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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Wow that Cindy and Lulu video, a gem

Probably now goes in my top ten erotic lesbian films. truly brilliant, the ass licking with ice cream was so hot, more films like this please, hot hot hot.

I'll give a full review soon when I've seen more.

I really don't find women look there best with all that makeup on though, loads will I know but never done it for me. I am loving the site though as theres other girls without the glam look too, much sexier.

My problem also with the glammed up look is it makes the girl look not like the do normally, Suzie Carina is one of my favs and her latest vid has her looking a lot older and just no where near as sexy as she does in say sapphic erotica as Klara

Oh and another thing that I don't like and thats dildo obsessed lesbian vids, much sexier watching the girls use their fingures and tongues to have sex, much more natural in my eyes, I've never like toys though.

01-01-08  04:05am

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Biggest Ripoff I've ever seen $95.60 for 30 days

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I'm currently a member of Wowgirls so I check their 18onlygirls offer they had on the Wowfandom network and thought it might be cheaper with me being a member of one of their sites already. Got the shock of my life when it said 55.95 for 30 days access to 18onlygirls.com which is a whopping $95.60, I was expecting $19.99.

Guess what, I won't be taking them up on their offer.

07-20-14  07:05am

Replies (4)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

What happened to the new membership network access

Did I hear wrong but I thought I read a couple of weeks ago on the wow girls profile, Dieselman say that they were bring in a join one site get access to all the Diesel network sites, it would begin that weekend or the next, this was 2 weeks ago but no change on the website when you click join.

Is this still going to happen or did I misunderstand what was posted.

02-23-13  06:30am

Replies (6)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Can you no longer join the network

I used to love this site but no longer see an option to join the network unless you pay for 5 months. Is there a way, curious why this is no longer possible.

09-16-12  05:50am

Replies (7)
Visit 18 Years Old

18 Years Old

I'd give this site a miss to be honest

I'll give a full review soon , but the speed of the servers here are a joke, On Sunday when I signed up It three times whilst downloaded got stuck and you could get a page to load back for a bit, gave it the benifit of doubt and went back on yesterday, same things happened around 5 or 6 times , and even when it downloads its at snail pace, 15kbps to be precise was what I was getting for a movie of 150mb and said 4 hours to download , that site was real ex-girlfriends mind you but on the network, max speed I got was 50kbps on 8 year old, that far too slow for me, especially when the vid quality is only 512 X 288.

Yeah theres some nice girls here, too many with tattooes for my liking but some cuties, but the speed of downloads is too slow. I checked my broadband speed at that was normal so it wasn't my broadband causing the speed issues.

01-25-08  07:04am

Replies (2)
Visit 18 Years Old

18 Years Old

Does this sound like I've been had

I've just registered with this site and used my mastercard , I've never heard of the billing company localbillinglimited.com , Has anyone here heard of them. Its sounds fishy does this, the page after I got accepted came up without a subscription number like you get with all the others and said it had sent a confirmation email, only no email and it also had a link to the members area but when I enter and it is the correct username and password cause it says what they are on the acceptance page but they don't work and just return back the login box again blank.

Whats should I do, do you think its fraud, should I contact my creditcard company ?

Never had any trouble with any other site in the past.

update its working fine now, don't get why I had to wait 50 mins to access. Still haven't received the confirmation email though, I've sent a ticket to the customer support at the billing company, which to be fair does look very professional, it just had me worried a little when I couldn't get access.

01-19-08  03:13pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


If you sign up for a year do you get all the sites instantly

Just wondering if you sign up with the year subscription if you get all the sites instantly without waiting till the 3rd or 4th month or whatever it is.

If not

Also does anyone know what sites are exactly included in this site if signing up for the first month

I'm wanting anal teen angels, lez cuties and gapeland

12-04-10  07:07am

Replies (13)
Visit abbywinters


Is this site no longer $33, only comes up with $39

Seems like this site is a little out of my price range at $39 but do like the look of some of the group girl scenes like the nude yoga.

I'm curious about this sites group girl movies and would love to see how many of these type of movies are on the site, By group I mean 3+. I tried clicking on tags but sadly they just show 2 or 3 results as not all scenes must be tagged with the same tag which is frustrating.

01-18-15  03:29am

Replies (8)
Visit About Girls Love

About Girls Love

Please more group lesbian, totally love them

This site is great and I love lesbian movies, but theres nothing hotter than a group of girls naked and having sex with each other. That scene in the kitchen is one of the most hottest things I've seen and would love to see more scenes like this.

01-03-10  01:46am

Replies (0)
Visit All Japanese Pass

All Japanese Pass

Looks very interesting for Japanese Porn Fans

Seems like this site might appeal to the Japanese Porn fans and sounds like some of it is uncesored too which is nice, looks good stuff on the site content as lots of it but the site seemed extra slow to me, having to wait a good while for pages to open.

10-02-11  07:18am

Replies (0)
Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access

Is there still a download limit

Can anyone tell me if theres still the download limit on this site?

03-22-08  06:00am

Replies (0)
Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

What's the deal here, with this 50% off promo email

Just seen an email from Met Art network with yesterdays date and said 50% off which is $14.99 but when you click the join link it says $29.99 and even better for me in the UK 23.61 cause of ccbill ripoff regional pricing thing. So not a deal at all and at nearly 24 one of the most expensive out there.

08-10-13  04:54am

Replies (7)
Visit Anal Teen Angels

Anal Teen Angels

Looks really a promising site

I was hoping to maybe get this site with my lezcuties package when I joined but sadly not. Its a new site so a little pricey at the mo, but the girls are super cute so hopefully soon it will be one of the big sites. Its got cuties from lezcuties on there in straight scenes so looks just up my street.

I'll leave it a while though

01-05-09  02:53pm

Replies (3)
Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Is hazeher.com included in this network package

just wondered if a member can confirm if hazeher.com is included in the network package.

04-07-12  08:19am

Replies (6)
Visit Beauty Angels

Beauty Angels

Is this a limited 2 day trial for this site?

Anyone know if the 2 day trial is limited here, it probably is but just wondering.

03-20-11  04:07am

Replies (6)
Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

Anyone know if it's a full access tour

Just saw a girl I liked that featured on this network and noticed they have some other ok lookers but wondered if it was a full access tour, i saw they now offered one. Anyone know.


07-14-11  06:48am

Replies (5)
Visit Bound Gangbangs

Bound Gangbangs

Blimey have you seen the new update The Party with Princess Donna

I don't think i've ever seen much as extreme as this, very hot stuff but rough as hell, I guess I wouldn't like it if it was not for the end interviews when they say they had a great time, if that's what she enjoys then its OK or she wouldn't do it that extreme. She certainly delivers in this one anyway by the look of the preview. I might have to join now to get this movie.

A little thing though about this movie did keep me awake a little last night though after having more of a think about it. Its a tricky one to say when is a scene going actually too far, I don't like those scenes when the girl is treated just like a piece of meat and not any respect as a human being and they are holding her throat and she is looking like she is just carrying on just to get paid and they can do what they like to her, its so sad and not in the least bit erotic but when the girl actually is up for rough sex its a bit of a mind fu** to be honest cause on one hand she is up for it, she is calling the shots, she likes it rough, but on the other hand, it is a strange thing to be seeing and looks very much like wild raw sex and all the human intimacy taken out. It just got me thinking about things really about human sexuality and what a strange thing it is sometimes when seen in these extremes with a woman getting hit about and fu**ed in every hole going, its an eye opener to the viewer cause lets face it few will ever have sex in real life like these porn star guys do.

I'm certainly not trying to say whats right and wrong here, just trying to work out my own limits of what I wanna see in a sex scene, and if this stuff is a turn on to me at all, when I know the girl is into it, it becomes a tough one to work out if its a turn on or not. Maybe I'm not sure I'm so keen in actually seeing the scene in full now, I feel it may be just a little too rough for me. I'll have to ponder this over a while I think.

01-06-12  09:03am

Replies (5)
Visit Brazzers


Have they got a new site at brazzers and taking regional pricing too far

I got an email from them and this was their site
[url deleted]

Also they really love people from Europe here, for people in America we will charge them $14.99 which is 9.27 so you can imagine the shock I got when I tried to click join and it said 29.99 which is a whopping $48.49 for me , yippee, sounds fair, lol really taking regional pricing to new levels. I think I'll give it a miss.

09-30-12  06:06am

Replies (11)
Visit Club Filly

Club Filly

This site isn't secure so be cautious when joining

Wanted to join here but noticed the http: didn't show as secure and found the security info said unsecure site and not recommended to send any sensitive info over.

Very annoying but I'm not going to risk it.

09-06-13  07:27am

Replies (2)
Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

Can anyone get a trailor to actually work

I keep getting an error message everytime I try a preview saying video not found

10-02-11  03:31am

Replies (0)
Visit Dana Lightspeed

Dana Lightspeed

Anyone know if Belicia's tattoo is real

I've just seen her on just cuties as Dana, she's called Belicia most places and she appears to have a tattoo at the top of her back. I really hope this is just fake as what a disapointment, I hate tattoo's on women and think they look horrid. The totally spoil a girls beauty and in no way add to it. Belicia has for ages been a real favourite of mine cause she had the gorgeous body and innocent smile, this will put me off here for sure. why do it, I've no idea. its not the end of the world lol but just so common looking I think they are. Such a shame.

02-03-08  07:16am

Replies (3)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Price must be different for UK users

Price I was charged was 9.95 ($15.72)

Don't know which currancy converter was used or if the price has risen here but just checked my statement and it was for 9.95, still cheap but just thought I'd point it out for people from the UK, you might pay more than the $9.95 stated.

Site was ok but did find lots of downloads were finishing early and not fully downloading to the end, this was with me using Opera browser though and using firefox seemed to fix the problem, again just a tip for others.

Good site though and some really good orgy movies which I like, not HD though but on the plus side, they didn't take hours to download which bugs me somewhat. I think you have to buy the dvd for HD quality but they do stream HD movies too her so you can watch HD if that's the way you like to watch your porn.

12-12-10  09:36am

Replies (9)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Seems like quite old material only here

Was thinking I might join this site again and was shocked to see its very old dvd clips only, I couldn't see any of the new titles which is a shame. Maybe I can find more upto date Devils releases on another dvd site like Videobox, I'll have a look. Shame cause its a good price here and I like lots of the women that appear on their titles.

09-05-10  06:55am

Replies (1)
Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Wow seems like they got some exclusive stuff recently here

Just heard that Julia Ann had done a gang bang scene here

others too

Allie Haze in a gang bang
Jessie Rodgers in a gang bang
Lexie Belle does anal exclusive coming in September
Dani Daniels does boy/girl in september
Lily Carter does first double penetration and double anal in sep

also Jessie Rodgers doing anal, I know she has done else where though.

I seem to see also that's lots of the newer movies look really well shot and quite arty style which I love right now so it might be worth a look into, seems like they are heading in a good direction.

08-25-12  08:17am

Replies (15)
Visit Ero Nata

Ero Nata

Just found she is also at helens planet

probably most know this already but for those who like her and didn't know she also has a site helensplanet . I just think she is the cutest thing ever, them eyes and her body are amazing. I think she looks like a younger version of Christie Turlington, certainly ha super model looks.

Anyone know her name at nubiles

02-15-09  04:39am

Replies (1)

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