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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Tis the Largest DVD collection on the web, with 2100 so far and 5 new ones ..every single day..(woooowee!@)
Great browsing and search features.
Very flexible in allowing you to edit the video-files through a template, so you don't have to download extra minutes of 'Character-Building' and 'Plot' BS.
You can tell someone's behind the scenes, nursing this tender shrub to reach to the heavens and achieve Porno Greatness! True Excellence is it's own reward.
Cons: At 5 disks per day, they can't help but have a lot of filler. 4 out of 5 movies are horrible, bizarre fetishes for humpbacked, bearded women or midgets on meth, or fatties or grannies or foot-worshippers or Asian-trannies or people who shove blunt objects where God didn't intend em to go, or some other weird, twisted thing. But that still leaves 5 or 6 movies a week or maybe 400 of what's already up..are excellent. And that's a freakin' shitload of good porn!
Bottom Line: Worth it at twice the price.
At least for a month.

Then you should drop it and skip a few months, to let them build up the collection so you can really get your money's worth.

01-08-07  03:26pm

Replies (2)
Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This was founded by a guy named Thomas who hit the jackpot and has been living the life of Reilly here as a millionaire porn impressario. I admire and envy him like no other.
The site is beautiful. He is one of the few in the country who somehow finds a new, gorgeous amateur girl.. almost every week for the last three years(~!). The site is worth it's weight in gold for all the new talent on display.
Also, no DRM, so download it all and keep it forever.
Cons: 1) As usual, the older videos are lower resuloution.
2) He also uses a fish-eye camera lense for his POV which distorts the video. It can be irksome.
3)The videos are in Quicktime, because apparently he's an Apple Mac-nut. It's no biggie, but I don't prefer it. He also won't post whole scenes - they usually come in 3 parts.
4) Thomas seems OK, but you'd better learn to like the sound of his voice.
5) This is a great Oral/POV site. Some girls don't even get naked. Don't expect more.
Bottom Line: I don't know why TheBestPorn doesn't like this site. The guy is kind of a goof, but he doesn't pull any punches. Ameteur Allure delivers exactly what the intro promises with 200+ scenes and unlike a thousand other sites, has dozens of fantastic, stunning, American girls who do this site and then are never seen again.
Their images and horny deeds will burn themselves into the back of your mind forever.

It's worth it at twice the price.

01-08-07  08:18pm

Replies (1)
Visit Dream Stash

Dream Stash

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 03-21-09  04:41pm  (Update History)
Reason: Reconsidered rating # - slightly lower. No big deal.
Pros: Excellent collection of European top talent.
This guy named Steve apparently makes trips over to the Czech republic a few times a year & books the hottest 'models' he can find - probably the hottest women in the world in this profession.

It's all in POV with a Handycam - very well done.

I join every 1-2 years & this last time I noticed he'd upgraded everything to hi-def & put up photo-archives as well. Right now there are probably 200+ girls with maybe 300+ scenes.

Every girl here does hardcore - he doesn't bother with PG13 - rated bullsh*t.
Cons: Well, they don't speak any English, so there's no real attempt to get to know the girls, and they're not really pretending to be amateurs (although maybe they are - who knows?)

Not much smalltalk & storyline.
I guess he arranges things with a translator & they just go at it like crazed bunny rabbits in complete silence when the camera's rolling. If he could chat them up or get them to smile it would be nice.

Also, it says there are weekly updates, but I've visited the intro page over many months & sometimes it stays the same for long time periods. It's still a very big collection, but don't expect new episodes on a regular basis.
Bottom Line: This website is the real deal.
The intro-page is 100% accurate.
This is an excellent collection of gorgeous young women - Almost half of them cannot be found on any other website anywhere - they're fantastic, wonderful girls you would definitely miss out on if you skip them. And if you like POV, it's really a dream stash.

So even if Steve could improve his filming techniques, I have to fully recommend joining up - at least for a month.

03-21-09  03:40pm

Replies (0)
Visit Street Blowjobs

Street Blowjobs

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: There is an enormous amount of material here, going back like, six years!
Excellent girls, many new to the business and some exclusive to this site.
Great P.O.V. Banging - it's all in First-person, and it's blast.
You really get the sense of the girl's personalities. It's play-acting/role playing, but it's fun and entertaining and it reminds you they're real people, which is a turn-on.
Cons: The episodes are repetitive, and some fraction of the girls are woofers - but certainly not all.

The picture quality is pretty good, but it's not full-screen, especially the older episodes. As standards improve, this is less acceptable.

It's not too expensive, but it's not cheap either.

The trial-membership is a scam. Don't bother with it.
Bottom Line: This site is one of the main parts of All Access Pass, or whatever their multi-site package is called, run out of Miami Beach. Along the other 20+ sites in the deal it's an enormous amount of good, amateur hardcore content.

It's absolutely a terrific deal, at least for one month. They could possibly improve some of the seach-capabilities & browsing features, but basically, this is the real thing. Check it out.

09-21-07  06:23pm

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Visit Download Pass

Download Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This is an excellent DVD site. It's really good - with great search-features, etc.

But there are maybe 12 great DVD sites out there which all sit in the shadow of VideoBox, which is the premier site in this category. They're all non-exclusive and largely overlap in content with maybe 80% of the same DVD's. So if Videobox today has 3400+ disks, and DownloadPass has .. 2300+ .. Realistically, if you've belonged to Videobox, you get maybe 200+ non-overlapping disks with DownloadPass.
Cons: It's loading 2 disks a day as opposed to VideoBox's 5 disks a day (much of which is junk).

It's unbelievable to say it, considering what a terrific value both sites are, but considering the overlap, in this hypercompetitive business there might be better uses for your cash.
Bottom Line: It's worth it for the variety. The 200 or so new/different disks is a fairly large # - and many of those are high-quality vids. And this is a quality site in it's execution. It's definitely not a scam, and it's not too expensive. Don't hesitate to sign up if you're curious and can afford it.

09-20-07  06:47pm

Replies (1)
Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This guy actually puts the ad in the paper and somehow finds Gorgeous, American New Teen Talent ready to bang on camera. It's not just the same skanky girls that go to every other website in America - this is the real deal. Genuine amateurs who are young and nervous and horny - all at a POV angle. And you can download them all and keep them forever.
Cons: The videos are high quality, but their dimensions are relatively small.
The filming guy/director is kind of annoying - he always talks too much and tells the same stupid jokes. He could shut the hell up for a while and just enjoy himself, but Noooo! He's just too damned chatty.
He doesn't have much imagination. The scenes are very repetitive.
Bottom Line: There are hundreds of sites out there but I know of less than 20 that actually introduce new talent. For all the irritation this guy gives me, Exploitedteens has excellent girls - real stunners who never appear anywhere else. And he's really having a great time here. It's a great show.

Worth it at twice the price.

01-20-07  06:25pm

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Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Maybe 500+ scenes when all the network-sites are counted, mostly amateur stuff from California. Many girls who make very few scenes seem to make it to this outfit first, So it's kind of a treasure trove of hard-to-find young hot American pussy.

Good quality videos & photo archives - 1500K bit rate for all the recent stuff.
Very hot stuff, & accurate to the intro-page advertisements.
They also have a sort of sub-network that you can access through the bonus-links called 'It's Your Porn!' which has an additional 260+ amateur scenes, many of which are terrific.
And I could sign up for $5 for 3 days (!) What a terrific deal - They're counting on folks being so impressed that they let the cancel-deadline pass so they can look around for a whole month. I was very tempted to oblige them, but to cheeep to do so.
Cons: 1: cross-sells on sign-up. So be careful.
2: I wasn't able to download more than 2 videos at a time. Beyond that, the connections would slow way down. (it might just be me..?))
3) Some of the 'It's Your Porn' stuff was Flash-Only, which was a shame -
4) Most of it appears to be exclusive - but maybe 20% may not be. It's hard to tell. Some of the scenes were produced for DVD's that were then sold to the big DVD websites, so you might already have some of this stuff.
5) It looks like much of this was done by either very small operators or hobbyists, aggregating their material together, which is fine, but the themes & styles are very variable because so many different producers are involved. i.e. It's not too slick & professional.. which again is fine..
Bottom Line: I honestly expected this site to be a second-tier outfit which I was lured into joining by the cheap trial-cost, but it was much bigger & more substantial than I anticipated and a really good value.

If you like POV & Amateur material and you have the $5, don't hesitate to join up today.

Think of these guys like the Burger King to BangBros's McDonalds - they're #2 (or more like #20), so they try harder than the top websites & we should support them.

06-14-09  04:08pm

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Visit Innocent High

Innocent High

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent quality videos.
Girls seem healthy & fun.
Good production values & the sex is as lively and passionate as any I've seen.

Hi-def photo archives are also available - nice.
Cons: The stories are repetitive.
The best-quality videos are sometimes over 600MB (!)
I appreciate Hi-Def, but that's just too big.

Could use more POV focus.
Bottom Line: Most of these girls are going through a circuit of website-production-studios out in California. These guys have some new-talent, but also a lot of veteran porn stars. The scenes can feel very cookie-cutter.

So they have maybe 200+ scenes, all of which are worth a look & maybe a dozen are real, gorgeous standouts with girls that can't be found elsewhere.

Absolutely not a scam.
Well worth your time & the $18 bucks if you have the cash available, at least for a month.

09-20-08  01:29pm

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Visit LA Strokers

LA Strokers

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent amateur POV website(s) - actually a 5-in-1 with LAStrokers, RealGirlsOnFilm, AmateurVoy and one or two other offerings. These three are all pretty large - with some practical browse & search features.

It's a real site - not a scam. You get what you see in the tour - maybe 300+ hardcore scenes and several hundred PG-rated ones.
Cons: Well, I'm irked because I'd joined back in 2005, and I went back after skipping two years.. and found that the hardcore part of the site had maybe grown by 10%..Not enough updates - the guy has reached critical mass and now is milking a cash cow. Or maybe got married & quit - whatever.
Bottom Line: Basically a guy in LA County puts ads in the paper or Craigslist and gets every skank and exhibitionist within 1000 miles to come and film, either his ranch-house bedroom or in seedy motel rooms, POV with a handycam. It's no-frills, no plot, no bullshit. He's living out a fantasy. I wish I had the balls to do it..so to speak.

It's worthwhile if you like this kind of site. The director/john doesn't have much personality and site design isn't overly impressive, but it's fine. Resolution isn't high-def, but it's over 1000K.

Some are dumb ho's in training and some are diamonds in the rough who later went on to be major pornstars. He was a siginificant stop on the website-circuit out there from 2001-2005. He chats em up & then lets them do all the work. It's repetitive, but good fun. Worth the $25 bucks, at least for a month.

12-14-07  09:06pm

Replies (1)
Visit POV Porn

POV Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Maybe 15-20 good, new POV scenes worthy of download.
Cons: There are a lot of dead links in this site.

A large fraction of the girls here that have nothing but photos. He produced scenes - but only using a lousy low-res single-shot camera. What an idiot.

Most of the girls have maybe 7 clips that combine to make up 50+ mb worth of video.

There are girls in the intro that I can't find in the site.

For the few good scenes that are high-res, he's so paranoid about people stealing his stuff that he put his logo right in the middle of the picture - what a douchebag.
Bottom Line: I signed up, naive and curious - hopeful even. Here I am 1/2 an hour later, jaded and annoyed.

Basically this site is a scam. All the money went into the front page/intro. The moment you're inside you know you've been screwed.

The guy has a lot of talent finding and banging the girls, and I think he may be an agent out there in porn-land.

But he's just a total hack at filming scenes & building out a website. This is a mature industry. He could have bought a web-template or hired someone to help, but he didn't. And everything before 2007 is so low-res as to be throw-away anyway.

The point here is to get the $30 out of folks' initial sign-up. I've taken one for the team here - Beware!

01-14-08  08:30am

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Visit Movie Box

Movie Box

Good Site - but full of tricks.

It's a very big, well built DVD site competing with videobox & videosz. Maybe 500+ of the non-exclusive dvd's are not overlapping, so it might be worth it - maybe.
The irritating thing is that they give you credits to spend to 'unlock' the premium-level DVD's.
But unlocking is a scam - you're just making them available for streaming, not for downloading - so it's not a scam, but it's slightly deceptive and a big waste of time. And they have you're credit card & will charge it immediately - no purchase-confirmation necessary. Be very careful.

01-03-10  06:35pm

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Visit VideoBox

Reply of nunya's Reply

Sorry I hurt your feelings there Nunya.

How about this - you're not a dope - you're a smart, noteworthy critic of the adult industry - you just say dopey things!

There - this way you're protected in a bubble of respect & proper etiquette. I hope you feel better now.

05-30-09  03:29am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of nunya's Review

You're a dope.
This is probably the largest DVD website in the world.
They're putting up 5 vids a day. They can't all be gold.
It's one thing to say they're deficient, but really you're saying that you don't like this general type of material. That's completely subjective and not a very worthy criticism.

DVD's used to cost $30 each. If $18 for access to 6,500 of them is not a good enough deal for you, then go find a better one. You won't find it.

05-29-09  04:25pm

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of blaze588's Review

You joined 3 times, and you're giving this guy a rating of 50?

You were obviously a happy, loyal customer at one point, even if now you're a bit bored with his material.

The guy's trying to make a living off this website and you're driving the customers away.

Don't be an a**hole.

If you wanted to sign up 3 times, it deserves at least an 80.

03-21-09  04:24pm

Visit Stroke Jobs

Stroke Jobs

Dead site.

The review on TBP says it's updating. The last update was January 2007. And they also say it's a full access trial. This isn't true. It was a good site when alive, but now, unfortunately it's not a good value.

08-22-08  09:47pm

Replies (0)
Visit Adult.com


Good Sit,e, but maybe not worth it.

There are less than 60 DVD's here that are semi-exclusive & worth joining for. The other 1600+ are second-string movies from the bargain-bin. It's a good site, with all the features of the big DVD sites, but the content just isn't there yet.

Also, when you cancel, they make you call in and speak to an operator, which I rather dislike doing - it's kind of a hassle.

06-01-08  03:09pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of topbucksGina's News

I'd sign up if it was listed on thebestporn that everything on your sites was downloadable. Right now it sounds like only 6 months' worth of scenes are available to keep, which isn't enough. Streaming sites are a no-go.

01-01-08  07:42pm

Visit Diabolic

Reply of DiacolicChris's Reply

Hey - can anyone here confirm this? The webmaster may be blowing smoke & I'd like to know before I plunk down my money on this.

12-20-07  12:18am

Visit Diabolic


It (was) a scam.

I was going to join, because these are some great movies. But..look closely. The downloadable, non-DRM movies you can keep are just 400K.. so basically it's a streaming site that lets you keep little momentos of the scenes in low-resolution. What a shame.

* jeez - I guess they changed it. I withdraw this comment.

12-01-07  06:01am

Replies (7)
Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of TAZZBASH's Comment

Please consider releasing the caps-lock on your keyboard. It looks like you're yelling loudly.

11-10-07  04:13pm

Visit Silverstone Video

Silverstone Video

Great site.

Well, it doesn't look like it's updated in years. But I was a member back in 2005 for a month and it was a terrific site - absolutely great, with maybe 300+ top level, big-budget, exclusive DVD's with beautiful, gorgeous women.

I guess they stopped producing scenes around 2003 (?) and when they were all up on the site, they were all done. And that's where it's been for a couple years now.

That said, it' still worth a membership for someone who hasn't seen that material. It's great stuff.

10-11-07  08:29pm

Replies (0)
Visit DVD Store

DVD Store

Problems with files.

I use windows media player.
I downloaded a bunch of scenes at the highest resolution.
But they wouldn't play. It just says "Problem Opening File" for all of them - or some such BS.

It's a great-looking, substantial website, but as far as I can tell, it just doesn't work right. Don't put down your $30 without buying the trial to see if it works on your PC.

10-08-07  08:32pm

Replies (1)
Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18
Reply of pornseeker's Review

For Christ's sake, this site has a total of 6 videos!. Even if they're great, that's just a ridiculously small number to try to launch a site! It has to be a scam, or just someone trying to recoup their investment prematurely. I'll bet good money this guy here , pornseeker, is the webmaster.

09-30-07  04:16pm

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of OneMan's Comment

Your point is sort of true, but jeez, it's porno.
Don't take it so seriously.

Perverted people (like ourselves) have to be able to say they're not attracted to these girls if that's what's accurate. No disrespect is intended when calling someone an uggo, butterface, old bag, ugly disgusting monster..etc. We worship beauty, which means being clear when that elusive magic has flown away and the farting old beast in the neglige isn't producing any wood, so to speak, and never will again.

TRUTH IS CRUEL. And so are we! The women are too, when the shoe is on th other foot.

So don't dwell on this. If you lighten the insults, you would also weaken the complments, and then the world would truly lose it's detail and beauty.

03-21-07  06:37pm

Visit Deluxe Pass

Deluxe Pass
Reply of Bacchus's Review

This is a great site which ..
has long since stopped updating and which has been completely superseded by Videobox and other large DVD download sites.
I don't know why one site has to have 200 little sites which all draw from the same pile of DVD's...It's a little ridiculous. There's nothing exclusive in the whole thing, so you're not missing anything. It's still very good, but maybe not worth the cost of membership in this ultro-competitive marketplace.

01-26-07  05:29pm

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