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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

I Really Like This Site

I can't say that ATK Galleria is a perfect site. I can't say that it has perfect navigation. I can't say that every featured model is a goddess. I can't say that it doesn't generate it's moments of frustration in different ways.

But I can say that I REALLY like this site - more and more.

I like the range of styles of their photographers/studios.

I like the un-laquered quality of most of their most prominent photographer's work.

I like the huge quantity of updates.

I like that it's a site that makes me look forward to checking it out almost every day - and there's such an incredible amount of material on this site that even if the day's updates don't thrill me, I can always find some content that's new to me that does.

This is a very cool, very satisfying site.

08-03-10  08:03pm

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Visit ATK Archives

ATK Archives

Lots of Searching Needed to Find Jewels

I joined this site when they sent out the mailers to former ATK members offering $9.99/mo membership - and at that price, this site is very much worth it.

ATK's editorial position seems to be that virtually every woman alive that is willing to pose nude should be used as a model - so I find that I have to do a LOT of clicking in order to find models that I am interested in seeing much of - and I frequently click away quickly wishing that I hadn't seen what I just did. I'm not a fan of their Natural & Hairy site - not my thing at all - and there's a lot of that material here.

But there's a large number of sets of Sarah Blake. There are a lot of sets of Sandra Shine. And there are a lot of real "finds" if you are willing to click until you find babes that are hot.

The presentation of new material doesn't give you much of a clue as to what you'll find when you click - and the presentation of the vids is so - well, crappy - and there are so many unattractive models on this site (for my tastes) that I'm not even bothering to look at vids.

But I like finding new babes and hidden jewels so I plan on sticking around - they are currently posting material with a copyright date of 2004 so I'm sure that there will be lots of good stuff to come - and members of this site certainly don't need to worry about a dearth of updates, which come at a rate of 75 or so per week.

01-12-10  09:13pm

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Visit ATK Galleria

ATK Galleria

When You Decide You Really Like A Model..

One of the great things about ATK Galleria is that they're not shy about shooting a lot of models they like a lot - so when you decide you really like a model, it can be like Christmas in May - or whenever. Dani Daniels has grown on me over time and today when I checked on how much they had on her here, it's a whopping 21 galleries and 4 vids - almost 1 full hour of vid material, including a les vid with Shyla Jennings.


05-02-12  08:53pm

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

Package Deals Are Cool!

I hadn't gotten any special offers for ATK Petites in a while, but I checked yesterday and had an offer for a package deal of ATK Petites with Foot Fetish Daily. Even though it was past the official expiration date of the offer, I was still able to use it, luckily, so I'll get to enjoy ATK Petites once again. Foot Fetish Daily is rather a charming anachronism of a site. If you thought that ALS Scan's website was dated-looking before their MetArt re-design, Foot Fetish Daily's site looks ancient. It doesn't look like the site has had a re-design in 10 years or more, but everything seems to work that needs to, so I'll enjoy poking around there as well.

02-14-14  09:37pm

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

The Structure of This Site - Fun But Confusing

Has anybody figured out the structure of this site? It's like a labyrinth and when I was a member of the site for a month before, when it first opened, I think that I totally missed how much content there was - or they added tons later. It's difficult to tell how much content there is, I find, unless you click on every "More" button that you see, until you get presented with dozens of galleries of the model that you're looking at - lots of ATK Exotics material here and stuff from other ATK sites as well - fun but confusing at the same time.

03-29-10  07:20pm

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Visit Babelicious


Changes At Babelicious

I had left this site and the whole network a couple of months ago, received an offer to rejoin at $9.95/month and get access to all of their sites for that one price:

Babelicious.com - Our newest and greatest site with HD videos & photo sizes up to 4000px - All with Zips!
Babes.TV - Huge site of exclusive high quality pics and movies of well known pornstars and models!
Be The Mask.com - World famous site offering YOU the chance to fuck a pornstar!!
Sexy-Babes.TV - Only the hottest babes in the world! Photos and movies in every niche!
Dream Babes.com - Beautiful babes in high quality photosets!
Euro Babez.com - Only the finest babes from Europe! Hardcore photos and movies!
Babes UK.com - Amateur action featuring only babes from the United Kingdom!
Bikini Babes.TV - Softcore photos and movies of stunning bikini models in exotic locations!
Babes On Film.com - Hardcore movies to download in every available niche!
Cummin At Ya.com - Site dedicated to blow jobs and messy facial cumshots!
Royal Boobs.com - Big boob movies to download. Natural and fake tits all included!
Wild On X.com - High quality movie downloads including solo, lesbian and hardcore!
POV XXX.com - Hardcore movies to download featuring Point Of View style action!

Since I had never been a member of BeTheMask.com and their other separate sites, I thought it could be worth it.

IE caused a colossal bummer - I logged in with my new member info - instantly received a "Your Account Is Blocked" message - I hate that! Nick couldn't fix the problem today - this evening I got a prod to download the updated version of Firefox - did so - tried logging into their site using my new log-in info in Firefox - no problem - IE - You suck! Firefox - it works - working is good.

The news is that Babelicious is now THE single site being updated. They promise new exclusive material coming up and that's really needed. While they are now posting photosets with 3 sizes - with the largest 4000 X 2567 - it's really un-distinctive material photoshopped by somebody that was wearing a blindfold, apparently. The newest Anita Pearl vid posted the other day looks like it was licensed from InFocusGirls - looks like the location they use to me.

So they have one site to focus on now, and I wish them well and hope they have some exciting exclusive material - shit, they were able to do very cool material with Babes.tv not that long ago, so here's hoping!

03-11-10  08:19pm

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Visit Babelicious


What the heck happened to this site?

I'm reminded of Samuel Jackson's comment to Robert DeNiro in Jackie Brown - "What happened to you? You used to be beautiful!"

Babelicious used to be hot when it first opened - great photosets in high res - multiple sizes, not too much photo-shopping, SexyBabes.tv had some nice stuff usually. And when I joined their related site Babes.tv, I found it to have a unique personality, kind of gritty.

Now, the whole group of them are same-old, same-old, licensed seen-it-all-before crap photoshoots, photo-shopped pics done with no taste whatsoever, there's no personality, there's nothing distinctive, it's just blaaaaahhhh crap.

If I were reviewing this site now, I'd give it a zzzzzzz

Whoever runs these sites stopped caring a long while ago - and so should discriminating porn fans.

Close it up - ain't nothing happening here at all!

12-11-09  06:05pm

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Visit Baby Got Boobs

Baby Got Boobs

TBP Review - Doesn't Mention 6-Month Wait

I read the new TBP review over a couple of times to make sure that I wasn't missing things.

But the review doesn't mention something that's a huge issue for anybody that joins wanting to immediately download their HD vids - which is that you can't - you have to be a member for 6 months before you can download those vids - unless Brazzers waited until I had passed that period myself and then suddenly changed their policy - or give reviewers a pass that acts as though the reviewer has been a member for 6 months.

I'm rather dumb-founded that this waiting period isn't mentioned in the review, while the size of the d/l files is mentioned.

12-09-09  09:42pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

This is one glitchy damned site!

I happened on a deal being offered to join this site at $9.95/month, had never joined before, thought it was worth a try. I doubt that I'll be staying longer than the one month. The first vid I tried to download, when I tried to download it from the main "download vid" link, the site told me that I had a trial membership and would need to upgrade in order to download it. I looked at my confirmation, which said nothing about a trial membership. So I clicked on "play video" and a different link to download was there, so I tried downloading from there and that worked. Today I tried downloading an Amy Reid vid. It had no download option from the "play video" where I had downloaded the other video yesterday, but it downloaded from the main "download video" link - I love Amy Reid and looked forward to enjoying her awesome bod. I clicked play and the vid that downloaded from the link to the Amy Reid video was an entirely different video with some mediocre babe and no Amy Reid in sight - Baaaahhh!!

05-19-09  10:25pm

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Visit Bikini Babes.tv

Bikini Babes.tv

The Good Thing About This Site..

While there is nothing terribly exciting about this site itself, it is part of the network of sites included in membership to SexyBabesTV, which also now includes the excellent site Babelicious.com - if you like hot bikini babes stripping in pic sizes up to 4000 px, that site is very exciting!

01-21-07  03:32pm

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Visit Bound Honeys

Bound Honeys

Previews Done Right At This Site

I've been a big fan of Sasha Cane for several years - both before and after her boob job. The star of this site is Jasmine Sinclair, but there is a lot of post-boob job Sasha material - and some real fun bdsm vignettes too.

To be honest, I've never joined yet, but I'm definitely a fan of the way they do previews, and the site seems to be updating quite nicely - especially in comparison to other bdsm sites.

Anybody ever join to see the true quality of their material?

09-10-12  06:00pm

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Visit Brazzers


Brazzers - HD - The Latest Bait & Switch

Sooo, after Brazzers made a big deal about HD coming to Brazzers for every scene, now 3 weeks later they are just discovering that HD means more demand on servers - so what they are saying now is that you have to be a member for 6 continuous months before you can download their HD vids - I kid you not!

06-25-09  07:16pm

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Visit Brazzers


Brazzers - Another Site With No Cust Service

OK, so after I saw the news about Brazzers going High-Def, I decided to check them out and see that among the first high-def scenes is a new Jenna Haze scene and the trailer looks really hot - so I'm trolling around the internet looking for hot deals involving Brazzers over the next few days - cause there's always something - and I see an ad for Brazzers Plus - which is Brazzers PLUS Mofos.com - I check out the price and I see a price of $7.95/month if you join for a year, which is what I've been seeing as the price for Brazzers by itself.

So I take them up on it - and I have a confirmed membership to Brazzers.com with no access to Mofos.com - What the fuck?

So I go to their support page. I call the phone # and it's too late - they say that they only have phone support 11 AM to 11 PM eastern. I try their live chat - and their is no live chat support. So I send an e-mail to their support e-mail. And I get a response after a couple of days from someone that obviously didn't even bother to read my original e-mail telling me that I have a membership to Brazzers.com and no membership to Mofos.com - yeah, that's the fucking problem is that I was offered BOTH and I only have ONE - Jeeeezzz!! - so I send a response spelling that out even clearer than my original e-mail.

No response to that - but since it's within the 11 AM to 11 PM Eastern window, I call the phone # support. I'm on hold for 10 minutes and then I get a message at 6:11 PM PST, which is 9:11 EST, telling me that their office is now closed because they are only open 11 AM to 11 PM Eastern - what the fuck??????

They may have a more-than-decent site but they have bait-and-switch offers and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER!!!

06-08-09  06:22pm

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Visit Bryci


Amazing Deal At The Moment At This Site

$19.99 per month - for the whole network of sites. Their webmaster said at another forum:

"I don't know how long we'll run this - a week? a month? all summer? All comes down to how much people like it I guess!"

I say, encourage them! If you like great solo-girl material mixed with some hard-core stuff, don't sleep on a fabulous deal like this one - they're getting rarer, not more common, in my experience.

06-17-13  07:23pm

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Visit Bryci


Bella Pass For Those Who Want Multiple..

An interesting development in the Solo-Girl Model world is the marketing of groups of models in package deals

Bryci.com is the center of a group of sites being marketing as Bella Pass - all are busty models:

TaliaShepard.com (Talia's a former Twisty's Treat and the only natural-boobed model in the group - for now anyway)
MonroeLee.com (still in development)

Are the sites available for one price with the Bella Pass - $34.95/month for the group or $79.95/3 months

I don't know if Ava's site is still active, frankly. Monroe's site is "in development", which means there really isn't any content there. Talia's site was recently stripped of 3/4 of the content when the current webmaster found that the old photo sets were messing with his servers somehow and the old vids & cam show archives were in violation of a new Bella Pass rule against sex toys or masturbation. So expect these sites to be fairly mild.

07-28-10  06:41pm

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Visit Butt Man

Butt Man

Changed Their Set-Up? Navigation Blues

I'm wondering if Buttman.com contracted with the people running clara-g's site to run their site. Something changed and it ain't for the better. There have always been 2 levels of log-in that the site does - at the Buttman.com level and at the EA-Network level. No problem when the 2 took 30 seconds total.

Today, the first level took more than 5 minutes and now, for the second level, it was more than 10 minutes, referring to "waiting for clara-g.com" at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully they'll get it smoothed out. I don't plan on renewing my membership to this network when my current membership period is over, but I'd like to get value out of it while I'm still a member.

01-22-10  03:45pm

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Visit Clara G

Clara G

New TBP Review Needs Correction

Vanessa liked the site more than I did, which is fine, but one thing that definitely needs correction is the part of the review that states that Ass Titans is currently a bonus of Clara-G.com. I was a member from mid-October to mid-November (she did her review 5 days after my membership) and it was definitely not a bonus at that time.

On October 8, 2009, their C/S responded to a couple of inquiries that I had about the site and stated:

2) AssTitans is no longer a bonus site for Clara-G and vice versa.

Thank you for the email and looking forward seeing you making an account
with us :)

Ben Moor
Customer Support
E-mail: support@clara-g.com

So I'm not sure how Vanessa could have had access to this Ass Titans bonus, since their C/S definitively told me that this bonus didn't exist any longer - as was my experience for the period right before Vanessa's review was done - strange.

12-28-09  08:27pm

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Visit Clara G

Clara G

ClaraG.com - Still Has Ass Titans Bonus?

I just checked on this since the TBP review says that is the case, but when I click on the "Join Now" page for ClaraG.com, it has an offer to get 3 days of membership to AssTitans.com for $1 followed by a charge of $29.95/month.

That doesn't sounds like any free bonus to me, so I suspect that there is no longer any free bonus membership to Ass Titans

Also, does anybody know if either ClaraG.com or Ass Titans are archiving their live shows? Neither site indicates that they do.

10-04-09  08:56am

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Visit Clara G

Clara G

Good site? Flew Under My Radar Somehow

This site flew under my radar until yesterday. Clara G was the host to the Buttman.com live show, which was wild and fun as expected. The great thing about Stagliano's shows is that nothing is as it seems to be - the last show started with a staged fight in the parking lot between the 2 principal women, was invaded first by a 3rd woman, then by virtually everyone in the Evil Angel offices.

This one was funny because neither of the 2 principal women was really into being a dom, so John S suggested to Nicki Hunter, who was there as a production assistant/make-up artist, that she step in and she jumped on that shit with both feet. Then all the women got their hands on Clara G and gave her concerted attention for the last 10 minutes of the show, which was the best part.

It looks like the main updating these days are from the weekly live shows on the site. The more classic scenes were directed by Evil Angel director Raul Christian and some are out on DVD on Evil Angel - I wouldn't be surprised if Raul had done scenes at some of the other sites that Clara G has worked for, since the style looks so similar - not a bad thing, because it's a hot style.

Are you still a member, Exotics? What about others?

09-12-09  04:20pm

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Visit Club Kayden

Club Kayden

Advertising $14.95/month price

This site is run by the same web team that runs Holly Randall's new site, which is a very well-designed site. I just glanced at Kayden's site and it's advertising a "half-price March 1st Special" price of $14.95. it looks like there's a fair amount of updating going on and she's doing weekly web-cam shows, some solo, some girl/girl, some boy/girl, all of which are quickly posted onto the site.

05-10-09  08:33pm

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Visit Club Nella

Club Nella

Club Nella Replaced By Nella's World

I'm hot for Nella, so I check in to Club Nella periodically to see how the updates are. I saw an announcement on the site today that Club Nella is no longer updating and that she has a new site - Nella's World - here's the url:


I also noticed that Tom Veller's MyGlamourSite.com stopped updating at the end of August, but is advertising updates coming mid November, so I'm wondering - are they stopping updates to do a face-lift or are they merging with Nella's World?

09-22-11  07:03am

Replies (2)
Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Club Sandy Down Again!

I'm sick of this crap! I'm asking for a refund! Why can't they keep their site up? There's just no reasonable excuse for this. Join this site at your own risk - there's a lot of good stuff there - if you're able to access it - but they can't even keep the site up, so what's the value of it?

To me - there isn't enough!

03-04-08  07:15pm

Replies (4)
Visit Danni.com


Higher Res Vids at Danni.com

Danni.com is now putting up some vids with a bit rate of 2239kbps, as compared to their former maximum of 1330 kbps - still less than the 4130 kbps vids being put up at InFocusGirls or the 8064kbps vids being put up at ALS Scan, but it's a step forward for this site and the one I saw looked quite good and was quite a sexy vid - Madison Scott with Tyler Faith - mmmm!

05-04-09  11:02pm

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Visit Dawn Avril

Dawn Avril

Site Relaunched - Lots of New Material

Dawn Avril is a hot, somewhat goth-looking babe whose site was pretty crappy looking and was passed around from one webmaster to another for a couple of years, then left to languish since early 2009 or so. She hooked up with Phil-Flash, he's her boyfriend, they've been working together for a year or so on her site, creating new content - and a new site, really - one that Dawn's very involved in and that doesn't look like a pink turd. All of the old material is here along with lots of new material. Dawn's webcams will be starting this Monday.

If you like Dawn, check it out.

07-24-10  07:51am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Amazing Deals, Disappointing Download Speed

I happened on a truly amazing deal on a 30-day join to the DDF Network. Unfortunately, I was much less excited by the download speed I'm experiencing. I'm downloading at 265 kb/second at DDF Network. That's so slow that I had to do a test, so I downloaded a vid from Twisty's, which downloaded at 2.5 mb/second.

That's a bit of a difference.

12-11-13  08:39pm

Replies (2)

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