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Visit 101 Boys

101 Boys


Site was hacked a couple of weeks back and now displays a message "under construction" on its homepage. No other information available, but it looks like this one may be out of commission for a bit.

05-14-10  05:53pm

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Visit 19nitten


Interesting Niche But Annoying & Frustrating Presentation

There is a good amount of content here, but getting to it can be a major hassle, and is sometimes downright impossible. Navigation is very awkward - models are listed out on separate video and photo sections which don't link to each other. Very often you'll find a model you like, but when you try to track down his video or picture set, you'll find it's been "archived" and is no longer available. Say what? Weirdly, the old archived material can apparently be periodically requested by users, and it is then brought back to the site at the top of the photo or video lists, making it seem like new content (even though in some cases the content is several years old - making it very hard to keep track of what's truly new, and what you haven't seen or downloaded before. Photo quality is pretty good, but there are far too many repetitive pictures, causing the site to break each set into as many as 12 sub-galleries, which can really be annoying to have to flip back and forth through to get to the pics you want. Video quality varies from small and very fuzzy to DVD-quality at very high file sizes - which will very quickly eat up the site's annoying 5G daily download maximum. Oh and once that happens? You're locked out completely for 24 hours. Not even any access to the pics.

This site could be a pretty good one if they'd get their act together and (1) make all the content available all the time (without any of their annoying "archive" BS), (2) have a model directory that links all photos and videos that each model appears in from one page, (3) lose the annoying daily download limit, and (4) put all photoshoots in single galleries, rather than breaking them down into so many sub-galleries. Until they do that, I'd suggest not giving them any more of your hard-earned money - they won't be getting mine.

10-26-13  11:37am

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Visit Aarne's Boyz

Aarne's Boyz

Promising But Needs To Grow

Site tour gives the impression that there is much more content here than is actually the case. Almost all models are "coming soon" (not just the videos, as the site implies). Further, even the few videos that are on the site are not all full scenes. Nice photography and great-looking models, but the site needs to grow A LOT to make it worth the membership.

02-01-10  12:03am

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Visit Africa Boys.info

Africa Boys.info

Sign-Up Problems

I signed up for the trial on ccBill but the login information won't work. I wrote to both ccBill and the site's webmaster about it but haven't heard from either one after several hours. Not sure what is going on with this site, but be careful signing up for it because it doesn't seem to be very well run right now.

03-11-11  07:44pm

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Visit Alternadudes


Cannot Cancel

There doesn't seem to be any way to easily cancel this site. There is no link or information on how to cancel in the e-mail confirmation, and when you click on the billing information link on the site itself, it makes you fill out a ticket to cancel. And then no one ever gets back to you. Advise against using this site until they make it easier to cancel. Also, there is some OK content, but they are skimpy with the pics and a lot of them are really badly lit and poor quality. This one is not worth the trouble.

04-27-15  07:11pm

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Visit Arab Uncovered

Arab Uncovered

Don't Waste Your Time or Money

I joined this site out of curiosity, since you don't see much Middle Eastern porn out there. Unfortunately, this site is about as bad as they come:

* Very small collection, with just over 40 videos and no bonus content.
* Videos are very blurry (more like the quality you'd have expected in the very early days of online porn), and take forever to download.
* File sizes are way too large given their short length and terrible quality.
* No updates in over 2 years.
* Really unattractive performers, used in scene are scene.
* Most clips begin mid-action, as if half the scene had been cut.
* Pics are screencaps only, and very blurry.

Basically, someone needs to close this site and put it out of its misery before anyone else wastes any money joining it.

06-22-13  09:55am

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Visit Asian Cock Stars

Asian Cock Stars

No Trial Available

Site is no longer offering a $3.95 trial option. Full membership price is $29.95 recurring/$39.95 non-recurring.

05-16-10  11:11pm

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Visit Asian Gay Teens

Asian Gay Teens

Site no longer active

Site now links to another site called Asianboysxxx.com with different content.

05-29-14  07:47pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

TheBestPorn Should Block This One

I'm surprised TBP hasn't blocked this site as they've done with other sites that engage in shady and deceptive business practices. All the other users' warning comments written before mine should be a pretty major indication that something is not right here. I had the same frustrating and expensive experience as other users: I thought I was signing up for one site, but simply by clicking on a video from a site I thought was included, suddenly found myself with an entirely separate subscription to a new set of sites. I'm also 100% sure I unchecked the pre-checked cross sale box upon signing up for the original site, but was still charged for the trial membership to yet another site. All of this meant I now had to cancel THREE memberships when I only signed up for one, and I'm still unsure if one of these sites was even canceled at all, since the specific site name did not show up on the list of cancellation options. They've got some interesting content here, and a lot of it, but I strongly warn people to steer clear until this site engages in more ethical billing practices.

10-23-13  06:59pm

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Visit Bel Ami Online

Bel Ami Online

Great Studio But Disappointing Site

I was a fan of Bel Ami for years (back when we used to go to video stores to rent porn). I finally decided to check out their website, expecting the same high standards I remembered from their videos and DVDs, but was surprised to find it lacking in many ways. They've got a lot of content, but the quality is often lower than you'd expect.

Navigation is pretty clunky - the galleries don't link directly to the movies they're associated with, meaning you have to hunt around to figure out which pictures correspond to which videos. The pictures are also pretty small, and galleries open up in separate windows which, if you hit backspace rather than hitting the tiny "x" to close the gallery, ends up backing you all the way out of the site (though you can hit the forward button in your browser to skip having to re-enter your name/password). More importantly, there are many galleries that have no movies associated with them at all - so there's actually a lot less video content here than it first appears when you tour the site. This can be really frustrating when you find a smoking hot guy's pics or screenshots, then realize there's no way to see the movie they came from.

What movies they do have often aren't as clear as you'd expect (even the HD ones) and worse, many of the videos are streaming-only - and there doesn't seem to be any way of knowing which ones will or won't be downloadable - you just have to click on the movie's thumbnail and hope you'll see the download buttons when the window opens.

Bel Ami has some of the most beautiful and well-hung men in porn, shot by some very talented photographers. The site isn't awful by any means - it's just not up to the standards fans should expect from them.

08-18-13  10:28am

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Visit BFH Productions

BFH Productions

Not Worth the Effort

This is actually a group of sites where you can sign up for some or all of them at an overly steep price. The tour gives you almost zero information which is never a good sign. Once you sign up, you'll find that navigation is awkward, site is very amateurish, photo and video quality are both poor, content is a hodgepodge from several different genres and sources, streaming rarely works, and video downloads are easily the slowest you will ever encounter. It looks like they may have some interesting content here, but you'll be lucky to access much of it given how long it takes to view or save any of it. Unless they revamp the site and bring the quality and functionality up to 2011 standards, this is pretty much a total rip-off.

12-22-11  09:25am

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Visit Bi Latin Men

Bi Latin Men

Good Site at a Good Price

Lots of content, both pics and videos, and frequent updates. Mostly solos, but with a good number of duos and groups thrown in to mix things up. Super fast downloads, and file sizes aren't crazy high like on other sites, even on the highest quality stuff. Fairly simple navigation, though it would be nice if both picture and videos linked from a single models' directory gallery. Video and picture quality isn't as good on the older stuff (about half the content on the site), but it's still decent. Overall you get a lot of bang for your buck here, so if you're into mostly-straight Latin guys rubbing one out or getting busy with each other, this should probably be your first stop.

01-19-13  06:41pm

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Visit Blacked.com


Off To A Good Start

Site is still on the small side, but updates are coming pretty regularly. Picture and video quality are excellent and the performers (both make and female) are all really hot. What you see on the tour is pretty much what you get. Might be worthwhile to let the site grow a bit more before joining up, but even if you join now, you'll still get a decent amount of great interracial content.

10-19-14  04:24pm

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Visit Blake Mason

Blake Mason

Really Good Site at a Really Good Price

This is usually one of the highest-ranked gay sites out there, and with good reason. There's a lot of content, the guys are smoking hot, the updates come regularly, picture and video quality are excellent, navigation is straightforward, and downloads are speedy. The scenes do start to feel a bit the same after awhile, since there's not much variety in settings or set-ups. Also, even though there's no firm download limit, you may find yourself temporarily locked out if you try to download too many films in one sitting - so those with fast internet connections may want to pace themselves a bit and only save a couple of films at a time if you don't want to get a slap on the wrist from the site, and then have to grovel with them to restore your access.

01-20-13  07:32pm

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Visit Burning Angel

Burning Angel

Hard to Cancel

Site seems pretty good generally. Lots of content and some hot action (also with some variety in terms of model appearance and locations). It's kind of hard to cross reference the picture sets from the films, and vice versa, though. This is pretty annoying for people like me who like the pic sets at least as much as the videos. Biggest complaint I have is the cancellation process. You actually have to call a phone number and cancel, rather than doing it online, even though it initially appears you can cancel online. The person you speak to asks you what site you joined, why you want to cancel and will give you a stupid special offer pitch before you can be on your way. This kind of sucks in terms of privacy and is obviously meant to have people keep their memberships going longer than if they could easily cancel electronically. So if you don't feel like having to publicly acknowledge your porn viewing you may want to skip this one.

12-10-14  03:35pm

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Visit Classic Porn Box

Classic Porn Box

OK, but...

Decent selection, but you can only download entire movies rather than individual scenes, and there are no preview pics. All you see is the front cover of the movie (and sometimes you don't even get that), so there's little to go on before downloading the very large AVI files (quite a few exceeding 1GB). Site has potential but it needs to be beefed up quite a bit. Right now, the current bare bones approach makes it hard to recommend.

03-18-10  12:29am

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Visit Coco Dorm

Coco Dorm

Price Jacked Way Up

This site generously offered an inexpensive $4.95 trial for years that they've now done away with, and their monthly price is a seriously pricey $34.95. It's a decent site with a good-ish amount of content, but not really worth the new price IMO. Hopefully enough users will balk at the hefty pricetag and they'll bring the cost back down to a more reasonable rate again.

08-31-15  02:22pm

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Visit Dark Thunder

Dark Thunder

A Total Mess

This site should be avoided at all costs. The tour looks promising for the niche, but once inside, the navigation is really hard to figure out and very disorganized. The $4.95 trial gives you almost nothing, forcing you to pay an extra $24.95 to get full access - more than you would have paid for a month's membership up front. There's a fair amount of content here, but a lot of the videos don't line up with the picture sets and vice versa. You also probably won't be able to watch any of the videos, because buffering takes forever if you want ot stream them, and and downloading even one 150mb video takes, literally, hours. This site really needs to up its game before anyone should bother subscribing to it.

07-30-14  08:32pm

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Visit East Boys

East Boys

Wish I'd read Jericco's Comment

I signed up for trial but never received a password. I tried to use the site's automated password retrieval but kept getting an error message. I wrote to the "contact us" asking for my password but never received a reply (or a refund). Looks like the site's owner is asleep at the wheel, so probably best to avoid this one.

06-26-10  10:08pm

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Visit English Lads

English Lads

Could Be Great, But...

This site has some of the hottest models you'll see anywhere - lots of ripped bodies and big dicks, all shown in a good variety of settings. The guys also look like "real" people: most are more ruggedly handsome or sexy than what you'd call pretty. (A lot of them look like the hot straight guys you see at the gym but can only admire from a distance.) The problem with the site is that you can't download any movies until after you've been a member for a month (which isn't made clear when you're signing up). Also, while the photography is excellent, there are way too many pictures. The photographer just sets the camera on automatic and holds the button down, meaning many of the pictures are almost exact duplicates of the ones that came before. They really should weed through these so users don't have to look at essentially the same shots over and over. Price is a little steep considering you can't download movies. Seems like they should offer different prices for streaming-only or downloadable. There's also a couple of extra security steps you have to take when becoming a member and each time you log in which is kind of annoying. All in all, they've created a mostly excellent site with lots of content, but the hurdles they make you go through to actually get to it and keep it are a buzzkill.

09-15-13  05:09pm

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Visit Fleshlight Jack

Fleshlight Jack


This site is pure crap. It's mostly short, blurry jack-off vids that could have easily been lifted from Xtube. There are no pics, and the thumbnails on the videos often don't match up to what's actually in the clips. Skip this one as it's a total waste of money.

05-20-14  09:45pm

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Visit Fratmen


Worth Checking Out

Truly stunning models - there is not a single dog in the bunch. Excellent quality videos which, though large, download pretty quickly. A bit more photo content would be nice - especially including money shots (of which there are surprisingly few). Only real complaint is that most scenes are pretty much the same unimaginative set-up over and over: hot guy outside or on sofa jerks to orgasm, then showers off, goes into bedroom, jerks and cums again. A little more variety in terms of settings and wardrobe (e.g., athletic gear, suits, underwear, socks, etc.) would be a welcome addition. Still, you won't get an opportunity to see better-looking guys than these jerking themselves off anywhere else.

12-24-09  03:19pm

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Visit Freddy 18

Freddy 18

No longer active as Freddy 18

Site now links to AlexBoys.

05-29-14  08:17pm

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Visit Gay Asian Amateurs

Gay Asian Amateurs

Higher Trial Price

thebestporn.com shows a 1-day full trial option for $1, but this site no longer offers that option. Cheapest trial is $6.95 for 3 days as of 11/10/10.

11-10-10  08:37am

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Visit Gay Baggy Boys

Gay Baggy Boys


Site now says DOMAIN IS FOR SALE.

05-29-14  08:16pm

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