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Visit Pinup Files

Pinup Files

There is indeed a 3g download limit...

As i was told. I didn't read the small print and bumped into the download limit. I wonder how long will i be blocked.

I've been reading you guys, thanks for keeping up your outstanding work, and that goes for both, the direction and you: the always indispensable and amiable pornusers.

09-06-13  08:15am

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Visit Third Movies

Third Movies

Extremely slow download speeds in their three sites.

I'm talking about 17 kps. There are some files that you can download at over 200 kps (which isn't something to write home about); but, for the most part, you get lousy download speeds.

Aside from that the site is great. It is worth joining if the aforementioned doesn't bother you too much.

04-15-11  03:57am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Unable to log-in despite typing correctly both US & PW time and again.

Today i tried to log-in and i couldn't. Then, i went on to retype both my US & PW -having checked previously if they were right and if my subcription was still active, which it was- countless times. Afterwards, i proceeded to write an email to custome service. Well, they provided me with new US's and PW's to no avail. I still can't enter the site.

04-06-11  10:43am

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Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Beware, if you sign for a monthly...

membership and cancel a few days later, then, exactly two days later, you are not allowed anymore in the site. I signed on February the 24TH and cancelled the 25th, well, soon enough, on February the 27th i can't access the site.

This is what they write to you when you join the site: "Your transaction has been processed by EENT, Inc. through RSBilling. You can cancel at any time and your membership will continue for the remainder of your subscription. After the initial period (30 days) you will be billed 29.90 every 30 days."

It seems that they do not fulfill their promises.

And be sure that i have typed endless times my username, password and the verification code.

On february the 27th i received this e-mail: "Dear KarupsHA Member,

You are receiving this e-mail because your membership is expiring today. We thank you for being a member and hope to see you again sometime in the future. We have recently created Facebook and Twitter pages for our fans & members, where you can get sneak peeks of new models that continue to be added regularly."

So i was member for a total of four days, some deal i made.

02-28-11  02:38am

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Visit Massive Access

Massive Access

The price is 8.33 euros...

So: this site is lacking in interest to most europeans.


As usual, we europeans are second rate customers.

02-22-11  02:38am

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Visit VideoBox


I logged in today and the old interface is back.

So far so good.

Lousy download speeds though.

02-02-11  07:04am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Very slow download speeds.

Pretty slow as a matter of fact. I have four separate downloads going at a time and i am getting: 109 kps; 97,3 kps; 80,3 kps, and 140 kps. i tried to download another vid (it'd be the fifth at a time) and the download didn't start. I refreshed the page to no avail; i tried to log-in to the site time and again and i couldn't, the site doesn't even charge -i keep waiting...-. Something tells me that i'm in for very slow download speeds, since my connection works just fine.

On another note, models have great looks. You'll recognize a lot of them fron anal teen angels and Cuties galore.

Finally i was able to log-in and download a fifth separate vid at 343 kps, nonetheless it was quite a hassle.

01-26-11  04:38am

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Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network

No regional pricing despite using Ccbill.

That's right dear fellow PU's -especially my fellow europeans compadres for obvious reasons-. They are charging 63 or 66 euros -if i remember correctly the former-, [the reviewer stops to satisfy his obssesive impulses and goes again to the site to see if 66 is the right amount, and...it is 66 euros not 63!]so that puts to rest the association of Ccbill with suspicious billing practices... It's the websites! Khan, was right from the start.

09-23-10  08:22am

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Visit Brazzers


Good experience. And VLC Media Player.

Brazzers didn't charge me extra money (thus far). Extremely good looking 1280x720.

Download speeds could be much better but i've seen worse.

I couldn't play their videos (without stuttering and an impossibility to skip back and forward) with either WMP nor WMC so i tried VLC and it worked.

Some info about their vids in case your interested -i don't have a clue of what it means, i just clicked properties and this what i found-: format VC-1, Codec ID WC1

07-02-10  05:43am

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Visit VideoBox


Videobox security when joining. Personal data and credit card info

When i click the join banner a window pops with the following message: "This website has content which won't be delivered using a secure https, which could compromise the safety of the whole website." I had to translate this from spanish so i guess this is not exactly the same text that you get when you try to join the site from anglo-speaking countries. I can see the padlock -the one i always see when i join a site- with an exclamation mark. Looking for further details i read that the content which is not secure are usullay banners, pictures, etc, but still, i'm hesitant to join, if i do i'll do it using a virtual credit card, but, again, and sorry for being such a pain in the ass, is it safe to join the site?

Any help will be appreciated

06-17-10  04:41am

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Visit Mano Job

Mano Job


-Most of the videos look reddish to me, like a skin rash. there is a red couch in some scenes that almost made me go blind, not to mention a red carpet that lurks in a few scenes.

-i was going to join through epoch but, unfortunately, my credit card wasn't valid for some obscure reason, it is the first time that that happens to me joining a site through epoch, and i've done that countless times. i called my credit card company and they told me that my card was as valid as ever. Joining through epoch the cost of the membership was of 25.5 euros, having failed to join the site through epoch they redirected me to their backup processor, ccbill, and this time my card was valid, but the price had increased to 29.95 euros. tough luck kid.

-Don't even bother to look for the members entrance in thedicksuckers, it is hidden.

-if you get past the aforementioned the videos are great.

05-27-10  10:30am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Outstanding download speed.

In this day, when establishing download limits of some kind, or purposely reducing download speeds seems all the rage, ITC is giving me outstanding DL speeds. i have to admit that i find this rather relaxing.

16 months ago, or so, i joined this site and i wasn't getting such great DL speeds and customer support were so kind as to void my membership.

i very much like this site and i'll be sure to rejoin it.

05-26-10  01:05pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Much better. Knock on wood.

Today, after this past days setbacks, i decided to desinstall my antivirus (AVG) and -something that they did not advice me to do, instead they told me to deactivate my firewall- everything started to work fine: the site didn't go down; downloads didn't stop halfway through (only one, and i downloaded a lot of scenes); they didn't block my access to the site for a 30 minute period, due they said to my having a dinamic IP, and downloads started without any delay. Then, i decided to try my luck by installing a different antivirus (Kaspersky) to see if things kept going well which they did.

So perhaps Endre looked into the problems and solve them, or perhaps, the root of the problem was my old antivirus (AVG). i don't know, anyways, i knock on wood.

04-23-10  11:04am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Downloads don't even start. Downloads stop halfway. The site goes down.

I joined 20 hours ago this site and i've barely managed to download 4 videos. Often downloads don't even start or commence, other times when a video is about to be fully downloaded the download stops, thus you can open the file but you can't skip forward the video because you couldn't download the whole file. The site goes down when you try to refresh the site often. So far it's been a very dissapointing experience. Customer support replied, not very fast i must say, stating that they checked the site and there are no problems whatsoever, asking what type of connection do i have or which particular scenes did i have trouble downloading.

I have been a member to: hotlegsandfeet three times; once for a six month stint, ddfbusty, handsonhardcore, and last september to this new network for a month, so i believe that custommer support should be more responsive. The network is great, don't get me wrong, and it should be at the top of the list of any pornuser, yet, this problems are really aggravating, and the REGIONAL PRICING tactics are not welcome.

Meanwhile, i've downloaded big files from other sites without a problem , so, it is not a problem with my connection. I'd like to add that download speeds could be better to.

04-22-10  07:42am

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Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Keeps having tech problems. Downloads interrupted time and again.

This site is a drag, you never know when it's going to let you down, the only thing you know for sure is that it'll happen sooner than later. I've been trying to download some scenes of 2 of the network sites and downloads invariably stop. Meanwhile, I've downloaded scenes from both twistys and bangbros; my connection works fine, i've been surfing the net without a problem.

IMHO, this site doesn't deserve the scores it gets on account of its irritating constant technical problems.

04-16-10  04:42am

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Visit Twistys


Good news. No regional pricing.

despite working with ccbill twistys charged me the equivalent of 19.95 USD in euros, i paid 15,52 euros instead of 19.95 euros.

They started to offer 10,000 kps vids, which look great, since JULY 2009.

04-04-10  03:47am

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Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

The site keeps going down.

Since the latest reviews were so highly favourable i though that they no longer had technical problems with the site. Well, they do, the site keeps going down.

02-19-10  08:51am

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Visit JJ Pass

JJ Pass

About this site.

I'm not going to review the site because i was a member nine months ago, i'd like to give my take on the site and it's network. Videos 720x480. Bitrate varies depending on the scene from 2000 to more than 9 thousands bits; they all looked very good to me. The average video weight is around 500mb's and they last around 20 to 40 minutes.

The teasing on this videos is, IMV, the best on the web right now. I believe that it was Pink Panther who wrote, not long ago, about this on the "Striptease a poorly catered niche " thread. Take April Flowers for instance, for the most part her vids on pornsites are of average quality at best and don't last very long, here, conversely, she teases the viewer during 7 to eight minutes before starting to blowjob JJ. This is extremely sensual stuff, even when the fucking begins the shots of her body are fantastic, there is a strong emphasis on her beauty, not on JJ. It must be said that in this site's vids there are insertions, toys and the usual hardcore paraphernalia -there are DP's too, which i'm not very fond of, but, still, you get some minutes of gorgeous recreation in the female body-, make no mistake, but, the general feeling is of sensuality in this poor reviewer's opinion. Outstanding camera work.

The network is great, in ineeditblack, assfixation, and Gina Lynn the tone is similar, and the video quality is just as good. Very sexy vids, for the most part. there's a terrific Kaylynn video on spermswallowers than in itself is worth the price of admission. The premiumpass site contains videos that i've seen elsewhere but they are very good nonetheless. Sybiansolos has some good vids too.

There are gems on this network, there is a Vanessa Lane scene on Assfixation in which she dominates JJ while fucking, she is the one in command and believe me, after watching so many vids of this petite beauty manhandled by bodybuilders it was a treat to watch this scene.

Updates are scarce. Download speed was good. I'm not a fan of photography so i can't give any detail about pictures since i didn't save a single pic, i'm awfully sorry.

This site is a must for any hardcore lover. i wish there was more hardcore like this.

12-26-09  07:43am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

39.95 $ if you join for a month?

That's what i gathered from reading their join page. Did i miss something?

12-21-09  05:06am

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Visit Premium Pass

Premium Pass

Can't see the access key. Can't log in


I joined this site yestarday and i've tried to log in countless times. Username and password are not a problem, but, i can't see the access key. I've done everthing they told me to. I updated: microsoft, flasplayer and java. i deleted the cookies, i am using IE as my browser -as i was told to do), but still nada.

I asked ccbill for a refund and they refused to give me one.

Thanks a lot, and sorry for the inconvenience

05-10-09  05:59am

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Visit Brazzers


Membership fee.


i was thinking about joining brazzers through your site and, to my surprise, the price offered to me for a month's membership was 19.95 euros. Given the fact that there is a special offer to join brazzers for said period of time at 19.95 dollars this doesn't fit, due to the current exchange rate from euros to dollars this definitely doesn't fit. Do they charge you a different fee if you live and work in the eurozone?

Even their regular price -24.95 dollars per month- wouldn't account for the aforementioned 19.95 euros; again, given the current exchange rate. I don't get this.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

03-27-08  03:33am

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Visit Club Red Light

Club Red Light

Silent DRM.


I've been searching the web and i couldn't find much regarding drm, meaning that i still don't know to what extent is pernicious. I know that technically it qualifies as spyware yet i wonder what will be the damage caused due to its installation.

It appears to me that they feel no urge to remove said silent drm any time soon. I've red the comments posted on this matter -and i am certainly grateful to you for posting them- but i'm still hesitant on wheter to join or not.

This is what the reviewer from www.freeones.com wrote about it on 11-29-07: "I just checked it out; DRM is a lifetime license, you can play the videos after your membership has expired, you dont have to enter your login/password when you play them. This is also knows as silent DRM

So it a really hard thing to say if it's really DRM or not. It is but if you play it you can always view it, even after you cancel your membership. Kinda confusing imho." http://board.freeones.com/showthread.php?t=157934

Your thoughts on this one?

Thanks, and excuse my poor english.

03-08-08  11:40am

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