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Visit Young Porn

Young Porn
Reply of dracken's Comment from Marcus:

Good to know - thank you.

If a trial isn't an accurate representation of the site, then to me that site isn't worth joining, especially if it sends you on a wild goose chase through various portals and networks (which I always HATE).

At least finding this out only cost you a few dollars, though, and not a full membership.

06-04-12  04:36am

Visit VideosZ

Reply of dracken's Review from lk2fireone:

You write "It's always hard to review a mega site like this one", but this is, as usual, an excellent review, with lots of details and opinions.

06-03-12  02:35pm

Visit Nylons X

Nylons X
REPLY TO #1 from lk2fireone: (dracken's Reply)

As you already know, the Teen Mega World network (Royal Cash) keep adding new sites to attract more members. While they don't update many of their older sites. This site was started in February of this year, and it's already stopped updating.

The preview pages of Nylons X show many airbrushed photos. But that is just to make the preview more attractive. The videos and photosets inside the site are not airbrushed. The photos are the standard screenshots of the video shoots, and have little erotic or artistic content, unlike what you will find at metart or mpl studios.

And the videos are of lesser quality than what you will see at many of the other Royal Cash sites.

The theme/gimmick for the site is girls wearing nylons or pantyhose. So they dress the models in nylons. But no real effort is made to emphasize the sexy aspect of lingerie. There is no striptease in the act, little effort to make undressing sexy or erotic. It's more like teen girls, who happen to be wearing nylons, getting fucked in the standard Royal Cash manner.

I doubt the site will appeal to people who want to see striptease, lingerie, or eroticism. The site is the standard bread and butter sex you see at most of the Royal Cash network. And the site is small, only 25 videos, and it's already stopped updating.

So if you are a member of the network, it's worth checking the site out to see if you can find anything interesting. But don't expect a lot. There are other sites in the network with better videos.

06-03-12  01:55pm

Visit Dancerbating

REPLY TO #1 from BabyGetReal: (dracken's Reply)

Hi, dracken. The videos appear to me to be high resolution -- very crisp. Also generally the lighting is fine, and the videography seems good -- that is, no extreme closeups -- mostly views of whole body. In fact, sometimes they could zoom in a little more.

05-29-12  03:58pm

Visit Mom Loves Mom

Mom Loves Mom
REPLY TO #9 from messmer: (dracken's Reply)

Hi Dracken, I too have the highest regard for Epoch because they are very trustworthy and honest in my opinion. I have never had a problem when it came to a charge or cancellation. As to their support, just for the fun of it I wrote another email to them the other day and they responded quickly.

I was less than pleased with their answer though. All that support mentioned was that I should have tried their on-line help first, ignoring the fact that I had done exactly that and had told Epoch so in my email to them. I told him/her: never mind following up any further in connection with this site (or sites owned by this company), I don't care if I ever use it (them) again. And that I only asked from idle curiosity why I was banned, but if it was too much trouble to dig into the reason why, to forget about it.

Your advice re. passwords is appreciated. I have been getting a bit careless and will follow it! Thanks.

05-28-12  07:29pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from BadMrFrosty: (dracken's Reply)

If all you want to do is browse the internet and watch movies you could get a competent tablet for less than $100 :)

05-21-12  02:25am

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
REPLY TO #3 from pat362: (dracken's Reply)

Thanks for the info. I'll be able to spread the good news.

05-20-12  12:19pm

Visit Try Teens

Try Teens
Reply of dracken's Review from joekramer08:

I actually liked the "formulaic" nature of the videos. They choose sexual positions and camera angles that are best for showing off the girl's body. So I don't mind that it's repetitive, because I know that for each girl I'm going to get some excellent full-body angles of her that really show off her figure.

I also like the "static" camera work. For me there's nothing worse than when a girl is stripping and the camera man zooms in really close on just her face, or just on her ass. I can't appreciate a girl's figure when the camera is two inches from her butt cheeks and is looking up at her. There is a benefit to just having the camera sit still for a while so you can take in a girl's body. Most sites spend so much time zooming in on ass cracks that by the end of the scene I could barely even tell you what the girl looks like other than her ass crack. In scenes from other producers I often feel like the camera man is on crack and has A.D.D., like he can't sit still and let the camera linger for a bit. When I watch porn, I want to see a lot of long shots to get a feel for the girl's entire figure. Anyway, to each his own...but some of things you considered negatives are actually positives for me.

05-18-12  04:09pm

Visit abbywinters

Reply of dracken's Review from elephant:

Yeah very informative review, well done Draken

Personally the site isn't for me, I found it was just a little too natural for me and many models I just wasn't interested in seeing naked, but that said I did find a few real gems in there that are real cuties, it if had more cuties I'd probably re-join more.

05-05-12  06:11am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of dracken's Review from Ergo Proxy:

I liked your review because you address many points I would have mentioned too and the final score seems fair. Have you ever considered to look at "I feel myself"? Personally I didn't like it much but in your case if you don't mind they have mostly solo scenes they do have decent video quality and usually the pacing is faster.

05-03-12  10:05am

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of dracken's Review from Cybertoad:

Very near perfect review, so much so I may be joining, have not yet and was one I have thought about , Great Job

05-01-12  12:34pm

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of dracken's Review from elephant:

Great review man with lots of details and insights into the site. Its one of those sites that I love and will always visit to see their new releases. I'm still waiting for a Timo video though with Dulce in before I return to join.

05-01-12  05:07am

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of dracken's Review from Micha:

This is a great review Dracken
After reading your very thorough review, I almost don't need to go there, but I'm there already, a month now, and the content doesn't seem to be running out. I have no interest in anal,gangbang,tranny or bukake of which there is plenty, but there are tons of content that I love. I like teen hard bellies an much as the next guy but this site has given me a whole new appreciation for milfs and matures.
The parodies are fun and the the copious quantities of 4 or 5 film niches ( mothers teaching daughters, step daughters, step dads,mothers in law,boffing and cougars) will keep me interested for quite some time. Ninety is not a number I will award freely, but I have to agree with you on this one.

01-09-12  02:53pm

Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls
Reply of dracken's Comment from devmsr:

hey dracken, i respect the hell outta you..really i do..but damn, how can you be so high on bcc lately...there havent been updates but every 2 to 3 weeks as of late..and before the last 2 hotties...many of the members were bitching about the substandard girls as of late...

you do get ECG by joining BCC...its 10 bucks more than if going thru ECC


i just dont see this relationship lasting with bcc and all of its inconsistencies ...just my opinion..

12-25-11  01:11am

Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch
Reply of dracken's Comment from devmsr:

ive been a member for a few years now...the chicks are average at best..i have to disagree with dracken there..and not sure if or how bcc is linked to the new castingxxx site (they link to it thru bcc)..but that sites' chicks blow bcc's out of the water...hands down, no comparison..period!

however, there are some funny things like he mentioned..

the latest update is with a prego, which actually is pretty good...

i will say however...as of the last 3 months..updates HAVE NOT BEEN COMING...i think there have only been 3 updates in 3 months or something like that...

rick wont reply to your comments..and they ban you when you ask wtf is going on..

this will be my last month of membership...unfortunately..because i love this kind of niche...just not worth the $24 bucks with such inconsistency..

hey dracken..you said youve been a member of the site on and off for a year...then say this is at the top of your list of must join...huh?? lol

12-25-11  12:56am

Visit Need A Pee

Need A Pee
Reply of dracken's Review from BrockLion:

The site has recently added a "request" feature for the videos. You click onthe video and get a page that has you enter your email and a couple other things for authentication. Your request goes off the the site admin and sometime in the next four days you get a link to the video so that you can download it. The video you get has a watermark in the middle of the screen with your username. Presumably this is so that you can't post the video elsewhere. I understand the desire to protect intellectual protperty but the process is tedious enough and new postings infrequent enough that I will not renew.

New downloads currently average one every to two or three weeks.

12-09-11  06:17am

Visit Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear
Reply of dracken's Review from mbaya:

I find it interesting that you mentioned some bizarre scene cuts. I have been a member of similar sites and find that how they shoot the scenes kills the eroticism. The scenes jump around in their focus so much that it is hard to get into the action.

12-03-11  04:26am

Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica
Reply of dracken's Comment from littlejoe:

i just resubbed and dont remember there being almost no oral in the videos. very disappointed

11-27-11  03:20pm

Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls
Reply of dracken's Comment from slutty:

Nice to know dracken, certainly a site that should have been a bonus a while ago!

11-20-11  11:02pm

Visit Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear
Reply of dracken's Review from gaypornolover:

Was always curious about this site so it was fun to read your reivew. I cannot believe some of the male actors keep the bear head on the whole time - bizarre!

11-20-11  05:34pm

Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn
REPLY TO #5 from elephant: (dracken's Reply)

To be honest Dracken I don't know if the email was ever seen as I never got a reply I just checked later in the day and I then had network access so maybe it was automatically.

11-20-11  12:42am

Visit Nubiles.net

REPLY TO #3 from Nubiles Captain: (dracken's Reply)

I think I am having a little difficulty understanding what you are saying and I apologize for that.

For the preview of the scenes we have that on the regular profile page. You put your mouse over the Part 1, Part 2 etc. All the videos are on the one page. This is the old page.

On the new video watch page with the big video flash player, you can hit expand screenshots and see them. Also on that page is categories and tags to jump to related content.

That is our new video page, I am not sure if that is what you mean by new slim video page. I think you might mean just the regular page that shows the most recent videos. On that page I think it would be very cluttered if we had all the downloads there as we have 6 different options per video. I think we could do a rollover option though to show the screencaps of the move so you can see what happens in the move. I think you mean the page that looks like this

11-17-11  01:32pm

Visit Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear
Reply of dracken's Review from exotics4me:

So the videos are now downloadable? I could have just read that wrong since I'm not that technologically advanced, but I wouldn't think someone would stream a video on ipod.

One other question, at the end you said this site is a bonus with Bang Bros. Did they merge them? I was on Bang Bros a few months ago and didn't notice Dancing Bear included in the membership.

And though I haven't been a member, I know there is one ad of a very cute, maybe bi-racial, maybe Latina girl getting a facial that has almost made me join the site just for that scene! Good review.

11-14-11  06:27pm

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #6 from littlejoe: (dracken's Reply)

300-500 kb/s

11-12-11  01:28pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
REPLY TO #3 from atrapat: (dracken's Reply)

There must be some way to make it less intrusive. It's much more annoying than the ads on the site. Big watermarks are often distracting and this feels like having big moving watermarks all over the place so, for me, it's hard to ignore them and focus on the scene.

I don't know if the performers get paid extra for wearing those ads but it obviously puts some money on the company's pockets to hire more (and more expensive) talent.

11-12-11  02:57am

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