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Visit The Indian Porn

The Indian Porn

mostly stolen content

site has got stolen content and case is already going on at one of the famous adult forum gfy. program 247mg has alreafy filled the case against the site and the program 35pps who got their content stolen from site and used in design and members area

09-08-13  12:44am

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Visit VideoBox

Reply of exotics4me's Comment

I think too many scenes at once and server is cutting or there may be a restrcition on server that only 2 - 3 files can be downloaded simoutaneously

05-14-13  05:47am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Some time it shows me good stuff. If dangerous my antivirus block it

05-01-13  12:03pm

Visit Indian Love Goddess

Indian Love Goddess
Reply of Marcus's Reply

@Marcus: i will review this site and waist my money of what they offering me in front. content they showing on front is from 1998 and 2000. Very very old content. If they dont care about the front end than how can we expect the quality in members area. Example in shops shopkeeper show latest stuff to attract customer not old.....

04-24-13  11:20pm

Visit My Sexy Divya

My Sexy Divya

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Divya is a hot Indian babe who has been online for over almost over a year now. She's got a nice website and it looks pretty good. My first impression when i first saw this website "WOW Indian College Babe Website, I Want To See Her Naked".

Front is quite impressive with sample video which show what we can expect inside. Tour page are upto my expectation with showing some nice preview images.

Members area is quit easy to navigate.
movies can all be downloaded as Windows Media and MP4 files. You also have the option of streaming them in Flash. If you want sexy pics, Divya gives them to you without hesitation. Selection of great pictures leading to full-size high-res images, you'll be in paradise viewing this hottie having all her naughty fun. Best thing which i can see in members area are,

full hd content
high res picture
masturbation, shower, dancing, teasing etc
content is fully dated
live flash stream is available
multi format download
Reasonable monthly membership
Cons: Still a small site but seems to me that amount of content they adding on regular basis mysexydivya.com will become one of the top indian pornstar site.

I love to see live chat session with Divya but they don't have such a option available at this point. I contact support and they say they are thinking of adding live cam session but no time frame they can give me at this point.

No blog or twitter profile or faceboon profile is there to be in touch with divya.

No zip file of picture set, you need to download each pic one by one if you like to keep them for later.
Bottom Line: Well, bottom line is Divya is bold enough to come online naked in front of millions of viewers. There are not many Indian pornstar sites available in sex industry but Divya is star compare to what is available in market.

Divya is sure to please all you hot-blooded Indian people out there. This stunning dark indian girl has all the attributes you are looking for.

For lovers of Divya Yogesh, this is a good place for you to enjoy and keep in touch with one of the hottest indian babe to ever perform in porn. If the site gets back to updating on a regular basis it will be even better.

04-24-13  12:43am

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Visit Fuck My Indian GF

Fuck My Indian GF

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: FuckMyIndianGF is one of those sites that claims to bring you homemade Indian gf porn that was purchased from their boyfriends looking to make a quick money or submitted by user itself. You might have to suspend your disbelief to go along with the premise, but you won't have any trouble enjoying the content. What is like about this site with whom i am with for over 6 months now are,

1) huge amount of content. I count and it comes to 4109.
2) picture counts are total 1976
3) real indian content only no latin girls or mexican girl
4) reasonable price for this amount of content
5) trial membership with no restriction with other big sites
6) easy navigation and download section
7) you can see what is coming tomorow and say after
8) customer suppot is friendly and they can guide you for any specific movie you looking for.
9) every day 3 new gf video or you can say homemade video is uploaded
10) some videos are in very good quality which i love to watch
Cons: Most of the video are missing the theme of GF but they mostly are hidden cam videos.

Quality varies from video to video.

No multiple format download option, mostly are AVI's

Some banners to other site but they don't disturb me when i was browsing the site.

They should need to work on quality of videos in future.
Bottom Line: The content is good amateur indian hardcore banging and they have done a great job of providing high-quality pics and vids.

FuckMyIndianGF may not bring you exactly what it promises on front end, but it does deliver some sizzling Indian content that will leave you hungry for more. It's definitely worth a look if you like sexy Indian chicks and hot sex in Indian style.

04-24-13  12:25am

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Visit Indian Love Goddess

Indian Love Goddess

Bad Site Still 76 Point!

this site does'nt deserve more than 50 point and you people gave it 76.... outstanding.... ask tsite owner very hoenstly how many signup they got in this site in a month, you will get your answer if he is real honest with you

04-24-13  12:12am

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Visit Fuck My Pakistani GF

Fuck My Pakistani GF
Reply of sylvern's Review

You need to differentiate between Pakistani girl and Indian girls. Both got same roots and splited families.

I personally as Indian got half of my family lives in Pakistan.

You need to do some research on India and Pakistan than you will write a better review for any Indian or Pakistan site.

Totally Disagree with you wording - @ "To see an amateur Pakistani girl getting naked is as hard as spotting a unicorn. Well, those are just plain lies and at FuckMyPakistaniGF, we have all the hottest Pakistani girls naked pictures and vidoes." - Sadly, that is not quite accurate because the majority of the videos on the website are of Indian origin girls as per the video descriptions themselves. Some videos I recognise from other websites and it appears as though some girls are labelled Pakistani without that necessarily being the case @

09-24-12  09:39am

Visit India Uncovered

India Uncovered
Reply of GCode's Reply

just 22 videos and never update site wont deserve 85 ranking. Launch in 2008 and after that never ever updated.

02-18-11  11:13am

Visit DesiPapa

Reply of mbaya's Reply

there is a reason bcz this site is offering every month new content with new sex scandal and amateur home made indian videos...

tell me a single site run by big sponsors who update their indian site on regular basis... You Wont Find any buddy!

Their effort should deserve higher ranking where indian porn very hard to find..

02-18-11  11:12am

Visit DesiPapa


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: First of let me tell you that I am Indian and Big Indian porn lover. I am accessing desipapa.com from last 6 years and the way they offering Indian content is awesome compare to what is available elese. I can say that they are pioneer in Indian niche.

1) Starting from there front end. Pure Indian theme definitely attract Indian fan and Indian porn lover. very very nice design to attract user.

2) Preview content is good enough to convience me to spend lifetime membership price instead of paying them every month.

3) Reasonal Priced, 100% Indian content not pretend to be Indian. Very clear option on join page to see what we are getting.

4) Once you paid them and its easy to navigate into their members area where you can see Upcoming updates and latest update + poll and top rated video includes bonus updates as well. Few advert which i dont mind.

5) 1400 Indian videos i can count myself going to 60+ pages with 1 video added every day. 300 bonus video as well fair enough.
Cons: hmm very hard to say this bcz i like this site very much but if you dont mentioned bad thing people think we are perfect which they dont :)

1) No multi format of video. Only 1 format available for each video
2) no flash streaming
3) video preview should be bigger
4) quality is not very good but i know indian porn is very hard to find specially new one so....
5) No photo which is expected bcz they havent advertised any where on front end that they have got pictures inside
6) You should have latest video codecs to watch their video else you cant see. We should all have to be upto date in oru life as well
Bottom Line: Its likely that the older content wont get a quality upgrade but at least their newer material gets a better all the time. Desi Papa provides a large amount of Indian porn and does it with style. Although the quality varies the price is more than reasonable and the improvements have propelled it to the upper echelons of Indian porn site greatness.

I should recommend this site to all visitor who love to see Naked Indian girl having sex, a real Indian girl with real Indian men....


12-08-10  04:36am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I vote for Bannanas but i do like to see sexy women eatign HONEY which drips into their cleaveage and getting sticky like a CUM :D

12-08-10  03:58am

Visit Indian Hidden Cams

Indian Hidden Cams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Indian Hidden Cams promises that once youíre within the membership area of their website you are going to get private shoot indian voyeur videos of the most intimate actions of naughty indian couples caught on film. Tour page shows what they got and as an indian porn lover i just cant wait to go into members area.

Last time i been to this site 1 and half year back and now its totaly change website huge archive of pure indian hidden cam videos. Into is good some exciting nice clip as preview which makes me horny and i got craving to get into members area once agian after long time.

Members Area is very nice now compare to what 2 years back. Professionaly designed and i think control by any content manegement system.

- 572 Indian Voyeur Video
- 400 Bonus content white stuff but very good..
- Updates log are now available which is good
- Video run time now available which is good
- Comment option is available so i can write...
- Nice quality videos. Atleast Pure INDIAN...
Cons: hmm this is hard part....

No multi format video download. Only 1 option.

The quality of the videos varies quite a bit and there are several different formats. You'll find some great-quality Windows Media files and you'll also come across some MPEGs, AVI files and even some Flash files that aren't quite as impressive. One thing about hidden-cam sites is that you're usually dealing with lower-quality stuff, but the poor quality of some of the clips actually helps with the realism of the content.

Download speed needs to be little slow i can say... but ok...

Couples now need HD camera if they shooting their own sex video so atleast quality will be good :)
Bottom Line: Compare to what i have seen 2 years back its much much better. I can say they are on right track. Lots of content available.

I can give this site a tribute showing the secret sex of real indian couple or self shoot video of real indian couple sharign with this world. I love to watch these real indian housewife sex atleast they are doing what they like to do not acting like a hookers :)

Friends, if you love to watch sex of authentic indian housewifes or real indian girls then this site is right on top. go get the access and see it...

02-17-10  11:22am

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Visit Smuggled Indian Sex Stories

Smuggled Indian Sex Stories

Why Should I pay for this site ?

why i should i pay for this site membership when thousands od indian stories free available. Are they writting their own stories or what special in there. I dont recommend any one to get access for this site. there are site like desipapa.com and indiansexstories offering thousand of stories free.

02-18-09  10:36am

Replies (0)
Visit Arab Street Hookers

Arab Street Hookers
Reply of mbaya's Reply

This is what i mentioned in my review to get get authentic arab not just mexican or latin pretend to be indian

07-11-08  06:25am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

English is not my native and i am from south asia. Onyl thing i missing some time i can use he in place of she and use she in place of he :D

07-08-08  08:49am

Visit Indian Sex At Home

Indian Sex At Home

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Indian Sex At Home promises that once youíre within the membership area of their website you are going to get Indian home made clips of some of the most intimate actions of naughty Indian couples caught on spycam and hiddencams. The tour page is pretty good almost every to attarct me to take my credit out of my purse and fill the signup page to get access.

- 70+ indian homemade title
- Authentic indian stuff
- agian real people video innocent indian unaware of hiddencams
- quality is a bit low but hidden or spycam video are normally not high res video and i am also not expecting this.
- No update logs but hope to see more...
- the best part in 1$ you will have full access to this site + their other site which include Indian Spy Cam which is almost extactly the same only few different scene. Normally you get restirction in trial peirod but here no restriction.
- AVI , MPG and WMV with voice good voice i can say as i can easily understand what they speanking.
Cons: Once you finish with 70 title either cancel the membership of enjoy their other sites white hardcore site included in 1$.

Not interested at all in it as there are too many site available which offer you same things. Get access to 1 site and 40 free even 80 free but all got RSS FEEDS or adult friend finder add which is rubbish.
Bottom Line: Indian Sex At Home is a very impressive indian sites. The fact is that itís more likely to appeal to Indian fans which you can see every where in world even in a small of town of very small city, but there is enough here for other fans too.

The performers are put through their paces well and challenged to out do themselves with a series of contests, making it worth their while that they actually put in the effort.

The download speeds were very good for the most part, probably helped on most occasions by the fact that the video clips are relatively short.

I can recommend this site to my friend as there are only 3 site so far available who offering Real Indian Voyeur stuff.

I gave this site 80 bcz site is pretty small and its belong to Niche Pay a sponsor company. These sponsor site never ever update site might be the reason bcz Indian Stuff are very hard to find and Hidden Cam Stuff Impossible. They have done a really good job they will go alot on top if they keep continue liek this.

I hope this will helo other people who want to see real indian voyuer.

Sorry for using some bad english grammer :)

07-08-08  08:46am

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Visit Indian Hidden Cams

Indian Hidden Cams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fromt long time i was thinking when i will see real indian wife fucking by real indian men. I am really surprised by seeing this site. Real indian housewives kissing, jumping, sucking cock and oral etc etc with their beloved hubbies or boyfriends. This is the best ever site i have ever saw in my whole life in which i can see what i want to see. Real Indian Girl fucked by real indian mens. 110% authentic indian stuff, real people in real scandal or homemade stuff.

These Indian women are in their most sexual moments and they don't know they have a hidden cam on them! Indian hidden cams features real neophytes on hidden spy cameras.

- 80 Real indian hiddencam or spycam videos
- 40 Full lenght title with some honeymoon captured scene
- mpg and avi format with high resolution with voice as south asian i know what they speaking which prove their authenticity.
- Site design is attractive
- What they show in preview easy to find in members area
- Easy and user friendly members area
Cons: Members area also got some white stuff as well which are also really good and selective. Some of them are real but some people just acting they know that camera is there.

Indianhiddencams.com by name is Indian site but i can see white stuff which i dont like btu as extra feature its good.

Site is recently launched by which you can imagine small amoung content which will grow as time pass.

No Streaming stuff and No Images.
Bottom Line: I personally really enjoyed this site. Indian Hidden Cams is one of the better Indian hiddencam sites that I've ever seenas there is on 3 available so far :)

Of course you can't come in here and expect to find professional, high quality photography. These are just average people hoping to just capture a glimpse of something exciting on film. However I really enjoyed it. The excitement of watching the girls while they had no idea they were being filmed and to see what real couples do in the privacy of their bedrooms was pretty naughty as well.

A best site in a very very reasonable price which is just $19.95 a month.

Want to see real life indian couple in action, dont go any where this site is just for you!


07-08-08  08:29am

Replies (0)
Visit Arab Street Hookers

Arab Street Hookers
Reply of PaulCS's Reply

Its never too late in adult business still time left. Get some thing reall good but according to my friends who run indian sites and arab, your signup ratio is going down my friend. Is that true

05-07-08  08:57am

N/A Reply of Lionheart's Poll

some girls really looks hot in glasses

05-07-08  08:54am

Visit Lesbians From India

Lesbians From India
Reply of Davit's Reply

yes is it just you. Can you tell me how well you know indians :) mother tongue of india is Hindi / Sanskrit not ENGLISH

04-13-08  11:56am

Visit Lesbians From India

Lesbians From India
Reply of JBDICK's Reply

yes buddy just 10 scene in lesbian from india rest you can enjoy network site. But if you only looking for indian stuff than that network site is useless.

One plus point i dont remember whether i mentioned it or not.

Both lesbian from india and exploited indian girl are one network site. One site pass will give u free acecss to other. so in simple words you paying 29$ for two site. But quality is not good.

04-11-08  03:29am

Visit Exploited Indian Girls

Exploited Indian Girls
Reply of JBDICK's Reply

Pirce is way to high my friend, i already mentioned. this hase to be arounf 14 - 19 - max 22. VHS transfer to digital :)

04-11-08  03:27am

Visit Lesbians From India

Lesbians From India

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Lesbian from india oh! is it real or is it fake but after looking this site things change. Now i know how much indian porn get familiar with western world. But girls from indian dont kno how to act in lesbian action.

Membership to lesbian from india gives you access to not only 1 site but an entire network of premium porn sites including 45 exclusive reality sites, 110 bonus sites 4100 DVDs and over 15000 movies.

- 10 Video run time around 30 min.
- video ok to accept.
- easy browsing
- small to full length available
* Authentic Indian Girl * real plus point of this site not latin girls named as indian girls.
Cons: Very few stuff available only 10 videos.
- bad resolution
- high res video missing
- high rs images missing
- VHS transfed to digital
- instead of indian stuff showing more white hardcore stuff + showing datign and macthing stuff
- for only 10 indian video i cant pay 29$ + trial fee.
- Trial is restricted agian
- its network site of one site i already reviewed.
- Promoting other site inside members area asking for more money. Bad

- The quality of the DVD movies was not great, in most of them the camera work was extremely shaky, while the picture quality was below average
Bottom Line: please get more stuff its agian not exclsuive as you mentioned in site. There are site available showing more stuff than your. please reduce price and make video or shot video with HD camera easily available in market and at cheap price.

You are following good themem but need alot work.

04-10-08  04:24am

Replies (6)
Visit Exploited Indian Girls

Exploited Indian Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: One more indian site in industry in which i can say authentic indian porn not just like mexican or latin girl. Girls are from real india.
- Authentic indian porn movies
- good reasonable resolutions.
- full length video
- small collection but Indian.
Cons: Agian people running site are not indian. They making site thinking from european mentality. Friend dont mind my words but its true. Women in india dont masturbate, theyu dont use dildos but some people in India got westernise and want their wifes or girl do these thing but only few.

Its mix site with different type of scenes.

In my point of view looking almost all indian paid site

- High Resoluiton video missing. Its VHS video than digitilise.
- Not exlclsuibe already saw this conten before
- High res images missing cant find it,
- Trial membership wont show u any thing need to pay extra after trial to see ful
- slow speed even taking time on 20MB broadband.
- 33 videos in bad resolution.
- Again catch of 100 exclsuive site which is no use for me as indian visitors. I can see free every day on tele after 11 at home so why shoul di pay oin internet for white stuff :)
Bottom Line: Site is only for indian people but you can also enjoy a huge DVD archive of white hardcore stuff which I'm sure has more western girls as well as tons more full length high quality videos in every category. And don't forget about the huge bonus area which has 100 bonus sites and over 40 exclusive sites.

Monthly price has to be around 19 - 22 $ not like 30$.

Its better to have some thing from nothing.

04-10-08  04:13am

Replies (2)

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