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Visit 18 Virgin Sex

18 Virgin Sex

Bad costumer-service

Joined in a package (34.95) - but last two weeks I've only had access to ONE site - passwork do not work on the others after the site changed all passwords around Christmas.
Wrote websmaster - no response.
Wrote Epoch two weeks ago - an answer stated: Contact webmaster.
Still nothing - so take care with this UK-based company.

01-10-09  03:10am

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Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme

FREE FOR YOU! - a major hoax?????

Just got a mail:
"Free Membership for Loyal Members"
Then it goes on:
"We've automatically upgraded your old account into a free member account."

Hey, wow - a PU thinks.......and you log in - with your e-mail and new password - BUT: What the f...!!
No way to get anything - then after realizing this is shit - you get the message: Account not found!
"Your subscription has expired! Please feel free to renew your membership on the settings page. As a gift for your loyalty, we are happy to offer a 20% discount on your subscription fee in case you purcase an annual membership."

Man, really - what kind of policy is this........I'll go elsewhere. Jeeeez.

03-24-11  08:56am

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Anal, anal, anal, my....

A member at the moment, but miss straight porn - solo and hc. The network has introduced a sweet little thing: Jalace - very cute.
But erotica, solo, straight hc - nada. Only anal, anal and anal....Incredible.
And most of the other updates are the same.

01-12-13  06:11am

Replies (2)
Visit 21Sextury.com



I remember a time when this network was among the Top 5 at TBP - it's not, anymore.
Got back here a week ago after several joins in the past years - and serious disappointed...
Way too few re-editing of olders vids, which I was hoping for - a way to little of good ol' straight porn: hc and solo.
It's primarily anal, footsie, dp and other more far out fetish - even the ol' site "Pix and Video" - now tends more and more to anal - even if the network is loaded with sites of that content.
The thrill is gone, the erotica is gone.
Guess that why you'll find it in the lower section of top-TBP sites.

BTW: I dislike the latest layout - and really hates the latest navigation....

01-01-13  06:24am

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Visit 21Sextury.com



Is it only me? - that can't find the good ol' preview - preview with updates, preview for certain models, search for ditto, ect.
Earlier you could look up what content with each model, what was new..but now it's limited in the worse way...
You can't search by name - you get 3 "more models" in "search" - the same in "scenes" ect. - then you go to "join".

11-28-12  06:10am

Replies (0)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Re-edit older vids

According to the amount of reviews, comments ect. for this generally fine network - and at a fair price - a lot of PU have joined this over the years - and like me - quite a few probably several times.

So I just joined again - and no regrets.
But one thing on my mind is reediting of older vids - I joined this time primarily to pick up some of those great vids from 2004-2007/8 that I missed or deleted by mistake long ago.

Anybody here have any knowledge of plans at the network to make some of those old vids into better viewing quality????
The question - of course - includes the webmasters...

01-10-12  05:36am

Replies (6)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Webmaster, please!

Our one time good olī 21Sextury.com seems to give their customers some problems at the moment - according to quite a lot of comments here.
We've talked about getting/inviting the webmasters to join discussions about their site/sites - but all we hear from the Gibraltar-based 21Sextury.com is NADA - nothing!

Some answers, some help to your paying customers would really be nice, amigos!

01-17-11  06:13am

Replies (2)
Visit 21Sextury.com


2008 videos

This site/network is still going through changes in design, navigation ect. - and obviously something else.
(it's still a top-site - see Wittyguys review!)

But something weird about the video-archives, though - and that's a bummer:
Videos dated in 2008 are all - those I've been through - only at 'medium quality' or less - and that 'medium quality' is NOT good. Blurred, grainy ect.
But the videos from 2007, 2006 or even further back have a choice of 'high quality' - and if not of 2010 standard, they are ok.

But what's with those 2008-videos? - present members: please try to check it out..be glad to get a feed back...

02-25-10  07:43am

Replies (2)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Comming back

Not only to be fair - but mostly as an update from a present member to other PUs considering this site/network (again):
Much better for the user these last 24 hours. Links that did not work earlier are on the track now. Updates are now working from the date they're placed - and the download/browsing speed has been fine.
My humble guess is that 21st Sextury has suffered (along with the users) from this radical change of design, navigation, download options ect. Looks like the tech-guys are working hard here.

02-23-10  01:00pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


A new network here - less updates

This in many ways great site has changed - oh, a fine new price ($19.95 for the first month) - and a completely new design - and something bad. Just joined for the 10th or more times (apropos the poll)
When I got in here today everything was different - no wonder that TBP states 'No recent review' - well, maybe not - but top-sites reviews within 21st Sextury is still there ( a 99 of Club Sandy from exotics, for one).

The style is completely different - remember that helpfull 'calender' with the small thumbs - it's gone - oh, they still got some sort of a calender, but no thumbs - you got to move the curser for each date..AND at some at Club Sandy you cannot even get a thumbnail with the curser - it's just blank.
A lot of new details to get used to here - I hate it - as an old geezer getting back to once a favorite site....the navigation seems a mess.

BUT what's worse - in spite of the $ 19.95 deal - NOW ONLY UPDATES at Pixandvideo every SECOND day! The same goes for Club Sandy and other so called bonus sites - ok, some of them have not updates for a looooong time, anyway.

AND, jeeezz....No download speed now over 300 kb

Well, going to spend some time here to look at the bonus sites and more - and I'll be back with a 'new' review.

BTW: Blue Angel Live is now a part of the deal in the first month.

02-18-10  06:10am

Replies (0)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Another upgrade

Just as we have had the latest 99-score review from exotics (Club Sandy, included the bonus-sites) - here is what seems to be one more upgrade to the benefit of users/costumers.
It looks like you get 40 sites right away - fine.
Spend some time browsing - and here we got damn fine video-previews for most - or at least the latest videos of all sites.
In general the preview has gained a lot here....

NOT sure about the join-deal/price - it seems a bit strange. I'd like an explanation - anybody - or maybe even from the webmaster...

11-25-09  06:07am

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Visit 8Teen Kitties

8Teen Kitties

New company

Anyboby been around here.
Never heard of this Cyprus-based company before.
SOME of the small preview content looks good - even if the models mostly are not exclusive (eastern-europe), it still looks some kind of promissing. Apart from the fact that, if you try to go to "next page" you just go to sign up - that does NOT seem attractive, though.
Never get the real idea about the amount of content here....
AND - when at signup, they promiss 30+ bonus sites - what are they???
When checking the company the only got 3 sites - one is gay, by the way (man, that rimes)....
AND when you try to sign up from Europe - again the price is Euro: 24.95 - or $30.95....

12-10-08  10:22am

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Visit abbywinters


100 ??????

We've just had a 100-score for this site - sorry, do not get it.
The amount of stuff here is huge, but the content?
It may be a matter of taste, but most girls here are somewhere between plain and ordinary in the amateur-way. Except from the boring lez-scenes, it's close to beeing just a nudist-site..
Ok, if that turns on some, fine by me - but a 100.
Been a member twice (the second time in hope for improvement) - never saved anything...

01-28-09  08:15am

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Visit Adam Cruise

Adam Cruise

Gay-sites or not

I'll probably take some heat with this one - but I take my chances.
I just picked this here site as an example among the vast amount of gay-sites in New Listing.
At the moment almost half of the sites in New Listing are gay - I do NOT have anything against gay people (live and let live) and do not consider myself a bigot.

But during the long time I've been active here at PU, 99% of the reviews, comments and more are some kind of hetero or straight or whatever - still the amount of gay-sites presented is getting higher and higher.
I honestly am getting a little bored in my browsing through New Listings...

So, ok, what about a split-up at TBP - especially in New Listing?

And ok, some could ask: should we also split-up trans, BDSM, bizarre or more....

I don't know, really - so this is just a question for other PUs.

01-03-08  12:11pm

Replies (8)
Visit Adult Movie Club

Adult Movie Club

Streaming-problems and more

Both this user and Messmer have experienced some serious streaming-problem at this site - see the review from exotics4me - and replys.
Just mailed them about it, afterall.
Will let you know if anything comes out of it...
(Too bad, because they sure have some fine and also somewhat more rare content).

06-26-08  06:25am

Replies (7)
Visit All Network Pass

All Network Pass

Serious warning

Suddenly got an e-mail:

Greetings - your member account has been activated....

What? Never joined this site, but I see that my login/password is the same as I use on three other sites - so which one/billingco. has sent my infos to this site/billingco.
Man, this is a bummer! Now I have to use time to take action...

The billing here for All Network Pass came from EnzoSupport.com - never heard of this co. before.

Update: I just got my bank to block this creditcard - because it's obvious that some other billing company has sent on my infos - starting a research and if I found out wich billingco. to watch out for, you all will be the first to know...

06-20-09  03:25am

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Visit All X Danish

All X Danish

A laugh

NOTHING danish here - and should probably say most about a site like this...


08-12-09  10:37am

Replies (1)
Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Amazing - but......

Just went to this site - AGAIN - and it could easily be in the top...
NEVER have I seen such sweet/great/beautiful/natural looking US-teens/girls/women as here - never!
Can't name them all.
But: what a pity - this is (still) like a site for the producer and NOT the viewer - almost no full body scenes and repetition after repetition...

We've had some fine reviews - quote from exotics:
"- Sex is like Sex by Numbers, nearly every scene follows the exact same pattern, and combined with Thomas' repetitive humor, the site itself becomes repetitive"

"-The scenes are extremely repetitious. The girl sucks his cock, there may be vaginal,and the guy comes in her mouth......"

This owner/producer has a gift for locating great models - but wish that gift could also include a renewal of the site-concept...you might call it "Amateur Allure Close-ups".
More bodies - we want to look at the girls!!!!

06-07-10  07:57am

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

A bummer

First: I really regret spending $ 33 at this site.
Amateur Allure for sure has some of the cutiest, swell looking models that I've not seen anywhere else, Great!
But when that is said: The style of filming, the poor photo-quality and almost entirely close-ups (video), the site is generally not worth much - unless you're a devoted close-up blowjob-fan or swallow-ditto.

Every scene has the exact same way/style/editing - and what I miss here is fine views of the models bodies - nada - also here it's almost entirely close-ups.
Too bad, because most of the models are just top.....
Have not saved one single file

10-23-08  07:43am

Replies (5)
Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Video files/VLC

Anybody - former og present members - tried to play a little older .mov files from this site - and using VLC Media Player?
The VLC cannot play them - (no problem with newer files) - and the VLC is generally faster to use than Quicktime...so...
Any idea why?

10-17-08  02:09pm

Replies (2)
Visit Amour Angels

Amour Angels


Like our old buddy Drooler here at PU I still get more and more frustrated about a lot of newer sites - and their promisses. In spite of good research into previews and so on. Some of us been at it a long time.
One example (again): Amour Angels.
jd1961 received a newletter where they stated more updates on videos - good news - it seemed. And even better: They would "fill up the archives"
I joined and wrote a mail about videos to some webmaster - and the answer was, that they have started updating videos daily.
I've been staring at the same socalled update for the last six days.
And about filling up archives: Nothing!!!!

Do these guys take us PU for jerks?

11-20-07  02:13pm

Replies (4)
Visit Amour Angels

Amour Angels

New Site?

Anybody know if Amour Angels has changed, been updated generally/redesigned with new video-style/format?
Just found two great AA videos (over 350 mB) on the usernet....
IcemanTT's review in May did'nt look as if the site is worth munch.

08-23-07  07:14am

Replies (2)
Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

STILL PROBLEMS - new warning

Lets face it: Some of those sites do not live op to the standard of "fine costumer" service!
After problems with new passwords and continously mails to both Epoch and the site, things are not right.
Amour Babes -site got me into the mainsite, but the (importend) bonus-sites do not work in any way. Just mailed Epoch again - and they say mail the webmaster and the webmaster do NOT feed back..

SO to PU's generally about this site/network: I cannot recommend it - so take care, folks...

12-26-08  06:56am

Replies (6)
Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

"Warning" cancelled

Just to the benefit of other may-be-interested PUs, this site, included the bonus-dittos (like 18 Virgin Sex) is up and running again.
BTW: They better because I see that 18 Virgin Sex today is at the top of TBP New Reviews....
Got back my access within the 24 hours - what I gather from the info is that all members have had access-problems duo some general technical ditto...

NB: Latest: Now the bonus-sites (like 18 Virgin Sex) do not work as bonus-links...hope they get their act together soon..

12-23-08  05:37am

Replies (0)
Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

Could be a warning?

Any other members here?
Just got a message/mail, that they due to technical problems has changed my password - well, ok.
But now the new password does not work and tried to seek help - but the auto-reinstatement of the password does not work either - just stating my membership has expired - it'll expire in mid January - shit!
I hate it when you - as a paying costumer - get troubles like that...
Tried to mail them once more - but got another auto-answer: "mail could not be delivered"...

12-22-08  07:04am

Replies (9)

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