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Visit Tainster

Reply of Jaimes's Review

I normally agree with mbaya and find his/her reviews very helpful.

In this case, however, I did not think you meant to criticize other people's tastes in porn. As I read your review, you were looking for real orgy scenes, and Tainster did not provide the kind you were looking for; namely, lots of available pussy and amateurs who are really enjoying themselves. With all the niches on the Internet, one would think there would be lots in this sub-niche, but there is not.

A couple of sites come to mind. Orgy Sex Parties and College Wild Parties have small porn star orgies with lots of other observers. Porn star orgies tend to max out at 4 couples and most focus on one couple because it is too hard to film everyone at once. The camera always seems to be pointed in the wrong place. For example, the camera is on a girl giving a blow job when you would rather watch a really hot couple fucking in the background.

Some new sites attempt to fill this gap but none are truly orgy sites.

SwingerSakse, DareDorm, CollegeRules, FuckTeamFive

Anyone that knows of true amateur orgy sites with lots of naked females, please port that information.

08-20-11  08:22am

Visit Amateur Creampies

Amateur Creampies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very amateur cream pie site
Five sites: amateurcreampies.com, creampiesquad.com, creampieebony.com, hotwivesandgirlfriends.com, westcoastgangbangs.com
Tony's girlfriend/assistant adds some spice to what has become a very formula site.
Cons: Rick Lee, webmaster
Few updates at irregular intervals
Bottom Line: This site and its sister sites have some great content and were my favorite sites at one point.

Updates have slowed to near zero and are very irregular and unpredictable. To further the irritation, the webmaster tells us how busy he is and gives little updates into what he is doing as if we care. I am not paying $29.95 per month for his day-to-day life story.

The site would be okay for downloading the archived material except that one gets scolded if one tries to download more than a few scenes. One is told "you are downloading a lot, you must wait for 24 hr before you can download more."

I can no longer recommend this site.

07-20-11  06:40am

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Visit All Adult Pass

All Adult Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of content if you can get it
Cons: A DVD site, but claims exclusive content. Many of these DVDs are available on other sites.
Liars and cheats: TBP says fee is $9.99 recurring every 30 days, but the renewal rate under their terms of service is $39.95/month; if you accept their offer of staying a member for $4.95/month instead of canceling, you are charged the $4.95 immediately and also immediately lose download rights until you upgrade your membership. Customer support is unresponsive.
There is a $0.95 convenience fee for cancelling online.
Bottom Line: This site employs rip-off practices.
I recommend avoiding this site.

05-31-11  10:43pm

Replies (1)
Visit VideoBox


You learn something new every day

If one deletes the VB cookie, one can stay with the old interface which eliminates my frustration with the site caused by VB3. As long as they maintain that option I will be happy.

I apologize for my ranting about VB3 when all I had to do was delete the cookie. I thought the change was being forced on users. I am probably not alone in this confusion. I just logged in, and there it was.

With an archive of almost 10,000 DVDs covering all types of porn and 5 new DVDs per day, VB is a great source of material.

04-03-11  03:25am

Replies (3)
Visit VideoBox


VB3 still sucks

VideoBox.com came to their senses and put VB3 on hold while they tried to work out the bugs. I am sure the largely negative reaction from users was one reason. Now VB3 is back. From my point of view, VB3 still sucks. Some reviewers have pointed out a few advantages of VB3. For example, more niches make it easier to find videos of specific interest.

Nevertheless, here is why I do not like VB3.

I took a standard operation that I go through almost every time I access the site. It took 7 mouse movements and clicks under the old interface and 28 mouse movements and clicks under VB3. That means it is four times the work to get to what I am looking for. A second seemingly minor but very real frustration is that the pop-up floating windows often block the link I want to click. One has to back up and try to approach the link from a different direction to avoid triggering a floating window. Mouse-over pop-up windows may be the latest cool thing in web programming, but they are a pain in the ass for most users. The new VB3 is a slight improvement over the old VB3, but I still prefer the pre-VB3 interface and would like the option of continuing to use it.

At least one other reviewer commented that the quality was going down. With so many DVD's, (5 new every day at 5:00 AM PT), there will be some good and some bad. Also, VB tries to have something for everyone. In my case, only one or two videos per week interest me. That is a sufficient number to justify the $15 monthly cost.

03-30-11  08:03am

Replies (2)
Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of great content.

Many different types of content.

Each scene has relevant and accurate keywords.

Many download options.
Cons: New interface has many bugs and is very difficult to use.

In my opinion, they have ruined one of best sites on the net.

Search feature no longer works correctly nullifying the benefit of the keywords.
Bottom Line: Software engineers have this annoying desire to take something that works well and redo it so it no longer works. Their desire to add the latest "features" like floating windows that pop up unexpectedly in an irritating manner overrides the desire of the user for simplicity and ease of use. New versions always have bugs that require months or even years to fix.

VideoBox had an excellent site with 5 new DVDs added per day. Unfortunately, they just redid their interface as VB3 and basically ruined the site. I hope they will come to their senses and go back to the old interface, or at least give users the option. I am not against improvements or new ideas, but VB3 is a giant step backwards in terms of usability.

My rating drops from 95 to 70 because of VB3. That is how much I dislike it.

VB is one of two sites to which I have been a continuous member for more than 2 yr. It saddens me greatly to see it ruined.

With the new interface, I can no longer recommend it.

01-21-11  05:53am

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Visit Drunk Sex Orgy

Drunk Sex Orgy
Reply of mbaya's Review

Always very informative reviews. Thanks.

11-17-10  03:00pm

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of goatyboy's Review

I have two major frustrations with this site. The first, mentioned in this review, is the pain of downloading. I did a statical analysis and found that I got the 403 forbidden message 56 % of the time when I tried to download a video. Once a link fails, however, the failure rate was 100 % until I switched pages, found a link that did work, and then returned to the original link. What a waste of time! No response from customer service. I tried multiple computers and web browsers - same problem.

The second complaint that I have which goes against every other review is that I do not find the scenes that hot. They have 2000+ women porn stars and lots of scenes, but the sex is formula porn with virtually no kissing and no internal cum shots even though no condoms are used. I find very little communication between the couples. The site should be named "whores at work". Their attempt to turn the scenes into "fantasies" did not work for me. Even though the site is highly rated, I will be going elsewhere.

04-08-10  01:37am

Visit Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great fantasy and fun
Women look like ordinary wives one might know
Great if you want to imagine yourself having swinger sex
Not many condoms and a few creampies for natural sex and creampie lovers
Good price ($14.95) if you know the trick
Video files are about 100 MB and 20 min each, so they do not take up much HD space yet they are good enough for their intended purpose
Cons: I would like it better if the women had orgasms too
Not for you if you want beautiful or young women or porn stars with fake tits
Does have an unknown download limit (called excess bandwidth use) which disables user name for 12 hr
Updates are slow in coming (only 4 in 7 months based on count given by mbaya)
Videos file are about 100 MB and 20 min each, so the quality is definitely NOT HD for those who want HD porn
Bottom Line: Read review by mbaya
I tried to add to his review and not repeat what he has already covered
The trick to get the discounted price: (1) go to "join" page, (2) click "x" to close the page, (3) click on the link in pop-up window offering for you to chat with an advisor to get 50% discount
A few comments about the associated sites
(a) Lots of niche/fetish sites are available
(b) Sites vary in quality
(c) Some sites do not permit downloads
(d) Some sites are recycled material; for example, big creampies is just the the cream of the crop DVD series in streaming format
(e) There are a few hot scenes worth keeping

If you are into the hot wife thing, try hotwivesandgirlfriends, creampiecathy, or jean swing

Hope this helps

01-20-10  04:52am

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Visit Cum In My Wife Please

Cum In My Wife Please

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Creampie videos
Cons: I could not find any exclusive content.
Clips are from well known creampie DVDs.
Scenes are split into 2 to 5 clips of 10 min each with the last clip covering the balance of the scene.
Clips are posted on different dates, so it is a pain to find them all.
Bonus sites all appear to be DVD sites with different names to create the appearance of niche content.
The "wife" theme is a come on. These women may be someone's wife, but that is all.
The discount does not work.
Bottom Line: Do not waste your time or money on this site.
For good creampie content, go to:

(a) videobox.com
(videobox.com is a fantastic DVD site with all kinds of DVDs and more than 2000 creampie scenes with more being added all the time. Navigation and downloading are easy.)

(b) amateurcreampies.com
(The above five sites are all part of one package. The first three are all creampie. The last two are 30 to 50 % creampie. The hot wife site is really about swinging wives. The biggest complaint about these sites from subscibers was the dork Rick that ran the sites and was the male lead in most scenes. Fortunately, Rick has mostly retired and the male leads are now Tony, John, and Andrew. These guys focus on the girls not themselves which is a big improvement.)

(c) creampiesurprise.com and milfinternal.com
(These two sites come as a package. The main problem is that updates have fallen off. These sites focus on porn stars in exclusive creampie scenes.)

(d) creampie.com
(creamepie.com has exclusive porn star creampie scenes)

(e) creampiecathy.com and jeanswing.com
(These two sites are single model sites with good creampie content and which fit the swinging wife mold.)

(f) bigtitcreampies.com
(A bang bros site with porn star creampies.)

I signed up for cuminmywifeplease.com because I did not read the reviews carefully enough and because the reviews said there was exclusive content with a swinging wife theme. I found no exclusive content and no wife theme. Benefit from my experience, and skip this site.

12-09-09  04:30am

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Visit CreamPie.com


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: good creampies in most scenes
lots of content
includes frank interviews
good quality videos
Cons: roleplay in which a disgusting Tarzan-like guy attacks a girl
I could not watch more than 30 s of a recent episode with Marie Luv who is girl with a lot of sex appeal - I like scenes where both the man and the woman are really enjoying the sex, the woman has an orgasm, and the man cums inside the woman - this is way sex is supposed to be in my opinion
The operator is likely looking to break the mold which is essentially the same for every scene - interview in which the girls answers questions about her sex life, briefly introduce girl to guy, jump right into sex usually starting with oral and going straight to intercourse
In my view, a little more interaction between the guy and girl and maybe some kissing to get things started would make the scenes hotter for me
Bottom Line: Lots of high quality content for the creampie lover. Some scenes have good interaction between the man and the woman, but most appear that the only interest of the partcipants is getting paid. How much can one get into the sex on the basis of a 10-s introduction with no foreplay. To me, the rapelike scenes that are described as roleplay are disgusting and a step in the wrong direction.

12-07-09  08:10pm

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Visit MILF Internal

MILF Internal

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Has an archive of 65 episodes. Some are pretty hot. Most of the women are porn professionals that appear on other sites and on DVD's in similar scenes. The formula is interview, oral sex, straight sex in variety of positions, then cream pie. In some scenes, the women get into it and seem to be enjoying themselves. In other scenes, it looks like they are going through the motions just for the money. No surprise in that.

Each scene is divided into three parts of roughly 100 MB each in wmv format. The full episode can be downloaded as one mpg. Resolution varies from 300 x 400 to 720 x 480. Video quality is generally good.

Some of their bonus sites still update once a week to once a month. Most do not.
Cons: Appears to have dropped to one update per month on or about 4-Sep-2009.
Bottom Line: No need to sign up for more than 1 month to download the archive from this sites and the bonus sites that interest you.

09-23-09  03:45am

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Visit Amateur Creampies

Amateur Creampies
Reply of uscue's Reply

Updates are normally weekly for AmateurCreampies, HotWivesandGirlfriends, CreampieSquad, and WestCoastGangbangs but sometimes they fall a bit behind. CreampieEbony sometimes misses an update. The other sites are static or do not involve creampies.

02-15-09  03:57am

Visit Please Bang My Wife

Please Bang My Wife

Even worse than I thought

In my previous comment I said that the site has a limit of 6 videos per day. It is actually even worse than that because once one reaches the limit one must wait 24 hr before any more downloads can be made. The limit is actually less than 6 per day. Also, if the download crashes for any reason, it still counts against your limit. All things considered, the limit is more like 4 per day and even that requires that you can access the site daily. This is a severe limitation and makes the site almost worthless which is too bad because the content is good.

TBP should warn about problems like this as well as piecemeal downloads that take forever. For example, 15 parts that must be downloaded no more than 2 at a time. This site has one download per episode, but the piecemeal issue is one that TBP should highlight as it greatly affects the value of the site.

Maybe if the owners of these sites lose customers, the sites will become more user friendly. WHy frustrate the subscriber?

02-15-09  03:48am

Replies (1)
Visit Amateur Creampies

Amateur Creampies

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Hundreds of episodes most of which involve cute hot women
Includes pre-sex interview that makes the women more real
My favorite site because I can imagine myself in the guys place
Lots of cream pies and amateur feel that make the sex look very natural
Many scenes shot POV
Five decent sites with weekly (usually) upgrades:

amateurcreampies - one-on-one with mostly cute young women that end with a cream pie
ebonycreampies - one-on-one with mostly cute young black women that end with a cream pie
creampiequad - mostly threesomes with cute young women that end with multiple cream pies
hotwivesandgirlfriends - mostly one-on-one with hot MILFs about half ending with cream pie
wcgangbang - mostly 3 or 4 men with one woman about a third with creampies
Cons: Limited male cast
Rick - Chineese man who runs the sites; never see his face; many find him annoying
Andrew - good looking professional porn star
John - average joe that gets lots of pussy
Tony - also average joe

Same formula for every scene
Videos are mostly 320 by 240 which makes for small files (100 MB or so) but many find this quality unacceptable
Site layout amateurish but tolerable - after all it is the women that count
Bottom Line: Great site for anyone who wants amateur, natural sex wit hundreds of episodes to choose from

Bad site for anyone who does not like creampies, wants high resolution videos, or wants a very professional web layout wih many navigation aids

I like these sites much more than allinternal which most reviewers rate as the #1 cream pie site. I like the natural amateur feel of these sites. It is a plus for me but may be a minus for others.

02-10-09  06:06am

Replies (2)
Visit Please Bang My Wife

Please Bang My Wife

Beware of download limit

This site and its sister sites have a great deal of content. However, the download limit of just 6 video per day is too low especially in light of the $30/month price tag.

Please make sure you understand this limit before signing up. TBP has warnings for limited trials (which most sites have) and for cross sales that must be turned off to avoid being billed for sites one does not even realize one signed up for, but no warning for very low download limits that can easily be overlooked.

02-09-09  04:10pm

Replies (1)
Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of content especially when extras are considered

Great bargain

Hot swinger action with lots of creampies

Sex is real

Dauly updates
Cons: Many "updates" are rehash (single clip vs. multiple clips) of existing material

Limited new primary material although extras include material from major other sites a few months old

Sometimes hard to sort out duplicates (for example, same scene as clip and as single movie)
Bottom Line: Great site for anyone likes to watch real amateur hot wife swinging action with creampies

The site is a great bargain. It is much cheaper to join Cathy's site and view action on several major porn sites than it is join any of the major sites alone. The selection is somewhat less and the clips are a few months after they appear on the major site, but the quantity and quality are great.

This site is highly recommended for anyone interested in watching real sex between real older adults.

12-25-08  05:36am

Replies (0)

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