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Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

Security Alert

In Feb., Vito commented that this site has a 300 zip file per 24hr limit.

Certainly not my experience. I've been a recurring subscriber to this site for years, and what thanks do I get? If I try to catch up and download more than THREE ZIP files (of just photos), Chicken Little wakes up in a panic and throws this "Security Alert!" bullshit page in my face, and I'm left having to plan my downloads in more detail as to when, what, and how many.
Update 072715: This has been resolved. See replies.

07-25-15  12:09pm

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Visit Cherry Pimps Network

Cherry Pimps Network


I joined ChloeAmourXXX for 19.95 (1 mo) thru Epoch not knowing it was part of the Cherry Pimps Network. The Chloe site already seems to have stopped updating (mid last month), but the content quality is really good. There are 22 photo sets and of those, 18 corresponding videos. There are only 2 photo sizes: 1024 px and 56xx px for viewing or downloading. There are three hc b/g sets and about as many g/g.

But I found there's more to it. You get access to the CherryPimps site and the CherrySpot site. Pimps has the Spot content plus the live show archives for each girl. There's a lot here. My download speeds (in 19th placed USA) run about 530kbps.

And I've got a few gripes. One, some older photo thumbs don't show, but at least their links still work. Two, the thumbs only show the top half of portrait-oriented photos.

Still, it's a buy for 19.95. (This last paragraph revised after message from site webmaster.)

03-24-15  02:57pm

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Visit Babespotting.tv


Babe Reposts Spotted

I had a look again at this site today, and they've been recycling some material. I checked my collection from previous subscriptions to make sure.

This is not to warn anyone away from the site, though, especially if they've never joined. It's a good one for lovers of the nude model genre.

02-07-15  08:57am

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Visit Daphoz


Another site redone for the worse

Since I've been the one commenting on this site and my last comment was positive, I now have to update facts to warn anyone interested in joining.

The zips are gone. Now, it's just slide shows. Also, the only sizes I've seen are 1200 px or 2000 px, both on the long end, so they've cut out pics of sizes that were larger when I joined a couple of years ago.

I've seen this kind of thing happen to a few sites before, where they actually take away what is positive about the site. It still astonishes me.

I'd joined knowing that it had stopped updating after putting a lot of old filler content in most recently, but I was still interested in some updates that were put in between my last membership and the one I'm on now.

The one that wasted $25.

01/08/15 Update: Now it's become a lesbian site, in the making apparently, as there are login or signup links. None of the previous content appears as far as I can tell.

12-25-14  02:33pm

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Visit PJ Girls

PJ Girls

Good at What It Does

I'm winding up a membership to this site and it's been good for what it's supposed to do, which is focus on Czech pussy in exclusive scenes, using both photos and videos as the media. The models are usually the popular ones; they have reached a population of 80, plus there are four really older ones at the bottom of the list for those who would like ...

The pics come in two sizes, 2400x3600 and 1600x2400. You can also switch viewing sizes in the galleries between those. They're nice and colorful and the girls dress in sexy clothes, though they soon have them off in order to put the assorted instruments of cunt stretching in.

The videos come in two sizes plus they stream. I never downloaded any, but tried streaming one. It was pixelated on my 1920x1080 screen. However, their videos to download also come in that size.

I was hoping for a lot more ass showing on this site (the kind you find at TorridArt, for instance), but none was ever promised, so I'll live with it and make it a one-time join unless the owners would like to give that Czech butt a little more display time. I shall remain at all times ready to worship.

For those who like an ALS-Scans type of approach with not quite as many photos but certainly enough, this site is definitely worth consideration.

07-27-14  03:20pm

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Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

A Choice Has Emerged

I was lurking over at this site and got that "old familiar feeling." Then I checked my stash from way back 11-12 years ago. Yes, this site has been posting photo content that originally appeared years ago at SuperGlam.

SuperGlam is still listed as well. Whattaya do? I'd opt for TeenModels for the SuperGlam content because the pic sizes are twice as large and the annoying SuperGlam watermark across the top of the pic is worse (IMHO) than the TeenModels one at the bottom.

I don't mean imply, however, that everything that appeared at SuperGlam is already also on TeenModels. For one thing, there was stuff at SuperGlam of Evelyn Lory and Mia Stone that hasn't shown up at TM.

09-29-13  06:41am

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Visit Wet And Puffy

Wet And Puffy

The Wacky Workings at WAP

I've found that if you choose the "only picture sets" option for browsing the collection, sooner or later it defaults to either the "All" (videos, too) option and transports you to a different time and place or to a parental warning-type page.

When I tried the "All" option, things worked OK.

However, the gallery browsing, page-by-page within a gallery, doesn't always work correctly either. I finally just went to downloading what I liked after a while and skipped the detailed photo viewing.

It's not a bad site, content-quality wise, but navigating it you could wind up like Henry Hudson looking for China.

09-20-13  03:08pm

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Recently Redesigned, But ...

This site has undergone a recent redesign. It looks better. Trouble is, the thumbnails in the galleries are still really small, and there's no way to adjust that other that to magnify the size of the browser window (or do something of that sort with the system toolie thingies) and get a nice big table full of pixelated T 'n A.

So, keep that champagne in the cellar.

07-19-13  03:07pm

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Visit Babespotting.tv


For $10, You Can't Beat It

I'm gonna look like a shill here, at first anyway. I'm getting to the end of $10 one-month membership. Can't complain too much.

There is lots of exclusive material here, and a bit of stuff I've seen elsewhere, such as Playful Anne's outdoor shoots at ArtLingerie. But the Babespotting large pics are bigger, so I'll shut up.

I'm not thrilled by some of the photosets that are just quick, strippy affairs that leave the rest to the imagination. But there are plenty of photo galleries that do very well in extending the fantasy "narrative" right down to the denouement.

One caveat: Some of the photos are as blurry as condensation on the eyewear, and those were letdowns. Still, that's not reason enough to skip the goodies!

I recommend this sight with only a touch of reservation.

06-09-13  07:53am

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Visit Eva's Garden

Eva's Garden

A Site in Crisis

If you go to the galleries page, you'll see that there has been no update since March 10th. You'll also see online discussion about what's going on. Not everything is clear, but it seems possible that this site is "on the ropes."

It's a shame. I think I can attribute to Patrick Ryan an outstanding ability to get the models to look very sexy and happy. The genre might not be to everyone's taste, but I think he's excellent at what he does.

04-05-13  08:28pm

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Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

Joysen "Savage" Question

I haven't been a member of this site for a while, but I pay it a "lurking" visit every once in a while. The Jan. 17th, 2013 gallery of Joysen (aka Jana, Lisen, etc.) looked strangely familiar. Then I checked my stash and there it was. The earliest date on the photos was June 20, 2009, which just happened also to be the date that I had joined the site for the first time. The girl has been a favorite of mine so I probably snapped up the gallery the day that I joined.

Sometimes, sites will use the same name of a gallery series, and different parts are posted on different dates. Errotica-Archives does that, for instance. However, the photos matched in the case of the Teen Models "Savage" gallery.

Gee, I hope this site hasn't started recycling content.

01-17-13  06:22pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Getting to Be Less Than Expected

Through this site, I joined the whole Diesel Access network for a 5-month subscription. I was expecting photo sets in various sizes and both portrait and landscape orientations in them as they've done in the past.

However, lately, the site seems to have gone more to just landscape shots that max at close to 2000 px on the long end. The shoots are also shorter, and they emphasize pussy closeups so much that they're more about that than they are about the girl.

To me, that gets old. Maybe Diesel is saving on prep time by doing shoots more this way. If that's the idea, then good for them. And I'll have wasted some of my money on a pay site again, which is something I'll not easily forget.

09-30-12  04:46am

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Visit Daphoz


Zips! Finally ...

Daphoz now has zip files. I did some looking around and downloaded a few from earlier months just to get an idea of the extent of this change.

There's good and perhaps bad about this. The zips came through at a nice speed, 2-2.4 mhz per second. (That's fast for an old-timer like me who remembers the days when an OS was installed from a series of 1.2 mb floppy disks and modems maxed a 52Khz, theoretically.)

However, only one size is available, the probably-taller-than-you 42xx pixels!

Still, if you've got an up-to-date machine, it probably won't put a dent in the performance when you crack the zip and oggle the goodies.

Susana Spears is the girl of the month. So far, there's just a bts type photoset and one of her showing off her splendid Czech masterpiece on a stairway. It's the first new stuff I've seen of her in quite some time.

Hoping for more!!

05-20-12  02:58pm

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Visit Orgasms.xxx


Well I'll Be Dane Jones!

Look at the preview shots for Orgasms.xxx. Then look at the ones for Dane Jones. It won't take too long to notice the identical content.

Now, I don't mean to be running to the kitchen to tattle on anyone. The content looks great. I just wonder why one is so much like the other.

Would these be called clones, or just fraternal twins?

03-26-12  01:17pm

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Visit European Glamour Girls

European Glamour Girls

This EGG is Cooked

When you go to the join page, there's now a notice that the site is a "closed project." It's still going to be up (for how long, who knows) and the entire collection will be made available for $79 US.

It's sad to see this go. Martin Krake, the photographer, has given us some excellent work over the 8 years he's been active with the site. I can still even remember in 2004 when he earlier had a pay-per-set site and was going by the pseudonym "Victor Lindenborn."

Hopefully Martin will be getting his work on to other sites, at least.

03-18-12  06:16am

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Visit Daphoz


Nice Pics But No Zipchelada

I joined this site and in fact, it was me who asked that it be listed at PU. There's some nice exclusive stuff of babes like Bambi (long time no see!), Sandra Shine (still hot!), Dominika C (yeah!), Lauryn May, Kami the Redheaded Czech Sweetie, and Melissa "the Butt."

The stuff of Melissa is particularly awesome.

However, the big letdown is that there are no zips and the site isn't download-manager friendly, either, at least not in my hands.

Basically, they have a girl-of-the-month system with updates once a week or so, but actually they come at irregular times. You'll get more of earlier girls sometimes as well, and then there will be a dry spell.

So this is a recommendation with a big caveat stuck in the middle of it.

PS: They're crossing the Big Pond a bit. Sarah Peachez is the currently featured girl.

02-18-12  09:12am

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Visit Fever Models

Fever Models

Do they think 4000 pixels means 2000?

I joined this site and found that whether you click to download the 2000 pixel images or the 4000 pixel images, you always get the 2000 pixel zip file. Are there no 4000 pixel images on the site?

They advertise on the site: "high resolution photos (4000px)"

01-11-12  02:58am

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

Alexis Venton, WOW

I've seen Alexis Venton at other sites, including ATK Galleria, but I must say that she looks absolutely stunning at ATK Petites. My compliments to whoever did her hair and makeup, it's just perfect.

And the sexy outfits!

12-23-11  06:27am

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

It's Gonna Be a Long, Long Login

"It's gonna be a long time before it's done ..." (For the voice, think David Crosby on the first CSN album)

I joined a while (well, a long, long time) ago on their $10 per month discount special. The issue at hand, though, is the time it takes from clicking to log in to BEING logged in. The wait is quite exceptionally LONG.

Just wondering if anyone else has time to refill the coffee cup between login "click" and login "done" with this site. Does it appear to be a long, long time?

12-12-11  08:02pm

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Visit ATK Premium

ATK Premium

Redesigned Version Started Today

I've been hanging around this site probably longer than I should, but it was nice to see as of today that it has a new design quite similar to the one for ATK Galleria.

I was getting quite tired of the clunky, texty old way the recent updates page was, so it's a very welcome change!

It looks great and from what I experienced looking and searching around, it works pretty well, too.

And there was a new gallery of Eufrat. Yay!

12-09-11  03:26pm

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Visit Glamazones



I was checking out the preview area, which doesn't take you very far, but it was enough to notice that at least some of the content is probably the same as at Walter Bosque Art.

Not that that's a problem. They both cost about the same, though "WBA" might have more content on hand.

Walter Bosque Art is a great site if you like hot South American women (mostly Argentinian?) who like to show off that junk in the trunk.

11-13-11  04:53pm

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Visit ATK Archives

ATK Archives

Curious About Remastered Images

I wonder if by remastered images if they also mean resized. Or are they all still 1024 pixels on the long end?

I tried to find out by going to their "Real Time Model Directory" as a visitor, but it's got an SQL problem and is spewing error messages.

09-17-11  04:21am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Vous avez fait un faux numéro

That is, "You've got the wrong number."

Just following through a bit on the comment in Tangub's review (06-28-11) about links that go to the wrong photo sets. (And each pic set is numbered.)

I've run into it a few times here. Links to the wrong set of a model, and sometimes links to the wrong model! Like the Nikky Case (Irena) set being put, set for set, under the thumbnails of Cassy, who's next to her chronologically.

Sure, people make mistakes ... because they're careless. And if they don't bother ever to correct them, well, maybe they just don't care.

09-05-11  09:48am

Replies (5)
Visit Aziani


RAM Jam, Thank You Ma'am

Boy, I kept wondering if I was doing something wrong here at Aziani. I'd be going through the material just fine, with everything running at a good speed. Then I'd click on a single pic to view from one of the galleries and BAM! It was like time standing still.

Then shutting down Firefox took forever, with ctrl-alt-deletes and all. Reboot, and the damn Firefox was still in a coma. And shutting it down was another coffee break. Reboot again.

There are sites with pics much larger in file size that don't give me this problem. And I've had it again and again, even after taking the precaution of rebooting and visiting ONLY the Aziani site.

I like the site. It's got nice, new sets of models like Breanne Benson, Monique Alexander, Kagney Lynn Carter, and the still fabulous Kirsten Price (just one so far). Plus, there's recent stuff of Nikki Nova at her "ClubNikki" that prove that she's as dynamite as ever, too. And it's all exclusive stuff.

24MainStreet, which I'd thought was long gone, is now here and they've even just started posting pics, just new ones, at a size larger than 1200 px -- FINALLY. Welcome to the future! (I hadn't been there since 2005, so that's another six years of a very naked kind of conservatism.)

Glad I joined, but I'm getting just a little tired of the RAM problem. Just a little ...

09-02-11  05:56pm

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Visit Fucked Hard GFs

Fucked Hard GFs

Looks Interesting ...

From the folks who brought us FuckedHard18 ... But this one is supposedly home video sent in by the pornstars' boyfriends. That's a difference, since at FH18, they pretty much all had the same "boyfriend."

07-29-11  04:17pm

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