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Visit Busty Kelly Kay

Busty Kelly Kay

No Review.
10-24-08  04:22am

Visit Christy Marks

Christy Marks

No Review.
10-15-08  12:32am

Visit Club Ginger Jones

Club Ginger Jones

No Review.
10-08-08  04:19am

Visit Busty Vivian

Busty Vivian

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + high quality videos
+ no drm
+ no dl limit
+ nice girl with nice boobs (but not really busty)
+ network access
+ arround 150 videos
+ download in one part
+ exclusive content
Cons: - DEAD SITE !?!
- webcam out of duty
- wish list out of duty
- no updates since 22.09.2007, wether on that nore on the network sites
- high monthly price 29,95$
- files have no specific names
- mostly shaved pussy
- videos between 1 minute and 20 minutes
- no hardcore
- no dl manager support !
- site got slow upbuild function
- low download speed (4.500 kbit/s)
Bottom Line: hopefully joined that site and disappointed awakening.

at first the pros.
The girl looks cute and got nice round, natural tits. but whatever busty aren`t the tits anyway. you got plenty action, from mastrubating, dildoplay, stripping, in every kind of setting, but sadly no hardcore scenes. that`s a big minus in my opinion.

you got plenty videos in good till high quality, what depends on the age of the videos. the videos are not splitted up into parts, therfore you can download them in one part (WMV mostly).

there is also a network access with two other sites which have similar content to give.

the cons do really have the overpower here.
once again absolutly disappointing is, that downloadmanager are not suported. the files have once again brillilant names like "high" what makes the downloading terribly difficult.
also boring is, that the content repeats after a while. she differs dresses, but sadly the videos look rather similar also because of the same acting and the often shaved pussy.

the price is for that low content much to high. compared with e.g. Rachel Aziani or even Danni.com you get close to nothing for much more money you have to spend here for that site.

the site is damm slow rebuilding and upbuilding itself. so you have to wait arround one minute till everything is downloaded.

also the downloadspeed is with arround 4.500 kbit/s per file rather slow compared to other sites which have 12.000 kbit/s and uprising.

where, as the before reviewing member wrote down, the dl manager should be supported, is totally unclear for me. i tried three different downloadmanager, but all with the same problems with downloading (filenames e.g.).
i can`t also see why the site should be only last updated on November 19, 2006, by the review of 03-11-08. as it is shown at the site, the last update was "Date Added:22.09.2007". therfore even between 19.11.06 and 11.03.2008 arround 50 updates. but beeing honestly no updates since 22.09.2007 and therfore for more then one year.

also negative to mention is, that the webcam, even as shown active in the schedule, is out of order. also the wishlist, which is in my opinion a great idea, is out of order.

all in all and only because of the good video quality that site gets a 60. could be a one time joining worth if you like here.
regarding everything abouve (out of order, no update since more then one year) the site is dead and should get no points! make updates !

Until then

10-06-08  04:49am

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Visit Abbraxa Porn

Abbraxa Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + fisting and insertions
+ network access
+ exclusice content
+ no drm
+ no dl limit
+ cheap trial
Cons: - high regular price
- low download speed (3.000 kbit/s)
- limited to dl only one file
- videos are split up into up to 6 parts
- awful navigation
- less videos (at that site arround 30)
- dl managers are not supported
- navigation stopps if you download one file
- broken links at the site
- download broke up several times while dl
Bottom Line: i like wired sites but....

this is close to awfull, all the fun is going away because of broken downloads, downloading only one part at the same time, and having a navigation that brokes youre neck.

the navigation stops if you are downloading one file. therfore you are not able to do anything while downloads, or you risk that everything is broken down.
also there are broken download links and broken links at the site. that site didn`t seem to be under support.

to all that you have the "nice" thing to mention that the site is 20% of the time temporary not available. that hurts for every buck i have spend.

you got arround 21 extra sites with that site with all kind of fency stuff, but sadly every site is build up like that site. slow connection, awfull navigation, download restriction e.g.

some positive is to mention. the models (most of models of that content looks ugly) are here mostly milfs that look quite ok. nice boobs included as well as nice pussys.
as i mentioned above you got all kind of kink, fisting, peeing, dildoing e.g.

the scenes themselve look rather the same. video shows that are recorded (boring as you see more the one).

the regular price with 34,95 $ is a joke. for that money you want to have more.

at least the billing company with VXSBill.com is not one of my favorite. it`s hard to cancel there because you have to give all information, without knowing which sites are also booked by them. therfore you are a great scapegoad for crosssells. (BEWARE)

all in all this site is below all the other fine sites like naughtyalysha.com and therfore

10-05-08  07:23am

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Visit Teen Sleepover

Teen Sleepover

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + multiple site access
+ exclusive content
+ wmv download in one part
+ mpeg download
+ downald in parts with preview
+ trail price
+ full trial access
+ cute and natural girls
+ no drm
+ high till medium video quality
+ no dl limit
Cons: - slow download speed
- no typical file names
- less videos 8
- updates seem not to be regular/no updates
- regular price is to high
- sitecross navigation is awfull
Bottom Line: one more new teen site...and all in all quite good.

the models are nice to look at. you got all kind of hair colour, girls with glaces and without. the boobs are really nice to look at and lesbian scenes with arround four and more girls make you sweat.

they look natural and seem to be silikon and mainly tattoo free.

there are big boobs till small boobs, mostly shaved pussys, licking, fingering and dido play.

the video quality is mostly high (dvd quality). the videos are arround 14-20 minutes each and didn`t take much space on the hd.

but folks, 8 videos, that`s a joke.

the big con is, unlike most sites, that there are no specific file names. so you download "high1" e.g. that sucks a lot.

also the downloadspeed with 5.000 kbit/s sucks.

ok the other sites offers a few more videos, with solo play, dildo, socks on and plenty more. but also those sites have approximatly 70 videos. the videos at the other sites have a little bit lower video qualiy but all in all also quite good.

the site changing needs everytime to enter new the password. also a big con, because mainly youre downloads broke in case of site changing.

give the files names to download with, rise up the downloadspeed and much more videos, then my points will go up into the high 80`s untill then


10-04-08  04:29am

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Visit Suburban Amateurs

Suburban Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + high downloadspeed (12.000 kbit/s)
+ real amateur action
+ nice sitedesign
+ exclusive amateur content
+ often updates (every 7 days)
+ fresh faces
+ no DRM
+ no download limit
+ girls look natural
+ plenty stocking content
+ "mininetwork"
+ over 150 videos
+ dl in one part
Cons: - price ( 34,99 ) is to high
- older videos have lower quality
- only softcore
- only wmv
- login system
Bottom Line: yes, they still do theire work on.

you got plenty stocking amateur scenes with are mainly sofcore contentet. amazingly the models do also look as natural amateur models. no scare to see and only very less tatoos.

the videos look nice but the quality differs from old to newer ones. the newer videos are crystall clear with an exellent view. the videos are 20.000 KB up to 270.000 KB tall. because of this, the videos are quite good downladable and storeable at the computer.

The updates are regular, so there are up to now arround 150 videos with a duration up to 16 minutes.

the content is little bit to soft. there is dildo play, mastrubation and few teaseing. the variety could be a little bit larger with e.g. vegtables scenes, but the site is still nice.
they models weare different uniforms. there is stockings in bathroom, bed, stripping (e.g. stewardess, businesswomen)

additiv to this site there is a "mini network" full of videos and pictures. the quality and quantity of that network is sadly average till bad.

also the login system bores. you have to stay at that site, otherwise the downloads ends up.
using a dl manager is, with that exeption, possible.

if you like british amateurs this site is a try worth.

it`s one of my favorite british sites.
the videos take now over 20 gigabytes space on my computer, so some of them are really nice to watch them even twice :)

this site was actually rated by me before. as they rised up theire quality i rised up my points from 79 to 83.

if they increase theire update time and lower the price, this site will get a 90+.

This site is RECOMMENDED

09-25-08  03:17am

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + flashing casting
+ no drm
+ no dl lilmit
+ exclusive material
+ nice hp design
+ different video fromats like:flash,wmv, Divx, quicktime, mpeg
+ high – ultra high video quality
+ fast download speed (13.000 kbit/s)
+ dl managers work good
+ all kind of tits (small – big)
+ all kind of pussy hair (shaved-hairy)
+all kind of shoes (high heels, boots only socks e.g.)
+ all kind of clothes (uniforms, satin e.g.)
+ every video has it`s story
+ 2 (!) daily updates
Cons: -strange navigation (read below)
-high membership price
Bottom Line: This site is todays top of the sites with this kind of topics.

You got hundreds of good till high quality videos, which are downlaodable very fast.

The videos are arranged as a calendar. Therfore it is easy to see which on eis new and which on is old. The search engine is good. You can search by names, or hair colours e.g..

The duration of a video is arround 10- 20 minutes. They are donwloadable in plenty different types. the good thing to name is, that the downladmanager problems from former times are belonging to the past. dl manager worked fine.

the content of the videos is enormous.
there is mastrubation, dildo play, bathing, showering, undressing, dressing, lesbo play, hardcore one girl two man and two man one girl and last but not least machine sex play.

The girls are very cute and nice to look at.

You got every kind of haircolour, tit sice, pussy hairs and kind of girls. Having also all kind of clothes like nurses and all kind of shoes like high heels combined with all kind of action, this site makes it very easy to love it.

You got also the categorie jokes and mastrubation. Mastrubation is a close up video, even nice to look at. Jokes…o.k. i am honest, that isn`t at general my thing.

The flashing casting is a very nice idea. having that casting like it is shown here, is something totally new for me. great idea folks.
Spinning this idea forward it would be great having an „interactive“ video (with commands like using dildo, undressing e.g.).

no few words to the so called "cons"
Sometimes the sets and the faces are repeating, but beeing honest, with that much of content, it`s no wonder.

The navigation isn´t awfull at all. But there are two things they had changed worse.
You can`t see at the calender preview which topic the video is. Former times it was easier. The videos had headlines, therfore it was easy to see what kind of topic is behind the beautifull picture. The second point is, that you aren`t able to see the calender posts of former years like 2006 e.g.

Last but not least the price is much to high. Even if you have so much to enjoy arround 35 $ is to high priced.

But all in all this site is a MUST VISITED.
Lower the price and clear the navigation a lilttle bit then my points go up to 99.

Highly recommended!

09-03-08  07:44am

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Visit Nikky Blond

Nikky Blond

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + multi site access
+ hc and sc movies
+ no dl limit (if you have something to dl :) )
+ exclusive content
+ no drm
+ nice site design
+ 135 videos (exclusive nicky)
+ dl in high and low quality
+ mpeg & wmv files
Cons: - dl manager not really supported
- broken connection (often discos)
- very expansive
- splitted video parts have no preview
- slow downloadspeed 5.000 kbit/s
- multiple downloads are broken
- site speed sometimes extrem slow (ca. 7 of 10 times)
- site sometimes out of order
- regular updates?? never trust what is written at a site !
- near 624 videos (bonus movies exclusive? and also not working mostly !))
- network isn`t reachable over the main site. have to login separate
Bottom Line: that was a little bit disappointing.

Joining this site very short time after Anette Dawn site, i have to recognize that not everything that looks gold (blond :) ) is gold…

Starting with positive first:

There are plenty videos in high till medium quality.

The content goes from softcore, mastrubation, penetration, dildoing, lesbian, hardcore up to 2 girls one boy. All in all very lookable.

Nikky is an attractive blonde girl witth nice huge boobs.
Here boobs were growing bigger with the time (thanks for the silicon :) ).

the pussy hair is trimmed, sometimes shaved.

If the videos at this site are not enough for you, you have also an multiple site acess to good till weak sites.

That`s all with the positive.

The trial is not available as a full trial. You are only able to download fiew parts of the videos and not the whole video.

after changing my membership into a full one (get a special offer about 9,95$ ) the problem was solved.
sadly the videos from the other network sites weren`t downloadmanager supported, so you have to download every single video on it`s own.

The regulat price with 24,95 is much to expansive.

updates at this site?
beliving the site owner there are 2 updates per week since 1994.
hmmmm...calculating ...
2 x 52 weeks x 12 years= omg !! where is the rest of the movies :)
in my calculation there had to be 1.248 movies. all in all, there are only 135 videos, even if i also add the bonus movies (bonus means by it words, not in the regular update inclusive) i have all in all arround 759 movies.... ts ts ts

Oh man, i was so in trouble while downloading the files. Some of the files were broken, i wasn`t able to download more then one video simultan and the download speed is for such a nice designed site horrible slow (like some of the russian sites).
if you try to download the bonus movies you get horrified. "downloadfile.php" is all you can download. what a mess!

And unlikely the splitted videos have no preview picture 0o.

Fix the massive download problems and my rating will jump up into the 80s..until then:

08-27-08  08:24am

Replies (0)
Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + ultra high dl speed (13.000 kbit/s)
+ no dl limit
+ no drm
+ easy navigation
+ wmv and quicktime videos offered
+ download in one part and up to 8 parts
+ very cheap trial (2,44$)
+ regular price is ok (24,95$)
+ regular update
+ network access to over 17.000 videos
+ video clips have usefull names
+ clear and nice videos (high quality)
+ exclusive content
+ wishlist (great idea, but sadly not launched already!)
Cons: - the split download has now preview of scenes
- only 41 videos
- updated only every 14 days
- login system isn`t that good
- site dl is suprisingly slow
- mostly mastrubation (less dildo, no hardcore)
- diary isn`t set up until now
- wishlist isn`t set up until now
Bottom Line: surpise, surprise...

there are still sites that can make me think that my money was well spended.

this one is such a site.

the girl looks lovely, with hughe (natural?) tits, a nice face and blonde(fake!) hairs. the pussyhair is mostly trimmed, but that`S ok if you don`t like to see totally shaved girls. a little bit more hair would be even nicer in my opinion.

the content deals with solo play, softcore, dildoing. sadly missing is hardcore, but that`S the problem mostly with solo sites (maybe the husband is envious? :)) she got different dresses, shoes and in my opinion to less lingerie.

also positive to mention is, that the "normal" twisty music isn`t played often in that videos. (sometimes at the beginning) therfore you can clearly hear the moning and growning :)

the download speed is impressive. my connection has a 13.000 limit, therfore i can`t really say if the download is even faster then my written dl speed.

the files have usefull names. the are enumbered and combined with her name.

with that site you got site access to the twistys network. if you like to knew more about that, you should read the reviews below mine.

regarding that the site has launched at 28.01.2008 the number of total videos is quite ok. all in all it`s about 5 videos per month, not bad at all for a solo site, therfore not a big minus.

the regular price for only that site would be to high. as a matter of fact that, you have the acces to the twistys network, the price is ok.

the updaterate is low, but it`s regular updated therfore not a big con. the missing preview of the split videos is a bigger con, that makes the site going below 90.

rise the number of updates, make previews of scenes lower the price to 15$ and that site will get a 95+.

absolutly highly recommended!

08-20-08  10:05am

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Visit I Love Asian Pussy

I Love Asian Pussy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + real asian amateurs
+ low trial prices with full access
+ no drm
+ no dl limit
+ exclusive content
+ easy navigation
+ extra site access as full member
Cons: - movies split up into 4 up to 8 parts
- ugly amateurs
- few amateur videos (around 41)
- few studio videos (around 40)
- low-medium video quality
- regular price is to high
- extra content isn`t good (live show without sc hc)
- site design looks old
Bottom Line: uhh...how disapointing after seeing a 90+ review and a official high review.

there is nothing that makes this site joinworthy.
that site does more things wrong then right.

the amatuers aren`t nice to look at, the video quality is low and splitting low videos up into parts doesn`t make any sence.

the models didn`t seem to enjoy what they are doing, and personally i don`t like to see models who are forced to do something or unlikely doing something when i am not specially looking for a site with such content.

the videos themself are in low quality and also sometimes pixeld.

the downloadspeed is ok, but if you don`t like the site content, fast downloadspeed didn`t help you anyway.

whatever scene material you chose, if hardcore or softcore, it`s not really nice to see. the hardcorescenes are 08/15 action with unlikly models.

no real action, no real dildoing, no "normal" asian hardcore scenes. all looks totally unspectacular.

all in all it gives you a taste that the designers didn`t really like there own site.

also the extras of that site aren`t that good.

the live show is the 08/15 show, without hardcore or softcore shown. giving streaming videos as an extra is from the 80`s.

the extra movies are also in a less number. they give you just arround 20 videos which aren`t even exclusive. what a shame!

if you want to see asian videos, then you have even a better deal with VideoBox . the price for this site membership is always to high.

also joining as a trial, it`s a waste of money.
if they would increase the quality of the videos and also increase the number of videos it would be a site in the higher 60s biginning 70s. until then

08-16-08  10:18am

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Visit Danni.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + hundreds of videos
+ easy navigation
+ no drm
+ no dl limit
+ exclusive content
+ different dl options :
Windows Media 300k Streaming Download
Windows Media 700k Streaming Download
Windows Media 1000k Streaming Download
Quicktime Download
Flash Player Streaming
+ hughe archive material begining from 2002
Cons: - regular price is to high (tbp special is good)
- content is to similar
- no hardcore
- softcore sometimes to "soft"
- danni isn`t that hot at all
- settings of videos look often the same
- a lot of "bla bla" in the videos
- often music in videos ( a killer, even if i can`t imagine a lapdance without music :) ))
- dl a bit slow
Bottom Line: oh no, one more danni review i was thinking by myself, but sorry i had to write it.

curiosed by the newer reviews and the high ratings i tried that site once again, even i was a member about three years ago, and once again i was sligthly disapointed.

it is hard to discribe why in my opinion this site is average. if you see the videos with all that women it looks at fist good, but seeing a third and a fourth video it is getting boring.

no, or not really action. the softcore makes me sleep.

the features of videos :NAKED JOKE OF THE WEEK, IN BED AT DANNI'S, VIRTUAL LAP DANCE, sounds a little bit boring and what surpise, they are boring.
ok i am not an abby winters fan at all, you all knew it, but i never thought that danni is goning to be abby winters with tits :)

the LIVE EVENTS and weekly 'mini-movie' are the only mini highlight of that site, but they are also a little bit boring. i can really say why, but all in all this site doesn`t get the point.

i don`t recommend that site because of it`s absolutly softcore content and the same looking movies. even if they would offer me that site for 4,95 a month i won`t come back until there is a little bit "harder" sofcore ore real hardcore.
(sorry to all danni fans)

08-02-08  02:24am

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Visit Boys And Mom

Boys And Mom

No Review.
07-16-08  06:10am

Visit Nylon Charm

Nylon Charm

No Review.
07-16-08  06:10am

Visit Moms Lessons

Moms Lessons

No Review.
07-16-08  06:10am

Visit Watersportz


No Review.
07-16-08  06:09am

Visit Anal Mature Orgies

Anal Mature Orgies

No Review.
07-16-08  06:09am

Visit Nylon And Toys

Nylon And Toys

No Review.
07-16-08  06:08am

Visit Home Bondage

Home Bondage

No Review.
07-16-08  06:08am

Visit Double Creampied Moms

Double Creampied Moms

No Review.
07-16-08  06:08am

Visit Moms Girls Boys

Moms Girls Boys

No Review.
07-16-08  06:07am

Visit Get Right Network

Get Right Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + high dl speed (if it runs)
+ exclusive content
+ no drm
+ no dl limit (but hard work to download videos at all)
+ hd films
+ mass videos
+ nice content
+ mass sites (hm not really good)
Cons: - inconstant dl speeds
- download breaks
- few dl in one part (arround 5%)
- movies are split up in up to 9 (!) parts
- no real movie names (ca 90%)
- medium-low quality
- very few hd-films (arround 3%) with semi quality
- very expansive
- navigation is a desaster
- very slow site (sometimes even not possible to get to)
- bad login system (user/pw)
Bottom Line: this site seem to split the users.

for me it`s a site with great oppertunities which ends in absolutly desaster.

only realy thing to figure out positiv is the great number of videos with typical (russian/east european) content.

all other is ***t.

you can download the videos with fantastic names like "full", "1" or "video". If you try to download the videos without download manager you have to try several times to downlad a file, because the downloading stops, whenever it wants to.

If you have the DAP as download manager then you have to put in EVERY time username and password. you can`t chose username and password so u have brillinat pw or usernames like "UHgn69dFbeOO". i can only say HAPPY HELLOWEEN

in my opinion, if you are not able to download the videos fast and easy, then all the fun is gone.
Beside the navigation is a desaster. the site broke up several times, so you have to refresh plenty times. also the update system is a mess.

once again i was trapped. as a matter of fact that there are so many sites in that package, i joined several months ago that site...and untill now, no change of quality!

sorry, but even when it offers very much videos, all in all it offers very little.
it`s lightyears from beeing a average site.

07-16-08  06:05am

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Visit CreamPie.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + low regular price
+ seems to be exclusive
+ 120+ videos (07/2008)
+ fast dl speed
+ real creampies
+ new videos (ca. 10) have good till average quality
+ no drm
+ no dl limit
Cons: - awfull navigation
- irritating login at mainpage (different entrances)
- mass password questioning
- videos look similar
- old videos have medium till low quality
- "crisp" is missing in the videos
- to much zoom at pussy
- only two download options (medium/small)
- only wmv download
Bottom Line: that site don`t impress me much.

ok you got a lot of contented videos but the quality isn`t as that good as i wish.

also the girls and the sceneries are a little bit plain.

You got well know models in there and some not known models, you got some stocking scenes and sume high heels in it, some hughe breasted and some small breasted wemen but there is really something hard missing there. i can`t put it in words, but that site doesn`t make me curious for the future

the login is a desaster, because of the different entrance possibilitys, depends on the merchandise you joined with. also for nearly every click on that main site you have to reenter youre password. downloading is also only temporaryly possible because of the login system.

positivly to mention is, that the administrator reacts rather quick to help/questioning emails. giving the right hint and you know which entrance to take (am i lucky that i knew that from the beginning on with women :) ).

compared with All Internal or Sperm Swap it`s miles away. even if it`s cheaper it´s not a good deal staying for. trying that site for one time is to recommend.

07-07-08  05:30am

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Visit Video Strip Poker

Video Strip Poker

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + video strip poker (that sounds even good!)
++ girl undress (if you win) and dress (if you loose) themselves in video poker
+ end scene of video poker play is quite interesting
+ Image Strip Poker
+ Gallery Guess
+ Puzzle Strip Poker
+ exclusive content
Cons: - no video dl
- no saving possibility of finished poker session
- no saving possibility in game
- small (!!) videos
- low quality of videos
- to expansive
- no real extras
- only streaming video
- no regular updates
- only 12 opponents in video strip poker
- awful music
- girls are not really to understand
Bottom Line: humpf....
it`s a pitty that there seems to be no good video strip poker site in the net.

this site even can`t compare with e.g. striptease-poker.com even if it looked at first quite good.
compared to the other site it has only very small videos.
the video sequences themselfs are much to short and played with the adope flash player.
that makes the fun of it not even real high.
the background noise is much to high. the girls are closely not to understand and the semi sequences while playing are to long, because in that time the girl didn`t make e.g. a bet.

the only good thing i have to point out is, that the opponents aren`t really that bad playing, and you get as a bonus in the end of the poker session a whole scene like e.g. mastrubating. try to play Tina Tink i think it`s the best part of that site ;).
that makes the game quite exiting, because you surely want to know how that session ends :)

compared this site to the above named you have to say that this one is cheaper because you don`t have to buy youreself oponents, but the money i have spent for that site is close to wasted!
More video strip poker girls, saving and download options and ths points go in the 70s.

06-21-08  07:08am

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All Inclusive Pass

No Review.
06-16-08  05:21am

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