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Visit Danni.com

Reply of Monahan's Comment

I was wondering the same thing. I haven't heard anything about that site in years, but I clicked on it the other day and got that red screen.

06-29-15  06:11pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks - I found where they actually do have the dates of the updates. The updates vary from 0 (rare) to 1 to 2 per day, looking over the past few weeks so TBP's "multiple updates per day" is not wrong, though it's not a consistent schedule.

06-29-15  06:10pm

Visit Nubiles.net


Large Full-Screen Images Gone From Site?

Nubiles has redone their site quite a bit. On the plus side, it's easier to get access to other material in their network that you have access to than it was before. On the down side, unless I'm missing something, the large full-size images are gone unless you download the zips of the photo sets, which is too bad.

Oh, well.

06-28-15  07:42pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Question About Frequency of Updates & Age

I joined 21Sextury for the first time in a long time the other day, and I'm wondering about the frequency of updates, as well as the age of the updates. The recent review of this site by TBP referred to multiple updates per day, but the "most recent" updates for the 21Sextury network hasn't changed since I joined, so I don't see that being the case - or the site stopped updating right after the review.

There's also no longer any dates of updates, as I recall there used to be, so you can't tell from that when any update was added.

Then there's the question of the age of the updates. When I look at the most recent updates for Club Sandy - and as I say, I'm a member for the first time in a long time - I'm seeing what look like a lot of old material on the "most recent updates" page - scenes with models such as Tanner Mayes, who haven't looked like that in many years.

Anybody that's been a member in recent years have feedback on these issues?

06-26-15  10:56pm

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

The question doesn't say whether this is for personal preference or as an objective fact in the porn biz. Personally, I thought that Madison Ivy was fantastic as a natural-bodied babe. But there's no denying that she was a middle-of-the-pack babe in the biz, and that when she barbie'd herself up with the fake boobs, tan and overall fuck-fantasy presentation, she became a much bigger deal in the biz overall.

06-26-15  10:48pm

Visit Brazzers

Reply of LPee23's Reply

I wouldn't hold my breath for answers. Neither Naughty America nor Brazzers talk about why scenes are pulled in any real way.

06-06-15  07:39pm

N/A Reply of surferman's Poll

Scene setting/story line CAN be good, but as Vivid and Wicked proved for years, concentrating on that stuff usually produces crappy stories and crappy porn. Evil Angel and Jules Jordan have the formula the best for my tastes - set up a hot situation, with a good amount of tease, but always remember that the girl and the sex are what count. Anything else is there to make the girl and the sex hotter.

06-06-15  07:37pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

More Chatting Please - Love The Cindy Starfall Chat

My main complaint about this site has always been its clinical quality - now we see 5 minutes of legs, now we see 5 minutes of clit, etc.

I was delighted to come upon a scene with Cindy Starfall that was the exact opposite of all of that. It was Cindy being sexy Cindy, wearing a sexy outfit, showing off her banging bod and chatting away the whole time - just a beautiful scene.

They ought to do a lot more of that, in my opinion.

03-15-15  07:29pm

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Visit Tiny 4K

Tiny 4K
Reply of MargulisAZ's Comment

Yep - No doubt - this is why I like Jules Jordan and a lot of the Evil Angel stuff - they appreciate tease - they'll put girls in hot outfits and you get to see them in the outfit for a while, you get to see the strip tease, you get to see the body tease, you get to see them show off their goodies while giving blow jobs - it's a lot more interesting than Pump Pump Pump.

I don't find this site quite as piss-poor as you do, but they could certainly be a lot less repetitive and mechanical.

02-27-15  09:09pm

Visit Passion HD

Passion HD
Reply of Spencer's Reply

Fact-checking is always important - just because someone claims that all vids are repeats doesn't make it a fact. In this case, it's easy to confirm. Just look at the vids posted on Porn Pros for the models being posted on this site and it's easy to see that they are the same vids.

It would be up to us to make an issue like this a specific comment in order for you guys to see it. I can't imagine that you would possibly have the time to read every review to find such facts - but taking a look at the recent comments on a site to see if there is anything that stands out could enable you to catch a major issue.

02-21-15  10:37am

Visit Passion HD

Passion HD
Reply of PinkPanther's Comment

My feeling is that if you're a porn review site that has a user-review site that you created as an addendum to your own reviews, and you don't use information that has been provided by the users, you're missing something. It's not like this site SOMETIMES reposts scenes from Porn Pros.

They have only posted ONE scene in many months on this site that is not a repost. To not include that in a review is a major "miss" in my book, especially when you have been handed that information to use.

02-11-15  10:12pm

Visit Passion HD

Passion HD

Strange Review Leaving Off RePosting Issue

It's strange that - even though the review mentions that this site is owned by PornPros, and even though there was a comment a few months ago that this site is just posting old Porn Pro scenes as new - the review doesn't mention that fact. It's not like it has changed. The newest video on PassionHD was posted on PornPros back on 8/23/14.

I've got to say, it doesn't do much for my faith in the thoroughness of TBP reviews.

01-29-15  10:33pm

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass
Reply of Loki's Review

One correction I would make to your otherwise fine review is to the quantity of the uploads per day. They advertise 20 DVD's per day. As a former member, I definitely remember them eclipsing that. On the 26th, they posted 12. They have posted 10/day for more than a week prior to that. It's a great deal of content, since these are all full DVD's, unlike sites such as Erito or Idol69 that only post individual scenes. The issue for me with this site is similar to VideoBox - they post a lot of content, but is it content that you're really excited by? If so, then this site is a good deal, especially because, in my experience, if you join through the TBP discount and then go to cancel, they'll offer you an amazing monthly price.

12-26-14  09:45pm

Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art
Reply of skippy's Comment

Thanks for the heads-up!

12-26-14  09:35pm

Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network
Reply of dbug010101's Comment

I've used their tech team - call the phone # - the people on the phone always got things down for me.

12-12-14  09:00pm

Visit VideoBox


You Know They're Getting Lazy When...

Dupe scenes have always been a fact of life with Videobox - with so much licenced repackaged stuff being posted, it's going to happen a lot, and it does. But when Videobox is posting Pornstar Power 2 on 12/11/14, and then posting Getting Slammed #2 on 12/12/14 - a DVD that dupes 2 scenes for the Pornstar Power DVD - that's just laziness on the level of "urp - I posted my DVD's of the day - time for a beer".

12-12-14  06:47am

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Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Kink.com Retiring Public Disgrace

Porn sites all need to keep their finger in the wind, taking the political temperature, especially sites on the more extreme end of things. In that vein, Kink.com has stopped shooting for Public Disgrace and is basically retiring the site. Perhaps they'll make the existing material a bonus for another site, or perhaps they'll only make the individual scenes available for purchase one-at-a-time.

11-05-14  10:15pm

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Visit All Japanese Pass

All Japanese Pass
Reply of jook's Comment

Nobody that can't deal with the mosaic used in the vast majority of Japanese porn should ever join a Japanese porn site. I'm not a fan of All Japanese Pass because they split up the original DVD's into individual scenes in a rather haphazard fashion and you're never able to see the original DVDs, but the mosaic is a fact of life for any site that is posting authentic Japanese porn. I haven't been on their site in years, so I can't comment on how easy it is to look for "uncensored" as a member. I was looking at it as a non-member a couple of days ago and found it easy to find uncensored material by looking for various pornstars or niches.

You should definitely stay away from the other major Japanese porn sites - Actionjav, jsexnetwork, Asiamovie pass, etc - all of which feature authentic Japanese porn, which has the mosaic.

11-02-14  09:25am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of ghosty's Reply

I recommend using their phone support. In my experience, their phone support is much better than their e-mail or web support.

09-06-14  06:40am

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
Reply of JamesDavid's Reply

This last response probably would have been better as your first response, my friend. It would have earned you more goodwill on this site, that's for sure.

Oh, well. Live and learn. You've got a fine site.

09-06-14  06:38am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of mediafan's Comment

There's a number of sites - including EvilAngel.com, which I'm obviously a big fan of - where certain file types on various vids have errors - I just download another file type. These days, the number of files that are high quality are such that I don't find it makes that much of a difference.

07-17-14  07:15pm

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Evil Angel - Still Excellent

I suppose that there are times when Evil Angel's content gets to be in a relative slump - this ain't one of those times. The Teen-a-holics DVD that they posted a few days ago is excellent, but what I really like about Evil Angel is their ability to highlight stuff that didn't sound like it would be appealing to me much at all and then to blow me away with how good it is - the latest example is the scene between Alina Li and Marica Haze engaging in plastic wrap and breath play in a scene from Fetish Fanatic 14. And they don't forget the greatness of great tease and eye contact with the camera. This is where I feel that Evil Angel's stuff has it all over Kink's stuff, which I find overly clinical and about the acts themselves without the importance stuff, which is how hot the acts get the performers and should get the audience. Keep it up Evil Angel - the best kinky site in porn, far as I'm concerned.

07-16-14  08:37pm

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Visit Brazzers

Reply of pat362's Reply

Calling is the way to go for this site, in my experience.

07-04-14  10:51am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of pat362's Comment

Yes, I had this problem 4-6 weeks ago. I tried logging in, I got the "your membership has expired message", I called the C/S line, I was told, "The site's down, your membership hasn't expired. The site will be back up in a few hours." I tried logging in the next day, got the same message, got the same information when I called the C/S line. I tried logging in later that day, after the point that I was assured that the site would be back up, I got the same message at the site, I called the C/S line and that person got me back into the site, let me know the date that my membership really did expire and asked me if I wanted to renew it right then. I said, "Thanks but no thanks" and went on my merry way.

06-30-14  06:12pm

Visit Digital Playground

Digital Playground

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: High quality content, all exclusive

New series being uploaded to site in addition to their DVD's

DVD's that have previously been held back, such as the Island Fever series, are now being uploaded

Frequent updates

Great depth of archives

Top porn performers
Cons: Streaming Only

Confusing multiple membership options, including "DP Premium", which claims to have unlimited downloads of Digital Playground, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Vivid, Wicked, Private and other studios - but it seems like you have to join to see what they're really offering.
Bottom Line: There is one - and only one - reason why I'm bothering to review this site and that is that this site is getting better in a major way. It is VERY unusual to see a site that has been around as long as Digital Playground get better, so when I see a site like this get much better, I've got to bring it to the attention of other PU's. This site has always been the place where Digital Playground put up their DVD's that they wanted to offer for streaming. It's always been streaming-only. At times they have also had cam shows by their contract stars. They aren't doing those at present. What's new with the site is their web series and scenes that they are putting up on the site in addition to their DVD's. And these aren't crap no-budget scenes with bottom-feeder performers. They've been putting up scenes with the best up-and-comers such as Alina Li and Sara Luvv - great scenes too! And they have a new series starting tomorrow - a porn version of Sons of Anarchy starring the glorious Bonnie Rotten that looks very exciting from the previews. In a time when other sites are giving less and less to their members, it's pretty striking that this site is going in the other direction entirely. I hope that it lasts! My 89 score is because of the "Streaming Only" of this site. No site that doesn't offer downloads of their vids should be graded as excellent, in my opinion.

06-24-14  10:04pm

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