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Visit Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great Selection Of Models
- Hi-Res photos, With Zips
- Updates Daily
- 4 Video Formats (4th being HD Where Available)
- True To Fetish Concept
Cons: - Most Videos Not Hi-Def (Yet)
- Not A Lot Of Strict Hardcore
Bottom Line: DDF has a solid foothold in the world of website porn. OK, that was a bad joke, but it is very refreshing to see a site that defines itself by a strict genre, in this case fetish, and actually sticks to it 100%. The only fair way to review this site is through the eyes of a heels and hose/foot fetishist. And it does not disappoint. As with every DDF site, the photography is first rate, the models A list east Europeans. The emphasis on "legs and feet" is for the most part tastefully done, and oftentimes erotically subtle. Maybe a little too many "footjobs", but I guess that's obligatory. It's easy to see that the photographers and models work very well together. Everyone understands the concept of the site. The photos are 2000px, crisp and downloadable in zip files. The videos for the most part are normal size, and available in .avi, .mov, and .wmv formats. They are offering a lot of the newer videos in HD wmv, be warned, they are huge files. The site does not offer a huge amount of strict hardcore. If you do have the leg and/or foot fetish creeping around in your psyche, this site is your nirvana! Even if you don't, you'll probably like it as well. First class, professional site.

09-22-07  07:16pm

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Visit Humiliation POV

Humiliation POV

No Review.
12-06-09  01:31am

Visit Innocent High

Innocent High

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Lot Of Material
-TBP Discount
-3 Video Formats
-Zip Files
Cons: -Photos On The Smallish Side
-Older Archives Of Lower Quality
-Low Quality Bonus Sites
Bottom Line: I don't know how many, if any, of these girls are "innocent", but this site does stick to its theme which is basically a dirty old man premise of schoolgirls being taken advantage of by their lecherous teachers and gym coaches. That's a new porno theme, isn't it ! So, they make it seem like Innocent High is a real place, of course, all of these girls must be seniors (!) unless some of them flunked a grade or two which is unlikely considering the ample favors they bestow upon the staff ! Are there any schools like this ? I do remember an english teacher I had whom the girls loved...well, never mind.

There are about 180 episodes here, with video and photo set for each one. The videos are available in 3 formats (wmv, mpeg, and mov)each is 640x480. The download speed was average for me, about 500kb/s. There is no DRM.

The photo sets for each episode are large in number, but somewhat small in size, 1050px being the largest. They are available in galleries and zip files.

There are a lot of nice stars here, such as Bree Olson and Alexis Love, but the oldest archives really aren't up to snuff quality wise. The bonus sites here are nothing to write home about, so I won't write about them ! Also, the site was updating once per week when I was there last month, but a look at the page seems to show no updates for November.

With the TBP disount, this site is worth a look, especially if you are a dirty old man with a student fetish.

11-28-08  06:01am

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Visit Ivy Summer

Ivy Summer

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Zip Filed Photos
- No DRM
- Network Access
- Nice Looking Girl
Cons: - Poor Server
- Doesn't Update Any Longer
- Small Photo Sets
- Only 7 Videos
- Expensive
Bottom Line: Ivy's site is part of a network that includes 29 other sites. Downloading the photo zips is fast enough, but loading a single 1024px photo is like using dialup. Irritating when trying to take a peek at a set. Ivy is a pretty girl, and the photosets are nice, but the sets each contain a small amount of photos. She has 122 sets, a lot of them are split, but it looks like this site has not updated in quite a while. There are no time stamps. There are only 7 softcore videos here, none available in full length. Although there are 30 sites available, a lot of them have little to offer. The $34.95 price tag therefore is a bit pricey, but there is some good material to be had.

12-30-07  12:53pm

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Huge Collection Of Authentic Japanese Erotica
-Hi-Res Video ~NO DRM~
-Very Fast Download Speed
-Huge Index Of Japanese AV Idols
-Beautiful Gravure Photos
-Classic Urabon Magazines
-Frequent Updates
Cons: -Expensive
-No Zip Files
-8 GB Download Limit
Bottom Line: It's a good thing this site has fast servers, because the video files are usually around 1GB each. I'm downloading them at 1.2MB/S which for me is very fast. The vids are generally 640x480. There is nothing like authentic Japanese porn. There is so much material here, video and photos. The photos have no zip options unfortunately, but they are exotic and original. A lot of the gravure style, and the AV models like Yua Aida and the incredible Maria Ozawa have many sets. The photos come in different sizes, mostly high res. The sets are presented very attractively. The videos here are just astounding, both in quality and quantity. Tons of JAV DVD's, in the unusual (for us) Japanese style. It's so different from western porn. The girl is always the center of attention, and the men stay out of their way mostly. It's wonderful exploring all the Japanese fetishes, the costumes, the schoolgirls, the genuine bukkake, there's one video of a bunch of girls oiled up and writhing around with huge snakes! They have the "gonzo" style of porn, but they also have great fantasy themes. You must check out the twins Airi and Meiri! The AV girls are very well paid and respected, that's why they never work in the west. The collection of Idols here is extensive. There's a DL limit of 8GB, and some DL managers are banned, so read the rules before proceeding. I am not counting the mosaics as a minus, that's the law in Japan. There are a lot of "uncensored" video though. For the JAV lover

12-12-07  04:31am

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Visit Kristina Fey

Kristina Fey

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots Of Material
- Zip Files
- Still Updating
- Nice Looking Girl
- Network Access
Cons: - Poor Server
- A Lot Of No Nude Sets
- Expensive
Bottom Line: Kristina Fey is part of a network that includes 29 other sites and is probably the best of the lot. The server here is a bit slow when navigating through the material, although the smallish zipped photosets and videos download quickly. As of this review, there are 476 photosets, at 1024px. The site is still updating every 3 days, although it seems to have taken a holiday break. Kristina is a pretty girl who poses very well, she seems to be a natural before the camera. A lot of the earlier sets however are completely non nude, but later sets shows Kristina in her glory. The avi videos are 720x576. There are as of this review 45 of them. The usual softcore variety, but Kristina is photogenic and playfull in these. If you like this girl, you will find plenty of quality material here.

12-31-07  11:03am

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Visit Little Lupe

Little Lupe

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Little Lupe Is A Cutie
- She Does Hardcore
- Access To Other Sites
Cons: - Photos Have Huge Ugly Watermarks Smack Dab In The Middle :((
- Access To Bonus Sites Is Limited, And You Have To Sign In Again
- Tech Support Is Rude And Unsupportive
Bottom Line: Little Lupe is a fairly new site I decided to check out. She is a very cute web model who also does hardcore, and she looks very good doing it. I am not sure why they did it, but the photos there have huge disfiguring watermarks in the middle of the photo, a major negative as far as I'm concerned. A very big turnoff. While Little Lupe is a worthwhile model, the guys in her sets are kind of creepy, with members that are too big for this very petite girl Lol! I was left wondering what gutter they found these guys in. I had a legitimate problem with the site, and contacted it's tech support. I got a letter back telling me I could quit if I didn't like it, which is what I proceeded to do! A shame though, because Lupe is nice.

06-07-07  07:50pm

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Visit Live Cam Network

Live Cam Network

No Review.
08-07-07  09:20pm

Visit Mano Job

Mano Job

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Well Produced Scenes
Stays On Topic
Hi Res Photos
Large Archive
Interactive Forum
Good Extra Site
Screen Caps
Exclusive Material
Cons: No Zip Files :(
Older Scenes/Less Appealing
Hassle To Enter Extra Site
Could Be Updated More Frequently
Needs Improved Navigation
Bottom Line: This is the best HJ site out there, mostly because they do it right. It stays on topic and doesn't stray from the niche, which a lot of niche sites do, to my great annoyance. The producer and director here make a real effort to do it right. They are aware of one of the real problems in western porn, especially with niches like this: the "stunt dicks" (their term!) often ruin scenes in niches like this. We don't want to see the male props giving themselves handjobs! This site tries their best to avoid this spectacle, although sometimes it's a losing battle, through no fault of their own. And---importantly---they understand that the viewer does not desire to hear the director talking. You don't get that here, and high marks to them for that. You can discuss these and other issues with them in their forum. All sites should have a forum.

The videos are 640x480 (wmv). As of this writing, there are 297 of them. They are well produced. You can download them whole, in small parts, or in very small parts. Each scene also includes a slow motion climax, and a behind the scenes video. The oldest videos have some not very appealing girls in them, but generally the latest updates are just fine. You get screencaps with every scene.

The photos are 1500px, and very well photographed. However---no zip files! Come on guys, get those zip files up! Photos are not a side attraction, lots of us like them better than the vids. No excuse for not having zip files in this day and age.

There are 2 extra sites, the "Dicksuckers" being tha main attraction. It isn't real easy getting there though, and you have to sign in again when you do. That should be fixed. But it also is a good site, and mirrors Mano technically, with a lot of the same girls (obviously they do 2 separate scenes for the site).

You can bookmark your favorite scenes, which is handy (all sites should have this feature), but the site's navigation needs some work. Could be more user friendly and attractive, they have a model listing that is a bit of a mess.

I like niches like HJ/BJ, and when it's done properly (as this site is) it's unique in the online porn world. The site gets a high mark primarily for not disappointing in this regard, and for the fact they make a conscious effort to please the paying customer. And it's apparent that the site keeps improving. Hand Job niche lovers will not be disappointed.

02-25-09  08:01am

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Visit Max Hardcore

Max Hardcore

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Max Hardcore
- Lots Of Video, New & Classic
- Magazine Scans
- Fast Downloading
- NO DRM Protection
Cons: - Max Hardcore
- Mostly Low-Res Videos
- No Full Length Video Option
- No Zip Files
- High Price
Bottom Line: The feds have tried to lock this guy up for years, I'm sure they'll eventually succeed, but when they do, Max Hardcore will have left a legacy of puke, bile, piss, and disheveled porn girls. I joined because we needed a review, and I expected to give it a bad score, but I can't. I remember how shocking his videos were in the old days, you see it all over pornoville now (it's called "gonzo"), but back then there was nothing like his stuff ever seen. He even got his videos banned in Sweden for crying out loud! Going back and looking at his work, I see his "children" can't hold a candle to him. His material is still shocking, even in this day and age! There is a video with his gf Catalina, where she pukes so much you think she's going to die. How he gets the girls to go along with all this is anyone's guess, watch the Missy Misfit video. There is even a scene with a very young Briana Banks that she would probably like to burn! Why my high score? Because Max understands porn like very few do. These vids of his are all intense fantasies, even the photos show this with their unique posing. It's like watching a horrible car wreck, but an elegantly staged one! Repulsive, compelling, puzzling why all the girls allow him to piss in their mouths with disgusting pleasure--there is nothing like his twisted vision. Get it now before he's banned! Videos are broken up and small (320x240)wmv. His site is not the best for navigation. You might not care. Hi-Res videos would up my score.

10-30-07  03:23am

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Hi-Res Photos
Zip Files
HD Video
Lot Of Models
Cons: Erotically Mild
A Chore For Collectors
Bottom Line: Finally joined this site after thinking about it for a long time. Decided to because it offers high quality, high resolution photography.

The photos are very professionally produced. And they come in 3 sizes: 600, 1200, 4000 px. They can be downloaded in zip files. The download speed is fair to good.

The vids are HD, 1280x720, very lush. They are not DRM protected.

There are 10 pages of models, many well known. All told, there are about 1400 sets. They have (to date) 382 videos. A good solid archive.

So why the low score? A couple reasons. Much of the photography is as unerotic as it comes. I will give them big credit for not having repetitious shots (ie 14 in a row of a model standing around in the same pose). But many of their sets are, well, kind of bland.

Another problem is if you are a true collector of fine nudes, it is very difficult and time consuming to use this site. For instance, when you download a set and unzip it, the folder is named "Large", or "Small", whichever size you downloaded. So you will have to rename the folder after the set. And the cover of the set is not included in the folder. Therefore you must download it separately. All very time consuming, a real drag. What is so difficult about labeling a set's folder, and including the set's cover in the folder? Makes one wonder if this is a deliberate action to force the paying customer into spending more time at the site than he would wish. Every file being labeled exactly the same? You see the problem. Downloading should be fun, and not a chore.

If you're thinking, I don't care, I just want to download some hot nekkid girls---forget it. This site isn't for you either. You'll be bored quickly.

The site has it's good points, but I don't have the time for all the chores it demands. Met-Art is much simpler to use than this site!

01-01-09  08:38pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - High Res Photos
- Zip Files
- Hi-Res Videos, NO DRM
- Beautiful Models
- Endless Amount Of Material
- Very Frequent Updates
- 14 Hours Free Webcam Per Day
- Favorites Folder With Rating System
- Fast Downloads
- No Download Limits
Cons: - Original Met-Art Sets No Longer Archived
- Some Photo Sets Are Bland
Bottom Line: This site has really sold me with it's high quality material and very frequent updating. You get 4 brand new sets per day to go along with the massive archive. Photos come in 3 sizes (Roughly 3000+, 2000+, 1024) available in fast downloading zip files corresponding to each size. So many beautiful naked models that not one stands out amongst the bevy of girls. Most Erotic Teens has stepped beyond the strictly teen genre in recent years, but there are no hags here. Some of the sets are nothing but bland statue posing by model wannabees, but with such a wealth of material, it's no big deal to skip past these. As of this review, Met has about 90 videos, the newer ones available in divx, wmv, mpeg, quicktime, mp4 and ipod files. The divx are 1280x720 in size, the wmv 720x576. Naked girls with no hardcore to be seen is what these videos are about. They have a high quality webcam with 7 two hour shows daily where you can chat about anything but sex with the naked girls if you are into that. Unfortunately, the oldest original Most Erotic Teens photo sets are no longer archived here, these are collector's items now. Met-Art is what every porn site should aspire to be. Attractive, erotic, interesting, fun to use, interactive with a bottomless well of material.

12-15-07  02:01am

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Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very Good Site Design
-Models Are Above Average, With Some Knockouts
-Zip Photos
-Large Archive Of High-Res Photos
-Hi-Res Videos
Cons: -Videos Are Basically...Dull
-No Extras
-Non Russian Model Index Is Slim Pickings
Bottom Line: The first thing you should do when joining this site is check the Anya archive wow! As of this writing she has 46 sets there! MPL has a "vision", as long as they also have naked girls that's fine with me, but here it is in a nutshell. They have 3 different set formats. The Artistic Nude, The Erotic Nude, and Lifestyle. Each girl is involved in each of these visions. Lifestyle is non nude "postcards" in different Russian settings, but don't worry, there aren't many. Artistic nudes are actually more erotic than other similiar sites. The Erotic nudes are very good, and there are plenty of these sets. That's their vision. Anya will make you lose your vision Lol. The models are split into 4 categories: Russia, England,Hungary,Czech Republic. Forget England. Hungary and The CR are sadly disappointing. But who cares, because the bulk of the models come from Russia. And they are great. I'm a photo collector primarily, and this site does not disappoint. Zip files are provided, and the photos come in 3 sizes for downloading: 1200x800, 2000x1300, and a whopping 3000x2000 that makes it seem that Anya is sitting in your lap! The videos come in 3 formats: WMV, MOV, DivxAvi, all 1280x720 with a low res option as well. To me, the videos are dull, the usual stuff for these model sites. If you like that, these will please you I guess. The photos are spectacular, and plentiful. MPL is very paranoid about their material, as they ask members to rat out other members who post their stuff for free.

***Extra point for great technical support***

07-28-07  04:31am

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Visit My Glamour Site

My Glamour Site

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hi-Res Photos
- Zip Files
- Top Notch Photography
- Hi-Res Video
- Evelyn Lory Of Course
- Evelyn's Friends
Cons: - 10 GB Download Limit?

- Not Many Of The Hi-Res Videos
Bottom Line: Evelyn Lory is a glamour model, there is no doubt about that. She's gorgeous, I never tire of seeing her. I like the concept of her site, which is to "put photography back to it's position". This is a not so subtle criticism of the current "some guy with a camera" shooting the so-called "girl next door" site. I agree with the concept. Erotic photography should be just that---erotic. A fantasy, a painting of real life. Evelyn's Glamour displays erotic fantasy to the fullest. It is a smallish, but very high quality site that includes erotic glamour models other than Miss Lory, such as the increasingly popular Eufrat, who has many sets here. The photos are hi-res, 2500px. they are available in zip files. The videos, although few in number, are also hi-res, and can be downloaded in the wmv format or as flash video. Updates come every other day. I wish the site was larger, but for now the quality makes up for it. Supposedly there is a 10GB download limit, but it doesn't matter as much in a smaller site. Evelyn's Glamour says they are against "models without makeup, boring locations, and asexual positions". Bravo! Evelyn's Glamour brings fantasy and taste to the online world of erotica. My score would be in the 90's if there was a lot more material.

10-06-07  09:42pm

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Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great Price
- Lots And Lots Of NS Material
- A Lot Of Quality Bonus Material For The Money
- NS Model Search, Including Greats Like Tera Patrick Before She Disfigured Herself!
Cons: - Photos Are Small
- Video Options Could Be Better
Bottom Line: I was a fan of New Sensations from the days when Tera Patrick, Jewel De'Nyle, and yes, Jenna Jameson worked there-all their material is here. And don't forget the great work Peter North did for them-he has his own section. They have a search section for all the models that ever worked for them and it's huge. Lots of things I never saw. The bonus sites are almost too good for the price, You can find them listed at the site, it does include Jizz Bomb with 51 pages of material. I would say this site has the best bonuses out there. Unfortunately, the photos there are small, even the newer ones, around 500x750. They aren't screencaps either. It's too bad, because there are a lot of stars there suitable for collecting. They still use real media (!) as an option for their videos!! Does anyone have .rm videos!! they've got to lose those! The wmv are 640x480. But you get Taylor St.Claire and her bouncing breasts! wow, talk about the good ol' days! If the photos were hi-res, i would spend many months there. As it is, I think it's a great site for people who have a knowledge of porn, and like seeing their old favorites, and new ones as well.

07-30-07  04:12am

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Visit Only Blowjob

Only Blowjob

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -High Res Photos -Fantastic Models -An Abundance Of Material -Great Technical Support -Easy Navigation
Cons: -The Older Videos Aren't Of The Greatest Quality, But The New Ones Are
Bottom Line: If the BJ niche is your particular fancy, this is the only place to be. It's updated frequently, and the models are mostly very hot. Some will say there is little in the way of full blown sex scenes, but that's a spurious argument, because it's a BJ site! The photography is fantastic, the newer videos are very well presented. I mention the Tech support because I have dealt with them and can say they are very helpful and attentive, unlike other sites, there are no form letters here. They are sincerely concerned about the paying customer, and that means a lot to me. I join this site on and off, as I let the updates refresh.

I'm a member here again, and have noticed that some old sets are being used as "updates", so I have no choice but to lower my score. However, if you have never joined, you won't care about that. ***A member again, I will bump my score a point for the new look and new features.***

06-07-07  02:06pm

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Visit Oral Amber

Oral Amber

No Review.
10-04-07  04:53am

Visit Peter North

Peter North

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large DVD Collection
- Hi-Res Video
- No DRM protection
- Daily Updates
- Screencaps
- Good Download Speed
- Hi-Res Photos
- Network access
Cons: - Not Many Photosets
- Spurious Male Enhancement Pitch !
Bottom Line: I usually don't go for sites that are primarily video, but Peter North is a legend, and one of the few male porn stars who doesn't irritate me. His video work and production has always been top notch, and this site, which updates daily, currently has 195 of his DVD's available for non-DRM download. You'll find, among others, his famous series, "North Pole" and "Deep Throat This". These star a lot of the female porn stars of the day, like Lanny Barbie and Eve Angel (doing hardcore with a *gasp* guy!), and are presented in full screen hi-res wmv (720x528). They are also available in lo-res, and can be streamed. There is also some "classic" Peter North, but not much premium material there, as he doesn't own much old video I'm sure. But some nice stuff with Nina Hartley and Tori Wells. His site also has a feature "Who can swallow Peter?", which for those familiar with his famous prodigious pops, is probably not an easy feat! Not all succeed! The photo sets are hi-res (1200px) unfortunately, there are only 17 of them. I joined this site through the Devils Film network, with all their other sites included (including Silvia Saint), but this site is I think better. Great for high quality xxx video collectors, and suitable for DVD burning.

10-10-07  10:38pm

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Visit Pier 999

Pier 999

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great Models
- Hi-Res Photos
- Zip Files
- Very Good Download Speed
- Frequent Updates
- Evelyn Lory!
- No DRM
- Hi-Res Vids w/ Screencaps & 30 sec Previews
Cons: - Daily 2GB Download Limit
- Some Out Of Hand Photoshopping!
Bottom Line: I like this site more than I thought I would. Let's get the download limit out of the way first. It sucks. If you do go over, you have to sit in the corner for a day! So you must keep track of your dl totals! For those who collect vids primarily, this could be a problem. Not so bad for photos. The Hi-Res photos only go up to 1350px (1200 for older sets), but that's good enough, because they're great. 1st class photography of 1st class girls. Solo,lesbo, toys, hardcore, it's all included. A little light on the hc. Sophie Moon, Eve Angel & other premium models, mixed with lesser known but quite beautiful models = a great collection of photos, which are provided in zip files that DL quickly. The videos are Hi-Res also (up to 720x400). They provide quality screencaps, and (thankfully considering the DL limit) little 30 sec. sneek peeks of the vids which is very handy. It's a nice touch. The videos look great, but unlike other sites, they are not directly associated with the photo sets, they have their own section. The site on a whole is attractive, and easy to navigate. They update regularly M-F, 9 photosets and 3 vids per week. Maybe they take the models out on the weekend! About the photoshopping or "airbrushing" of the photos. Some of them are a bit much, but I expected worse. Really, it's not that bad, in some cases it looks nice. I'm impressed with this site, and it will keep growing. PS--Some of the model's names are screwed up---but, do we care?

09-16-07  04:05am

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Visit Pornstar Classics

Pornstar Classics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very Large Library
-Ability To Edit Scenes
-Good D/L Speed
-Great Extra Site (Caballero)
Cons: -Only One Video Format (.wmv)
-Not Many Photos
-Star Index Could Be Better
-Only about 4 updates a month
Bottom Line: Pornstar Classics is for the lover of the good old days. If you weren't alive in the good old days, you may find it interesting, but of course the film/video is aged. This site has improved a lot since I was a member a few years ago.

I don't count the aged look of the film/video as a negative, because this is a classic site. Some of the stuff is about 40 years old. Personally I sort of like it, because it brings me back. All the old great stars are here: Ginger Lynn, Annette Haven, Johnny Wadd, Tina Russell, etc. In the old days, this stuff was very expensive, first as film, then early VHS. It was difficult to collect a lot. Now it's all at your fingertips. They have tons of full features, but also a lot of the old "loops", like the Showgirl series.

The main extra site here is Caballero Classics, a great extra. They have a huge library as well, all their own titles. All told, so far they have about 700 films. They only update about 2 films every 2 weeks though.

They only have .wmv available here, but in 3 sizes, the largest being 640X480 927kbps. It's too bad they don't have many photos---scans of the old mags would be great if they could manage it. I'm downloading here at 1.2MB/s. The star index needs to be improved, but is functional.

A great feature of these sites is the Videobox style scene editor. All sites need this.

I give this a high score because the material is so great. Only the old timers may like this site, but newbies may want to check out what Dad was watching!

10-01-09  01:25pm

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Visit Pornstar XS

Pornstar XS

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A Lot Of Videos
- No DRM Protection
- Good Search Options
- TBP Discount
- Good Size wmv Videos
Cons: - Some "B List" Videos
- Some Videos Broken Into Chunks Only
Bottom Line: At $14.95/month, PSXS is definitely a bargain. WMV video can be had at the size of 720x540, which fills up a screen nicely. You also have the option of downloading mpegs (512x 384). They have portable downloads as well. There is no DRM protection at this site. I don't consider that much of a + though, that should be the norm. Older videos here are smaller and broken up. As for the goods, there is some junk here, bargain basement stuff, not quite as much as Videobox IMO. They have a studio search, with many quality studios represented, you can check it out in the preview. It has Ashley Blue eating out of a peanut butter jar after some pornoville neanderthal joyfully relieves himself into it. Charming. Download speed is good if you don't download multiple files at once. You'll be better off downloading one or two at a time. If you don't have any porn on video, you'll hit the jackpot here. For more discerning collectors, try a quality mail order site.

10-02-07  01:35am

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Visit Pornstar.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A Ton Of Videos
-Good D/L Speed
-Indexed Porn Stars
-Updates Frequently, But...
Cons: -...Updates Are Broken Up By Scene
-Search Engine Worst I've Seen
-Photos, But No Zip Files
Bottom Line: The name of this site is appropriate because the only way to effectively use it is to download by pornstar. I set up a folder with all the pornstars having their own folder inside, and found all the girls I wanted to download. This is how they present their huge library of videos---by scene. The problem is their search engine has to be the worst I've ever seen, a total disaster. Don't even try using it. Use the index of pornstars instead. Another member here posted a method of extracting all the scenes from a video (see comments), and it works, but is too time consuming.

My score would have been lower because of this, however they have an impressive library of material, of which I am still scratching the surface. And this is with excellent download speed. They have modern pornstars, and pornstars from the last 10 years or so (which I like), and really, there's so much stuff here at a reasonable price (use the trial, cancel and you get it for 9.99). That's why it cries out for a functional search engine.

They only have .wmv available---a standard size (480x360) and a "HD-DVD Quality" (640x480). The videos all have decent descriptions, and they do have screencaps for each vid, which is handy. They have a lot of photos for their pornstars, but with no zip files I don't have the time to bother with them. I'm not seeing any real hi-res there.

They update very frequently, on a daily basis, which is good, but it comes out in a hodge-podge, they won't list the whole DVD.

If you are looking for some good video to download, no matter who is in it, you are going to have difficulty wading through this site and may become frustrated. It's best used to collect pornstars by going through their sections and downloading what you like.

07-11-09  12:36am

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Visit Pretty Nudes

Pretty Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hi-Res Photos
- Zip Files
- Good Price
- Attractive East Euros
- 4 Updates Per Week
Cons: - No Video At All
- Small Stable Of Models
Bottom Line: This is a nice photography site out of Slovakia, for pic collectors only---you won't find any videos here. What you will find are very nice high-res (2000px) photos of mostly little known (to me anyway) eastern Euro girls, a lot from Slovakia, The Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. They are available in 2 sizes of zip files,each newer set includes a bonus super high-res (4000px) photo, and the site updates 4 times a week. Although there are a lot of photo sets, there is a modest stable of models to choose from, all attractive. The price is $19.99 (non recurring). Not a lot to say here except that it is a pleasant site with fine photos of pretty east Euros. Great for pic collectors, of no interest to vid collectors.

11-12-07  07:28pm

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Visit Private.com


No Review.
08-31-07  08:54pm

Visit Retro Raunch

Retro Raunch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unusual Vintage Material
- Easy Navigation
- No DRM Protection
Cons: - Small Photos
- No Zip Files
- Very Low-Res Videos
- Not Much Material
Bottom Line: For those interested in Vintage pornography, this site may interest you. However, I have seen much better material than I see here. This site provides photos and videos (films actually). The material ranges from pre-1920's-1970's. I wouldn't expect the films to be in great shape of course, and that's OK, but the videos are tiny Quicktimes and most of them are silent. They are downloadable. Hard and softcore is available. A lot of old stag movies, which is interesting, but the quality varies, some very poor due to age. You will also find burlesque shorts here, but with no musical soundtrack, by that I mean a modern soundtrack which you will see elsewhere. There are a few Bettie Page films as well, and also some bondage which was interesting. Grandpa was kinky! The photos are OK, nothing approaching hi-res, and due to age the quality varies. Hardcore, Fetish,"Cheesecake" and Gay are the categories here. I find some of the old stuff very erotic, sometimes weird. Of course, you'll see plenty of black socks and even masks during sex! They also have a novelty section with such items as dirty playing cards, and "Tijuana Bibles" which are unusual. Good collector's items. The price isn't bad, and there is some interesting material to save for antique collectors who get bored by the mechanical productions of today, but I have seen much better material out there than is displayed here.

10-22-07  08:58pm

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