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Visit 8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Updates every Friday since 5/6/2002
- 269 scenes
-There are some seriously hot Latinas on here
-the plots are very realistic
-every scene has pics, and videos
-scenes tend to be well over 30 minutes
-all hardcore action
-newer videos look good
-the Latinas get loud when fucked
-all exclusive
Cons: -like a lot of other reality king scenes some of the orgasms seems rehearsed
-the guys act a little goofy around the girls with trying to act Spanish.
-no masturbation, but o well
-did not implement full scene download until 2006-05-29
-only 78 scenes have full scene download
-only can download full scene/big scene in wmv
-older videos are fuzzy
-pics could be better
-older videos are shorter in length
Bottom Line: Check out Jayla ,she is ridiculously hot.

Like most other RealityKings sites, there are lots of girls you never seen before on any other sites. There are only a few pornstars such as the hot Daisy, Sativa Rose, Lorena Sanchez, and Jenaveve.

I love the plots, they seem almost to realistic in some cases, however they are not real, unfortunately. You got pick up scenes in auto shops, beaches, stores, restaurants, malls, and other various spots. Sometimes you will get a threesome scene with 2 girls.

They got pretty much every Spanish girl you can think of. Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Cubans, Peruvians, Chileans, and lots more. Light skinned ones, dark skinned ones, green eyed ones, brown eyed ones, blondes, brunettes, everything.

The cumshots are usually on the face or upper chest. Once in a while the guy will jizz on the girls ass. They tend to always do missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie style. There is always a little oral sex in the beginning.

Overall the girls are great. The scenes are great. It really only lacks in overall quality. This site easily could be a single site and make a big profit, but you get 20 other great sites with it. Overall, its not worth passing up if you love the Latina love.

11-29-07  12:52pm

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Visit Big Naturals

Big Naturals

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Updates every Wednesday since 8-13-2001
-304 updates in total
-lots of new faces
-All the tits are Dís and up.
-Newer pictures come in around 900 x 600, very -clear and fairly big.
-Lots of pics per scene
-All pics can be downloaded in zip file
-Movies average well over 20 minutes
-Lots of threesome scenes/ some foursomes
-Comes with 20 other reality king sites
Cons: -The 9 oldest scenes have no video
-No HD videos, or High pxl pics.
-Older videos are slightly fuzzy
-Some of the sex scenes it seems like the girls are fake moaning
-Search option could be better but still good
Only download option for full scene or big clips is wmv
-Streaming also only wmv. Mpg offered for minute clips.
Bottom Line: -The newest update has over 800 pics for the one scene. I was impressed that even the oldest pics come in over 600 by 400.

-Big Naturals always starts off with tit action/rubbing (girls talk about there tits), then onto some oral action, then some sex and usually ends with a money shot(occasionally the guy jizzís on the girls chest). However some of the videos are masturbation only and some are just tit play.
Lots of girls I have never seen before, however there are a few pornstars. Amy Reid pops in on a masturbation video with a real milky wet orgasm. You have Gianna Michaels in a 5 videos, 3 in which are threesomes. Carmella Bing is in 2 updates. Avy Scott, Whitny Stevens, and Brandy Taylor are also in there. Also Kassandra Kaleroga, Simi, Nattasha, and Bea Flora are in there. But other then that most the girls are new faces, or should I say tits. Most are good looking, with a few not so good looking ones mixed in.

-Overall this site is great, its similar to boobsquad ,but better. If you love big tits you will not find a much better selection of models then here. Especially with the 20 other sites, and its only 24.95 a month which is not bad. Also if you get the chance check out tiffanyís video. Hot.

11-28-07  10:27pm

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Visit TAC Amateurs

TAC Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -20 categories of porn, and well over a hundred sites
-real amateur content with no scripts or acting
you get access to the T&A network which contains hundreds of girls
-Get access to Amateur Camz, TAC chat cam, and T&A chicks cam.
-Contains some very good sites such as subwoman, juicyjo, anf janeyweb.
-Multiple updates daily from various portal sites
-Huge amount of videos and pictures.
-frequent updates around 3- 5 a day.
Cons: -Many of the models are very unattractive
-No access to tac amatuers2 network
-No full videos, mostly clips
-Overall quality of videos and pics is average.
-Way more pics sets then videos on most of the portal sites.
-Lots of the portal sites are small , with no videos
-Slightly expensive at 29.99 for a month.
Bottom Line: -Pics and videos that are older really lack in quality, however over time the videos and pics have improved. Most pics now are around (800x600) which is pretty adequate. A lot of the videos have lost the fuzzyness.

-Subwoman my favorite site has 163 video clips and about 25 pic sets. Itís a woman in her thirties who loves bondage, and has tons of orgasms. Not to mention her big melons.
Janeysweb is really great also. Has Lots of orgies, gangbangs, group sex, interracial, bukkake, sex parties, masturbation, boy/girl, girl/girl, you name it. She is also an orgasm queen who orgasms many times per scene. Her site is one of the biggest on the network, it could be a site on its own. Her newer videos are closer to a full video, and about 15 minute clips. She also has nice big tits. JuicyJo is also a big site on here with hundreds of clip. She is nowhere near as attractive as Janey or Subwoman, but she has great sex party videos and has sex with her fans.

-If you love amateur content this is really great. Your not going to find to many other sites with all this content, and this many diverse girls. Im warning you that there are some grandmas and really unattractive people on here which may not appeal to you, but there is enough content on here otherwise to keep you hapy.

11-13-07  11:08am

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Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -87 videos.Videos range from 6 minutes to an hour. I calculated there is 1859 minutes of video which is around 31 hours of video. The average video length is 23 minutes.
-Great customer support by Melissa.
-Take requests for videos
-The pics were nice and came in at 1000x 750
-fairly frequently updates(every few days)
-All the girls are young and fairly attractive
-All the content is exclusive to this site
-There is five threesome/foursome video
Cons: -There are only full scene downloads
-Get access to hookers and schoolgirls which is a very average site
-Most videos well over 350 mb and take around 45 minutes with dsl to downlaod
-Slightly expensive for whatís offered
-Not really any female orgasms to speak of
-only 2 formats. 2 video formats : wmv high quality and dial up and mpg high quality and dial up
-site design is very plain
Bottom Line: -There is 1100 pics.100 per page. 3 of Krista, 4 of Celeste,2 of Becky, 1 Jen, and 1 Samantha.
-Almost all of the boy- girl videos have the same bald guy in them. The bald guy does not fuck the girls very well either, very slow sex. Celesteís boyfriend is the only one who lays any lumber.
-Here are the facts and how the page is set up:
There is 17 videos under Becky , There is 15 under Krista, There is 33 under Melissa. There is 11 under Celeste, There is 7 under Sara, There is 34 under Jen. Many of them overlap due to the lesbian scenes. There are 35 girl- girl videos and 46 boy-girl videos. There are 8 videos under Anal. There are 6 custom fetish videos which deal with basically balloons, spanking, and tickling. Theres also a few masturbation videos.
-Overall itís a pretty good site. Everything has a very natural setting, as all the videos are taken place on the same bed spread. Everything here is pretty hardcore, you get everything from strap onís, to foursomes, to handjobs, and more. There is more then enough content to fill your needs for at least a month. But for an amateur site I expected there to be more orgasms and enthusiasm however. It seems to much to me like the girls just go oh-ah and never really get into it (some more then others), especially In the boy girl videos. It seems like they are just putting on a show for the cameras, and I never get that feel on any other amateur sites I joined in the past. The masturbation videos are pretty lame to.

10-16-07  11:02am

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Visit Awesome Ashley

Awesome Ashley

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Cartoons, messege her, mail her, funnies, erotic sounds, live cam show, and chat room
-66 erotic video feeds
-190 streaming of old cam feeds in zip files
-new pics are pretty big and nice quality ( 600 x 800)
-369 picture sets on 15 pages
-huge breast
-many squirting orgasms
-lots of videos on 33 pages around 250 videos
-lots of body cumshots
Cons: -Worst part of site is there are no full scene videos. Just lots and lots of clips usually more then 8.
-Old pics are small and not good ( 311 x 412)
-Older woman and heavy
-overall video quality isnít good
-only wmv videos
-to many cuts in each scene
-streams are to small, cant enlarge
-no search features
-expensive 24.95 a month, and 12.95 for 3 day trial
-expensive store (29 dollars for vhs or dvd of an hour)
-random updates. not very often. no log
Bottom Line: It is all hardcore content. Lots of role play videos and custom videos done for customers. There are some lesbian videos, lots of masturbation videos, lots of sex, some fetishs such as pissing and shaving, blowjobs,

- all the clips are either for broadband or 56k but they all still lack quality and are about a minute and 30 seconds long.

-updates go back as far as mid 2001. Only the older stuff is dated

- Some of the videos dont match the thumbnail, and some clips are actually missing. For instance a few videos skip from clips 1 and 2 to 5.

-I'm going to give this site a 72 and not lower just because it has a lot of content to choose from. But the shaky video and no full scene download really hurts this site. I was expecting much more when I joined and wished they said more about thier videos on there preview page.

09-06-07  07:07am

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 21 great diverese sites access
- pretty good price for this massive site
- over 2000 models ( lots of hot ones)
- 3189 scenes in total
- usually 3 updates a day
- great browser options
- clear well shot videos
- some of the best reality sites on the net
- live web cam shows Monday through Friday night
- downlaod pics in zip files
- enough content to keep you satisfied for months,
- full long videos usually over 30 minutes
Cons: - some of older material such as videos and pics are low quality
- no full scene download on old content
- some of the guys are annoying ( use the same ones in most of scenes)
- vip crew no update since april and only 26 scenes
-team squirt once a month updates 40 scenes
-big clips and full scnene only downloadable in wmv, 1 minute clips in mpg and wmv
- the pics are better but nothing special
- more pornstars then amateurs
- no high rez pics or dvd quality vids
Bottom Line: You can browse each site or the whole network by 1. Top Rated Updates 2. Top Rated Models 3. Browse/Search by Keywords 4. Browse by Category
5. Browse by Model Name 6. View all Updates
Also extensive search in which you can browse by 56 categories such as squirting, handjob, dildo, 69, teen asslick, sybian, cameltoe etc..

- Huge selection of material. Inclueds welivetogeter which has 203 episode of lesbian sex. The scenes are incredibly hot and contain even hotter girls. From strap ons to vibrating tongue rings its all lesbian, and its all here.
284 cumfiesta scnes, 254 8th street latina scenes,
250 episode milf hunter, 266 mikes apartment scenes,289 big naturals,59 4o inches plus, 243 street blowjob, 116 milf next door, 251 captain stabbin, 114 in the vip and so on. So bascially this site gives you the webs best milfs,huge natural titties, wildest sex parties, huge asses, teen auditions, flower tucci's site, the awesome money talks site, foreign models, reality blowjobs, and a shit load of more.

- This is handdown the best avs on the net in my opinion, there is just so much to choose from and so much going on. It took me days before I could even browse through all the content. This is a download porn freak's dream, you will find enough content here to fill your whole database up. Theres just that much good content.

08-20-07  10:35am

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Visit Porn Stories

Porn Stories

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Huge Huge database of porn stories ( 12,229)

-Very well written stories for the most part

-lots of extra streams ( read below)

-lots of different fetishs in stories( look at comment for exact amount per)

- 2.95 trial access for 3 days which as far as i can tell is all the sites content.

-audio stories are kind of hot
Cons: - only 34 audio porn stories in mp3 and realaudio.

-Im pretty sure during the audio stories itís the same girls voice in all of them.

-all these stories are not exclusive and can be found elsewhere

-really only appealing to those who really enjoy erotic stories

- monthly access for 19.95 is really not worth it

-the audio stories seem a little to rehearsed
Bottom Line: -Lots of live video feeds which include college cuties, porn-o-rama, black and white, European sluts, cum guzzlers, chicks with dicks, tits ďnĒ ass, straight girls with curves, wet and wanton pussy, wanton some more, tight teen twat, hard smart, wanton nymphs, dementias dungeon, tongues for twats, European sluts, big and bold bulges, fetish and taboo. Also xxx images, 80ís foxes, avn award show, live xx show, voyeur cams, xxx pic databases, xxx movies, and live nude chat.

-MP3 stream works a lot better then the real audio when streaming. Overall its only worth joining if you are into porn stories, but if your semi interested then join the trial for pretty much all the content. Updates come often. There is no log but they seem to appear pretty much daily. Im just warning you though there is not much to download here except audio, no videos. So dont expect anything of that nature. The only porn you get is streams and live streams which are only decent at best. Also there are some fun little xx games here to.

08-13-07  08:28pm

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Visit Nadine Jansen

Nadine Jansen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Access to bettie b photo and clip archive
- Contains fetish's such as pregnant and lactation
-newest videos offered in HDV 848x480 pxl (DivX):
-updates every few days
-100ís of pic sets of her and other busty models.
-Pic sets are very clear and of good quality
-132 videos or clips as she calls them( average about 6 minutes long)
-Big Big breasted woman
-newer videos are very clear
Cons: -navigation is tricky
-Not much bonuses other then picture sets of other girls
-Does not speak English
-Most videos in only Quickitme or wmv format
-Older videos in compressed zip file which leads to a real player download( videos tend to froze on me)
-older videos not that good of quality
-no hardcore action such as boy/girl or sex
Bottom Line: -I found navigation a little confusing. As pics were broken up into a time frame. Also you had to scroll through movies because there were no links. You had to basically hit the scroll button and view thumbnails until you found something that looked appealing to you.

-All very big breasted women on this site. It highlights Nadineís 85 H boobs but there are many other girls for your viewing pleasure. You get to see nadine dress up in different outfits such as nurse, play tennis, hoolahoop, lactate her breast, get her tits rubbed by other big titted girls. 18 dollars isnt really that bad, there is alot more content then the other reviews on this site say. If you loved these foreign big breasted models this site is a gem.

08-12-07  11:16am

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Visit Nicole Nite

Nicole Nite

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Pic sets range from about 25 Ė 120 pics

-Shes cute young blond girl with perky decent size boobs. Very nice body, nice eyes, and overall very appealing.

-Image Size 800x600 or 1024x768. Very clear and fairly big.

-Her friends are hott

Cons: -no more updates or update log( says updates every Tuesday and saturday)


-Little content

-Diary, live chat, and message boards do not work

Videos only downloabale in wmv in both high and low quality. Both qualities are not good at all.
Bottom Line: -22:27 of video of her on the fuck machine called the thrill hammer. Pretty hott footage but the quality is not good at all but it viewable. She seems to really get off and there are some nice camera views of her, by the time she is done she is literally drippeing sweat off her body. Its 41.9 mb for the high quality im not sure about the low quality. If the best quality is low I really donít want to see the lowest. Its in wmv

-Also a 10 minute video of her fingering herself on her bed. The video is quiet and uneventful and is more just rubbing then masturbation. No orgasm or anything even close. High quality is 25 mb long and wmv format. However you can not fast forward on this video for some reason.

-Pictures are of her in all kinds of different outfits striping.

-There are 20 picture sets of her and 15 sets of other girls

-I would give a full out review if I could, but there is not enough on this site to do so. Its so small, its only on 3 pages. 19.99 is truly a rip off and it would be best of you to spend your money elsewhere. You should never pay for a site you can view and download everything in under an hour. Its got some nice picture quality and 1 good video and thatís about it.

08-07-07  09:53pm

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Visit Squirt Bukkake

Squirt Bukkake

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -lots and lots of squirts
-unique content
-can download in mpg, and wmv high and low. Mpg is 1300k, 400x300 and wmv is 1100k 448x33
- you actually get to see cytherea squirted on for a change
-access to 45 other sites with meat pass
-the girls being squirted on are attractive such as cytherea, ashley blue, Nikki Nievez, Crystal Heart, Linsay Lane, Julie Knight, and other porstars
-vid caps for every video
-simple navigation
Cons: -no full scene download
-there are no real orgasms, everythingís so fake
-the high res pics are not that good
-only 26 scenes
-updates only every 2 weeks sometimes even longer
-many of the squirtes are not attractive
-streaming videos look poor and load slow
Bottom Line: - the site started 12/07/2006 last update was 7/27/2007

-The videos contain a huge group of girls who like gang up on a girl or guy( usually girl) and start walking over them fingering themselves then squirting all over there face. They do it one by one till they all have a shot, some do it multiple times and the group cheers on each girl. Its very unique and I never seen anything like this. The reality of the squirt is very questionable. This stuff has to be fake, the girls like put there finger in thier cunt and like 2 seconds later, loads of clear liquid come shooting out. They make it seem so easy and there is rarely any build up to each squirt. Most people couldnít even pee as much as some squirt on here. My guess is each girl sticks a hose up her pussy, fill it up with water, and then when its time to go they squirt it out. Ive seen girls on here just rub there pussy lips and a big load comes out. Sometimes they even just show a girls pussy squirting cum without even showing them, and it jumps scenes. Its so phony.

08-05-07  10:47pm

Replies (1)
Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -updates every day
-814 of the hottest models you will ever see
-All of the pics are high , up to 3000 pixels
-Download pics in zip files
-Lots of interesting interviews and backstage videos
-shows future updates
-22.90 for a month is good priced
-lots of content
-Lots of video formats WMV high and low, Quicktime high and low, divx dvd quality, and ipod video.
-very clear and high quality videos
-great browsing options
-exclusive material
Cons: -To unnatural setups and to much posing
-Not an amateur feel
-Music playing during many videos
-Download limit
-way to much visual work in videos, with changing -colors, jumping scenes,
-slow server and downlaods
Bottom Line: -This really a photography site because there are hardly any videos compared to photos. The videos really are'nt good to me.

-mostly softcore videos which is dream sessions, dream flix, reel encore interviews, hd dreams, and flirt. But they do have an xtreme section now which has naughty videos, toy stori, faux jobs, and flixx. All of these are the more hardcore stuff such as masturbation with toys, and sex. But you dont get the real sexual feel as they jump around the videos to much and make it to glamorous and artsy.

-My fav models: 978 photos and 5 videos(2 interviews) of Aria Giovanni, and 999 photos and 6 vidoes of Carli Banks. Also if you like Kyla Cole you will like this site, there is more pics sets of her then anyone else on the site.

-If your a big photography fan join this site for sure, theres so many great photographers on this site. But if your here for the videos its not really worth joining because the videos are kind of boring. But overall its still a great site with practically every hot model of internet porn on here.

07-29-07  11:41am

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Visit Boobs Garden

Boobs Garden

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Videos streamable in quicktime
-Big Big busty polish girls
-access to Malina May, and Kora w
-frequent updates every 3 - 5 days
-pics downloadable in zip, great quality
-some light sensual lesbo scenes
-navigation is very easy
-Over 100 pics per set on average
Cons: -Only video download in mpg.
-18 girls
-just softcore content, no boy girl or hardcore
-only 74 videos
-videos broken up into 2 - 5 clips
-only 81 pic sets
-video quality is lacking
-really no talking to speak of
-very basic site deisgn
-a few of the girls are a little heavy
-kind of pricey
Bottom Line: - Models include: Sathenne Torro, Lea Ticica, Lana -Cant, Bianka, Aneta Buena, Canddie, Anabelle Maya, Carmen, Arabella, Bea Flora, Kora, Wanessa Lilio, Colette, Jastin , Extasi, Marysia, Ines Cudna, and Malina.

-Access to malina may website. She has 38 videos including many masturbation and lesbian videos. Doesnít seem like she gets off though in the videos. Every video is broken up into 4 clips about 2 minutes 30 seconds per, not good quality. Vids are .avi format. 37 pic sets, good looking pictures( 88 pics per set). You can also download these in zip format. Last update was 4 Ė 16 -2007. She is a young blonde with huge boobs and is good looking.

Access to Kora Kyrk . She has 28 videos ( 4 - 6clips) and 28 pic sets(over 100 per). Masturbation, lesbian, and light bondage play. In her videos (avi). She sticks a champagne bottle in her, masturbates with various vibrators, wears latex, works out naked at the gym, lesbian play with Molina, ines, and domina, wears stocking, lingerie and more. She is really big busted brunette and hot.Last update 1- 29- 2007.

-This site is pretty nice but not enough content yet. The extra sites are pretty nice even though they don't update anymore. If you like those foreign big busty ladies you will probably enojoy this site. However it is is kind of pricey.

07-26-07  10:35am

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Visit Deb's Deep Throat

Deb's Deep Throat

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -amateur content
-She deepthroats and does anal
-frequent updates, a few a week
-you can stream videos in quicktime, but very small though
-90 pic galleries (about 23 pics per) pics quality raises slightly with newer pics
-The guy shoots a load like a gun, it looks almost fake
-Sites been around since 1999
-gives you a link to where you can join mpeg's into a full video
Cons: - the lady on her preview page isnt even her!, its some lady name trish on her site
- preview page makes site seem better then actually is
- Deb is old ,unattractive, and wears glasses
- All videos around 10 minutes
- says access to 3 websites, what websites?
- almsot all videos are broken into many mpeg clips 5-13. Only the very newest videos are full scene
-Navigation and design isnt good at all
- picture and video quality is poor
Bottom Line: -I'm going to tell you what the site is like
On the side your navigation bar has videos, pictures, cams area, my stories, ksexradio, ppv, dvd store, featured girls, hometown hunniez, and bonus galleries

- The cams area gives you access to camz.com, there are 5 stories,ksexradio takes you to where you can listen to it live, ppv just takes you to some pay site, her store is 35 dollars a video for an hour, featured girls has 12 pic galleries of amateur girls, hometown hunniez gives you access to 24 good looking girls with about 4 pic sets and a video or 2. Bonus galleries is a place with 11 pic sets ( about 20 per).

-On the video page is deepthroat videos, handjobs, and anal sex
(4 videos under handjobs, 3 anal sex videos, and like 85 under deepthroat. Some of the videos donít even fit under deepthroat because they contain some sex, and dildos, and masturbation .)

-comes with 16 videos of this older lady trish (tour page), also 29 galleries of her.

-all videos after 3/21 are full scene

----This site is a con. I mean how many sites show you video and picture of another person. Deb doesn't even show herself of her tour page. Trish is on her website though, but its still weird. My pros on this website are still cons in a way. Site is really disorganized and you will realize very shortly after you join. I would stay away from this site, there is alot more you can do with 19.99.----

07-25-07  09:33pm

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -consistent updates once every 7 days
-171 girls and video(on 9 pages)(however maybe 2 or 3 girls show up more then once)
-hot girls with large breast, and no girl is overly large , most rather skinny
-good selection of hardy seen before foreign models(however there a few familiar faces)
-access to 3 other websites with bigasspass
-videos around 25 minutes long
-newer videos are good quality
-most models have around double d's
-fast streams
Cons: -the guy fucking the girl in msot the videos has an annoying mike tyson tattoo on his face
- photo only offered with newer sets, decent quality. about 52 sets offer photos. over 200.
-no full scene downloads. only 3 bigger clips(like 8 minutes) or many short clips (closer to 2 minutes)
-older videos lack quality compared to newer videos
-limited trial access
-the guy filming has bad accent
-bigger clips only downloadable in wmv, and smaller mpeg
-takes place in europe i believe
Bottom Line: - first video was on November 30, 1999 the updates were slow in the beginning.

-screen caps come with some of the videos

-most videos have a breast massage in the beggining, then the girl fingers herself for a lil, then blowjob, then sex and money shot usually on face.
However some videos vary. Some are approached then talked into fucking, obviously its a fake setup.

-This is the best of the 4 sites i believe in the bigasspass. It has the most videos and there big boobs, really really big natural boobs. But your also going to get big ass adventures which has very nice round female asses. Public Invasion with a very amateur feel, claims not to be staged, but no way is this goofy guy banging these hot chicks with that little of money and some small talk. The welickeachother hardly has any content but lesbians nonetheless.

-If you like really big natural tits you cant skip this site. Theres so much big boobs to choose from, from big c's to triple f's. The site is 23.95 for a month which isnt all that bad.'

07-25-07  08:12pm

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Visit Yanks.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - only 9.95 a month because of TBP dicount
-Frequent updates( small updates), a couple times a week
-Seems to be genuine female orgasms
-111 models
-260 videos
-374 pic sets
- exclusive content
-110 stories about girls and masturbation
Cons: -No extra websites come with it, not even yanksvideos website.
-Only 2 video formats quicktime and WMV, in both high and low . Video quality lacks, some fuzzy videos
-not enough good closeups or girls who cum milky wet
-No full scene video of everything such as interview and masturbation into 1 video.
-Models could be better looking
-pics are average at best
-only 48 extra pics, and 27 extra videos of poor quality
Bottom Line: -Seems like there are a lot of videos but really it isnít that much, every girl has a short interview which is a movie. Also some really short clips . Also some of the pic galleries are just sheets of papers where the girl answers questions about orgasms.

-A few lesbian videos , a few male help videos in which he uses a vibrator on the girl, and mostly solo masturbation.

-Comes with some free videos and pic sets from girlsandfingers, solonation, billiesbitches, masturbationpages, yanksvideos, whisperinglily, clubstroke, mr.skin, I Shot Myself, Beautiful Agony, I feel myself, Sologirls, The Female Orgasm, Masturbating porn stars, and squirt it. Usually about 4 full videos per site and 3 pic sets. Varies though. It also comes with some stream sites like cherry spot, swallow my net, jizz jugglers, and about 15 more. Very low quality though.

-There is a chat area and forum but thatís for free, you donít need to be a member to partake.

-The main reason I joined is for the 9.95 reduced price from $29.89. This site is definetly not worth 29.89 or 19.95 for that matter. But for 9.95 its worth joining. You get to see girls using toys and their fingers to get off, some orgasms are more intense then others. These girls are mostly amateur with only a few pornstars such as Nicole Brazzle, Taylor St.Claire, Sarah Blake, and maybe 2 more. But basically all the other girls I have never seen before on any other porn site.

07-24-07  10:26am

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Visit Dreamy Danica

Dreamy Danica

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -56 pic galleries/ exactly 5, 138 pics/ so 92 pics per set)

-Pics look nice, some high rez

-Extremely cute girl

- very young only 18- 19

-Comes with bashful Brittany, cute counrtney, adorable amber, perfect paz, model chix, destines dream and sweet serena.
Cons: -Clips only downloadable in real player
-Pics not downloadable in zip
-Small boobs
-only 22 clips (tennis , interview, whip cream, black top, and teasing) only about 1 minute 30 seconds long each. Some more some less.
-No hardcore. No nudity, but tease only
-A lil expensive for what u get. (19.95 for 39 days)
-no webcams or interaction with anyone
Bottom Line: -Bashful Brittany (braces) is not very cute and only has 4 shorts vids clips
-Cute Courtney( red head with freckles) is kins ugly and has 35 pic sets and 14 vid clips
-Adorable amber has 125 pic galleries and 4 short vids. Shes cute
-Model chix has 28 girls (lots of photo galleries with some video clips (mpg). Also there are some hot girls here)
-Destines dream merged with model chix site and she has 56 galleries and 9 vid clips. Very nice body average looks.
-Sweet Serena also merged with model chix 35 pic galleries and 4 short vid clips. Shes looks pretty good
-Perfect paz has 159 photo galleries and is very fit. No vid clips

-Overall decent content with everything you get, but itís all non nude, and no full videos or anything over 3 minutes. Its more a teenager picture site. Its ok but needs a lot more videos and work done with it.

07-18-07  12:01pm

Replies (1)
Visit Vivid


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -698 vivid movies
-Lot of hot porn stars
-64 models to be exact
-every model has a bio about her (short usually)
-only 9.97 a month with TBP discount
-updates a few times a week
-most videos have 3 formats of quicktime, wmv and real player either high or low quality
-Decent extra content
-photos look decent to good( soft core, and hardcore) but no zip download
-even the higher quality vids lack good quality
-some of the older videos only stream able in one format
-Its porn videos so lots of acting
-no amateurs
Bottom Line: (comes with)
-BEHIND THE SCENES OF VIVID VIDEOS for 100ís of videos (video formats vary)
-VIVID AMATEUR AUDITION VIDEOS for 25 videos only streamable in wmv and real.
-VIVID WEBCAST ARCHIVE VIDEOS 56 of them ( only wmv, and real)

- Also has "Take a piece of Vivid with you" Screensavers, Instant Message buddy icons, desktop wallpapers and more. Also Comes with games, virtual Jenna, ask Raquel, and virtual reality girls. Also vivid live cam shows, red hot red heads, Asian obsession, earl miller galleries, and mac and bumble galleries.

Comes with a place where to see what movies are going to be added soon. 37 coming soon as of now.

-Comes with girls such as Brianna Banks, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Chasey Lain, Sasha, Chloey Jones, Ginger Lynn, and Devon among many.

-Decent site but not having downloadable videos really hurts its grade. The site is only 10 bucks but its up to you if you can live with not downloading, but there are 1000's of dollars worth of vivid videos on this site. Every pornstar seems to have atleast 10 videos so you can watch your fav vivid stars in action.

07-17-07  02:29pm

Replies (3)
Visit TNV Girls

TNV Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - frequent updates every 2-3 days
- a few hd videos
- some very erotic content especially the fainting videos
-you can zip download pics, pics looks fairly good
-over 20 extra streaming cams and galleries( nothing to write home about)
- lots of content
- mostly good looking girls
Cons: - only 2 full length movies as of now. Supposedly it says more will come soon
-older videos in lots of clips
-almost all videos are in wmv video format, some avi
- site navigation is very difficult
-hardly any of the girls are big boobs. only one girl that i see with a d cup
-mostly all softcore even though there is some lesbian oral
Bottom Line: Video categories by girl, panties, nude, girl play, girl on girl, parties, fainting, long play, and special
-37 party videos , 58 long play videos ,38 by girl, 82 girl play videos , 154 girl-girl videos , 42 fainting videos , 73 panties vidoes, 8 nude videos, 2 special

-Pic categories by girl, panties, nude, girl play, girl on girl, panties

-The full videos are 403 mb and 652 mb long

-the upcoming pics and vid section is empty

-Lots of lesbian videos, a few solo, a few of a guy touching the girl which is during the fainting videos, and many other softcore vids and pics.

-The fainting videos are of a girl pretending to be passed out and a guy taking advantage of her by rubbing her body and touching and kissing her.

-site has lots of content and potential. Lots of young girls in erotic situations, and natural settings but the videos are all over the place with different clips it makes it very annoying and confusing. If they can fix that and put give every a video a full scene option and more download options this site will be Great!

07-16-07  12:04pm

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Visit Big Tit Patrol

Big Tit Patrol

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Comes with giant network "all reality pass" ( none of the videos are down loadable)
-some great threesome scenes
- you can stream videos in wmv high,medium, and low and also premium flash which is new and is very clear and big screened.
- Seems to be mostly all natural tits
- decent amount of content
- lots of pictures per set
- hot hardcore content
Cons: - limited trial access
- You cannot download any videos!!
- only newest videos has premium flash streaming
-picture quality lacks and not downloadable for zip
-Updates seem to come only once a month now
-digital stills only with newest scenes
- no amateurs
- 29.98 is way to high prices
Bottom Line: -59 exclusive videos from 5/25/2004

-over 85 bonus videos of none exclusive videos of big titted pornstars

-girls such as Carmella Bing, , Emily George, Brandy Talore, Alexia Milano, Whitney Stevens, April Blossom, Gianna Michaels, Avy Scott, Rita Faltoyano, Natasha Nice, etc.

-The scenes are hot they contain the girl stripping, playing with her tits, some oral sex, with many sexual positions. The cum shot is usually on the breast, sometimes a facial.

-This site charges 29.98 for videos you can not download ,even though you get the whole network with it. The videos are very nice, but for the price and what you get its ridiculous. I advise you to stay away from this site and its network atless you are into streaming videos.

07-12-07  11:11am

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Visit My Wife's Friends

My Wife's Friends

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Videos are 30 minutes long
- Plots arent overly cheesy
- Every video has wmv high and low, and mpg high and low (The high looks very nice)
- nice high res pics
- nice threesome scenes. MFF. ( there are 12 of them)
- every scene has vidcaps
- all hardcore content
- Access to meatmembers ( over 40 sites)
Cons: - high res pics for only 8 of the scenes
- only 30 scenes and videos
- No full scene download. They are Broken into 4- 11 clips
- Not Amateurs. All pornstars such as Trina Michaels, nikki blaze, taryn Thomas, harmony, jada fire, crissy cums, Brooke haven, and many more.
-Last update was Shy Love, Kelly Kline & Eric Hunter: Updated on 11/23/2006
- last clip or 2 usually is limited to mpg or wmv download.
Bottom Line: -The synopsis of the site is: "We're Richard and Kelly, a real life couple who love to swing and share their sexual adventures with men and women, I hope you like what you see and join us, whether you're a swinger or not, I'm sure you'll love what we had put in this site, a lot of blood, sweat and semen! ;)"
-Follow up: Basically his so called wife brings him these ladies for him to have sex with. These girls are obviously not swingers and are accomplished porn stars. However the plots are not overly corny and the oral sex and sex is very nice. The guy fucking the girls I have never seem before, he is a older skinny goofy looking dude.

-Overall the site does lack overall content, and does not update anymore. However you do get the whole meat members membership which includes over 40 sites with this one. So I will give the site a bonus 5 for that. But the site is a very average site, slightly below average really. No full scene download, no updates, not enough high quality pics. So I will give the site a 68, and with the 5 a 73.

07-10-07  10:01am

Replies (1)
Visit Every Site Access

Every Site Access

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - you get access to many sites

- overall theres plenty of content

- lots of British amateurs

- hardcore content

- nice blow job scenes
Cons: - no zip download for pics
- pics and videos lack quality
- no site is particularly good
- 24.95 is expensive for a low quality avs
- mostly of the videos are only downloadable in clips ( 15-25 of them)
-site design is bad
-clips only downloable in mpg, and full scene wmv
- you have to enter username and password every site.
-pic sets contain very small gallery
Bottom Line: -Access to simply demi, tranny party girls, british chubby, british doggers, hot and creamy, send your secretary, cum on my glasses, dirty videos online, dirty uk wives, and looners. Also amateur galleries n videos with loads and loads of content (site has no particular name).

Ill give you a little synopsis of a few sites
Hot n creamy - Only 18 full scene movies in wmv (They range from 30mb - 60mb), 45 videos that are only downloadable in clips , 83 pic sets , stream videos through quicktime, the whole site is facial blowjobs.

-Simply Demi is an older big busted British lady with 56 pic sets and 28 semi hardcore videos.

-dirty videos online has 20 long videos, but are only offered in clips. Some good threesome videos

-cum on my glasses has 36 pics, 36 vids, but only 7 full scene ones. Basically a girl wheres glasses she gives him a bj and hj and he cums on the glasses. The full scene videos actually look decent here, and are about 17 minuted long.

-Overall very disappointed with this avs. They need lots of work.

07-09-07  04:52pm

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -758 models as of today(personally counted)- June 30th 2007
-Lots of hot chicks
-Videos offered im WMV, .AVI, .MOV
-Frequent Updates including pix and video everyday
-Lots and lots of orgasms
-Lots of toys from fuckingmachines such as sybian
-Well over 15,000 videos and 200,000 pics
-Requests/ Feedback
-Outtakes, Video Casting, and wallpapers
-Great selection of niches
-pic sizes of small,medium, and large
-great selection of foreign model
Cons: -Full scene download only in Divx format
-No trial offer
-cant search by type of girl such as blonde, brunette, weight class,
-some of the stuff is not exclusive
-no future updates calendar
-video quality could be better for such a big great site. But its still clear.
-some of the older videos only downloadable in .avi and had no full scene
Bottom Line: - I like the fact there are 1, 2, 3 and 5 month subscriptions and a year for only 160
-None of those short movies, ther are all about 15 minutes
-updates everyday since January 2001
(site broken down there are 15 scenes per page)
- Beautiful babes 41 pages
- Brutally hardcore 19 pages
- Fucking Machines 9 pages
- Facial Blowjobs 6 pages
- Big Jugs 19 pages
- Lesbian Love 20 pages
- Teens 28 pages
- Foot Fetish 2 pages
-The Hardcore pix and videos update every Friday
-Cool option Request section Ė you Tell them which model you want to see and what you want to see her doing.
- There are some great natural tits on this website, not to many fake tits which is nice. Only a few a pornstars like Gianna.

-This site is one of the best I have ever encountered with so much content to choose from, you will definitely have fun. I have been a member for a month already and still donít even have 15 percent of the content on this site. Overall, anyway you look at its one of the best sites on the net, with loads upon loads of quality pics and videos. Great site!

06-30-07  04:41pm

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Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Pics are up to 1000x667, 2000x1334, 4000x2667. You can download in zip. Very Clear and sharp
-61 models in model index
-Consistent Updates: seem to be every 3- 14 days
-coming attractions so you know when the next video and pic set update is.
-all young models (18-28) mostly around 21. All of them are sexy
--Not expensive, TBP gives month access for only 19.95
-Beautiful videos in HD
-He doesnít shoot girls with fake tits
-A few squirters on this site.
Cons: - Only 53 video scenes as of now( not including clips)
-Most videos broken up into clips, but I guess its neccessary as they are sort of different scenes.
--everything opens in new window
-Ron Harris has an annoying laugh ;-)
-site design isnt that great
-no boy/girl sex
-wmv videos are the only worth downloading
Bottom Line: - The newest videos are 1,080 KBPS ,3,000 KBPS ,HDV 6-MBPS. The high definition videos on here are so clear, its mind blowing, way more clear then any hd video I ever seen.

-Almost Every model has a picture of there driver license which is pretty neat.

-Most of the movies have light music in the background, but its not a big deal. It doesn't really block any masturbation sounds or anything

-- extra website: ronharrisarchives which has lots and lots of beautiful pictures.

-Toothbrush vibrator is used a lot

--Carli Banks looks so young in the videos

-models such as Andie, Carli Banks, Jesse Capelli, and Sandra Shine are amazing. Almost half the videos are sexual lesbian videos. Download videos in wmv and quicktime and ipod.

-This site is similar to Ftv girls, but does not even compare content wise. There isnít enough content on this site. But the videos are better then ftv girls. The things the girls do are similar to ftv girls, and is all about the beauty of the model. There are nice wet orgasms to be found, with great download speed. The Videos are good length, and there are over 250 high quality pic galleries. This site shows why Ron Harris is a Brilliant photographer and video director. Check this site out, you wont be disappointed.

06-27-07  01:33pm

Replies (5)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots and lots of nice content to various sites
- Lots of different niches including milfs, amateur, reality, latina, anal, and asians.
-good mix of pornstars and amateurs( mostly pornstars)
-good looking models
-new format is very nice with many downlaod options(normal, high, dvd, mpeg, apple, ipod)
- new pics are great quality for downloading
-overall many updates a week
-24.95 is pretty good for what you get
Cons: -All websites are setup the same way
-download speed could be better
-some sites really donít update much
-sites eventually get repetitive
-some of the pornstars act to much
-limited trial access about 1-2 movies a site
-some of the older stuff has some fuzzy quality.
-Some better navigation options would be better
-have to sign in to every site
Bottom Line: Some information of smaller less known sites on avs:
Seduced by a cougar: Older woman being agreesive toward younger guys. 31 update. Usually 1 update a week. Sometimes 2. starterd november 06, 2007. Took the new awesome format of Naughty America on (04-03-07) . Models like Lisa sparxxx simone riley
-Neighbor affair has approx 60 scenes. Which includes carmella bing, daisy, jenaveve. All porn stars on this site. 13 videos and counting in dvd quality
-Fast time at Nau has aprox 89 scenes. College girl theme
-American Daydreams has 65 scenes and updates about every 2 weeks. Some cool ssenes as the girls play all different occupations to fulfill your fantasty.
- ass masterpiece has 87 videos. First video is flower tuccci . Older movies only Full Movie 56k - 512k - MPEG WMV Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5 MPEG Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5. older pics stink in quality.last update is 04-17-07
-Diary of a milf has 81 scenes.Weekely updates.Older videos only downloable in wmv and mpeg.No dvd quality movies untril 04-06-07 and has lots of models I never seen before, possibly amateur.
- This avs has it all and almost every plot you could think of. This sight really tries hard to improve and takes good care of its members.

06-26-07  10:07pm

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Visit Just Sluts

Just Sluts

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -High bandwith movies look nice
-High bandwith movies are about 350 Ė 500 mb
-all hardcore content
-download speed is pretty good usually over 150kbs
-I never seen any of these girls before, possibly amateurs. They are fairly attractive sluts.
- Full movies between 30-50 minutes long.
- Includes 1 minute clips
-You can stream or download
Cons: -Uses crappy billing service 365BILL
-Cheap trial cost, but access to only a few videos , I think 3 or 4 videos
-Expensive for what you get
-Videos only downloable in mpg high or low bandwith.
- only 15 scenes with no updates or update log
- There is extra content, but it sticks
-About 50 pics per scene. The pics are nothing to write home about
Bottom Line: -Extra: About 120 porn videos no full scene download. 7 clips about 5 minutes long in mpg. So its not the entire movie but a good portion. Videos are mostly older porn videos and the quality of the videos are just plain bad and fuzzy.
-Access to 15 Sites like boat bangers, gangbangs xxx, she likes it big, wifebangers xxx, just facials xxx, backseat suck and fuck, desperate teens xxx, etcÖ You know those small sites that come with many other sites you probably joined.
-Big sex image archive of sluts, but picture quality lacks

-There are many different option tos join, month, 3 month, 6 month, but this site does not update so its pointless. The one month subscription is 29.95 which is way to expensive for this lackluster site.

-I would stay away from this site. The only thing it has going for it is the nice video quality, but there are only 15 videos worth downloading. There are no more updates and there isnít much content to work with.

06-26-07  09:03pm

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