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Visit Cuties In Stockings

Cuties In Stockings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + $8, 3 day full access trial through TBP
+ No DRM
+ Mostly exclusive content
+ Mostly attractive shaved Eastern Eurpean hotties in stockings
+ 296 photo sets of about 100 pics each with no watermarks
Cons: - Update schedule irregular (3+ months since the last update at the time I joined)
- Photo quality a bit grainy
- No zips on photo sets
- No search function and no model info
- Only 46 vids of mediocre quality
- Some cross marketing for their other sites
Bottom Line: No way to sum this one up other than your standard eastern european goulash. The site caters to the 18-23 hotties who parade around in their stockings. The offerings are pretty softcore.

Pictures: This is basically a pic site. All pics come in at 1200 by 800 with "nyet" zips. I counted about 15 h/c sets, a couple of lez and the rest were solo with only about 30 playing with toys out of the 296. I was a little miffed because a lot of the pics appeared a bit grainy to me. Part of this is because I'm thinking these are old sets and some may be scanned. I recognized some of the sets (it's mostly exclusive from what I can tell) and they date back to maybe around the year 2000. A few sets were obviously nothing but screen caps. Still the quality was acceptable for the most part.

Videos: You'd have more fun eating undercooked borscht than watching these things. I only downloaded a few but they were grainy, come only in WMV format, and clocked in size-wise at 350x290. They also chew up a lot of space for the quality you get (100 to 500 mb per clip). Most are split scenes, not whole vids. You get about 20 h/c scenes. Most of these scenes do not have picture set equivalents.

The site has an amateurish feel to it. No search, no model info. Just 15 pages of photo sets and 4 pages of vids. There are about 65 models here so most have multiple sets to offer. Most of the girls were cute and I admit that I did download about 50 sets but what a pain given the lack of zips.

This site gets a 73 for iffy quality, irregular updates (we all like to be regular, don't we?), no model info or search function, no zips and lack of quantity and quality of video. What saves it from dipping below the Mendoza Line of 70 is the quanity of decent looking babes.

It costs you $8 for a 3 day trial. Don't worry, you'll be done in a day if you decide to go. Don't bother going back.

I will note that when you cancel (billing through ccbill) you get an offer to continue at $15 a month. If you join up you'll also get access to 10 other sites that the webmasters own. Assuming what they have to offer on those sites is like here, I obviously opted to save a few bucks. Somebody needs to call the Kremlin and tell that the USSR is kaput and they need to get with the times.

03-18-09  10:03pm

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Freakin' huge amount of content
+ Good $20 TBP monthly membership
+ 30 updates per week (6 per day, M - F)
+ Good customer interaction with model ratings, personal favorites section, set/scene comments and a forum
+ No DRM
+ Supports download managers
+ Large photos (newest at 2500x1660) and all sets have zips and slideshow option and many have no or very small watermarks
+ Newer material appears to be mostly exclusive
+ Full tour available before joining
Cons: - Search function leaves a real nasty after taste
- More of a pic site than a video site
- Model names are strange here and model info is few and far between
- Quality varies
- "Teen" concept loosely defined, lots of 21 to 25 year olds.
- Older material is mostly nonexclusive
Bottom Line: I had high hopes when I joined this baby but was only moderately entertained: sort of like dating someone who you know ain't quite right but running with it anyways just for the sex ;) This site features a lot of Euro babes with the emphasis on photography.

Photos: 1280 HC sets, 1600 lez, 6000 solo and a smattering of other categories. As mentioned the newest stuff clocks in at 1660x2500 with older stuff at 2000x1300 or 1020x715 and a few 800x600. All have zip and many have a slideshow feature. Be wary if you're joining for the HC. 75% of this is leased content added a few years ago that's on all the megasites as is some newer stuff. Most of the newer solo stuff is exclusive but, again, a lot of the stuff past a couple of years ago is not. Most sets have 100 to 200 pics; oldest sets are smaller.

Vids = 560 HC, 180 Lez, and 800 solo. You get only get a couple of vid updates a week. Newest stuff is 720x480 on WMV while older is 350x240. Stream rates were only OK. Like the pics, you've probably seen the older stuff around.

My biggest beef is with the search function. There is 9 function search engine so it looks promising. However, even when limiting yourself to 1 or 2 of options you either get a couple of results or a ton of results. The only real way to find out what's there is to use the model directory or search by lez, HC or solo categories. With this much content that spells "p-a-i-n".

The pain goes deeper when you look at the categories. They use a magazine cover to show the girl but often times it's the same used for every shoot the girl does. You don't know what the content of the shoot is unless you dig into it.

There is very little if any info on most of the models. A lot of models, even known ones, somehow get stuck with different names so it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for.

Most of the emphasis here is on the youngish gals doing photo solo sets. For the most part, they were only OK. Not much eroticism or tease factor here. Part of this is due to the fact that they get a lot of their stuff from outside sources. This factor also explains why the quality can vary from set to set. Some are great, others are poorly cropped and shot.

The girls are generally fairly attractive. Not top shelf but not off the street either. Thankfully there was not a lot of silicon here, at least in the solo content and newer HC stuff.

This site gets an 85 for sheer volume, good pic sizes and good newer vids. You also get acccess to the Vivthomas bonus site. Not as big as his "real" site but not bad. It's definitely one of the better bonus sites you can get. It loses ground on it's half ass search function, varying quality and the fact that the older stuff has been around the block a few times.

If you like solo girls and pics this is a pretty good place for the value; just plan on spending some time digging through it all.

02-24-09  09:33pm

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Visit Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Great $10, 7 day full access trial through TBP
+ Full access preview before joining (can't view individual sets but can view all model and category content)
+ Very professional production
+ 17 categories of photoshoots, all sets have zips
+ No DRM
+ Top quality models for the most part
Cons: - Updates only every other day
- Videos are in short clips only
- You've probably already seen the older content
- Pics max out at 1280 pixels
- Limited model info
Bottom Line: Vivthomas is a top notch photographer who's stuff you've probably already seen on sites like Teendreams, ATKgalleria, and others. His focus on Euro glam porn. This is my second time joining and I only hopped on for the trial.

For those interested in vids, forget this site and consider Vivthomasvideo. All you get are short clips and access to some streaming vids. I didn't really mess around with this but I note that the clips played at 640x480 in wmv. Most of this stuff is only a few minutes long.

The pics are the real reason to go here. He does a very professional job in terms of production value and overall quality. Very few blurry shots or bad lighting. He also uses a variety of sets so it's not overly reptitive. Most sets have fewer than 100 pics which I tend to like since you don't get 10 shots of the same thing. There is a small watermark in the cornor of the pics.

The hardcore was good but it doesn't update that often. Viv is probably at his best when shooting solo models. He does a good job of shooting lingerie and seems to bring out some sexiness in the models which a lot of sites seem to lack. There's 17 categories to choose from and you get about 650 models and there's about 165k pics. Some models have bios and bits about them but most don't have anything. The model directory appears to be complete and accurate.

There is also a forum which has a fair amount of activity and you can buy his dvds from the site too.

I'm only scoring this site an 82 because so much of his older content is leased out that I've seen most of it before. The new stuff is exclusive but it too will eventually start cropping up elsewhere. I certainly had no problem getting what I wanted during the trial period and if you've been around porn for a while you shouldn't have any problem getting by on a trial either.

I'm also scoring the site an 82 because of the lack of video content. Granted, he has a video site which costs more but I think I'd rather see him merge the two sites together and charge a bit more to get all the content.

My last reason for the score is that his photos sometimes appear in larger sizes on other sites. I just joined Teendreams and their Vivthomas pics are much larger. You get a little graininess but it's minimal. So all I have to say is "Viv, grow 'em bigger!".

So, if you like pics, like hot euro babes and want a cheap distraction, then I suggest checking it out.

02-24-09  08:58pm

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Visit Fresh Outta High School

Fresh Outta High School

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Cheap $5, 3 day full access trial with TBP
+ Generally hot looking 18 - 23 old starlets in HC action
+ Exclusive content
+ Videos are pretty hot and 30 minutes long on average and no DRM
+ Access to 24 original content sites (Reelpass) and 22 nonexclusive bonus sites
+ Good for those with a schoolgirl / uniform fetish
+ No watermarks
Cons: - It's a Newsensations product, 'nuff said
- Pics are small and lack a lot of the content found in the vids
- No email confirmation of signup or cancellation with the netbilling.com processor
- Updates only 1x per week
- Some advertising on site
- Reptitive in sets and theme
Bottom Line: I joined this site on a trial since I noticed it wasn't part of the Newsensations network and I was hoping that maybe they were upgrading their product since it wasn't part of that group ... and I was wrong.

Currently, there are 62 sets/scenes and all have pics and vids. Pretty much all feature US youngsters in school girl skirts and conservative tops getting bopped in various ways. The production value is mostly professional with decent lighting and plot settings. Most of the time the girl stays mostly clothed so if you're into uniform type sex you might like this.

A lot of the sets are the same and scenes don't vary much so it does get repetitive. There a lot of known pornstars but a few fresh faces as well. No real model directory or model background is offered.

Pictures: Each set has about 200 to 300 pics but most are them are just of the girl stripping. Sizes only come in at 1024x680 with a few random 1530x1020's tossed in just to prove that they're intentionlly skimping on pic size. All sets have zip with good labelling. Like I noted, a lot of action on the vids get left out of the pics and you usually end up with a few dozen HC pics. Basically, don't go here for the pics.

Videos: Vid size maxes out at 800x600 with full scenes eating up a few hundred megs of disc space. Download speeds were OK. WMV is the only real option here for the biggest size. The action tends to be pretty good overall. There are hundreds of vid caps for each set so you know what you'll be getting on your downloads.

As I noted you also get access to the reelpass network with is mostly a newsensations clone. You do get access to newsensations so joining here on the trial might be a cheap way to update from that network if you like their product. This network (reelpass) is not pic friendly so, again, go here for the vids. The bonus sites are just the usual suspects (teensforcash, herfistanal, etc) and pretty much stream only though you can download clips if you're desperate for second rate entertainment.

On it's own this site merits a 79. Kick it up a notch or two when rating the whole network. Bigger and more pics would be a welcomed bonus (one of the main reasons I don't go back to Newsensations any more) and bigger vids would also be a nice addition.

I did the trial and had no problem getting what I wanted from this site in a day. If you like school girls this site is OK but you might be more entertained with a site like Innocenthigh. If you have the uniform sex fetish going, this ain't bad but I'd stick with the trial.

02-04-09  04:19pm

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Visit Suze Classics

Suze Classics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good $10, 7 days full access trial
+ Also get full access to suze.net and suzevideo
+ Definite retro porn from the 80's and 90's
+ Pics remastered up to 1200x850 with zips
+ Good quality vids
+ Exlusive updates (er, "retrodates" perhaps) 3-4x a week
+ No DRM
Cons: - No video and pic set overlap (aka - no pic sets and vids of the same scene)
- No real HC photosets
- Site still smallish
- Prechecked cross-sale(s) on sign-up page
- Advertising on the pages but no too annoying
Bottom Line: If unshaved muff and names like Raqueal Darrian, Savannah, Christi Canyon and Teri Weigel bring back fond memories then this site might be worth donning your smoking jacket, trimming your 'stache and sitting back to go stroking with the oldies. This site features porn US stars from the 80's and 90's.

Here's the basic breakdown:

Pics: There are about 110 sets and all have zip. Three sizes going up 1200x850. All are basically digitally scanned photos from the original pic or negative and there is a smallish transparent watermark. Surprisingly there was very little graininess so the quality was good for what they were. The original lighting and cropping sometimes suffered though. The sets are somewhat small (most having less than 50 pics). I counted one true hc set but there were a few psuedo hc sets (no penetration) from the days when the skin mags couldn't show that stuff. This is defintely glam porn so if amateurs are your thing you probably won't be too into this.

Vids: About 75 vids using WMV player only. 3 sizes to choose from (300k, 1 gig and 2 gig) and they're about 15 minutes long. The largest sized out at 720x540 and they streamed for me around 350 kbs. Almost all the scenes are HC and remastered from the original film or tape. Again the quality on the remasters was very good but the original lighting and directing sometimes left something to be desired. Still there was some hot action here.

I'm scoring this site on it's own at an 82 simply because it's still growing, the original quality was sometimes suspect and for some reason this site did less for me than I expected it would. As I noted, you also get full access to Suze.net and Suzevideo. When you consider the network as whole, I'd score it around an 89 or 90 because the other two sites save it (See my comment on the suze.net page entitled "Site Stats Update" for what the network currently contains).

They have also added a forum but it's still relatively new, not real informative and the only person from Suze who seems to contribute is Holly Randall (she seems to be running the show now). There is a model directory but it doesn't have much background info on the models themselves. There is also a search function for various sex acts and poses.

If you're into retro porn, the 7 day trial price makes it worth checking out. For me, it was more of reminder of how much better porn is today than it was years ago but there is still some decent stuff there.

01-22-09  06:20pm

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Visit Reality Pass HD

Reality Pass HD

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + 5 site network (4 HC, 1 Lez)
+ Good TBP $5, 3 day full access trial
+ Some exclusive content which updates once a week
+ Some HD vids
+ A slew of nonexclusive material (1000's of pic sets and vids covering softcore, HC, lez, IR, etc.)
Cons: - Painfully slow download speeds
- Navigation and search is poor especially when dealing with nonexclusive material
- Exclusive material quality is only average
- Incomplete model directory and scene tags
Bottom Line: I find this strange to say but the nonexclusive content is what makes this site, not their original stuff and that ain't saying much. Here's the breakdown:

ORIGINAL CONTENT: 5 sites all link together. Pics come in at 800x1200 and all have zips - pics appear to be HD screen caps and aren't as complete as the vids. Vids come in streaming, 820x480 and 1280x720 HD and include clips and full scenes. The download speeds suck, around 150 kb/sec. The 820 and 1280 sized vids (roughly 700 mb and 1 gig in size) are almost impossible to download due to the length of time it takes. The quality is only average. You get iffy lighting and production but and the girls are teens/20's but only average looking. There is only one update each week between the five sites. Most only have about 12 sets so far.

NONEXCLUSIVE MATERIAL: This was the best part of the site. There are literally 1000's of photos sets and vids from about 15 to 20 production houses. You also get access to 380 DVDS but those are pretty old titles. Three big problems here. First, navigation is a pain. You can only jump 5 pages at most - not cool when dealing with this volume. Second, search is limited. You can search by about 20 categories. Then you can search by tags within categories. Tags and categories and model directory are all incomplete and sometimes mixed up (you get teens in the MILF section, some HC sets don't appear in the HC category, etc.) Also, porn stars who have multiple names require multiple searches - no cross referencing. Third, you don' know what you're getting unto you dig into it. Pic sizes range from 600 to 2500, you can only find out by clicking on pics to see what you can get before you try to zip or view further. Vids are similar, you don't know if it's partial scenes or full scenes and the quality and sizes are all over the board (no HD nonexclusive vids though). Couple this "hunt and peck" search method with the slow speeds and it's a royal pain in the ass.

As a plus, you get a lot of major production stuff (at times it looked like a Twistys or PaulMarkham or LegSex clone site) and you get Devils Film shots and other good stuff. So there is good stuff there but you have to spend a lot of time looking for it although you can search by production house if you want.

If they shelled out some coin for some servers and bandwidth and improved their search and navigation this site could easily score in the 80's. As it exists now, I can't really recommend it. If you do join you get the option of a $10 per month for life discount when you cancel but there's nothing here you can't really see within the trial period unless you plan on downloading a lot ... in which case it may take your lifetime to get it all ;)

01-02-09  01:53pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 22 sites and growing of exclusive hardcore content
+ No DRM, No DL limits
+ Multiple daily updates, nearly 2000 scenes throughout the network
+ Good search function across whole network
+ Very good user interface
+ All scenes have vids and pics (pics have zip)
+ Scenes actually have story lines although acting is, well, about average for pornstars
+ 40 bonus sites (nonexclusive third party movie clips, not really worth it but it's there)
Cons: - Pics are a bummer coming in at 900x600
- Video quality is just OK
- Too many pics in sets but they're getting better (new stuff has 700-1000 pics per set)
- 8 of the network sites no longer update
- Some minor technical problems
- Quality is only OK but certainly not amateur
- Smallish opaque watermark but it sometimes gets in the way of the action
Bottom Line: I reviewed this site 10 mos. ago but recently rejoined and I'm re-reviewing as I was too harsh on my initial take. For the uninitiated, this is a large network focusing on the Sir Mix-a-Lot school of porn (big booty and big busts). I'm not really a fan of the genre but there is enough content to satisfy just about everyone: they have big tit, big butt, anal, teen, interracial, schoolgirl and milf content. For those into American girl booty, silicone and tats, it's probably about the best site around for you.

PHOTOS: I'm a photo guy and so all I can say is that you join here for the vids. For some reason, the "Walmart's of Porn" (Brazzers, Newsensations, RealityKings, NaughtyAmerica -- they make their money on volume while the quality is spotty) all seem to go small with the pics (900x600). You get too many landscape shots here with a lot of dead space (hint, turn the camera sideways and zoom in a bit more). What is frustrating here is that some sets have random 1350x900 shots so they obviously know how to make them. Some shots are a bit grainy and out of focus but overall they are OK for the size.

VIDEOS: Vids come in WMV, Mpeg1, Mpeg4, and Ipod/psp formats and have a streaming option. The vids are not hi-def and come in clips or full length. They average about 30 min. long and are about 300-400 megs in size. Screen size is 640x480. Sort of like the pics, sometimes they get too much "dead space" in the shots but for the most part they are well done and entertaining with no talking camera men (yay).

I would say this site has the best user interface I've seen on a porn site. You can rate each scene and post comments. They have a "personal favorites" function too. There is a user forum with a ton of postings although it's mostly "Beavis & Butthead" level commentary. There are discount (tastefully small) ads for other sites with good prices. There is a very good search function with multiple search options available.

I did have some small technical issues: a few browser crashes, some sets had pics that didn't match the thumbnails, some dead links and pages that wouldn't load but most of these were overcome.

As an aside, I was happy to see Nicole Sheridan come out of retirement for a hot new scene here.

I'm scoring this site an 86 for two reasons. The main issue is quality. Like I said, Brazzer's has the Wal-Mart mentality of porn: they produce a lot and have reasonable membership fees with frequent discounts but they skimp on the quality. They're getting better but still have a ways to go. With HD vids and hi-rez pics, I'd put a score of 90 or more on this site. The other reason is that it does get a bit stale. A lot of scenes seem alike, performers appear in multiple genres, and the girls they use are usually not top shelf "hottie" talent.

Like I said, there is enough here for most anyone to get their money's worth for a month. It's not the best site but it's certainly worth a membership to check it out.

12-10-08  10:19pm

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Visit Only 3X

Only 3X

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Daily updates back to July '06
+ No DRM
+ Good sized pics (most 1600x1065 or larger) and all have zips
+ Many HD vids (1280 wmv) and rest come in up to 512 or 640 wmv
+ Some exclusive content and a good content mix (about 2/3 HC and the rest is lez and solo)
+ Decent $15 month discount through TBP
Cons: - Navigation and technical issues caused unnecessary pain and suffering
- Lots of nonexclusive photo sets and partial sets
- Quality can vary from OK to very good
- Not DL manager friendly
- Issues with having to keep logging in
- Incomplete model directory
- Large-ish opaque watermark in lower right cornor on all pics and some vids
Bottom Line: The bottom line here is that this site initially comes across as being in the same general family as 1byday or Pixandvideo but it's really more the red headed step child as it ain't getting, or giving, enough love and is stuck with the second tier material.

When you log in you can view the material by model directory, some general categories or the monthly calendar layout. The model directory is incomplete so it's easiest to view by the calendar. You don't know if a certain day is a pic or vid unless you hold your browser pointer over it (files ending in F = photo, V = vid and A = both although there are very few pics to see in these). There were also a few other technical glitches I came across but nothing too bad.

Click on a day and new window pops up (must turn off pop-up blocker). Then you select the vid size or photo. Sometimes you get another window, sometimes not. This makes it ill sutied to DL managers. Don't open any other windows or make browser changes because you'll be logged out. Don't leave the site unattended for more than 10 minutes or you get logged out. After a few hours you'll get logged out. Each time you have to circle back to where you left off.

Photos. Most of the photos are nonexclusive except for the photos that have matching vid sets (most sets don't have pics and vids, just one or the other). The nonexclusive stuff ranges from the older and more obscure stuff not many have seen to the stuff on every megasite. Some of the nonexclusive stuff gets pixeled at the 1600 level. The exclusive sets can be incomplete in comparison to the vids and are smaller (most come in at around 60 to 80 pics). There are some HD pic sets (3500x2300) but you'll be pressed to find more than 20 per set and they download seperately and copy the the regular resolution pics of the set so it's more of a novelty than an attraction.

Videos. The vids are pretty good except for the first few months were quality is average. Pretty much all the vids come in up to 512 or 640 wmv and the download speeds are OK. The quality on the vids is generally better than the pics and there are more vids than photo sets on this site. There are more HD vids with the newer material (2008).

The updates (daily) vary. Some months you get a bunch of pics, others a bunch of vids. When the photo and vid sets match, the "mate" set can be weeks or months apart.

The actors are all euro models except for some of the nonexclusive stuff. Most of the women are attractive but not many total hotties like the more premium sites. It claims to be brutally HC but there's really nothing too brutal about it but there is some anal and dp action.

Overall, the site isn't bad considering the price and the amount of content. If you can get over the technical issues it's not bad but the quality does vary, especially on pics. I wanted to give a higher score when I first joined but for now an 83 seems appropriate in my book.

11-19-08  04:57pm

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Visit Euro Pornstars

Euro Pornstars

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Good $10, 5 day full access trial through TBP
+ No DRM
+ Daily Updates (1 scene or set per day)
+ Pics go up 2300x3500 with multiple sizes and multiple zip formats
+ Full preview allowed before joining
+ HD movies (HD in quality but not size)
+ Good search function, easy navigation
Cons: - Nonoriginal content
- No more bonus sites
- Some pic sets get grainy in largest sizes
Bottom Line: This is a site that has loads of potential but can't quite get there in terms of the final score.

This is probably more of a pic site than a movie site which is fine by me. There are about 375 picture sets which have 140 to 200 pics ranging from 1000 to 3500 pix (you can zip in three different sizes). The size is great but some sets get grainy. About 20% are hardcore, 15% lesbian and the rest are solo. Pics also have a slideshow function.

The vids, about 80, have a few percent more hc scenes than the photos. They come in at 640x480 with a 4200 stream rate (my download speeds were generally good). The quality is very good. You can download clips or full scenes (full scenes come it around 500mb sizes) and they run about 20 to 30 minutes.

They offer daily updates, good search and a calendar look showing the updates of the day for each month if you like. Navigation is easy. They also offer a great preview where you can look at the vids available and every thumbnail in every photoset.

With so much great stuff why not a great score? The answer is the nonexclusive content. They rely heavily on Viv Thomas material so if you've been a member there you've seen a lot of this. I recognized almost all the hc sets from Viv and other sites like Twistys and Karupspc and Sexybabes. Most of the softcore looked familiar as well. Some of the pics didn't stand up to being enlarged so big and some colors got a bit fatigued as well in the process.

Given that this is a Newsensations spinoff I think the score could have been helped by tossing in a couple of NS sites as bonuses. The bonus sites mentioned by earlier reviews now seem to be gone.

If this site had some original content and/or some decent bonus material I'd be pushing the score to near 90 but the nonexclusive nature hurts in this case.

If you haven't been to Vivthomas or some of the more mainstream porn sites recently then I think this is good site to visit. For those who have I think it's a question if you want the bigger pics (Vivthomas doesn't put his pic resolution as high as they do here) or to update your collection. I don't see any reason to stay for longer than the trial given the lack of exclusive material unless you don't really have any of this material.

11-06-08  12:53pm

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Visit The Hardcore Network

The Hardcore Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Decent 2 day, $5 full access trial through TBP
+ Mostly exclusive material (more than 50% I'd say)
+ No DRM
+ 5 sites have HD video
+ 13 sites to choose from
+ Network wide search function for girls, acts, etc.
Cons: - Primarily a video site, although they advertise pics they generally aren't that good
- Quality varies from excellent to total crap
- Prechecked membership boxes on signup form
- Some of the usual 3rd party bonus sites but can't view the content (lure to sign you up only)
- Pics have no zips and all pics for the set appear on one page and individual pics come up in separate window
- Sporadic updates
Bottom Line: This is a network that doesn't quite know where it's going. It has some more mainstream sites but then throws in some more extreme sites. The network advertises pictures but for the most part the quality is average at best while sizes go from 1600x1200 to useless small screencaps. The vids are the most consistent in quality and quantity with the standard being 640x480 wmv with decent download speeds and some HD sites tossed in.

The following are the sites I'd score in the 70's:

Iloveyouceleste; Iloveyoumya; Iloveyoumelanie; Iloveyoumadison. All sites have about 32 vids and 22 pic sets (1000x720). The vids go HD here (up to 1440x1080). All the girls are relatively attractive and they do solo, HC, toys and lesbo. The girls often appear in each other's sites so there is a lot of overlap. Each also has a pointless and brainless diary.

Attackmyass. Has pics, 35 sets, up to 1500x1000 but most are 1000x750). Vids, about 80, are average. Mostly outside content with known pornstars.

Pleasebegentle. Younger pornstar sex with 66 vids and only a couple of photosets. Vids are average but good quality.

Chopsticksluts. Nonoriginal asian porn with average quality at best.

The following, in my opinion, fall at or below the "Mendoza Line" score of 70:

Pornstarsolos: 77 average sized vids and 60 pic sets (most 800x1200). Nothing original here and some photo sets are just partials.

Asssmoothie: This I don't quite get. You see girl, girl strips, girl fires up the blender, girl lays on floor and dumps goo in her booty, girl pushes goo out the tail pipe and then it goes down the hatch. Breakfast of champions, mmmm. This is the same setup for virtually every set; all 150 vids and 52 pic sets. They have HD vids here which is a waste because if you've seen one you've seen 'em all.

Swirliegirls: High school nerd abuse? Not really, just another site I don't get. Every scene (25 pic and 25 vid which are OK) has a girl in a toilet doing some violent bj stuff and then getting her head flushed. Tries to be brutal but most of it isn't. Again, everything is the same in every scene.

Herlastfuck: This is like a slow motion car wreck, you know it's going to hurt but you just have to peek. The vids are average at best and the pics are worthless. It's all seriously ancient eastern euro women looking for some rubles after the Soviet Union collapsed and their pensions disappeared. I couldn't bring myself to wach the 86 yr old woman give a bj. Fat and nasty is the theme here.

There are a few more sites here which, again, have varying quality and pretty standard content and rate high 60's or low 70's but they don't merit any real discussion. With such a range of quality, only OK photos, and sporadic updates I couldn't score this site in the 80's. Given that so much is average, average be the score.

I did the 2 day trial and that was more than enough to take what I wanted and get out. Don't bother with the month here

11-05-08  05:00pm

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Visit Thai Chix

Thai Chix

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 100's of vids and 100k photos
+ Many photos come in at 1500x1200 and all files have zip
+ No DRM
+ Good customer service
+ 3 day full access trial for $6 through TBP
+ Updates daily
+ No watermarks (99% of the time)
Cons: - Nonexclusive content
- Mostly American asians, no Urabon and few "asian" women
- Most vids come in clips
- Many HC photo sets are incomplete
- Quality varies
- Navigation on a site this big needs work
Bottom Line: Overall, I would have to say there is nothing special about this site. As the content is nonexclusive the quality of the photos and vids can vary. Like I noted, it's mostly American porn here although it gets more amateur and asian in the solo girl sections. Here's how it breaks down:

PHOTOS: 360 HC, 130 Lesbian and 1000 solo sets all of which have zips. About half the photos come in at 1500x1200 and most of the rest come in at full screen (1020). Some of the photos are from screen caps so they can be grainy or blurry but most are pretty good but certainly not high def. A lot of the HC sets are incomplete and out of order or feature bj's only so there wasn't a lot to pick from there. A lot of the sets seemed the same to me after a while.

VIDEOS: There are 3rd party links to full length dvd's and videos. Most of the vids are in their "in house" section. Here, the majority can only be download in clips. Most come sized in 320x240 for wmv and 640x480 for mpeg. It streamed for me at about 400 kps. The quality is mostly good but can vary. There are no screen caps.

Navigation is OK and there is some advertising on the site. They have a search function that is just OK (can't search by scene content or body type) and limited model information. Customer support is good and it bills through ccbill.

While the site updates daily most of the updates are softcore. You get one vid and one photo set a day it looks like. HC and lesbian sets/scenes update infrequently.

If you've had limited exposure to asian porn the site is decent. If you're a fan of asian porn there probably isn't much here you haven't seen before or would want to keep. I got everything I wanted within the 3 days so I couldn't see staying for month.

Overall, average site, average score. Book it Dan-o.

10-31-08  05:23pm

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Visit 18 Eighteen

18 Eighteen

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Almost all exclusive material focusing on the "teen" niche with 7 years of material available
+ No DRM
+ All pics come in 1600x1060 format with zips
+ Updates 5 days a week
+ Good $3 3 day full trial and $20 monthly membership through TBP
Cons: - Navigation is a pain but tolerable
- Primarily a photo site but there vids available
- Cancellation can be an adventure keep your sign up info on hand when you do cancel
- Some advertising on site to buy their products
- Older vids are very big and some only come in clips
- Inconsistent image sizes when you zip download
Bottom Line: 18Eighteen.com is proof once again that abstinence only education does not work. 18Eighteen started out as a magazine and apparently continues as such as well as the website. Like most porn magazines, they haven't fully embraced the on-line aspects and as such the site does suffer a bit.

Navigation is a pain in the butt. There is a model directory but it is pretty bare bones and offers no real preview of whats available. Most of the images are in the monthly magazine section. You get about 9-12 updates a month there. You have to click on each model to see what their set contains. Then they have other sections where updates are sometimes posted. You really have to dig through the whole site to find everything.

All the models have photo sets with the large pics. Like others have noted, if you do a zip on the older material you might get something smaller than 1600x1060. That seems to have been fixed with the newest postings. I thought the images were mostly good quality although some of the older stuff gets grainy in the large size. I did notice a couple of dead links on the images.

The models are not glam, for the most part they are attractive teens. Most of the material is softcore with some dildo action and you get about 4 or 5 exclusivee hardcore sets per month.

You also get access to the now expired Babyface mag images which are mostly softcore. Their achieve goes back to 2001 with Babyface only having about 16 months (100 models) worth of material.

Like I said this site isn't really about the vids. Download speeds were just OK but the older vids sometimes only offered clips and came in at 320x240 on wmp. The newest vids come in at 640x480 but the majority are in the smaller range. There are probably around 100 vids and dvds, maybe more.

I have been a member here numerous times in the past before they jacked their fees and excluded the full trial last year. It's good to see this discounts back. Cancelling was a little strange. My info was not listed on the processor site and I had to cancel through the website itself. I did not get a cancellation confirmation email until the next day. A little strange but it worked.

I like the fact that the teens are cute and natural (no plastic here) and the production value is pretty good. It's almost all exclusive and, being a picture lover, this is good site in my book. If you've never been you could probably get all you wanted through a couple of trial joins but at $20 a month that wouldn't be bad either. It's not worth staying for more than a month unless you're a really big fan of the content.

I would score this site in the high 80's if they got their their navigation fixed, fixed some of the technical problems and had more movies available in the larger size. A very good site to check out on the trial though.

10-24-08  05:44pm

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Visit Tasty Pass

Tasty Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Great TBP full trial prices ($1 for 2 days, $12.50 for a month)
- 8 network sites focusing on eastern euro girls plus some standard 3rd party feeds
- Large photos (up to 1400 x 920)
- Videos are generally of good quality but only average sized (450 x 335 at the highest end)
- No DRM
- Content pretty much exclusive but I did find a couple of sets that I had seen elsewhere
Cons: - Content is mostly average and only about 4 of the network sites are worth looking at
- Have to re-enter username/password for each site
- No zips for photos
- Some advertising on some of the sites
- I had some issues with the billing company here but they were resolved
- Photo updates don't come very often and the sites update vids a few times per month
Bottom Line: Overall, this isn't a bad network. I joined on the cheapo $1 for 2 days trial (you have to join an individual site, not the network to get this deal). I will note that going this route will result in a $40 monthly membership charge if you don't cancel (obviously this is where they're looking to make money). You also need to login under the heading "full membership", not "trial membership" on the login page. Why? I have no clue but this is how it worked.

When I went to cancel through the processing company (crmedialtd.com) they did not recognize my member info. I used the on-line chat function and got cancelled but my member info never appeared on the billing processor's site so this might be a red flag. Also, be aware that if you sign up for the trial, there are other "prechecked" trials on the bottom of the signup page; a nasty practice in my book.

Overall, the content wasn't bad. I found that I liked tasty18and19, bridesonblacks, and tastydildos the best. There are some solo model sites as well but exoticsforme pretty much covered them in his review so I won't delve into them here. Teensonblacks and the mature site were worthless. You also get access to 9 3rd party vido feed sites which are nonexclusive obviously.

Tasty18and19.com was pretty good with 77 photo sets and 82 movie sets with about 1/3 being hardcore. All photos were large, had small watermarks and were generally good quality. The girls were all pretty good looking. You also get access on this site to 420 streaming full lenght dvd's (nonexclusive) and 36 amateur girl vids (only downloadable in 2 minute clips). This site has the most content and most frequent updates of the network.

Bridesonblacks has no relationship to wedding day hookups. It's just an interracial site. They had about 30 photo sets and 60 vids. The newest photos were 1400x930 but about 2/3 were 1020x700. The girls ranged from young to mature. The photosets seemed to have stopped updating and the vids rarely update. I will note that all the vids can now be downloaded as full scenes. This site definitely had more of an amateur feel in terms of quality of the material.

Overall the quality was decent but certainly not high definition. Almost all the material is exclusive and the women are generally pretty good looking. I pretty much saw all I needed to on the 2 day trial but if you like the content the no zips will slow you down so the monthly $12.50 membership might be the way to go. Either way you go there isn't a lot of updating so there is no need to stay longer.

I'm scoring this a 77 because while the quality is decent there is not a ton of it and the updates don't come all that often on most sites. The billing processor problem/"gotcha" also counted against them here. It's a decent network but not the cream of the crop.

09-19-08  05:56pm

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Visit Nakedby


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Excellent photography featuring natural French girls
+ About 55 models with over 300 photo sets (all exclusive content)
+ High rez photos go up to 3000 pixels with zip, most sets have 40 to 100 pics
+ Good 7 day full access trial of $10
+ Some model information provided and nice clean site design
+ Photo updates every 2 days (vids about 1x per week)
+ No DRM
Cons: - Not really a video site. About 63 vids which parallel the photo sets with most around 7-8 minutes. Quality is very good at 720x575 with WMV, DiVX and QT options
- Some photo sets are just continuations of a previous (same basic clothing and/or set)
- Pure glamour, no hc, lesbians or toys (if this is minus for anyone)
- Some sets a little too dark or fetishy but not bad in my book
- Zip feature only available in medium size
Bottom Line: Overall, I was generally pleased with this site. I like photos, especially for softcore, and this site has very good photography and huge pics which I would expect from a high quality glamour site. The girls are mostly French and I haven't seen many of them before. The girls are natural (no boob jobs or nasty tattoos) and for the most part seem to enjoy what they are going here. This is all about the girls showing off so don't expect any toys or lesbianism here.

Some of the sets do a get a little dark or fetishy as some other reviewers have noted but that seems to be the case with a lot of photographer oriented sites who seem to think this enhances their work but it didn't bother me too much since this is not the general rule here.

There are about 12 "mysterious girls" who have photo sets where you don't see their face. They are pretty much average looking and don't really add to the site. If you're feeling rich you can spend a few hundred $ and buy some prints (unless you wanted to show the world your a rich perv I don't know why anyone would if you can download the high rez pics). The site design is simple and clean and you have a model directory. The photos sets are laid out in a magazine style similar to Met Art, Hegre Art and similar sites.

For me, this site ranks between Hegre Art and Met Art. Nothing tops Met Art for the sheer content amount and quality. The girls here are not the super skinny types that Hegre Art has a lot of and they don't seem as cold to the camera either.

Overall, it's worth the 7 day, $10 trial. There's not really enough content where you need to stay longer. Hopefully the site keeps growing, especially on the video side.

08-14-08  03:48pm

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Visit Taste The Babes

Taste The Babes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A good amount of photos with attractive russian girls (about 240 photo sets with about 25% being hardcore) (photo size is 1024 x 680) (about 70 to 120 pics per set)
- Good full access trial price. You get access to about 20 of their websites and dozens of standard 3rd party sites (see "bottom line" below for clarification on this)
- Access to over 240 sites with full monthly membership
Cons: - No zips on photos
- Only about 40 vids (only a couple of them hardcore) with no dowload options (mpeg only); size is only 320x240 (aka don't join this site for the video content)
- Nonexclusive content
- Some advertising on the site
- No search function
- Have to re-enter username/password for each site
- No new updates, material is simply recycled
- 3rd part bonus links (HerfirstATM, Desperateteens, etc.) do not work and all contain nonexclusive material you've probably seen before
- Monthly membership of $40 way too expensive for what you get (in addition to the 20 or so main sites you get additional nonexclusive 3rd party bonus sets, upwards of 250)
- No response to site support inquiries
Bottom Line: I posted a comment about this site a few months ago saying it was worth the trial (I was originally a member a few years ago). Having come back here on a trial all I can say now is "NYET"!

First, TBP is advertising a 3 day, $2 trial. When you go to the billing processor you find out the trial is 2 days for $4. You get access to some of their other sites but I kept random log in popups that kept freezing up my browser (not good).

This site has been around for years yet their oldest update dates to November '07. Bad sign. There was absolutely nothing new in hardcore since the last time I was there years ago. They just recycle their old content as "new updates". You get access to Tastethebabes which is a clone and most of the other exclusive sites are amateurish mature sites.

On the plus side, their stuff is nonexclusive but mostly shared among their sites and I have seen very little of it elsewhere. The girls are attractive russians so if you've not seen the stuff before and are willing to download each pic (no zips) then you might consider joining for the trial.

However, I can in no way justify joining this site for the monthly fee of $40. There are some sites exclusive to their network that have OK stuff but there's not enough quality and not enough quantity to justify the price. Even justifying the trial here is a stretch. Today's PU poll question asks if you've gotten sick of porn before. This site makes me have to answer "Yes".

07-31-08  04:23pm

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Visit Twistys


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - 10,000+ photo sets with about 1200 hardcore and all have zip function. Newest material is 1600x1070, most is 1280x850 and a few are 800x600.
- 2250 vids with about 1000 hardcore with good download speeds in QT and WMV, most come in 640x480 size
- No DRM
- Small watermarks
- Good trial / discount price through TBP (currently you can join at a 2 day trial for $2.26 through Blue Fantasies and other Twisty's sites)
- Access to about 6 sites with membership
- Very good search function
- Several updates every day
Cons: - Mostly non exclusive material
- Updates dont' keep up with other "mega" sites (see "bottom line" for discussion)
- Most of the other sites available are Twisty's clones with the exception of Blue Fantasies, Naughtystaff and Annette Dawn
- Pics only come in one size
Bottom Line: I've been a member at Twisty's in the past and I rejoined on a two day trial membership through Bluefantasies.

There is a ton of content here so if you're rather newish to the porn surfing world you're going to find a lot to like. The content is mostly centered around pornstars in professional style shoots with some amateurish stuff tossed in. However, if you've been around a while you'll recognize most of the sets. There's a lot of material from Vivthomas and pretty much the same material as the Sexy-babes / Dreambabes sites and a few other mega sites. It's been about a year since I was a member at a mega site and quite honestly I only found about 40 "new to me" hardcore sets -- this includes their bonus sites. A lot of their new updates is stuff that other sites seem to have had for a while now.

I will give them Kudos for having a very good search function and model directory. Also I liked the fact that they have upgraded a lot of their older photo sets from 800x600 (which they used to be) to roughly 1020 by 720 or larger now.

The bonus sights, as mentioned, are almost all clones.

Standing on it's own, I'm giving Twisty's a score of 81. If I included bonus sites I'd bump the score up a couple of points more. While the content is good it is nonexclusive and other mega sites do it better with more up to date content. If you're newish to the porn surfing scene then it is well worth checking out; just don't plan to go back anytime soon

07-25-08  05:07pm

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Attractive Euro girl
- Updates fairly regularly
- Good sized pics with zip option and videos (1280x720 on pics and vids are 720x400)
- Exlcusive content
- No DRM
- Access to Twisty's websites
- Website is good looking
Cons: - Pics and videos could be of higher quality
- Video download speed is only average
- All softcore, no lesbiansism or hardcore
Bottom Line: Annette is an attractive girl with a good looking site. As of July '08 she has 53 photo sets and 38 videos.

As I stated, the sight is good looking and there is a good search function. She has a nice personality and definitely a hot bod even with the breast implants. She has a few sets where she is mostly clothed. I should note that the pics only download in one size.

The big bonus is access to Twisty's and its array of content. As a stand alone site, it would be hard to justify $20 in my book but then again I'm not one who usually joins solo model sites (I joined on a TBP trial offer throuh another Twisty's site). Personally, I would like to see her get a little edgier in her sets as they seem to blur together after a while at least for me.

The site could be better if it went high def but I know that's probably not going to happen with a solo model site. If you find her attractive it's definitely worth it if you join through Twisty's but for me I probably would not join it on it's own.

07-16-08  02:46pm

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Visit Blue Fantasies

Blue Fantasies

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of exclusive content (220+ models and most have multiple sets)
- Good sized pics with zip (1280 x 850)
- No DRM
- Excellent trial rate of $2.26 for 2 days through TBP
- Excellent search functions
Cons: - No picture download options, you only get one size
- Vids are only average and come in wmp and quicktime downloads at 640x480 with average download speeds
- Only 50 videos and most are short (under 8 minutes) and some have annoying music in them
- Pics only come in one size
Bottom Line: I joined this site as part of the TBP trial offer. I was generally impressed by the content at it appears to be almost all exclusive. It has a lot of porn stars and generally attractive women. You also get to link into Twisty's, Annette Dawn and the Twisty's clone sites as part of your bonus features.

The search function is very good. You can look up models, physical features, clothing, etc. for the sets. The site is pretty softcore, not much toys or lesbianism. The focus is mostly glamour shots.

I like the fact that Twisty's has added an exlusive glamour site. However, for my money the content is only above average. If you like pornstars or amateurs there are better sites with better content out there. The content isn't bad but it's a little too glamour for me. The lack of vids and general non high definition content also puts it back in the pack as well.

It's definitely worth the trial since you also get access to the Twisty's sites as well. I will note that I joined through epoch and I got an offer to stay a member for $9.99 per month.

07-16-08  02:26pm

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Visit NS All Access

NS All Access

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Hundreds of attractive porn star models in about 2800 sets (pics and vids each)
- Exclusive content
- Good TBP discount price of $15 month
- Access to 14 sites and some bonus material
- No DRM
- Newer vids come in at a decent size (640 x 480) with a stream rate over 1 mps
Cons: - Small pics (600 x 800 and oldest sets getting even smaller) with limited positions and most having less than 80 pics per set
- Older vids come in at 320 x 240 with a stream rate around 500 - 600 bps
- Navigation needs work
- Site gets repetitive
- Some sites have stopped updating
Bottom Line: I used to join this site about once a year and returned a few months ago after about 16 month abscence. What I found was that in terms of quality the network lags behind the pack.

The newer vids (over a 1000 of them) come in at the larger size but only in wmv and real formats but then the quality drops. The older vids are way too small and only come in scenes, not full movies.

For hardcore lovers, Newsensations, MrBiggz, POVfantasy and Jizzbomb are by far the best sites of the bunch. There is some set overlap between the sites but not much. The bonus material didn't really add anything to the network.

I like pictures and the photos only come in at 800 x 600 which is a shame given todays standards. The poses get repetitive and the hardcore content is limited to only a few different positions which tend to be the same from set to set. At 60 - 80 photos per set (the old stuff has even less) there just isn't enough.

The navigation needs work given that it doesn't list all the models in all the sites and after the posts move off the recent updates pagethere is no indication of when a set was posted -- if you've been a member before this is a real pain given the hundreds of models.

If you've never joined then the TBP discount probably makes it worth your while given the volume of material available. For me, I think I'm probably done coming back unless they seriously upgrade their quality.

06-05-08  05:14pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Excellent photography with photos in sizes going up to approx. 4000 x 3000 pixels.
- Newer vids go up 1280 x 720 pixels with good download speeds (older vids are 512 x 330)
- 1000+ very attractive models, many with multiple sets
- Multiple daily updates
- No DRM
Cons: - No model info
- Vids aren't as good as the photo sets
- Site gets a little dull and repetitive
- No hardcore or toys or penetration, a few very mild lesbian scenes
- Photo quality can vary a little with some of the larger photos being somewhat grainy
Bottom Line: As a photo lover I would have to rank Metart as the best solo model / softcore photo sites out there. The photos get insanely large (4000+ pixels - practically life size if you got a monitor that big) and the photography is mostly excellent. With multiple daily updates and over half a million pics no one can complain about a lack of quantity or quality for the most part.

I would have to say that the vids lag behind the photos and that the vids mostly parallel the photo sets in terms of content. Like other PU reviewers have noted, they need to expend a little more effort to boost their video quality.

As with Hegreart, the focus here is mostly on european girls and for some reason they can sometimes come across as a little "cold" although this isn't a major problem. I did find the site a bit repetitive given that the content is very softcore.

Overall, I would join primarily for the pics at this point although the newer vids are quite good in their quality. If the site got a little "edgier" with some toys or lesbian sets I would jump my score to about a 95. As is, I got a little too bored with the vast amounts of material so, for me, a 91 seems appropriate.

05-29-08  06:09pm

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Professional photography
- Over 500 hardcore scenes (all have pics and vids)
- High rez downloads for newer postings (up to 1800 pixels at a rate over 1 meg per second) and no DRM
- High rez pics (up to 2000 pixels but most at 1600) with zip available
- Only hardcore sex divided into 7 categories
- Model index and generally good navigation
- Good customer support
Cons: - Some content recycled through other DDF sites
- Older content is only average quality (standard sized .wmv downloads available only in sections and pics only at 800 x 600)
- Pics come up in a separate window
- No bonus content
- Download speeds can vary
Bottom Line: I am a big fan of Deny DeFranco and his DDF sites (1ByDay, Hotlegsandfeet) but had never joined here mostly due to a high fee. I noticed that the site is now $30 month and tried it.

First, the site is what it says. No solo or lesbian sets, everything is m/f sex in 7 categories.

The professionalism is first rate. No out of focus pics or shakey videos. The models are almost all European.

The newer sets, about 1/3, have the high quality download options in several download formats (wmv, dvx). The oldest material, about 1/3 again, can only be dowloaded in sections and only display around 440 x 250. I noticed that download speeds varied depending on the time of day but speeds were generally good.

The pics are very good with most being at 1600 pixels with S, M, and L options available. Most sets have around 120 pics. The newest pics in their largest size also have the actual photographic data from the shoot stored in them if you're into that.

My only disappointment with the site was that a fair number of sets here also appear on other DDF sites. One of the recent updates (site updates about 2 - 3 times a week) was a set I've had for years. If you're already a frequent visitor to the other DDF sites you might want to consider if you want to join here.

This is a great site if you like nonreality based hardcore. The only thing that could really be better would be more frequent updates and more original content. Overall, well worth the money

05-01-08  11:46pm

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Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

No Review.
04-25-08  02:49pm

Visit POV Network

POV Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to 5 sites
- In expensive trial ($5)
- Some high quality vids and OK photos
- No DRM
- Exclusive content
Cons: - Sites are poorly designed
- Sites stopped updating as of 1/08 with few updates prior to that
- Most sets are lower quality vids and pics
- No zip and only one photo size
- Many dead links
- Not a lot of content
- Admitted history of problems with sites by the webmaster
- Newer pics have large watermarks that sometimes obscure "the stuff"
Bottom Line: This one was pretty much like a bad trip down memory lane. If you remember what porn sites looked like 10 years with broken links, one size fits all vids and photos and minimal web design then you have this site.

I took the trial primarily for povporn.com There were about 30 to 40 girls there. Of those, about 12 had better pics (1020 x 660) as well as good quality vids. The rest had 800 x 600 pics with low quality vids that have to be downloaded in segments. Two other sites only had about a dozen sets each. The main emphasis of the network is on Petersgirls which had the most content but was almost all softcore. By the time I got there, I was pretty much "done" with the whole thing and didn't look at much.

I got a good laugh at the Lapdancegonebad.com website. None of the photo links worked and there 8 videos. The main page had about 24 months of updates. There were no updates on any of the page. Instead there were some webmaster postings dating back to 2006 trying to calm customer complaints about bad links, slow updates, etc. His excuse then was bad support staff and people taking advantage of him. The next month, though, he was bragging about he was going to build a porn empire and turned down a $1 million offer for all his content. Apparently, he "relaunched" in the summer of 2007 but the same problems seem to have continued.

Basically, this network is a waste of time even for the trial offer. Let's just say I took one for the team here.

04-21-08  06:47pm

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Visit Suze Video

Suze Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Expanded libary now (100s of videos each in several different categories)
- Lots of attractive models
- No DRM
- Good customer support
- Good unrestricted trial offer (when available)
- Professional camera work
Cons: - Download speeds a little slow
- Video quality is average at best
- Navigation could be better
Bottom Line: I recently did a review of suze.net (photos site only) and recently reupped for the combined suze.net and suzevideo.net. I'm limiting my review here to the videos.

I'm primarily into photos and didn't spend a lot of time with the videos. You have several download options in WMV format. I did note that the speeds were a little slow and you don't get hi res, just average video quality at best. For the most part, the women are attractive and the scenes are hot so that is the trade off.

Navigation is a but of a bummer for both sites. When you have years worth of material but can only jump 2 pages at time you think they would make paging easier.

In a nutshell, the videos arent' bad, the most recent videos are best. However, Suze and company started in the photography era and the photos are probably the best part of the site. Maybe this will change. I would probably stick to the trial offer when they advertise for one -- in my other review I noted that you have to hunt for their trials but they are out there.

04-17-08  04:25pm

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Visit All Inclusive Pass

All Inclusive Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Reasonable Trial Price
- 10 Site Access
- Generally Good Photo Quality
- No DRM
- OK video with various download features
- Exclusive content
Cons: - Limited Updates
- No zip on photos
- Slowish download speeds on videos
- Navigation could use improving
Bottom Line: The name of this site should be changed from "Allinclusivepass" to "Allwegotpass". I had been a member several years ago and after a computer crash I decided to come back to replace what I lost. Basically, the content was unchanged. Only about half the sites seemed to have any real updates in the last year and only 2 or 3 of the sites seemed to have any real regular updates. Most of the sites have around 20 sets to choose from, some more and some less.

There are some interesting niches with the "Sleepassault", "Motherdaughterfuck" and "Usemydaughter" sites but, again, the lack of quantity and updates hurts.

The photos come in at full screen or larger and are OK in quality. The vids are generally just OK.

I don't have much to say that Roseman didn't include in his review. So the bottom line is this: The material you get is fine for a trial membership but there isn't enough quantity, quality or updates to stick around for any length of time. Join once and you probably don't need to go back.

04-16-08  01:34pm

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