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Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: The girls of very many lovely healthy teens.

Many big photographs and many HD movies.

Great originality !!
Cons: An imperfect search service.
Models with two or more names.
Movies with two names.
A complicated kind of photographs.
All the names of ZIP are the same.
Login for which I am asked repeatedly.
Bottom Line: The site which I love most.
Lovely couples' wonderful photographs.
I wrote the review of this site several years ago.
The site improved greatly.
Having a lot of movies, a lot of photographs had ZIP.
It is wonderful. Their photographs and movies became my treasure.
My favorite Pascalle C (seventeenspecial 671)
Special wonderful power of this site.
Such a lovely couple's photographs are not seen at other sites.
The photographs of her kiss are very lovely.
I love sweethearts' kiss photographs.
The kiss photographs which this site has are wonderful.
It is difficult to look for it at other sites and others.
Annabella(seventeenspecial 397)
Jenny N(winterspecial 18)(seventeenspecial 660)
Bella E(seventeenspecial 646,629,598)
Klaris(seventeenspecial 380)
Their photographs are my treasures similarly. These girls' movies as well as photographs are wonderful.
Since I desire such photographs and movies, I become a member of this site.

I want this site to continue forever.

10-24-13  09:58am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Movie and photograph of surprising number.

Lovely amateur women in various countries.

Women who have not seen on other sites.

Very detailed retrieval function.
Cons: The photograph of the model retrieval is small.

Because the photograph is small when the old film is downloaded, it is not easy to distinguish.
Bottom Line: Very wonderful site. I was able to enjoy it very much.
It did not become a member though I had known this site since before.
The reason is that the page of the tour was not attractive. And, TBP displays this site as Amateur Girls and Soft Content.
However, they are mistakes. There are a very wonderful quite a lot of hardcore movies and hardcore photographs.

This site looks like Karup 's PC.
I thought that it was a good site, and graded Karup 's PC. However, this site is more wonderful.

In this site, there are works of photographers of a lot of different individuality.
The work can be retrieved to each photographer on this site. It is very kind.
My favorite work is immediately searchable from among a huge movie and the photograph. After having seen some works first, I was able to obtain the treasure at once.
Sites of other ATK also have this retrieval function. It is very convenient.

The most favorite photographer in this site of me is Mr. J Ant.
The setting of his work is lover's sex.
As for it, it is lovely, gentle, and very erotic. Especially, the wonderful one is his photograph.
For me, the most favorite photograph in all photographs that have been seen up to now is photographs of him on this site.
The photograph of the kiss is wonderful highest.
I want to show his photograph to a terrorist all over the world. They will throw away the bomb and the rifle at once, and return in their lover.

It apologizes for my extreme joke.

A lot of other wonderful photographers exist.

I recommend this site to the fan of Karup 's PC. It recommends it to the person who likes photograph very much.

I regularly become a member on this site.

I wish to express my gratitude to people who are related to this site.

07-04-10  10:28am

Replies (0)
Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good price.
A lot of women of young Caucasian are there, and there are some middle-aged women, too.
And, there are a black, Latin, and Asian, too.
Video and photograph where a lot of amateur couples were taken.
The angle and the recording of the lighting technique and their taking a picture are good.
Comprehensible, quick search function.
As for the download of the video, a high-resolution and a low image quality can be selected.
Those unique points are things that have divided into Introduction, Main, Facial, and Aftermath.
Some bonus contents.
Cons: The photograph of the search function is small though it is not a major problem.
Bottom Line: I am writing these sentences with a translation software.
Please forgive me when there are a sentence not understood easily and a wrong sentence.

First of all, I came to like this site very much.
A lot of couples are enjoying sex.
I thought that I looked like the B/G video of my favorite Little Mutt a little.
It seems that it is a video shooting by the professional.
I hate only genitals to be shown at long time.
Velvet Ecstasy doesn't do it.
They show me the changing expressions of externals and women from whom women shake oneself by pleasure.
Of course, genitals also show it.
They are very good balances.

I love externals where the couple who relaxed enjoys sex to be seen.
Exactly, this site is it.

11-03-09  10:31pm

Replies (0)
Visit Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The price competitive at TBP discount.
A total of four sites can be enjoyed.
A beautiful photograph, a beautiful movie, and both are abundant.
Polite production.
Cons: A photograph does not have ZIP.
There are many models of the breast of imitation.
A search service is not perfect.
Bottom Line: Four sites containing Nuru Massage have the movies and photographs which were made carefully based on each theme.
Since there is a basic theme in each site, the story is mostly alike.
They devise and are making movies carefully.
I enjoyed them very much.

India Summer is appearing on some movies.
It is very better than her movie which I saw.
The movie on which she plays a teacher.
It is especially wonderful.
I became her fan.
Destiny Jaymes is also the same.
Her movie of this site is beautiful.
This site has many movies good for others.
They also have good photographs.
The photograph of the woman who joins a man's hands and goes to a bathroom.
It is very pretty.
I love it.
The photograph of kiss is also good.
Since I was pleased with them, I decided to become a member.

The earnest attitude was felt for this site.
The attitude in which its best is done.
It is very good.
I will certainly be the repetition member.

10-17-13  10:20am

Replies (1)
Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Video of beautiful image.

Sex video of amateur who is relaxing.

Comfortable download system.

Openhearted member forum.
Cons: Boy and girl's videos' updates are few.
Bottom Line: This is a review that I write for the first time. Please forgive me when there are sentences not understood easily and impolite sentences.
I like sex video of the boy who is anywhere with the girl with natural body.
I want you to show sex that they have the geniality and the sense of well-being.
In this site, it is.
There are some wonderful videos.

I contracted this site and the 2nd.
I will regularly contract.

09-28-09  09:02am

Replies (0)
Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Really a lot of photographs and movies.

A recent movie and the photograph are big sizes.

Various content that equals network site.

Lovely women in various countries.

The woman who has the chest of the imitation is few.
Cons: Photographs of the same title.

Some errors.
Bottom Line: It is a site with very various content.
There are a movie and a photograph that two or more photographers made from each individuality. It is possible to enjoy it like the network site. I chiefly enjoyed the movie and the photograph of B/G.
Contents of a lot of movies and a lot of photographs are various like the thing etc. of the thing of the Club Seventeen style, the thing of the Only Cuties style, and the Nubiles style. It is very happy.

I think everyone for me to be able to find the liked thing from among movies all.

This is a subjective opinion. There are two men with a bad feeling to perform to Karup 's Hometown Amateurs a lot, too. There is no dissatisfaction because their movies are fewer than Karup 's Hometown Amateurs though they are on this site, too.

There is a dissatisfied point about the photograph.
There are a lot of photographs of the same title. When they are downloaded at the same time, it is stored in the file as which two or more women's photographs are the same. Inconvenience. Unkindness.
Reality Kings has very a lot of photographs. They are putting a different title on all photographs. Convenience. Kindness.

The size in some larger photographs cannot be downloaded. They that is smaller can be downloaded. Maintenance shortage.

I like this site very much as the overall opinion. I think that I like this site if you like ATK Galleria.

I will regularly become a member on this site in the future.

07-04-10  08:25am

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Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Photograph and video that took a lot of amateur girls.

There are lovely girls of various races there.

There are slim girls, a little plump girls, and various girls.

It is easy to use the retrieval function.
Cons: Some actors are not passionate.

There are girls with the breast of the imitation though it is a little.
Bottom Line: I read the review to which BabyGetReal whom I held in high esteem had written this site.
And, I contracted the member of three months of this site at once.
I thought that I had done a good selection.
In this site, there are a lot of healthy, lovely girls.
I love sites where girls in Russia and Europe exist. However, many of girls there are too thin.
There are a lot of amateur girls with healthy body of this site, and it is very good.

Sativa is very wonderful though BabyGetReal also is writing in the review.
It is the highest one in all movies that I downloaded.

The photograph of Elle, Autumn, Cameron, and Jacey, etc. is very good. However, the small size because of the movie it a little before is regrettable.

I like past works a little better than latest movie on this site. Two actors who frequently perform to a recent movie do not like it. It is a hair thin, fat man, and it is a thin middle-aged man. I think that appointing a passionate, a little more young actor is good the person. I think that it is good also for girls.

Please forgive writing my subjectivity a little.

The movie on this site has B/G, G/G, and the masturbation.
I can enjoy the B/G movie, and am satisfied.
If, if it likes masturbation movie, you will be able to enjoy this site more.
The G/G movie is not especially recommended.

This is sentences written with a translation software. Please forgive the place not understood easily.

12-15-09  09:35am

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Visit ATK Archives

ATK Archives

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Very very a lot of photographs and a lot of movies.

Amateur women who have not seen on other sites.

Women in various countries.

Convenient retrieval function.
Cons: There are a lot of small size movies.

There is no discount even if becoming a member on the site in the same company.
However, it proposes some trails.
Bottom Line: I like this site.
A lot of healthy photographs of amateur women are very wonderful.
It is natural or this site looks like ATK Galleria.
There are a lot of works of wonderful photographers as well as ATK Galleria.

A convenient retrieval function is the same.
Many of movies on this site are small.
However, the photograph is wonderful. The amount and the quality are good.

I enjoyed this site very much as well as ATK Galleria.
I recommend the inexperienced person to see ATK Galleria first.
It wants to enjoy it enough, and to recommend it to the person who likes the photograph by all means.

As for me, the member of ATK Galleria became before it became a member on this site. And, it is a member of ATK Exotics now.
Meanwhile, they proposed the trail of ATK Natural & Hairy and ATK Premium to me.
I enjoyed it very much on the site where both were good.
However, I wanted them to propose subscribing for one month of a little discount.
I think this to be different by the person.
When the subscription can be chosen for one month of a trail or a little discount, it is very glad.

Club Seventeen and Reality Kings propose the extended contract in a very good condition to me. It is glad.
Recently, the proposal that the company that made this site gave me is to subscribe to all sites for one month for about 90 dollars. It is not so glad. I did not contract.

Perhaps, I think that I become a member on this site again.

07-07-10  10:10am

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Visit Teen Burg

Teen Burg

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: There are a lot of sex videos like the lover.

One model has gone out to some videos.

There is a girl who did not see on other sites.
Cons: The speed of download is a little slow.

There are a lot of advertisements in member's page.

The photograph cannot be downloaded.
Bottom Line: Almost all are videos of sex like the lover.
The majority of the girl have what seen on other sites, and have some girls whom I do not know either.
There is a feature of the video depending on the produced time.
My favorite video was produced in the first half of 2009 in 2008.
The video by which Viktoria makes love in the bathroom is my loved video.
She and the boy are relaxing very much.
She does a lot of kisses to the boy.
Vicktoria caressed by the boy looks very happy.
Klara is a girl also in other sites who often sees.
It is very lovely that she kisses the boy.
I like this site.
It doesn't recommend it to the person who likes macro photography of genitals and video of anal sex.

09-28-09  10:49am

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Visit Teenamite


Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Women with natural body.

Big size movie.

Sharp photograph.

Natural sex like lover.
Cons: There are not a lot of works now.
Bottom Line: I am a fan of Teen Burg.
Because the same company is producing, this site looks like. However, there are not a lot of numbers of works of these sites compared with Teen Burg. Because it is a new site, it is natural. I became a member on this site however because there is a very lovely girl.
She is Adela. She has the movie also in MY Sexy Kittens and ATK Natural & Hariy. However, she in the movie on this site is lovelier than the movie on other sites. She kisses a man named Kristof in kitchen. She makes the stain of the cunt juice in the panty. It can be seen in the photograph.
I thought that photographers were having her relax. It is wonderful. I saw a lot of movies of excessive production on other tedious sites in the past. I do not want to see them any longer. There are her four movies. I like all. There is a scene to which she recollects past sex in the movie. I think that it is an edit of elaborate. I had good feeling.
Additionally, Izabella is lovely.
Her sex is intense. However, it is not unnatural. It is very good.

It is recommended to become the member before it becomes a member on this site if you are not a member of Teen Burg.
If you like Teen Burg, and girls on this site like it, this site is recommended.

07-03-10  10:01am

Replies (3)
Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Video and photograph in which it took a picture of a lot of amateur women

Search engine with a lot of choices

Update at nearly every day

The overall lovely design

Openhearted forum space
Cons: There are a lot of photographs and videos that do not contain sex.

The video of B/G is not an enough number.

Divided video
Bottom Line: I like G/G video. I love B/G than them.
The B/G video of the amount for which I hope doesn't exist here.
However, I should have expected it because I saw the tour and the review.

In this site, there are women who did a lot of Pierce.
And, there are women who did a lot of tattoos.
I do not like it.
I did not download videos of women who did Pierce to genitals and women who had done a lot of Pierce to her face.

I came to like Kim's B/G video a little.
The Kim is a really usual amateur woman.
She sits on the motorcycle, and is caressed by a man.
She seems to want a man to kiss.
And, she says to a man, "Kiss me".
She is lovely.
It was able to be seen in not only the video but also the photograph.

The G/G video of Page and Rochelle is hot.
Page is very sensitive.
She shakes oneself twitching only by a little being touched.
Her orgasm can be seen.
It is regrettable that there is only one kind of G/G video of her.

I was a member of G/G in abbywinters before.
I think that it is a good site.
I think that becoming a member on this site after you enjoy abbywinters is a good idea.

10-08-09  03:57am

Replies (2)
Visit Casual Teen Sex

Casual Teen Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Women with lovely young, natural body.

Natural style sex of young man and woman.

There is a woman who is not on the register in other sites though it is a little number of people.
Cons: The camera work of the greater part of videos is monotonous.

The video doesn't have the thumbnail.

Few updates.

A lot of advertisements on member page.

The search function is almost meaningless.

I think that the price is a little high.
Teen Mega World owns a large amount of video. They cut the price to $19.95.
Bottom Line: I think this to be an amateur site of the average score.
The majority of women on this site can be seen even on other sites.
They are sites such as Teen Mega World and teenburg.
Women make love with the boyfriend on the bed and the sofa.
It is recorded with one video camera.
The video camera doesn't extremely approach the man and woman.
It might be consideration possibly to make women relax.
I hate videos that show only genitals at long time.
Because it doesn't exist in the video of this site, I like this site.
I write a favorite video.
“Insolence is second happiness”
The woman is long black hair, and the slim.
She is not doing the tattoo.
She is not doing Pierce to the tongue and the body. I like her.
A man touches her body in the state of putting on clothes.
She is pleased, gets excited, and shakes her hips slowly.
She enjoys sex after clothes are taken off, and is absorbed.
She doesn't consider the camera.
“Quick Sex In A DVD Store
Clerk's blond woman makes love to the guest in the shop.
I saw the trailer of this video, and joined this site.
The woman who sat in the counter is done and cunnilinctus is done by a man.
She at that time is very sensual, and I like it.
It is not a special beautiful woman, and her style is also usual. However, I like her.
In this site, some good videos exist besides the above-mentioned.
This site looks like well for other sites of Meniss Limited that produces this.
They are Young Libertines, and Teeny Lovers.
The person who likes them very much thinks that it comes to like this site. I like it a little.
However, there are not a lot of numbers of videos yet.
You should see the trailer, and see whether there are a favorite type of women.

11-23-09  10:27am

Replies (0)
Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Healthy, lovely girls.

A lot of girls.

Beautiful, large photograph.

A lot of photographs.
Cons: The price is high.

There is no zip the greater part of photographs.

Layout and retrieval function not understood easily.
Bottom Line: There is a good work in this site.
Girls are healthy and lovely. They are not too thin.
The boobs girl of the imitation is very few.
The photograph is rich in variety, and good.
I wanted more B/G photographs. Moreover, it is a little regrettable that the photograph that exists in one episode is not a large amount of.
I cannot satisfy a lot of photographs of certain without zip.

The movie can obtain only a part of Seventeen video.
As for this, information on TBP is wrong.
The number of DVD that can be completely obtained is 18.
Additionally, a few scenes from among one DVD. However, there is something that ends the scene on the way. Unkindness.
I like B/G movie, a lot of masturbations and G/G movies are dissatisfied.
In the B/G movie, there are a lot of good works.
Teeny hot spots 9, Spicy teens 4, and Sporty teens 4, etc.

I like photograph and movie on this site.
However, a lot of other problems are on this site. It is regrettable.
DL method, retrieval function, and layout, etc.
I hope for them to reform those problems, and to make the price cheap only a little.
I think that more people come to love this site.

01-23-10  02:39am

Replies (5)
Visit Reality Gang

Reality Gang

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: If anything, it is cheap.

The woman has teen, milf, and mature.

The video can be selected from among the streaming, the division download, and the batch download.
Cons: The ebony woman and the latina woman are few.

A lot of scenes that project only man's face in the video exist.

Directors other than a man and the woman are annoying in the video.

There are some women who have the breast of an eerie imitation.

Excess advertisement.
Bottom Line: There are a lot of lovely Caucasian women.
I came to like some amateur women.
They are absorbed in sex.
However, how to make the video was different from my favor.
As for an opening interview of the video, I want you to do fewer.
The director who keeps speaking annoyingly is unnecessary in the middle of sex.
I do not stop you contracting if there are a lot of women of your person taste on the tour page.
I positively like Reality Kings of the same price more.

10-22-09  09:41am

Replies (0)

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