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Visit Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Huge content
*A truly network (18 sites)
*Fine and simple Design
*Easy navigation
*fast server(s)
*Beautiful euro-girls
Cons: *Only WMV format
*Use the old and heavy WMPlayer
*No individual photosets(only Silvia's site 1,300
pics aprox.w/different themes)
*Not found out recent video shooting or filmed
new vids.Recycling scenes from DVD's already
done in past years to updating
*No Zip files format
Bottom Line: In spite of all the cons I highly recommend this
network.Outstanding,besides Silvia:Devil's film;
Silverstone DVD site;Peter North with 3 sites:
mention this famous lucky stud Peter North and how many gorgeous euro-girls he has worked.
Tera Patricks site;White Ghetto or Squirtalicious
site.Also within these sites,you can find great
series as:Anal Teen Tryouts,Anal Addicts,Young
CreamPies and so on.
Aside you can't miss the memorable scenes by Silvia Saint with the first and best hardcore
performer Rocco S.on his own site.Hot series here
as Animal Trainer or Prague by Night.A lot of
>Info Silvia's pics=950*632 and 800*1023
-average quality-a bit blur.
>Other sites pics=screenshots 720*528 reg.quality.
Maybe I'm wrong but I couldn't see recent video
shooting,I mean 2009.
TIP:Better if you have fast connection-1MB or more 'cause Big Version size goes from 300 MB to 700 MB.especially Rocco's DVD.Don't worry there's a Small Version oF each scene from 35MB
to 180 MB.
As a network,exist weak sites with not cute girls or ugly ones.Suddenly you can find in any scene the Hollanders,Stylez,Wellins or the infamous Lee Stone,but nobody is perfect.
I asure you'll stay more than a month.

05-15-09  01:05pm

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *Big amount of euro girls
*No cheap or vulgar hardcore
*The best"horizontal"photos
*Excellent cameraman
*10 bonus sites in the first month
*Excellent manage in solos action
*Everyday updates
Cons: *Not a friendly site
*Frecuent OFFLINE
*Most bonus sites have ugly girls
*Same film sets in years
*The price
*No accept RESUME in DL
*A bit hard to find an especific girl
*Regular quality in videos
Bottom Line: I like this site.Two reasons:1.-Euro girls.2.-
They make hardcore in good taste.No spitting,No
gagging,No slapping all the time and don't try
to perforate the girl's mouth with the dick,as
the 90% of the USA porn industry does.BUT,I can't
see any improvement in almost 3 years.Just change
from avi to mp4 vids format in a regular quality.
I can't watch stream vids 'cause the codecs??
No mail when you join the site.No mail at all!
I lost 10 days without service due a Hacker's problem??They never did compensate the time.
The top 10 list is the same in years.SUSPICIOUS.
You don't know what happend w/your votes.There's
no feedback.A good one:They have an excellent
photographer and videographer.The "horizontal"
pics are really good!At present they announce
to renovate all the site and well...I'll see
that next year.Take long to review the 10 bonus
sites,just worth to recommend:"Asshole fever"and
"Lust for Anal".

06-28-08  05:55am

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Visit Ivy Summer

Ivy Summer

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Exclusivity
*Amount of photos
*includes 18 bonus sites
Cons: *No updates
*Mini video-clips
*Regular quality in video-clips
*Bad to regular quality in photoset.
*Expensive site
Bottom Line: Another spoiled girl looking for Fame and Fortune.
Photos Section:more than 5160 pics!in different
galleries.684*1024 size.Zip format.
Video-clips Section:7 videos!.Each one from 5 to 8 parts,4 min each part.Wmv. and Avi. formats.
No date of updates anywhere.Not even in each vid
or photoset.Non Nude site.Just Teasing.Ivy just
play and grabbing her hair or touch her legs and
lift her dress up.
MAIN PROBLEM:In the sites like this-that I know-
the webmasters call the girls "MODELS",but when
you see them in front of the camera,they doesn't
know how modeling:grab the dress or the lamp or
what's next?poor ladies.I think the webmasters
should be more serious with their jobs.This is
business.We pay for it.we deserve better products.

05-02-07  09:06pm

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Visit Felicity Fey

Felicity Fey

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Exclusivity
*Amount of photos
*Nice boobs
*Server:good speed (to downloads)
Cons: *Video-clips quality
*Reg.quality in photosets
*No entertainment
*No idea of modeling
Bottom Line: This site has the same format from the others
18 bonus sites,except Stormy Friday or Teen Travels though.
Photos Section:more than 6,000!pics-1024*682 size
in different galleries.Reg.quality.
Videos:43 video-clips,three parts each one with
3 mins.long mean.Avi.and Wmv.formats.Reg.to bad
quality.The videographer loose the focus and the
The MAIN PROBLEM:In all the porn sites that I
know-40 maybe-the webmasters call or name the girls "MODELS",well,in others are sluts or bitch-
es,but when you see all this girls like Felicity
-how many sisters she has?-I think they don't
know about modeling.Here she doesn't know what to
do with her hands,how to seat or walk,to grab the
lamp or the dress or what.Poor ladies.
HIGHLIGHTS:nice boobs

05-02-07  08:21pm

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Visit Kylie Teen

Kylie Teen

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Exclusivity
*Amount of photos
*Bonus sites (18 plus!)
*Mini video-clips
*difficult navigation
*Updates of video-clips
*any sections
Bottom Line: I did disappointment with this site.I've seen Kylie
Rochelle? since two years ago in other sites.She's
really hot!but in her own site,boring.Well,first:
*She has about 16,000 pics or more! 1024*682 size
in zip too.32 sets by month-launched March-04.
*Videos:34 sets,one each month.Each video in three
parts avg,each part last 3 min.avg. in Avi and Wmv
There's no instruccions to find the video-clips.
Although there's 18 sites more you can access
with the same membership,the price doesn't
worth it.
Every time I see Kylie is more fat,it's a shame
The last update in video-clips take 2 months long.
HIGHLIGHTS:A careless site from a careless girl.

05-02-07  07:28pm

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *Design
*Amount of content
*Sections or Features
*The camera man,the webmaster Robert
*Respectful,honest and pro with the girls.
*A serious site
Cons: *The price.A bit expensive
*Updates weekly
*Sometimes,girls are not too cute.
Bottom Line: This site is one of the most finest in the porn
bis.One of my favs.The quality is very important
issue.I always look for the excellent handle of
the camera in videos,and the webmaster is pretty
good.It's not easy to find good videographers.
Now I remember people like PixandVideos site or
Denys de F.in One by Day site,maybe the camera-man
in AssTraffic site.
Maybe this site is not the best one'cause there
isn't has hardcore-girl/boy- just girls,although
you can find kinky shoots or extreme insertions.
Highly recommended.Worth the price and wait for
surprise if you stay for the 2d.month.

03-29-07  02:30am

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Visit Sweet Denisa

Sweet Denisa

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Amount of photosets
* Denisa has 36 sets-100 pics each one!A lot!!
* Photo size=1168-1724 just this option.
* Zip file to DL the sets
* Live Camgirls Free
Cons: * 9 videos-9 mins avg.each one just WMV format
* All videos are old ones.
* Updates.They don't know what's that
* Sweet Marci site not even has videos,just photos.
* The rest 8 sites are the same.
Bottom Line: What more can I say? I've seen the videos from
Tiffany,Denisa,Suzanna and so on,many times in
other sites since 2004.Nothing new!!
AHH!BECAREFUL users with this:The publicity says:
Sweet Denisa,Sweet Tiffany,etc.are part of the
TeenDreams.com network,not exactly.I made a mis_
take,I click in this sites hoping to enter to
TeenDreams.They have the same price thanks to
TBP site to pay less in TeenDreams.If you want
enter to TD.com go directly!.I wrote to the web-
master of the TD site and told:no problema,just
pay for TD site and you'll have both??!!
Well,my money has flown.

03-29-07  01:49am

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Visit One Girl a Day

One Girl a Day

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: >Huge amount of beautiful eurogirls!
>Excellent videographer/cameraman(s)!
Cons: Just one:
>Videos Edition
Bottom Line: First of all-I know 1girl by day.com (said TBP is
cloned)with TM by DDF prod.But I've just seen 1by
day.com with different design(introd.,colors,etc.)
But I guess the content is the same.
Well,the main problem is the videos in parts.Since
2001 until 2005 the clips (2 mins.average)are Horrible!:cutted in the best moments of action;in
each one clip shows up the promo of the site-publicity-sometimes until 8 TIMES!
I understand Mr.Denys de F.is a vip person but this is bad taste.This site could be one of the
best in the porn world,just fix that stuff.
2006 and 2007 are getting better with 4 mins.in
each videoclip and we can find full-lenght Divx
format.I think the site worth the price
NOTE:Tryin'to be less subjective I used a 0 to
10 scale with 12 categories.

03-29-07  01:02am

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Visit ATK Premium

ATK Premium

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *Excellent work on design-structure
*Photosets of each girl(120-130 pics)
*Photos goes to 600 to 1500p.(you can select it)
*Europeans girls
*Photos updating
Cons: *Just Mpeg format video
*Update the videos in parts (several days)
*A bit expensive
*A bit slow-sometimes-in downloads
*The videographer!
Bottom Line: I enjoyed this site.You can go everywhere you want
in each page(design)but two things makes me think
twice on stay:the videos in parts-you need wait 3
or 4 days to complete the entire movie,and second:
the cameraman!He's clumsy to shoot the videos.
Interrupting the scene in hardcore with:"move the
leg" "look at the camera!!" or he shooted himself
in the mirrors set-oops?!!in close-ups loose the
focus and so on.It's a shame in this well-knowed
network.I'm not agree with kotatsu user in his re-
view said:"a few models" but 135 girls isn't
enough?.Could be a great site with 25% less in
its price and change the cameramen.

02-22-07  06:46pm

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Visit 18 Eighteen

18 Eighteen

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *exclusivity
*photo size 800*600 to 1000*1200
Cons: *navigation confuse
*poor quality in general
*videographer and edition in videos
*selling everywhere
Bottom Line: Seems to me,they sales magazines and had the idea
to upload a porn site.Of course there's a lot of
(poor)photos.They have a few sections.By example=
hardcore,but it has only TWO VIDEOS!!
-Think the main problem on videos is the camera-
man:loose the focus,staggering in the interviews,
in zoom-out you can see the lamps??The girls,well-
some almost get sleep in solo session and I almost
fall down from the chair too!!.They drops the dil-
do,hits their head with the sofa.oh my!
There's a thing called EDITION.
-Expensive site,could cost 50% less.
-Under your own risk.

02-22-07  06:08pm

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Visit Honey School

Honey School

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: In Honey School:
*A huge amount of photoset
*A huge amount of beautiful girls
*Updating almost daily basis
*Offers 4 more sites
*Offers 11 bonus sites (feed-No download videos)
Cons: *Many,many,many Photos
*3 of the main sites have the same photos and videos
*Exclusivity at 50%.
*Surfing could be heavy
*Too many video-clips to DL one full video
Bottom Line: I think Steve-the webmaster of this site-can improve
a lot his portal.Just put order on each page or site
in this package.Each girl with Photos and Videos if
they have.Which one belongs to what site:Pinkhoney,
Bulgarian o Hungarian honeys.In the member's page,
you can see the Models Index-WOW!!HUGE!What a gor-
geous girls (Models is a big name for this ladies)
but I couldn't find any videos,just pics and a ra-
ting for each one.Photos are good goes to 850-1280
to 1700-768p. 75 to 90 pics each set-girl.
The bonus sites well..I don't like streaming
videos.It's wasting my time waiting the buffer
load.What a drag!
As I told to the webmaster:If I look for good
photos -a real good ones- I can enter on free
I'll be waiting for the improvement'cause I'm
european girl's fan.

02-01-07  08:56pm

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Visit K Package Pass

K Package Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Exclusive content
-Very kinky action
-updating each 2 or 3 days (DVD Kscans site)
Cons: -Some girls doesn't have videos,just pics
-Quality?:A chair against the wall.A noise bed
-Need to download 10 to 26 miniclips (1.5 mins)
to get one scene
-Just WMV format
-some bonus sites updated Nov.06!
-No videos 'cause the girl "gone away of the set"!?
-Quality of photosets
Bottom Line: Captn.K says:This is an extreme even rude site.They like boastin and declare who get fucked by Puppet
Master? and who refuse the invitation? An example
could be better:Sandra Shine is one of the most beautiful and finest stars on porn work,as far as
I know,she does solos,lesb.,trios.No girl-boy hardcore.
Here,after a heavy work on her cookie:fingering,-
masturbation,fisting by an female"assistent",use-
the speculum to open wide the vagina and then in-
sert a lollipop by the speculum.Sandra was bleed-
ing internally(see the pics)the other girl gives the lollipop to lick it by Sandra cover with blood.They asked to Sandra use a special metal -
tool to open more up her ass,at last!!she refu-
sed the idea.Captn.K said:Never mind!"There's
a lot to fish in this european sea" This is the
glamorous studio??? Why Dorothy Black,Kata,Tiffany
Diamond and others have left the set?
I can reply:Thanks God,there's a lot of porn sites
in this Web sea"

01-31-07  09:58pm

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