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Visit 18X Girls

18X Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: A great offer of $1 for a 24 hour trial - doesn't show if you visit through Porn Users.

Love the large resolution photo sets, making a nice change from the norm - the website logo isn't too intrusive either.

The site is easy to navigate, a simple search option, few download choices, but it didn't really need cluttering up anyway.
Cons: Toys, anal, a few threesomes, the occasional DP. It'd not the hardest porn site on the net.

Most of the video looks like it's been shot at 20 frames a second (probably not but it's not the smoothest HD I've ever seen, or the sharpest)

I hate fake cum shots - icing sugar & water - that's what they all look like on here. Just compare some of the POV movie cum shots with the POV cum photos from the same set - clearly there's no one stood behind the male actor taking photos and the mess made is totally different too.

I've seen a few of there movies over at the DDF's EuroTeenErotica, didn't realise they were related.
Bottom Line: Doesn't really do anything bad, the whole site is nicely laid out - unlike the crappy 'tour page' Strange that, it's usually the other way around.

If you do visit through Porn Users, clicking your back button out of the site might get you one of those pop up windows where they offer you a deter deal :)

02-14-14  11:50pm

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Visit Black Attack Gangbang

Black Attack Gangbang

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Tons of stuff to downloads including 3 billion bonus sites (as if you're really interested. You are? Well get used to the tacky download options of this site, they spill over)

Vid caps so you can see what you're about to download/save yourself from downloading.

'some' hi res photos of not so older stuff, you'll get sick of clicking on this and getting a 'None' message.

Download speeds not too bad.

Easy to cancel...No spam mails like some other sites I could mention.
Cons: Hideous download options - each model has approximately a 7 clip scene - thanks guys, total inconvenience, but nevermind, there are free joining programs if anyone feels the need. You then choose either MPG or WVM download. then you choose Low or High quality (sorry did I say high then?).

The Video Format mentioned on Porn Users is very misleading, I never came across anything like their quoted 720x480...FACT: 320x240, 464x304 and 640x480. All poor. Framerate issues next, especially on the earlier stuff, renders it pretty much unwatchable. Also note some files are incomplete, so one girl's clips might start with WMV high quality, but then you might have to choose a low quality MPG. Tacky.
Bottom Line: I joined this site so I could get access to some of the scenes from the early Black Attack Gangbang series, discontinued on dvd, ditto 'Real Milf Gangbang'. This site also contains scenes from Bobby Manila's 'Banging White Hos' series.

Very nearly a total waste of time and money.

11-23-08  01:31am

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Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Tons of content what with all the bonus sites.

Something for everyone, well if your into interatial stuff. one on ones, gangbangs, Double Vag etc..

Cancelling was easy (a big plus in my book) via an email to Epoch.
Cons: Shoddy site design looks nothing like the entrance page.

The "Now filmed in HD" logo on every single preview photo is misleading, less than half of the BoB content is HD and even then, I've seen better from less known sites.

One of the bonus sites inparticular rubbed me the wrong way - Blacks on Cougars. Clicking on some of the models in the preview area reveals some of these scenes aren't available for 3 months down the line :( And yet they still have member ratings!?

Downloading was pretty slow (I'm based in the UK).
Bottom Line: I actually joined for the Spring Thomas site, but spent most of my time at the Blacks on Blondes site. Took one months membership and at the end, there was still plenty of stuff I hadn't got around to downloading.

Despite all my grumbles, I would join again maybe 6 months from now and I do recommend the site to everyone, especially as none of this stuff is on DVD.

01-17-10  03:29pm

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Visit CJ Wright XXX

CJ Wright XXX

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Those into BBW will undoubtedly have a good time.. but maybe these models can be found elsewhere on bigger, better, fatter sites.

There's now 6 sites in the network for you to browse...and they are all dead. Benji-Strokes is the latest and that only contains 7 movies. It's still dead though.

Since the network only died in November last year, there's no smell yet.

I downloaded everything in 4 days, including 3, 24 hour bans.

The picture sizes are 1200x798. Too small? Well they don't do the models any justice ;) (yeah they are on my 27" Dell but each to their own).

I did like some of the set ups... boxing ring, twister game and especially the scene with the floor covered in candles.

Around 50 models with a movie and most with a photoset.
Cons: After downloading 4-5 movies and a few photo sets, you get hit with the 24 hour ban for exceeding the daily amount (whatever that is).

Remember your username and password, you need it every time you change your download quality options (a new-never-before-seen irritation for me).

Most of the photosets are numbered wrong, spoiling the sets - Karla Lane, Ice Cold & CJ Wright for example are suddenly dressed half way through their scene. Several other sex scenes just end - there's no cum shot.

The quality on some of the movies is terrible. I particularly wanted to see Tyung Lee doing a double vag, but this looked like one of the older scenes coming in at highly compressed 640x352/200mb file.
Bottom Line: A 'waist' of money, go find another BBW site.

01-25-14  11:51pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: The first paysite I ever joined and it was a great experience.

I only wanted one months membership and there was so much content that I didn't have time to download everything.

The search engine on the site is a brilliant idea, if for instance you choose 'Double Vag', you are then taken to a list of movies (with vid caps) which feature the act.
Cons: Downloading the top quality versions took ages but that's just a minor quibble.
And I didn't think much to the photo sets - one featuring a dvd cover shoot which was boring to look at as the poses didn't change much.
Bottom Line: I'll be joining again in a few months to D/L all the videos that I couldn't get first time around. Hopefully by then they will have added the very latest Gangland edition (#60)

09-22-07  02:37am

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Visit Drunken Teen Orgies

Drunken Teen Orgies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Attractive models - male and female, you won't have seen any of these before, unless you've been watching lots of Russian porn already :)

Video quality is good.

1 week extra on joining.

3 download options which is convenient if you have a slow connection - for example, one video is available as High (1119mb), Medium (494mb) and low quality (126mb)

No problems cancelling
Cons: There were not 27 video clips upon joining as stated on The Best Porn. There were 15.

The sex itself isn't that great. A little anal is as explicit as it gets, No DPs, no ATM, the guys behind this have clearly not seen any American porn.

Some of the Photo sets look like they've been blown up creating jaggy looking lines. Some of the sets also feature anal which made me wonder why a lot of this wasn't included with the accompanying video shoots.

The Bonus sites didn't do anything for me.
Bottom Line: I've come down really hard on Drunken Teen Orgies because I felt a little ripped off.

I've got a hunch that when someone joins, they will have access to the same number of videos that I had. If there were 27 videos when this site was reviewed by 'The Best Porn' - months ago, then why were there only 15 video upon my joining? The oldest update is from April 07 but all the others had been stamped 2nd September 07 (the date I joined)

So now I'm coming to the end of my membership and there's been several updates (every 4-5 days) bringing the total to 22.

Would I join again? No. Would I recommend? Not unless this is your first taste of Russian sex.

10-08-07  08:32am

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Visit Mom's Video Collection

Mom's Video Collection

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: High quality movies (downloadable in various options. 1.3gb seemed to be the largest file) Streaming also available.

Featured 3 sites I had my eye on seperatly and so those bonuses were much appreciated.

The Mom's site itself had several videos I liked the look of & so downloaded them too.

Quick reply from support who 'tested' a few sites when I claimed passwords not working :)

No cancellation problems.
Cons: The layout of Moms Collection & all it's subsites is hideous - especially Real Drunken Girls:- 48 pages of thumbs, 5 per page but several of these are from the same movie. add 3 quality options for every download (HDV Full, HDV Ultra, HDV Super). Most movies are also split into two parts, so double everything above!

No file sizes are given, you have to start downloading to find out.

For your reference, 'Ultra' is the highest quality option.. but not always :)

SPAM! Use a temp mailbox.
Bottom Line: I got what I wanted from the Moms Collection but it's still hard to recommend to anyone. The Best movies came from Drunken Moms & Real Drunken Girls and maybe the Moms site itself. If I were to review each and every bonus site, all would score poorly, as a collection though, it's barely adequate.

Remember if joining use a disposable mailbox incase you get spammed.

12-02-07  04:45am

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Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Pretty good quality vids.
Comprehensive help section.
Several download/streaming quality options.
Easy to navigate sections.
Frequent updates.
50% discount offered as you cancel :)
Cons: Super slow downloads.
Not all scenes available to download.
Bottom Line: I joined Pink Visual just to get at the 'GangBang Squad' downloads, and that's where I spent most of my time. I did have a quick browse through some of the other sites included, but to be honest, by the time I'd got all my 'Squad' movies, my month was up. Yep, downloads were that slow. My maximum wait was just under 4 hours for a 1 gig file.

Watch out for those download options too, you get to choose between Dial up, DSL, Broadband, T1 or HD, but really, your choice here will determine the quality/file size you pick.

After 24 of so full scene downloads, the older clips I came across seemed to be streaming only - unless the download capping mentioned on 'The Best porn' had sneakily came into place. There's no mention anywhere on the Pink Visual site about download capping.

Didn't come across any videos in the quoted resolution of 1920x1280.

Would I join again? Maybe in a year or two.

01-03-09  01:10pm

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Lots of dvds to download.

Reasonably inexpensive.

No problems cancelling account.
Cons: download speed

Search needs improving, too basic.
Bottom Line: Well I won't beat about the bush here so let's get straight to the point.
The content is more or less the same you'll find at any of the other 'multi dvd sites' For example you'll find tons of stuff from half assed companies what went under ages ago Pandemonium, Black Thunder...etc. You'll also find older stuff from Diabolic, Red Light etc..

7 hours for a 260mb download, are they fucking serious? Time of day? take your pick, just don't feed me the shit about off peak hours cause it's bull. I'm currently enjoying another 3 day tour with Devils Film and a full months sign up with Blacks on Blondes. Guess what, no download probs with either of them - except Devil's Film, which is still pretty slow - but looks fast compared to this crap.

Users from the UK will want to miss this one I'm afraid, peak hours in the US tend to run from 7am to 7pm, well just on this site anyway.

06-25-11  12:05am

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Visit VideosZ


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Great selection of movies, some accidentally fell off my 'want to see' radar ages ago so I was really pleased to see some of these listed (a near entire DP Mamacitas series!) probably saving me a fortune.

+No issues on standard dvd resolution files, I didn't expect anything special though & I always opted for the highest quality download offered.

+No cancelling problems, just remember to keep any numbers given to you during join up, such as 'Transaction Number' etc..

+No rip off joing fee for non US customers ie $18 doesn't mean £18. Perhaps other DVD sites should take note of this.
Cons: -The genre search may be one of the more extensive ones that I've seen, but it's far from perfect. One niggle I had for example was for when seaching 'Double Penetration'. Titles or scenes were returned to me which had no such act and sometimes titles exsisted but weren't returned. Even Videosz description for said scenes would be very inaccurate.

-As already mentioned (and addressed by a Videosz rep) there's a few titles on the site that still aren't available due to DRM problems. I only came across a few and got an quick email response from Videosz explaining the sutuation.

-Although I've said there's a great selection of movies to see, some of their product choice is a little baffling. Why just a couple of the Douple Parked series, what about the other 17?
Bottom Line: Before deciding which of these 'dvd' sites to join, I opened up my spreedsheet program and spent hours listing all the movies I wanted to see from each website. Videosz came out on top. I haven't written 2 of the other sites off completely and may join those at a later date.

So my membership just came to an end. Got what I wanted. Found a few gems. enjoyed my stay. Will be back in a year or two.

05-01-10  12:39am

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