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Visit Elle Sommers

Elle Sommers

Amateur Sex AND Non-Nude?

I try not to go off on too many rants, but when I checked out TBP today I noticed this site which was categorized as both Non-Nude and Amateur Sex. I know that Non-Nude is a new category and maybe it was just mis-categorized for a previous review, but how can this be? I've also seen the "Sex" designation placed on sites that I was pretty confident were just modeling sites, so it's happened before. However, in this case it seems a lot more definitive that there wouldn't be sex with no one getting undressed!

Maybe it isn't a big deal, but I have made the assumption in the past that if TBP or PU uses the term "Sex" that means intercourse. We could get into a whole argument over Bill Clinton and saying that BJs and other oral contact isn't sex. However, I don't think that's the issue here. I just wanted to put that out there, but I could just be beating a dead horse. Opinions?

05-27-07  12:26pm

Replies (5)
Visit Femdom Time

Femdom Time

The Line Between Dom and Sub?

I've checked out site like this before and not been especially impressed with the torture themes, but I've been reluctant to criticize any of them since I'm quite sure some people find this kind of thing very sexy. I was initially intrigued by the world of FemDom because I dislike how women are portrayed on most porn sites as total airheads who'll do anything to get fucked.

The only problem I have is that FemDom seems to just go to the other extreme by "punishing" men or other women who fit the traditional scenarios. Is there such a thing as a site with strong women who like being powerful but not necessarily dominating? I'd love to see either that or scenarios where the man and woman (or multiple women) trade off roles throughout.

So, if anyone has heard of that I'd be very interested to hear about it. As for this site, if you are looking for light FemDom this doesn't appear to be where you'll find it. Most of the scenes seem very extreme which as I said at the beginning is surely just the thing for some folks. I just wish I was one of them!

04-05-07  11:37am

Replies (4)
Visit Flexi Fetish Girls

Flexi Fetish Girls

Do Soft Nudes Make You A Whore?

By now everyone knows I'm looking for strong fit women and I won't bore you other than to say I'm looking for more fit than this site offers. What I did want to comment on was something from the site's tour that piqued my curiousity. Does softcore porn consisting only of nude solo shots make you a whore? Well, according to the tour it does!

The real issue I'm interested in gets back to a poll question I posed a few months ago asking about when softcore becomes hardcore. Regardless, I think the term "whore" is innapropriate if you get your picture taken by yourself, but if the girls touch themselves is it still softcore? I want to say yes, but since I usually go for the hard stuff I wonder what you softcore fans out there think.

Just curious!

10-11-07  12:23pm

Replies (4)
Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online

A Retroactive Month...For Free!

A little over a month ago I reviewed this site after enjoying a month's membership. Although I had some qualms with the site, I praised it for its ingenuity and saw only good things on the horizon. My intention was to check back in with the site after a few months to see how it had grown and to report on whether or not it was deserving of the promise I had forecasted.

While the jury is still out, I am happy to report that the site automatically gave everyone who joined during 2007 an extra month of membership, even for those who had already cancelled. I confirmed that my membership was again active and am pleased to report that I have full access. Not a ton has changed (and I wouldn't have expected a lot of change that fast), though updates have continued to be steady and more girls are featured overall.

I still plan to check back in with the site in a few months to allow them some time to make improvements to the site, but if guestures like providing a free month to past customers are any indication, I think the site is headed in the right direction.

01-04-08  01:08pm

Replies (1)
Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online

Have My Geeky Dreams Come True?

I sound just like an 80s sorority girl, but OH MY GOD! Can this be the site I've waited for all these months? By all means, anyone check it out, but I'll be reviewing this one personally as soon as I get the time. It looks a bit small at the moment, but any great site starts out that way. Of course it could be too good to be true and no substance. However, I'll take that risk! :)

10-26-07  12:09pm

Replies (3)
Visit Goddess Heather

Goddess Heather

Is Heather Worth It?

I'd be very interested to see the inside of Heather's site and unlike some other amateur sites that can be pricey, she does seem to offer good picture quality at a fair price. However, I can't see myself joining unless she offered a full access trial or I heard from more members.

01-31-07  12:32pm

Replies (0)
Visit Gods Girls

Gods Girls

Goth & Tattoo: Does It Float Your Boat?

From the small picture on the review page and the three reviews themselves, I had the sense that this was a mainstream erotic modeling website with a focus on photography. When I actually visited the site I found that it was very much centered on goth and tattoo culture. I'm not trying to knock that kind of site since I actually like them in general, but I think the reviews could have been improved by indicating the kind of site somehwere in the review. There are people that would very much dislike this content and could have been misled by the reviews. That aside, if this kind of thing does "float your boat" then this site is for you and appears to have great potential as stated in the reviews.

01-31-07  08:27pm

Replies (6)
Visit Good Dyke Porn

Good Dyke Porn

Anybody Been a Member of This One?

I think I already know the answer to my question, but I had to ask since sites like these come along only once in a blue moon. It features supposedly real lesbian sex with actual homosexuals (what a concept!) which appeals to me on a couple levels. First, it's more likely to feature real people having real orgasms and, second, some of the girls appear to have a more "tomboy" look which is a fetish of mine and often very difficult to find.

So, if anyone joins this one please report back ASAP, but I have a feeling the first review may be my own. Stay tuned!

10-18-07  08:23pm

Replies (0)
Visit Hall Of Fame Stars

Hall Of Fame Stars

Everything Old Is New Again?

I've begun to notice a trend in releasing classic porn content and wonder if it's really catching on. For a long time many classic vids were only available on low quality production company websites or free sites, but now there seems to be a market for the classics on the internet so those of us who enjoy these films can avoid the rental counter altogether. I'd like to say that it's catching on since so many sites seem to be popping up, but is that a consensus? I imagine you have to have been alive to enjoy certain genres since I love 80s and 90s porn, but find 70s stuff not to my liking probably because I was way underage then. Thoughts?

10-30-07  12:31pm

Replies (5)
Visit Her First Fat Girl

Her First Fat Girl

Hot Lesbian Sex, No Interaction

I wrote a comment about Mandy's personal site awhile ago where I expressed my apprehension to join her site again because of the high price. I find Mandy very sexy and it's one of those sites I keep coming back to every 6 months or so. I love her picture sets, she does cam faithfully, and she's pretty damn hot!

So, why am I referring to all that stuff from her "other" site? Because frankly I thought that all that would be available at this site which features her having lesbian encounters with traditional sized models. Unfortunately, interaction with Mandy isn't part of this one which is all the more dissapointing since I thought even with all that included her prices were high for what you get in return.

So, for the true Mandy fan (of which I consider myself one) you have to shell out around $40 a month to see everything she does. That's certainly her right, but I think that's an awful lot to ask her members to pay when supersites that cost less offer infinitely more content. In her defense, Mandy's personal touches are numerous and genuine, so I can't really quibble with her effort and, again, she can charge whatever she wants.

If there are any other members here I would very much like to know what they think. The last impression I want to leave with anyone is not to give her site a try since she's the sexiest BBW (she classifies herself that way) on the planet as far as I'm concerned and she's a real doll. I just wish she'd combine her sites for the price of one.

04-03-07  08:21pm

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Visit Her First Gang Sex

Her First Gang Sex

Amateurs? Please!

I know I've ranted about this before and I probably will again, but there is nothing about this site that is amateur! A quick look at the tour page reveals several pornstars included in the updates. Gia Paloma, Kasey Kox, and Aurora Snow, while beautiful girls, have been around the block several times.

I understand that much of the initial information on a site like this comes from the producers of the site, but I had identified pros within 5 seconds of hitting the tour page. As someone who looks hard for amateur content, this kind of thing just adds to the numerous search results that become very difficult to narrow down.

If anything can be done to make sure this stuff is correctly marked as pornstar content, it would really help those of us looking for true amateurs.

10-01-07  12:18pm

Replies (0)
Visit Housewife Adventures

Housewife Adventures

Are They Even Trying Anymore?

As an ongoing rant, I never fail to be surprised at how thinly veiled sites are getting in regards to a theme. Maybe my memory suffers, but didn't they use to try to make us believe the scenarios just a little bit? The women on this site are clearly not housewives and I doubt highly they ever will be. They don't even change the names anymore!

I don't know about anyone else, but a little bit of fantasy would be nice and since they have gotten so blatant with the lackthereof perhaps I'm in the minority. Admittedly there is a fine line between effective fantasy elements and an enormous cheese factor, so it isn't easy to do. However, could they at least try? If not, why even bother with the housewives theme? Why not just call it Pornstars Screwing Each Other?


06-03-07  06:04pm

Replies (8)
Visit Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly

Impressive Tour Area

When I hit a website's tour I'm not looking for a handout, but I do think there should be a sufficient amount of content and detail available. Too often I've hot a site and the video preview lasts about 5 seconds. They couldn't spare one video? Well, this site offers a couple minutes of video and a nice amount of detail on the updates. That's more common for large network sites, but I found it refreshing for an amateir site like this one.

01-28-08  08:54pm

Replies (1)
Visit Hungarian Honeys

Hungarian Honeys

Anyone Been to This Site Lately?

I was thinking of joining this site as it has content on two of my favorite euro pornstars (Olivia de Treville and Veronica Vanoza), but the TBP review is about a year and a half old and I wondered if anyone could offer a more recent view. I'd be much obliged! :)

02-15-07  01:42pm

Replies (0)
Visit Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Is It Worth the Price of Admission?

I am not a fan of tattooed girls in general since I think tats usually take away from the natural beauty of a woman. I don't say that to "diss" anyone who likes punk girls or anything in the goth genre. However, there are just some girls like Liz Vicious and Regan Reese who look good with numerous tats on different parts of their body (and I'm not counting girls who have the one tat above their asses which looks hot on many girls).

Another of those rare specimens (in my opinion) is Joanna Angel, and I was thrilled to see TBP note that she has her own personal site in addition to her BurningAngel website which is very popular. Joanna is definitely unique and I'm hopefully that her site is as well, but on the tour I didn't see that much hardcore except for her giving some guy a blowjob and plenty of masturbation sequences.

So, if anyone is already a member I'd sure like to know the hardcore level on her personal site. If the content is decent then I'd be ok with the price of under $25 a month, but without some "in and out" I'm not sure I'd signup, not because I don't like Joanna posing and getting herself off, but because there are other sites out there I'd like to try. Any thoughts are welcome.

05-13-07  11:35am

Replies (2)
Visit Kylie Ireland

Kylie Ireland

Searching Individual & Interactive Sites

If you have read my reviews you know I'm always on the prowl for individual sites run by either an amateur or a pro with a high level of interaction. My first "find" is the website of pornstar Kylie Ireland who was popular in the 90s but has also found a lot of success since then which I think shows real staying power. The site looks very interactive as you can access her journal and podcasts without joining. There isn't much in the way of free pics or videos and the design is fairly plain, but it seems like she really runs it herself which usually outweighs any other issues a site may have. I'll probably join and do a review soon to let you all know what I think, but if anyone is a current or past member I'd be interested to hear from you!

03-09-07  09:29am

Replies (0)
Visit Land of Venus

Land of Venus

What's the Price of Asking the Price?

I've been interested in this site for awhile, but when I was checking to see if the cost of this site had changed, the "Join" page asked me to enter a Username, Password, and Email address before I could even find out how much it costs. I've encountered this before, but not very often and it made me ask, "What's the deal with that?"

Perhaps it's harmless and I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but it just doesn't seem right to me. If you are going to ask people to join your site I think it's fair to let users check on your pricing before they give you any information. To me, it's like asking for your name and address before letting you shop in a store: You'd ask why before giving out your personal information.

So, that's my beef and anyone should feel free to say that it's muc ado about nothing. Oh, and by the way, I did give them the info to check the price and it's no longer the $24.95 for two months of access as noted on TBP. Now, it's $24.95 for one month of access and $35 for two months, so I thought I'd pass that along.

05-14-07  08:45pm

Replies (1)
Visit Lez Love

Lez Love

Searching For Real Lesbian Porn

I have been a frequent visitor at LezLoveVideo.com which offers a very wide slection of lesbian videos, both hardcore and softcore, that appeal especially to lesbians but also to couples. What I did not know until just recently however was that the same folks started it all with this site, LezLove.com. I am a fan of the video store and its associated forum, so I thought I'd check out the free side of the original site.

At first glance it appears to have quite a collection of lesbian erotica, especially vintage content. There are many kinds of lesbian porn, some that just focus on kissing and/or tribbing, while others get into the "dyke" genre that isn't always considered P.C. While I can't say that any of these are the exact type of porn I enjoy, I have been increasingly dissatisfied with "mainstream" lesbian porn since it's made by men and often performed by women who are not lesbians. And despite the steamy nature of many lesbian scenes, you really can tell when one or both of the girls isn't really into it.

It's a not right at the top of my list of sites to join, especially since I get the impression that the site isn't updated that much (or at all), but I wanted to put it out there especially if anyone has been a member in the past. At the very least it's an interesting find in the TBP archives that some may enjoy. And if there are any real lesbian aficianados around here I'd sure like to hear from them!

06-12-07  12:30pm

Replies (0)
Visit Lisa Sparxxx

Lisa Sparxxx

Change in Trial Terms?

I was getting some info for sites I was thinking of joining soon and I noticed that the trail price listed on TBP isn't the same as the site itself. According to the site, the trial is for 3 days at $9.95 and not 2 days at $7.95. Is the deal through TBP different or was it changed?

03-11-07  01:42pm

Replies (5)
Visit Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

Is Liz Worth It?

I very much enjoy goth girls and I think Liz is gorgeous, but the cost of joining always makes me hesitate to give this site a try. I would probably even accept a trial that didn't give access to the full site because of my interest. That said, with it being a amateur site the cost really is too high and I would suggest Liz provide a full access one day trial. The price would be a big chunk of my porn budget but without a peek I don't think I'll be joining which is a real shame. She looks hot!

01-31-07  12:19pm

Replies (3)
Visit Mandy's Playhouse

Mandy's Playhouse

Coming back for more?

I've joined Mandy's site more than once and after being away for awhile I always gravitate back. The content isn't everything I would like it to be, but I find Mandy incredibly attractive and hard to resist. I do think her site has historically been too expensive for what you get in return, less so for me, but definitely an issue for the average user. I also wish she did b/g sets, but that's a personal choice that isn't uncommon among girls that run their sites. If anyone has been there recently I'd love to know what's been happening lately and if there have been any significant changes.

03-23-07  09:00pm

Replies (0)
Visit Meat Members

Meat Members

Upsells From Minute #1

I've done a couple reviews of sites from this network and will eventually do one for it overall, but one aspect of the members site really grinds my gears and I thought I'd rant about it here. Why do netowrks that just got a nice sum of money from me to enter their sites try to sell me something the minute...no the second...that I log on for the first time? ARGH!

In this instance, when you enter your nick and pword, you see a cam image of a really sexy girl supposedly doing a cam show. However, you quickly learn that it's just a recorded image from a social networking site trying to get you to join. I understand having ads on member pages to other things you can buy, but to specifically stop my entrance every single time with the same recorded clip it can get a bit aggravating.

So, for all you webmasters out there, before you try to sell us something, can we see some tits and ass first. Just for a few minutes? And maybe change the recorded clip every now and again. I know I can bookmark the "index2" page on the members site, but come on now people!

This concludes my rant. ;)

09-18-07  01:37pm

Replies (0)
Visit Michelle Aston

Michelle Aston

Can You Have Short Hair Without Goth?

Anyone who's been around here for awhile knows of my rants, but only those who actually read them know about my affinity for short haired girls. I have such a hard time finding them since I think the majority for guys like girls with long hair, but does that mean 99.9% of girls in porn should have long hair? I certainly don't think so!

Where I do tend to find a concentration of short hair girls is goth models and those girls that perform in the "Alt" genre, which like it's musical cousin is becoming more mainstream every day. So, I often have a choice: Settle for a long haired girl or a short haired one that's tattooed like a sailor. That's not to say that all gotrh/alt girls have short hair...far from it. But the percentage seems just a little bit more in my favor.

Once again I find a site with a short haired girl covered with tattoos. I'm not complaining since I do like some girls who sport tats, but I find the female body to be the most beautiful thing in the universe and in most cases don't think it needs any help!

So, once again I have to make a choice (cue violins playing sad music) and wish to find a short haired girl with some spunk, but not covered in ink. My quest will continue and if anyone spots one, do let me know. In the meantime, I'll try to find the strength to go on. ;)

07-27-07  04:55pm

Replies (6)
Visit Nakkid Nerds

Nakkid Nerds

Is This Site Still Operating?

I hadn't joined in the past because it looked like updates weren't happening, but was going to join after finding no real similar content. However, I get a domain registration page when I click the link. Anybody know the status of this site? The nerdy girl niche is sorely lacking already, so I don't want to lose this one!

01-31-07  01:50pm

Replies (2)
Visit Naughty At Home

Naughty At Home

More Variety and Better Price?

I was a member of this site more than 6 months ago, so I won't write a full review. The girl here is absolutely gorgeous and one of the few amateur sites that showcase a woman with short hair. As an aside, short hair is a HUGE fetish of mine and sorely lacking in the pron world. Anyway, what caused me to stop my membership was the lack of variery in her videos. She does girls and boys with many different themes, but each one started the same way with the camera panning up from her feet to her head, her introducing the video, and then proceeding from there. It may seem like a really small thing since I find her incredibly attractive, but that's what caused me to leave. It just got boring and I'd love to see her mix it up in the future. The other thing was cost, but I do have to say you get the bang for your buck quite literally. However, to stay a regular member again I'd have to see a better deal. I think some girls don't realize that if you bring the price down you'll have more folks stay members for a long time. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I always wonder.

01-31-07  01:15pm

Replies (3)

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