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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Huge collection of content starting in 2001
+Daily updates and recently even nightly :D
+Clear, user friendly web design with calendar archive browsing
+Good download speeds (300KB+)
+Decent model selection
+Exclusive content of known and casual models
+Content is dated and well organized in the archives
Cons: -Older videos offer poor quality
-Older videos in DIVX are not available in 1 file
-Could be cheaper
-Film scenarios could vary more
-Video parts can vary in resolution and fps making impossible to join into 1 file
Bottom Line: This is my second time I decided to join 1by-day and probably not the last.
I did not review the newest content yet in detail but what they offer in both quality and content is still getting better. No need to say that this site is one of the oldest over the net and therefore their collection is big enough to make a nice stack of DVDs burned. DDF surely deserves to be paid for what they offer. If you like watching girls (you won't find much hardcore here) in action this is the site for you :).

09-10-07  04:37pm

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Visit All Internal

All Internal

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Very professional shooting with one camera moving dynamically making the action very live
- Each scene ends similiar with internal finish then you watch what effect it makes (I'm not really fun of the ending) :)
- At the time of my membership quality was very good and now I heard it is better (HD). Keep it that way.
- Good download speeds, no limits etc.
- Content dated. Each week you get 1 video with pics and screenshots. Sometimes pics are starting already naked and in action.
Cons: - Sometimes girls are treated like trash (I don't like slapping in face). I want to admire them. This should really changed. Old videos don't have it.
- Could be a little bit cheaper
Bottom Line: If you are fun of hard sex and some ass action you won't be dissapointed. This site will give you very beautifull babes and high quality content.

04-06-07  11:46am

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Visit Ass Traffic

Ass Traffic

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - These are probably the nicest asses on the web :). Even from close they look fantastic.
- One of the best quality you can find, and since they added recently HD, it becomes even better
- Videos are repetitive. Yes, I think its an advantage. You know what to expect :)
- Content dated. Vids are delivered in parts - 6 parts a week and at the end you get 1 big file
- You can download and watch on line with high speed
Cons: - Similiar too Allinternal, scenarios are getting to much brutal to me :(. Guys, please treat women with respect
- A little bit expensive
Bottom Line: If you want to download all their videos you will need Blue-Ray disc cause files are getting 800MB big. Anyway, great site to visit if you looking for nice asses, getting their holes nice cleaning. You will be amazed by girls beauty and professional shoots.

BTW: This ends reviewing all Dev8 sites I visited. I like them, so each of them deserve a good review. I hope you find them usefull.

04-06-07  03:44pm

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Visit Big Boob Pass

Big Boob Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Huge amount of video content
+ Good quality of videos - 2000kbit for MPEGS
+ Great selections of girls with big boobs
+ Very good download speeds
+ One of the best web designs
+ Content dated
+ Rating system
+ Good price
Cons: - Video quality still could be improved and they are oversized (see below)
- Some not exclusive content
- Limited trial access
- Cannot resume downloads after longer inactivity
- Repetitive models
Bottom Line: I joined mainly because of BigTitsAtWork content but later found out that other sites have also some interesting stuff. I cannot judge company for scenarios or work behind the camera because I am not sure which content is exlusive and which not. Still they seem to put more efforts for the new sites like Big Tits@ Work (School). If the content is bought, well...newer better than older :).

Don't come here for pictures. Each episode contains photos but there are too many of them and it seems like they are not sorted. Lots of them are blury. Don't look here for high photo resolution either.

Now some stats for BT@W
40 min mpg movie - 680MB
30 min mpg movie - 980MB
30 min mpg movie - 530MB
See the point? All same resolution and bitrate. My disk space is being wasted :(

Video lovings fan site with girls having round shapes.

PS: I concentrate more on technical apsects, than on artistic side so forgive my ignorance to that part.

06-24-07  03:54pm

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Visit Big Tits At Work

Big Tits At Work

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Network access, you get access to like 7 or 8 sites (don't remember exactly but you can check it at TBP)
- Ladies are from the top shelf
- Regular updates
- Content dated (you get history for each site or whole network).
Cons: - A lot of non exclusive content for other networked sites. Big Wet Butts - I found the same on xmovies.com
- Quality of some vids is poor, especially for old ones
- Download speed was sometimes below average.
Bottom Line: Nice idea of shooting sex at work. Secretary spreading her legs is what can turn you on definitely. Site is growing and seems to get better and better.

04-05-07  04:16pm

Replies (2)
Visit Danni.com


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Professional models as well as professional shoots
- Huge size of content
- Great price thanks to TBP (I had to pay full price when I was a member)
- Great quality of pictures and options to choose from
- Content is dated and website is well designed and structured
- Content is exclusive
- Live interaction with models (In Bed with Danni)
- DRM! DRM! I can't believe that site having 12 years of experience is still sticking to DRM (the only non-DVD site left I think). Even Suze.net un-DRMed vids recently.
- 1000k bitrate and poor resolution of vids doesn't really impress when you have 6000 clips to choose from
Bottom Line: Mostly softcore content but very good selection and professional authors make this site to be on top. If they only removed DRM protection (this brings rating by 10 points at least) and moved to HD I would definitely come back once.

04-16-07  03:05pm

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Visit ePantyhose Land

ePantyhose Land

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good video quality (640x480, 2000kb, compressed with DivX 5.2)
+ Quite large collection
+ Nice looking young models
+ Good download speeds
+ No session timeout when using download manager and resume supported
+ Good trial offer
+ Access to other sites
Cons: - Site design could be better
- No full video downloads
- Content not dated, however there is a history log
- Not to many models in videos
- Pictures seem to be not reviewed, there are stupid faces there
Bottom Line: Content of this site is definitely for nylon lovers. I was browsing a lot of similar sites and I decided to trial them. I was not disappointed.

I must say I was surprised with the quality of the content. Since niche is not so popular I didn't have great expectations.
But I must say that some top niche sites should be ashamed.

Besides videos, which off course were my primary objective there is a huge collections of pictures.

There are about 80 videos and 500 pic sets (medium size - > 1000px wider side)

Great deal for all looking for girls in pantyhose

05-23-07  03:56pm

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Visit Eva Angelina Online

Eva Angelina Online

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Pictures quality are good
Cons: - Video quality is beyond acceptance. These days you have to offer better resolution than 320px and bitrate lower than 500k
- Video collection is very small (no more than 10 videos in November)
- Picture collection is small
- Site design is poor
Bottom Line: I was attracted by the official site of this stunning babe but after ten minutes of browsing I was disappointed what I found there. Even for $19.95. I hope it will get better with time, but currently I don't recommend it. Search for Eva somewhere else.

01-08-07  03:57pm

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Visit Girls Hunting Girls

Girls Hunting Girls

No Review.
04-24-07  04:22pm

Visit Give Me Pink

Give Me Pink

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Only top girls
- HD vids (recently), but the old ones are at good resolution and bitrate
- Man behind camera knows what he's doing. I bet they were first with this type of close shots
- Content exclusive
- Weekly updates
- Good download speeds, download managers allowed
Cons: - No network option. They have a site that gathers content from all sites but its old
- Beware trial because it will give you very limited access (1 full video as far as I remember)
Bottom Line: I don't have to hide I'm a fun of Dev8 sites.
This site is just about girls showing their inside but still makes you want more. I am no longer a member but will return some time for sure. A must have in your collection.

04-04-07  03:18pm

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Visit ModFX Models

ModFX Models

No Review.
04-18-07  05:50pm

Visit My Stocking Secrets

My Stocking Secrets

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + iPod version, though no value to me since I am not using any portable devices (not counting my cellphone)
+ TBP price earns some points
+ video quality for DIVX format is very good. I did not checked WMV but twice lower bitrate so probably twice worse, sorry, not interested :)
+ top beautifull models as advertised on preview site
+ good navigation
Cons: - no help of any kind
- scene plays automatically in browser (flash video). You have to stop each whenever you just want only downloadable format
- downlaod manager doesn't seem to be allowed
- download at 200KB only, expected to be 400+
- only 1 file download at a time
- small amount of featured content, not updated since Feb 2007
Bottom Line: My review is focused mainly on video content. Photos are my secondary interest there especially that the featured content is based on DVD series called "My Stocking Secrets", which makes it pretty non-exclusive site. I am not interested in screenshot quality pictures.

There is a lot of additional content, but very trashy. Not making any pattern to me, not making any value to me since I wanted to find girl in stockings and not men (!!!)

In general the site offers access to some big DVD collection but featured content is just a small and closed percent (about 45 scenes) of all, which most of I have seen elsewhere or I am not interested in.

I understand this review is pretty subjective but I wanted it to be this way :)

07-23-07  02:23pm

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Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max

No Review.
04-24-07  04:24pm

Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Amount of the total video size goes into TBytes. Over 1000 videos and each ~200MB. Count yourself. I got most of their collection till April 06 and it takes 28DVDs :)
- Very good quality despite not so big resolution and bitrate.
- Content dated and presented in a nice design as a calendar
- No problems ever with downloading at 300KB+ and using download managers
- Girls best in class, european mostly
- Good balance between solo, les and hardcore
- Unique content
Cons: - It's time to introduce HD quality. Hear me!!!
- Price could be lower a bit
- Design of the site is fine but could be refreshed once in a while. It was the same for 3 or more years.
Bottom Line: 21 Sextury is definitely at the top in this business and providing a lot of good vids for us! They just need to improve some things in their enourmous Gigabyte flood. Stop guys for a moment and hear us.
If you are vid maniac and going for numbers forgetting about what they bring, you are definitely the one to pay them $30!

04-20-07  03:15pm

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Visit POV Fantasy

POV Fantasy

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: + First class POV content with top models
+ Quality of vids are very good with decent bitrate (~1.5Mbit)
+ Bonus content
+ Access to other NS sites
+ You can download fast and everything you want in WMV format
+ Price is excellent
Cons: - Small collection (~15 episodes of exclusive content). There is about ~15 more but I am not sure if they are exclusive (added after long break)
- Content is not updated on regular basis
Bottom Line: This site is meant to be all about POV. And it is, at least first videos. The best video ever I saw with Eva Angelina. I joined this site about Feb 2006 but cancelled immediately after since no updates were ever made.

Then I saw on some revshare program fresh content samples of new stuff so I re-joined in Oct 2006, but there were not many additional vids added and they looked like not exclusive. Still high class content.

Highly recommended for all POV fans.

04-25-07  04:33pm

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Visit Prime Cups

Prime Cups

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Very high quality videos (same as other DEV8 sites)
- Only beautiful, big breasted, carefully selected girls to keep you amazed
- Scenarios are simple, you watching the babes, nothing else
- Camera as usually close to body and exploring it closely
- High download speed
- HD format added recently
- Only exclusive movies
Cons: Well...give me more :)
...and you need to buy a new hard drive. HD movies are 0.8GB large
Bottom Line: Just like other DEV8 sites, this fairly new one is just an extension for huge collection of very good movies. It just focuses more on big boobs

03-15-07  06:26pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Unique ideas of making shots
+ Exclusive content
+ Good dose of reality
+ Good download speed
+ Very good site design
+ Frequent updates
+ Good video quality
+ All content is dated
+ Pretty cheap
+ Huge collection
Cons: - Older videos don't have full download option
- Also they are 15fps!!! Can't really watch it!
- Video are not compressed very well. They could be lower in size with such quality
- Download limit! Though got better lately
Bottom Line: Site is a variety of different niches. You find here something for sure.
What is worth recommending is IN THE VIP series which takes into real places. A lots of butts to see before having an action. Really enjoyable!
The next site to recommend is WE LIVE TOGETHER. Off course for all of you les lovers. Really nice ladies
VIP CREW will show you how to party! All those naked babes in the pool. Great views!
They also added recently BIG TITS BOSS - similar to BIG TITS AT WORK site, imho.
And a very fresh site MONSTER CURVES presenting babes the way you have to watch them :D

In general it makes the site pretty unique in content with a HUGE collection of materials to watch and download.
Really good site design, one of the best imho.


01-27-08  05:00pm

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Visit Sperm Swap

Sperm Swap

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Very, very nice ladies, good selection
- Unique camera shots
- Very good video quality
- Exclusive content
- Content dated and delivered on regular basis
- Good download speed
Cons: - Billing support of their own (axscharge - see bottom line)
Bottom Line: One of my favourites (the score tells it all) but I can't sign up anymore. Probably security restrictions are to high and for some reason my card was blocked. Mostly recommended anyway.

01-08-07  05:17pm

Replies (3)
Visit Suze Video

Suze Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very good professional camera
- Very nice looking background/scenery, different in each movie (not the same couch)
- Very nice girls in lots of different scenarios
- DRM free (was DRM before and now it was stripped)
Cons: - QUALITY IS POOR. I expected at least 2000k for newest movies with highest resolution. Some movies are 768k and some 1000k
- Content dated but only from 2004
- Website navigation could be improved
Bottom Line: You are welcome to see Suze's girls in some soft and hardcore scenes. Although the video quality is poor you can access also HUGE collection of pics in very high resolution at suze.net (included in $19.95 price).If Suze...you should first be looking for pics and then eventually for videos, not the other way :)

01-23-07  05:32pm

Replies (2)
Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
- Girls best in class
- Video quality is amazing, especially HD for a Treat Of The Month
- Updates are dated and very regular (3-4 pic sets a day + video). Not every sites does that.
- Very nice user interface
- Fair price
- They even started a forum recently
- Very good download speed
Cons: - Session expires when you download several videos using download manager
Bottom Line: I hestitated for a long time to sing up as I my first interest are videos. But I was not dissapointed. Besides huge collection of good quality pics you'll find a large collection of Twistys Exclusive Videos (solo mainly). Highly recommended.

04-03-07  04:41pm

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Visit World's Hottest Sluts

World's Hottest Sluts

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Unique content
- Great girls
Cons: - Video at 480 x 270, 500Kb
- Very small collection (~25 videos 1 month ago)
- No new updates
- Site design very minimal
Bottom Line: Don't get attracted by very nice screenshots on the preview pages. It doesn't like like that. The videos are still worth to watch if you like solo girls.

01-09-07  04:55pm

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Visit X Movies

X Movies

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Large collections of DVDs
- DivX movies looks nice
- Download speed very good
- Site design very good, easy to navigate
- Can download scenes separately
- Daily added DVDs
Cons: - Using downloader program returns bad username or password. Bad way to secure content.
- There is a rating system but it seems to not work
- The same with downloaded stats. It mostly shows 0
Bottom Line: I know that VideoBox is cheaper but DVD titles seems to be newer, from better studios. If you love POV than they have pretty nice collection in there.

01-08-07  05:07pm

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