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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Wide variety of content of different genres, time periods, and studios.
-Downloadable content with various choices of file-format (plus no DRM, always a good thing when an adult site treats you like an adult.)
-Streaming available
-Good download speeds
-Many different fetishes
-Well integrated search engine, with the option to mark scenes/movies for later.
-Extra channels available
-Lots of updates
Cons: -Movies are a bit homogeneous (i.e. most movies and scenes are one-on-one, straight, with the same basic format and style.)
-User feedback tied to rating system (see Bottom Line)
-Extra channels cost extra cash-equivalent $ to the initial subscription cost
-Movie tags do not include performers
Bottom Line: Overall, this is one of the best sites I've seen in a long time. There's a lot of variety with many different options about how to watch. You can download at decent speeds, you can stream directly, or you can simply mark the movie as a favorite to watch later. Given the variety and sheer amount of porn here, I guarantee that you'll spend the first few days just selecting stuff you want to watch; there is a lot of it.

The bad things are really minor in my opinion. The biggest complaint is that, regardless of the variety, most of the porn on this site is very much the same. For example, lesbian porn, ebony porn, and some other "mainstream tastes" are a little underrepresented; it's mostly Asian or Caucasian-straight sex. That being said, there's still plenty to choose from if you like lesbians or interracial sex, or whatever...just not as much.

In addition, the user rating system is problematic. Given the tremendous variation in taste among the sites users, I can't help but feel there could be a better system. Here's an example: when you enter a search for movies, each movie has a "star-rating" (one star, two stars, three, etc.) However, because there's such a large number of subscribers, all with different tastes, and many who are very vocal about how much they hate this or that type of porn, just about every movie, scene, and porn star winds up with a three-star rating once the movie's been up for a couple of hours. A lot of very good porn sits in the middle of their rating system because of this.

Overall, however, these complaints are minor: I would hope for more lesbian updates, for example, but I can't complain with the number they have. If you join, don't take the movie ratings too seriously; thanks to streaming you can always decide for yourself if you like it before you download. The other channels are there, but they clearly label which movies are in what channel, so you won't have to live with ads for Vivid or Evil Angel every ten minutes.

11-12-11  12:25am

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Visit Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Updated: 09-29-12  11:49pm  (Update History)
Reason: Changes were made to the site in response to this review; I updated it to reflect both the site's improvements and the site's response to feedback.
Pros: -well directed; slants more toward erotica than porn
-high production quality
-streaming videos
-downloadable films in 3 file formats
-respectable number of HD films
-photo sets are downloadable as zips
-large collection of material
-Staff responsive to reviews on pornusers.com
Cons: -Misleading links to "Site Extras" (one of those annoying complimentary memberships to livejasmin affiliated site misleadingly marked as "vivthomascams".)
-Poor search engine
-No way to mark favorites for later
-Streaming begins automatically (problem if you don't have the bandwidth to spare).--fixed.
-Some full-length films are "preview-only"--fixed
Bottom Line: You cannot, cannot go wrong with Viv Thomas. His work is easily my favorite stuff on the market today. Some of the hottest girls on the internet can be found in his movies and photo-sets.

Vivthomas.com has a wide assortment of videos, which are the individual scenes of DVDs. There is also a vast library of photosets (though they are not necessarily related to the films; they're usually stand-alone). Viv Thomas' material is well directed and has a high production value--no shaky cameras or cameramen who get so distracted by the action that they forget their camera's been focused on a kneecap for two minutes. Instead, each scene is carefully crafted and well filmed.

Addendum to original review: I was incorrect about several things in my first review, I have endeavored to correct it. Vivthomas.com updates daily and my criticisms here have either been fixed or were a result of a misunderstanding on my part. Moreover, the VivThomas team responded very quickly to the criticisms I leveled at them in the original review. I've indicated the criticisms I had of them that they have since fixed and have adjusted my score accordingly.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with Viv Thomas' sites; you won't be disappointed. However, as a flagship website, vivthomas.com has a long way to go before it's on par with other sites out there.

07-14-12  01:07am

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Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous models
-High definition content (pics and videos)
-Download images singly or as a zip file
-Ability to bookmark scenes or performers
-High production value (good direction, lighting, etc)
-Wow-girls is part of a network of sites (albeit a very small one)
Cons: -Landing page (after login) is arbitrary and unhelpful
-No download manager support
-Member-only cam shows are inconveniently timed (if you live in a US time zone, be prepared to take a day off work if you want to catch one).
-Graduated access to network (2 sites for one month, 4 sites after 2 months, etc).
Bottom Line: Can't go wrong with Wow Girls (and it's sister-site Wow Porn); the girls are gorgeous and the scenes are artistically done (I'm serious about this, watching one is really an aesthetic experience...as well as a turn on). The site releases videos at multiple resolutions, including 1080p. Pictures are in the same boat, with some of the available resolutions being almost absurdly high (up to 6000px, if my memory serves).


I was disappointed to find that download managers like FDM are unsupported. Browser add-ons like DownloadThemAll worked just fine, but I actually got better speeds just using Firefox's built in download utility. This is a feature I would like to see the site implement.

When you first log in, you're taken to a landing page that shows you the most recent updates for Wow Girls and Wow Porn. No other site-functionality is available on this page. You have to click on one of the sites to go to its homepage (and once there, I wasn't able to find a way to switch sites without returning to the landing page). It's a minor gripe, I know, but this is dumb.

Lastly, while I love it when a site is part of a network (especially when I didn't know when I signed up), I hate it when sites have a graduated access plan (even when there's an option to upgrade and see all the content now). Wow Girls network has this. For the first month, you get 2 sites, after 2 months you get 3 or 4, and so on. This sort of set up has never once encouraged me to remain a member of a site long enough to get access to the locked sites. It pissed me off when 21sextury used to do it, it pisses me off now.

Having said all that, none of these gripes is enough to ding Wow Girls' score very much (most of the deduction comes from the lack of download manager support). If you've got $30 burning a hole in you're pocket, give Wow Girls a try.

06-08-14  10:17am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-29-12  10:42pm  (Update History)
Reason: Didn't like the way I worded my "Bottom Line Section" as it was more opinion rather than critique
Pros: -Lots of quality performers and content
-Videos and Photos have high production value
-Easy to Use Search Engine
-Ability to mark scenes and porn stars as favorites to view later.
-High Res photos and videos
Cons: -Lack of Variety
-Bonus sites are streaming only
-DRM on some videos-I'm not one to Pirate, but I would expect an adult site to treat me like an adult.
-Pre-checked cross-sales
-Ads and promotions (minor problem, but still...)
Bottom Line: Bottom line is that you can't go wrong with Brazzers.com. The site has great content, high quality performers, and offers great perks like the monthly live Brazzers chats. Their search engine is okay, not great, but not bad either. And, most importantly, the newer vids have a variety of file formats and resolutions, up to HD quality in most cases. Like always, that doesn't apply to older content, but that's not a negative in my book.

However, there are some negatives that count against it. First, the overall "look" of all the models is the same-just about all of them have fake tits, tatoos, and piercings. The lesbian content on the site is all exactly the same: ultra-rough lesbian domination. It's okay, but if you're a fan of lesbian content like I am, you'll be bored in a matter of hours. Straight scenes are also very similar to each other. Lastly, bonus content sites are streaming only (though the usual Firefox workarounds work just fine).

Bottom line: can't go wrong with a classic, but expect to get bored quickly.

04-29-12  10:34pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large Selection of DVDs
-DVDs and Scenes appeal to a wide range of niches
-Good amount of HD content
-No DRM: always a plus
-Mixture of pornstars from around the globe
-Model "type" varies (i.e. not all petite, not all buxom-there's something for everyone)
-Several filters for easy browsing of scenes and pics
-HD downloads, streaming, and mobile (though I've not tried the mobile just yet).
Cons: -No search engine that I can find.
-Buggy browsing system: see comments for more detail.
-Pre-Checked Cross-sales.
-Ads for other sites in Members area.
-No biographical information for models.
-Actresses in scenes are not always correctly tagged.
-Network sites contain no unique material.
-Works poorly with download managers.
Bottom Line: Overall I think this is a great site, especially for the price. However, the technical problems and the pre-checked cross sale dramatically lower their score in my book.

There's a sizable selection for many different niches on this site. The page is well designed for the most part, and looks beautiful. Downloads are easy to manage and as long as you don't try and pause a download, they work fine with a manager like DownloadThemAll. There are only two file-format choices for most videos, mp4 and wmv, however, that's never really bothered me too much. Lastly, there are plenty of options for sorting DVDs, movies, and pics when your browsing.

There are some problems with the site, though. First, there is no search function, only a series of filters you can select for browsing titles (i.e. "sort by most popular", "most viewed", etc). However, these filters are buggy and often require users to enter page numbers by hand if they want to see anything other than page one sorted alphabetically.

Another big hit in my rating comes from the inclusion of pre-checked cross-sales: for shame Devil'sfilm.com, for shame! If you let your hunger for wonderful porn blind your vision, you'll find yourself in a 3-day trial for a site that renews at about $30 USD per month. Read the fine print before you buy--the trial site isn't bad, but it's not $30 good.

My bottom line:
These sorts of bugs are easily fixed and would, in my opinion dramatically raise their score. Without the technical problems and the pre-checked cross-sales, I'd easily rank this site in the 90s.

10-11-11  04:42pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-04-13  08:53am  (Update History)
Reason: Had further experiences with site's customer support that prompted a revision of the score
Pros: -Variety of models, themes, and 'genres'
-Really hot girls
-Unfathomable amount of content (you won't scratch the surface in a month).
-HD Quality on many movies and photos
-Zipped photo-sets
-Frequent Updates
-DL Manager friendly (mostly)
Cons: -User interface is buggy
-Log ins time out after approx. 1 1/2 hours of inactivity (too short for my tastes)
-Renewal price expensive compared to initial discount.
-No download resume support with DL managers.
-General feel of the scenes is monotonous (see Bottom Line)
-File sizes are unlisted (hope you like surprises)
-Customer Service is a Joke
Bottom Line: I'm a returning member to this site after being off it for a few years. The Bottom Line is that this is a site that I like the idea of more than I like the site itself. In other words, the site appeals to me when I'm not a member, but quickly bores me once I buy a membership.

That being said there's a lot to like about this site. It features some of the hottest girls in the European industry and a few familiar faces from the American (e.g. Tori Black, Samantha Ryan, etc.) The site is huge with a nice variety of niches to suit your needs. Many videos (and certainly about all of the one's released in the last few years) are full HD. Photo sets are zipped for download (which I still can't believe isn't a universal feature on adult sites). Updates are daily and are a good mix of genres.

The bad side is that despite the variety of niches, the scenes don't vary that much from each other. Granted that, to an extent, one anal scene has a lot in common with the others, each scene is practically the same setup. Their porn could benefit from an awareness of particular fantasies and situations, rather than just particular sex acts. While what you get is good for the PU discount on your first month, it's just not good enough to keep me around for another month for $29.

Lastly, the site has made some major improvements to its technical aspects since I was last a member, but its still lacking. For one, it's buggy: I'll sometimes select a filter to sort scenes or models by, only to return to browse other scenes to find that I can't remove the old filter. Likewise, when you view a model's profile, it will have a preview pic of four or five of her scenes. These pics are supposed to be paginated (i.e. there's a link just above them for you to go to the next page) but clicking on 'next' will just reload her profile. If you want to view all of her scenes, you have to click on a different, not-quite-as-visible link.

For another, the site lacks some basic features. Video links don't indicate their size, which is problematic when deciding which quality video to download. The website appears to log users out after only a couple hours unless the page is refreshed regularly. This is particularly frustrating when in the middle of downloading a large file because, while they have support for download managers, they do not appear to support resuming a download that has been interrupted (I'm using FDM, so, of course, your mileage may vary).

That being said, I do recommend giving this site a chance if you catch one of PU's discounts.

ADDENDUM 1: The problem with the site automatically logging you out is apparently a problem common with wireless connections: if you don't have a static IP, their system will intermittently identify your computer as a different user and will bump you out of the members area; while I understand the logic behind it, it keeps users from sharing their passwords, it's an inelegant solution that produces infuriating results. I did have some success using the Firefox addon "Reload Every" however, even that didn't completely avoid the problem.

Addendum 2: Since I've written this review, I've encountered 21sextury's less than astounding customer service. I found them a little rude and very unhelpful. In response to an issue I was having, their reply was essentially: 'well, the problem is on your end: You fix it'. The support request was then closed without further ado. When I tried to click on links that would allow me to re-open the request and ask for more information, none of them worked, they all just redirected me to their homepage.

Clearly, whoever runs their customer service needs some lessons in troubleshooting and customer relations. My experience was bad enough to reduce my score from 81 to 76

04-01-13  10:00pm

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Visit Jerkoff Instructions

Jerkoff Instructions

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Amazing content
-Variation/Creativity in scene set up
-Many recognizable names
-Varying girl-"types" (busty, petite, average, even some TS [don't worry they're clearly tagged as such])
-Custom vids are available for about $150 (pending model assent)
Cons: -Homepage is misleading--> False Advertising
-Disreputable billing service
-No downloads included with membership (streaming only)
-Videos are tagged, but there is no option to sort content by tags on the homepage
-Search tools are rudimentary
Bottom Line: Save your money. JerkOffInstructions.com looked so promising; indeed, if you're a fan of the fetish, you'll not be wanting for some quality work. It is because of the quality of the work that this site gets any positive rating at all.

Unfortunately, jerkoffinstructions.com has a long way to go. First, and most importantly in my book, the homepage is misleading. If you go to their website, their homepage will boast over 500 Downloadable videos. However, after you've shelled out $20 for membership (through ccbill, which is growing increasingly disreputable if the spam I've received since joining is to be any indication) you'll find that what you've paid for is access to streaming videos only. If you want to download a clip, you'll have to pay another $9.99 (at the least) per clip. This is a major downside, if I had known what the membership was buying me, I never would have bought it.

In addition, the site is amateurish with very little thought given the user experience.
There are over 500 videos (at least the site doesn't lie about that) but search options allow you to either a)select a model (by name only, no pictures, bios, etc) or b) guess as to what tags might be available and enter it into the search box. While you can click on the tags listed underneath a video once you've found one (and thus see all the videos with that tag) it is horribly inefficient and the user has no clue as to the number of different tags for content there are.

These sorts of lapses are inexcusable for a membership site. Full disclosure of membership benefits on the homepage (not in fine print) is so fundamentally basic that I can't excuse it. Site usability is a secondary factor, but is so poorly done in this case as to not warrant a score.

+5 points for having hot-girls and hot situations. Save your money or go to another site.

09-29-12  11:35pm

Replies (2)

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