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Visit Hannah Sweden

Hannah Sweden

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-08-12  09:49am  (Update History)
Reason: After server issues, I was finally able to access the site and give an honest review.
Pros: Photos are in High-Def.

Update to this review 24 hours later:

Photos and movies are of high quality and are downloadable. Site is small, but has potential if Hannah keeps at it. She is so incredibly hot, I'd really love to see her succeed.
Cons: I just let my subscription expire, but had one last note to add: Last site update: Feb. 2011.

Original review below. Since this post the site seems to have worked out the issues. I'm going to assume it was a server problem that was addressed. No further problems.

Took 24 hours for my user-pass to work. Took an email to CCBill to get it corrected. Once on the site I repeatedly clicked on links and received "Mysql Error Number: 1017" or ARRAY errors or errors that say "Error connecting to MySQL server: sayonara_hannelv@localhost.
Mysql Error Message: Can't create UNIX socket (23)" over and over. If not that then just pages of HTML and SQL code, no pictures or movies. Clicking the link 3-4 times seemed to work eventually though.
Don't know who codes this site, but they should be strung up by their toes.
Great high-def photos, but other than that, this site is a looser. Avoid this site like the plague folks, its not worth it. Trying to get refunded from CCBill. Wish me luck
Bottom Line: Good site, but small. Video and photo quality are not high-def, but the resolution is very nice. And Hannah is just so damn beautiful!

04-07-12  08:00pm

Replies (2)
Visit Only Teen Blowjobs

Only Teen Blowjobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1) Lots of content.
2) Large selection of movies and pictures.
Cons: 1) Typical, boring photos, most of which already are floating around free on the net.
2) Extreme amounts of 'filler' content in the photo galleries.
3) Confusing navigation.
Bottom Line: I'm going to take a lot of flack for this comment, but I'm just being honest: I really despise adult entertainment when it depicts abusive scenarios. When a guy puts his hands on the back of a girls head and tries to ram his cock down into her stomach, it turns me off big time. It is VERY obvious that the models don't like it and the ONLY reason the men do it to them is to forcefully degrade them on camera.
I HATE that shit. It is NOT entertainment. It is NOT enjoyable. It is NOT a turn on. It is NOT porn, its borderline rape. Yea, most of these girls signed a contract, but I'd be willing to bet most of them regret it.
Most of this site is full of that crap and I'm sorry I joined.

Its also easy to get lost in the navigation. At some points I didn't even know what site I was on there are so many intra-links that lead off to other sites. But in the end it didn't really matter because they were all more or less the same.

On to better things: About 15 years ago, during a sexual one night stand (yea, yea, I was a young, free, dumb male at one time!) a girl I was with took me orally to orgasm. I was on my back and when she was done, she moved up my body and planted her lips on mine, releasing all of my semen back into my mouth. At first I was shocked, but it turned out to be the most erotic moment of my life!
Ever since then I have been turned on to women with cum on their lips and in their mouths. The thought of kissing them afterwards, without them swallowing, is a great turn on for me.
I thought this site would have a lot of that to offer, judging by the name, but it was just another teen site, just like hundreds of others. Seen one, seen them all.
I guess this site is boring because its repetitious. EVERYTHING on this site has been seen before, over and over and over and over again. Save your money, you can find just as much free stuff out there as on this site.

01-06-12  07:30pm

Replies (2)
Visit TS Mariana Cordoba

TS Mariana Cordoba

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Picture quality is very high resolution. Unfortunately there are no other Pro's.
Cons: The movies are decent, but you cannot download any of them on the main site. A few 'Friends' movies are available for download on a connecting site, but quality is poor.

Once on the Friends connecting site, navigation becomes archaic at best. Lots of links promising galleries, but they only lead to home pages of other TS sites to join.

Some photo galleries have ZIP file download options, most do not, though you can right-click on them and save them that way.

Photo galleries have way too much filler photos. Example: A gallery has 120 photos, but the first 90 are just the models (Mariana and/or a fellow model) standing around.

After surfing the site for twenty minutes or so, you are blocked for a while from further viewing for bandwidth reasons.

Biggest Con of all? The site is really small. Roughly 36 movies and 35 photo galleries.
Bottom Line: I really love Mariana Cordoba, she's just one of the most sexy, glamorous and beautiful transgendered women on planet Earth.

I've wanted to join her site for a while, but could never find what I felt was an honest review of the site. So, I decided to take the plunge and take a chance.

I am so sorry that I did. Love you Mariana, but your site sucks. Movie quality is decent, but none are downloadable. Picture quality is very high, but way too many filler photos. I don't mind a few filler pics, but 75% of the gallery?

I was able to navigate every photo gallery in less than 45 minutes as there are only ~35 of them.

Still wading through the videos. I'm frustrated I can't download them for later viewing, but most of them are pretty decent. You can choose standard SWF, MP3 or HiDef FLV. None of them are DVD quality by a long shot.

There is a blog (tsmariana.com), but its really just a giant advertisement for her real site (tsmarianacordoba.com). Nothing wrong with this, but its kind of boring.

There is also a Forum, but its full advertisements for other paysites and drooling guys begging to meet Mariana. Boring as well.

There is also a link to another site you can visit (using the same user/pass) called MyShemaleFriends.Com. Its a sad little conglomeration of random pictures and movies, most of which can already be found free on the Net.

The worst part of this site is that after 20 minutes of surfing, you are 'timed-out' and told to come back later, that bandwidth needs to be conserved for other customers.

Mariana is so talented and beautiful, this site really does not do her justice. It needs a world of improvement.

01-02-12  01:33pm

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Visit Our Nails

Our Nails

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good photo photo quality and interesting videos where girls talk about their nails. All are downloadable. Fifty-Seven different models with differing nail lengths and colors.
Cons: Photos could be larger. Fifty-seven models, but 90% of the galleries are dominated by only 4 different models. No way to search just by model name. Lots of photos are repetitive in that its just the hand being photographed dozens of times over and over.
Bottom Line: I am aware that super-long nails aren't for everyone, in fact a lot of people think they are gross. But I gotta tell you, the thought of one long-nailed hand grabbing my shaft, and the other grabbing my balls is quite a stimulating thought!

Some of the models also have very long, painted toenails as well and while I've never been a foot or toe guy, I have to admit its kind of sexy!

The models are indeed very attractive, but a vast majority of the galleries are dominated by only 4 models. Makeup and clothing fairly conservative.

There is no nudity at all on the site, much less intercourse. I was not expecting intercourse, but some tasteful nude photography would have been appreciated.

This is a very simple site, the few extras they have (i.e. Forums) are weak at best. Once you view ten or twelve of the 200 or so galleries, you've pretty much seen them all. Too many repetitive photographs. Seriously, how many times can you take a photo of a hand with nails resting on a bedsheet?

Not worth the $24.95 cost, but it is an interesting site with a lot of promise. My suggestions would be to include not porn, but some tasteful, glamorous nude photographs. They need to break away from the repetitiveness of the galleries and branch out a bit.

01-01-12  03:30pm

Replies (1)
Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This is going to be a long review, but this site deserves it.

The Good:

1) The main Ferro Network site is massive, I mean stunningly massive. Fifty-four main sites and four bonus sites. Even if you aren't into a lot of the kinks they offer, you'll still be pressed to get through all the ones you are into!

2) Picture quality is outstanding. A lot of care went into resolution, camera position and final selection of photos that actually make it onto the site. The picture size is large but not those massive, bloated monsters that are a bit slower to download.

3) Movie quality is also excellent in hi-res. After downloading a movie, then opening it, I could enlarge it to full-screen on my 18" screen and not loose any resolution quality.A lot of care went onto filming as well insofar as set decoration.

4) LOTS of other good aspects, but I'm limited in character count here!
Cons: The Bad:

1) Navigation stinks. No way to search by model, date of update, etc.

2) My biggest beef is thumbnail size for both pictures and movies. I actually downloaded one of the thumbnails and opened it in Photoshop to get an exact height and width: 47x70 respectively. Absolutely horrible. I do not know why Ferro Network makes the thumbs so small, but its annoying as hell.

3) Once you join Ferro Network with your username/password, you have to sign into each and every site in their network one at a time. Very frustrating and time consuming.

4) You have to download and install a small driver in order to watch the movie after download. Its annoying, but everything works fine once installed.

5) The four 'bonus sites' are total crap. Low res movies and pictures not worth even signing it to see. One of the bonus sites wouldn't even load.
Bottom Line: Even with the cons, its hard to beat this network of sites. Yes, it costs $85, but the amount of content you have access to is astounding. Tens of thousands of movies and videos in high quality, high res format is pretty sweet.

The models are fresh and clean without belly button rings and giant fake tits, fake hair, fake fingernails, facelifts, asslifts and all that other bullshit that seems to reign here in the American porn market.

The models also seem to genuinely enjoy their work, which is also refreshing.

The average quality porn site costs about $30 a month, but for $85 you can join over fifty quality sites. Its well worth the investment. So nix the Starbucks Cappuccino for a couple weeks and you've saved enough money!

One tip to enjoying the Ferro Network: Once you join, go ahead and join all the sites you know you will be interested in right off the bat. Let IE or Firefox store the saved user/pass and THEN go back and explore the sites at your leisure. This will save you a lot of trouble later when you've got lube in your left hand! :-)

09-25-11  05:02pm

Replies (8)
Visit Backdoor Lesbians

Backdoor Lesbians

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Crystal clear picture quality! A lot of attention to detail went into the sets the ladies were performing on, as well as their dress and makeup. Very stylishly done. I know that sounds strange, we look at adult entertainment for the nookie, right? But its nice to see such attention to detail in a WWW that seems full of grunge sites. This means a lot to me as a customer. It tells me the creators of the site and the photographers care about their quality work more than just making a fast buck. Its a little something called work integrity.

Galleries are easy to navigate through, though I wish the thumbnails were a little bigger in both the picture and movie galleries.

Movies are also of excellent quality, though I wish the movie galleries displayed more than just four microscopic thumbnails per page. Just be aware that you have to download a driver first before you can view the movies at your pleasure.

Downloading of ZIP files is also nice
Cons: Originally I was unable to get any of the movies to play after I downloaded them. Then I figured out you have to download a driver first. (Don't worry, its safe). But even then the movies would not play.

The next day I realized that after I downloaded and installed the driver, you should reboot your machine for the driver to work. (At least that was my case).

My only other con is the size of the thumbnail samples in the Photo and Movie galleries. They are literally the size of a postage stamp.
Bottom Line: Overall a very attractive site. Very impressed with picture quality, except for the thumbs. Sets that actresses played on are very clean and detail oriented. Models themselves are very clean and attractive and actually seem to enjoy their work.
Some may think the makeup is a little heavy on some of the models, but it reminded me of the classic old Color Climax of the 1970's. (Dating myself a bit there!)
Roughly 180 picture galleries with an average of 80 pictures per. A lot of these pictures are already floating around out on freebie sites, but most are not. Most definitely worth their 3-day trial at $7.95, and even the full month membership.
A quality site that has some issues, but worth a visit. And, well, who doesn't like watching sexy women anal-bop one another? :-)

09-13-11  06:18am

Replies (2)
Visit TGirl Pinups

TGirl Pinups

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Picture quality is truly outstanding and galleries average 100 photos each. A LOT of thought and planning went into this site insofar as graphics, layout and an overall exciting feel. The graphic artist and makeup artist should both be given awards! The site is fun to navigate through and promotes a welcoming and fun experience.
Cons: There are ONLY three cons, and neither of them are fair really. 1) The site is still very small, only 22 models. But this is to be expected for a newer site. 2) The movies are pretty good, but you can't download them. 3) Most of the models have appeared on other sites, such as Danielle Fox, Domino Presley and Sarine Valentina. Though these are well known names, the photo shoots are really unique and fresh.
Bottom Line: Bottom line is that TGirl Pinups is a great new, fresh site that had a lot of thought and care go into its creation. Its limited right now, but holds great promise for the future. I look forward to what the creators of the site have in store for the future!

09-07-11  09:08pm

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Visit Shemale Japan

Shemale Japan

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Site is very well organized with easy-to-use navigation. You can go straight into photo sets or movies. However, and this is a part I like, When viewing photo sets or movies, the option to the see the other is nice, usually a link at the bottom of the models' page.
Pictures are of very good quality, not too small, but not those monster 3000 pixel wide jobbers either that take up too much disk space.
Exclusive content! An overwhelming majority of the models are simply stunning. I've been a fan of transgendered models for years and I thought I had seen it all, but some of the models just made my lower jaw hit the floor.
Cons: No ability to download photo sets.

Some of the movies lack imagination, just a TG girl rolling around on a mattress or standing against a wall for 20 minutes. Cameraman talks to the models too much, distracting them.
Bottom Line: I got a special deal to join this site for $18, and I jumped on it! Glad I did, Shemale Japan is a really great site with great picture quality!

08-01-11  05:12pm

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Visit Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Most pictures are very nice, and most seem to be exclusive to the site. They also have ZIP downloads, which I find helpful. Interesting bios on the models as well, I had no idea there was such an underground of Ladyboys in Thailand!
Cons: Pictures are too small, usually around 400px high and 300px wide. Navigation is also poor, the only search option is alphabetical by name. Movies are poor as well, some out of focus, some with Ladyboys just rolling on a sheet laid out on the floor. There is very little intercourse on the site, I was hard pressed just to find one movie with a couple. Most galleries are 90% just posing with clothes on. Creators of the site have very little idea of what 'glamor' means either.
Lastly, most of the photos on the site have already been 'leaked' out into mainstream freebie trans sites.
Bottom Line: LadyboyCrush.Com is an okay site for the 3-day trial, but nothing more. I worked my way through the entire site in just a few hours. Be warned though, after joining I DID NOT receive a confirmation email. I had to guess who billed me, as the company they claimed billed me, Epoch.Com, was wrong. It was actually NetBilling.Com. Is this deliberate? Who knows.

07-02-11  07:02pm

Replies (1)

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