black earrings" etc. Not helpful if you want to find all the peeing videos or the strip ones.
-No support for download managers. Very slow tedious downloads if you have to look at descriptions of easily 1000 videos and then download the ones you want one at a time.
-No ethnic, age or bodyshape variety. I found two Asian models and two Black ones.
Bottom Line: The site has solo girl videos (there are also a few lesbian videos that are ok) that focus on either stripping, displaying assets, masturbation, looking inside with a speculum, or peeing. Most videos showcased their pussy or ass or both, but some focused on their face or moving erotically while fully clothed. Nice mix that provides some variety.

While I did not find all of the videos to be my taste, there are lots and lots of scenes to choose from.

The girls on the site are professional models, and a few are pornstars. This is both a big plus as well as a minus. The plus is that they are quite attractive, are well made up and know how to move erotically. They manage to not look like typical pornstars-no fake boobs, only a few fake blonds, no fake moaning or overacting.

Generally they play up to the camera in a sensual way that works well. Picture a girl pushing her pussy right in your face and then opening her lips to show you what's inside. By looking directly at the viewer, they generally create a personal link that can be very appealing as well as arousing. The minus to professionals is that they are totally dispassionate and are just doing a job. No enthusiasm, no feeling of daring exhibitionism as you would get with real non pro amateurs. The camera work is close to perfect. I feel most porn camera work is terrible and hurts more than helps videos. Here it is done right.

Specifically, the shots are straight ahead, no diagonals except for the earliest videos. Next each video starts with a focus on whole girl and only gradually moves in for closeups. This is a slow process that creates a buildup to the best parts at the end. Many times I preferred the buildup to the the extreme closeups.

The sets are a big plus also. Most sites use a house, even a hotel room. Here you get outdoors in the Virgin Islands or great homes in the Czech Republic, for example. Makes for a very professionl, polished, well planned video.

The only reasons for not giving the site an even higher score is the lack of a search engine, the lack of support for download managers, and the lack of variety in the models. It is very good for what it is, but it cannot be described as all that I hope for in a 90 level website. Overall a very creative and interesting way to showcase solo models that I hope other sites imitate.

03-14-09  03:19pm

Replies (15)
Visit Rip Her Up

Rip Her Up

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Part of network of 8 sites.
-No DRM or download restrictions. No download problems or broken links.
-Supports download managers.
-Top quality MPEG videos. My computer gives me no details and neither does the site.
-Not the usual pornstars. Very attractive, actress, but not pornactress, types. Not the girl next door and don't appear to be amateurs either.
-Very artistic and creative, see below.
Cons: -You may not like the video style. It is so creative that you may find this aspect distracting.
-Horrible site navigation. The only way to find what is on the site is to check through page after page of updates of the network, listed in date order.
-Too small. Only 17, 25 to 30 minute videos so far.
-Only three video options, hi or low MPEG or flash.
Bottom Line: I like forceful sex. Two of my favorite sites are sexandsubmission and facialabuse. If you like either or both, you will probably like this site. If not, I doubt you will like fantasy rape. Definitely not what you should try at home. The beginning of each video is about the same. While well known music (rap, rock, etc) of the past about 30 years plays, there is a scene with a few scenario variations. Some are: teacher/student,housewife/repairman or visiting veterinarian, customer/ masseuse etc. The girl acts like a total cocktease and usually wears an interesting outfit that most of us would find makes her tempting. The dialog is in European Spanish or Portuguese, but you can barely hear more than a word because of the music that is played too loud. It generally coordinates visually with the action. The couple seems to be insynch and generally the lyrics mostly fit the action too. There is an interesting use of slowmotion, closeups and other artistic devices while the guy and the girl wrestle and he rips her clothes off. It gives the scene a surreal, not to be taken at face value, feeling. The guy is generally forceful, but usually not violent or degrading like slapping or hair pulling. Occasionally they do that, but it is very obviously fake acting. Its kind of like prowrestling, not like action on a BDSM site. Next comes something very odd. The music stops and the girl participates willingly- sometimes very enthusiastically, but often just going through the motions, just like most porn. There is anal in nearly every scene, and generally the cum shot is either on her face or in her mouth.
I give the site a 90 for creativity, but take off points because the site has only 17 videos in 8 months. Very interesting and a break from the usual California style gonzo. I wish more sites were creative, having very attractive girls that look real, not plastic.

02-05-09  02:00pm

Replies (2)
Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-Responsive customer service.
-Part of a network of 20 sites, which also includes bonus low quality sites of more videos.
-Recent videos have nine download options, ranging from ipod to HD 1080P 1920x1080, 4229kbps.
-Videos can be streamed or downloaded, whole movie or clips.
-149 about 45 minutes long videos in an archive going back nearly five years.
-Large picture sets (200 or more photos) for 138 of the videos.
-Picture sets can be downloaded as zipfiles.
-Recent photos 1440x960.
-DRM and download limit free.
-Download managers supported.
Cons: -Some parts are too extreme for my taste. The commentary on the download pages are unnecessarily disrespectful, they often deliberately try to make the girl vomit, and I don't appreciate spitting on them. There are parts I fast forward through.
-The updates are irregular. However, there is so much to see, you may not care.
-Some girls really are plain. I feel this adds to the feeling of reality and how much it differs from all the cookie cutter gonzo type sites. Not at all glamour-just the opposite.
Bottom Line: This is not for everyone by any stretch of the imagination. Like its sister sites Ghettogaggers and Latinabuse, it features rough oral sex. The guys are very forceful and most scenes feature at least two of them pounding away at a girl's mouth. The scenes featuring pornstars are the best, as in those there literally are no holes barred; those with amateurs are less intense. This site is a classic in this genre and the few others, Gaggingwhores for example, can't compare in video quality, quantity or in how hot the scenes are. Some of the scenes here are so hot you can't believe your eyes. If you are interested in this type of video check out the scene they did with Annie Cruz. They did a repeated rough ATM for about a half hour that was so intense that she looked like a used up rag doll when the scene ended. The attitude here is one of exploitation of women for the sake of male pleasure, to the point of it being like watching an accident. You just can't turn away. So, if you like this kind of thing, this is definitely the best available. The only reason I did not give a higher score is that it sometimes is too much even for me and that the updates are irregular. Big thumbs up overall.

01-29-09  03:59am

Replies (3)
Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Billing through CCBill.
-Decent amount of videos and photos. Of course more growth would make this an even better site.
-Both glamour photos and screen caps(1280x850) very nice quality and quantity. Most are zipdownloadable, but by no means all.
-Mostly genuine amateur girls and male stars. Not filled with polished, overdone pornstars or overly commercial same old, same old. This can also be a con when the videos miss.
-Fun videos. Most give the feeling that the people are doing something they enjoy.
-Exclusive material.
-Download manager compatible.
Cons: -Oldest videos are split into too many clips and are of such low quality that they are not worth bothering with.
-Some unattractive stars both male and female.
-Some, but by no means all, videos have no introductions and feel gonzo. I like either a few words with the girls or sexy strip scenes or better, both. Sometimes the scene opens with the action already in progress.
-Sometimes poor photography.
-Updates are not dated. There is no schedule to see how frequently they can be expected either.
Bottom Line: Have you ever seen a porn where during a blow job the girl takes a break for a glass of water? How about one where you often see a camerman or woman taking photos during the action and giving direction to the participants? I never did until I joined this site. The action, the stars and the video photography all feel as if you had a few friends get together and they had some fun. Mostly all amateurs who never did a video on another site, they are identified as housewives, students both high school and college, sales clerks, teachers, waitresses, a policewoman and the list goes on. There is a lot of joking, kidding and a feel of just a few people getting together to do whatever comes to mind, with a strong focus, but not only, on blow jobs, blow bangs and cumming on a girl's face. This is the main part of the site, the bukkake, or rather the blowbangs with a bukkake finish. The other parts of the site are one with only five sets of glamour photos and a part called Stripper Facials. Actually I enjoyed this part the most of all the site has to offer. Here, all the videos are of a real stripper, from a club that is named, who does a strip and lap dance for a single guy. Then she blows him until he comes on her face. The girls are all interviewed first. They all learned from being strippers how to dance and move erotically to help get the guy off. Generally they are better looking than the girls in the bukkake section. The videos here are all of high quality. In the bukkake section, they are redoing the videos in much better quality and making them downloadable as one file, not as large number of clips. With a bit more growth and finishing the upgrades of the oldest material, I can see myself rejoing and rating this site a 90.

11-30-08  10:33am

Replies (3)
Visit Real Black Lesbians

Real Black Lesbians

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-64 half hour long videos, WMV 720x540 2550kbps. Streaming and download options, but only whole clip.
-Has 960x540 screenshots available for almost every video.
-No DRM or download restrictions.
-Can use Download Acclerator Plus, but not Flashget or Free Download Manager.
-Simple navigation. Videos are listed by date with a screenshot, or you can click on a different link to search by star.
-Updates once a week.
-Part of a small network of three lesbian sites.
Cons: -Only two download options, high and medium quality. Only WMV available.
-Screenshots are not zipdownloadable.
-Many of the videos are gonzo style with either no plot or it is minimal.
-Well known black pornstars which means most of the girls have too much makeup, many have fake boobs, too much artificial moaning that simply sounds fake. Most are not really into the sex.
-Probably not much exclusive material. Some I have seen before, or I have seen the set used in similar videos.
Bottom Line: In spite of the fact that the sex was mostly uninspired, by the numbers gonzo with well known stars, I enjoyed the videos. Scenes like this are not easy to find in any quantity, let alone a whole site. I believe it may even be unique on the net, as I don't know of another site that focuses on black women. In all fairness though, there are similar DVD's. Much of the sex is somewhat interesting and holds your attention. Further, many scenes have three or more girls. The photography is mostly done in an erotic way, focusing on the pussy. There is a minimum of diagonal shots and there are very few cases where the focus is on the face or the background when it is inappropriate. The sex is a good mix of soft and hard, with a lot of pussy and breast licking, as well as the use of toys. There is even a little variety within the genre, such as footplay and toe licking. Overall an enjoyable site with not much competition on the net.

11-05-08  07:41am

Replies (5)
Visit Adult Doorway

Adult Doorway

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Great price through TBP.
-There are a total of 14 main sites and 16 bonus sites, as well as even more bonus videos. There are erotic jokes, stories and even audio clips taken from porn movies.
-Total number of videos on the main sites is 743. Considering the size and quality of each video, this is HUGE. I would guess about 400 to 500 GB.
-Links to customer service on every page.
-Beautiful quality videos. The newest videos are 1920x1080 8454 kbps. Most of them are at least 1440x1080. Possibly the best on the net.
-Twelve download options for the newest videos. They can be downloaded whole video or in parts, and can be streamed. Download options are WMV, Quicktime, MAC - QT/MOV,iPOD, iPHONE, iTUNES,and APPLE TV. Most are about 45 minutes to an hour.
-No DRM or download limits.
-Download manager supported.
-Screenshot photo sets can be downloaded as zip files. They are high resolution, not cheapie vidcaps.
-The main websites content is exclusive. The bonuses are probably not.
Cons: -Updates are irregular.
-Many websites have ordinary, girl next door types who never made porn before. Most will never be seen on any other site. For me this can be a plus, but some are just plain or even unattractive.
-Needs a search engine that goes across the sites, as several girls have more than one video.
Bottom Line: I have signed up for membership three times in the past three years, a personal record. The sites range from extreme face fucking in Facial Abuse, Latina Abuse and Ghetto Gaggers to less forceful blow job sites Sperm Suckers, Ebony Cum Dumps,and Nasty Little Facials. Regarding the forceful sites, they are trying to be the hardest in the business, something they discuss with the pornstars who appear. They without exception agree that these sites are the most extreme on the net, and I suspect that they are right. There is more standard type porn on POV Hotel, Fuck Me POV, and Her First Porn. Some specialty sites are The Pantyhose Site, The Handjob Site, Anal Recruiters and Monster Cock Madness. There is also a softcore site Busty Amateur Boobs. I was particularly impressed with the potential of The Handjob Site as it has many creative touches to it. On the whole, the percentage of known pornstars is about 10 to 15%. You can see scenes of them that are exclusive, as well as quite distinct from what you may have seen them in before. The sites on the whole have a lot of ethnic variety, including a huge amount of Black and Latina videos, but also several featuring Indians and Asians. A good number feature two or more girls, and nearly every video on the extreme sites have at least two male studs. Even if the extreme sites are too much for you, the quality and quantity of the network as a whole is just outstanding.

10-30-08  04:32pm

Replies (2)
Visit Ebony Cum Dumps

Ebony Cum Dumps

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-Part of Adult Network group of 14 sites.
-Links to customer service on every page.
-Beautiful quality videos. The newest videos are 1920x1080 8454 kbps. Most of them are at least 1440x1080.
-82 videos going back several years.
-74 zipdownloable picture sets. 960 x1440 screenshots. They can also be seen as a slideshow.
-Twelve download options for each video. They can be downloaded whole video or in parts, and can be streamed. Download options are WMV, Quicktime, MAC - QT/MOV,iPOD, iPHONE, iTUNES,and APPLE TV. The length varies from 10 minutes to close to an hour.
-No DRM or download limits.
-Download manager supported.
-The content is exclusive.
Cons: -Updates are irregular.
-Very few really stunning girls. Mostly natural hair, breasts, etc. I like the girl next door look, so this is not a big negative for me.
Bottom Line: This site focuses on black girls giving blow jobs to white guys. It is not anywhere as extreme as Ghettogaggers.com, a sister site that stresses rough oral sex with many of the same models. The girls always swallow, most scenes have at least two white guys, and most scenes have cumplay. For example, they spit the cum into a glass and then put it back into their mouth before swallowing, in some scenes they spit the cum onto a tabletop and then either lick it up or use a straw, etc. Sometimes the cumplay is creative and sometimes they are just going through the motions. The girl gives the blow job and doesn't have the cocks shoved into her mouth. She is not treated disrespectfully by the guys, as is the case in Ghettogaggers.com. Overall excellent quality videos, a very decent quantity and some nice blow jobs by black girls. Not a very common combination and not easily found on many websites. A way above average website in a genre that usually is not done well.

10-22-08  05:39am

Replies (0)
Visit Ghetto Gaggers

Ghetto Gaggers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-14-08  09:59am  (Update History)
Reason: made just a rating into a full review
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-When I joined I got the usual email from epoch. I also got one from the site telling me who and how to contact them if there is a problem. There is a link to customer service on EVERY page. I had a billing problem and it was resolved the same day. I appreciate good service and a positive cusomer centered attitude.
-Part of a network of 14 sites, which also includes bonus low quality sites of more videos.
-Recent videos have nine download options, ranging from ipod to HD 1920x1080, 4229kbps.
-Videos can be streamed or downloaded, whole movie or clips.
-DRM and download limit free.
-Download managers supported.
-107 about 45 minutes long videos in an archive going back four years.
-Large picture sets (200 or more photos) for 101 of the videos.
-Picture sets can be downloaded as zipfiles.
-Recent photos 1440x809.
Cons: -Some parts are too extreme for my taste. The commentary on the download pages are unnecessarily disrespectful, they often deliberately try to make the girl vomit, and I don't appreciate spitting on them. There are parts I fast forward through.
-The updates are irregular. However, there is so much to see, you may not care.
Bottom Line: If you like black girls in interracial sex, especially blow jobs, you know how difficult it is to find such videos in any quality. On this site you get blow jobs, vaginal and anal. However, that is where the resemblences to most sites end. This site is really rough, but not in the way that kink.com is. That feels like consensual dominance and submissiveness; this feels like exploitation. If you can get off by seeing girls being used as sex objects for male pleasure, you will most definitely like what you find here. The girls are mostly ordinary looking, but I think the natural, amateur, reality feeling is a big plus. On the other hand, the action is what makes this site work. It is very intense and real and the guys are obviously having a great time. The girls, mostly first time genuine amateurs who probably will never make another scene, well, they know what the scene will be like as they talk about this in the prescene interviews. The best and most intense videos are those featuring pornstars. The guys really bring it to them forcefully much more than they do with the amateurs. Well known pornstars Lacey Duvalle, Cherokee, Beauty Dior, Kapri Styles, Adina Jewel, Melodee Bliss, Candace Von, Alexis Silver,Jada Fire, Kara Kane, and Tyra Fox all have excellent scenes that are quite more intense and exciting than any I have ever seen them in before. Some of these scenes I found hard to believe, they were so intense. Check out the one with Lacey Duvalle. If this appeals to you, you may find this site addictive. What you find here is a lot like watching an accident. You know you should not look, but it is just riveting anyway.

10-14-08  09:59am

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Visit Japan Angels

Japan Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Billing through CCBill.
-DVD quality videos.
-82 DVD's, each has about two scenes, although some have one. The length varies for each scene from 45 minutes to about an hour and a quarter.
-Videos had either tiny watermarks or none at all.
-Mostly good photography where the focus was on the action. In the foreplay parts the focus was on the girl's pussy for example. Few scenes were on a diagonal or had a blabby cameraman to ruin the scene. Not even one scene was of the wall, background or the guy's face when he was coming.
-Mostly neatly trimmed pussies, few unshaved or overly bushy.
-Has several videos of Maria Ozawa, who is truly stunning and has a good attitude as well. Some are censored but some are not.
-Most of the girls are quite attractive, but few are outstanding.
-Worked with DAP (download accelerator plus) but not with FDA (free download accelerator).
Cons: -Not much variation in age or body shape. Almost, maybe even all are under 25 and very thin. Not very busty either.
-Not exclusive content. Scenes are from DVD's and can be seen on other websites.
-No use of English at all. I was happy that I could not understand when they talked during sex, but I would have appreciated subtitles when the girls were interviewed.
Bottom Line: There is a nice variety of videos in many genres. You can find public nudity, hidden camera voyeur, stripping videos, costume play (cosplay), a few (very few) bukkake videos, lesbians, gangbangs, amateurs and stars. There are 134 photo sets, but I found them quite tame and not explicit enough. What I liked best was that the scenes resembled realistic sex. There was a lot of kissing, foreplay, pussy stimulation manually as well as using dildos and vibrators-all by the male. There was a lot of pussy eating as foreplay also. The female gets stimulated and then she arouses the male.You never know where the cumshot will be as it can be almost anywhere, sometimes internal, sometimes on her ass, on her pussy, etc. The videos seemed unrushed and that is such a change from American gonzo. Also, I appreciated seeing trimmed pussies as opposed the totally bald ones in American porn. There was no fake overacting and no moaning either. Overall, a big enough site with nice looking girls, nice quality videos and enjoyable sex. You can easily download all that you want in the two week trial that is reasonably priced.

10-08-08  07:43am

Replies (3)
Visit Money Talks

Money Talks

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Part of the Reality Kings network of 23 sites.
-Recently started a discounted 12 day membership.
-The network has a huge amount of content, mostly quite good, with excellent quality videos.
-About 45 almost hour long videos. Not bad if you add in what the network has.
-Updates once a week.
-Many attractive girls, some appear to be real amateurs they just met. Not always hardcore scenes, but at least one per episode.
Cons: -Daily download limit for the site and the newtwork. Big annoying negative.
-The videos have too many stunts involving guys. Boring, I want to see women.
-The videos sometimes have too much filler and talking.
Bottom Line: When I joined Reality Kings, I had no idea this site even existed. With a huge amount of content and download limits, I concentrated on the sites that I knew I wanted. Honestly I didn't watch a single video from this site until well after my membership ended. Wow! I loved what I saw. This was so much fun and unlike what I saw on other sites in the past. The videos had a little story, some suspense to see how far the girls would go and if they might have sex. I see others recognized pornstars and some of the scenes were a little too staged, but it sure seemed real enough for my taste. I like a little fantasy with my porn and this works! I have watched over and over again many of the best and I can't say that for every site. I expect that in a few months I will renew my membership and download all the new videos.

09-01-08  09:36am

Replies (0)
Visit Moms Teaching Teens

Moms Teaching Teens

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-No download or DRM limits.
-DVD quality videos.
-The moms were generally very attractive. Sometimes they were more attractive than the teens who were good, but mostly not outstanding. Most I recognized as pornstars of the past or present.
-Being pornstars the moms were quite convincing as teachers of sex technique-mostly blow job cumshots after oral and vaginal.
-Each video had somewhat of a story.
-Some variety in the plots. Sometimes the teens walked in on older adults having sex, sometimes the mother walked in on the teen having sex with her boyfriend.
-Some hot lesbian scenes. In one the older woman hires the young one as a prostitute to get her off. Other lesbian examples were teacher student, boss and employee etc.
-Updates once a week. Well over a hundred scenes of about a half hour each. It is a few months since I was a member, but there should be 150 by now.
Cons: -Almost no ethnic variety. There were two Asians and even one Indian.
-Needs better looking teens.
-Not part of any network.
-Nice quality photo sets but no zip download option.
Bottom Line: I liked that the material was different from what we usually see, and there was at least a little plot. In some scenes the younger girl was a willing participant, in others the mother forced her to suck and swallow. The feeling was one of real emotion, not bad acting. The focus of the action was always on the mom as the aggressor sexually and the younger girl as being inexperienced and unsure what to do. The moms were never the girls mom. This was not pretend incest. She was the woman of the house who hired a babysitter or the girl was her niece and was just staying there. Many of the moms looked to be 30 to 40, so they were not old enough to really be their mother. Overall this was a refreshing change from MILF sites or those with young girls. Nicely done.

08-29-08  08:35pm

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Visit Catfight Gangbang

Catfight Gangbang

No Review.
08-22-08  07:39am

Visit Sperm Suckers

Sperm Suckers

No Review.
08-22-08  06:46pm

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