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Visit Glory Hole Initiations

Glory Hole Initiations

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of network of 17 sites that have the same theme of interracial content, Black and White. No Asians or other races though.
-Nice quality videos. Not HD, but sharp at 640x360, 1563 kbps.
-Great photo sets for each video. Not low quality screenshots, these come in at about 200 photos, 1600X1067. Zipdownloadable.
-Download manager friendly.
-No download limits.
-Mostly great looking Black models, although a few are rather plain.
-All unique original content shot for the site.
-Updates are weekly.
Cons: -The scenes are very repetitive. A model walks into the same bathroom in every scene. She strips, masturbates using her fingers, sucks on the guy, fucks him through the wall and then he comes on her face or in her mouth.
Bottom Line: This site is about Black women sucking off anonymous white cocks in a bathroom. The cocks stick through a hole in the wall, called a glory hole. They use the same gas station bathroom in every scene.

While the scenes are repetitive, they are also in an unusual niche for porn. There are several websites that use glory holes, TBP lists 17, but this is only the second that I know of that has a large number of Black women in interracial action. The other is gloryholegirlz.com. The video quality on that site is much more grainy and weaker than on this one. A criticism I had of that site is that often the scenes are mostly shot in a way that you can't really see the cum shot. Hoewever, the plus on that site is that the models suck off cock after cock, usually about 5 to 10 guys, sometimes even more.

In contrast, on this site you get only one guy in a short scene. Besides better video quality, you also get the models stripping, showing off their bodies and usually they also have vaginal and sometimes even anal sex. The models look more professional here as gloryholegirlz has mostly, if not all, amateurs.

On the members page I counted 226 videos, not the 338 listed on TBP. Of those 51 are of White girls and guys from when the site first opened. You get 175 videos of Black models and White guys, a very nice number for an unusual niche.

Overall a nice niche site, with a fairly uncommon theme. It is a nice addition to a network that features interracial porn.

01-11-10  11:35am

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Visit Cum Bang

Cum Bang

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of network of 17 sites that have the same theme of interracial content, Black and White. No Asians or other races though.
-Nice quality videos. Not HD, but sharp at 640x360, 1563 kbps.
-Great photo sets for each video. Not low quality screenshots, these come in at about 200 photos, 1600X1067. Zipdownloadable.
-Download manager friendly, despite TBP saying DMs not allowed.
-Great looking Black models. Very attractive A list porn stars.
-All unique original content shot for the site.
Cons: -Unbelievable and overly repeated storyline. Every video has the model getting revenge on her Black boyfriend for cheating on her with a White girl.
-Storyline at the beginning of each video is just too long. At five to ten minutes, I lost patience.
-Recycle content. The site has the same amount of content as when I last reviewed it in November of 2008. One of my favorite scenes now has the update posted date as July 2009. Nice try as I downloaded it in November 2008.
Bottom Line: This site is definitely not for everyone. But for those who like the content it is a rare gem.

I have read many forum posts where PUers have complained about facials and guys jerking off onto a model's face. This site centers on that. It is bukkake and blowbangs of White guys onto and into Black girls faces and mouths.

As such it does an excellent job. The models are great looking and seem very interested in the action. I know it is just acting, after all these are pornstars. However this site has no real competition, that I know of, in the specific niche of Black girls and blowbangs.

I truly enjoyed the action, but would have loved a bigger site. The introductory page shows over 40 videos, but some are of scenes not posted yet. Further, many scenes that you do get are recycled. As I mentioned in one of my cons above, one of my favorite scenes I was able to download in November 2008, but is listed as a July 2009 update. I took points off for that.

I also would have given a higher score for HD quality video. The video and photo quality is just fine, but not the HD that the site advertises.

Another con that may be unfair is that I could not fast forward the downloaded video. I then tried to use DIVX Author to edit out the video intros, but then had no video, only the sound. These may both be my problems, and not the site. I just don't know. However, I have never encountered this on any other site.

Overall a fun site with unusual content that I rather enjoyed despite its drawbacks. Recommended for those who find this topic interesting.

01-08-10  11:45am

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Visit Beauty And The Senior

Beauty And The Senior

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Inexpensive clone of Oldje. The price is half.
-Pretty good size archive. There are 160 videos and a photo set of screenshots for each.
-Extremely creative. Some of the most interesting fantasies I have ever seen. Imagine you have a submissive maid who does whatever you want or you are walking in the park and a gorgeous girl notices you and basically rapes you.
-Great editing. I am sure guys this age take a lot longer to cum than in these videos. Barely a wasted moment made it to the final cut.
-The heat may be a testimonial to viagra, but I think the natural beauty of the women was equally important. There are consistently great looking women. Hardly a plain one on the entire site. Some are so attractive that they have to be seen to be believed.
-No download limits, DRM or dead links. Everything works-even these old guys!
Cons: -Photo sets are not zipdownloadable.
-Photo sets often do not show much of the action of the video. Small sets of about 24 photos each.
-Videos come split into 2 or 3 parts. This is too small as the videos run to only 10 to 15 minutes.
-No HD or other options for downloading. The best videos are 740x540, 2156kbps. Nice but not what I hope for.
-Has very few connections for downloading. You have to wait for connections to open. It makes for very tedious downloads. I can get 2.5MB on Verizon Fios. Here I get at best about 500kbps.
-The guys are often repulsively ugly. However, I like the contrast with the gorgeous females. The fantasy here is that this could be you. If these guys could get these girls to do these things, so could you. I wish!
Bottom Line: Thanks to PU, I saw that Oldje.com has a clone site. This is it, but with an interesting twist-the price is half. Since I was never a member of Oldje, I cannot know if it may have better quality or more videos. However, there is plenty to see here with 160 videos and photosets. The quality is fine at 740x540, 2156kbps, but I would love to see these videos in HD.

What you get here are great looking models with guys that are really old. They advertise them as starting in their fifties, but most look a lot older. While the guys may look old, the girls are not. Mostly in their early twenties, I cannot believe they agreed to do this stuff with these guys.

Like other sites, there is a lot of nude eye candy, a lot, and I mean a lot of oral. I have not seen one scene that was not mostly blow jobs with oral cum shots inside the girl's mouth. The guys don't jerk into their mouth, the girls suck them off until they cum and they then show it to the camera. These guys I am sure need a lot of oral stimulation from these girls and they do provide it in spades. There is only a small amount of vaginal in each scene, but they all have some. I didn't see any anal though. However, there is some cunt licking as well as ass licking by the guys. Some of the scenes have the girls licking the guy's ass as well.

The fantasies are great. They have so many scenarios, ranging from scenes where the guy is dreaming, one where the guy died and a female angel wants his cock, to others where he just is talking to a girl and she just starts to undress him. There are many scenes where the woman is the instigator. Very hot, considering I would never expect this in real life.

As a guy not yet as old as most of the male performers, it was a truly unique experience to be a member here. I would highly recommend the site to anyone who may find this type of content interesting. I would have gone even higher on my score if they had HD and better downloading.

12-23-09  07:22am

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very large website. While I don't really know how many videos or photos there are, it certainly is a lot. One of the largest individual sites I have ever seen.
-Amazingly beautiful models. Hardly a single model is ordinary. Little or no fake boobs or tattoos. I didn't see even a single one.
-Most models have some bush.
-Description as well as screenshots of every video.
Cons: -Confusing navigation with no real search engine.
-Very few non hardcore photo sets or videos.
-Very little variety in the models. They are mostly the same age, from 18 to 25. Similarly waif like in body type, from basically flat chested to maybe B cups.
-Download entire DVD's. Since the files are mostly 1GB and over, they should be split into individual scenes.
-I saw no HD videos. Nice 640x480 at its best, but some are also of lesser quality. A few videos are unwatchable and split into tiny parts.
-Constant warnings about download limits as well as messages telling you not to use download managers, bots or file splitters. Warnings that if you try to download more than one video at a time you will be "restricted". Comes across as "Big Brother is watching you" as you download.
-Not cheap. No extras or other sites included.
Bottom Line: The site is very large and represents a large sample of Japanese hardcore. However there are whole genres of porn that Jsexnetwork is ignoring.

A while back I joined Deluxepass.com. They have a tremendous quantity of Japanese videos spread over 56 websites within the group. There were exhibitionst videos, sharking videos of girls having their panties pulled down or aside in public, upskirts, videos of sleeping girls having their clothing cut off, as well as an interesting variety of other non hardcore scenes.

I feel that there is a lot more that Jsexnetwork can add to its archive. Jsexnetwork has very little except hardcore. Some is creative and some is basically the Japanese version of gonzo.

I don't want to complain about the content that they do have though. It comes as two types.

One is uncensored hardcore. There is not much in the way of creativity going on here. Almost without exception it is the Japanese version of gonzo. Several sex scenes are included in each video. Some are better than others, but in most the girl is attractive in a cute type of way and squeals as they are groped or have sex. They mostly act as if they are not really enjoying themselves. I found these videos to be ok, some even great. However, with several scenes in each whole video download, you have to either fast forward a lot or trim the videos. Twenty minutes of a girl trying to jack off a guy with a 2 inch dick that never gets hard can get tiresome.

The censored videos are more interesting, generally having a bit of plot. However, some are not worth bothering with either. My biggest complaint is that 2 hours worth of video with many parts that are not hardcore may make a better porno, but you need to fast forward a lot or trim the scenes. If the first 10 to 20 minutes are just talking, do I really need to use up my daily download limit?

My advice to the site is to make the videos downloadable in parts. Downloading entire DVDs is a royal pain both to download and then to deal with once you have them. With the download restrictions I mentioned in the cons, it is not a benefit to us or the site for files to be so big.

My other advice is to have a search engine that tells me something about the videos. I like bj videos-good luck here. You have to read the individual descriptions of the videos to figure that out for yourself. With literally hundreds of videos, my reaction is one of asking if they are kidding. I also found that many bj scenes are embedded in the middle or the end of the videos. Do I need to spend hours trimming them?

Overall, nice quality, great models, generous quantity, but hardly perfect or even representative of all that Japan has to offer.

12-18-09  07:43am

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Visit Amazing Grannies

Amazing Grannies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A week is free with a monthly membership. You get 37 days for the one month price.
-Frequent updates. Photo sets are one every 2 days, videos one a week.
-Photos are zipdownloadable.
-Good size photo archives. 829 photo sets. The number of photos is not listed, but almost all sets are between 100 and 200. The photos are mostly of professional models and the rest are homemade and user submitted.
-Some variety of races, ages and body types. Most are Eastern Europeans.
-Mostly fresh faces. Only a few I recognized as older pornstars.
-Comes with three bonus sites-hairypussycuties.com, homemadejunk.com, and vintagecuties.com.
-Nearly all have hairy bushes. The models are very unglam and appear to be natural without boob jobs or tattoos. Many have noticeable imperfections. For me this is a plus.
Cons: -Advertises itself as featuring models at least 40. I don't think that some are that old. Most of the better looking models appear to be younger.
-The videos are not of very good quality. Most are masturbation or b/g, with a few a few lesbian scenes. I considered the videos to be a total waste and deleted them all. Definitely not a site to join for the videos.
Bottom Line: This is billed as a niche site and comes with others that also focus on models with hairy bush. This one focuses on older models within that niche.

The models are mostly in their 40s, with a few that seem a few years younger. The older models are almost all unattractive and overweight. Not much to be found here that promotes sexiness. More to my taste is that the younger models are much better looking. I suspect this is not due to the aging process, but to a much smaller pool of women willing to pose. Most of the older models would not have been hot in their twenties either.

Some of the photosets are very hot, but not enough of them are due to the fact that unfortunately the site seems to focus more on frequent updates than on quality. Many of the photosets feature the same models over and over. Since these are usually the most attractive models, I see this as a plus. In contrast, the photos of the models that are used as previews generally makes you pass by most of the sets. I found at best one in four sets worth checking out. One thing I do appreciate is that the style of the photography is professional, very explict and gets to the point.

Overall worth considering if you find older bush interesting. However, a lot of the content just isn't worth bothering with.

12-06-09  08:50am

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Visit Hairy Pussy Cuties

Hairy Pussy Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through Epoch. CCBill is also an option but the price is higher, $33.74 as compared to $29.95 for Epoch.
-A week is free with a monthly membership. You get 37 days for the one month price.
-Frequent updates. Photo sets are one every 3 days, videos one a week.
-Photos are zipdownloadable.
-Good size photo archives. 275 sets with 5479 photos are homemade, user submitted and another 552 sets with 50,115 photos use professional models.
-Nice variety of races, ages and body types. Many are Eastern Europeans.
-Comes with three bonus sites-amazinggrannies.com, homemadejunk.com, and vintagecuties.com.
-Hairy bush.
Cons: -Videos are old as well as dull. Most are MPEG2 or even older. Some videos look like they were made in the 80's. I saw only b/g.
-The most recent photo set is 768x1152. Ok, but many if not most photo sites do better.
Bottom Line: This is primarily a photo site, even though they do have videos. The videos here are uniformly of low quality and are not at all worth joining for.

The focus is on hairy bush and I must say they do deliver. The photo archive is rather large and worth the price of admission. Nearly all are neatly trimmed and the photos focus on showcasing them.

The models vary quite a bit in attractiveness, age, race, ethnicity and is what you can expect in a site that encourages user submissions. Most of the professional models are very attractive, but only a few are truly outstanding. This isn't penthouse.com. They advertise all exclusive content. While, that may be true, the models are certainly not all exclusive. I recognized quite a few faces that I have seen on other sites. Some I know from porn movies as well. However, most of the faces appear to be exclusive to the site.

Like other sites with photos, most of them are not explicit. However, enough of them are to get my vote. The style is one of straightforward, nonglamour type photography. No overdone makeup, no artsy type nonerotic shots. There is a decent mix of portrait and landscape. Sets average 67 photos.

Overall I would recommend the site if you like photos of hairy bush. The models are mostly very natural and the photography is a serious attempt at the erotic. If only the photos were of better quality than about 800x1200, I could rate the site higher.

11-29-09  09:00am

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Visit Penthouse


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Huge website. See Maggie's review for more details. The archives go back to 1973.
-Nearly every model extremely beautiful. I can't think of a site at this level so consistently.
-Many and I mean many, models have trimmed bush. I found this extremely hot. Since these are the oldest photo sets, most have low quality, but I still appreciated them.
-Quick downloads without restriction if you pay for the gold membership. At the silver level you get only five downloads per day. This option makes no sense on a site of this size.
-All exclusive material of many who went on to become big name models and/or pornstars. The site has some very well known names in exclusive photo sets. For example, Tera Patrick was Pet of the Year.
-Daily updates, sometimes even multiple updates.
Cons: -The photographic style is very much of the glamour type. A lot of artistic shots and not many are explicit. This made me search a lot for what I want to keep.
-Most photo sets are rather small, about a dozen photos each.
-No way to zipdownload the photo sets. I am happy to say there is a way. See Pink Panther's reply. This is one time I am glad to be wrong.
-I prefer videos to photos, so I did not appreciate the low quality of the videos.
-Needs ethnic variety. I saw only one Black model and only a few, maybe six Asian ones.
-Membership ends when you cancel. You don't get the remaining time that you have paid for.
Bottom Line: I rather enjoyed this site. It has so much to offer that I feel confident recommending it. I subscribed to the magazine in the 70"s and loved it then. I still apreciate their style, so trying their website was a natural.

I am more into videos than photos, so this site has a major flaw that keeps me from giving it a score in the 90's. The video quality is too low to watch on a HD television.

However, the pluses here are the consistent beauty of the models, the sheer quantity of the photos and their overall quality-some older photos are of lower size and resolution. The photo sets are solo, masturbation, b/g hardcore and softcore and g/g lesbian and softcore. I saw peeing photo sets, some where the girls were smoking and even some softcore bondage. If you can imagine something, it probably is here somewhere.

For me, another big plus was that since the archive goes back to 1973, there are huge numbers of photos where the models have trimmed bush. I enjoyed this site a LOT more than ATK Hairy, for example.

Just like the magazine, there is a section for erotic letters, an advice section, as well as a forum. Additionally there is a live chat option, a video store and VOD.

If you are into photos and don't care if the videos are weak, this site is one you must try.

11-15-09  09:31am

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Visit Face Fucking Inc

Face Fucking Inc

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-Access to 29 site network.
-Very attractive women. Not a plus I put in many reviews. Includes many Asians, but only one Black model.
-103 WMV videos. At their best 720x480, 2564kbps. Watchable, but not a big plus as I expect HD by now.
-Reasonably small file sizes. Most are 200 to 400 MB, 15 to 25 minutes.
-No DRM or download limits. I did not encounter a single broken link.
-Download managers supported.
-Updates are irregular, but are close to one a week.
Cons: -Sloppy navigation and schizophrenic search engine. For example, I see 20 photo sets, but when you try to go to the next page (three are listed) you go back to the movie archives.
-Mentions on the tour that billing choices include CCBill and Epoch. I was never given these choices when I signed up though.
-Nonexclusive. All scenes have come from already released DVD's put out by Evil Angel.
Bottom Line: This site is part of the Evil Angel network. As such it features slick production values and is mostly if not all American pornstars. On a superfical level it appears as standard gonzo as there seem to be the same homes, pools, etc. that you usually see. The models are dressed similarly to gonzo style as they wear unnatural stripper clothing. I prefer a bit more reality than this.

The scenes are not the standard gonzo though. Although there is only a small touch of creativity to the scenarios, the action is not as predictable as you see in boring gonzo. Many scenes have only forceful mouth fucking, while others have various types of b/g sex, but the emphasis is on the throat fucks. Some scenes feature two women or two men. Scene by scene, there are a few things that are not quite by the numbers. For example, some scenes have interviews, but others do not. Some scenes are more specific to the niche than others.

As far as the content, it is forceful, but there is almost no slapping, spitting, or other abuse. Comparing it to facialabuse.com or gagfactor.com, it is quite a bit lighter than either. It is not as extreme as gagfactor.com, which in turn is a lot lighter than facialabuse.com. The tone of the first two is of abuse, even to the point of being mysoginistic. Not here. The women appear to be faking that they are enjoying being used. Further, compared to those two sites, the models are very much more attractive.

Compared to your average blow job site, this is a bit extreme though. It all depends on what you prefer.

I really like HD quality and there just isn't any of that here. I would also like to see a useful search engine. The site is one that I would recommend overall, for those who like to see a bit of extra zip in their blow jobs.

11-04-09  09:52am

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Visit Gag Factor

Gag Factor

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Weekly updates
-Easy navigation, but no search engine
-Photo sets for every video, however the photos are at best 750x500.
-Extreme throat fucking
-No download limits, DRM or broken links.
-Supports download managers with fast downloads.
Cons: -Too expensive for the quality and quantity of content. Comes with only one other site, americanbukkake.com.
-Sparse download options. WMV or streaming as weaker WMV. Can download clips that are 320x240.
-The videos posted after February 2008 are at best 720x480, 2000 kbps. That is ok, but hardly hi def. The videos from 2004 to 2008 were all useless as they were at best 320x240.
Bottom Line: Everything here has been released on DVD before. The models are nearly all pornstars, with very few amateurs.

This site is about forceful throat fucking. There is nothing kind or gentle; it is about male gratification. Using mostly pornstars, the action is quite strong.

The closest comparison that comes to mind is facialabuse.com. The videos here are of much lower quality, but they are still definitely watchable. Facialabuse emphasizes nonsexual turnoffs such as vomiting, face slapping and spitting, but here there is a lot less of that. I would describe the action as facialabuse light. While there is still some of these featured, there is so much less that the tone of the site is dramatically different.

On facialbuse the cumshots are from at least two guys and are on the model's face. It is portrayed as the ultimate humiliation. Here, in stark contrast, the cum shots are inside her mouth while it is closed. It is only when she shows it to you that you know that the scene is over. This seems much more like a real blow job.

This site is about fun for the viewer. The models don't seem disturbed by the action and some even say in an interview they are looking forward to it. I find that a bit hard to believe, but remember these are pornstars. Unlike amateurs, they are used to pretending they enjoy sex that they are actually doing only for the money. You get the feeling in many videos that the action is staged and preplanned. Compared to the vomiting scenes on facialabuse, I can live with that. A bit less reality is fine with me. Here they take a throat pounding and appear to be none the worse for wear. No limp, worn out models who will never be willing to do porn again.

Some scenes start off slowly with a normal bj and then it gets a bit forceful. In contrast, in some you get action that seems angry or that happens after the couple was arguing at the beginning of the scene. Some scenes even have outdoor introductory parts before the action begins. Often there is even a shred of a plot. The contrast is refreshing in that so much porn seems always the same. Seeing the participants interact is always a plus for me.

The only serious negative is that the videos before February 2008 are of unwatchable quality. The site has 75 videos of higher quality, each about 8 to 12 minutes long and updates weekly.

I would have rated the site higher if it had HD quality videos, more amateurs and more scenes with either two males or two females. A lower price would make this more attractive as well.

10-28-09  06:47am

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Visit American Bukkake

American Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Weekly updates
-Easy navigation, but no search engine
-Photo sets for every video however the photos are at best 750x500.
-Extreme number, 75 to over 100 participants in each video
Cons: -Too expensive for the quality and quantity of content. Comes with only one other site, gagfactor.com.
-Sparse download options. WMV 720x480, 1463 kbps at best, or stream as weaker WMV. Can download clips that are 320x240.
-Site advertises the price as $29.95, but I was charged $33.79. I am taking this up with CCBill as customer service never responded.
Bottom Line: Everything here has been released on DVD before. The models are nearly all pornstars, with a handful of amateurs. Most are fake blonds, but I found a minimum of fake tits or tattoos.

The site can be broken down into five kinds of bukkake videos.

Quite a few, maybe 20%, are behind the scenes. Some of this is interesting, but by no means all of it. In my opinion, they should not have bothered with this. This is one way to get weekly updates though.

Another group is reverse bukkake. In these scenes the lone guy is surrounded by a very large group of female models. There is no real sex going on here, but the women squirt in his mouth after masturbating. I don't care much for this.

The next group has the same concept, but all of the participants are women. I suspect that in both of these last two categories it is really piss, not squirting. This is too fake for my taste.

Another category is the pure bukkake videos. The model shows off her body and then gets cum on her face from sometimes as many as 100 guys. No sex, just facials. Mostly pretty entertaining if this is something that appeals to you. While I found them to be fun, I was also glad the length was only about 20 minutes each. They can get repetitious as it is basically the same scenario over and over.

The last category was what they call American Gokkun. These are similar to the bukkake videos, but the girls swallow all the guys cum. The closest site I could compare this to is Germangoogirls. On both sites the girls seem to welcome the large amounts of cum. On this one the guys just come in her mouth, but there is no sex or other physical contact. On GGG, there is plenty of sex and also large numbers of guys that cum in the woman's mouth. Here the videography is straightforward, just the action. On GGG, the lighting and artistic aspects are very distracting. I very much prefer the videos on this site.

I basically just paid attention to the bukkake and gokkun videos. I found them to be fun, but very similar. There just isn't much variety. A downside to the site that I didn't like is that the 78 videos posted after February 2008 are at best 720x480. That is ok, but hardly hi def. The videos from 2004 to 2008 were all useless as they were at best 320x240. The number of higher quality videos in the bukkake and gokkun categories is only 22. That makes the site very expensive.

Recommended, but the site is just too small for the price.

10-25-09  10:20am

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Visit Latina Abuse

Latina Abuse

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-No DRM or download resrictions. With files about 1 GB each this is the only way to go.
-Hi Def videos in 1080P are available. Some of the best on the internet. So real you feel you are really there.
-81 Videos, about a half hour to 45 minutes. Short concise interviews of maybe 3 minutes each.
-Excellent videography. No diagonals, never a focus on the wrong part of the room. They seem to never miss the right shot to display the action.
-Supports download managers. Lightning fast downloads. I max out at 2.5MB
-Photosets for nearly every video.
-Almost all real first time amateurs. I recognized only two pornstars. As you might imagine the amateur's attractiveness varies, but they lend a touch of reality as they are not acting. No fake reactions, moaning, overacting, etc. Only a few, I counted only two, have tattoos.
-Part of a huge network of 22 good size websites.
Cons: -The site shows little, if any, respect for the women. Too much spitting, face slapping, and verbal abuse.
-No search engine, yet the models are on multiple sites in the network.
-Constant stream of emails from the network as a former member. When they offer a discounted price, you get maybe 12 to 15 emails telling you. I signed up as a member during a promotion and still got multiple last chance offers.
Bottom Line: This is a sister site to facialabuse.com and ghettogaggers.com. The focus here is on Latinas.

You don't get slick cookie cutter videos as you see on sites such as 8thstreetlatinas.com. What you do get is very forceful rough sex with a focus on face fucking. If you like facialabuse.com or ghettogaggers.com, you get the same type of videos. Check reviews of those sites for more details.

The models are nearly all amateurs. Most are quite attractive, natural looking and are a step above the quality to be found on facialabuse and ghettogaggers. As you might guess with amateurs, the quality varies.

Recent videos have much higher quality, with downloads at their best at 1080p. Unfortunately this is only 38 of the 81 videos. The rest are much lower quality with many at 340x240.

However, the site has been very actively posting in 2009 with 24 new videos. This is less than 1 per week, but better than other sites in the network. In contrast with these other sites, all the newest postings are available immediately for download. On the other sites, they have recently implemented a policy of making members wait for 28 days before they can download.

All in all, a good addition to a network of sites that is quite large. However, the rough sex is undoubtedly not for everybody.

10-20-09  10:59am

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Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-No DRM or download resrictions. With files about 1GB each this is the only way to go.
-Hi Def videos in 1080P are available. Some of the best on the internet. So real you feel you are really there.
-Videos are about a half hour to 45 minutes. Short concise interviews of maybe 3 minutes each.
-Excellent videography. No diagonals, never a focus on the wrong part of the room. They seem to never miss the right shot to display the action.
-Supports download managers. Lightning fast downloads. I max out at 2.5MB
-Photosets for nearly every video.
-About 85% real first time amateurs. As you might imagine their attractiveness varies, but they lend a touch of reality as they are not acting. No fake reactions, moaning, overacting, etc. Some have tattoos, but most don't,and very few fake tits. The pornstars are generally a-list and very experienced.
-Huge site, huge network. The site has 174 videos, probably 200 GB of videos. The network has 22 websites.
Cons: -The site shows little, if any respect for the women. Too much spitting, face slapping, and verbal abuse.
-No search engine, yet the models are on multiple sites in the network.
-There is a new policy on the site to have streaming only videos for 28 days. Downloads are available after that.
-Constant stream of emails from the site as a former member. When they offer a discounted price, you get maybe 12 to 15 emails telling you. I signed up as a member during a promotion and still got multiple last chance offers.
-Slow to nonexistent customer service. It took days to get an answer as to the download policy and never got an answer as to why I was having log in problems.
Bottom Line: This is my fourth membership to the site and it has changed a lot over the past 5 years. It always was a bit extreme, but now it has become downright sadistic and abusive. I like BDSM, but this seems to be over the line as well as nonconsensual.

In the past the focus was on male pleasure without much concern for the models. It was pure fantasy come to life. After a while, they attracted a few pornstars and the attitude changed. They brought it to them with an increase in roughness and abusiveness. If you were a pornstar, you already knew their reputation for this. I felt it was hard to feel sorry for them as this is the profession they chose. Further, it was clear that they knew exactly what to expect.

As time passed and the recession started, it seems that they chose to get rough with the amateurs in the same way they were with the established pornstars. They were the proverbial deer in the headlights. Many interviews show that the models were excited, anxious, or even thrilled to be making porn. By the end of the video, they are generally angry and feel this was more than too much. Most complain how the shoot went and how they felt abused. Specificaly, they are repeatedly slapped, sometimes very hard, choked until they turn red, forced to get throat fucked when it is clear they cannot breathe, no lube or warmup for anal, have their own vomit dumped on their heads or smeared on their faces, have their faces forced into their vomit on the floor, etc. They more resemble rag dolls than participants. In the past, if they wanted a break it was ok. Not any more.

I think the change is due to the recession. There were fewer customers, even with discounted prices and additional websites. The response was more intense marketing to the point of annoying the hell out of fans like me, holding back for 28 days after a video has been posted before we can download in an attempt to keep us longer without giving us more content, and a move towards more extreme roughness and abusiveness.

My advice is to learn from the example of Max Hardcore. The site is located in New Jersey, which has not had a court case to establish whether it is legal to film porn there. If they continue to get even rougher, the problem may be a lot bigger than losing a few longtime customers.

10-14-09  07:56am

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Visit Lesbo Ass Lickers

Lesbo Ass Lickers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of a network of five sites. One of the other sites has the niche of licking male ass.
-Some videos are 1920x1080, 1080p.
-Sticks to its niche fairly well. Lots of ass as well as pussy licking.
Cons: -Ordinary, even plain looking girls. If they were presented as amateurs, this would be more acceptable.
-Standard gonzo type soft lesbian sex. Almost zero passion, almost no use of toys. For me the lack of toys is a plus.
-Pathetically slow downloads.
-I suspect they are archiving old videos to be released. The quantity is less than when the TBP review was posted and fewer exclusive videos than in the recent review by StevieG.
Bottom Line: Afew days ago I reviewed a sister site from the same small network, Lickassand gag.com. This site shares the same awful service regarding downloads. I don't want to repeat what I wrote. If you check out my review you will see a pattern that is grossly inadequate. With slow downloads, the HD videos are too time consuming to bother with.

The videos found here were sufficient to hold my interest. The girls followed the concept of what you could reasonably expect. Some of them seemed to be more into the action than others. The level of effort was quite variable. There was a lot of extensive pussy licking, but the main focus was definitely on the ass licking. Some of it was very well done, in a thorough way that came across well. But, in many videos the girls seemed timid about actually doing the deed. They lick near the ass. You get the feeling that if it were not for a paycheck, this would be the last thing on their minds.

There were other negatives as well. Mostly all the girls were plain and ordinary, but in a porn star way. For the most part, they seemed cold and passionless, the same as in any standard gonzo porn. I do you, you do me and neither of us show any signs of cumming. The scenes seem to come to an end when the girls decide to stop. I guess they feel they earned their money at that point, which is about 15 minutes.

If you like gonzo lesbian scenes you will like the site. If you are looking for anything realistic and passionate this is not for you.

10-01-09  11:26am

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Visit Lick Ass And Gag

Lick Ass And Gag

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Unusual niche, combining ass licking and gagging.
-Part of network of five sites.
-Some videos in HD 1920x1080, 1080P.
Cons: -Very few videos are better than 720x480.
-Does not stick to its niche. See below.
-Almost all the models are ordinary looking or even skanky. Plain is ok for me, but there are many that are nothing to look at.
-The number of videos has decreased since the review by TBP at the end of May. There were 82 then and now there are 79. Yet, they have update previews posted on the site. Are they archiving old videos to be rereleased as new?
-Too expensive for the quantity or quality offered.
-Close to zero ethnic variety. Only one Asian and nothing else.
-Unbelievably slow downloads. See below.
Bottom Line: Before I even get to what you find on the site, I must comment about the download speeds. Rarely have I ever mentioned this issue in my reviews. My feeling is that once you are no longer a member and leave a site, you should leave a problem like this aside. However, this site is a classic.

At its best, downloads are only at about 666 kbps. The FAQ page states downloads slow down the more you do so. They say they do this deliberately to be fair to all their members. I think they just don't have the bandwidth to provide decent service. The first six videos download at 666 kbps, more or less. You cannot download more than two at a time. I tried Freedownloadaccelerator and flashget, to find they do not work at all. I next tried Downthemall. Although it worked, I could not get more than two downloads at a time or speed them up. At any rate, after the first six the next download at about 300 kbps. After 10 videos you can't do better than 80, yes 80 kbps. If you wanted the HD videos, I suspect they would take days. I never tried the HD option as this is just absurd.

I was attracted to the site because of its HD videos of an unusual niche. They advertise that they offer ass licking combined with gagging and oral cum shots.

I wish that is what they had here. Only about 25% of the videos are offered in true HD. I am not terribly impressed with 720x480. However, the other disappointment is that only a few videos, 19 of the 79, have any ass licking at all. The rest are from various dvd series featuring ordinary gonzo porn, or ordinary gonzo from the sister website Bethefucktoy.com. If I have access to that, I don't see any need for these on this site as well.

Almost the only videos that stick to the niche are those from the dvd series Toss My Salad, offered only in 720x480, or even lesser quality. About 10 minutes each, they are fairly good, but certainly not exclusive. I saw most of them a few years ago on Videobox, a much cheaper and incredibly bigger website.

I cannot recommend this site at this price or quality.

09-28-09  10:38am

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-No DRM or any download limits.
-Works with download managers. I downloaded 88 videos, 12.8 GB in an hour and a half without a single problem.
-Nearly all models top notch attractive.
-Huge website. See TBP for details.
-Beautiful HD quality videos, 1280x720 over 3000 kbps.
Cons: -Others have commented that the photo sets are not numbered. The videos are numbered, but don't have the models name. If you don't rename each video, you would have no idea who the model is. The site itself has names for the videos such as slinky or bubbles. Why not some name that helps?
-As several others have commented, the videos are more like art than erotic. Not recommended.
-Far too many outdoor videos. This makes most of them have backlighting, uneven lighting or are simply shot from too far away.
Bottom Line: I have come to appreciate videos that are HD. After recently joining sites of lesser video quality and being disappointed, I came to feel that without HD I don't want to join. The HD videos here are of stunning quality.

But is that enough? Apparently not. I made two fundamental mistakes when I joined this site. Both Denner and JD 1961 hit the nail on the head in their comments/reviews. The videos are just boring. Being arty in their style, you get for example, a nude girl rolling around in bed covered by a sheet. Wow. I am truly impressed. No great posing, moving too fast for you to really get into the scenes. They just miss the point of why I want to join a site. Nude women are very sexy, but this site manages to remove the erotic qualities that should be here. I realize it is a matter of taste, but two of the reviewers I trust the most said the same things. I should have just gone by what they said about the site.

The other mistake I made was that this site is just not about videos. If you go to a seafood restaurant, don't order the steak. Don't go to a fast food and expect top notch lobster. Once again, I have not found a site that is about photos to be a place where the videos are of great nudes. I would love to find sites that are erotic videos without masturbation.

To sum up my feelings, don't join for the videos alone. I realize this site is all about opinions, but Maggie, not a 91!

09-23-09  06:48am

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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discount through a link on TBP news from webmasters. TBP should be getting a link sometime soon.
-Very big site. See below.
-Bill through CCBill.
-No download limits, DRM, or other problems with the site functioning properly.
-Easy to use search function, essential for a site of this size.
-Nice variety of model types, with varying ages, ethnicities, and sizes.
Cons: -Far too many models that are plain and unattractive. I see several others made the same criticism. See comments by Drooler and TheRizzo. The review by Capn complains about the older models.
-Although true to the niche of hairy, it includes many who don't shave their legs or under their arms. You can easily download a video of one of these and find out only as you watch it. The reason is that the preview function is not very helpful. This is also a problem regarding tattoos.
-Too many tattoos. The site bills itself as natural, but they mean real breasts. I consider tattoos unnatural.
-MANY videos are too blabby. Too much emphasis on interviews at the expense of the visuals.
-Far too many are old videos that are in low quality clips only. Even the newer videos are not very watchable on an HD television.
Bottom Line: I see the other reviews focus mostly on the photos. While these are plentiful, I am much more into videos. My perspective is a bit different.

The first thing I noticed is that the site statistics vary from what is listed on TBP. The site says there are 1,300 models-TBP states 2,600. The site states 800,000 images but TBP states 1,600,000. In both cases TBP lists double what the site states on the preview page. I cannot truly verify the number as the site is VERY big and not that easy to navigate. In any case the true numbers are extremely big.

However, it is not as big as you may think. If you eliminate the simply unnattractive, the overly bushy, they call them hairy scary, the ones that are excessively blabby, and all the older videos that are available as only unacceptable, low quality clips, then you get maybe 100 to 150 models. That is not a bad number, but that means you have to do a lot of work to find them.

When I took a good look at what they have on these models, I felt the videos were not of 2009 quality. While advertised as 640x480 and over 2600kbps as their best quality, I find them very blurry and unwatchable on my HD television. Statistics make for nice reading, but the truth is that the site is just too far behind the times.

Without a major upgrade to the older material, all of it is useless. The site has been around since 1998, so at least half, if not more, of the site is unwatchably poor quality. The newer material, while quite better, is still not what I look for. What a disappointment.

If you like photos, the quantity is there for you. If you are mostly into videos as I am, not recommended.

09-20-09  09:50am

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Visit Asian American Girls

Asian American Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-No DRM. However, some videos have links to videos that don't fully download.
-Fairly large site. Has over 700 videos and about as many photo sets. The exact number is difficult to get at due to the site setup. For example if a model is Thai and Chinese, she may be found under both categories.
-Good quality videos. Some are advertised as HD, but the best I found was 854x480, 2400 kbps. One is listed as 640x480, 10000 kbps, but it is grainy. Most videos are fairly decent and fairly sharp.
-Nice quality sharp photo sets. The best I found was 1280x854. The sets feature a nice progression, not one after another that are very similar. Very professional with a lot of great shots, but not in a glamour style. I am not a photo guy, but I liked these.
Cons: -Many models not attractive. The site features amateurs, so there are many not deserving being
on any site. However, the plus is that there are at most 10% pornstars. The rest are mostly first timers who are college students. Very natural looking too. There is a minimum of fake tits and tattoos, although I wish I could say there were none.
-Inadequate search engine. For example, if you want blow job videos, you are led to the models who do them. Small problem though. Which one of the three or four videos for that model is the bj video?
-Tiny screen shot only, when you go to download a video. You almost never know what content you will get. Given the size of the site, this is a major con. I downloaded hundreds of videos and then deleted the ones I didn't want. Describe them upfront and don't waste my time.
Bottom Line: Sites that feature Asian models generally come in two basic categories. One is porn produced in Asia, where the girls often act as shy victims, especially in Japanese porn. The other common type features Asian models, but they are really overdone in California gonzo style. Too much makeup, fake tits, stripper clothes, overacting and just too fake, these videos are gonzo first and Asian not even second.

This site is quite different. The models here are mostly college age amateurs that you might meet yourself. They are light on the makeup, wear ordinary street clothes and generally are very natural. The few porn stars, around 10%, are not overdone either.

The girls here are from just about any country you can name in Asia, including even India and Mongolia. Many are Asian mixtures and others are racially mixed. The Asian/Black mixture models were truly striking and exotic looking.

Most videos are short clips that feature masturbation or showing off the model's body in a sexy way. Some use dildos, but many use only their fingers. A small number have the girls doing blow jobs, but most of the models don't. I didn't see any other b/g sex-no vaginal or anal. I saw only one lesbian scene. In the members forum, the site webmaster states that he finds it difficult to get true amateurs to do any hardcore.

The videos have a fun feel to them. The models are relaxed, mostly due to the cameraman telling them they are beautiful, how well they are doing, joking with them and using a few words from various Asian languages. This works, however the interviews are far too long and the non stop bantering during the scenes is a negative more than a positive. Yes, the models are relaxed and do well, but I got tired very quickly of listening to them talkng non stop. I recently got DIVX Author to edit out parts of scenes like these blabby ones.

The other negative is that the site could be much more user friendly. It is close to impossible to know what content is on the video until you download it. All you get is a tiny screenshot and no description of the action. The site is very time consuming to go through and save only what you want.

I liked the girls and much of the content. The two big negatives were the blabbiness of the videos and the difficulties with knowledgeable downloading. Recommended, but I cannot go higher than an 80 with these two major problems.

09-01-09  06:48am

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Visit Fucked And Bound

Fucked And Bound

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Discounted price through TBP.
-Underrepresented niche of male dom/female sub BDSM with sex.
-Nice size site with 100 videos and an equal number of screenshot photo sets.
-Nice ethnic mix of White models, as well as Latinas, Asians and Black women.
-Some are pornstars, some are BDSM lifestyle amateurs who don't make other videos and are exclusive to the site.
-Works with download managers. Fast downloads.
-No DRM or broken links. No download limits.
-All exclusive material.
-Active forum.
Cons: -Site may not be updating. No schedule listed, no mention of upcoming new material and updates do not include dates. Further, TBP has 139 videos in June and now there are only 100. Some archived videos I still have from my membership three years ago are no longer on the site.
-Can download only individual clips or all clips as a zipdownload file. If you do that, you also get 6 poor quality 320x240 jpeg screenshots- not even interesting shots. Since I also deleted the before and after interviews, I deleted at least 8 files for each download. Very tedious and you still have only clips, not a full video.
-Somewhat grainy videos at 640x480 1000 kbps. Not adequate.
Bottom Line: In the real world of BDSM as a lifestyle, the most common combination is male dom/female sub. In contrast, in the world of porn you more often see sites with females as dom and either males or other females as sub.

Many, if not most, BDSM sites do not include sex. Of those that do, they mostly portray females as doms. This site is one of only a few that try to strike a balance of hot sex with a male dom BDSM theme.

A strong competitor is the network of similar sites, kink.com. In particular, sexandsubmission.com is fairly similar.

The balance of sex and BDSM is different. SNS focuses on power transfer with a subtheme of sexual submission. What I mean here is that the women are portrayed as willing victims that enjoy being helpless as they are used for sex. The focus is to a large degree on oral sex being used, althogh there is also anal and vaginal. The props used are more creative than just using ropes. For example, they may be put in a box with their heads sticking out, or have their heads put through a hole in a wall. Generally, these women cannot move. Also, many scenes are outdoors or in any one of several locations.

In contrast, FNB focuses much more on the punishment aspects of BDSM. Anal is the most common sex here and it is primarily used to teach lessons to the girls for not obeying the Master. Although there is also vaginal and oral, these are not the most common focus. The girls are mostly, if not in all scenes, simply tied with ropes in a fixed position. While SNS portrays women as sex victims, FNB sees them as deserving of punishment for their "transgressions". There is no variety of locations and some videos have poor lighting.

The two sites have many similarities though. There is a lot of overlap, as both sites use many of the same male and female actors. Both sites stick to a theme of controlled consensual action. Both sites show before and after interviews to let you see that the females are not being forced or coerced. Both sites use safewords and conform to a self imposed code of conduct as to what is permissable. There is no overt demeaning verbal or physical degradation, no blood, no fisting, peeing, etc.

Overall the site is interesting if you like this kind of thing. However, if you are not sure, join sexandsubmission. Besides the quality of the content, the HD video quality at SNS makes this site seem to be in the Dark Ages.

08-20-09  08:03am

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Visit Polish Big Boobs

Polish Big Boobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through Epoch.
-No DRM, download limits, broken links, etc.
-60 models, 587 zipdownloadable photosets, 460 video clips, 5 to 10 minutes each. Recent photos are 767x1024. Nice mix of landscapes and portrait shots. Professional photography.
-Recent videos are WMV 852x480, 3172 kbps. Not HD but very nice quality.
-Updates every five days.
-Advertises itself as exclusive and appears to be true. I am familiar with Kerry Marie from the UK and have never seen these photo sets or videos on any site or DVD.
Cons: No serious negatives, basically I am just nitpicking here.
-Poor use of English on the site. Sometimes laughable, sometimes incomprehensible.
-Unnecessarily difficult navigation. Too many steps to download and then too many steps to go to the next one. Each click is to go up or down a level.
-I would love to see an option for HD videos.
Bottom Line: While the girls here are not all Polish, two are from the UK and three are Czech, they all have big NATURAL boobs. No fake ones to be found here at all. The sizes start at D, but these are only four out of the 60 on the site. Most are DD or EE and range up to H, HH and even J. These are seriousy huge. While the sheer size may be a cause of back problems for the girls, your problem may become eye strain.

The girls here are overall top quality with only two I found boring. Natural is the key word, not only in breast sizes, but also pretty much in hair color, piercing or tattoos. There is close to zero of these turnoffs to be found on the site.

The content ranges from clothed (why bother?) to teasing to pantyhose, to stripping sequences, to oudoor scenes, to public nudity. There are scenes of exercising with some very explicit posing, that compares favorably with nudesportvideos.com. There is b/g, blow jobs as well as vaginal, g/g just posing together, as well as lesbian. The photos range from artsy glamour shots to explcit to downright raunchy. A few photosets focus on the girl getting makeup before a glamour shoot, or simply clothed posing. Then there is an entire photoset devoted to the girls face and mouth after a messy blow job. The variety is sometimes surprising and nearly always interesting.

One aspect of the site that I liked is that they are whole girl, whole body focused. It would be easy to center the photos and videos just on their astonishing boobs. This site emphasizes the girls overall sexiness and that they are more than just a body to hang boobs from. Compared to XLGirls.com, this is simply superior. Those girls for the most part have big tits because their bodies are large size. Many of the scenes are them rubbing their tits and that is all you get. This site has so much more, featuring attractive girls with reasonably slim bodies, who mother nature blessed for our benefit.

With updates every five days, I am happy to give this a big thumbs up, in addition to other body parts.

08-06-09  09:44am

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Visit Nude 2 Rude

Nude 2 Rude

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Inexpensive monthly price
-Cheap ($3.95) 4 hour full access trial.
-Bill through epoch.
-Videos available as full 1080i, 1920x1080, 10,384kbps.
-Presently 144 videos, mostly split into clips.
-390 photo sets. Zipdownloadable and available at 3008x2000.
Cons: -Blabby camerman.
-Often poor camera and video camerawork. When watching a video, I don't want to see the photo cameraman. Sometimes not even off to the side, but blocking the view.
-A few too many tattoos and fake blonds. Not overwhelming, but I feel a negative.
Bottom Line: I completely agree with GCodes very complete and descriptive review, so I will not repeat the same points. He said nothing I would disagree with.

The four hour full access trial is definitely a great buy. They encourage the use of download managers, and the download speeds maxed out my fiber optic connection. That being said, you can easily get whatever you want within the four hours of the trial. I recommend you zipdownload the photos and look at them later.

The videos at 1080i and the xl size photos were exceptionally crisp and very sharp. My only criticism is that I would prefer a lower quality option, say 1280x720, so that the file sizes could be a bit smaller.

I primarily signed up for the speculum videos and the softcore spreading ones. The other videos that were available were fisting, peeing, etc. and were not really to my taste. The hardcore b/g were lame and completely a waste.

There were 10 speculum videos and they compared favorably with those on specialexamination.com. Those on inthecrack.com were generally of better quality and overall hotness, but these are much more creative. I have never before seen a dp using two speculums, for example. There is also a scene with three-her pussy, ass and mouth. Sometimes they pour liquids into the speculum, or put cherry tomatoes or dildos into them.

The other videos I found interesting were the spreading ones. There was a degree of tease that I liked, before becoming very explicit.

The problems I saw in the videos were that the cameraman was continually talking, sometimes did not focus the camera where it belonged, or the photocameraman got into the scene in an obtrusive way. Some scenes were so badly done that I had to delete them.

Overall, a good deal at the $3.95 price. A nice balance of quality and price, with enough quantity to be satisfying.

By the way, I was charged the trial price and now three days later I still have full access.

08-02-09  08:45am

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Visit Black Amateur BJs

Black Amateur BJs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very cheap discounted price through TBP. At $9.95 a month, well worth the cost of admission.
-No DRM or download restrictions.
-Some great looking Black women sucking off White guys, a hard to find niche.
-Comes with huge extras-138 bonus sites, 4,788 DVD's, 27,347 scenes, 6,609,150 photos. Instead of multiple logins, easy search in one location.
Cons: -Every scene is POV.
-Poor editing.
-Last update was May 21, 2008.
-Best download choice as of today is WMV 480x360, 1076 kbps.
Bottom Line: This site is not really a site, but one set up to showcase 35 scenes from 5 DVD's. The focus in all the videos is on amateur Black girls in their early 20s sucking off the same white stunt cock in a POV style. I don't care for POV. Once in a while is ok, but not in every scene.

The videos are very similar in their style. The girl is asked a few simple questions, then proceeds to suck on the guy. Most cumshots are on the cheek or on the breasts. In most cases the guy finishes himself by shooting his load without the girl's participation. The girls seem willing enough, so I can't understand why he doesn't play up that genuine natural quality they have and let them do the deed. There definitely could be better cum shots.

Some of the girls seem to be very much into the scene, but mostly they are just going through the motions. This is typical of way too much porn today. I can easily see money as the only motivation.

I found myself getting annoyed by the poor editing. Most scenes start with a voice only, last few seconds of banter between the stunt cock and the cameraman. Two scenes were cut at the end before the cumshot. Two scenes show a few seconds of another video that is not shown on the site. These problems could easily have been corrected. They have no excuse for poor editing.

The webmaster has stated that HQ (what does this mean?) videos would have been available several weeks ago. WMV 480x360, 1076 kbps is all that is to be found here. It is just ok, but not what has been promised, or what I hope for in 2009.

With material from only 5 DVDs and no updates in over a year, this site is hard to recommend by itself. With the discounted price through TBP and the huge inventory of other DVDs, it is a good deal. I thought the site had big weaknesses though. I suppose you can say you get what you pay for. Cheap price, so so videos.

07-29-09  06:25am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Discount through TBP.
-Very attractive and creatively artistic site design. Extremely easy to navigate.
-Huge site with 1,094 videos, 74,509 photos, and 340 models.
-Videos have four download options. The best is AVI at 720x576, very sharp and clear, MPEG, Quicktime and iPod. Most clips 5 to 10 minutes long.
-Longer movies by director John B Root with nice production values. 23 real movies, not ordinary porn clips.
-1800x1200 photosets. Very nice quality.
-Six updates a week. Three videos and three photosets.
Cons: -Dialogue is in French, although the site is in poorly translated English. There are also subtitles that need a professional translator as well. Not the worst I have ever seen, but sometimes laughable, even incomprehensible. I have met intermediate level ESL students who could do better.
-Too artsy in its approach. Sometimes misses that erotic quality. I must have missed the art class that the director taught as a prerequisite to joining the site. If I had taken the class I might have appreciated the effort more than I did.
Bottom Line: The site is a combination of explicit porn and explicit art. Sometimes the balance is a plus, but sometimes it is a minus.

On the plus side, the videos and photos are of terrific quality. The models are great looking for the most part. The director John B. Root gives the models a lot of flexibility as to what content they want to do. As a result you get the feel of spontaneity, of the erotic. The director is not directing the action as in most porn, he is facilitating. Sometimes they just have an interview, sometimes they do hardcore just as you would hope. The site makes me think you the viewers are being ignored and they are just having fun. Sometimes you get the feeling like in the movie "Forrest Gump" that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you get.

In contrast, Roots style is to clearly showcase the models looks. That is fine, but sometimes I think he misses the point of hardcore. I know what I want to see in a hardcore scene. Soft slow buildup is fine for a softcore glamour photoshoot, but sometimes I just went limp waiting for the good stuff. You need patience for this site, as well as an acquired taste for the artistic. Nice models are fine, but sometimes you need some overtly hot action visuals.

Overall, the site is fine if you don't expect what it does not deliver. The quality and quantity are here. Sometimes I feel the videos and photos are trying too hard to please fans of both the softcore and hardcore styles of porn. Recommended, but by no means my favorite site.

07-22-09  01:53pm

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Visit Deluxe Pass

Deluxe Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This review applies only to one site within the group- ASIANPUBLICSEX

-Bill through epoch.
-Part of huge group of 979 sites, a total of 28,095,189 MB of content.
-The Asian niche alone has 56 websites.
-Very different in a positive way, and unlike comparable non Japanese sites.
Cons: -By itself, a small website.
-No photos available.
-No streaming option.
-No choices as to download options. You get either whole video or clips. No format choices. So far 32 videos, 720x544, AVI only. More than adequate clarity, but not the best.
Bottom Line: This review applies only to AsianPublicSex, not the whole group of sites.

This site was just added this week, and was started on June 5, 2009. Updates are promised twice a week and members are asked to send in requests for the type of content to be posted.

What you get here are Japanese, very lightly censored videos, that are not your usual JAV porn star type scenes.

While a few scenes feature sex outdoors or other public or semipublic places, a lot of the content is more of the public exhibitionism type, but with that characteristic Japanese creatively insane twist.

What you find here are videos of girls getting their clothes cut off them on the subway, having strange men run up to them on the street, picking up their dresses and pulling down their panties or exposing their breasts, voyeur shots of panties with girls on bicycles, wind blowing up girls skirts so that we can see their panties and on and on. Two of my favorites were of a girl in a transparent dress attracting public attention walking down the street in a city and one of a store window with girls in it getting sex from behind while the public walks past, but the girls butts are behind a curtain. The girls try to act like nothing is happening and the public can't see the hot sex. We can, but on a split screen. These scenes are probably all staged, but they seem believable, real and unrehearsed.

I really liked what I saw here. The content really got my attention and was fun to watch. Even the best public exhibitionism/ voyeur non Japanese sites are a lot less creative. The only problem I felt was a serious downside to the site was the small amount of content. With twice a week updates, it should only get better. A huge plus though is the total amount you get by joining deluxepass. Overall, recommended if this type of site appeals to you.

07-15-09  02:54pm

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Visit Special Examination

Special Examination

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Inexpensive full access trial option of 3 days at $9.95.
-Excellent video quality at 1280x720, 2500 kbps. 29 videos about 20 to 30 minutes.
-Excellent quality screenshots at 2136x3216. One set for each video. Not zipdownloadable.
-Attractive Russian models. Not one was not worth watching. Look to be in their early twenties.
-No DRM or other download restrictions.
-Can use download managers.
Cons: -Not enough variety in the scenarios. Every one is exactly the same. Girl strips, has her temperature taken anally, does some calisthenics, probed by doctor manually, check out pussy with speculum then she gets dressed and leaves.
-No sexual interaction with the doctor. Some doctors are male, some female.
-Not part of any network, no bonus material.
Bottom Line: This site is from the same people as nudesportvideos.com and has a lot in common with it. The girls are mostly thin and mostly very close in age, which looks to be in their early twenties. Unlike nudesportvideos, there are a few girls with nice curvy bodies and tits that have some size. Mostly the girls look really good, kind of like the girl next door real amateurs, but Russian style. No fake boobs, tattoos or even bleached blond hair. I would not have complained if they had some makeup used tastefully though.

Nudesportvideos has a primary focus on the girls moving in various ways to show off their bodies. This, in contrast, is basically a medical fetish site. The girls do some calisthenics for the doctor, but don't really put effort into showing off their bodies a lot. The scenario starts with the girl entering the room and then stripping. The balance of the video is completely nude.

The doctors do some ordinary tests such as eye exams or taking blood pressure. There is also some manual vaginal probing, but not any anal. The only anal activity is that each girl takes a thermometer rectally.

There is nothing very sexy about the doctor/patient interaction, but there is quite a bit of pussy on display. Totally softcore, but nonetheless explicit posing.

There are both male and female doctors, but it doesn't really matter. In only one video the female doctor changed her clothes before putting on a lab coat. More of that kind of thing would be a distinct improvement. Some great looking female doctors are wasted here.

A bit more variety in the scenes would also be a plus. Pretty much every scene is the same. The tiny amount of dialog is in Russian, so it is not clear why the girl is there. A suggestion for other scenarios could be having a group of girls being examined at the same time, perhaps taking off uniforms.

Some variety in age would also help.

This site can definitely be improved, but it is true to its niche and it does deliver softcore interesting nudes. I would also think being part of a network would make it a better value for the money. As a trial, it is an ok price, but not at the full price of $29.95 without a lot more content.

The site offers nice video and photo quality and the girls are attractive. The poses can be quite explcit. Overall I can recommend the site, despite its few weaknesses.

07-09-09  07:37am

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Visit Grrl Tools

Grrl Tools

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Part of the Cyberdyke network of 5 lesbian oriented sites, "porn for lesbians made by lesbians".
-No DRM or download limits.
-Exclusive material shot for the site. Mostly no name models, just women who appear only here. However two gorgeous porn models do appear here-Satine Phoenix and Sasha Monet.
-Genuine enthusiasm. These girls are real, not the usual paid for porn models.
-Reviews of various sex toys such as dildos, strap ons,vibrators, ben wa balls, creative use of other objects etc. as well as types of lube.
Cons: -The 103 videos are only 640x480, 700kbps and grainy. No streaming and come as clips only.
-The 112 photo sets are 768x576 and not zipdownloadable.
-Far too many girls with weird colored hair, piercings, butch haircuts, tattoos etc.
-No way to search. Listed in update order, but no dates listed. Unclear how often updated.
Bottom Line: This site specializes in the real experience women have when using sex toys. There is a members forum, a blog and reviews by the girls who make the videos as well as reviews submitted by members.

The reviews are very complete. Their photos include the name for each product and in many cases I had no idea what to call the thing or what company made it. The reviewers go into details about how to use the devices and how effective it was in getting them off. They even tell you where to buy them. All of this was interesting as well as hot.

Each video showcases the items that were reviewed. The girls have genuine, sometimes intense orgasms that are totally believable.

At this point you should be wondering why I gave it the low score of 65. Well, I am sure you have heard of the expression that some sites manage to mess up a wet dream. This site should be in the 90's but......

To begin with, the video quality is terrible. At 640x480, the bitrate of 700kbps makes for grainy videos. In most videos the colors are oversaturated to the point that they are either yellow or orange. Not very professional. The other crticism is that far too many of the girls have excessive tattoos, body piercing, crazy color hairs or butch haircuts.

The first video I tried featured four girls masturbating together. Imagine four pretty faces with nice bodies, each of them totally spread eagle as they used different toys. As the action got hotter, the girls seemed to lose themselves in ecstasy. Their bodies were shaking; their eyes literally told a story you couldn't ignore. This video should be enough for any guy to love.

Wrong. One of the middle girls had a nose ring, multiple clit piercing rings and so many tattoos that it is fair to say not an inch on her body was left in its natural state. All the way up the inside of her thighs, the red and blue bright multicolored swirls were a disastrous distraction. When I look at thighs spread open, I know what I want to pay attention to and its not red and blue swirls. Mind you, her arms and hands also were tattooed. All I saw was a furious frantic mixture of swirls and designs everywhere, furiously pounding something in and out of more designs and swirls. Delete and send to the recycle bin.

Unfortunately, I deleted every download. What a waste. Some smart enterprising webmaster should steal the ideas here and make a site doing this concept the right way.

In a nutshell, a great idea, but inept, unprofessional execution.

07-08-09  07:50am

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