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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Worth a join just for the Veronica Avluv, Julia Anne and Allie Haze movies

I will do a full review soon of the site, I joined as I just had to see more of my new favourite pornstar Veronica Avluv, with her on the site makes the joining fee worthwhile, totally happy with my join on that aspect, its official she is the greatest in my eyes, that's ever been I'd go as far as saying, she just blows my mind in her scenes. She always puts in 110% and just is pure sex on legs. Really wish there was more women like her on the site, theres Julia Ann who comes very close though, amazing face as well.

Overall though this site doesn't really fit much of my tastes, not many ladies I really go for and maybe it's a downside to liking Veronica Avluv cause after seeing her, no one can come close to her. Still I've only seen a few as yet so will have to give it more of a chance.

Anyone recommend any classic movies or models.


08-31-12  08:27am

Replies (2)
Visit Tonight's Girlfriend

Tonight's Girlfriend

Shame this site is only streaming

This site looks really hot and having just joined Naughty America I noticed they advertise it a lot on the right hand side of the site. I really am gutted its not part of the NA network of sites but don't get why they would make make it streaming only, makes little sense to me and the fact it's not made clear is only going to annoy people.

08-31-12  08:16am

Replies (3)
Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Wow seems like they got some exclusive stuff recently here

Just heard that Julia Ann had done a gang bang scene here

others too

Allie Haze in a gang bang
Jessie Rodgers in a gang bang
Lexie Belle does anal exclusive coming in September
Dani Daniels does boy/girl in september
Lily Carter does first double penetration and double anal in sep

also Jessie Rodgers doing anal, I know she has done else where though.

I seem to see also that's lots of the newer movies look really well shot and quite arty style which I love right now so it might be worth a look into, seems like they are heading in a good direction.

08-25-12  08:17am

Replies (15)
Visit X-Art


I finally took the plunge and joined, very impressed

I was always impressed by xart looks and the models looked great, but had feared it maybe too soft for my tastes and not so into solo scenes.

But joined last night and have to say I'm really impressed, its softer hardcore that's for sure but makes a refreshing change and I find theres lots of models I like with either a lesbian or boy/girl scene and it's great to see not just solo stuff which I wouldn't of joined to be honest if that's all they did here, Its a really good site, I'll full review soon.

08-19-12  08:03am

Replies (13)
Visit LeLu Love

LeLu Love

Yeah this does look quite original, so full marks for that

Yeah just had to comment here for this site as it's been brought to my attention from Marcdc1 post, I'm not one for solo model sites these days so much unless I'm really into her but this site has certainly got me interested as it appears Lelu is very attractive which is great but she also does things on a very personal format that I've not seen before to be honest. I'm going to fav the site and might join one day.

08-19-12  07:39am

Replies (8)
Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

Can anyone tell me how many Veronica Avluv movies are here

Just wondered if anyone who is a member can tell me how many Veronica Avluv scenes are here, the preview section is very restricted and click on anything and its a join page.


08-05-12  03:56am

Replies (2)
Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Anyone know if you can use a download manager on this site

I must be getting the slowest download speeds I've had in a long time, I'm used to 1500kbs but this keeps starting ok then it goes down to 300-400kbs

Tried to use 2 download managers but it seems to download a webpage of 37k and doesn't get me a download, that said I'm not really used to download managers so i might be doing something wrong, the one I'm trying with is Free Download Manager.

Does anyone use a DM on the site and can help.

07-22-12  08:11am

Replies (13)
Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Huge File Sizes here, woh

Get this then went to download a scene, thought I'd opt for HD 720 and it said it was 2.9GB for one 40 min scene, that is huge I'm having to go for 540p which still weighs in a 1.2 GB

I simply don't have the room for files of this size.


Just checking over the 540p on my 32inch tv I have as my monitor and yeah its just fine at 540 lol so I can live with this size I think.

Update again

Hit the record here a 540p scene 3.7gb and even the 480p version is 2.3 Gb, the 720p was a wopping 7.4GB, they didn't have the 1080 version but this must be over 10GB for a 1 hour scene.

Got to be a new record that certainly the largest file I've seen of a one single porn scene from a dvd

07-22-12  02:52am

Replies (8)
Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

What a shame they have gone regional pricing

Think this site is now one minute said $14.95 usd using a 50% promo code then next page it works out I'm from UK and think of well yeah for you sir its 14.95 so must be another one of these regional pricing firms. oh well another off my list I guess


Well maybe not then cause you can put in usa and get the $14.95 price and then on creditcard details put in UK seems to of worked I'd have to double check to see if that's what I was charged though on my creditcard statement as it didn't state the price on my welcome email.

07-22-12  01:24am

Replies (4)
Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Wow loving this site.

I'm just writing a quick comment and will do a full review soon on this gem, I'm simply loving porn at the moment and discovering I have a real fondess for some of the American girls, I have dipped into to American porn for ages but always preferred the beauty and less tattoo sister from Europe. But ever since watching a few movies at sweetheartvideos and their network I've got a real fondness for some of these women and even with tattoos (never thought I'd say this, still wished they just didn't do it and I don't think I've seen a girl without one but thats reality I guess in the US) still to hear dialogue has been great and something I've found myself really like.

Just watching Aubrey and Nikki movie and OMG, simply amazing Aubrey Belle I think it is (the brunette) is just as cute as a girl can be and reminds me of Lexie Belle when she first started, god if only she didn't have that tattoo lol. Watching them though in public going down on each other, unbelievable, beyond hot.

I so wish FTV would start to do more lesbian stuff as I think they make such great lesbian scenes which includes lots of fun, especially the ones in the last few years 2007 onwards.

Anyway review soon.

06-25-12  02:11pm

Replies (3)
Visit Moms Teaching Teens

Moms Teaching Teens

Anyone know if these movies are featured anywhere else

Just asking if anyone has come across these movies on another site. Pantsmulligan comment below says that they have and in better quality but doesn't mention where. Anyone any clues?

06-10-12  07:00am

Replies (5)
Visit Penthouse


Just a warning for Europeans, yep a extra $5 please

Yet another site I thought argh maybe this site will be worth a join but no yet another one charging us Europeans a sur-charge for not living in the US, great, another one I'll pass on then.

Might not be a big deal to some people but there you go, just a reminder to those joining from Europe you will pay more $29.99

06-02-12  07:07am

Replies (6)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Looks good but $40 for Europeans is wrong

Another example of oh yeah we'll charge Europe more, as soon as I see I'm paying more than the site is charged in the US I'm out, this really does need to stop. its harming the business more than anything, money is tight for me and lots of others these days, $35 is a high price as it is but then I saw I had to pay and extra $5 for living in Europe, I'm out. Might return if they get rid of this extra cost but my search continues for my summer site.

06-02-12  06:10am

Replies (1)
Visit Euro Teen Erotica

Euro Teen Erotica

About the trial, do you get ddf network

Just wondered if anyone can tell me for the 2 day trial, is this still a full trial, can you make downloads and do you get ddf network or just this site.


06-02-12  03:58am

Replies (0)
Visit Gyno X

Gyno X

Why do some sites price themselves out of the market

To me I would be quite eager to join this site at $19.99 but at $35 I would need it to be a network of sites at least. Looking at the previews it does look quite unique and something I've never looked at much in the past, maybe some people might think its too medical for their tastes, I'd certainly agree in a way maybe it is but its also very interesting looking and quite a unique genre, I'm going to explore and see if there is anymore more gyro sites that I like the look of that do real closeup pussy examination.

Anyone have any recommendations?

I wouldn't pay anymore than $30 for a single site though these days.

06-02-12  02:20am

Replies (0)
Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

More like 1010% Cute, almost want to join just for her

Just checking out FTV girls updates and this girl Riley was added in March, a very rare beauty, got a smile that will melt anyones heart, so cute its beyond words. Such a shame though when I saw the tatoos on her back, I'm not off her totally as she is amazing from the front and will have to join soon here again as there is a few other cuties been added since I was last a member, wish they'd do more lesbian stuff though as they are awesome, especially the public nudity stuff, my fav.

05-20-12  09:26am

Replies (14)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Not bad deal, all 5 sites for $39.97

Not a bad little offer from the metart team giving you 5 sites

Erotic Beauty

all for 39.97 but I guess its a alot of material to get through in a month and what is on some of the lesser known sites might not be upto much I don't know. I think you have to be on their mailing list to of got this offer, just thought I'd inform those that are interested though.

05-13-12  08:52am

Replies (2)
Visit LOL Lesbians

LOL Lesbians

This looks like an interesting site indeed if you like lesbian amateurs

I've just discovered this site and wonder if anyones been a member, not much info other than a network site which this one is included madsex gets 80% on TBP. I bet lots would be hit and miss but maybe worth a try I think by the looks at the home page, lots of interesting and cute group scenes. I do love amateur stuff and can even excuse the quality not being so good if the girls are hot, cause it make you feel more like a fly on the wall and sseing something you'd never get to see. Anyway I thought I'd share it for those fellow lesbian fans and well amateur fans in general as you get lots of boy/girl stuff on the network it seems.

05-05-12  06:04am

Replies (8)
Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Wow this has got me all excited again

I know I've gone on about this network in the past and I'm waiting to join again when the updates build up. Its been a while since I've visited to see what updates there are, really good new though this, that they have now another great addition to the network. Just seen on the homepage a scene with Gloria and Melanie B, talk about dreams coming true, always awesome when 2 of your fav girls get together in a scene. Looks a really hot site. I'll review it when I become a member.

04-29-12  01:59am

Replies (15)
Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Really nice girl shame too short movies though

I've not been here in ages and thought I'd check it out, noticed they had some nice looking movies but some stated as short as 4 minutes. That does seem too short, no point getting a video camera warmed up for 4 minutes, don't really see the logic in making such short movies.

Shame as I might of joined.

04-22-12  08:11am

Replies (4)
Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Is hazeher.com included in this network package

just wondered if a member can confirm if hazeher.com is included in the network package.

04-07-12  08:19am

Replies (6)
Visit Haze Her

Haze Her

Wow this looks different and fresh if you like lesbians

Now I love my lesbian porn more than anything but I am quite picky with what I like and am not a fan or toys in lesbian sex or tattooed girls.

That said I'm always open to new sites that might show me something a little away from the norm, orgy scenes in the lesbian arena are rarely executed well in my opinion with it been hard to focus on all girls. However I do have a real fondness for random amateur stuff and especially love the public nudity stuff at ftvgirls.com.

This site seems to offer sorority girls sex in a nice amateur way and random sex acts, looks well up my street to be honest, might wait for more episode, but will certainly save for later.

04-07-12  08:11am

Replies (1)
Visit Sex Art

Sex Art

Anyone else looking forward to sex-art, the harder version

Seems like Met-Art are finally thinking we can still do the hot girls in arty solo photography but are now stepping into the erotic hardcore arena with a new site launched on 1st May called sex-art. I guess its going to be like x-art type material with boy/girl stuff shot in a softer approach.

The value of this type of porn is proving popular as it appeals to women much more too and can look incredible when done right.

I'm looking forward to it.

04-07-12  05:33am

Replies (8)
Visit Strip Game Central

Strip Game Central

Looks rather an intesting site here

I've seen Ed on the forums for a while now and knew he was a webmaster of course as it says on his avatar but just never clicked on the link at the bottom of his posts until now, I think mainly cause stripping isn't something I'm usually gonna look for so the name never captured me before but I clicked on it today and looks very different and fresh, not many sites dedicated to stripping, well not that I've ever come across.

My questions to any member or Ed himself, do you get access to a-m-o-c.com too with this membership. Do any girls have sex after the stripping.

I'm English so it was a refreshing change to hear some English accents though, amazingly I've never joined any English porn sites and well I've never come across one to be honest I thought was worth joining, but this one does interest me somewhat on its uniqueness.

01-08-12  06:58am

Replies (5)
Visit Bound Gangbangs

Bound Gangbangs

Blimey have you seen the new update The Party with Princess Donna

I don't think i've ever seen much as extreme as this, very hot stuff but rough as hell, I guess I wouldn't like it if it was not for the end interviews when they say they had a great time, if that's what she enjoys then its OK or she wouldn't do it that extreme. She certainly delivers in this one anyway by the look of the preview. I might have to join now to get this movie.

A little thing though about this movie did keep me awake a little last night though after having more of a think about it. Its a tricky one to say when is a scene going actually too far, I don't like those scenes when the girl is treated just like a piece of meat and not any respect as a human being and they are holding her throat and she is looking like she is just carrying on just to get paid and they can do what they like to her, its so sad and not in the least bit erotic but when the girl actually is up for rough sex its a bit of a mind fu** to be honest cause on one hand she is up for it, she is calling the shots, she likes it rough, but on the other hand, it is a strange thing to be seeing and looks very much like wild raw sex and all the human intimacy taken out. It just got me thinking about things really about human sexuality and what a strange thing it is sometimes when seen in these extremes with a woman getting hit about and fu**ed in every hole going, its an eye opener to the viewer cause lets face it few will ever have sex in real life like these porn star guys do.

I'm certainly not trying to say whats right and wrong here, just trying to work out my own limits of what I wanna see in a sex scene, and if this stuff is a turn on to me at all, when I know the girl is into it, it becomes a tough one to work out if its a turn on or not. Maybe I'm not sure I'm so keen in actually seeing the scene in full now, I feel it may be just a little too rough for me. I'll have to ponder this over a while I think.

01-06-12  09:03am

Replies (5)

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