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Visit Busty Buffy

Busty Buffy
REPLY TO #4 from pat362: (Monahan's Reply)

It's up to you but I recommend you read the interview in my previous reply to the webmaster. If he lied about one thing than what's the likelihood that he isn't lying about the resty.

08-28-14  06:30pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
REPLY TO #16 from JamesDavid: (Monahan's Reply)

Once again, and I am not sure if you're not great at reading or what but I was clear in my first post that this may or may not apply to him. I was clear that I did not know him specifically or what his issues were.

Would you like me to quote it or can we scroll up? Seriously man, making shit up to try and sell your case is sad.

I was clear as to why we have limits, and why people are suspended. You on the other hand, a non member came in hurr hurr hurr and got all pissy when it has zero to do with you. Again, let me be clear since you have issues reading, zero to do with you.

If he had emailed me twice as he said, he would have had a response, just as others have had before him. Exception being, as I said, if he emailed me outside business hours or for all I know he emailed the wrong place. I never saw his emails so I can't speak as to what happened. Again, for the umpteenth time, lol, I didn't see his email, nor do I know who he is.

I don't know how many ways I can say the same thing, so enjoy your troll session. :)

08-26-14  08:05pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
REPLY TO #6 from JamesDavid: (Monahan's Reply)

We have simple and straightforward server guidelines, much like all most sites do. Someone gets caught doing something they shouldn't by the server (not a human) and is removed and that makes us bad?

You seem to think this means I hate my customers? I never said that, but thanks for yet again, trying to put words in my mouth. I said that the customer is not always right and that's common sense. Anyone that has ever works customer service on any level knows this.

We have a large user base of happy members that never have issues, and have been rebilling for over 5 years with us. We go above and beyond for our customers both in taking care of them, and content creation.

We love our customers, which is why they keep signing up, and keep rebilling. This user is not the first to be suspended, and he won't be the last. Same as almost any site, if you break the guidelines, you are suspended or removed. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

08-26-14  01:13pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
REPLY TO #2 from JamesDavid: (Monahan's Reply)

ummm.. okay. Nice twisting of words.

Read the last paragraph where I very clearly state this may or may not apply to him. Bottom line is, and this goes to you, or him, or everyone. When you join a site, you can't do what you want. There are guidelines, sometimes they are more relaxed than others.

We don't have our hands full, we just don't pretend to be something we're not. We work, business hours. We don't work, when we're not working. Just because someone signs up, they don't own us or get us 24/7.

I respond to emails that come in in a timely manner, but 9/10 issues can be resolved if someone takes the time to read the support site. Every aspect is covered there in fact, from limits to mass downloading, canceling etc. Every aspect of the original post was answered in fact, on the support site, if read. So I'm supposed to stop my life because someone is too busy with theirs to read something they agreed to when they signed up? 99.9% of members don't have issues, so the .01% the server removes must be in the right? ummm.. nope.

I don't take the position the customer is always wrong, but many times, the customer *IS* wrong and they clue in after getting removed by the server.

I didn't suspend this guy. the server did, because something happened to have him outside the allowed guidelines the server runs with. Server rules are cut/dry, it's not personal, it's a machine.

I don't know who he is, or what the issues were with him as I said. I have been doing this for 18 years, and in that time.. it's weird how many people that get busted site ripping or sharing their user/pass don't admit to breaking the site terms.

Many customers would tell you, the server suspended for this or that, they contacted me, I saw the issue, resolved it and they've been with us for years since. I'm not the antichrist you're making me out to be but if it makes you feel better making assumptions, enjoy.

Some sites suck, and you get shitty low res content, bad videos or they split updates over 2 or 3 or 4 weeks. part1, part2, part3 crap. We don't do that. we bring great content week after week for multiple girls and we don't ask that you sign up multiple times. These are exclusive girls, not porn stars that can be had if the price is right by any webbie. So yes, we do run a tight ship and yes, if you're on the outside looking in, you did something wrong. Sorry that bothers you.

The ToS covers everything, including how to cancel and if you get suspended, you need to cancel. The exact thing happened to me years back, I got nuked for downloading many videos I liked from reality kings.. they have a strict bandwidth guideline as well. I got mad, how dare they! Oh. Wait. It's in the terms I agreed to. Right in front of me. Well damn, I was wrong. Lesson learnt.

Without server rules, sites fail and are slow. Some people get mad and that sucks but it doesn't make the guidelines any less needed or valid for happiness and more importantly, speed for all members.

08-26-14  02:01am

Visit Porn Duty

Porn Duty
Reply of Monahan's Comment from pat362:

I don't know if it's just me but I got a strong sense that this is old content and not just a year old but much older. The interface is crisp but it's still circa mid 2000.

08-22-14  03:49pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
REPLY TO #9 from lk2fireone: (Monahan's Reply)

I sent you an email.

Copy one link, and paste it into your browser address bar. That should bring up the offer.

Do the same for the other link (copy and paste).

Good luck.

08-15-14  10:25pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
REPLY TO #7 from lk2fireone: (Monahan's Reply)

I agree that it sounds like some of them don't know what they are doing.

I just got a new email today (August 15) from Metart, offering me a discount to join VivThomas for $14.99, a 50% discount.

I can't post the link at PU, because that is against their rules.

And maybe you don't want to join VivThomas, anyway.

But send me an email through the PU internal email system, and I can show you a link to join The Life Erotic for $14.99/month, rebilling at $14.99/month.

I believe The Life Erotic Link discount is still good.

To use the PU internal email system, go to my PU user profile page, and click on the "email link" to send me a private email.


08-15-14  08:11pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
REPLY TO #5 from lk2fireone: (Monahan's Reply)

Have you signed up for the Metart newsletter?
It's free. A one-page email, usually showing some covers of photo sets or videos from the network.
The email sometimes has some nice discounts for different site memberships.

The best discount was for $1/month membership to Erotic Beauty, that would never be raised in price.
PU rules didn't allow the link to access that offer to be posted on PU.
I joined Erotic Beauty, and it's cost me $12 for the 12 months I've been a member.

But no other offers came close to that one.

But sometimes you do get a nice discount to one or more sites in the Metart network in the Metart newsletter.

08-14-14  08:49pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
REPLY TO #6 from elephant: (Monahan's Reply)

Yeah that is a good idea stitching the ones you like together and having just as one file but not something too huge.

Its a good site but soon adds up with MBs or should I say GBs when you like certain girls a lot, you end up wanting even the fully clothed chatting stuff.

I just would love to see more girl/girl stuff on the site as I do love these the best or some group public nudity with a gang of ftv girls would be awesome.

08-09-14  09:20am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
REPLY TO #3 from elephant: (Monahan's Reply)

Yeah its hard keeping up with girls and their aliases, have you tried indexxx.com I use it loads to see what else girls have done.

Yeah they breaking up of scenes can be a blessing and a burden. I like that the masturbation sections are separate as these don't interest me much, I only like the girls dressing up, public stuff and well anything other than the masturbation stuff lol. Also if they didn't seperate you'd end up with downloads sometimes of over 5 gb for girls and thats some mighty space taken up on the hard drive and long downloads.

But it is annoying as they could be more bunched up with some scenes very identical to the last on the masturbation ones.

08-07-14  12:30am

N/A REPLY TO #7 from pat362: (Monahan's Reply)

I also do that because these days it's not wise to assume that an established site is still as good as what you thought it was.

08-05-14  06:06pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from LPee23: (Monahan's Reply)

You'll have to buy an old 5 1/4" floppy drive. They're about $35 on eBay. You'll probably also need a floppy controller card, because most modern BIOS don't have native support for 5 1/4" floppy drives. You can get a controller for $60 here http://www.deviceside.com/fc5025.html. If you want to see those photos again, I'd get them now, because the hardware you need will only get harder to find and more expensive.

07-27-14  06:35am

N/A REPLY TO #4 from Cybertoad: (Monahan's Reply)

Same as this.

07-20-14  10:18pm

Visit Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving
REPLY TO #1 from WeeWillyWinky: (Monahan's Reply)

Holy crap, Monahan, I only just noticed this in my swamped email account. In case you never opted for a sub here, it's a great site! The vids are great. Some of them are too talky for me, but there are also plenty where the model is not talking. No silly music tracks! Lots of wonderful boobies!


06-12-14  05:40am

N/A REPLY TO #8 from rearadmiral: (Monahan's Reply)

Agreed. Once your collection reaches a certain size then the ability to search effectively becomes important. Besides carefully cataloguing the actual sites/scenes/DVDs/models I keep a Word document that lists everything so I have two ways to search. On top of that, I flag scenes I like by creating a shortcut to it and then when I plug a drive in I can search the term "shortcut" and up come all my favorite scenes on that drive.

06-03-14  02:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from jberryl69: (Monahan's Reply)

Even natural big ones leave me 'meh'. I know it can present back problems and have had a friend have hers reduced because of it. I suppose my ambivalence reverts back to my love of ass & legs which have always had my attention. Ankles too. I find myself checking out the babes' ankles and if there is no delineation from her calves, I stop looking. I mean this about real life, not porn life. With porn life if she can deepthroat then she has my attention. A good example of that is Mercedes Santos from her scene in Throatjobs. She was the bomb but she's not real looker if you know what I mean, she just knows how to do it very well.

05-23-14  01:20pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from turboshaft: (Monahan's Reply)

That's the whole point--you're not supposed to know! ;-)

That being said, I never get "the porn look" excuse for labiaplasty. Hardcore porn in general seems to have all shapes, sizes, and colors of lips; they're hardly what I would call uniformly small and symmetrical. Even big-breasted, bee stung-lipped models will sport a variety of labia that would furrow the brow of many plastic surgeons. It's softcore/"nude model" stuff that seems to have models with little-to-no labia, as I'm assuming too big may be considered more explicit.

05-19-14  08:03pm

N/A REPLY TO #8 from pat362: (Monahan's Reply)

I second everything you wrote and add that fisting on VHS and DVD is a grey area. The only producer that I'm aware who mistakenly left fisting in one of his movies was Seymore Butts and as luck would have it he was charged with producing obscene material in California. The case was all set to go to trial but he pleaded no contest and paid a fine. Needless to say no one wanted to push the limits after that.

That's not to say that fisting was not shot before and after that but usually the scene is either nowhere to be found or in the case of dvd it's often in the bonus or BTS section.

04-20-14  10:41am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
REPLY TO #2 from rearadmiral: (Monahan's Reply)

I agree, but it seems like a bad business model for RK to not support such a popular browser.

04-15-14  12:20pm

Visit Hustler Mega Pass

Hustler Mega Pass
Reply of Monahan's Comment from Khan:

I just checked and am still seeing trhe special price we currently have listed.

You might try clearing your cache and any cookies associated wit the site and then revisiting from one of our links.

04-10-14  07:48am

Visit Playboy's Busty Babes

Playboy's Busty Babes
Reply of Monahan's Comment from otoh:

This site seems to redirect to Playboy Plus. I recently signed up there directly from the TBP listing and the $14.95 price worked OK - so if Plus seems to have the content you are after, try going that route

Note, however, that I had to TunnelBear to do it - from the UK, it came up as £19.99 - ie more than double the price. Moan/gripe/etc.

04-10-14  04:39am

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
Reply of Monahan's Comment from Khan:

actually, the new price on the listing (as of Friday) is correct $29.95

04-06-14  02:21pm

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
REPLY TO #2 from rearadmiral: (Monahan's Reply)

Thanks. I might try again based on this.

04-06-14  12:07pm

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
Reply of Monahan's Comment from rearadmiral:

I'm not questioning that you were offered 20% off the price, but I just tried it (with the intent of joining) and was only offered 10% off.

04-04-14  08:10am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from graymane: (Monahan's Reply)

Word-for word, my sentiments exactly.

I would add ....For my money, BJs should be given a category of only its own. Start off with BJ .....finish (end) with mouthful of the same.

04-03-14  06:21am

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