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Visit Oral Amber

Oral Amber

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -20 pages Ė 275 sets of video and pictures (About 85 pics per set)
-Real amateur porn- no acting
- close-ups of pulsating orgasms, Ambers pussy gets really wet (hott)
- nice pointy nipples
- site is all hardcore
- more then 10000 high quality pictures, the newer the better ( usually 853 x 1280)
- nice oral cream pies
- frequent updates
Cons: -Amber isnít that attractive
-I didnít really see any oral on Amber
-Only full scene download is in wmv zip
-husband does not fuck really hard, fucks slow as shit
-video quality could improve ( however new stuff goes up to 640 x 480)
-site lay-out is kind of plain to me
-no interaction
-29. 95 a month ( not to bad, but not to great)
-no zip sets for pics
Bottom Line: -Hardcore- Sucking, Fucking, Food play, Masturbation, Swallowing galore, Drool, Anal, Shot glass swallows, vibrators, pantyhose, Orgasms, multiple orgasms, foot jobs, hand jobs, sucking balls, titty fucking
-there is no corny plots
-you can stream the videos
-Pics quality goes as high as 1280 x 1024
-When you download smaller parts of video, you can download in wmv 256, wmv 1200, or mpeg.
-Free access to spreaditwide.com
-If you stay a member for 2 months you get access to cumfixation.com
-If you think a girl swallowing cum is hot, then join this site right now! She swallows every load and enjoys doing so.

05-23-07  07:26pm

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Visit Euro Sex Parties

Euro Sex Parties

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -All exclusive action
-All threesomes and foursomes
-Hottest European babes
-long videos over 30 minutes
-Newer videos are near dvd quality
-Weekly updates
-200 scenes
-big pic sets with zip download
-access to reality kings
-good site design/ search options
Cons: -A lot of girls donít speak English
-Some of older videos are a little fuzzy
-Older videos have no full scene download
-Sex usually always happens in similar place
-only 1- 2 video options per scene
-older pics could be better. Very small
Bottom Line: -Check out the Breast time ever/ Darina video. Very hot, a girl with huge naturals, and another with big naturals. Itís a foursome video 2 girls/ 2 guys
-Scenes take place in Amsterdam . A lot of the girls I donít recognize, but there are familiar faces here and there.
-The guys in these videos fuck these ladies really hard. If you join you will see what I mean, they go on hyper drive. Its good to watch because the tits are flying everywhere. They also do a lot of double penetration. Not to much faking going on from what I can tell. Actually have seen some genuine orgasms.
-Its not really a party, but more of group sex/orgy.
-Like most other reality king sites, ends with the facial

-Of all the reality kings sites, this is the most hardcore. Actually I cant think of many sites with better hardcore content. The chicks are hot , the price is right, really worth it.

01-25-08  07:11pm

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Visit Street Blowjobs

Street Blowjobs

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good POV videos
-Over 250 videos
-Videos average over around 25 minutes
-Very amateur feel to movies
- Vid caps for every video
-Huge picture galleries for each scene
-Zip download for pics
-Comes with reality kings
-Good plots
-One of the few reality king sites that there is little faking.
-Download in full scenes, big clips, or minute clips
-All exclusive and unique site
-Weekly updates
-Not to many hot chicks
- older updates have no full scene download
- only wmv and mpeg download options
-older videos are really fuzzy and low quality
-some of the scenes only have blowjob and facial
-same guy in all the scenes
-pic quality isnít that impressive
Bottom Line:
-Scenes: The guy just happens to meet a girl on the street, fast food restaurant, or the beach. They talk for a little while, offers them cash, and he takes them back to his Hummer for a hummer. Either that or he takes them back a hotel room where they get it on. All of this is supposedly happening through a spy cam in the guys glasses. While I believe that, the scenes are a set up. No way does this goofy guy pick up all these chicks for a few Benjaminís. But it does seem like it because they use the POV style and almost always amateur girls which you never seen before.
-Condoms used in every sex scene
-Some of the videos the girl opts not even to get naked, but rather just give a blowjob. To bad because a really hot girl name Anastasia never gets nude.
-I know I said there are not many hot chicks. What I mean by that is that lest then 50 percent are attractive. But there are some smoking ones on here. Like estrella, or AJ.

-I really enjoyed this site. Itís the most amateur site that reality kings has, but also one of the lowest quality sights. There are some really good videos on here that will surely turn anyone on. Its worth checking out for sure, especially if you like POV videos. The only thing that needs a change is for them to continue to build upon the quality. The videos still arenít clear yet.

01-22-08  09:11am

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Visit Naughty Bookworms

Naughty Bookworms

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 183 shoots, lots of content
-Good variety of models,only cytherea appears more then once
-Hardcore porn with threesome b/b/g, and g/g/b,anal
-Pic sets after 11-10-2005 can be downloaded in zip files in high resolution
-Download videos in normal, high, dvd, mpeg, apple, ipod as of 04-23-2007
-Consistent updates, anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks: usually once a week since late 2003
-Get the naughty America vip pass membership which includes 9 other similar sites(lots of content)
Cons: -Older pictures are not downloadable
-Basic design: just picture of model with her name under it on one huge page
-Most the girls suck at acting, and you can tell they memorized a script
- about 98% of cumshots are facials
-Most of the content is porn stars, I prefer amateur
-Plots get old after about 10 videos: same thing student looking for extra credit , change grades
-Most of the girls do not orgasm and fake moan, no passion whatsoever
Bottom Line: -The videos are fairly long about 32 minutes
-The dvd videos are very clear, however are like 350,000 mb
- Corny minute and 24 second naughty america promo clip before some videos
-The wardrobe is good, and the girls look very
school girlish
-Older videos only offered in wmv and mpeg and are of less then average quality
-Every single girl where glasses, strange huh?
As I said most the girls are pornstars, but there are still many older shoots that are amateurs in which I never saw before, and those videos are more erotic and more believable.
-Whats weird is that these girls are around 18 Ė 25 and they would be in college, yet the classroom is set up like an elementary school classroom.
- 11-04-2004 is the first time they started dating there content
-Pornstars use there name such as brandy taylor, penny flame, kinzie kenner (no exclusive names)
sidenotes: Danni Woodward is the first porn star to be on this site and Randy spears appears as the teacher in most of the earlier videos
-Im just rating this site 81 and not lower for the simple fact there is a lot of content, and the newer videos are dvd quality, so if you want you can burn some porn movies to a dvd, and they will actually look good on your tv. But why I didnít grade it higher mostly is because the older videos really are poor quality, and the acting sucks. But if your into the whole schoolgirl thing, it really isnít that bad of a site, and its worth the join

06-05-07  08:16pm

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Visit Next Door Nikki

Next Door Nikki

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nikki - young Gorgeous busty babe (34dd)
- some high definition videos
- videos that are not high def are still good quality.
- 276 videos ( the earlier ones were broken into clips, now full videos are offered)
- free access to Live Phil-Flash Cam Network shows(where you get to see other hott girls tease you to death)
- over 25,00 high resolution pictures
- videos from past cam shows
- the girl/girl videos are hot. not hardcore, but erotic touching galore.
Cons: - no hardcore
- no full frontal nudity. ( Its really a shame you never see her naked, she is so hott. Hopefully someday she will at least show herself naked, and maybe some masturbation or something. Come on Phil!)
- 34.95 for a month, 29.95 a month recurring is way to expensive!!
Bottom Line: - videos range anywhere from around 2 minutes, up to 30 minutes
- she writes in her journal every so often, so you know whatís going on with her life
- the wallpapers of her on the site look great on computer
- she is currently pregnant, but she says she has enough content from the past to keep updating. She also will continue to do shows while sheís pregnant, but not the teasers.
- If you need to see hardcore porn to turn you on this site is not for you. She teases you to death without fully showing her self off. She wheres mesh tops to where you can see her boobs, and pierced nipples. She lightly rubs her panties, and pulls her panties tight to herself to reveal a cameltoe, but you never see her snatch.
- I give it an 83 and not better just for the simple fact of no masturbation, or hardcore videos.
- even though its all soft core the site is still very hott ,but still makes you leaving for more of nikki.

05-23-07  06:58am

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Visit Sweet Members

Sweet Members

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - some of the most hardcore content on the net
- great bdsm videos ( very real and painful)
- lots and lots of content
- frequent updates
- Steve Sweet is HARDCORE
- videos are good quality (not great however)
Cons: - A bit pricey 34.95 for a month
- comes with some filler sites that are bad
- lots of the same models on different sites
- many unattractive models
- pictures are not great quality
Bottom Line: -If you want a site that has almost every fetish you can think of and are willing to pay the high cost , its worth it.
- You have everything from piss drinking, to needle play, hardcore gagging, shit eating, butt cams, fisting,to bukkake.
-Sadoslaves is probably one of the most intense bdsm and torture sites on the whole net, the screams of the girls and the environment is creepy but somehow erotic.
- the filler sites are abbraxa porn, angels of porn, and athens girls - they are rather poor
- If you like softcore porn, and a site that films girls with respect this is not it. Steve Sweet treats the girls likes garbage.
p.s. check out Janessa and Alexandria

04-16-07  07:43am

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Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of content
-Great amateur hardcore action
-New pics a solid 1200 X 800
-Comes with good amateur network
-Nice big screen caps
-New videos in HD ( 1280 X 720)
-Active in forums, with good articles
-A section in which invites you to meet them for sexÖ
-Attempt to remaster some older videos
-Some good orgasms
-64 dif. girls, and 29 dif. guys make appearances in videos
Cons: -Old videos only offered in ASF, and RM
-Old videos poor quality/ half of videos on site
-Old videos are small clips
-No zip download for pics
-Old pics fairly small
-Very infrequent cam shows
-No DP on Anna
-Not enough Angelique &#61516;
Bottom Line: - Content: Photo Sets 487, Video Clips 436
- I like the little synopsis of the videos near the videos, so I know what to expect. I wish the older videos had longer ones.
-This site is the most hardcore of the network, and second best. There is limited amount of masturbation on this site. The videos usually consist of many guys and or girls. The site is swinger style porn. There are also lots of blowjob videos if your into that, usually with more then one girl. Not as personal as Angeliqueís site. There are also lots of fake titted models who are not very glamorous on the site. But definitely worth a look if your into amateur group porn. The Orgies and sex Parties are hot.

O yeah BTW Bruce you do a great job holding your load.

03-13-08  08:30pm

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Visit Homemade Uncensored

Homemade Uncensored

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -avg. little over 30 minutes per video
-view in full scene or in 6 clips
-each video close to 300 mb
-lots of orgasms
-genuine amateur videos (all homemade)
-no pornstars or models
-nothing but great sex
Cons: -only 34 videos as of now
-no pics or pic sets
-not to many attractive girls
-only 6 lesbian videos
-Mostly POV (con for some, pro for others)
-no screen caps
-videos are average quality
-only WMV
Bottom Line: The member page is as basic as it can get. The member page just consist of a long page of all the videos with no extra links.
The boy girl videos are all pretty similar with a blowjob, some pussy eating, hardcore sex for a while, then the guy cums in different places.I'm surprised the guys(amateurs) are able to last as long as they do, they all seem to have good control. All videos take place on a bed in a room. There's not much to review here as there is just 34 videos. Overall I enjoy the videos,
they are very natural and entertaining. The lesbian videos are very nice especially as they are playful and you can tell the
girls are really into each other. The updates are random from what I can tell.
I was going to say the site reminds me on sellyoursextape.com and it does in a way, but this
site doesn't have all that extra talking and crap. These amateurs get down to business.
If you like amateur porn like I do, its worth the join. 34 fairly long videos for 20 bucks isnt to bad.
I'm assuming the site will grow and its fairly new from what I can tell,TBP says it launched in October 2008.It must of because my review is the first you can find anywhere.
Wonder how much they pay the couples for these videos.... It doesn't tell you updates or really all that much for that matter.You get exactly what you pay for, good old fashion amateur sex.

12-03-08  09:37pm

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Visit Natalie Sparks

Natalie Sparks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Updates frequently
-Natalie Sparks is hot
-96 videos, 63 webcam archive videos
-About 5 -8 webcam shows a month
-202 pic sets of ( nice clear 800 x 1200 pics)
-Frequent blog updates
-She answers emails, and answers any question in forum. Very interactive
-Video quality fairly nice all around, new stuff the best.
-Site has great potential
-She sells some of her worn clothes online
Cons: -pretty much Softcore material

-Videos range from only about 3 minutes to 11 minutes

-24.95 may seem slightly expensive to some

-Webcam archive material is poor quality

-Not to much extra content except 30 pic sets of other hot chicks, also some wallpapers.

-Only has 2 HD videos, and charges extra for them.
Bottom Line: There is a possibly of her going beyond soft core sometime in the near future. They just released the first semi-hardcore material the other day. It contains Ava Knight eating out Natalie to orgasm. In her forum she is a highly sexual girl and admits to having frequent sex. She has recently started doing masturbation shows with a vibrator on cam. There are no masturbation videos though yet to watch. The site only has been around since April 2007. So it has come a long way in that short amount of time. In the beginning she didnít even feel comfortable showing herself nude below the waist. She really puts a lot of work into this site, and will talk to you. She gives lots of candid pics to. The site itself is a simple plain design, but easy to navigate to what you want. To sum it up, she a very sexy girl with a pretty face, big boobs, and nice body. If you can live with the fact that the site isnít doing hardcore there is little reason not to join this site.

11-02-08  12:06am

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Visit 8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Updates every Friday since 5/6/2002
- 269 scenes
-There are some seriously hot Latinas on here
-the plots are very realistic
-every scene has pics, and videos
-scenes tend to be well over 30 minutes
-all hardcore action
-newer videos look good
-the Latinas get loud when fucked
-all exclusive
Cons: -like a lot of other reality king scenes some of the orgasms seems rehearsed
-the guys act a little goofy around the girls with trying to act Spanish.
-no masturbation, but o well
-did not implement full scene download until 2006-05-29
-only 78 scenes have full scene download
-only can download full scene/big scene in wmv
-older videos are fuzzy
-pics could be better
-older videos are shorter in length
Bottom Line: Check out Jayla ,she is ridiculously hot.

Like most other RealityKings sites, there are lots of girls you never seen before on any other sites. There are only a few pornstars such as the hot Daisy, Sativa Rose, Lorena Sanchez, and Jenaveve.

I love the plots, they seem almost to realistic in some cases, however they are not real, unfortunately. You got pick up scenes in auto shops, beaches, stores, restaurants, malls, and other various spots. Sometimes you will get a threesome scene with 2 girls.

They got pretty much every Spanish girl you can think of. Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Cubans, Peruvians, Chileans, and lots more. Light skinned ones, dark skinned ones, green eyed ones, brown eyed ones, blondes, brunettes, everything.

The cumshots are usually on the face or upper chest. Once in a while the guy will jizz on the girls ass. They tend to always do missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie style. There is always a little oral sex in the beginning.

Overall the girls are great. The scenes are great. It really only lacks in overall quality. This site easily could be a single site and make a big profit, but you get 20 other great sites with it. Overall, its not worth passing up if you love the Latina love.

11-29-07  12:52pm

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -consistent updates once every 7 days
-171 girls and video(on 9 pages)(however maybe 2 or 3 girls show up more then once)
-hot girls with large breast, and no girl is overly large , most rather skinny
-good selection of hardy seen before foreign models(however there a few familiar faces)
-access to 3 other websites with bigasspass
-videos around 25 minutes long
-newer videos are good quality
-most models have around double d's
-fast streams
Cons: -the guy fucking the girl in msot the videos has an annoying mike tyson tattoo on his face
- photo only offered with newer sets, decent quality. about 52 sets offer photos. over 200.
-no full scene downloads. only 3 bigger clips(like 8 minutes) or many short clips (closer to 2 minutes)
-older videos lack quality compared to newer videos
-limited trial access
-the guy filming has bad accent
-bigger clips only downloadable in wmv, and smaller mpeg
-takes place in europe i believe
Bottom Line: - first video was on November 30, 1999 the updates were slow in the beginning.

-screen caps come with some of the videos

-most videos have a breast massage in the beggining, then the girl fingers herself for a lil, then blowjob, then sex and money shot usually on face.
However some videos vary. Some are approached then talked into fucking, obviously its a fake setup.

-This is the best of the 4 sites i believe in the bigasspass. It has the most videos and there big boobs, really really big natural boobs. But your also going to get big ass adventures which has very nice round female asses. Public Invasion with a very amateur feel, claims not to be staged, but no way is this goofy guy banging these hot chicks with that little of money and some small talk. The welickeachother hardly has any content but lesbians nonetheless.

-If you like really big natural tits you cant skip this site. Theres so much big boobs to choose from, from big c's to triple f's. The site is 23.95 for a month which isnt all that bad.'

07-25-07  08:12pm

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Visit Big Ass Pass

Big Ass Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 3 quality sites, and a few videos to welickeachother.com
- 23.95 a month is decent price
- attractive models for the most part
- i have not seen hardly any pornstars on any of the sites
- top 10 rating of videos and episodes is good so you know what other people like.
- good length videos for every model, basically over 2o minutes
- 315 models as of now - that means 315 videos
- Natural tits
- bangbros network
Cons: - some pics and videos are really not good quality
- overall video and picture quality could improve (but its really not that bad)
- the guy filming public invasion is very annoying (accent and attitude)
- no full scene videos
-there are 1 minute download clips that you can only download in mpeg
- the bigger clips (there are usually 3-4) are only down loadable in wmv.
- trial access is limited
- some very corny plots
- only 2 updates a week as of Feb 2007
Bottom Line: -Busty Adventures- 161 models, 161 videos, no silicone breast, all natural breast, attractive girls, many plots, updates every Tuesday, videos are about 25 minutes, usually over 100 pics per set
-Big Ass Pass - 70 models and videos, last update was January 10, 2007, nice firm asses, mostly beautiful girls,
-Public Invasion- claims to be real public sex, and not staged. I am not sure if it is true or not. The models on it I have never seen. However why is it that every video is appx 20 minutes. makes you wonder?? update every Wednesday. 84 models and videos. only screen cap pictures. Jana is hot!
- Welickeachother.com you get a few bonus videos. and the videos are hot steamy lesbian sex!
- not as good as the the other bangbros. material (ox pass) but if you like big tits, asses, and public sex this is definently worth joining.

05-20-07  07:15pm

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Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of sexy models
-Great looking videos, includes hd
-Good masturbation scenes
-Many weekly updates
-Comes with 7 other sites, include rachel aziani
-Nice big pics (933 x 1400)
-Zip download pics
-Sybian play
-Pretty big picture sets
-563 videos
-761 pic sets
-127 models
Cons: -Only one videos download option. Wmv
-Dial up users worse nightmare( just huge video, no clips)
-No sex, only interview and masturbation( except suzanna winters/crissy moran)
-No amateurs at all
-Nothing overly kinky
-Lots of fake tits going around
-Not everything is exclusive, especially the old content
Bottom Line: I mean you got some nice videos of shay laren, Hannah Hilton, andy valenitno, etc. The interviews are interesting as you get to learn about the girls personally. Some erotic stripping, and some nice orgasms to boot. The sybian orgasms are great, as you get to see some pornstars having a orgasm for real. Also you get live webcam shows from some of the aziani girls once in a while. My main complaints are with the content being so softcore. The site is sort of similar to digital desire in what is offered.. Also some of the videos have music In them which is annoying. Be prepared to use some space on your computer as the average video is 250 mb, and you can only download it fully. I like the site, especially since it comes with Rachel Azianis site( great site). Not to bad for the price, even if your slightly interested then by all means join the 3 day 4.95 full access trial offer. Its limited so I would take advantage now if you were to do so. There is no download limit form what I can tell. Im giving this site an 80 and not better simply because there are to many similar sites out there like this one that are better.

01-29-08  08:08pm

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Visit First Time Auditions

First Time Auditions

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Mostly hot girls
-194 scenes
-Weekly updates
-All videos seem to be over 30 minutes
-the newest videos look nice and lose that fuzziness
-zip download for pic sets
-screen caps with every video
-reality kings access
-one minute/big clip/ full scene option for newer vids.
-Good search features/ navigation
Cons: -Videos quality is slightly lower then some of the other reality king sites
-Half the movies have no full scene download
-Pic sets could be better
-Only mpg and wmv options.
-The older material isnít good
-Download limit, enough for about 4- 5 full scene videos a day
-Same old sex scenes
Bottom Line: I like the site for the girls. But the minor flaw behind the site is that not all of these girls are amateurs, actually I have some of these ladies in porn videos before. Some are true amateurs, but I wish there was more. I would say 75 percent are amateur which is still good. I mean yea carly parker and Isabella soprano are real amateurs, yea ok! But then again at the time of the video they possibly could have been amateurs, but I doubt it. I also doubt these girls literally just answered a newspaper ad to model, and decided to have sex with some guy they donít know. Also sexually they all seem fairly experienced, and are not that shy, so its questionable. I do enjoy the fact that a lot of these girls are young. 18 Ė 24 in age

The sex scenes are way to similar. Every video is pretty much exactly alike. They talk to the girl about why sheís there, is she single, things like that. I especially like that part because its pretty hot when the girl strips out of her clothes after hearing them talk. Then once shes nude she touches herself, then the guy comes in, thereís some oral sex, then they have sex, and then ends with a facial. That is a sum up of every scene.

-Fairly similar to net video girls, but with better quality. If your into young amateur girls, this is a good site to join. Once again great bargain for all the reality king sites you get with this.

01-25-08  07:41pm

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Visit TAC Amateurs

TAC Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -20 categories of porn, and well over a hundred sites
-real amateur content with no scripts or acting
you get access to the T&A network which contains hundreds of girls
-Get access to Amateur Camz, TAC chat cam, and T&A chicks cam.
-Contains some very good sites such as subwoman, juicyjo, anf janeyweb.
-Multiple updates daily from various portal sites
-Huge amount of videos and pictures.
-frequent updates around 3- 5 a day.
Cons: -Many of the models are very unattractive
-No access to tac amatuers2 network
-No full videos, mostly clips
-Overall quality of videos and pics is average.
-Way more pics sets then videos on most of the portal sites.
-Lots of the portal sites are small , with no videos
-Slightly expensive at 29.99 for a month.
Bottom Line: -Pics and videos that are older really lack in quality, however over time the videos and pics have improved. Most pics now are around (800x600) which is pretty adequate. A lot of the videos have lost the fuzzyness.

-Subwoman my favorite site has 163 video clips and about 25 pic sets. Itís a woman in her thirties who loves bondage, and has tons of orgasms. Not to mention her big melons.
Janeysweb is really great also. Has Lots of orgies, gangbangs, group sex, interracial, bukkake, sex parties, masturbation, boy/girl, girl/girl, you name it. She is also an orgasm queen who orgasms many times per scene. Her site is one of the biggest on the network, it could be a site on its own. Her newer videos are closer to a full video, and about 15 minute clips. She also has nice big tits. JuicyJo is also a big site on here with hundreds of clip. She is nowhere near as attractive as Janey or Subwoman, but she has great sex party videos and has sex with her fans.

-If you love amateur content this is really great. Your not going to find to many other sites with all this content, and this many diverse girls. Im warning you that there are some grandmas and really unattractive people on here which may not appeal to you, but there is enough content on here otherwise to keep you hapy.

11-13-07  11:08am

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Visit TNV Girls

TNV Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - frequent updates every 2-3 days
- a few hd videos
- some very erotic content especially the fainting videos
-you can zip download pics, pics looks fairly good
-over 20 extra streaming cams and galleries( nothing to write home about)
- lots of content
- mostly good looking girls
Cons: - only 2 full length movies as of now. Supposedly it says more will come soon
-older videos in lots of clips
-almost all videos are in wmv video format, some avi
- site navigation is very difficult
-hardly any of the girls are big boobs. only one girl that i see with a d cup
-mostly all softcore even though there is some lesbian oral
Bottom Line: Video categories by girl, panties, nude, girl play, girl on girl, parties, fainting, long play, and special
-37 party videos , 58 long play videos ,38 by girl, 82 girl play videos , 154 girl-girl videos , 42 fainting videos , 73 panties vidoes, 8 nude videos, 2 special

-Pic categories by girl, panties, nude, girl play, girl on girl, panties

-The full videos are 403 mb and 652 mb long

-the upcoming pics and vid section is empty

-Lots of lesbian videos, a few solo, a few of a guy touching the girl which is during the fainting videos, and many other softcore vids and pics.

-The fainting videos are of a girl pretending to be passed out and a guy taking advantage of her by rubbing her body and touching and kissing her.

-site has lots of content and potential. Lots of young girls in erotic situations, and natural settings but the videos are all over the place with different clips it makes it very annoying and confusing. If they can fix that and put give every a video a full scene option and more download options this site will be Great!

07-16-07  12:04pm

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Visit Westcoast Gangbangs

Westcoast Gangbangs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -I counted exactly 264 scenes on 4 pages ( 109, 50, 50, 55) although it says they are on episode #314
-Consistent updates weekly going back to 2001.
-High resolution zip download as of 12/10/05 and 1200 x 800 since 01/14/06
-Old videos downloable in quicktime, real player, and WMV. (New stuff only real and wmv)
-Newer videos look pretty good
-Basically all amateurs
-Models are everywhere from first time gangbang chicks to experienced sluts
-You can download in dsl or dial-up option
Cons: -Full video download not an option until episode # 164 or 07/28/04
-Old stuff only downloadable in clips and of blow average quality
-There are to many gaps in between each video.
-29.95 for a month is tad expensive
-Navigation and design could improve.
-New stuff only downloadable in full video
-Lack of female orgasms ( there are some but not enough)
- Mostly all facial cumshots
Bottom Line: -Other sites include, Amateur Creampies, Creampie X, Elizabeth Del Mar, DP Amateurs, Her Pretty Face, Creampie Ebony,Hot wifes and girlfriends, & next door amateurs

-The main downfall to me on this site is the gaps in the videos as I said. During each video thereís a cut between each sex position, or the blowjob, or the cumshots. Its really annoying, why cant they just shoot the video throughout? One second the guy is fucking the chick, and the next theres 3 guys hudled around her face getting ready to cum.

-This site is worth the look if you have a thing for amateurs and gangbangs. Most of the chicks look natural however some got fake tits. Most are pretty good looking, but there are some ugly ones as well. Overall, you get some nice content with never before seen chicks, who I donít think are acting.

06-23-07  11:06am

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Visit Alexa Model

Alexa Model

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Beautiful girl
- big 34d breast
- great quality pics and videos
- pretty decent content: 60 chapters, 110 volumes
( average about 40 pictures per chapter, scenes are mostly 2- 6 minutes, over 100 videos)
- very nice close ups
- squirts in some videos
Cons: - no interaction, web cam
- video format only divx and wmv, no mpeg
- mostly soft core content
- no girl/girl, boy/girl
- no partner sites
- 24.95 for a month, little pricy, 19.95 for recurring
Bottom Line: -Pretty good solo girl site.
-The main problem is she is she is retiring (or at least taking a long break) from modeling, focusing on school, and getting her career in order. She has not had any updates in quite a while, and she does not tell you when she will return or if she is.
- Its similar to an Alison angel, Lia 19 site. Except they have more content.
- Worth checking out, its up to you if you want to join.

05-17-07  01:41pm

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Visit Lana's Fantasies

Lana's Fantasies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -newer videos have great quality
-thousands of pictures
- 4 bonus sites , all sexy girls
- 3 updates a week
- good interaction (answers question forum)
- over 50 videos
Cons: - not to much hardcore ( only a few boy/girl, lesbian scenes)
- seems to fake some of her orgasms
- older videos average quality
- no web cam
- expensive 29.95 for 30 days
Bottom Line: - worth checking out if you like teenage porn
- Its a rather new site with lots of new stuff being added constantly
I will give a brief synopsis of the other sites you get:
(Busty Ali is smoking, beautiful body, natural 36dd's. All soft core content, not even masturbation, just 12 videos as of now, but has only been around for a few months, frequent updates)
( Little Danni is a cute, small breasted girl, with about 50 videos,all soft core with masturbation and many pics, last update was February 2007)
(Fun with Amber is an adorable teen with 20 videos, all soft core content, last update on this site is October 2006)
( Debbie teen has 60 videos which are mostly all masturbation videos. frequent updates on this site)
-If you do not mind the high sign up fee its worth joining, enough content to keep you busy for at least a month

04-24-07  01:58pm

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Visit Mr Camel Toe

Mr Camel Toe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very Sexy women
-all movies over 30 minutes
- come with whole bangbros network(huge amount of content)
- nice shots of cameltoes
- download as much as you want
- lots of fake tits
- good rating system for each scene or clip
- minute clips or big clips divided into 4 for non-dsl users. Offered in mpg or wmv
- very quick streaming times
- lots of pics per set
- most videos are good quality and done in POV
Cons: -search engine is not so good
- to many pornstars, hardly any amateurs
- only 45 updates so far dating back since march 18, 2005
-pics lack quality( newest 800x500)( oldest around 600 x 450)
- on members page, site still claims to update every Friday, yet there has been no updates since late 2006.
- all facials no changing it up
- no zip download for pics
- can only download full scene in wmv
- like most sites the older videos are a not to good
Bottom Line: -new jordans search which has sites top 12 models, every sexual position possible, and search by fetish( believe it or not, they have 156 listed). But this is more directed to the whole network. As far as this site you can only look up by model, or the date it was released.

-some of the pornstars include Sativa Rose, Amber Rayne ,Jessica Sweet, Veronica Sweet, Ginger Lee, Amber Peach and Veronica Stone. I could name tons more, the whole bangbros network is polluted with pornstars.

-All the girls begin the shoot wearing really tight shorts, really short shorts, pants, or tights/spandex. We see some close ups shots of it. The girl then takes off her pants or whatever shes wearing. Then the girl or guy takes the girls thong and makes a wedgie between her lips. These are some really nice shots of the lips. The girls create some good separation between the lips as the thong is pulled really hard between. After that its pretty much straightforward sex.

-Check out Monique's video as it seems the most realistic. She orgasms a few times in her video, and gets the guys condom covered dick milky wet from her pussy.

Overall, A decent site which had a lot of potential to be really good. However there are no more updates. It comes with bangbros a great reality avs, secondary to realitykings. If you are a cameltoe enthusiast, there is no reason not to join. The membership is fairly decently priced with all thatís included. enjoy

12-13-07  10:14pm

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Visit American Kittens

American Kittens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Loads of pic sets of various teens(18-19)
-over 10000 pics
-extra content of pics from other sites( 17 pages)
- most pics around 1200 x 800 and are nice
-teens are hot for most part
-updates dailty
- videos are good quality
-fairly new site, so it will only continue to grow
- see future updates a month in advance
Cons: - only full scene download for newer videos
- no full scene for some of older videos
- wmv downlaod only
- older videos and pics lack a little in quality
- no hardcore whatsoever, almost to soft softcore
- only 37 models on netowrk
- website seems smaller then it really is
- design and navigation is week
- crappy forum
-claims to have 446 videos, but i counted less then 200!! a true con
Bottom Line: -58 videos of allashlee, 150 pic sets. She has the most going on in her videos then any other girl. She atleast masturbates to orgasm in several videos, and has a pee video. She has a few light lesbian videos.
Most scenes are full downlaod only. Pretty cute blonde girl.
- 702 daisy only has 8 softcore videos with no masturbation. Shes very sexy. Luckily there are over 200 pic sets of her.
- 9 videos for jenna at home. Mostly teasing
-10 videos for joy. only a few masturbation.
- Naomi model only 8 videos. To bad because shes the hottest of the girls, and has the best tits. She doesn't even masturbate.
-62 videos for for peaches18. Very cute small titted girl. Mostly teasing, a few masturbation.
-19 extra videos on top of that, and that about wraps it up with this whole network

-Not a bad network for teens, but its only for people who can deal with softcore content. Its hard not to see these girls not partake in any hardcore scenes. The videos are to soft core for my taste. There are not as many videos on this network as you think, so if you like videos this is not for you. If your a pic person, you will get your moneys worth. But the pics are not a very high resolution, so you may want to pass.

12-11-07  08:53pm

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Visit Vivid


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -698 vivid movies
-Lot of hot porn stars
-64 models to be exact
-every model has a bio about her (short usually)
-only 9.97 a month with TBP discount
-updates a few times a week
-most videos have 3 formats of quicktime, wmv and real player either high or low quality
-Decent extra content
-photos look decent to good( soft core, and hardcore) but no zip download
-even the higher quality vids lack good quality
-some of the older videos only stream able in one format
-Its porn videos so lots of acting
-no amateurs
Bottom Line: (comes with)
-BEHIND THE SCENES OF VIVID VIDEOS for 100ís of videos (video formats vary)
-VIVID AMATEUR AUDITION VIDEOS for 25 videos only streamable in wmv and real.
-VIVID WEBCAST ARCHIVE VIDEOS 56 of them ( only wmv, and real)

- Also has "Take a piece of Vivid with you" Screensavers, Instant Message buddy icons, desktop wallpapers and more. Also Comes with games, virtual Jenna, ask Raquel, and virtual reality girls. Also vivid live cam shows, red hot red heads, Asian obsession, earl miller galleries, and mac and bumble galleries.

Comes with a place where to see what movies are going to be added soon. 37 coming soon as of now.

-Comes with girls such as Brianna Banks, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Chasey Lain, Sasha, Chloey Jones, Ginger Lynn, and Devon among many.

-Decent site but not having downloadable videos really hurts its grade. The site is only 10 bucks but its up to you if you can live with not downloading, but there are 1000's of dollars worth of vivid videos on this site. Every pornstar seems to have atleast 10 videos so you can watch your fav vivid stars in action.

07-17-07  02:29pm

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Visit Brandi Love

Brandi Love

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - over 10,000 pretty good quality pictures
- frequent blog updates, usually every 2 days
- keeps in great shape for an older woman, shes hot
- nice membership choices
- full size videos
- the swinger videos are hottt( include squirting)
- weekely cam shows with a cam show archive
- video download options for wmv, quicktime, ipod, and real player
- real amateur porn, real orgasms
Cons: - not enough videos
- no zip downloads for pics
- some vidoes have music playing during them
- video quality is lacking, some videos are even fuzzy in full screen
- no update log, you don't know when you will get another update
- no high def or hi res pics and videos
Bottom Line: - 7 day trial membership for 9.97, 14 day mini membership for 18.38, 30 day 30 dollar membership, and a 4 month 120 day 95.97 membership

- there is 8 lesbian videos, 11 hardcore videos, 7 softcore videos, 1 hotwife video,6 swinger videos, 9 blowjob vidoes, 1 cumshot video, 3 fetish videos, 0 blooper videos (coming soon), 1 public video, 0 foot fetish (coming soon), 3 stocking vidoes, and 6 daily life videos. which totals 56 videos

-get a few free videos from hot wife rio, sinamone lane, and naughty allie. But they only about 3 minutes.

-its all about swingers which contains a handbook, research, local clubs ,online swingers, swinger games etc..

- I like the fact that she gives a synopsis of each and every video telling whats happening in it so you know whats going to happen with out having to download it first.

- Offers a section of: Model With Me! Welcome to my model with me section! If you are interested in modeling with me, please fill out the form below and send. I will personally contact you back! Keep in mind that I am looking for models both male and female eager to participate with me and my hubby!

- Overall its a pretty decent site. But I was hoping for a little more content, and a little better quality. But If you like swingers, and think brandi is hot, then I would give this site a try atleast for the 7 day trial

05-26-07  09:40am

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Visit Yanks.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - only 9.95 a month because of TBP dicount
-Frequent updates( small updates), a couple times a week
-Seems to be genuine female orgasms
-111 models
-260 videos
-374 pic sets
- exclusive content
-110 stories about girls and masturbation
Cons: -No extra websites come with it, not even yanksvideos website.
-Only 2 video formats quicktime and WMV, in both high and low . Video quality lacks, some fuzzy videos
-not enough good closeups or girls who cum milky wet
-No full scene video of everything such as interview and masturbation into 1 video.
-Models could be better looking
-pics are average at best
-only 48 extra pics, and 27 extra videos of poor quality
Bottom Line: -Seems like there are a lot of videos but really it isnít that much, every girl has a short interview which is a movie. Also some really short clips . Also some of the pic galleries are just sheets of papers where the girl answers questions about orgasms.

-A few lesbian videos , a few male help videos in which he uses a vibrator on the girl, and mostly solo masturbation.

-Comes with some free videos and pic sets from girlsandfingers, solonation, billiesbitches, masturbationpages, yanksvideos, whisperinglily, clubstroke, mr.skin, I Shot Myself, Beautiful Agony, I feel myself, Sologirls, The Female Orgasm, Masturbating porn stars, and squirt it. Usually about 4 full videos per site and 3 pic sets. Varies though. It also comes with some stream sites like cherry spot, swallow my net, jizz jugglers, and about 15 more. Very low quality though.

-There is a chat area and forum but thatís for free, you donít need to be a member to partake.

-The main reason I joined is for the 9.95 reduced price from $29.89. This site is definetly not worth 29.89 or 19.95 for that matter. But for 9.95 its worth joining. You get to see girls using toys and their fingers to get off, some orgasms are more intense then others. These girls are mostly amateur with only a few pornstars such as Nicole Brazzle, Taylor St.Claire, Sarah Blake, and maybe 2 more. But basically all the other girls I have never seen before on any other porn site.

07-24-07  10:26am

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Visit Diva Files

Diva Files

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Models fairly attractive
-60 videos ranging from 14 minutes to 23 minutes. Average about 18 to 19 minutes.
-45 completely amateur models
-Newer pics very high quality, older ones good quality
-high quality videos are 576x432 and are surprisingly clear
-Video quality same on every movie, so older stuff is good to
-As far as I can to tell there is no acting here
-Great closeups
Cons: -No boy/girl and only 2 lesbian videos
-mostly all masturbation
-medium quality videos are 432x324 lack quality and are slightly fuzzy
-No talking in videos
-No more updates last update was June 28, 2005(video), May 16, 2005 (picture)
- only 77 photo sets , with 69 pictures each, taking up 11.9 mb each when downloaded in zip.
- could use more content
-2 lesbian video lack the emotion of an abby winters lesbian video
-corny music at beginning and end of each movie
Bottom Line: -At one point this site was having 5 videos updates per day. All videos between December 17, 2004 to June 28, 2005

-Full videos around 150 mb and smaller 65 mb

-Kristina has a great milky wet orgasm with anal beads in vagina, and vibrator. Ekaterina also has a milky white orgasm. Mila also, very good overall orgasms.

-All videos on one page, and all pic sets on one page. You can go to model profiles to see all videos and pics for that model.

-videos offered in high quality and medium quality, offeres videos split into parts. You can also zip pics. High quality videos not crystal clear, but good nonetheless. Lots of outdoor masturbation in nature which is cool.

-Nice site with loads of potential to be great even excellent, but due to the stop of updates and lack of content this site doesnít make the cut as a site in the 80ís. But this site is a great one time join, so you can just download all the content and never have to rejoin. So for 24.95 for one month is not a bad asking price in my mind for all exclusive content. If you like Abby Winters you probably will enjoy this site.

side note: no I am not saying this site is in the same league of Abby Winters, but does possess some similarities.

06-13-07  08:35pm

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