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N/A REPLY TO #7 from turboshaft: (slutty's Reply)

I guess that depends on who is going to be upside down in that partnership--gravity's usually somebody's enemy in most of the crazier positions. :-)

02-04-14  08:09am

Visit Czech AV

Czech AV
Reply of slutty's Review from jook:

Thank you for the review. As a result, I joined and I really like this site, for the most part. I feel very guilty though. There are some really creepy videos on here, especially if they're for, uh, real. Like anonymously spying on wimmin type videos encompass a large share of the videos. Is it for real?

12-25-13  11:46am

Visit X-Art

REPLY TO #4 from pat362: (slutty's Reply)

I suspect that you are correct and the policy is targeted at site rippers and again it's the honest people that pay the price for little douchebags.

The change at Kink are probably in the last twelve months or so. I used to remember being able to queue at least 4 or 5 videos but now I can usually queue at least 3 or so. That's not to say that I can't put more than 3 in my download manager but only the first two will actually download and I seem to remember having to go back and restart the others so why bother putting them in the manager.

11-03-13  06:03am

Visit X-Art

REPLY TO #2 from pat362: (slutty's Reply)

Is it possible that their new setup is in large part because of the OP comments regarding queuing 30 videos. Sorry but that is a lot of videos on one queue. I agree with you that limiting members to only two queued videos is small and hopefully they will fix that but I'm a regular member of a couple of Kinks sites and I can usually queue about only 2-3 videos.

11-02-13  07:54am

Visit Cash For Sex Tape

Cash For Sex Tape
Reply of slutty's Comment from Serious Partner:

I totally agree with you, and we are doing our best to get more interesting scenes from our couples. The thing is they are real, amateur, so it's very difficult to make them film professionally. We usually cut out long scenes, and I believe the recent scenes look much better than the old ones as we try to improve the site according to our members' feedback.

08-26-13  04:56am

Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass
REPLY TO #2 from lk2fireone: (slutty's Reply)

Thanks for the tip on the discount, slutty.

06-24-13  03:46am

Visit HDV Pass

HDV Pass
REPLY TO #1 from TheSquirrel: (slutty's Reply)

Thanks slutty, yes I'm always wary of that renewal charge. This is getting to be more of a problem. People need to be able to buy with confidence, or they wont buy at all.

06-23-13  04:29pm

Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass
Reply of slutty's Review from lk2fireone:

A nice, sensible review that clearly shows the problems at this site.
I just don't have the patience anymore to keep looking for content by a particular model that I might like.
Years ago, I would look through a site searching for material from my favorites, but not any more. I get frustrated and just give up.
I used to love JAV (not the mosaic, but how attractive the models were). But I need a model index that is fast and easy to use.

Not a fan of bukkake.

Also, I don't like the noises the girls make during sex. I know it's supposed to mean they are hot, but it just seems like they are uncomfortable, or protesting against the pleasure, or being forced against their will. Whatever. Maybe I should learn to turn to sound off, but sound normally adds to a video, unless it's really fake, or poorly done.

Could you explain more clearly how to get the discounted price? Or what the discount price is?

06-23-13  09:22am

Visit Twistys

REPLY TO #2 from otoh: (slutty's Reply)

Many thanks for the replies - slutty, as you say, it's not usually my thing but you certainly get what you pay for and it does what it says on the tin so it would be churlish to complain! Certainly most folk will be able to find something from a favourite model there.

Another two things I actually quite like about the site:

* Comments are quite active for models and individual sets/pictures. And often the webmasters and/or photographers contribute.

* They do not focus solely on 18-21 have a fair amount of material from models closer to or above 30 - this works for me.

05-28-13  04:26am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #2 from lk2fireone: (slutty's Reply)

I just checked. I have 140 credits, which I assume is part of the loyalty program.

It says you can buy more credits. Or use them.

But I don't know if I will use them. Maybe.

05-21-13  02:08am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #1 from lk2fireone: (slutty's Reply)

I assume they do. Tangub said that was the reason I got an extra email from the site, that asked me to click on a hot link to verify my email address.

But I don't know how the loyalty program works.

05-21-13  01:49am

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #1 from PinkPanther: (slutty's Reply)

FYI - the best deal in Asian porn these days is AsiaMoviePass. You can get a trial membership through PU for a few dollars - it's a full membership. You can download entire DVD's - and they update with approximately 20 full DVDs PER DAY. If you like what you're seeing enough to want an entire month's membership, you can cancel your trial before it kicks into full price, and you will then be offered to extend your membership at $9.95/month - great deal!

There's not a lot of uncensored stuff at AsiaMoviePass, but there is some.

05-20-13  09:27pm

Visit JAV HD

REPLY TO #3 from messmer: (slutty's Reply)

The Japanese are just being loyal to their home made products, slutty. After all they are Hitachis. :-) They are supposed to be massagers but by the looks of it (especially in Japanese Porn) some people really took to them as sex toys.

05-06-13  02:06pm

Visit Wow Porn

Wow Porn
REPLY TO #3 from lk2fireone: (slutty's Reply)

I have the "Diamond" membership, but they haven't bothered to tell me what that means, or how I got it.
I do have access to all 11 sites in the Diesel Access network.
I posted at PU, and also at the Diesel Access network forum, asking them to clearly spell out what the rules are for each membership, to gain access to the different sites.

They said they would do that, sometime in the future.

That was months ago.

But $10/month sounds like a great price.

04-27-13  10:31am

Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens
REPLY TO #3 from lk2fireone: (slutty's Reply)

Thanks for checking on Barbariska, slutty. There are so many models out there, and a few of them look so similar, that it's sometimes hard to tell them apart. But she is a really cute girl, who has appeared in hardcore in many sites, and she sure looked familiar. But like I say, some models can look very similar to other models, and the look on some models can change over time in just a few years.

04-21-13  02:45am

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #44 from JamesDavid: (slutty's Reply)

Douche attitudes?

Whatever man. I was crystal clear as to that we don't offer zips and I even went into why, you kept whining and moaning. you did this, I didn't.

Don't start trying to flip this into a you're a douche comment. Seriously, grow up already. The biggest laugh in this whole thread has been you moaning about things you can't have, even though you've not and never have been a member.

I've been polite, wishing you well and saying I hope you find what you're looking for - you just keep being a pain, for what reason - I have no idea. The fact that you bring up download software, and now torrenting, tells me you're most likely one of those tools that posts site content. I've learned over 17 years running sites to trust my instincts, they have yet to be incorrect.

Neat thing here I hope you've learned - sites don't take shit from random trolls on forums. If you think we jump through hoops to get memberships, you'd be incorrect. We have fun, we do what we do and guess what? Each week we have more people happy than the week before. In four solid years, we have outsold ourselves week after week. I guess we're doing something right after all.

Last time I respond to you, if you keep trolling I report you for doing so. Sound fair? You go your way, we go ours. I hope you find a site that suites your needs.

04-17-13  09:24pm

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #42 from Marcus: (slutty's Reply)

Thanks for this, and I do agree.

I'm not a fan of regional pricing, and although I respect Capn for his passionate stance on the matter, I think 15 points is far too many to consider docking a website for regional pricing.

Like you noticed, I've updated the review, reduced the score by 3, but I'll let PU members draw their own conclusions. The score is illustrative of my thoughts on the site. I've gone into detail in the pros/cons, so if a particular issue (eg, regional pricing) grinds somebody's axe, then they have every right not to join the site - I'm only sorry I missed this in the first review, but like I say, quality of content is more important to me than regional pricing which is why it slipped the net.

I don't know the whole story about regional pricing - for example, I don't know if webmasters have to shoulder extra costs from international members, so it's not really for me to by judge, jury and executioner.

04-17-13  12:09am

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #41 from JamesDavid: (slutty's Reply)

Wow. What part of if a site doesn't do something you do not like, move on do you not grasp? Not being to be combative? I've already explained this inside out and as I said, nothing has or will be changed. Yet you keep going. Not sure what you feel is gained? Here we go again. this time I'll try and make it easier to understand.

Zips don't matter to the majority of members.

I can say this with authority, based on 17 years experience running websites. It's not even 10% of the member base that actively downloads zips when they are available. Again, I can say this from a place of knowledge, not opinion. Sad thing is, in the 10%, you get assholes that post your content for free.

Bella Network isn't the first network I have owned/run and we didn't offer zips in the other networks either. There are a ton of large networks that don't offer photo zips. They do fine, their content isn't mass distributed. The content that is available in zips, all over the place for free.

When we removed zips, nobody said anything, nobody cared, cancelations didn't rise etc. The world didn't end basically. Again, nobody cared. In four years - FOUR people have emailed asking what's up.

I know this rubs you the wrong way, and this next line will upset you, but my job isn't to make you happy.

Yes the customer (albeit not you) is important, but the buck doesn't stop with the customer. The buck stops with the product itself, same as any supply/demand example. Customers will come for what is being sold and the customers that don't like what is being sold, will leave or not come at all. Again, FOUR people in 4 years. Do I think it's a big issue like the non members here are claiming? No, not in the least. For them it is, obviously. Photo collectors I am guessing, or traders for all I know.

My job is to make the GIRLS happy. I can deal with 1 in 10 (if that) customers being pissy and not signing up because we don't have zips. I wish them well and hope they find something they like elsewhere.

I can't deal with 1/1 girls being sad because her content is mass distributed for free so she quits. Keeping the model happy FAR outweighs keeping 1/10 people (actually lower than 1/10 but I rounded up for ease of example).

Now seriously slutty, you're not a member, you clearly don't like that we don't offer zips, so why are you still bitching/moaning? Are you trying to have a conversation on a closed topic? Sorry man but it's pretty much a dead topic. Not an option, never will be an option etc. Thank you for playing, game over - type of thing. Hope I was clear enough this time and best of luck finding your dream site.

04-16-13  10:16pm

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #34 from JamesDavid: (slutty's Reply)

So let me get this right - I say we don't zip images and you come in and acuse us of punishing members? Then you go on to say how there are ways to site rip etc? Ouch :(

I posted we had a survey and 80% of the members said videos are more important than photos. Not at any time say photos do not matter, I said videos matter more or photos don't matter as much and sorry if it upsets you, they don't.

I'm a professional photographer, I've been fortunate enough to shoot for Penthouse magazine in the past - you don't think it bothers me that photos don't matter as much? lol Of course it does man. I love photos!

if you were to look up the surveys in PornUsers - this exact topic has been covered and the same result was found. Videos matter more. Sorry to be the bad guy here.

How many guys you think fap to photos versus videos? (very few according to all the surveys)

Piracy happens no matter what the site is. There is always a way to save things, mass distribute them if someone decides they want to do this. Zips make it easier.

I respect you disagree but that's the great thing about the internet. There are tons of sites out there, you'll find one that makes you happy. I hope you find what you're searching for.

04-15-13  11:56pm

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #33 from Capn: (slutty's Reply)

The reviewer didn't point it out.

That is why I mentioned it in an earlier reply.
What you see in the review is a subsequent edit.

The only people that seem to defend it are either those charging it or those that are not effected by it.

Cap'n. :0)

04-15-13  11:26pm

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
REPLY TO #2 from lk2fireone: (slutty's Reply)

Agree that video quality for the cam shows (the ones I was referring to) is poor. The video quality at their paysites are quite good, in contrast.

I assume that's because the girls shooting the cams are using low-quality, inexpensive cameras, as well as maybe being a function of the feed they are using (low bandwidth?--I am not technically inclined).

But for a free live cam show, that features a lot of nudity, some masturbation, sometimes sex between a model and a stunt cock, it might be worth checking out.

Depends on your tastes.

I have spent very little time watching these shows.

04-15-13  01:45pm

Visit VideosZ

REPLY TO #2 from joekramer08: (slutty's Reply)

Yeah, I just started using DownThemAll recently and it has worked well for me. It's an extension for the Firefox browser, not a separate program...so that's convenient since you don't have to download an install a whole program.

04-05-13  05:27pm

Visit VideosZ

REPLY TO #1 from NMC2008: (slutty's Reply)

I will give it a shot, thanks!

04-04-13  11:35pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
REPLY TO #2 from lk2fireone: (slutty's Reply)

I know some PU members seem to prefer if a site has exclusive content. And even The Best Porn seems to grade or mention if a site's content is 100% exclusive or not. But as long as I find a decent amount of new content at a site, I don't mind if the site is 100% exclusive.

As far as Diesel Access network or even Rub A Teen (part of the Team Skeet network) posting videos that were first posted at Teen Mega World (and are still at Teen Mega World), I don't mind. The versions at Diesel Access network and Rub a Teen are higher definition versions of those videos, which is a plus.

When I reviewed reviewed Rub a Teen, I gave it a score of 73, which is a low score. In the review I wrote:
"If you've been a member of Teen Mega World in the last 6 months, and you examined the Tricky Masseur site of that network, then you've probably seen all or almost all of the videos that are at Rub A Teen."

But if you hadn't seen those videos before, then the Rub a Teen site would have deserved a higher score.

04-03-13  10:39pm

Visit Little Caprice

Little Caprice
REPLY TO #2 from pat362: (slutty's Reply)

It might have been a better deal but I don`t know how much you would hvery prolific performer to begin with and that was reflected in her site.

03-30-13  05:46pm

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