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Visit Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Lots of videos to choose from.. Over 250
-Some of the best amateur videos ive seen
-creative settings
-Very hot milf with big naturals
-150 plus galleries
-No drm
-Most video nice quality 640x480, 12-25 minutes
-No drm
-Members page is set up exactly like preview pages
-Updated blog
-Access to camz network
Cons: -Older videos are grainy and fuzzy
-Pics are not high quality, however getting better 1200x800
-older pics smaller
-No hd video
-Older videos only offered in wmv
-Extra content mostly just boring streams
-No categories or search options
-a bit expensive at 24.9
-updates every 10 days only
-Far and few between webcam shows
Bottom Line: -They offer 9.95 for a month deals on certain holidays, so lookout for that. I usually join every 4th of July for the deal.

-For video nuts like myself there is high speed wmv 640x480, Low Speed WMV download with a 320x240 screen, iPod MP4 with a 320x180 screen and QuickTime screen. But really, why would you bother with anything but high speed?

-Has so much varied content from blow jobs, swallowing, cum facials, handjobs, 69, public sex, masturbation , various role play, deepthroat, squirting, cunnilingus, group sex MFM FMF MMFF, tame bondage, lesbian sex,, etc. Very limited anal however, and no DP action that I caught.

-Kelly is by far my favorite milf in amateur porn and just oozes sexuality. She is a natural blonde beauty with pretty eyes, big natural boobs, and nice round ass. She lives the swinging lifestyle and takes all kinds of different cock, and gets pounded hard in her videos. You will notice some of the other amateur swingers like Anna& Bruce in some of the videos from 4real swingers, and Rio too. Everything is real as expected, no acting and great real orgasms. She usually orgasms at least twice a video. Kelly has a few squirting orgasms on occasion which are extra sexy as well. She also gives the best head to her men.

-Really the only downside to me is the that there is no hd video and really no browsing options to speak of. There are only 2-3 updates a month which stinks too. However this is amateur porn so I kind of like the fact that its not extra high quality because it really gives that amateur feel.

-Bottom line: If you like hot milfs and real unscripted porn like I do, there is no reason not to join.

08-29-12  06:10pm

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Visit Hailey Hardcore

Hailey Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Hott natural beauty

-12 Bonus Hardcore sites

-Access to CarmenCocks, and Candy Skye

-1024 x 680 pixel pictures

-Each picture set ranges from about 100- 300 pics
Cons: -Only 22 Videos
-Only full video download
-Slow Streaming videos
-Video quality is not the best
-Only WMV video format
-22 picture sets
-The picture sets are only of the movies
-No updates
Bottom Line: Description Of Videos( ALL 1000k)
-(Jenga Dildo, Virtual Baby Oil, Ping Pong, Shower, Bathroom Masturbation, Orange Couch Dildo, Gamer Masturbation, Kitchen Masturbation, DDS strip, Baby Oil, Workout, Movie Dildo, Arcade day, Blue Rug Masturbation, CandyDildo, Boxing Dildo, and 6 Hardcore Videos)

-The girl is hott, but there is just not enough material for it to be worth the price. If it was updating still it would have a lot of potential to be a good site.

08-25-10  09:43pm

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Visit Naughty Alysha

Naughty Alysha

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -967 videos/clips
-933 pic sets
-hot milf.. looks like Heather Locklear but with bigger tits
-Awesome extreme fetish material
-natural squirter
-amateur videos, no scripts
-frequent updates
-newer pics come in at a solid 1024 x 685
-access to extreme mia, slut savannah, and extreme ty
-the older videos are fuzzy quality
-older pics are a little shady
-old videos cut into short clips
-way less than half of videos are of good quality
-descriptions of the videos can be a little better
-only .flv, high quality and low quality WMV.. no HD
-needs better search options
Bottom Line: -she twitters/diary all the time
-clips/videos range from about 1 minute to 71 minutes.. really no average one week a video can be 5 minutes, the next one 8 minutes
-the latest videos are the longest
-as of like 2003-4 she got her a boob job even though they were already bigto begin with. They are probably the most natural looking fake tits I have ever seen.
-videos of gloryhole, creampies, masturbation with insane sized toys, sex, interracial sex, pussy pumping, double fisting, threesomes, squirting, videos showing her cervix, and pretty much anything you can think of sexually.
-She puts wine bottles, bats, footballs, and pretty much everything humanly possible up her snatch.
-She has lots of hot squirting orgasms.
-site design has similiar setup to like a realitykings site
-Films are taped by her husband adam, and everything is amatuerly done.. nothing fake on thsi site. This is a true slut and we just get to view her adventures. Videos of her even fucking members, and locals off the street.
-She has aged very gracefully and she appears much more attractive in her recent videos then her old videos which started back in summer of 2001.
-Supposedly there is a 2gb a day download limit, but I never reached it( so I dont know).

Site would be so much better if all the older videos were made into one big video instead of having like 10 clips of 1 scene.
Plenty to keep you busy for atleast a month. I feel I got my moneys worth. This is the best amateur website with extreme material on the web.

05-28-09  11:53pm

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Visit The Panty Licker

The Panty Licker

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -some decent orgasms

-amateurish girls

-680 x 1024 pics are solid

-decent panty stuffing action

- lots of pics per set
Cons: -Only 8 straight videos
-21 lesbian vids
-36 solo vids

- Only 90 pic sets
-videos are fuzzy
-no bonus material
-no updates
-girls are not very attractive
Bottom Line: -Cant say that its amateur, but the girls in the videos I have never seen before.

-Videos basically of sniffing panties and panties being rubbed on pussy. There is some pussy licking action, and only 2 sex scenes.

-Videos range from about 12mb to 100mb.

-Videos around 10 minutes

-All videos split into 4 parts. But some of the parts are bad links.

I'm into this kind of material, but I am very disappointed. Should of known from the low TBP score that the site was bad news. Stay away, they ask for to much money.

04-29-09  02:27pm

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Visit Homemade Uncensored

Homemade Uncensored

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -avg. little over 30 minutes per video
-view in full scene or in 6 clips
-each video close to 300 mb
-lots of orgasms
-genuine amateur videos (all homemade)
-no pornstars or models
-nothing but great sex
Cons: -only 34 videos as of now
-no pics or pic sets
-not to many attractive girls
-only 6 lesbian videos
-Mostly POV (con for some, pro for others)
-no screen caps
-videos are average quality
-only WMV
Bottom Line: The member page is as basic as it can get. The member page just consist of a long page of all the videos with no extra links.
The boy girl videos are all pretty similar with a blowjob, some pussy eating, hardcore sex for a while, then the guy cums in different places.I'm surprised the guys(amateurs) are able to last as long as they do, they all seem to have good control. All videos take place on a bed in a room. There's not much to review here as there is just 34 videos. Overall I enjoy the videos,
they are very natural and entertaining. The lesbian videos are very nice especially as they are playful and you can tell the
girls are really into each other. The updates are random from what I can tell.
I was going to say the site reminds me on sellyoursextape.com and it does in a way, but this
site doesn't have all that extra talking and crap. These amateurs get down to business.
If you like amateur porn like I do, its worth the join. 34 fairly long videos for 20 bucks isnt to bad.
I'm assuming the site will grow and its fairly new from what I can tell,TBP says it launched in October 2008.It must of because my review is the first you can find anywhere.
Wonder how much they pay the couples for these videos.... It doesn't tell you updates or really all that much for that matter.You get exactly what you pay for, good old fashion amateur sex.

12-03-08  09:37pm

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Visit Natalie Sparks

Natalie Sparks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Updates frequently
-Natalie Sparks is hot
-96 videos, 63 webcam archive videos
-About 5 -8 webcam shows a month
-202 pic sets of ( nice clear 800 x 1200 pics)
-Frequent blog updates
-She answers emails, and answers any question in forum. Very interactive
-Video quality fairly nice all around, new stuff the best.
-Site has great potential
-She sells some of her worn clothes online
Cons: -pretty much Softcore material

-Videos range from only about 3 minutes to 11 minutes

-24.95 may seem slightly expensive to some

-Webcam archive material is poor quality

-Not to much extra content except 30 pic sets of other hot chicks, also some wallpapers.

-Only has 2 HD videos, and charges extra for them.
Bottom Line: There is a possibly of her going beyond soft core sometime in the near future. They just released the first semi-hardcore material the other day. It contains Ava Knight eating out Natalie to orgasm. In her forum she is a highly sexual girl and admits to having frequent sex. She has recently started doing masturbation shows with a vibrator on cam. There are no masturbation videos though yet to watch. The site only has been around since April 2007. So it has come a long way in that short amount of time. In the beginning she didnít even feel comfortable showing herself nude below the waist. She really puts a lot of work into this site, and will talk to you. She gives lots of candid pics to. The site itself is a simple plain design, but easy to navigate to what you want. To sum it up, she a very sexy girl with a pretty face, big boobs, and nice body. If you can live with the fact that the site isnít doing hardcore there is little reason not to join this site.

11-02-08  12:06am

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Beautiful selection of young models
- High quality pictures (1600px × 1064px latest)
- Over an hour with each model
- Very intimate videos Ė Real Orgasms
- Huge selection ( cant count)
- 64 HD videos ( incredible quality)
- Exhibitionism
- Girls are able to be themselves
- Crazy Insertions for those with fetish
- Appealing site design
Cons: -Full scene with every part combined would be nice
-Old stuff isnít digitally enhanced, and quality lacks slightly
-The HD videos take forever to download
-No boy/girl sex
-Search features are limited to model
-no forum for interaction with any model
-updates are usually around once a week
Bottom Line: Ah FTV girls, one of my very first reviews. This site is still my number one site after all this time. You get real girls who send in their amateur pics and FTV pays them to get off and be natural. Obviously not all are amateur, but there are some girls who are only found on this site. Love the fact there is not to many fake boobs, or famous porn stars. There are not to many other sites where you get to see a girl truly orgasm and enjoy herself on tape. You even get close ups of the girls juices flowing. The videos are genuine and real as they get and the quality is extraordinary. Each girlís personality really shines in each video, and you get to see every inch of the girl. Sometimes you get some kinky stuff like speculums, gigantic dildos, fisting, and pregnant woman(HOT). You can literally download all the HD videos from the site and make a DVD collection which is worth WAY more than the monthly asking price. The site is gigantic; it would take months to download everything on this site. If you never joined this site then you have seriously been missing out even if hardcore is your thing. This site is about enjoying the beauty and eroticism of woman at its best. I know some people say the material is repetitive but so is most hardcore sites material. If youíre looking for the kinky masturbation stuff, this is the the best site. Iím leaving my previous score of 94, because even though FTV improved so did some of the other similar sites.

10-30-08  08:36pm

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Visit Secret Virgin

Secret Virgin

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Zip download for pics
-Over 400 pic sets, avg over 100 per
-over 250 videos
-Hot young teens
-Nice videos
-Nice photography
-All European babes
-Easy Navigation and appealing site design
-Favorites folders, slideshows
Cons: -girls are obviously not virgins
-HDV videos are on the lower side of high def (1280 x 720)
-All exclusiveness is questionable
-some older videos only in clips
-most videos only offered in wmv
-Newer videos seem to lose any amateur feel the site once had
-Slightly overpriced monthly and trial offer
-Search features could be modified to be better
-Older material declines In quality
-no new updates since November 2007. They lie about the updates by having there last update to be the current date.
Bottom Line: -A lot of these girls I have not seen before ( some exclusive to site), but there are some familiar faces in which I have seen in other similar sites such as Paul Markham Teens ( ex. Christine). All the teens are fairly hot, and are petite. Some of these petite babes are quite naturally busty. Ages 18-22. There around 180 girls to choose from, unfortunately not all have videos which includes many really hot girls ( Beretta , Rylee, Peach) Every girls has a short bio near her name.
- Shanty is the last update, and has been since last year.
-The videos are overall pretty solid. They are fairly long around 38 minutes per. Pretty hot videos with boy/girl, girl/girl, and masturbation. Offered WMV, Quicktime, Divx
-Under categories: solo, lesbian, hardcore. Most of the videos are solo, then hardcore, then lesbian. There are some threesome videos. Same categories for pics. There is rating system for pics and videos. Kind of enjoy the masturbation videos best, as the girls tend to DP themselves to orgasm. Lots or orgasms on site, but not to the extent of littlemutt.
-Overall the site is really nice. Hot busty skinny teen girls are hard to pass up. I like the selection of girls compare to other similiar sites
alot better. But the site overall compared to those giants is SLIGHTLY lackluster. But this site is worth a join for sure.

06-05-08  03:09pm

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Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -160 models
-378 video and 380 stills
-lots of good descriptions for every video and model
-zip download for stills (pics)
-nice pics . sizes vary, avg. about 800 x 1200
-overall video quality is solid. Mpg, wmv, ipod offered
-older videos have very amateur feel
-no over acting, real orgasms
- only a few porn stars
- threesome videos are incredible
- all exclusive, no DRM
- TBP discount, 10 dollars off
Cons: -older videos are lacking in quality
-some older videos are not full scene
-high definition videos arenít that high
-search features can be improved, cant find by type of girl or video( just basic search option by matching words to description in videos)
-very small inactive member forum
-not really any extras such as sites webcams, sites, samples, etcÖ
Bottom Line: - lots of great videos on this site. You got the massage videos in which Sal who runs the site, an older man, masturbates the girls to orgasms with his fingers and vibrators. Lots of great lesbian videos, a few boy/girl videos, few light bdsm(deviation) vids and lots of masturbation videos. The older masturbation videos were called confessions, and the videos look like they were homemade. There is also Private Time like Abby winters Private Moments where the camera man leaves.
-Attractive girls for most part, but some of the older models arenít as attractive. If you like busty girls though this isnít the site for you. Only a handful of big breasted woman, and even they arenít really big. Check out Holly Webster, Mia yum!
-Only 2 girls with fake breast that I can find,
-Overall to me this is a very good site. However it falls short of FTV standards for me in quality. However this site has much more of lesbian sex, in which the videos are very similar as Sapphic erotica( makes sense since Bailey from SE helps shoot lot of the them).I live the orgasms this site gives, some really good natural ones. Not to many squirting, or milky orgasms however. Also got to love some of the girls nipples, areolas, or whatever you want to call them. They get really puffy and hard, unlike I have seen on other sites. Definitely worth a look for twenty dollars, what am I saying, its worth a join! It updates a 2-3 times a week, and will only continue to become bigger and better

05-22-08  09:54pm

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Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of content
-Great amateur hardcore action
-New pics a solid 1200 X 800
-Comes with good amateur network
-Nice big screen caps
-New videos in HD ( 1280 X 720)
-Active in forums, with good articles
-A section in which invites you to meet them for sexÖ
-Attempt to remaster some older videos
-Some good orgasms
-64 dif. girls, and 29 dif. guys make appearances in videos
Cons: -Old videos only offered in ASF, and RM
-Old videos poor quality/ half of videos on site
-Old videos are small clips
-No zip download for pics
-Old pics fairly small
-Very infrequent cam shows
-No DP on Anna
-Not enough Angelique 
Bottom Line: - Content: Photo Sets 487, Video Clips 436
- I like the little synopsis of the videos near the videos, so I know what to expect. I wish the older videos had longer ones.
-This site is the most hardcore of the network, and second best. There is limited amount of masturbation on this site. The videos usually consist of many guys and or girls. The site is swinger style porn. There are also lots of blowjob videos if your into that, usually with more then one girl. Not as personal as Angeliqueís site. There are also lots of fake titted models who are not very glamorous on the site. But definitely worth a look if your into amateur group porn. The Orgies and sex Parties are hot.

O yeah BTW Bruce you do a great job holding your load.

03-13-08  08:30pm

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Visit Angelique XXX

Angelique XXX

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -She is very hot
-Good video features( wmv, mpg, mp3) in varying sizes
-Switched to hd as of last 4 videos(120 x 720 2.33 mbps)
-Very sexy French accent
-Lots of dif niches to choose from
-New pics a solid 800 X 1200
-Interactive with site
-Comes with good network of amateur porn
-Overall good amount of content
-Impressive size screen captures
Cons: -Older videos bad quality ( 320 x 240)
-No zip download for pics
-Older picture material is below standards
-Not as much sex as other girl sites
-Older videos in clips and not full length videos
-Still only 23 hours worth of movies, but its growing
-Updates are a little slow. ( Less then a video a week, and a pic set a week on average.
So usually one update a week in total, once in a while 0 or 2)
Bottom Line: -Older movies were a lot smaller around 5 minutes, new movies are all around 10 Ė 17 minutes.
-The pussy wink: after masturbating she likes to clench her pussy in and out until we see her cum inside
-member chat ever Sunday at 10pm, and member cam show every Friday at 9. Lots of diary entries
- She really likes anal sex
- She has orgasms from sex
- access to sex cam central
As of now there are: Photo Sets 561, Video Clips 180
-This site turned out to be my favorite site from the 4 real amateurís network. It is only the third biggest site on here out of the 7 or so offered. It is partly because she is the hottest lady on the network in my opinion ( former playboy playmate, looks similar to actress Elizabeth Hurley), but all the videos are good. They are all amateurly done, as they are done in her own house with her man celt mostly. I found myself downloading pretty much every video on her site, and enjoyed them. There is lots of hot masturbation, good amount of sex, some lesbian scenes, Lactation, and a wide variety of other scenes. Her sexuality is so natural on camera. I highly recommend this site if your an amateur porn fan like myself.

03-12-08  11:20pm

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Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of sexy models
-Great looking videos, includes hd
-Good masturbation scenes
-Many weekly updates
-Comes with 7 other sites, include rachel aziani
-Nice big pics (933 x 1400)
-Zip download pics
-Sybian play
-Pretty big picture sets
-563 videos
-761 pic sets
-127 models
Cons: -Only one videos download option. Wmv
-Dial up users worse nightmare( just huge video, no clips)
-No sex, only interview and masturbation( except suzanna winters/crissy moran)
-No amateurs at all
-Nothing overly kinky
-Lots of fake tits going around
-Not everything is exclusive, especially the old content
Bottom Line: I mean you got some nice videos of shay laren, Hannah Hilton, andy valenitno, etc. The interviews are interesting as you get to learn about the girls personally. Some erotic stripping, and some nice orgasms to boot. The sybian orgasms are great, as you get to see some pornstars having a orgasm for real. Also you get live webcam shows from some of the aziani girls once in a while. My main complaints are with the content being so softcore. The site is sort of similar to digital desire in what is offered.. Also some of the videos have music In them which is annoying. Be prepared to use some space on your computer as the average video is 250 mb, and you can only download it fully. I like the site, especially since it comes with Rachel Azianis site( great site). Not to bad for the price, even if your slightly interested then by all means join the 3 day 4.95 full access trial offer. Its limited so I would take advantage now if you were to do so. There is no download limit form what I can tell. Im giving this site an 80 and not better simply because there are to many similar sites out there like this one that are better.

01-29-08  08:08pm

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Visit Mike's Apartment

Mike's Apartment

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Hot babes
-287 scenes
-good options. Minute/big/full length clips
-videos range form around 20 minutes to an hour
-solid pic quality
-100 percent exclusive
-good mix of masturbation/ hardcore fucking
-zip download for pic sets
-good search options
-weekly Wednesday updates
-access to reality kings
Cons: -limited trial access
-I guess the videos could be better quality, none are dvd quality
-Not all videos have full scene/older before mid 2006
-A lot of girls speak no english
-Earlier scenes lack in pic/videos quality fairly significantly
-WMV and MPEG only download options
-To many facials
Bottom Line: -This site contains lots of girls with big natural tits with slim tone tanned bodies. I cant reiterate enough how many beautiful girls on here.

-Some really great masturbation videos on here. Check out Smokin hottie/camella, Hum Along/Jenifer, Bedtime Fun/Walleria, and Zoe.-- not that zoe, but a hotter amateur one

-The site is based around the concept of a girl or couple answering a newspaper ad for an apartment for rent. The girls never have money to pay for the room, so they sell themselves basically for a sex, or a masturbation show.

-This is my favorite of all the reality king sites. The reason for that is this site has the hottest European babes that I have ever seen on here. A lot of these girls I have never seen before, maybe because they are foreign, I donít know, maybe they are amateur. Obviously Eufrat and Stracy are not amateur obviously, as I recognized them. But I can go on forever with how many steamy videos are on here. The sex videos are obviously really good to, some really hardcore fucking going on. A great bargain for the price, with all the other great reality King sites. No doubt, you will love these European babes. 86 is probably the highest I will go on a network site, so you know I enjoyed it. I would go a little higher but the videos quality is slightly fuzzy when you enlarge screen.

01-25-08  08:39pm

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Visit First Time Auditions

First Time Auditions

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Mostly hot girls
-194 scenes
-Weekly updates
-All videos seem to be over 30 minutes
-the newest videos look nice and lose that fuzziness
-zip download for pic sets
-screen caps with every video
-reality kings access
-one minute/big clip/ full scene option for newer vids.
-Good search features/ navigation
Cons: -Videos quality is slightly lower then some of the other reality king sites
-Half the movies have no full scene download
-Pic sets could be better
-Only mpg and wmv options.
-The older material isnít good
-Download limit, enough for about 4- 5 full scene videos a day
-Same old sex scenes
Bottom Line: I like the site for the girls. But the minor flaw behind the site is that not all of these girls are amateurs, actually I have some of these ladies in porn videos before. Some are true amateurs, but I wish there was more. I would say 75 percent are amateur which is still good. I mean yea carly parker and Isabella soprano are real amateurs, yea ok! But then again at the time of the video they possibly could have been amateurs, but I doubt it. I also doubt these girls literally just answered a newspaper ad to model, and decided to have sex with some guy they donít know. Also sexually they all seem fairly experienced, and are not that shy, so its questionable. I do enjoy the fact that a lot of these girls are young. 18 Ė 24 in age

The sex scenes are way to similar. Every video is pretty much exactly alike. They talk to the girl about why sheís there, is she single, things like that. I especially like that part because its pretty hot when the girl strips out of her clothes after hearing them talk. Then once shes nude she touches herself, then the guy comes in, thereís some oral sex, then they have sex, and then ends with a facial. That is a sum up of every scene.

-Fairly similar to net video girls, but with better quality. If your into young amateur girls, this is a good site to join. Once again great bargain for all the reality king sites you get with this.

01-25-08  07:41pm

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Visit Euro Sex Parties

Euro Sex Parties

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -All exclusive action
-All threesomes and foursomes
-Hottest European babes
-long videos over 30 minutes
-Newer videos are near dvd quality
-Weekly updates
-200 scenes
-big pic sets with zip download
-access to reality kings
-good site design/ search options
Cons: -A lot of girls donít speak English
-Some of older videos are a little fuzzy
-Older videos have no full scene download
-Sex usually always happens in similar place
-only 1- 2 video options per scene
-older pics could be better. Very small
Bottom Line: -Check out the Breast time ever/ Darina video. Very hot, a girl with huge naturals, and another with big naturals. Itís a foursome video 2 girls/ 2 guys
-Scenes take place in Amsterdam . A lot of the girls I donít recognize, but there are familiar faces here and there.
-The guys in these videos fuck these ladies really hard. If you join you will see what I mean, they go on hyper drive. Its good to watch because the tits are flying everywhere. They also do a lot of double penetration. Not to much faking going on from what I can tell. Actually have seen some genuine orgasms.
-Its not really a party, but more of group sex/orgy.
-Like most other reality king sites, ends with the facial

-Of all the reality kings sites, this is the most hardcore. Actually I cant think of many sites with better hardcore content. The chicks are hot , the price is right, really worth it.

01-25-08  07:11pm

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Visit Street Blowjobs

Street Blowjobs

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good POV videos
-Over 250 videos
-Videos average over around 25 minutes
-Very amateur feel to movies
- Vid caps for every video
-Huge picture galleries for each scene
-Zip download for pics
-Comes with reality kings
-Good plots
-One of the few reality king sites that there is little faking.
-Download in full scenes, big clips, or minute clips
-All exclusive and unique site
-Weekly updates
-Not to many hot chicks
- older updates have no full scene download
- only wmv and mpeg download options
-older videos are really fuzzy and low quality
-some of the scenes only have blowjob and facial
-same guy in all the scenes
-pic quality isnít that impressive
Bottom Line:
-Scenes: The guy just happens to meet a girl on the street, fast food restaurant, or the beach. They talk for a little while, offers them cash, and he takes them back to his Hummer for a hummer. Either that or he takes them back a hotel room where they get it on. All of this is supposedly happening through a spy cam in the guys glasses. While I believe that, the scenes are a set up. No way does this goofy guy pick up all these chicks for a few Benjaminís. But it does seem like it because they use the POV style and almost always amateur girls which you never seen before.
-Condoms used in every sex scene
-Some of the videos the girl opts not even to get naked, but rather just give a blowjob. To bad because a really hot girl name Anastasia never gets nude.
-I know I said there are not many hot chicks. What I mean by that is that lest then 50 percent are attractive. But there are some smoking ones on here. Like estrella, or AJ.

-I really enjoyed this site. Itís the most amateur site that reality kings has, but also one of the lowest quality sights. There are some really good videos on here that will surely turn anyone on. Its worth checking out for sure, especially if you like POV videos. The only thing that needs a change is for them to continue to build upon the quality. The videos still arenít clear yet.

01-22-08  09:11am

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Visit In The VIP

In The VIP

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Newer videos are very solid
-New pics at a quality (900 x 600)
-Great search features
-Well over a 100 videos
-Very large pic sets
-Unique and all exclusive content
-Pretty realistic for a set up plot
-Comes with reality kings network(great)
-Movies are long usually around an hour
-All hardcore: lots of lesbian sex and threesomes
-Zip download picture sets
-Can download full scene, into big clips, and minute clips
Cons: -Older videos slightly fuzzy
-Not enough amateurs
-Older pics lack
-Only 2 video download options. Wmv and mpeg
-Only updates every 2 weeks
-The older videos are not full scene
-Sometimes it takes to long to get going(long club scene, dancing)
-The newer video full scenes are monsters to download( well up around 650 mb per)
Bottom Line: -Most videos end with the signature facial

-Scenes usually start out at a South beach/ Miami club scene. Usually the guy takes the girl/girls back in a limo, and drives to a hotel where they get it on. Some times there is sex in the vip room.

- Site is well developed, been around since January 2003. It will only continue to grow and become even higher quality. Its just lacking in those weekly updates.

- This site is yet another great reality king site. It is a site with many pornstars, very hot video with amy reid in a threesome( one of there top rated videos). Once again itís a great bargain as this could be a paysite all by itself. You get all those other great sites with it. Plus there are lots of pay options.

01-21-08  10:12pm

Replies (5)
Visit Drunk Babysitters

Drunk Babysitters

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Amateur girls/ with occasional pornstar
Lots of content
The newest videos look good and are fairly big
Full access trial
Lots of pics per set
Slideshow option for pics
Older pics sets do not lack quality. All the same
Some extra videos and video chat
Videos are long
Cons: Most videos are only in one minute clips.
Most videos are fuzzy
Not all exclusive( seen some videos on other site)
Slow website/ slow download speeds
Only mpg/mov downlaod
Expensive monthly price
No zip download for pics
Best pics are around (700 x 900)
Poor updates. Last update in aug 2007.
Some broken links
Bottom Line: The movies are separated into babysitter, hardcore couple, lesbian, one girl two guys, solo, teen hardcore, toys, two girls one guy. In order of the amount of videos for each niche is the following: 65, 56, 6, 5, 7, 33, 6, 5

The pictures are separated into anal sex, asian, at the party, babes, babysitter, big boobs, bondage, cheerleader, couples, ebony, gangbang, Indian, lesbian , mature, one girl two guys, panty lover, sex toys, solo girls, teen hardcore, three guys one girl, and two girls two guys

Overall its maybe worth a look for a 3 day trial, but thatís it. Site has very little to do with drunk babysitters.

01-18-08  01:23pm

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Visit Sticky Latinas

Sticky Latinas

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Pic sets range from around 40- 100 pics
-zip download for pics
-big & clear pics, best come in at (1000 x 750)
-access to a network with 10 other sites
- updates every Friday
- Amateur girls from what I can tell
- screen caps for every video ( 600 x 400)
- solid download speeds
-WMV hi- speed, and MPEG hi- speed
- the network its on updates daily, twice on Sunday
Cons: - no full scene download
-all videos broken up into three parts
- you can only stream in mpeg
-video quality isnít good, a bit grainy
-same white guy fucking in all the videos
- only19 pic sets as of now
-only 18 videos as of now
- The site design is slightly below average. All pics and videos on one page.
Bottom Line: -This is a new site. Started this year I believe.

-I wish the girls they had in there photo gallery were the ones in the videos. The girls in the photos are a lot hotter then the ones in the videos. The ones in the videos are not bad though.
-The cumshots range and are either on the face, pussy, tits or ass.
-Three threesome videos as of now
-Pretty much all young girls, but there is a milf on here.
-Most recent video is a good video, the guys condom falls off in her pussy when fucking and it isnít till the end where he pulls it out.
-Models are only named by there first name
-Girls have mostly average size tits with the exception of 2 big chested, and 1 flat.

- Itís a new site so its hard to rate these. It will only continue to improve its score with amount of content. However the sex scenes are not anything to special, per say. The videos are taped sort of amateur like, which makes it a little better then if not. The pic sets are surprisingly pretty nice, which is good. At 24.95 maybe you can give it a try if you love Latinas. I mean you are getting 10 other fairly well developed sites with it.

01-15-08  08:11am

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Visit Video Chicks

Video Chicks

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -videos from 21 different studios
-comes with 9 decent reality sites, with 53 low-grade sites
-gives a nice short and sweet synopsis of every scene
-screen caps for every scene
-solid video quality
-some good videos
-solid search options
Cons: -for a video site, not to many videos
-the new releases are videos around 2- 5 years old
- no high definition pictures or videos
- limited trial and expensive monthly price
- wmv download only
- cant download whole video at once
- cant enlarge screencaps
- slow updates
- very basic site design
Bottom Line: Movie Breakdown:
2 ATM , 32 Anal, 5 Asian, 2 BBW, 3 BDSM, 2 Big Tits , 3 Blowjob , 1Compilation , 8 DP, 2 Ebony, 6 Feature, 2 Feet, 2 Fetish ,1 Gangbang, 3 Gonzo ,16Hardcore ,2Hermaphrodite, 9 Interracial ,6 Latina, 6 Lesbian, 1Midget, 1Milf ,1Pregnant ,1Shaved 4Shemale, 3Strap-on ,13Teen

Top- Rated Videos: Fillí er up 1, Tearing It Up, Gag me then fuck me, My Hero, Spread My Ass

Pretty good site with some nice videos. However, with sites like video box out there, this site is no competition for video site. Video box is nearly half the price, and triple the quantity/quality. The XXX extras are really just fillers, and do nothing for you. You have seen all these little stream sites before.

01-14-08  09:53pm

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Visit Big Bouncing Boobies

Big Bouncing Boobies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - dates back to 2003
- good mix of older and younger models
- around 450 pic sets
- new pics come in around a solid (530 x 800)
- pretty much all amateurs
- model of the month which gives a bio on the model
- monster sized titties
Cons: - old pics are bad quality( 350x450) but small
- fairly small pic sets
- no zip download for pics
- terribly overpriced
- only 52 video clips (small around 5 minutes)
- videos are fuzzy
- cant download videos
- poor site design and navigation
- comes with a few junky video streams
Bottom Line: - highlights this model by the name of Michelle. She is a big breasted brunette who is fairly slim for her tits.

- The only model I rrecognize is Brandy Taylor

-Pretty much all soft core, except for a few hardcore pic sets, maybe 6 or 7.

- This site has hardly any redeeming qualities. There are a few good looking girls but thats about it. This site should be called a bbw site. The site is just on a black page with the choice of gallery, model of moth, and desktop. My suggestion is to stay away from this site, because there are alot better big tit sites then this one.
If you love videos you will hate this site, trust me.

01-14-08  08:14pm

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Visit Paul Markham Teens

Paul Markham Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Loads of attractive girls
-Lots of search options
-Lots of orgasms
-Good selection of boy/girl, girl/girl, and solo
-Lots of toy play
-Sample video for every video
-for the most part quality videos
-410 videos- mostly good
-you can zip download pics
-full access trial
-download times were good for me
-numerous updates daily
Cons: -Does not tell how old each girl is
-The download options for the videos are some obscured version of wmv.
-Not all exclusive
-Pics are not high in pxl.
-After a while the content gets repetitive and old
-Not a video for every model, some have only a pic set
-Could use a mpg download option
-Usually every click opens up a new window, so takes a little longer to maneuver around site
Bottom Line: -Check out Meggyís video with the old guy, some great orgasms in that video. She is also very sexy. 5 star video for sure!

-You can download ivdoe for your ipod, or mobile phone

-Its expensive for a month membership, but to save money just join trial, then cancel, and then you can join for 9.95 a month.

-What I mean by obscured wmv. The video downloaded to your system is just listed under file, and every time you click it you have to pick which video player you want to use. WMV is the choice to pick.

-Donít see what all the poor reviews are for. Overall a good site for watching girls around 18- 22. Thereís mostly solo toy play, but there is also lots of boy/girl sex, and lesbian sex. There are around 100 boy/girl videos, same(100) for girl/girl. So that leaves you with around 200 solo videos. Definitely worth a 2.95 trial membership in my eyes. You can download all the content you want, what is there to lose? If you like teens, and youíre a fan of sites like ftv girls, join. You would be surprised by the amount content they have here. You can even see future updates. Also you should note most if not all of the teens on this site are European, or at least have an accent of a foreign country.

01-05-08  09:41pm

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Visit Mr Camel Toe

Mr Camel Toe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very Sexy women
-all movies over 30 minutes
- come with whole bangbros network(huge amount of content)
- nice shots of cameltoes
- download as much as you want
- lots of fake tits
- good rating system for each scene or clip
- minute clips or big clips divided into 4 for non-dsl users. Offered in mpg or wmv
- very quick streaming times
- lots of pics per set
- most videos are good quality and done in POV
Cons: -search engine is not so good
- to many pornstars, hardly any amateurs
- only 45 updates so far dating back since march 18, 2005
-pics lack quality( newest 800x500)( oldest around 600 x 450)
- on members page, site still claims to update every Friday, yet there has been no updates since late 2006.
- all facials no changing it up
- no zip download for pics
- can only download full scene in wmv
- like most sites the older videos are a not to good
Bottom Line: -new jordans search which has sites top 12 models, every sexual position possible, and search by fetish( believe it or not, they have 156 listed). But this is more directed to the whole network. As far as this site you can only look up by model, or the date it was released.

-some of the pornstars include Sativa Rose, Amber Rayne ,Jessica Sweet, Veronica Sweet, Ginger Lee, Amber Peach and Veronica Stone. I could name tons more, the whole bangbros network is polluted with pornstars.

-All the girls begin the shoot wearing really tight shorts, really short shorts, pants, or tights/spandex. We see some close ups shots of it. The girl then takes off her pants or whatever shes wearing. Then the girl or guy takes the girls thong and makes a wedgie between her lips. These are some really nice shots of the lips. The girls create some good separation between the lips as the thong is pulled really hard between. After that its pretty much straightforward sex.

-Check out Monique's video as it seems the most realistic. She orgasms a few times in her video, and gets the guys condom covered dick milky wet from her pussy.

Overall, A decent site which had a lot of potential to be really good. However there are no more updates. It comes with bangbros a great reality avs, secondary to realitykings. If you are a cameltoe enthusiast, there is no reason not to join. The membership is fairly decently priced with all thatís included. enjoy

12-13-07  10:14pm

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Visit American Kittens

American Kittens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Loads of pic sets of various teens(18-19)
-over 10000 pics
-extra content of pics from other sites( 17 pages)
- most pics around 1200 x 800 and are nice
-teens are hot for most part
-updates dailty
- videos are good quality
-fairly new site, so it will only continue to grow
- see future updates a month in advance
Cons: - only full scene download for newer videos
- no full scene for some of older videos
- wmv downlaod only
- older videos and pics lack a little in quality
- no hardcore whatsoever, almost to soft softcore
- only 37 models on netowrk
- website seems smaller then it really is
- design and navigation is week
- crappy forum
-claims to have 446 videos, but i counted less then 200!! a true con
Bottom Line: -58 videos of allashlee, 150 pic sets. She has the most going on in her videos then any other girl. She atleast masturbates to orgasm in several videos, and has a pee video. She has a few light lesbian videos.
Most scenes are full downlaod only. Pretty cute blonde girl.
- 702 daisy only has 8 softcore videos with no masturbation. Shes very sexy. Luckily there are over 200 pic sets of her.
- 9 videos for jenna at home. Mostly teasing
-10 videos for joy. only a few masturbation.
- Naomi model only 8 videos. To bad because shes the hottest of the girls, and has the best tits. She doesn't even masturbate.
-62 videos for for peaches18. Very cute small titted girl. Mostly teasing, a few masturbation.
-19 extra videos on top of that, and that about wraps it up with this whole network

-Not a bad network for teens, but its only for people who can deal with softcore content. Its hard not to see these girls not partake in any hardcore scenes. The videos are to soft core for my taste. There are not as many videos on this network as you think, so if you like videos this is not for you. If your a pic person, you will get your moneys worth. But the pics are not a very high resolution, so you may want to pass.

12-11-07  08:53pm

Replies (3)
Visit Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -55 pages of porn dating back since july 28, 2001
-update once a week
-well over 350 scenes
-usually over 200 pics per scene
-good orgasms
-quite a few erotic scenes on here that would be sure to turn anyone on.
- lots of vibrators and dildos
-download as much as you want
-wmv, real, or ipod download
-can download all clips in zip folder
Cons: -no full scene download
-old videos have way over 20 clips and are like a minute
-newer videos have around 6 clips
- to many fake tits/pornstars
-you can stream videos, but they are slow
-pics are not that good, low pxl
-older videos are very poor, almost not even watchable
-a lot of the models are not that attractive
Bottom Line: -clothespins, spanking ass, hogtied, forced orgasms, Face/titty slapping, nipple torture, caning, strap ons, latex. hotwax, suspension, footworship, clamps, etcÖÖ are all part of the site.

-Id rate this sites light to moderate as far as bdsm is concerned as Iíve seen sites with have alot more torture. There is no needle play, or extreme pain being seen on these scenes. You donít see any bruises or cuts after any of the spanking. Some models allow more pain then others.

The newer video tend to get away from the whole whipping ass theme though. The older videos tend to have more ass whipping which causes red ass. Now a lot of the video donít even contain it.

-There are also quite a few squirters on the this site.

-lots of seen before models such as sasha gray, venus, harmony, Dragon Lily, Sandra Romain, sasha sparks, Penny Flame, and Eva Angelina.

-Not one of kinks better sites, atleast in my opinion. However thatís still not a major downfall as kinks has some of the best bdsm sites on the entire net. You really have to experience all there sites, and this is a good starting point. A little pricy at around 30 dollars, but you will have enough content to last you a while.

12-11-07  11:20am

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