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Visit David Nudes

David Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Extemely hot women
- Photos are stunning in quality
- Photos available in 4 sizes with biggest being 2336X3504
- Zip files for each photo size
- Member submitted photos
- Lessons for members how to shoot which I found very interesting and informative
- Videos are HD and available in 4 formats.
- Interactive Chat
- Video interviews are excellent
Cons: - Limited photos online so far. Only 10,500 photos online although they say they got 105,000 photos scheduled.
- Updates every 2nd day. With 105,000 photos ready to go, they could update more often
- Videos are taken during the shoot and show how the photos are taken. Not my cup of tea, but some might like. Exception being the interviews as noted in pros.
- Only 41 videos online currently
Bottom Line: This site launched in June of 2008 and so its still quite new and therefore small in size.

With only 10,500 photos and 41 videos online, its still very small. The site would be best to double the photos online currently which would still leave them 80,000 photos available for future updates without shooting anymore.

Although I see the angle they take with the videos and sure some would appreciate the behind the scenes thing, I feel it would be best to have that as a section, and then have another section where its just videos with no photoshoot going on to appreciate these fine beauties in action. They are too gorgeous to have people talking to them and flashbulbs going off when I am trying to appreciate their bodies and movement. The video interviews are excellent though and the girls personalities comes through. Watch Tatyana's interview for sure :)

The photos are stunning and the girls are amazing. Young, natural and the scenes are creative and very artistic. I really enjoy them.

At $17.95 from paysite discounts, this is definitely worth a join, but unless they increase their update schedule to give me more content in a faster fashion, I can't see myself joining again for another 6-8 months time. Just not enough there to justify me recurring at this time.

The site has massive potential and I can't wait to see this site as it continues to grow.

01-15-09  05:41pm

Replies (2)
Visit Anilos


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - New model added weekly
- Women are pretty hot.
- Updated daily
- Images and Zips come in 2 sizes. 800x1200 and 1600X2400
- Videos can be downloaded in MPG format or streamed via flash.
- Detailed Model Bios and Stats
- Message Board for good interaction/support
- Easy to find model index and naviagtion
- Model private messaging system (love this)
Cons: - Site is still pretty small. As of Jan 2nd there is only 56 models featured with 31,000 photos and 264 videos. Updated daily so is building pretty decent.
- Photo quality is hit and miss. Seems they don't do much color correcting/sharpening of images. A little cleaning up would do wonders.
- Video quality is still lacking a bit. The files are big and the size is good, but the compression seems to be a bit to much, especially on the flash. Twistys for example has better quality videos on their free galleries..
- Could use more natural housewife girls instead of models as it seems to be now. A nice blend would be good.
- Price is too high for the little content they offer currently. $14.95-19.95 would be more in line until they got to be a bigger site.
Bottom Line: Anilos is a nice site and is from the producers of Nubiles so you know the quality is pretty good. Still seems to be lagging a bit in quality of the photos and videos as I said but its not "bad" its just not as great as it could be.

The site is promising and they have some very hot girls, just not enough of them. I think they launched this site with about 30-35 models and currently there are 56 of them so it is growing as they add a new model every week. But the price even with the discount is just a bit to high to justify for the ammount of quality you get right now. There are a couple better options out there for better value in the mature market in my opinion.

That is not to say this is not a site worth checking out as they got some unique content and once its had another year of growth will be a pretty strong contender I think and will eventually end up in my regular rotation.

Its worth a join just to see whats out there and it does a lot of things well like the Model private messaging system. I also like the message board and easy navigation for example. I got my discount through Paysite Discounts and I think The Best Porn also offers the discount as well which is $5 off their monthly price.

01-02-09  05:55pm

Replies (0)
Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Massive collection of hot amateur exotics
- Currently over 1.3 million photos available
- Over 2400 videos to download or stream
- Just about 1600 exotic models to choose from
- Photos available in 4 different sizes.
- Zip files available for sets (see con for flipside)
- Model index with partial bios for models
- Navigation is much better than previous years.
- Pretty detailed search engine
- Multi catagories - ex: black, asian, latin, indian.
- Updated every day
- Quality photos with amateur feel
Cons: - Photo sizes still not in the 2000+ longest side dimensions. Time to step up with the other big boys
- Video download speeds were inconsistant.
- Video quality still not on part with some of the best HD out there.
- Zip files are broken down by each page not by the entire set.
- Not enough Indian girls for me.
- More bio info on the girls would be good.
- All models should have photos and videos
Bottom Line: To me ATK Exotics has always been the best value for fans of exotic women. The majority of the content is black women but they do have pretty good archives of sexy asian, latin and indian girls and feature these girls in both hardcore and softcore photos and videos.

With over 1.3 million photos and 2400 videos there is so much dark skinned beauties to enjoy that you definitely get your moneys worth especially over those few reality type sites with 50 scenes.

ATK could definitely stand to increase the size of their photo sets as well as the quality of the video being shot and encoded to keep up with the times. And they should also check to see why their server speed can flucuate so much.

Navigation has improved as has the quality of the content being shot lately. Some of the girls are stunning. I also like that they have a rating system in place that lables the girls that the other members think is hot. Makes it easy to find the sexy girls quickly when time is short.

I think this is a site to join once every 4 months or so to get the new content. Diehard ethnic fans though may find themselves members for a long time.

With the $5 discount from Paysite Discounts this site is definitely great value at $25 for the month and worth a look if you like your women dark, amateur and exotic.

11-28-08  08:55pm

Replies (2)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 550,000 photos online
- Over 1000 different girls to choose from
- 400+ Harcore movies and 1600+ softcore movies
- New updates 5 times a week
- Almost all exclusive content - fresh
- Navigation easy plus model index and ratings
- Photos available in two sizes with zip files
- Download speed is very good
- Keeps the amateur feel
Cons: - Movies available in only one size and format WMV
- Photos largest resolution is 1500x1000. Not bad but would like to see larger to meet new standards
- Hardcore selection is good but I would like to see more focus on it.
Bottom Line: Karups Hometown Amateurs is a very good site and it seems they have worked hard to improve the navigation and listen to their members. They just announced based on feedback that updates will now contain both photos and movies instead of one or the other. A nice addition.

I wish they would join in and start offering a higher resolution photo size in the high 2000's or even 3000's like some of the other top flight sites are doing these days. Also for videos I would like to see the addition of a high quality flash video as well.

I got my membership for $25 through Paysite Discounts so the value is definitely very good considering the 5 updates a week with over 3000 new photos and about 7 new videos each week. You definitely have lots of different girls to choose from which is a bonus and why I like joining these kind of sites.

09-16-08  10:37pm

Replies (4)
Visit Babelicious


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Love the design and layout. Easy to get around.
- Photos available in three sizes up to 4000X2700 in size.
- Zip Files available for all three photo sizes
- Rating system for top models and sets
- Members area updated daily
- Videos in 1280X720 HD and 640X360 HD sizes
- Videos broken down into parts and full movie
- Access to bonus sites
- Excellent Search engine and model index
- Excellent download speed
Cons: - Movies are only available in WMV format. Would like to see Flash and MPG as well
- Content is not all exclusive
- Content focuses mostly on softcore
- Could use a break down into catagories
- No trial available (Good price for monthly though)
Bottom Line: Babelicious is a very good site that does a lot of things well but nothing really great. They don't have a ton of exclusive content and most of the content is softcore. I would like to see them go more in the line of Twisty's in exclusive and new features and have them both push each other forward in new ideas.

The price is very good for the ammount of content you get access too, especially when you factor in the 8 bonus sites they give you access too.

The navigation is very good and only the addition of catagories would help make it even better for me.

I love that they give you three good sizes for photos and include zip files for each size. That is very important to me. And the quality of the movies was very good but I would love to have an HD flash viewer for the movies so I could stream them and not always download.

All in all a very good site and worth a membership for fans of gorgeous women.

09-10-08  07:41pm

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Visit Teen Pink Videos

Teen Pink Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Sexy teen models mostly european
- 511 current full movies online
- 159 current teen models online
- 100,000+ photos available in small, medium and large files sizes
- Zip files to download photos
- Videos downloaded or streamed in MPG or WVM format
- Download full movies or in 1 min clips.
- Excellent download speed
- Model Index
- Updated Daily
- Videos are exclusive
Cons: - Not all exclusive photo content
- Large photos max size is 1350px on its long side.
- Would like to see movies in multiple resolutions. ie smaller for quicker downloads when I want off now!!
- No model bios
- Not many extras without an upsell
- Not enough North Americans for my personal taste
Bottom Line: This is one of those sites I've always seen around when I used to surf the hun and be very intrigued to give it a try, but they had a very high price point to make me consider it.

I saw a special price of $24.95 or $10 off this weekend so that inspired me to finally give it a try.

At the special price this is a very good site. The video quality is very good and the download speeds are sweet. Lots of good hardcore european teen action is extremely good resolution which I never will complain about.

I wish there was more American girls on the site, and the photo quality could be a bit better to get in line with other sites, but in the end this is really a video site, and they do it very well.

The site is pretty basic, but the design is functional, and the model index and rating system helps to get around fairly easily. There is a few bonus materials but not a ton of extra content. You get your 500 excellent videos, 100,000 photos and thats about it really.

Not sure at full price if I would join the site more than once a year, but at $24.95 I think this is a very reasonable price and they have earned my return business as a result.

07-07-08  12:00am

Replies (2)
Visit All Hairy

All Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Some exclusive content
- Model index
- Member message board
- Search engine
- User submitted photos
- Hardcore content
- Zip files
- Rate favorite sets/models
Cons: - Lots of licensed content
- Tons of older content being rotated
- Movie quality is poor
- Models pretty average
- Download speeds not great
- Poor image size
Bottom Line: Honestly I am very sad to see this site take a nosedive. It was a good up and comer in the hairy market a few years ago and since they actually added hardcore it was a nice alternative to ATK. I had hoped pressure from All Hairy would force ATK Hairy to add hardcore finally.

Apparently the site owners of All Hairy have decided to give up though as all the content being updated is old stuff from 2005 in small image size. This site used to update almost daily with a ton of exclusive content but there is obviously no money being spent on content now.

They redesigned the members area which gave me hope, but in the end thats all they did.

I would stay away from All Hairy going forward unless they show an effort to add new quality exclusive content again. I gave it a 59 since I can not recommend the site, but at the same time there is some decent enough content to probably be rated in the high 60's if the site was still truly active.

07-05-08  12:04pm

Replies (4)
Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 4800+ DVD titles
- Updated daily
- Solid download speeds
- Multiple sizes/formats to download including for your ipod
- Nice interface to create custom clip from a movie.
- Find movies by your favorite stars with ease
- Top rated movies by fellow users
- Multiple niches/catagories
- Very solid search feature
- Price is very impressive
Cons: - All content is studio/licensed
- Some catagories pretty bare with content
- Quality of movies not great besides the large file DVD versons which still could be better.
- Almost all hardcore, lack of softcore action.
- No photos (not really a con for a movie site but still worth noting)
- A lot of the dvds are older and the quality shows
- Lack of bonus features like live shows/cams/chats. In fact their extra's section is just upsells to their friends sites.
Bottom Line: For the money this is one of the best bangs for your buck if you enjoy studio released porn. With over 4800 dvd's to chose from there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy and the site is updated daily so there is always something new to see.

I debated giving this site an 88 but felt I was penalzing it for being somethings its not so gave it a 90 as it is a dvd video site and does it well.

I find studio releases extremely boring after a short period of time, but I know some people love them. I enjoy other sites custom made porn scenes which limit the acting and get to the main part.

I certainly think this site is worth joining at the $14.95 price point so you can download the DVD quality versions of the movies. I found the quality difference to be enough to warrant the extra $5.

For me as I prefer more exclusive custom content I'd rather join another site that offers studio dvd movies as bonuses rather than as its main attraction but I know lots of people disagree with me on that. And for those people Video Box delivers what it says. I can see myself joining this site once a year to update my collection of my favorite stars newest movies though. For the price its a win-win situation.

07-03-08  09:32pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Photos come in low (1600X1000) and high (3504X2336) resolution size.
- ZIP files for both low and high resolution photos.
- Stunning HD videos in 1280X720 resolution.
- Multiple video resolutions for quicker downloads if you prefer
- Videos are shot in a way the models personality really comes through (see con for flip side.
- Updated every single day
- Model Bios
- Model Index
- All the girls are clean shaved with no red bumps which is nice. smooth.
- Amazing girl/girl action.
- Excellent customer support/feedback
Cons: - Design is from 1997
- Navigation could be improved
- No rating system for sets/models
- Some of the updates are older content redone in bigger sizes to meet todays standards.
- The video is shot while the photographer is shooting photos so there is the click/flash as well as constant direction for the girl.
- No Boy/Girl hardcore.
Bottom Line: If you love your ladies to be shaved completly, then there is no other site to be a member of. I am not sure how they get every girls pussy so incredible smooth and bump free but I certainly do appreciate it.

The HD video quality is stunning and as long as you don't mind hearing the click of a camera and the direction of the photographer then you will be more than happy with the video section of ALS Scan. As I pointed out in the pros in this style you actually get to see a lot of the models personality which comes off as more natural in a way.

The photo content is very good especially the material shot in 2007 and 2008 as the high resolution photo sizes makes it jump off the screen. So close you can taste the pussy juice almost.

If you like girls masturbating and girl/girl action and don't mind not having boy/girl hardcore action, then you absolutely can not go wrong with a membership to ALS Scan. Getting $5 off the membership price from PaysiteDiscounts.com especially made this site a very good value and definitely will be in my constant rotation going forward.

They also have a brand new model Franziska who is absolutely to die for. Tall, petite, tight and braces with a pussy so tender you'd never want to leave it.

06-26-08  06:16pm

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 1.5 million photos online
- 4000+ movies in Quicktime and WMV formts
- Updated 6 days a week with huge updates
- Photos available in 1536X1024 size + 3 smaller sizes
- ZIP files available for download
- Wide variety of catagories like uniform - boy/girl - foot fetish etc
- Over 2000 Models with model index and bios
Cons: - The girls are hot but the photos seem to have lost their amateur feel.
- Seems to have more focus on European girls now rather than North American
- Video quality still has room for improvement
- Navigation is still a little old school.
- A bit more upsells then their used to be for their other sites and DVD's.
- No bonus live feeds or sites
Bottom Line: ATK Galleria is still an excellent site for fans of photos. They have over 1.5 million photos from over 2000 models to choose from. The photos are crisp and have very good color.

The focus seems to be more babes than amateur these days. Not sure if this is the actual girls or maybe just the camera equiptment being used these days which makes the quality look more professional. Either way I'd love to see more natural and less professional looks for most of these girls.

I also gave a lower score because of the focus on more European women rather than North American that I recall from previous years of the site.

I got $5 off the site from Paysite Discounts so that definitely makes ATK Galleria a very good deal as they update with the most content I've seen at any other site. Especially for fans of photographs, even though the video is actually pretty good overall too. I'd love to see more HD video though.

If you like hot 18-23 year old women and not always in pure amateur looking content, then you can not go wrong with ATK Galleria. You get an extremely good bang for your buck here, especially if you use the discount.

06-18-08  01:11pm

Replies (3)
Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Updated 6 days a week with 3-4 photosets and 1-2 movies
- Movies split up and downloaded in WMV or MPG
- Photos viewed in 1024X684 & 1536X1024 sizes
- Zip Files in both resolutions for download
- Model Pages with handwritten model bio's
- Search engine and model index
- Members area forum to post comments/feedback
- Excellent customer service
- Upcoming photos/videos and models
- Multiple catagories to choose from
- Interview movies of models to get to know them.
Cons: - Would like to see bigger photo sizes offered soon
- There is not enough girl-girl content for my liking
- Would like to see more of the over 50 women in hardcore photos and movies.
- A calander of upcoming models/sets would be nice
Bottom Line: Honestly this is the king of the mature women market. They do almost everything perfectly and are constantly making changes to improve the site for as long as I've been a member.

All Over 30 gives a special touch to the site with the interviews and hand written model bio's so you really get to know the girls which I absolutely love. They also have a members forum where you interact with the site owners as well as photographers etc so you really feel part of a bigger community.

The photos have a very nice crispness and coloring to them which is very nice. They have a couple photographers who give more of an amateur feel to their photos which is a bonus as I enjoy that as well.

Between memberships at All Over 30 and Karups Older Women, I don't know how any fan of mature women would be unsatisfied. Although they share some models, they both have their own exclusive models and style about them.

I definitely recommend anyone thats a mature women fan or is just curious about the beauty that is older women, must give All Over 30 a serious try. Without question its the best in its niche.

06-16-08  03:31pm

Replies (1)
Visit Karup's Older Women

Karup's Older Women

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Updated 6 days a week
- Photos available in 1024X684 & 1500X840
- Photos downloadable in ZIP files
- Movie quality good and now have some HD movies
- The content is exclusive to Karups Older Women.
- Good variety of mature women from all over.
- Multiple catagories to choose from.
- Model Index to find all sets of favorite model
- Search Engine with attributes to find a model
- Bonus Karups Private Collection older content
- Bonus Mature/MILF/Granny Video Feeds
Cons: - Movies come in only WMV format. Would like to see MPG and maybe even FLV
- Would like to see model bios
- More women over 50 would be great
- Navigation is better than before but still could be smoother overall
- I wouldn't mind seeing even bigger photos!
Bottom Line: Karups Older Women is a very good mature women site, and has come a long ways in the short time its been around. I am glad to see them updating with multiple sets 6 times a week, which means the site is getting big in a rapid way. I also appreciate the bonus mature video feeds as the older Karups Private Collection content that they provide for members.

Although they share some models with All Over 30, the photos are shot in what seems to be a more amateur feel so its nice to get the same girls from a different perspective.

The movies come in only WMV format but they are split up into managable downloadable sizes and the quality is pretty good. I especially enjoy seeing the new HD movies that came recently.

Karups Older Women has solidly moved inself into the 2nd best mature site on the net. And with enough different women from All Over 30, I will continue to be a member of both for awhile.

Getting $5 off the membership price from a discount site makes this a terrific deal to me considering how much the site is now updated.

I think all mature women fans would appreciate the changes made at Karups Older Women and find its a site totally worth having in their porn rotation.

06-16-08  03:13pm

Replies (2)

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