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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Video and Zip Gyno views of ass and cunnie. Fast downloads. Erotic places they shoot. Site is fast. Really a fun site. New look.
Cons: I wish they had ne option to download the whole video shoot. I would really like to see some behind photo and video stuff. Interaction stuff like ALS. Girls being told what to do, if possible.
Bottom Line: If you want inthecrack ass and cunnie stuff you found the site from day one they are true to their theme. ASS and the hole. Cunny too. Zip and Videos and easy site to navigate. Great exotic locations like going on vacations really nice places and the girls of course. They sure see some really exotic places. Why I don't know but the models are really slut and love to show it. the cunt and asshole and cracks. the site must drill into their heads that this is what they booked you do. I think the girls arrive all whore.

04-12-14  05:02pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: See Denner Review that says it all.

• High Speed Downloads
• Vast library of porno to play around exploring, there are porno girl gems, lot’s of hot girls being XXX.
• INTC is true to their theme with excellent xxx graphic videos and zip files of all their releases The asscrack and the cunt is in your face.
• PSE performance. For the 98% of the time the girls are total xxx porno whores for your viewing pleasure. GYNO.
• Beautiful Locations for Shoots
• Solo XXX enjoy
Cons: None
Bottom Line: If solo gyno and viewing the most beautiful girls is your thing go to this site.

06-21-10  10:54pm

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Visit 18 Closeup

18 Closeup

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 18 CloseUp is a niche site themed at CloseUp erotica of the female vagina and anus. The site keeps true to the fetish that their trying to offer to a niche market. It’s a newbie site and they need to keep working at it but they have the right theme and focus.
•HD for the very latest videos.
•Models are improving in xxx role
Cons: •Much smaller site than what I expected. I should have known with just 30 models not to expect a big site. Members can pretty much download the site in a few evenings without a download manager. The HD files are small. I downloaded clips pretty fast. Don’t ask me speeds but it’s a minute to three per download.
•The site sold me on the preview menu and initial marketing. Plus the TBP Reviews. The site did a good job on fluffing the selling pitch rather well if they got me to join. I feel short changed.

•HD Video? The way they reviewed the videos on TBP you would have thought they had the very best in industries standards in HD technology.
TBP Reviewer’s compared them to IntheCrack? Not even close in video quality or level of erotica. A few HD but a majority was lesser quality. I thought their HD videos quality was not even close to what I’ve been seeing on other up-close sites that have been around for a long time. Even with the option of $29.95 HD membership.
Bottom Line: •The Zip Files of the actual screen shoots are poor.
•Navigation? 2 out of 10 in the modern web site design. Area that needs direction as they grow to make the site much better.
•Weekly Updates. I wish the site would just update one model instead of updating clips of 4-5 models from sometime ago. With today standards for adult internet sites asking for one complete model a week is not that much to ask for?
•One lezzie set. Just one and its not even close to Sapphic Erotica quality.
•This con is one that drives me crazy. The camera person is a male ape with a retard IQ or a maybe a horny bull dyke bimbo getting off seeing pussy. If I had to hear those video cams click and unclick and the cam JO making a racket with that cam I was going to scream. Whatever the fuck the dummy camera JO was doing with constant movement distraction over and over in some of the clips I have no idea. This site needs to get a professional camera person if it wants to improve. The current cam people are terrible. They take away so much of the site.
•This is a con is for other sites too. Shaved Pussy? Shave it bald! More and more I’m seeing newbie models that just walked onto a porno set ( which this site seems to have for a first time shoot) that are not ready. Oh their horny whore sluts for sure wanting to spread their cunt and finger themselves! It’s becoming obvious the girls where hairy maybe before the shoot and shaved or they haven’t been working much and they let their cunts grow in. The shoot requires they shave their pussy. To my liking. Their cunt’s on the site looked just shaved all red and with razor burn. I’m fine with that! In fact I like it. The site wants the girls cunt shaved all around the ass and cunt opening for visual fetish which is what should be part of the production. My issue is the girls are spreading their ass and cunt but there is a lot of missed hair and razor stubble which is a total turn off. Is it too much to ask for a real bald cunt? Can’t anyone kneel down and spread an ass to see it the girl was totally ready? Their porno models fee usually consist of prepping the girl? Why sites can’t get this simple thing right will continue to amaze me. ALS is one of a few that get it right. Call them if you need instructions. Inspect the cunt please and make sure it’s clean shaved!
• More Lube! Not every girl is going to get naturally wet during a video. Viewers want to see wet cunt pure and simple. If the model is not getting wet help her out. Lube is cheap. Lube the cunt heavy. It makes for much more better erotica.

12-12-08  06:11pm

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Visit Teenrotica


No Review.
12-03-08  05:37pm

Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

No Review.
11-15-08  08:08am

Visit Incredible Pass

Incredible Pass

No Review.
04-22-08  12:08pm

Visit abbywinters


No Review.
04-21-08  12:27pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: When they say In the Crack they mean it! If your into gyno, in your face closeups of ass and pussy meat you have to tour this site. These guys worship the ass in both pic's and videos. If your an ASSMAN your going to love their xxx focus on the ass and shaved cunt. Nice round and fatty ruby asses. The models are very XXX showing you everything, no holds bar extreme. Hardcore solo masturbation and exhibitionism. The girls lay it all out in the pics and the videos.
-cunt and ass worshiping; very strong focus on gyno upclose pics and video
-tons of pictures, three different series of each girl
-their style of video is unquie, I found the level of eroticism to be excellent
-the models are a bit older not teenie...great bodies
-erotic locations, outfits and posing
-they deliver what the say... Deep In the Crack
Cons: The videos are broken up into parts no option for a complete download.
Bottom Line: If you like hot wet cunny, girls being totally xxx and explicit, lots of pussy finger and dildoe fucking and spreading gyno wide, lots of lube, nice amount of anal play, pissing, in your face close-ups of hot cunny... stop reading and join...I was a member previously but this is the first time where all the videos are available for downloading. Top quality porn...they got themselves a hot site. I don't fluff my ratings. To get a 90+ from me the porn site really would have to impress me. I only like solo girl or lezzie sites and I have been a memeber of all the top sites in that catagory and I never rated any of them a 90+. In the Crack is my first 90+ and the girls and site deserved it.

03-13-08  11:34am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Read other reviews for techical data they all explain it very detailed and correctly.

- XXX hardcore solo and girl/girl action
- Tons of High Quality Videos and Zip Files
- Its improving with new releases. The staff must be listening to reviews? See, we matter.
- Updates daily. The mix is good.
- ALL LADIES SHAVED...teen based, and there hot!
- Lots of oil and lube if you like it wet...xxx
Cons: Navigation needs help. It works but you have to do a lot of 'mouse work' to find files. Cosolidate the downloading of pics. NV works and you'll be able to download what you want but you'll have to do some work to get it. Another negative, not all of a models material may be avaliable for viewing. They want you to email requests for them to post additional videos or pics of a certain model. I never did so I can't comment on that. But my real Con is with the missed XXX. Gyno is the best to describe the solo and girl/girl pics and videos. Upclose and pink. If thats your fetish join. You'll not be disappointed. I understand models are paid on sex acts performed. But the site got very one themed. The site offers little in pussy licking, no rimming or mishing (pussy to pussy). No anal play at all (ok,very little), not enough dildoe or dong fucking. Where's the Strap-ON! In short, the photographors had red hot cunts ready for solo and lezzie xxx...and no??? Guys expand your horizon's a bit
Bottom Line: I highly recommend if you like the other sites I reviewed. Teen based and HG XXX solo and g/g porno. ALS is 60 day site to explore and worth it just on the amount of material and the level of erotica. If they listen to reviews and make changes this could be a site worth joining over and over. The models are right in front of them and I've seen the models on their site perform on other XXX Hardcore solo and lezzie sites without any reservations. Why not bring that other erotica to ALS.? Variety is key and I miss that on so many sites becasue they get so focused on one theme, but it plays itself out over time. I should list all the sex acts I would make sure I capture on cam for a solo or girl/girl site...Even with all my con's I still stand beside by 87 rating.

02-20-08  05:20pm

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -HQ VIDEOS HDV - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (WMV)is worth the download they look excellent on a 23 inch Widescreen
-SLIDESHOW great for reviewing in full before deciding to zip download
-NICE MIX solo, lezzie, boy/girl picture sets with with video
Cons: MORE XXX HARDCORE they could easly turn up the heat a bit without taking away from the sites teenie theme. I've seen the girls look a bit disappointed when they had to go on to the next angle in the videos
MORE CLOSEUPS the site has some great pic closeups but not enough for 80-100 photo set and the same holds true for the videos
-WETTER PUSSY enough said
Bottom Line: If your a fan of Final Whistles other sites and haven't joined OnlyCuties I would say go for it. If your new to this company read the reviews and decided for yourself. It's heavy teen based and very erotic. See my other reviews for related sites.

10-11-07  06:22pm

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Visit Hanna's Honeypot

Hanna's Honeypot

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -HQ VIDEO/ZIP DOWMLOADS the downloads are relatively fast. 80-100 pictures per set. The editing is smartly done keeping the action going
-SLIDESHOW FEATURE IN THE PICS SECTION I really like this feature on a site. Hanna's is the best working I've seen. Quick,clean and large pic
-NAVIGATION excellent
-EXCLUSIVE GIRL SITE the focus is on her so you better like her body and smile before joining. Her niche is Teen based with girlie outfits and backdrops
-Girl/Girl Hanna shows her kinky side alot
Cons: I joined all of the Final Whistle Sites. I must know,"Does Whistle mean that schools out...time to Play Teen XXX Model?" Anyway my biggest pet peive is: Get more balanced, they cut away from the really XXX closeups in both the videos and the pictures. Talk about lost erotica! Like I said before, the model is right there, guys please get focused and keep the camera clicking when filming the XXX Close-ups. ADD MORE. I can't understand why the girls never speak a word? WET PUSSY! Please lube more.
Bottom Line: I've seen Hanna previously as Evelyn at Teenerotica. She may look innocent but that smile told me differently. I was right. The site just started but Hanna was busy all summer working XXX. There is a sizable amount of content for a new site plus you get full access to OnlyCuties a sister site for $49.95 for two months or the standard $29.95 monthy with the same access. It would take even a heavy porn user a few months to explore in depth both sites. Plus you save money$ Better updrade that Hard-Drive if your a downloading hobbist. All the pro's and my pet peive aka cons still show up on her site. A few new faces in the girl/girl features would be nice. Anal? I can't find any anal play beside Hanna licking or having her rosebud licked. Can't wait to see that cherry get popped! Overall, if you like Hanna its well worth the visit plus you get OnlyCuties a site which I just looked at for the first time today that I probably will do review on. All of the sister sites are very similiar but until they make a few changes I can't see giving a 90 or above. To get an excellent rating from me...

10-03-07  08:31pm

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -HIGH QUALITY ZIP/VIDEO FILES. I found the picture/videos very erotic,top for any Teen Solo site. No expensive was spared in beautiful girlie outfits for outdoor and in-door modeling sets. The girls look to be on an erotic vaction when posing and acting out their photo/video play!
-EXCLUSIVE NEW GIRLS th site features Newbie 18 year olds posing XXX in photo sets and videos for the first time for erotica. A big plus!
-NAVAGATION simply the best
-VAST LIBRAY OF EROTICA to explore and download
Cons: -the "WHATS HAPPENING AT THE TOP OF SITE?" PLEASE UPDATE IT OR JUST ELIMINATE IT, yes we all know by now that the Jacuzzi Orgasim went missing.Please enough!
-VIDEO CLOSE-UPS stop pulling away so quickly, members want to see xxx close-up,let the moment progress, the site gets so close to total eroticism and then it changes angles to quickly?
-LESBIAN PLAY? No fisting updates in quite some time or speculum play. Why not? Yes its solo girl but the mix of eroticism made the site even more xxx.
Bottom Line: I first explored the site 6 months ago based on THE BEST PORN REVIEWS SITE, I was hooked! Infocusgirls is a must see site. I then went and explored its sister site Sapphicerotic that featured lots of the same models in lesbian play. What a treat! I revisted Infocusgirls recently to explore the updates and the newbie teen models that where featured plus I went deeper into the vast XXX libary. Infocusgirls got even better in picture quality and HD video from my previous explore. Updates are always daily. If your into TEEN EROTIC with zip photos and HD quality downloadable videos plus a sister site that even goes deeper into XXX erotica with the same models in lesbian play, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND exploring this site! . Start exploring at Infocusgirls then venture out to its sister sites. Enjoy! I did. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for TEEN XXX EROTIC.

09-29-07  06:24pm

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Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -ZIP FILES the models names are attached to the downloads which makes for easy photo set management. I wish all sites did the same.
-EXCELLENT MIX OF MODELS from teens to busty 20 something girls, hairy to shaved, what ever your fancy is that day the site has it to explore!
-EASY NAVIGATION you pick and search model features quickly to find featured models or use the model index to find your girl
-EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHY the sets and outfits are top quality, lots of xxx erotic closeups!
Cons: -NOT ENOUGH VIDEO the video section is impressive but it needs a bit more work to be equal in quality and content of the photos
-VIDEO/CAM STAFF the site could use a new face and eyes behind the cam to freshen the videos up.
-GIRl/GIRL the site has not updated its lesbian content in quite sometime. Why not? Its primarly a solo girl site but a mix of lesbian erotica with previously featured models would be great.
-BLOG IS CONFUSING I was unable to use or post. Sent email no response.
Bottom Line: SS is an excellent site for picture viewing and collecting. If your a picture collector this is a must site to put on your list to explore. The videos have not really changed in style or eroticism sense the first time I explored 6 months. Videos seem to tease and miss out on the moment to often and miss the right level of eroticism. (I just renewed/explored again two months ago.) The lack of new girl/girl was disappointing. With some new fresh ideas I could see this site being top in its class.

09-29-07  04:20pm

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