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Visit Desperate Amateurs

Desperate Amateurs

Some Nice Fleshy off the street women

There are some really cute fleshy chicks on this side getting hammered by the in-house studs. The scenes are well directed, sometimes clumsy but very pleasureable. The story lines may be dodgy, but the action is well worth the 20 bucks. The quality is good, more recenly HD has appeared but the files are larger of course.

Really nice to see the jean and bra lines on the models as they obviously arrived on site in the clothes they are going to take off. Weird fetish I know, but especially nice on a woman with a little flab to see these marks.

11-22-13  08:30am

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Visit Pornkast


Great Library, Limited Download Capabilities

The video library is extensive and quality, including German, French, and Italian films in splendid color. However, when you request to download a film, it takes you to a streaming player without any download button. You may used a Flash Recorder, but often you get a failed authorization method.

Also includes Private Threesomes, and our XXX Life, which are two semi-amateur sites with quality content.

10-07-13  08:57am

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Visit Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Slut Wife - Creampie Winner

Ruthie takes on a multitude of guys all good scenes. Sets a record for cream pies on any site !

The setups are great, the videos and photos are great. Just had to comment on how many partners she takes on.

Ruthie has an athletic build and an ass that gives average males a shot at doggie style. See it to believe it. Some other amateur submissions but Ruthie is the star...

08-22-13  10:30pm

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Visit Sex With Stephanie

Sex With Stephanie

Statuesque Toned Body, Long Legs, Great Skills, Great Videos

Stephanie is a brainy tall woman with short hair and glasses. She has become increasingly inked as the videos progess. The site has group, girl girl, boy girl, creampie, blowjob and tits categories. The videos are downloadable, the sex is Incredible. Multiple partners, all able to reach in from behind. her ass is something to behold !!! Did I mention her long legs ? Somewhat meaty flaps are an extra bonus.

04-11-12  07:48am

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Visit Czech Lesbians

Czech Lesbians

Great Group Sites, Excellent Quality and Talent

These are some wild lesbian parties. You are introduced as the girls come in fully dressed, get acquainted and then take off the clothes and get wild. The episodes are presented in parts, in a documentary form. The models are beautiful, and act out their inhibitions on the other women.

Two other sites included , CzechMetaSwingers and Czech Parties, are excellent as well. Czech Streets and Czech casting are POV.

Somewhat download manager friendly. My subscription ran out, will wait a month for the series of weekly updates.

11-07-11  08:08am

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Visit Mature Mega Pass

Mature Mega Pass

Incredible Content has expanded !

An incredible collection of amateur europeans of all body types and ages. Particularly appealing is Old and Young Lesbians, the kissing is intense as well as the sex.

Large files take over an hour to download, but there is streaming HD and Standard def, the standard def will take 20 minutes using a Flash Capture program.

Once again, outstanding collection

08-05-11  09:12am

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Visit Our XXX Life

Our XXX Life

Nice natural couple Nice Scenes, Lots of Flesh

This couple likes to bring friends home for some serious fucking. There are some great FFM with sensuous cum swaps, also some table throating . There are also other sites in the network that offer decent scenes, such as homemade cream pies or stolen home videos. These are faces you likely havent seen anywhere else. This seems like true amateur footage, well worth the 30 bucks. Also an extensive streamimg DVD site featuring all the please screw my wife and older women with younger women.

04-19-11  09:14pm

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Visit Tampa Housewives

Tampa Housewives

Great Photos, No slideshows Mediocre Vids

I joined the site for Whorebait hals but was captivated by Penny's Passion. She is an older swinger with short hair and a body to cream on. However, the photos are thumbnailed and linked to an individual page for each photo. There is no way to get a slideshow or even download the photos. you have to click on a photo, have a look, click back to the thumbnails then back to the next photo.

The vids are shared among the other sites , not very good quality.

01-31-11  08:39am

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Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Wow ! Fresh New Models with Nice Clothes

I was a member 6 months back and was put off by the clumsy outfits and granny underwear. Not lately ! There are some skanky party dresses, nice body tees, and other great tight outfits. There are new models with wonderful skin, an Indian model with silky smooth brown skin ! If you haven't been here lately, it's time to take a month to take in the beauty. Plus the girls laugh together before getting into it...

This isn't abby winters, but it is a close second. There are also new (720) HD videos that are quite large but full of detail.

12-13-10  09:28pm

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Visit Vidz


All downloads have vidz watermark

Joined the premium membership to get reality czech 6, scene 1 was supposed to be 58 minutes, the download was only 7. All of the downloads have a static screen info, announcing vidz.com, and the downloads are all watermarked.

Other videos have missing scenes, the cover announces 8 but vidz offers 4.

You can't search dvds by title, you only get the streaming videos that are available. Also no searching by porn star, you have to go through the entire list.

12-12-10  09:15pm

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Visit Where Is Your Wife

Where Is Your Wife

Great Collection of Amateur Mature Sluts

Man I would love to live in this guy's neighborhood, some of the old bags are really hot. Trouble is , most of them get banged anal, which is a shame because they have some really nice racks. Most of these gals have been around the block a few times, but they wear their jeans and halter tops well, a few stretch marks appear when the clothes come off, but some excellent blow jobs and cowgirl riding. Worth the price, plenty of talent, only one model Nancy Vee has appeared anywhere else. Truly amateur, but HOT

09-28-10  09:38pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

HD Movies are Incredible Addition !

The site has added HD movies (Streaming) which are incredible. All of the new scenes have the option, you can't download them but you can retrieve them from your Temporary Internet Files folder after they have completely buffered. Plus the price came down in the last year. If you have invested in a HD computer, you must have this site...

09-28-10  09:34pm

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Visit My Race Queens

My Race Queens

Nice Girls Lots of Pixellations

These are beautiful girls, but the scenes are all pixellated. The other sites such as Japan Mature have some beautiful mature women and some are not pixellated, but most are. What a shame, some of the glistening clits are magnificent

09-08-10  10:18pm

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Visit Old Spunkers

Old Spunkers

Great Fleshy (not fat) matures with skills

Carmen, Cassidy and Mikaela come to mind as the most explosive models on these sites, Cassidy gives one of the best knob jobs I have ever seen and ends up with a mouth of cum that slowly oozes out over her partners rod. Mikaela has a shamelessly fake rack but also performs a great knob job. Carmen is a voluptuous latina with a mane of black bushy hair, unfortunately she has shaved her patch , no telling what it would look like if she had gone natural.
A good number of stock amateur photo shoots, and a library of classic mature vids including the MILTF and Mature Kink series. A great value, never did download everything I wanted.

Chubby loving also has a handful of great models, most are not. However the photo sets have a good number of beautiful stout (not fat) models with a little tummy roll.

07-25-10  09:27am

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Visit Brokeback Asians

Brokeback Asians

Huge Files, Pixellated Puss, Not worth the wait.

These are huge (avg 1.2 GB) DVD rips,taking over 1 1/2 hours to download, only to find most of the action is lacking. Granted some of the ladies are beautiful, but most of the close ups are pixellated. It is almost comical. There were 2 movies I was interested, I still have 26 days to go and don't think I'll waste the time.

03-10-10  09:31pm

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Visit Cosmid.net


Some really nice girls, nice racks

These are truly the type of young women you would meet at a clothing store, bank , or doctor's office. Difference is they take it off! It is obvious they wear their own clothing to the shoots, and with the hi-def photos you can see the bra and panty marks. There is some cellulite and stretch marks, but these are real women !

There is some nudity, which is a treat, but mostly some great underwear butt and cleavage shots. There are a few girl girl sets, but absolutely NO PINK ! Well, maybe one or two peeks, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

Join to hear Daniela's interviews, she is so funny as she takes her clothes off. It is hilarious to hear her talk,talk,talk. I actually burned an audio CD of her interviews to listen to in the car, I almost have to pull over from listening to her phrases. The interviewer sounds so much like Neil Cavuto it is scary...

Come on, twenty bucks well spent. I am going to wait for another month updates before I go back in.

11-20-09  04:57pm

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Saw TORI on a TGP, had to rejoin !

I had let my subscription to AO30 lapse, in order for them to build up new sets. Saw TORI on a TGP, had to rejoin immediately after feasting my eyes on those samples ! Happy to see many new models on the site. Also my previous favorite YOLANDA has some girl-girl sets added since I left. Waist long hair, full figure !

10-08-09  11:53am

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Visit Granny Fucking

Granny Fucking

Great Grannies, Huge File Sizes

The main premise is a muscular stripper who also fucks the grannies. These are natural grannies who are really sweet but get some good boffing from the stripper. He is a little big on himself but he really rams these sweet grannies (average age 55) who really appreciate the birthday gift.

The average file size is 500 mb and takes about 2 hours to download. There is a flash player for each scene which speeds things up, but wont download.

A refreshing site if you can get over the corny dancing stripper man.

06-15-09  07:47am

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Visit Mom's Video Collection

Mom's Video Collection

The Original vids on this site are on World-Mature

Which is also a bonus site on this network. For a real bargain consider joining ChubbyGoBad.com which give bonus access to Mature-Lessons, World-mature, and many other quality sites. Wish I had known, really wanted to get CGB, will have to join again !

There are also some non-exclusive videos on MVC which feature some nice matures you have probably seen if you follow matures.

No complaints, going to be busy this month

02-08-09  09:24am

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Visit MILF Next Door

MILF Next Door

Kobe Lee Episodes in MND!!!

I am a fan of the beautiful Kobe lee, most of whose video work is bondage. There are THREE fine scenes in MilfNextDoor featuring Kobe Lee.

Revisited the Reality Kings after a year, noticed lots of known industry stars appearing rather than the relatively unknown stars in the earlier episodes, which made us believe, especially MilfHunter, that these were real pickups.

02-01-09  09:14am

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Visit Lesbian Girl

Lesbian Girl

The photos really are nice

You should not plan on renewing if you do subscribe, as these are almost completely hi-res photo sites. There are some really nice photo sets, but the models appear with different name throughout the sites in the gash network, and are repeated. No recent updates, either. One interesting feature is a slew of Gregg Gregory films with some of his nicer models including Lexi in a lesbian and 3way.

There is a set of lesbian twins that are really nice, they appear in a girl girl and an ffm scene.

There are also some 'genuine' lesbian couples that are photographed in great detail. These also appear throughout several sites. There are some out-of-sequence videos peppering the thumbnail pages. Better than nothing, I guess.

What a shame there is no consistency in the site. The Costa Rica and Bangkok sites are not repeated anywhere else.

12-23-08  12:43am

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Visit abbywinters


The women got better at AW

I had been out for almost a year, found the models to be much more well built and agressive. Better making out than before, and some really nice variations in the girl girl scenes. I am glad I rejoined, missed quite a bit of content, will not be able to catch up by the time my subscription expires..

12-23-08  12:33am

Replies (2)
Visit Innocent Eve

Innocent Eve

Eve Is now Molly at We Live Together

These are obviously old pics before she had a nice rack job and got into some serious muff diving at We Live Together.

11-09-08  05:42pm

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Visit Sex Euro Cup

Sex Euro Cup

Body Painting Site - Excellent !!!

This features 16 models body-painted to 16 country's uniforms, the results are stunning. There are 16 photo sets, a video for each in mpg or wmv. There are also 8 extra sets of some body-painted blow jobs, some girl girl foot fetish , a lesbian, scene, and some solo scenes ( dildo ball, kicking the soccer ball)

The lesbian extra scene features a soccer-ball beads insertion.

worth the $9.95, found out i could have recieved it as a bonus to DDF busty, now I am hooked on the models and will head over there when the budget allows.

08-02-08  08:54am

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Visit Swing Club Hunters

Swing Club Hunters

Lots of boring fucking, no buildup

The people are fucking from the initial frame, don't even build up to anything. Like watching animals humping on the farm. You can choose from different camera angles, but nothing helps.

Good news is there is a 2 day trial for 6.95, no bonus sites.

A disappointment to a fan of swing sites, like swingertales and swingerquest.

02-21-08  07:42pm

Replies (2)

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