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Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Doubt if this is a pro but this site is part of a larger site, called "Pornstarnetwork.com," and a niche part of that site is this one and its called "lesbonetwork.com" yet it is titled "clubsapphic," as are the watermarks.

The videos & pictures all appear to be part of a studio called "Sweetheart Films." The content is mostly lesbian (there is some guy listed as an actor or model, but he is an brief extra in a few scenes) Agewise its older women with younger girls (considering younger as late twenties/early thirties)

Pro 1, there are some exclusive content only found on "lesbonetwork.com" e.g. Misty Stone, Mina Meow, etc,.

Pro 2, the video files, range from older content in small MP4, WMV to newer content in large Gigabyte MP4 files (touted as 1080p HD) small watermarks in video and no DRM
Cons: What you see in the preview and tour page does not reflect the real members site, that layout is much different, the search feature isnt complete.

Con 1, I was having downloading issues, I was signed-out and when I signed-in again, I was sent to a page that accused me to stop sharing my username and password.

Tip 1: Use one browser window when viewing this site, if your browser opens a separate browser or tab, it will count as "another person" Firefox seems to be Clubsapphic friendly.

Con 2, I received a "name and password has been reset, call our customer service number" I was.. like whoa, I pay legitimate bills by calling them but to call about porn, why not be more discrete as in a email or a webchat, but to call them and dicuss credit card details, yeah I dont think so.

Con 3, Website and downloading is a problematic as in a delusional man who can believe that he can make a hard-core lesbain fall in love with him, that kind of problematic with this site
Bottom Line: There is some content, not a whole lot but a decent amount. There some content that seems to be exclusive to this site.

There are some good scenes, great women and lots of great content to be found but for me the website has major downloading issues and major disconnection Issues.

I use a download manager, set at one download at a time, my connection is fast but not that fast and so did that help with downloading a scene here and there?

The file moved, The file is no longer available.
Incomplete file at 96%, at 91%, at 98%, etc.
I understand protecting your content, I understand hacks like to "mess up stuff," I understand people do bad things just to do bad tings.
Yeah, I know there are guys who are trying to archive a whole damn website, they're downloading everything. Its like "The greedy kid in the candy store whose stealing everything to build his own candy store in his basement."

But I also seen other sites address these issues and have done well. They do good when they seperate those "porn hoarders" from casual users.

So, would I suggest this site?

No. Site has does have some good content but it seems like this site doesn't want anyone to download or stream it

Videos are DRM-free, newer stuff in 1080p HD MP4 but I'm sticking to the smaller files in MP4 or WMV, oddly I didn't find any AVI files types.

Limited content, most good and some not so good and then some content is .. not really good at all

09-10-11  09:29pm

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I found several of my favorite models on this site and thought maybe this site has sets of them I don't have and so I decided to sign up.

Yes, it’s a website on the Internet that features “Older” Women – the specifics are not really shown on the “Not a member! Come on and see our goods for sale” intro pages.. until I became a member.

Pros: Yes it has mature women, it has many of them, various physical attributes and so forth.

Videos are in WMV and MPEG formats (A Major Plus, this site is download manager friendly - becoming a norm) my settings are 1 video at a time. The newer vids are HD WMV, but if you want to make a DVD collection, the MPEG is easier to work with. HD-WMV is becoming a website Standard now. No DRM.

Zip files are good,on top of the page, there is the resolution, its all packed up and ready to download. Great but again, a "all-in-one" zip file link is becoming a website Standard.

Website layout is fairly easy to use. I can click and navigate around easy.
Cons: I just want to say one thing to the camera-man “Dude! STFU!”

[Camera-woman's voice is okay, no prob there]

Comparing this site to other sites, the other sites typically film the action and that’s that. On this site, basically the some of the videos begin with the cameraman’s dorky voiced commentary and continues throughout the whole video. Gawd man, STFU already. Amatuer, not the content but the people who work this site.

Interviewing and doing some sort of “get to know your” naked lady video is okay now and then, but come on, there’s is a lot of them. Obviously, a porn site is suppose to be that, a porn site with action and if its not part some lonely housewife and mailman theme, then forget it, if I wanted to listen to some sort of psychological profile, interpersonal communication skills and emotional constructs relating to sex, I’d go to an AA meeting. Geesh. I mean seriously.

Less talk more action.
Bottom Line: Good video downloads (the newer vids are more like 320p), Yep, a good sized HD logo stamped on the vids gives me assurance that the vid is shot in alleged "HD" ... good zip file downloads and its download manager friendly (remember I download 1 video at a time), it’s great.
But these things are becoming porn site standards.
It is how the content is being handled, photos that seem to be shot by a man with unsteady hands and a cameraman that will not be quiet, themes that include rubber-cowhide-leather-wetsuit crap that’s supposed to be kinky. But there are some regular “porn” vidoes and photos worth downloading, its hit and miss.

I did find different photo/video sets of the models, I was interested in, that is a plus but other than that, if these models weren’t on this site, I would’ve passed.. Knowing what I know now.

Rebilling, Make sure you cancel or use a temporary prepaid credit card or "Craziescash" will continue to try rebill you.
You'll see your statement "transaction declined. transaction declined. transaction declined. transaction declined. "ahh, two weeks later" transaction approved!" So then, its like Great, I just paid for another month for videos about the camera man that talks and interupts, gives advice to naked people. Woo Hoo, just what I wanted for a Christmas porno present.

08-09-10  09:43am

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Visit Anilos


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: I found this site by doing some general searches on physical attributes of prospective women I like, Later I found introductory or sample pages of women I liked and these pages were hosted by Anilos.

I decided to sign-up at Anilos (after consulting Porn Users for review input and maybe save money with a PU special deal) After I signed up and what I seen on the sample page does not match what you get when you become a member, there is definitely more content. Good-good.

I clicked on the model page and thats it-one single easy page to navigate in. Near the top, her picture sets are downloadable in Zip formats, large and small sizes & a few sections below that are the the video links, all are on the same page and are downloable in various formats.

Im using a download manager and I have it set on -1- download at a time and there hasnt been a problem with any disconnection. I would say download the girl that perked your interest to this site and afterwards do some looking around.
Cons: Theres a few videos with an interview process going on, I think it would be better if a woman did the interviewing, a good female voice interviewing rather than some dudes voice.

Some videos are 60%-70% strip-o-grams, where the women slowly undress and tease, by the time these when they are naked & are doing something, the video guy changes to gyno-cam mode.

Granted, most of the masturbation videos are good, but several of the videos - I think the video guy should spend 5 minutes on a full body shot missionary, another 5 minutes on a angled full body shot missionary, 5 minutes on gyno-cam, 5 minutes on on a doggie style shot rather than a minute on her face and then he shoots the rest of the video on gyno-cam. Not everyone is a gyno-cam fan.

Hands are Good, I suppose Dildos are okay, Sucking and licking a dildo is... no comment, I guess if she treats a dildo like a disembodied penis, it kind of reminds me of Lorena Bobbit.. Sooo, fingers and hands are better.
Bottom Line: There are other features and other links to other sites on the Anilos site but Ive been just focused on the Anilos women, theres a good number of women but if your use to a site that has thousands of women, you might be disappointed.

I think its a Good Site. Beautiful Mature Women or Mature women that still look young (glass is half full) It is Mostly Solo Masturbation and there some hardcore vids. For me, most importantly its Download Manager friendly (IDM)

07-18-10  08:15am

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Visit Tiny Tops

Tiny Tops

No Website, Dead Link

There is no website but a page with a list of other sites, also there is a notice that "this domain name may be for sale"

06-03-09  06:11am

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Visit Download Pass

Download Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Extension Collection of DVD's
Videos Offered in various formats
Cons: Navigation needs work.
Most DIVX AVI files download complete 100% but 1 out of 3 finish with errors, unplayable.

Session Timeouts, must remain active on the site or you will have to re-login with username, password, email or pin and type the 4 words shown on a image.

No queue while using a download manager.
Session timeout. Some larger files will stop downloading and a message "error, file has moved on the server" or "server session timeout"
Bottom Line: Navigation needs work, some DVDs are encoded in one large single file, which may or may not download completely due to server session timeout.

DIVX AVI files have always been kind of tricky, a hit or miss. Some files will download completely but are unplayable because of download errors.

Yes this site has a lot of content.
But too many issues with the download aspect.
I wouldnt refer or suggest this site. Pass on DownloadPass.

04-19-09  01:45pm

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Visit Paul Markham Teens

Paul Markham Teens

No Download Manager Usage. Inconvenient.

Paid to subscribe for a month and this site has great content.
Great girls and the download is alright, its fairly consistent speed, although some breaks and interruptions happen when downloading some scenes. I've encountered some sort "unauthorized access page" when browsing through the site and after I backtrack and reclick the page link, it loads normally. Something is going on.

Okay. I understand that people pay for the full-access 3-day trial and then try to... (maybe successfully, I dont know)... try to download the whole site within the 3-day trial period using a automatic download manager. Punish them and not the full-paid month subscribers.
I use a automatic download manager and so going through the site, I like this and like that, so I add them to my queue and let it work, convenient. I download stuff around 150k speed, sometimes 200k but I am not going to go nuts and try to download all the girls scenes in one day, no. As a paid subscriber for a month, I expect to have the regular perks as being a subscriber.
Being restricted because of people who try to exploit the 3-day trial sucks.

One, if its such a problem, limit access for the trial period, or Two, instead of 3 full days, lessen it to 1 day. Three, do both, limited access and 1-day. If a trial user is really impressed with the girls on this site, they'll subscribe to the full monty. I did, but Im not renewing because of these restrictions placed on regular subscribers for others exploits.

04-09-09  09:57am

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Visit Download Pass

Download Pass

Session Timeouts. Incomplete Downloads. Unplayable File Errors.

The low download speed isnt at my end, its this website that restricts speed.

Because of the slow speed, the downloads appear to be timed, it doesnt matter if your using a Download Manager or a direct "Save as", the slow speed takes a while, depending on which type, the Divx AVI, MPEG or IPOD, your download will stop half-way or at 75% completion and an error message will pop up to notify you that "the server was reset", "the filename or location has changed on the server" or "server has timed-out"

This site really doesnt want you to download anything.
Most files will download with good speed, then bam! It stops, hangs then disconnects.

If your lucky, the file will maintain a good speed and actually complete a download. I've queued several vids with a download manager and the first download completed but the rest of the files in queue were "errored" I suspect this site uses some sort of anti-download manager. I tried to restart but to no avail, kept getting messages like "filename has changed", "Session timeout" "changed file location" ... rotating shields on the starship-downloadpass

I did the direct "save file as" to a folder and the speed varies, mostly on slow, then I get the "timeout" or "relocated file" error and the file is partially downloaded.

Avoid this site. PASS on DownloadPass
I was looking around at these reviews and actually found a more easier and friendlier site at Videobox.com

04-08-09  12:29pm

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Visit 40 Something Mag

40 Something Mag

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Original Models to the site but...
Cons: Large Watermarks. Site is prone to crash browsers. Downloading must be done at one time and will not resume, better to use a downloading manager over a built-in browser downloader as site will crash browser. Original models but quantity is lacking, the photo's "editors choice" is lacking in quantity and quality. There are a lot of additional content but all of it transfers you to a another site to sign up for other sites. It seems that a lot of content is offered at other sites and only some intro material/content is on this actual site.
Bottom Line: Don't bother. Site is very unfriendly and wants to keep its content "exclusive" by unstable website code and extra-large watermarks.

11-20-08  04:17pm

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