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N/A REPLY TO #14 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

And thank you, my good sir, for pointing out that egregious FAUX PAS.

"Shame, shame, graymane ......now put on this dunce-cap and go over there and sit in the corner 'till you can stop butchering our wonderful history ..... as well as apologizing to our grand, renowned and respected world-scholars" "Particularly Mr. Aristotle".

But'cha know, JB .... It's doggone worth taking a few "slings an arrows" just to know you're still coming around.

09-29-13  04:42pm

N/A REPLY TO #11 from turboshaft: (jberryl69's Reply)

I imagine that trying to explain phenomena like rosebuds or vacuum pumping to future generations will be something akin to trying to rationalize embarrassments from our past like patent medicines or the insane nuclear buildup during the Cold War. There were few genuinely positive things to say about them but they seemed like the right idea at the time.

09-29-13  10:38am

N/A REPLY TO #15 from Randyman: (jberryl69's Reply)

I know, I was just tossing the sarcasm right back. All is good, just fun and games.

07-21-13  04:36pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from Randyman: (jberryl69's Reply)

My poll, my rules. No, I don't "watch" the dl. I figure it's adding to your collection so it mine as well count.

07-21-13  12:25pm

N/A REPLY TO #8 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

Hey big guy....... I trust don't take my parting comment the way it might look.
Your humorous response ("Why yes it does, thank you very much")
got me thinkin' how a less perceptive guy might've taken it.
I knew, however, you'd take it in the spirit that it was intended .

06-12-13  05:44am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

Good question, jb.
The night Joan pulled the plug was one I'd made an excuse for as to why I couldn't escort her to an important function to which we both were associated. I'd made the fatal mistake of rather choosing to go out with a babe I'd just met who was free on that night.
The affixed, burning image I've maintained of the physically super endowments bestowed on this lady I'd turned down on that fateful day, leaves me not surprised that on that same evening and at the same function, she'd meet a well-heeled gentleman who was so smitten with her that (while carrying out business in Atlanta) hardly let her out of his sight ......and who later had her airborne on the way to his home in California.
This news was delivered on the next day when I called her.
All my smooth talk and released anguish, in an effort to revive our relationship never came out ....'cause as painful as it were, even at the expense of going the marriage route, it was clear this guy had all the aces, as well as her heart, and would give her a better life.
Being the bright gal that she is......she innately read all this in my voice. Her reply: "Gee, hon, if you'd only showed me you cared enough."
That brings up my own thought on the matter: "if only I had gone with her as she'd asked?

Does that answer your question, partner?

06-11-13  12:06am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from lk2fireone: (jberryl69's Reply)

jberryl69, in some of my reviews I tend to ramble, but your comment goes all over the place.

I read Tarzan when I was an early teen, and I don't remember Jane being raped. And I'm sure (because ERB was writing in a different climate than the current one) that Jane was utterly pure when she married Tarzan. Tarzan might have kissed her before marriage, but even though they were both living together in the jungle before they were married, there was absolutely no hanky-panky going on. Not like modern times.

Your comment reminds me that I enjoyed Tarzan and also John Carter of Mars when I was much younger. I will try to read some of them again, to see if I can still find pleasure in reading them today, or if my tastes (and ideas) have changed too much.

06-06-13  08:10am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from Jay G: (jberryl69's Reply)

I enjoyed the discussion. Those who call you to task on PC words are showing their power. You really find this in Universities where "everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others."

And I'll bet they still call those women who work for them by first names (Jill, Jane. Mary) while insisting they themselves be called by their title (Doctor Robins, Professor Noble, Dean Smith).

06-02-13  12:39am

N/A REPLY TO #8 from Jay G: (jberryl69's Reply)

In the real world (not politically correct) where I live, words are used differently. "Girl" is associated with someone young, free, and independent and woman has a more mature, settled implication. But words do have different meanings in different places and cultures and times. Even politically correct women will be caught using the term "girl" for other women when they're not being careful.

People will always try to control the use of words as the conquering Normans were able to do after 1066 in England when Anglo-Saxon words (fuck, shit, cunt,etc) became "obscene" and Latin or French words (coitus, defecation, vagina) for the same thing were considered socially acceptable.

Whoever has power always tries to control language (and usually fails).

05-31-13  06:16pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from lk2fireone: (jberryl69's Reply)

Yes, I signed up for the MerArt newsletter earlier this year, after belonging to MetArt many times over the years.

The thumbnails in the newsletter are easy to see. And clicking on a thumbnail brings up a sample gallery of the model's photosets, with nice sized thumbnails.

Clicking on any thumbnail in the sample gallery brings up a 1/3 full-sized photo of the thumbnail. Which is easier to use than the slideshow display for viewing galleries at MetArt.

Even though I am currently a MetArt member, I sometimes use the newsletter thumbnail system to look for new models.

05-25-13  02:41pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from Drooler: (jberryl69's Reply)

I don't recall asking for it, but I've been getting it. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll give it a lookie next time.

05-25-13  09:48am

N/A REPLY TO #4 from Drooler: (jberryl69's Reply)

The funny thing is that I don't even remember when I came up with this poll question. I didn't recognize it as my own until I looked at the poll results and saw my "name" along with it. Doesn't matter to me when it gets posted, though it's kind of funny that a related question was up not long ago.

I guess it's "Thumbnails Month" at the PU polling station. LOL.

Regarding Ik2Fireone's comment, it seems that sites aren't keeping up with monitor resolutions. These days they demand larger thumbs than before. (Remember, anyone, my forum complaint about that?)

Example: ALS Angels. I can step up the size of the page w/cntrl+, but the thumbs look like something out of 1998 when I do.

Getting back to the main point, I think thumbs for visitors is a smart idea. TorridArt does a good job with it, for instance, except, again for the sizes (just as bad as ALS Angels).

05-25-13  09:26am

N/A REPLY TO #25 from Cybertoad: (jberryl69's Reply)

I own a trenchcoat .....whats your point LOLOLOL

05-21-13  09:08am

N/A REPLY TO #21 from Jay G: (jberryl69's Reply)

I love the harem fantasy, but in MY fantasy I'm so wealthy I don't have to worry about money.....only about which woman or women to play with next.

05-21-13  04:19am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from Jay G: (jberryl69's Reply)

The financial truth: in the real world ONE woman can be too expensive.....as the old saying goes, "In my youth I spent my money on liquor and women and the rest I just wasted"

05-20-13  10:06am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from Cybertoad: (jberryl69's Reply)

JB said it about as I thought it lol.

I have tried to watch and more did so out curiosity.
But never did anything more then make me avoid milkshakes and coffee creamer for a few days.

Its been a year or more since I Dl or saw any I tend to avoid it.
Kinda like I do peeing scenes.

05-17-13  08:05am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Cybertoad: (jberryl69's Reply)

I'll back GM on it too.
I tend to agree allot on the premise they are not that interested.

05-10-13  04:32pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

Thanks for the support, JB ......as well as an excellent response.

Geez!... you'd think this simple poll question was akin to my pissing on this guy's leg .....judging from his reaction.

Apart from that, given the assumed awkward nature of this poll, I think all the answers are posed in the usual superlative manner we can expect from our regulars.

05-09-13  10:16pm

N/A REPLY TO #18 from gaypornolover: (jberryl69's Reply)

Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it. I'll do some further research on this, you've given me a good explanation to understand the basics of it, which I appreciate,

05-04-13  02:37pm

N/A REPLY TO #11 from gaypornolover: (jberryl69's Reply)

Oh dear, I didn't even know there was such a thing!

I am a bit cautious though - I used an Ad Blocker once which was wonderfully effective, but also stopped things I wanted without me realising. For example, I use cashback sites whereby if you do your online shopping via their site, you get cashback on your purchases.

Suddenly my purchases stopped tracking and I couldn't figure out why until I guessed it might me that - when I turned it off, the problem went away.

So I tend to live with the ads now.

I suspect a Script blocker might do similiar stuff?

05-02-13  02:53pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from Cybertoad: (jberryl69's Reply)

Great stuff

05-02-13  08:39am

N/A REPLY TO #23 from Drooler: (jberryl69's Reply)

Ohh, yes, that's right. Her itty-bitty titties remind me of a neighbor girl when she was about 12 or so. Her younger brother, never one too terribly concerned with socially appropriate behavior, suddenly lifted her shirt in front of me one day.

But I like Tanner. I've watched her do all kinds of naughty things. And she's damned cute.

04-27-13  08:26am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Drooler: (jberryl69's Reply)

I don't think she looks as though she's in the seventh grade, though from what I've read, sometimes she acts like it. ;)

04-26-13  05:26pm

N/A REPLY TO #7 from lk2fireone: (jberryl69's Reply)

I am currently a member of Met-art.

I don't know whether the photo set you are referring to is still at Metart, or whether it was deleted.
If you do a search for a model named Claire at Metart, the search returns "There is no model named Claire."

Possibly she is listed under another name.

If you look at the photo sets of the photographer named "Peter Dominic", it does show there are 7 sets by him, but none of those sets have a posting date of June 14, 2003, and none of the sets have the title "Her Best Friend".

Trying to search for photo sets in the archives section (2004 and earlier) is not as simple as checking sets posted from 2005 and later.

My guess is that this set was probably at the site at one time, but was subsequently deleted, for one reason or another.

04-25-13  03:13pm

N/A REPLY TO #4 from lk2fireone: (jberryl69's Reply)

As a major softcore site, I'm sure Met-art tries to follow the age guidelines for most of the world's countries. That only makes business-sense.

After Grigori Galitsin had legal problems in Russia, all of Galitsin's photosets at Met-art were deleted, whether the models were of legal age or not.

Galitsin used to be one of the first, and main, photographers at Met-art.

04-25-13  09:26am

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