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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Quality hi-def videos and photo sets.
Beautiful girls.
Fast downloads and works with my favourite DL manager.
Good navigation and organisation.
Girls on all sorts of machines.
Frequent updates.
Cool Iris support is very neat.
Cons: Not enough hardcore - site is mostly solo girl and girl-on-girl.
Hardcore content is same as on Hands on Hardcore, another DDF site so if you want just hardcore, you'd best give this site a miss.
Expensive for what's on offer.
Some old content is remastered, which in some cases is good, but it means less new content.
Bottom Line: For hardcore, I couldn't really recommend this site - after membership of Hands on Hardcore I was curious to see what this partner site had to offer and found myself somewhat disappointed.
If you're really into the girls then this site offers plenty of information, casting videos and Flash castings (something unique to this site).
Being able to browse photosets using CoolIris is a bonus, though I couldn't get it working in IE, just Firefox.
If you love girls with toys, solo girls and girl-on-girl action, then you'll love this site, but for pure hardcore girl-on-guy(s) action, stick with Hands on Hardcore.

10-09-08  03:33pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Very good value at $14.99 per month for PU members.
Lots of content covering a wide range of mostly Euro porn, including lez, solo and trannie.
Lots of beautiful girls, mostly natural with not so many boob jobs to be found.
Generally high-quality professionally done content with good angles and lighting.
Content can be streamed and navigated using scene film-strip thumbnails - great for previewing before deciding to download.
Fast download speeds (I was getting around 5Mbit/sec average on my 50Mbit broadband connection) and works with download managers.
Good navigation and site design (although see cons below) with the ability to filter the lists of scenes and models by tag and can also filter by network name.
My Favorites facility allows you to keep a list of favourite scenes and favourite models.
Fast download speeds (I was getting around 5Mbit/sec average on my 50Mbit broadband connection) and works with download managers.
Home page shows remaining membership period to nearest hour.
Cons: Cross-selling each time you log-in gets a bit annoying.
Not all content is included, everything in 21Sextreme and 21Naturals networks is extra.
Some of the sites are dead with no updates for a long time.
File names are just a number, though video files do have the resolution/size (1080, 720, 540 etc) as a suffix in the filename.
The search facility returns matching items in a drop-down list that updates as you type so you can't see all matches at once and isn't usable if you're using a mobile device. It would be better if the search allowed you to just type in part of a model name or a scene name and then present the matches in a list of models and/or scenes for you to browse and click.
Some older content is available in 540p only, with no HD option. Also, some HD content is only available as 1080p with no 720p, which is a pain for those happy with 720p who don't relish filling up their hard drives with 1080p content.
Bottom Line: For me this site was an itch waiting to be scratched - so many of my fave Eurobabes on this site and more I didn't know about, the PU member discount meant that I just had to try it out. With all that content and limited time, I basically just searched for my favourite porn stars, browsed their scenes and just worked from there, looking at the recommendations and suggestions that I guess were generated from my favourites and likes. I also used the tags to search for stuff like "brunette lingerie" in order to find brunettes in stockings, for example. The site navigation is generally very good, but some pages showed scenes from earlier pages and the tags aren't always consistent.

A request to 21Sextury: please add "stockings" to the list of tags to filter by. Also, allow users to remove tags that don't apply to a model or scene, that way the tags will become more accurate.

There's lots of anal and DP on this site so if you're a fan then you'll be very happy, otherwise you won't, but it is worth saying that in most boy-girl scenes, the guy nearly always ends up fucking the girl's asshole after he's fucked her mouth and pussy. I don't mind anal and DP but if you dislike it then this site may not be for you.

For downloading content, FireFox with DownThemAll add-in worked perfectly for me with simple right-clicking on download links.

HD content downloads available at 1920x1080p and 1280x720p, with standard-def 960x540p - all with no download limit.

Can also download content for mobile devices at 480p and 272p and full site works well enough to be usable on a smartphone.

The credits system allows you to buy some content for keeps and you get given some credits as a loyalty thing, a month membership of this site earned me over 300 credits, enough to buy a few interviews with models scenes - great if you like free stuff.

Billing option includes PayPal which makes cancelling easier. You still have access to the site when membership expires, you just can't view content without paying.

Overall a great site that's well worth the price.

05-26-15  05:59am

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Visit Asshole Fever

Asshole Fever

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-14-09  08:37am  (Update History)
Reason: Access to major new content at end of membership period
Pros: Lots of beautiful girls.
High quality pics and video - anal and DP.
Good download speeds.
Decent site navigation by model name and by content date.
Lots of (exclusive) content.
Free access to other sites when membership is more than one month.
Cons: Content is a bit same-y and a bit rough - I get the impression that the women are getting pounded rather than fucked (if that makes any sense).
The preamble to the action is too long and boring - I'm not interested in seeing a girl writhe about playing with herself for 5-10 minutes before the real action.
Not enough sexy lingerie for my liking - only a few scenes have the girls wearing stockings for example.
Quite a number of the girls have fake boobs, fake lips and too many tattoos.
No search facility but then that isn't a major drawback for this site.
Bottom Line: I was drawn to this site because of my current favourite pornstars, Morgan Moon and Alexa May, who feature in some of the content.
If you like watching anal and DP and rough hardcore sex, then this site is for you but I wouldn't be in a hurry to renew my subscription soon.
The website itself is good quality and easy to use, it's fast and download speeds are good.

I previously rated this site at 75% but have increased it to 82% after my 1 month membership seemed to have been extended by a few days (dunno why) and so I got access to all the network sites including DP Fanatics and Fasscination which are very good - plenty of the hottest girls in sexy lingerie taking it from one or more guys, with plenty of creampie too.

09-24-09  02:16am

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Visit Ben Dover

Ben Dover

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Original exclusive full-length content.
720x540 or 720x576 2.2Mbps WMV video so good quality.
Some very attractive girls.
Regular updates.
Easy to use site.
Cons: Very expensive for not a huge amount of content.
The storyline leading up to the action is sometimes far too long.
Very basic navigation.
No screencaps from the clip - the trailer clips (where available) show the first 4-5 mins of the clip so are useless for getting an overview of the scene so it's difficult to decide whether or not to DL. How much extra effort would a few screencaps take?
Some girls not exactly model quality, but obviously this is my personal taste and opinion.
Some of the videos are 5.4Mbps bitrate which is more than twice as much as required for the video size, and just makes for an unnecessarily bigger file - still, better than being too low a bitrate I guess.
Updates only weekly.
Bottom Line: This is basically a reality site where Brit-cheeky-chappie Ben Dover chats to a girl and charms her into coming to his studio for a bit of hardcore sex with one (or sometimes more) his mates. Girls sometimes wearing sexy lingerie and stockings.
There are a few international porn stars and European girls but mostly British girls, including a few Indian and black ladies.
Some very hot scenes, esp. Alex, Sarah and Amber, and Christina.
Typical hardcore scenes with some anal and few DP, even a few pissing scenes.
Videos mostly finish with cum on the girl's face though some end cumming on pussy and ass - no creampie that I could see though.
Don't think I'd sign up again as there's too little on offer for too much money and the lack of info such as screencaps on each scene does put me right off.

11-01-11  06:39am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Hot girls, especially if you like big boobs.
Fairly quick download speeds.
Good range of download formats and options - you can download clips, watch streamed or download the whole movie in a number of formats, including mobile devices.
Easy navigation and good feedback facilities.
Cons: Lots of fake boobs, some badly done.
Not a lot of variety of positions or cumshots.
Download speeds sometimes fluctuate to slow speeds.
Video quality/size could be bigger - no hi-def.
Older videos very small and not great quality.
Cancelling membership wasn't that straightforward.
Bottom Line: I'd been thinking of joining Brazzers after following a link from PU and seeing a few of the trailers: Rachel Starr's Doctor Adventures clip had me curious, but not enough to make me want to sign up for the full membership price - I'm not especially a fan of big boobs. Then I came across the 9.99 special offer...
I found of lot of girls and movies that I liked, but the site could do with larger-format videos - 640x480 isn't enough. Also there's very little anal and not enough stockings for me.
If you like MILFs and big boobs, you'll love Brazzers.

07-19-08  12:20am

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Visit Cony's Girls

Cony's Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Easy site navigation with option of hi-def videos.
Latest videos are great quality, particularly the hi-definition ones, though the non-hi-def vids are very good and big enough unless you have a huge screen.
Variety of very sexy and attractive girls (mostly Eastern European) wearing nice lingerie.
Great quality BJs and cum-shots.
The reality feel adds to the "turn-on" factor.
Reasonably priced.
Cons: Earlier videos aren't great quality and earlier girls not that attractive.
Videos a bit samey with not much variety of positions - a bit of spooning, more doggie and cum-on-face would be an improvement, as would some cum-in-mouth, but I guess that depends on the girl's willingness.
Except in very few cases, we never get to see the girl's faces nor a whole shot of their bodies whilst being fucked, just a static-position shot of the girl's pussy being penetrated.
Little or no sound.
Bottom Line: I joined this site a few years ago and was disappointed. Things are much better this time around but there's still a lot of room for improvement. Cony could do with a dedicated cameraman to film the girls getting fucked and we could do with hearing the sound of the girls too.
The sight of a girl's tits and face whilst being fucked would make a great difference to this site as would more variety in positions - I'm not talking porn-star acrobatics, just more doggie, spoon and reverse cow-girl, but then I guess that depends on what the girl's are willing to do.
Overall a site that to me, is about worth the money.

A few of the newer videos do feature a full-length shot of the girl being shagged though the man himself does his best to ensure his face isn't seen. Also a bit of spooning but a close-up rather than full-length, but generally the newer stuff has more variety.

07-14-07  07:26am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: 1. Hi-res high quality complete WMV videos
2. Beautiful girls/great bodies
3. Good variety and plenty of great scenes
4. Some great camera angles and cum shots in almost every orifice
5. Plenty of great content
Cons: 1. Navigation a bit dodgy in places, esp. when browsing complete series
2. Most download managers don't work with the sites.
3. In one movie, a gorgeous brunette (Suzie?) is wearing stockings and looks sooo hot, but cut to the BJ scene and she's taken them off! Still a hot movie but could've been better had the stockings stayed on!
4. Sites sometimes slow esp. when logging on
5. Some content not exclusive but then the videos found here are better quality and longer than elsewhere.
Bottom Line: Great site overall - highly recommended.

Recently joined this site again for a month and wow!
There's loads of updated content whose quality has improved with loads of hot new movies and loads more girls wearing stockings (which especially turns me on) and loads more girls taking it, ahem, inside rather than on the face and tits.

03-14-07  03:58pm

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Visit Dream Stash

Dream Stash

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some very hot girl-next-door type euro-babes that I've also seen on other pay-sites.
Mostly POV if you're particularly into that - some very good close ups of the girl's faces contorted with pleasure as they're riding the guy.
Cons: No photos.
Not great vid quality for most videos - quite small.
Scenes and positions a bit samey - all 1-on-1.
Expensive for what's on offer.
Bottom Line: Amateur-sex styled site with hot Eastern European girls in usual positions with a guy holding the video camera or mounting it on a tripod. One thing I never saw there was an 69, spoon or the guy giving oral.
Probably wouldn't visit again and if so, would leave it a year.
Probably only worth $9.99 per month.

01-27-07  02:06am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Beautiful girls and hot scenes.
+Mostly French girls but some US and other European.
+Exclusive content and loads of it, with 5 updates per week.
+Variety of scenes/genres - boy-girl, girls-on-boy, boys-on-girl, group sex, lesbian, solo girl.
+Plenty of anal, DP, DV, fisting, toys etc.
+Good camera work and photos.
+Range of video formats - HD720, DIVX, MPEG, Quicktime, Windows Media and iPod.
+Can be downloaded or streamed with no download limits.
+Photosets are downloaded as ZIP files.
+Good download speeds (but see cons) and you can use a download manager.
+Fairly good navigation though it could be easier and the site less cramped.
+Easy management of subscription.
Cons: -The site layout is a bit cramped for my taste - from the navigation on the preview site, you'd expect the paid site to be the same but it's not and for the money I'd expect a better laid-out site.
-Streaming can't be fast-forwarded.
-DL speed with Firefox download manager is only 1MB/s, but over 3Mb/s using DownThemAll add-in, so I strongly advise using that or another download manager.
-Older content is DIVX maximum size 720x576 and even older content is just 320x240.
-If you're not a fan of condoms then you won't like this site as the guys are almost always wearing one for penetration (not great for the scene but great for the health and wellbeing of the performers).
-Cumshots are generally average though there are a few good ones.
-No PU member discount
Bottom Line: This site is mostly young French women having sex with one or more guys, in nearly all cases, if a cock goes into the girl's pussy, it'll also go into her ass for much of the scene so it you like anal you'll like this site.
If there are two guys on the girl then they'll almost certainly DP her or even stick two cocks into her pussy, so DP lovers will enjoy the content, but if there's only one guy then in some scenes he'll fuck her ass whilst she simultaneously fucks herself with a dildo do there's DP even then.
One thing I didn't see at all was any creampie, but given the widespread condom use, that's to be expected I guess, though a few scenes have the guys cumming on the girl's pussy.
The use of condoms may put some people off but I didn't mind it - their use seems to be the standard policy for this site: in one scene with Gina Summers, she asks if the guy can fuck her without a condom but the guy tells her that the boss insists on performers using them.
Many of the videos show the scene being set-up by the director before the action begins.
Some of the girls are quite exotic - I'll leave you to check them out.
Some videos are just making-of or behind-the-scenes videos which may interest some people.
Download speeds are a bit disappointing unless you use a download manager, I used Firefox and DownThemAll add-in to get about 4MB/s download speeds.
The site claims to have 1622 videos and 130444 photos with 5 updates per week.
Overall a good site with great content for the money and well worth a look, though I still feel that navigation and site usability needs improvement.

07-13-14  03:28am

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Great quality HDV (>4000K) videos with various formats and hi-res photo-sets with no DRM - can be downloaded with my favourite DL manager and download speeds are good (>200KB/s on my 2MBit ADSL connection).
2. Great mix of gorgeous European girls doing all sorts of things, some wearing very nice lingerie/stockings.
3. Good variety of hardcore scenes, anal, DP, gang-bang, 2-on-1, all the usual positions and some great ATM, cum-shots and cream-pie.
4. Non-member site tour allows you to browse the model directory and see their scenes.
5. Good site navigation.
6. Can send feedback about what you'd like to see in future releases.
Cons: 1. Photo-sets aren't always the same as the videos, but that's a minor gripe.
2. The HDV videos require a pretty powerful PC to view so you might need to upgrade your system.
3. Many of the scenes are a bit samey but then again, you might like that - I did, after all, it is plainly a hardcore site. It certainly doesn't detract from this site's appeal.
4. Some of the latest video content has been regurgitated from older content - more on this below.
5. Content is not all exclusive - some content is shared with "1 By Day" and other DDF partner sites.
Bottom Line: For me, an excellent site that's well worth the money. It is what it says it is - a hardcore site with very little girl-on-girl action, mostly guys fucking girls and cumming on or in them.
Since my last review it has improved somewhat, with more single hi-def video clips and less of the smaller clips which made up the older content.
One thing I did notice (and that seemed a bit crafty) is that new content is actually old content "refactored" into single hi-def video clips.
I last visited this site over 2 years ago and it has improved, so I've increased my previous 95 score to 97. I'm a real brunette and stockings fan so if I saw more of that I'd be scoring this site 99.
DDF Productions - take note, and keep up the great work.

09-05-08  03:36pm

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Great quality videos (some HDV) and stills with no DRM - can be downloaded using a DL manager.
Great mix of gorgeous mostly European girls doing all sorts of things, some wearing very nice lingerie/stockings.
Good variety of hardcore scenes, anal, DP, gang-bang, 2-on-1, lesbian, all the usual positions.
Non-member site tour allows you to browse the model directory and see their scenes.
Good site navigation.
Cons: Stills aren't always exactly the same as the videos.
Non HDV videos are split into 2-3 minute clips.
The HDV vids require a very powerful PC to view.
Many of the scenes are a bit samey but then again, you might like that - I did. It certainly doesn't seriously detract from this sites appeal.
Some of the content is not exclusive even though the the site claims it is. Some vids are shared with "1 By Day" partner site
Bottom Line: For me, an excellent site well worth the money. My particular favourites were Mercedesz (very alluring - shame only one scene), Lis, Katie Karo and Jennifer S. The stand-out scene for me is Taylor (cute and sexy in dark stockings) getting it from two studs in every hole, ending with a bucketload of jizz in and on her ass, then a close-up of a nice load dumped on her face.

01-13-07  02:25am

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Visit Harsh Handjobs

Harsh Handjobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The theme of the content is ladies who are pissed off with the guy lying on the bed in front of them who decide to punish him by slapping and punching his cock whilst giving a handjob.
Reasons for being pissed off include her catching him watching porn, the girl who feels she isn't getting enough of his attention, he insults her appearance, etc etc.
Some very attractive girls, mostly British with an attitude which suits this site's theme.
Good download speeds.
Good quality 1280x720 video at 3+ Mbps bitrate.
Original and exclusive content.
Trial period provides full access but beware sell-ons to other sites that you must untick in the joining page.
Cons: No search facility - very basic navigation.
Some not so attractive girls, but that's my opinion and everyone has their own taste.
Limited content - didn't take me very long to search through all the content and settle on what I liked the most.
No PU discount and quite expensive, though 3 day trial is full-featured.
Bottom Line: Provides what is says - hand jobs with attitude from pissed-off girls, some young, some older, some wearing lingerie and stockings, some fully clothed, some naked, some topless, but all have attitude and give the cock a good slapping around until the guy cums and the girl is disgusted and walks off.

It's a good site though I'd like to have seen a bit of sucking too, but then I guess the site would then be a blowjob rather than a handjob site.

09-19-11  07:48am

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Visit Jim Slip

Jim Slip

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-23-14  03:33am  (Update History)
Reason: Update on video quality added to Bottom Line section - couldn't fit it in Cons section
Pros: Exclusive content.
Fast download speeds (for the 720p content at least) - I was getting at least 4MB/s reported by my download manager.
Includes photosets which can be downloaded as ZIP file.
Good selection of models though mostly East European - some are very hot and some are well-known porn stars.
Some girl-on-girl action courtesy of Lara who also has her own site include here and content where she's getting it on with boys (other than Jim) and girls.
Plenty of anal (though no DP) with a few scenes of guys cumming in Lara's ass.
Cons: Some older content is split into multiple files rather than just one large single file.
Some of the older content is only available at a maximum 320x240 resolution.
Some of the girls aren't that attractive though that's a matter of individual taste.
You may get bored with seeing only Jim as in the scenes, same could be said for Lara though she is a hot MILF.
The inclusion of the very small video sizes seems a bit pointless in this day and age.
This is my own personal taste but I found the wearing of loose suspender-stockings a bit of a turn-off sometimes, because the loose stocking bunches up under bent knees - not a good look for my taste, it's much better when the models wear hold-up stockings as some of the eurobabes do.
The scenes are all one guy doing the fucking, there's no guys on girl action here, with the exception of a few videos on Lara's site where she's banged by more than one guy.
Jim's cum shots aren't that great but then he is getting on a bit I guess.
Bottom Line: The general format of the videos is that Jim and his wife Lara cast porn starlets, they meet and chat, sometimes Lara does a bit of lesbian action on the girl to warm things up before Jim takes over (sometimes after the girl has changed into a sexy outfit with stockings) and fucks her, with Lara (operating the camera) sometimes joining in - the scenes often finish with a 69 and Jim cumming on the girl's hand/face/tits/mouth whilst he eats her pussy. In some clips he comes on or in her ass. I didn't see any clips where he cums inside her pussy.
Most of the girls are very attractive and a few are recognisable from other sites (Jane F, Sahara Knite to name but a few), but given that most of the girls are East European, there aren't many "UK Street Sluts" as proclaimed on the website banner.
I counted 622 clips on the main site so there's plenty of content, though much of it will be smaller video sizes (320x240) as not all is available as 720p or 1080p.
It's a good site but updates aren't that frequent and something needs to be done about the older low-resolution content - it needs remastering to at least 640x480 or preferably higher.
I've edited this review because in the past few weeks updates have a bit of a problem with video quality: it's not so bad that the videos aren't watchable but there's some serious combing/interlacing that's most visible when there's movement in a scene. Take a look at these cropped screen captures to see what I mean - http://pimpandhost.com/album/3115098-vid_quality.html

04-23-14  06:55am

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Visit My Clips 4 You

My Clips 4 You

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive amateur content, some of it very hot.
Fast download speeds.
Purchasing clips is easy.
Good quality content but not porn studio levels of quality.
Video preview on some clips but not all.
Purchase history is available for your account.
Cons: Expensive - price of clips works out at a bit over 1 euro per minute of content.
Purchases must be downloaded within 48 hrs of purchase.
Navigation isn't that great, very basic but can search for performer, category or by search keywords.
Video size only 640x480 for clips that I purchased, though other clips may be larger or HD.
No photos as far as I could see.
No video previews on many clips, just 4-6 screenshots.
Little or no info about the performers other than a list of their clips. No way of contacting a performer - a missed opportunity perhaps?
Bottom Line: I came across this site whilst searching for a performer whose video I'd come across previously.
It isn't a site where you pay for membership and consume all you want, but is a clips site where you browse and purchase what you like, then download it.
From the content and performers, I'd guess this is a German site and some of the performers look very hot.
From the site's FAQs:
"MyClips4you.com is an online shop for exclusive video clips. All video clips on this site are created by amateurs. Browse through our collection and select only the clips that interest you"
You don't need to pay to sign up and you can access the full site without being a member.
If you like amateur content you'll enjoy this site but you'll need deep pockets to buy the content.
As I mentioned it's quite expensive but you can preview either video or stills from the clip before purchase.
The site is very simple and pretty basic, but it does the job.
I've bought all the clips I want from this site for now, I probably won't be checking it out for a long while, but I do recommend it to those who like amateur content.
For anyone interested in submitting their own clips, I couldn't find any way of submitting clips to the site, so if you're a budding amateur porn producer, you'll probably need to email the site for more info (if any).

09-07-14  07:34am

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Beautiful Euro girls - no sign of any pornstars or other-site regulars.
Appears to be exclusive content.
Daily updates.
Hi-res WMV videos (4000K) and photos (photo-sets are different scenes from videos).
Choice of video download sizes.
No DRM or download limits.
Works with my download manager.
Simple site layout and navigation.
Cons: More group action needed: only one 2-b-on-1-g video with DP.
Scenes a bit samey: the h/c stuff is 1-on-1 on bed/couch, usual positions ending with cum in/on face, with exception of one cum on ass.
Doesn't work with some popular download managers such as NetTransport.
Bottom Line: I'm trying hard to be objective about this site and to give it a fair review.

For first time members, it's a great site that lives up to it's name but for me definitely needs more hardcore - more anal, DP, 2-on-1, group and creampie.

I'd like to see more stockings.

I know I've moaned about the videos being samey but I like the "usual positions", though there are quite a few more positions I'd like to see (sex standing up, more doggie, standing-69) plus more variety of camera angles. The close-ups of penetration last too long for my liking sometimes.

I was previously a member of this site around 3 years ago and since then there's very little new hardcore content, and the h/c added this year and last year is mostly upgraded "old" content.

If you're a fan of solo and girl-girl action then you'll love this site and keep coming back to it regularly. I came back to it 'cos I was curious to see if my favourite girls had anything new since 3 years ago, but sadly very little.

If you like your content to be hardcore rather than softcore, you'll probably join up once, download lots of great content and then not come back for a very long time.

Latest update two weeks into current membership:
no hardcore updates at all since I joined, this is definitely more a softcore site now

03-21-10  09:47am

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Beautiful Eastern-euro girls - no sign of any pornstars or other-site regulars.
Appears to be exclusive content.
Daily updates.
Hi-res WMV videos (4000K) and photos (photo-sets are different scenes from videos).
Choice of video download sizes.
No DRM or download limits.
Works with my download manager.
Cons: Site mostly solo masturbation, followed by g-g then b-g hardcore (latter is about 10% of content).
More group action needed: only one 2-b-on-1-g video with DP.
Scenes a bit samey: the h/c stuff is 1-on-1 on bed/couch, usual positions ending with cum in/on face, with exception of one cum on ass.
Doesn't work with some popular download managers such as NetTransport.
Download speeds slowed right down to around 50K/sec for some periods but on average around 200K on my 2Mbit connect
Bottom Line: A great site that lives up to it's name but for me definitely needs more hardcore - more anal, DP, 2-on-1, group and creampie.
I'd like to see more ass and stockings before I'd visit again.
I know I've moaned about the videos being samey but I like the "usual positions", though there are quite a few more positions I'd like to see (sex standing up, more doggie, standing-69) plus more variety of camera angles and close-ups of penetration.
Note that the TBP review incorrectly states price as dollars but is euros - make sure you join via the review link from TBP to get a month for Euro19.99
Overall a great site that will hopefullly improve.

Had hoped for improvements but still not enough b-g action. Between 15th Jan and 26th Jan there were 24 updates, well, 12 pairs of vids/photos. Of these just 1 pair is b-g, 9 are solo, and 2 are g-g. Not enough h/c b-g for me so I probably won't be back. A shame as the videos are great quality.

11-21-07  11:27pm

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Visit Ox Pass

Ox Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some gorgeous women here, a good mix of young and a bit older with not too much emphasis on glamour.
Works with my favourite download manager.
Plenty of content across lots of sites.
Episodes are date-stamped so you can pick-up where you left off on rejoining.
The "reality porn" concept works really well in some scenes.
Cons: Many of the videos (particularly in BangBus) are far too long and thus get boring.
The guy doing the voice-overs in the BB vids is annoying.
A lot of the vids aren't great quality.
Not a lot of variety of positions in a lot of the content.
Girls clearly aren't amateurs or first-timers.
Navigation a bit hit and miss sometimes.
Content spread across too many sites.
Bottom Line: A fairly good site with some beautiful women and some great scenes but I doubt I'll be a regular visitor in future, unless of course, things change for the better.
Reality-porn fans will like BangBus though.

07-13-07  11:41pm

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Visit Peter North

Peter North

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Plenty of hardcore, BJs, anal, DP, teen etc
Reasonable video quality (2.11 Mb/s, 720 x 528) and good download speeds (but see cons)
Good quality content but non-exclusive - also seen vids on DevilsFilm
Cheap monthly membership via PU link.
Variety of download/viewing options including screencaps.
Cons: Downloads unreliable - two thirds of those I queued up failed - big hassle having to get the page referer from my d/l manager and browse back to the page.
Not much story or plot, just straight down to the sex and cumshot, which is fine by me but others might like more build-up
Bottom Line: A site worth visiting but I wouldn't be back too often myself.
The depth of this review probably gives an indication of what I thought of it, but there's not much else to say other than there's decent hardcore, the videos are a pretty good balance between video quality and file size.
Recommended for when you've exhausted all the other good hardcore sites and are looking fo something new, provided you haven't already been a member of the partner sites.

04-06-10  07:44am

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Visit Private Speed

Private Speed

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: You can choose from a huge range of videos from the Private collection
That's about it!
Cons: Not very hi-res and time-limited
Very expensive for what you get
Streaming movies option isn't much use
Uses DRM - cannot download and watch indefinitely
Bottom Line: Much better options out there for porn movies unless you're an absolute fan of Private movies and pornstars

06-16-07  05:38am

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Visit Pure CFNM


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The premise of this site is groups of sexily-clothed females and one (or two) guy ending up geting stripped naked, with the girls wanking off the guy(s) and having a laugh at the guy whilst doing so, but some scenes feature blowjobs or full sex.
Attractive models, some wearing lingerie, some young, some a little older but all girls with sexy attitude, showing teasing bits of cleavage and legs/ass.
Decent video quality 856x480 and 3Mbps quality, but not HD.
Reasonable download speeds.
Easy to navigate.
Forums allow you to discuss content and suggest scenes - this is a great way of involving members.
Photo sets for each scene.
Includes membership of two other smaller sites, Girls Abuse Guys and Hey Little Dick.
Quite a bit of content - over 300 scenes.
Cons: Some video quality is quite poor at low 800kbps bitrate with interlacing, so much so, that in some parts of a video, the girl's hand wanking the cock can't be seen as it becomes a blur of horizontal lines. Some content is only at 512x290.
Expensive regional billing.
No search facility and very basic navigation.
Scenes are ordered according to date added.
Model list is not alphabetically indexed, making it more difficult to find a model, though scenes for a particular model are listed under her details.
Model info for the scene isn't hyperlinked and doesn't tally with the model index, e.g. one scene mentions Kelly as the actress but there is no such Kelly in the model index.
Bottom Line: Mostly handjobs in this site but a few BJs and full sex in some scenes.
The girls keep their clothes on but in some scenes they unbutton or remove their tops to reveal their breasts in a teasing way in order to get the guy to cum.
The guys are quite timid but one guy stands out as also being quite comical in his timidity.
If you enjoy the fantasy of a woman taking control and getting you off, then this site is for you.

09-19-11  08:22am

Replies (2)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Plenty of sites to choose from and it's fairly cheap.
Lots of pretty girls though quite a few are regular stars on other network's porn sites.
No download limits.
Works well with my download manager.
Straightforward navigation and browsing.
Photo sets provided as zip files.
Cons: The only good sites are Cum Fiesta and Mike's Apartment, perhaps followed by 8th Street Latinas and Milf Hunter (if you like 'em more mature with bad boob jobs).
Overall video quality is reasonable at best - older clips are split into 3 or more files and aren't great at 350x240; newer clips are 480x360 split files and the very latest are 720x480 in one file.
Quite a few photo sets seem padded out with too many similar pics e.g. final 20-30 pics of the set are the girl's face just after the cum shot with little difference between each pic.
Very little 2-on-1.
Bottom Line: Not a bad network of sites but in comparison with the competition, they're about 3 years behind in terms of video quality.
I don't know why sites don't remaster/recode the older videos to bring their quality up to date with the latest updates but in this day of HDV sites, the older vids here are only really fit for viewing on mobile devices.
Some may argue that the less than great quality videos adds to their reality feel - a fair point, but one that's lost on me.
For me, the stand-outs here are Cum Fiesta and Mike's Apartment, the other sites didn't do that much for me.
It's 5 bucks cheaper that most sites but then I might be willing to pay the bit extra for better quality if that what it takes.
The actual quality shown in the previews of some porn sites actually matches their content, but that's not the case with the RK sites, so I probably won't be back anytime soon.

03-09-08  03:53am

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Visit Seska


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Beautiful girl, petite and very sexy, seems like she's having a great time fucking, sucking and licking with her partner and friends, both male and female. Great attitude.
Looks great in dark stockings, particularly when getting fucked doggie-style or reverse-cowgirl by guy or girl.
Amateur sex quite refreshing compared with hardcore sites.
No download limits or DRM.
Trial subscription is not limited.
Cons: Limited content.
Videos are 1-2 minute clips of 320x240 mpegs so not great quality but fine for your i-Pod/mobile phone.
Pics aren't very high res.
Sex is with the same few guys (her hubby and a friend) and gals.
Bottom Line: A fairly good site that you'd visit once or at most twice, some decent content though nothing really hardcore, but hey, she ain't that kinda gal.
I'd say it's priced about right but I couldn't see myself taking out a month subscription - there's just not enough content or quality.
Definitely a site worth visiting once in a very long while (I took out a month subscription about 4 years ago).
Judging from the site's content, Seska definitely seems like someone it'd be a pleasure to meet personally and hang out with, and not just because she's really hot ;)

08-29-08  04:39pm

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Visit Sssh.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good value for money.
- Nicely laid out site.
- Latest videos are good quality 1280x720 HD though older content is much smaller.
- Photo sets are large and good quality.
- Access to hardcore content if desired (a separate site). The hardcore stuff is more conventional and aimed at guys, all are either 1280 or 1920 HD.
- More than just a porn site, also provides lots of sex-related information to help couples spice up their sex lives.
Cons: - Navigation could be better - not very organised and little or no information about older content, when it was added, etc. In fact I'm not sure that much older content is still on the site.
- Older content is 640x480 (or 360) resolution.
- Content is mostly streamed, very few direct download videos, though there are ways of capturing the streamed video to a file using browser add-ins.
- You have to navigate to the "Old Menu" to get at the older content and the hardcore content.
Bottom Line: First up, this is a porn site aimed at women and couples, so it's tricky site to objectively review because it's more than just a porn site, it's also a sex information site that includes porn aimed at women as well as men. The main movies content doesn't feature the guy cumming on the girl's face or in her mouth, in fact cumshots are rare though the couples do "climax".

With all the information this site provides, it can be a useful tool to help couples spice up their sex lives.

If you're looking for something different to the usual male-oriented porn then this site is worth a look, but having said that I probably wouldn't join again unless my wife expressed an interest in watching porn.

03-11-14  08:09am

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Visit Thai Chix

Thai Chix

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good if you like Asian hardcore and softcore.
Mixture of scenes - bg, solo, lesbian.
Decent enough video quality though not hi-def - videos are around 720x480 and 600x400 WMV and older clips are 350x240 mpeg, though many of the newer solo videos are hi-def 1080p.
Videos can be DL'ed or streamed.
Decent enough navigation with search facility.
Photo libraries can be downloaded as ZIP files.
Messageboard/forum is quite unique.
Clean site layout.
Fast DL speeds.
Also offers streaming video clips which aren't downloadable.
Cons: Not all girls are Thai, many US models and some of the girls are Thai at a very long stretch of the imagination.
Older videos are not great quality.
Very basic navigation, see screen shots:

Very little info about each video, no screencaps so no choice but to DL or stream it to see what it's like.
Search facility is quite poor - searching for a particular girl doesn't always bring you to her content.
Picture sets and video content are entirely different - if you see some pics you like, you can't watch the accompanying video 'cos there ain't one.
Bottom Line: Not really a Thai girl porn site and not a bad site but not a great one either, I was attracted by the possibility of content from my favourite Asian porn star but alas there was very little of her in here so I'm possibly a little negatively-biased.
I joined on the 10 day trial (there's a 4 day available too) but cancelled it after spending less than an hour on this site.
Other Asian/Thai sites seem to have better quality content and seem better organised with regard to previews and navigation.

03-17-11  02:13pm

Replies (5)
Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Huge choice of videos going back over 5 years sourced from the best mainstream studios.
Frequent updates.
Excellent range and selection of gorgeous girls and styles.
Great variety of video formats, bitrates and sizes including mobile devices.
Streaming video works very well with excellent navigation.
Older content has been recoded to the highest bit rate of the latest videos - many other sites don't bother to do this.
Excellent navigation and organization of favorites which can be organised in "folders".
User reviews help to give you an idea whether to bother watching or downloading a video you're not sure about.
Can create custom clips (if you feed the need to).
Good download speeds (~600K/sec) and works with my d/l mgr of choice.
Cons: Poor download speeds (~50k/sec) for smaller clips - I guess the smaller vids are hosted on slower servers/networks?
Sometimes poor download speeds (less than 50K/sec) on some occasions.
Organising favourites didn't work - I tried moving favourites between folders and it didn't work. No response from Videobox support either.
Bottom Line: Not much change from my previous review of this great site.
In light of all the other great reviews, this'll sound boring, but Videobox is an excellent site that's excellent bang for your buck.
The content isn't exclusive but is high quality both technically and in content.
The so-called DVD quality may only be 640x480 but it does scale well to full screen on my widescreen laptop.
Would be nice to see proper HDV though this would mean much larger filesizes.
Would like to see more videos from Private studio as I'm a stockings kinda guy and they do lots of girls in sexy lingerie.
Overall highly recommended.

03-25-10  04:16am

Replies (3)

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