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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

TheBestPorn Should Block This One

I'm surprised TBP hasn't blocked this site as they've done with other sites that engage in shady and deceptive business practices. All the other users' warning comments written before mine should be a pretty major indication that something is not right here. I had the same frustrating and expensive experience as other users: I thought I was signing up for one site, but simply by clicking on a video from a site I thought was included, suddenly found myself with an entirely separate subscription to a new set of sites. I'm also 100% sure I unchecked the pre-checked cross sale box upon signing up for the original site, but was still charged for the trial membership to yet another site. All of this meant I now had to cancel THREE memberships when I only signed up for one, and I'm still unsure if one of these sites was even canceled at all, since the specific site name did not show up on the list of cancellation options. They've got some interesting content here, and a lot of it, but I strongly warn people to steer clear until this site engages in more ethical billing practices.

10-23-13  06:59pm

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Visit Horny Skippers

Horny Skippers


Site stopped updating in 2007! There are only 14 videos, most using the same few models over and over. There's about the same number of photo galleries, but they don't sync up with the videos. There's a bit more content in the bonus section, but nothing to get excited about (mostly generic Russian twink stuff). Save your money and skip this one - and let his lame, outdated site die already.

09-20-13  05:27pm

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Visit English Lads

English Lads

Could Be Great, But...

This site has some of the hottest models you'll see anywhere - lots of ripped bodies and big dicks, all shown in a good variety of settings. The guys also look like "real" people: most are more ruggedly handsome or sexy than what you'd call pretty. (A lot of them look like the hot straight guys you see at the gym but can only admire from a distance.) The problem with the site is that you can't download any movies until after you've been a member for a month (which isn't made clear when you're signing up). Also, while the photography is excellent, there are way too many pictures. The photographer just sets the camera on automatic and holds the button down, meaning many of the pictures are almost exact duplicates of the ones that came before. They really should weed through these so users don't have to look at essentially the same shots over and over. Price is a little steep considering you can't download movies. Seems like they should offer different prices for streaming-only or downloadable. There's also a couple of extra security steps you have to take when becoming a member and each time you log in which is kind of annoying. All in all, they've created a mostly excellent site with lots of content, but the hurdles they make you go through to actually get to it and keep it are a buzzkill.

09-15-13  05:09pm

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Visit Twinks 777

Twinks 777

Crappy Site

There is some interesting content here but nothing can be saved or downloaded - not even pics. Thumbnails are tiny and many of the photos are blurry screencaps. More than half the models have pictures only, with no vids. Navigation is awkward. No way of knowing when they last updated. Site looks like something held over from 1998. Save your money and skip this one.

09-14-13  01:00am

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Visit Raunchy Twinks

Raunchy Twinks

Not Bad But A Little Misleading

Site has a decent amount of content, and some of it pretty hot. Videos download pretty fast, but quality could be better considering size. Vids are kind of blurry even at the highest quality. The site's tour is a little misleading in showing only a lot of smooth, young models - some of which I don't even remember seeing in the site. Many of the models in the site are much older and rougher-looking than what you'd expect from the tour (some even obviously well into their 30s). So calling this Raunchy "Twinks" is a stretch. Overall not bad, but nothing to get too excited about.

09-13-13  03:41pm

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Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Beware of Additional Charges

I joined this site the other day and when I checked my credit card statement, it showed that I was charged an additional $174(!) for something called "Explicit Cams" that I never ordered or used (they were trying to claim I ordered an 86 minute cam show). I also got an e-mail from the Explicit Cam support center that I had requested an increase of my daily limit to $175. None of this was true. I know this was all related to the Lethal HC charge because the 800 number on my statement next to the $174 charge took me directly to Lethal's billing support. After haggling with them for half an hour, I finally got them to agree to drop the charge, which is supposedly going to be reversed in a week or two. But they never gave me any explanation of why this charge appeared in the first place or gave me any reason to think it won't happen again. Bottom line: I won't be signing up to this site again, and I'd advise anyone else to be extra careful with them.

08-28-13  06:21pm

Replies (4)
Visit Bel Ami Online

Bel Ami Online

Great Studio But Disappointing Site

I was a fan of Bel Ami for years (back when we used to go to video stores to rent porn). I finally decided to check out their website, expecting the same high standards I remembered from their videos and DVDs, but was surprised to find it lacking in many ways. They've got a lot of content, but the quality is often lower than you'd expect.

Navigation is pretty clunky - the galleries don't link directly to the movies they're associated with, meaning you have to hunt around to figure out which pictures correspond to which videos. The pictures are also pretty small, and galleries open up in separate windows which, if you hit backspace rather than hitting the tiny "x" to close the gallery, ends up backing you all the way out of the site (though you can hit the forward button in your browser to skip having to re-enter your name/password). More importantly, there are many galleries that have no movies associated with them at all - so there's actually a lot less video content here than it first appears when you tour the site. This can be really frustrating when you find a smoking hot guy's pics or screenshots, then realize there's no way to see the movie they came from.

What movies they do have often aren't as clear as you'd expect (even the HD ones) and worse, many of the videos are streaming-only - and there doesn't seem to be any way of knowing which ones will or won't be downloadable - you just have to click on the movie's thumbnail and hope you'll see the download buttons when the window opens.

Bel Ami has some of the most beautiful and well-hung men in porn, shot by some very talented photographers. The site isn't awful by any means - it's just not up to the standards fans should expect from them.

08-18-13  10:28am

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Visit Young Straight Boys

Young Straight Boys

Interesting Niche But Terrible Execution

The site has some hot models, including some young well-hung Arab guys (which you don't see too often in porn). But other than that, there's not much to recommend it. There's very little content here, and most of the videos are broken into several parts - as many as 14 in some cases. What's worse, they can't be downloaded, despite the hefty $30 monthly charge. They advertise as having Asian guys, but there's only one model! Same goes for black guys (only 4 models). Picture galleries often don't load properly, meaning you have to click on a blanked out thumbnail to see the actual shot, which then takes forever to load. The galleries are supposed to be downloadable, but many of the links are not working. All in all, a really amateurish effort that needs a lot of improvement to justify the cost.

08-14-13  01:19am

Replies (1)
Visit Sweetest Boys

Sweetest Boys

Site no longer exists

This listing should be removed - the site no longer exists.

08-04-13  03:17pm

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Visit Schoolboys.ws


No Longer Active

Site is no longer active and links to TwinkBFVideos. This listing should be removed.

06-30-13  08:07pm

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Visit Arab Uncovered

Arab Uncovered

Don't Waste Your Time or Money

I joined this site out of curiosity, since you don't see much Middle Eastern porn out there. Unfortunately, this site is about as bad as they come:

* Very small collection, with just over 40 videos and no bonus content.
* Videos are very blurry (more like the quality you'd have expected in the very early days of online porn), and take forever to download.
* File sizes are way too large given their short length and terrible quality.
* No updates in over 2 years.
* Really unattractive performers, used in scene are scene.
* Most clips begin mid-action, as if half the scene had been cut.
* Pics are screencaps only, and very blurry.

Basically, someone needs to close this site and put it out of its misery before anyone else wastes any money joining it.

06-22-13  09:55am

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Visit Latin Boyz

Latin Boyz

Great Value

There's a ton of content on this site - probably more than you'll be able to look at in a single month. Navigation is a little clunky, but not hard to figure out. Updates happen regularly and the newer stuff is pretty high quality. Downloads are speedy and there's no daily limit. After a while, the scenes do start to feel a little too similar to each other - it would be nice if they'd change up the settings and the set-ups just a bit - but it's still hard not to like this site if you're into big-dicked, mostly-straight Latins. I don't know where sites like this keep finding these guys, but it's good to know the supply is apparently unlimited. Easily recommended.

04-08-13  05:40pm

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Visit Latinos Fun

Latinos Fun

Not Much Here

Right now there are only 10 videos and picture sets. Several performers appear in multiple scenes. Quality is pretty good, but downloads are very slow and pictures are often shot at bad angles or from too far away. Trial subscription does not give access to any of the bonus sites. Could be a decent site in time but needs a lot of growth and to give users much more value for their money than they currently get. Probably best to skip it for now.

04-07-13  12:22pm

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Visit Peter Fever

Peter Fever

Steadily Improving, But Still Can't Save Content

Most gay Asian sites are stocked with young, thin, somewhat effeminate guys, so it's nice to see a site that emphasizes buffer, older and more masculine Asian hotties. The site originated as Peter Le's slightly silly tribute to himself, with numerous solo photo and video shoots of Le wearing different get-ups and acting out different scenarios, some ending in a cum shot, others just, well, petering out. Le is very handsome, and nicely hung, but the "All Peter All the Time" concept tended to become a bit monotonous. More recently, however, Le has begun adding some very well-shot solo, duo and group scenes, and expanded the galleries to include other models as well. It's a welcome change, but what hasn't changed is that nothing on the site can be downloaded or saved, which is a huge drawback and really needs to be corrected. Once that happens, and the site has time to amass a bigger and more varied collection of content featuring other models, this could end up being one of the best Asian porn sites around. As things stand now, it's still a bit of a work in progress.

01-20-13  10:22pm

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Visit Blake Mason

Blake Mason

Really Good Site at a Really Good Price

This is usually one of the highest-ranked gay sites out there, and with good reason. There's a lot of content, the guys are smoking hot, the updates come regularly, picture and video quality are excellent, navigation is straightforward, and downloads are speedy. The scenes do start to feel a bit the same after awhile, since there's not much variety in settings or set-ups. Also, even though there's no firm download limit, you may find yourself temporarily locked out if you try to download too many films in one sitting - so those with fast internet connections may want to pace themselves a bit and only save a couple of films at a time if you don't want to get a slap on the wrist from the site, and then have to grovel with them to restore your access.

01-20-13  07:32pm

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Visit Girls And Studs

Girls And Studs

Mostly a Duplicate of Next Door Hookups

This may look like a brand new site but it's not. Most if not all of the pics and videos are identical to the stuff on "Next Door Hookups". There's a good amount of content here, and it's pretty high quality stuff - though all the scenes start to feel kind of generic after you've watched a few of them. All in all not bad, but it seems a little shady not to make it clear that this is old stuff from another site that's being repackaged.

01-20-13  07:16pm

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Visit Mormon Boyz

Mormon Boyz

Interesting Niche Site

It's a bit of a stretch to think all of these cute young guys are really Mormons, but it's a fun fantasy regardless. What these guys definitely are is mostly good-looking, in-shape and well hung. Vids are downloadable, and pic and vid quality are both excellent. The Mormon theme can get a bit tired after a while (most of the videos involve a solo guy, dressed up as if on a mission, then undressing down to his not-very-sexy "magic underwear", then rubbing one out. The site seemed to be on the verge of dying out for a while, but recently has started updating regularly again, and spicing things up by adding duos and group scenes. It might be nice if they'd take some of the action outdoors or maybe show a little more variety in how the solos are filmed. But if you want to see a smallish-sized collection of guys you haven't seen on every other gay porn site, you could do a lot worse than this.

01-19-13  08:51pm

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Visit My First Daddy

My First Daddy

Decent Site But Needs to Allow Downloads

This is an interesting site for fans of older-younger guy-on-guy action. The "daddies" are actual seniors for a change, and not just guys in their late 30's/early 40's like you see with a lot of other DILF sites. Don't look for ripped abs and taut skin here - these old dudes have guts, creases and lots of grey hair. Several of them also have pretty big dicks. The site now has a fair amount of content - both pictures and videos - though not all pic sets have accompanying videos, and vice versa. Both video and picture quality is excellent, but like the site's straight counterpart, "Play Daddy", there are no downloads allowed, which is no doubt keeping a lot of people from checking it out. All in all, a lot bad, though a bit pricey considering you can't download and keep the videos. Hopefully they'll get with the program one of these days.

01-19-13  08:40pm

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Visit Bi Latin Men

Bi Latin Men

Good Site at a Good Price

Lots of content, both pics and videos, and frequent updates. Mostly solos, but with a good number of duos and groups thrown in to mix things up. Super fast downloads, and file sizes aren't crazy high like on other sites, even on the highest quality stuff. Fairly simple navigation, though it would be nice if both picture and videos linked from a single models' directory gallery. Video and picture quality isn't as good on the older stuff (about half the content on the site), but it's still decent. Overall you get a lot of bang for your buck here, so if you're into mostly-straight Latin guys rubbing one out or getting busy with each other, this should probably be your first stop.

01-19-13  06:41pm

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Visit Muscle Hunks

Muscle Hunks

Good Site Overall

This site is pretty impressive. There's a lot of content - both photos and videos - and the quality is mostly pretty good. The models are almost all hardcore bodybuilders, not just your standard well-muscled hotties, so it's fairly unique. Action is mostly solo, which could be a turn-off for some people, but it's still pretty exciting to see these blocks of beef blowing their loads. Older films are broken into clips, which is kind of a bummer, but all of the newer films can be downloaded in single files. Navigation is a bit awkward and takes some getting used to (with some models having multiple pages under their profiles, and the distinction between video pages and photo gallery pages not always clear). Overall, considering there aren't a lot of bodybuilder porn sites out there, this one really delivers.

01-18-13  09:28pm

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Visit Hung Str8t Guys

Hung Str8t Guys

Total Garbage

This site is a complete rip-off. It's never a good sign when you get almost zero information about what's inside the members area during a tour, and this site somehow still managed to be even worse than my lowest expectations. So what do you get for your $20? About 100 amateur, blurry, mostly-faceless pictures of guys' dicks, which could have easily been pulled off any free porn blog. To make matters worse, it looks like several of them have been badly photo-shopped to make them appear better-hung. The videos section also gives you about 100 amateur, blurry, mostly-faceless clips lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. There is nothing unusual here - it's stuff anyone can see for free in much better quality and variety on xtube. Oh, and to make matters worse, the clips can't be downloaded. Rip-off sites like this that give you almost nothing for your money are an insult to porn viewers and are to be avoided at all costs - especially $20/month.

01-18-13  09:38am

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Visit OMA Hotel

OMA Hotel

Not Worth It

I thought this might be an interesting niche site to try but it was a complete waste of money. Very poor quality photos and videos (and not very many of either) and terrible navigation. Site looks like it was thrown together in about 5 minutes by one of their geriatric models. Even 10 years ago, the design would have been considered outdated. Way overpriced for what you get - this one would still be a waste of time and money at 1/10 the cost. Avoid.

10-06-12  04:29pm

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Visit BFH Productions

BFH Productions

Not Worth the Effort

This is actually a group of sites where you can sign up for some or all of them at an overly steep price. The tour gives you almost zero information which is never a good sign. Once you sign up, you'll find that navigation is awkward, site is very amateurish, photo and video quality are both poor, content is a hodgepodge from several different genres and sources, streaming rarely works, and video downloads are easily the slowest you will ever encounter. It looks like they may have some interesting content here, but you'll be lucky to access much of it given how long it takes to view or save any of it. Unless they revamp the site and bring the quality and functionality up to 2011 standards, this is pretty much a total rip-off.

12-22-11  09:25am

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Visit Nasty NY Amateurs

Nasty NY Amateurs


Should be a lot better. Decent amount of interesting niche content, but poor navigation, inability to look at photos individually (all pics must be downloaded in zipped sets) and super-slow download speed make this one a miss.

09-04-11  10:41am

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Visit Africa Boys.info

Africa Boys.info

Sign-Up Problems

I signed up for the trial on ccBill but the login information won't work. I wrote to both ccBill and the site's webmaster about it but haven't heard from either one after several hours. Not sure what is going on with this site, but be careful signing up for it because it doesn't seem to be very well run right now.

03-11-11  07:44pm

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