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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Lots of download options
+ Can expect about 8-10 updates a week
+ Newer scenes have jump to action feature
+ Okay Pics
+ One Live Show A Month
+ Member interaction
+ Good Search functions
+ Optional add on sites
+ Download manager friendly
Cons: - Very little ethnicity (seems like this might slowly be changing)
- Got to pay to download live show archives
- Not to many fresh faces
Bottom Line: Brazzers is the best overall porn site I joined to date and continues to get better. The quality of the videos are great and you bet your bottom dollar that you will get at least 8 of them per week (usually 2-3 more). The download options for these videos are WMV, MPEG4, IPOD/PSP, HD 720p & HD 1080p(to all members). And the best part is theses downloads are download manager friendly. You don't get timed out in the middle of downloading a scene and you can pause and restart downloads. The pictures are above average to me. I'm not really a picture man but i did check some of them out (for the purpose of this review) and the quality was very good (better than a lot of other sites but not the best). There are over 900 pics per scene.

Brazzers have made major updates/improvements since the last time I joined. These new things are what nudges brazzers over the top as the best porn site to me. First There's the jump to action feature. This allows one to go straight to the action that you would like to see the most. Say you like reverse cowgirl, click the button below the scene and the streaming starts right at that point(speaking of streaming you have 5 options to choose from sd light/medium/high, hd and true life hd). Next they added an option which you can add a bonus site or sites to your subscription. The choices are Twisty, Mofos, and Brazzers World Wide. For the Sites Twisty or Mofos you can pay 70.00$ and get a lifetime subscription to these sites as long as you are a member to brazzers. For Brazzers World wide you can pay 15$ for 7 additional scenes (I never added any of these options to my subscription, this is only what i seen advertised in the members area). Also with my subscription of brazzers i had got free access to wickedpictures.com {UPDATE:Wicked must been limited time cause i no longer have access to it, not that i ever downloaded things from there anyway}. I'm not sure if this was just a promotion/limited time offer or is this just a free give away to everyone now. One thing that i wish brazzers had not changed is now you have to pay 3$ to download previously live shows(was free once upon a time).

Some pornstars get several appearances on the site which can be a pro/con depending on preference. Me personally I like that some well known pornstars are featured multiple times but i know some would rather not see an update of the same girl 2-3 times a month. There isn't much ethnicity in the brazzers site as a whole. But it seems this problem is being addressed. Lately the network added several Ebony/Asian/and Latina scenes(females only). For example this month they added 3 ebony scenes which might not seem like much but in past brazzers history this was unheard of. I really hope this trend continues.

There is a fair amount of member interaction on the site as well. They have a forum and at the bottom of the scenes they have a comment section which to me is mostly funny. Even though there are some disturbing comments that will make you scratch your head and think wtf. But for the most part comments are interesting read.

Search functions work very well in the site. You can search by the name of a pornstars (male & female, which is pretty cool. Most sites don't let you search male talent). You can also search major categories (over 100 to choose from). On some occasions I have seen that some scenes do miss the tags and don't show up in the category search but it is still one of the better search functions on a porn site. Also they have a favorite option which you can save your favorite scene,pornstar, or picture for later viewing.

Over all this is a must join site. I feel most will be satisfied

11-03-11  02:35pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 11-29-10  10:32am  (Update History)
Reason: Added more detail and up the rating
Pros: + Great Video Quality
+ Can Save your favorite scenes to a Favorite Archive
+ Nice Variety
+ Updates frequently with regular videos and live archive videos
+ Bang for your Bucks (10$)
+ Great customer service
+++ 5 Min edited videos
Cons: - No more live updates :(
- Wish Picture sets included more photos
- Live Videos are slow to load on windows media player
-Cant use a download manager.
--- No Updates on the weekend
Bottom Line: This is a great website and i will recommend it to all porn lovers. It has tons of videos with about 10-12 updates a week plus they add old prerecorded live videos daily. Customer service was great too. When pass wasn't working they got it fixed in less than an hour. The variety is great too, they got something for almost everyone. While most scenes are boy/girl they also add a girl/girl scene or a group scene every once in a while. The average scene is about 20-27 mins long and the video quality is amazing. You have several download options to choose from like
*1080p *780p *480p *WMV *MP4 and *portable
But by far my favorite part of the site is there on the go videos which are edited 5-6 min. version of the larger clips edited down to show all the highlights of the movie.

The only knocks against them is i never seen an update on Saturday or Sunday, they no longer do live videos, the picture set quality greatly fails in comparison to the video quality, and you cant use a download manger.

When its all said and down this is is a must try site. By Far my favorite site to date.

11-22-10  01:56pm

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Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + pre/post interviews with the models
+ good quality
+ partial video downloads
+ fast download speeds
+ Mixture of girls
Cons: - New videos are very large
- search functions
- no bells and whistles
- pricey(sometimes)
- No Streaming in hd
- DL manager timeout
Bottom Line: This is the second time i joined a kink site. The first one i joined was fuckingmachines.com and i had a good experience with the site but after awhile of watching my interest faded. Thought that might be the case with sexandsubmission.com (i was Sooo wrong.) For the most part each scene that i viewed was different from the last. Some models were tied from the ceilings while others ball & chained to floor. There was a vast amount of positions newer and well known pornstars were bounded in.

Video quality/lighting and camera angles were superb to me. And non-gonzo scene stories were pretty decent. DL speed on this site was great. My DL speed is 1500kb/s and the site always maxed it out.

Newer hd videos are to large for my liking. The latest videos can be over a hour and are around 2.2gb per scene. Which could be great if you have the hard drive and the download speed for it. But if you dont have the hardware i still wouldn't count this as much of a con because of the excellent way they clip the scene into several smaller clips.

The partial videos are great!!! They are more like a short standalone scene and not just a clip that thrust you into the middle of a movie. It starts with fade in and fade out and seem like a complete 5-13 min scene. Also like the complete scene you have 4 options to download the partial videos. mp4 hd (highest quality), a step down from that WMV hd, high quality, and a portable version.

This site doesn't have a lot of the little things that other sites might have like a favorite section to archive the videos/models or an extensive search function.

The price is a little high for me at 29.99, but if you can hold out a little and sign up for their newsletters most of the time they have a 19.99 special which is very reasonable for the site. Needless to say the content on this site isn't for everyone. Sometime i was a little squeamish with some of the peeing and the hooks up the asses.

I would strongly suggest this to any and all bondage fans and all others without a weak stomach. There are some great gems among this site that one would like to keep forever.

01-09-12  11:49am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Extensive Picture Sets
+ Could Download Portions of Videos
+ Good Search Options
+ Video Quality is Amazing
+ Great Variety of Girls
Cons: - Some Videos did not Work for me After i Downloaded them (very frustrating)
- They Did not Have a Favorite Page Like Most other Websites
- Personally i do not Like the Close up Camera Angels Used for Most of there Scenes
- Can;t comment on individual videos
Bottom Line: This site has a ton of scene/girl variety. Newer video quality is amazing, but the camera angels for alot of the scenes make it hard to enjoy (there shot so close up, its like looking at a solid color wall sometimes). A few videos did not work after they were finished downloaded them. If you like pictures you will be satisfied, each picture set contains well over a 100 photos. Great navigation features.

11-21-10  05:46pm

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Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good looking videos
+ Lots of hd videos (over 550)
+ Small watermarks
+ A++ search functions
Cons: - A very small amout of photos
- Scene setting gets repetitive
- Not to DL manager friendly
- No partial download
- Sometimes a lapse in hd updates
Bottom Line: Elegant Angel is a site that does a lot of the little things right which a majority of adult sites fail to do. They have a excellent search function which is a breeze to use. Another thing that i really like is when you rate a video you see an immediate impact on its total overall rating score. Adding videos/pornstars to the favorite section of the website works flawlessly. There are Well over 550 hd videos all with good quality, the download options for these videos are 1080p/720p, H264 ,and a mobile option (all of wich is .mp4 format). Also there isn't any over sized logo/watermark on the videos. Mostly all newer videos have a real tiny writing at bottom right corner with the name of the site on it. There is a large variety of videos, you can find at least one scene for almost every major porn niche.

Well that was the good and here comes the bad/ugly. The site isn't to download manager friendly. The download manger that i use (downloadthemall) works but if the video you added been sitting around a while you would have to re-add it. The scene locations seem to get repetitive. A majority of the scenes are on the couch or on the bed inside a house. I would like them to switch locations up a little more. I have a personal problem how they release there hd content. The format is one scene from a dvd until it is complete. That is good only if it is a dvd that you like. But if the dvd is of a niche that you dont care to much about it can be a minor problem. For example next several hd updates this week will all be oral only scenes. 8 straight new oral scenes in a row, is 8 days of new scenes that i wont be to interested in. Pics sets are very few in numbers. Some of the newer set have less than 10 pics in them. Older ones have around 30 good quality pics, but this is far to few (a little over 100 sets). Like most dvd sites they do have BTS footage, to bad most of it is not in hd (which is a little of a downer). Not all videos on the site are exclusive but a lot of them i seen for the first time on this site.

This is one of those sites that i think i might stop in and check on there updates after my membership is over and renew membership for it once in a blue moon. I think it was worth the 20 dollar price tag. I gave it a score of 87 because it was an above average site to me. It didn't exceed nor fall short of my expectations but rather feel right in the middle of the two. Bottom line it is a very good site not great. If you like the site trailers chances are you will enjoy the site. I would recommend this site but its not one that i would say is a must try.

12-01-11  01:40am

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Visit 18 Stream

18 Stream

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Full trail for a dollar
+Great looking models
+Get To Choose own log in name/pass
+Fast and easy streaming options
+Nice Pic Sets
Cons: -Downloaded videos have lots of distortions during playback
-search functions (not a lot)
-Wish they had subs so i can no what there talking about
-no partial downloading of the scenes
Bottom Line: This is an okay site overall. All the female models look fantastic. Most of there content is either boy girl with a few group scenes of like 3-four people. Also they have hand full of solos and 2-3 lesbian scene. Depending on ones taste is whether or not you would like the site. If you like all the screaming, dirty talk and flailing around by the women this isn't the site for you.

Video quality is good in most cases but the downloading can be greatly improved. When i downloaded the videos from the site almost every scene was distorted in some part of the video.

There is nearly no searching options at all. You can search by models name but thats about all. Some of the scenes are tag by what type of scene they are but not all.

It is well Worth the dollar trial but not the 30 dollar recurring fee.

04-09-11  05:36pm

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Visit Teen Pink Videos

Teen Pink Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Cute Girls
+ Beautiful looking photos
+ Full Trial
+ I loved the pictures
Cons: - Little to No Search
- Video Quality Varies
- Not much variety
- Good video count is at a minimal
Bottom Line: Well signed up for this website cause they had a full trial for a dollar so couldn't resist. Was the best dollar i ever spent. Some knocks i had Against this website was the limited search functions and videos qualities were not noted. You would have to search through a couple scenes to find nice quality videos. Not enough content that would make me become a member for longer than the 3 day trial. I highly recommend the trail but thats about all.

11-21-10  05:56pm

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Visit Club Red Light

Club Red Light

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 2 dollar trial
+ DL Manager friendly
+ Simple and easy to navigate the site
+ Good search functions
+ Quality of hd videos is very good
Cons: - Not all scenes come with a pic set
- Most Pics are good at best
- No new Hd update in a while (July 2010)
- Limited download options
Bottom Line: First let me state this review is based on the 3 day full trial subscription that i have with the site.

One thing that impressed me with this site is its easiness to navigate and good search function. Layout and advance search was defiantly a plus. The site contains over 500 hd videos which were of pretty good quality. Unfortunately the last hd video to be updated was in July 2010. The norm for video updates seem to be about 4-6 videos added each week (none of which are hd ). Download options are very limited. There are usually 3 or 4 downloading options per video which are High, Low, Med (WMV) and a portable format(MP4). I only downloaded 1 non hd video but stopped after that because the drop of quality from there hd to non-hd was to great.Videos have 2 streaming options per video, high and low both which worked well and played smoothly.

Picture sets are large (over 200) but the quality varies. Some have okay quality while others have bad. Of the few i downloaded i wouldn't say any were of great or good quality. Site is DL manager friendly. You can pause and resume and there are no time outs. They have a favorite section where you can add your favorite scenes which works well, however i did find some scenes that i really don't remember adding on my favorite list on more than one occasion.

One thing that i really didn't get was there "other sites". It was just like using the search functions but with having to type in a username and password to use it. I would hardly classify these as "other sites." Had exact same content and exact same layouts.

This site is diffidently worth the 2.00 dollar trial but i don't think i will ever pay the 14.95 monthly membership for this site. I Think i downloaded all the scenes that i want and no new hd since 2010, shaking my head in disappointment.

11-13-11  07:47am

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Visit Puba


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Full Trail 1$ (easy to cancel)
+ Some of the best porn stars
+ Different Scene types
+ Easy Navigation/layout
Cons: - Don't update
- Some Scenes had weird lighting
- Small amount of good quality videos
- Alot of scenes with below average quality
Bottom Line: Well here is another site that i went with the 2 day trail. And its been a while since i joined but here what i do remember about it.

They have some nice featured porn stars with multiple scenes like charley chase, jayden james, mason moore, avy scott, shyla stylez, and london keys. About half of the scenes are solo and the other half is split either boy girl or girl/girl. Overall the video quality ranges from slightly above average to average. Don't seem like there are anymore updates at all. Was a little disappointed of the poor quality of the avy scott videos.

I would recommend to buy the full trail for this site (don't worry this site isn't like a few of the others with difficult cancellation problems). Especially if you are a Charley Chase, Asa Akira and/or Jayden Jaymes.

11-29-10  08:31pm

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Visit Cream Pimps

Cream Pimps

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + A lot of big name porn stars
+ Full trail
+ Fast download times
+ Good Camera work
Cons: - Almost identical location for every scene
- Quality is average
- Download options are very limited
- Small amount of videos
- Not to much variety
Bottom Line: This site has a variety of great looking big name porn stars, from teens to milfs. But thats about all its got going for them. The video quality is average at best. And you only have 2 download options, both of which has huge negatives. The first download option is low quality which is terrible. The other is high quality which is broken up into several clips (which i really dont mind so much but they play the intro before every clip which ruins the mood and gets annoying). All the scenes are basically identical (boy/girl/couch).

Wouldn't advise anyone to really sign up unless its for the unlimited trail.

Also beware of cross sales when you sign up and cancellation was a bit awkward, when i cancelled i never received a confirmation e-mail so i had to e-mail them to send me one.

11-29-10  12:54pm

Replies (1)

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